Unduh Map Dota 6.78 AI terbaru - 2014        
DotA 6.78c AI Download
DotA v6.78c AI map has been released by Defense of the Ancients development team. The DotA AI map consists of computer controlled players called Bots. With the help of this map, you can play DotA offline without any need of working internet/network connection. DotA 6.78c AI v1.4e contains improved AI item builds, skills and optimizations. If you are a beginner and want to learn the basics of DotA or Dota 2, AI maps are perfect for this purpose.

DotA 6.78c AI v1.4eFile Download
Download the map file with [.w3x] extensions. Open your Warcraft III Frozen Throne directory, go top maps folder and drop the map file there. Just make sure you have v1.24e or v1.26a patch installed before playing.
DotA v6.78c AI Map Notes
1. All of 6.78c content has been ported.
2. All AI heroes have their skills updated, they should work properly (more or less).
3. Some tweaks to item builds, including item builds for Oracle and Kaolin. More changes were intended but sadly were put down due to lack of time.
4. Name roster for -cn mode has been updated. Now it contains the names of TI3 contestants, instead of TI2.
5. Numerous behavior and logic changes, including a fix to old and annoying stuck bug that forced all AI heroes group in one point ( now they should get unstucked after 10 seconds or so ).
6. AI now uses 2 couriers instead of 1. Originally number was intended to be 3, but it was decided to use 2 since 3 would be, a little unfair.
7. Additional small tweaks like price checks and mana checks for AI have been applied. These should help AI manage their gold and mana slightly efficiently.
8. Now when AI is lvl25 and XP/Gold bonus mode is active, it will get extra boost to gold ( since bonus xp for lvl25 hero won’t matter anymore ).
9. Fixed some minor bugs that were reported. Most of them shouldn’t happen anymore.
10. Some code optimizations were applied. This should make map slightly faster/stable.
  • This is the initial release, so expect minor bugs or glitches.
  • DotA 6.79e AI will released after this map is deemed stable.
  • Post a comment if you encounter error(s) or anything unusual.

          Download Map 6.78c        
DotA 6.78c Map has been release with some regular maintained changes in it. The version consist of range, cool down and some factory changes along with a new Captain Mode alteration. The following map is the 2nd sub version of DotA 6.78 series and DotA 6.78c is promoted as the Stable map the moment it was released.
Description: Developer concentrates on the bugs and error fixation DotA 6.78C.
Changelogs: Read Complete Changelist (Redirected) .
Filesize: 7.9 MB
Release date: 30th June, 2013
Language: English, Chinese, French etc..
For Warcraft v1.24e & v1.26a

DotA 6.78c Map Download:
DotA v6.78c.w3xEnglish
Русский (Russian)
大陆简体 (Chinese)
Português (Portuguese)
Français (French)
Română (Romanian)
  • Before adding this map into your DotA please check the map file.
  • Unzip the file with the Winrar or any Rar extracting software (If required).
  • Put the map on Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder.
  • Always keep backup of Original Warcraft III DotA folder just for a safe side.
  • Enjoy playing..

          DotA v6.78b.w3x – File Download        
DotA 6.78b has just got released by the developer, IceFrog. It is the 2nd update of v6.78 series that addresses necessary bug and exploits to stabilize the gameplay. No new content has been added in this patch.
Description: Update primarily focused to counter bugs found in DotA 6.78.
Changelogs: Read Dota 6.78b Patch Notes.
Filesize: 7.8 MB
Release date: 3rd June, 2013
Language Multiple
For Warcraft v1.24e & v1.26a

DotA 6.78b Map Download:
DotA v6.78b.w3xEnglish
Русский (Russian)
大陆简体 (Chinese)
Português (Portuguese)
Français (French)
Română (Romanian)
• DotA 6.78b AI will take couple of weeks to release.
• After downloading the w3x file, put the map in Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder.
• If you find any broken download link or any bugs, please report

          DotA v6.78.w3x – File Download        
The most popular Warcraft 3 TFT mod DotA-Allstars has received a yet another patch DotA v6.78 by its developer. The new version brings 2 new heroes to the Radiant/Sentinel side and required balance changes to stabilize the gameplay. The changes of 6.78 will be ported to Dota 2 (remake by Valve) for its annual eSports tournament called The International 3 with a prize pool of $2 Million USD.
Description: Brings additional content and balancing to DotA mod of War3 TFT.
Changelogs: Read Dota 6.78 Patch Notes.
Filesize: 7.8 MB
Release date: 30th May, 2013
Language Multiple
For Warcraft v1.24e & v1.26a

DotA 6.78 Map Download:
DotA v6.78.w3xEnglish
Русский (Russian)
大陆简体 (Chinese)
Português (Portuguese)
Français (French)
Română (Romanian)
• DotA 6.78 AI will take couple of weeks to release.
• After downloading the w3x file, put the map in Warcraft III\Maps\Download folder.
• If you find any broken download link or any bugs, please report

          Choosing The Right PPI Claims Company        

PPI claims have been a contentious subject in the UK. This is the aftermath of a scandal that saw unsuspecting financial customers swindled. These are mostly people who had their loans, credit cards and mortgages that had a PPI attached to them. Most of these people are victims of PPI mis selling. In attempts to claim these amounts, there is a real need to work with a company that will help you with your claim. Here are some key attributes to look for when looking for a ppi claims company.

Qualities of a genuine PPI claims company

You only pay when the claim is successfulsaSxcadcfsdcfsD

Different companies adopt different payment plans for their services. As such, you should avoid those that ask for upfront payments. Instead, a company that operates on the principle of “no win no fee.” This implies that you are only expected to pay only if the claims are successful.

The company gives you time to reflect

When making your claim, you need to work with a company that has your interests at heart. One way of telling whether or not you are dealing with the right people is how they handle the transaction. Ideally, a good company should offer you a “cooling off window” to ensure you reflect and make an informed decision. This period mostly lasts for about two weeks, beyond which you cannot cancel the transaction.

It should have a history of successful claims

The company you are about to choose should have a decent record of accomplishment. A company that has made successful PPI claims in the past is a company you should work with. You can get the statics by asking them for a list of any successful claims in the past. A successful history serves as an assurance that your application will also be among the success stories.

It should be able to handle all types of claims

If you have some PPI claims, you will realize that each requires a different approach. As such, you should ascertain whether the company has was it takes to handle your claim. You can easily tell this by looking at the nature of claims they have handled before.

If you are looking for a company to help you with your PPI claims, you need to work with a company that pays only if the claim is successful. They should also not be in a hurry of finalizing the deal by offering a cooling off period for you to reflect. Ultimately, you also need a company that has all it takes to handle your claim.…

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          Benefits Of Using Accounts Receivable Loans For Businesses        

Businesses operations require a continuous flow of cash to facilitate the various needs. Cash flow is not always smooth and necessitates looking for alternatives like taking bank loans, sourcing for investors, and getting accounts receivable loans. Account receivable loans are also referred to as account receivable factoring or invoice factoring. They involve the sale of invoices to factoring companies which will do the debts collection.

The selling company gets a percentage of the invoice amount upfront, mostly 70% to 90% and once the factor does the collection, they get the remaining amount less the factors’ commission. In the case of any dishonored invoice, the selling company bears the burden. This article highlights the key benefits of using accounts receivable loans to businesses.

Benefits of using account receivable loans for business

Smooth business operations

fghfhgfgfhgfhThe business is not interrupted by cash flow issues if it has some outstanding invoices that are from creditworthy clients. It gets into an arrangement with a factoring company and gets the needed cash against those invoices. In this way, business operations run smoothly. Customer loyalty and the positive image of the business are maintained. Business is also able to concentrate on its core activities, be it production or whatever it is, without having to spend a lot of time dealing with financing issues.

Collateral free and convenient

The accounts receivable factoring does not require collateral in the form of business assets such as ownership document for land or vehicle. This makes it an easy financing method for small businesses without many assets to fix as collateral. It is also convenient as it involves the factoring company obtaining copies of outstanding invoices and delivery documents to support the invoices.cash is advanced as per the agreed discounting rate after the financing company conducts some due diligence. Cash may be availed in a period as short as 48 hours.

Great bargain for obtaining financing

Invoice factoring has a low cost compared to most financing options like bank loans. The amount charged by the factoring company is quite low considering the trouble of collecting the debts is transferred to them, and money is availed upfront. The rates of this method also differ from one factoring company to another hence the company seeking finance can shop around and get a good deal. Business may also get good margins by meeting sudden demands which it may not have managed to meet if it did not use invoice factoring. This further lowers the cost of finance.

Business has free cash for other needs

gfhgfhhfghfhfghgfhBusinesses may employ invoice factoring to service its next order thus having some free cash that it may put into capital expenditure whose returns are not immediate or not realized in the short term. Also, businesses have free cash to meet some needs that may not have been foreseen. These include court cases, sudden employee demands or marketing campaigns to counter competitors.

Generally, accounts receivable loans are a great financing option because it allows firms to operate smoothly without cash problems and it does not require collateral. The method is convenient and cheaper and allows business to have free cash for emergencies.…

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          How to find the right insurance service        

Life is full of uncertainties, and we can never predict what is going to happen next. That is why many people consider taking out insurance. Finding the right plan is never an easy task, and that is why we have compiled this simple guideline to help you get the best. Continue reading to learn the best way to find an ideal plan for you.

Decide on the type of policy

When it comes to insurance, you will find many areas that are covered. There kjhtgkfl,are life, motor, property, accident, home and many plans that an insurance company will offer. It can get rather confusing to select one that is right for you. Forst oof all, you must consider what you want to be covered. For example, if you need to protect your home and its contents against theft or other disasters, then you can get a home policy. If you want to protect your vehicle against accident damage and also have medical expenses covered for the driver and passengers, you will need a vehicle insurance. Once you have decided what you want, then it is time to get in touch with an insurance customer service representative and find out more.

What to ask

When you speak to an expert insurance agent, you must clarify exactly what is included. Many policies will have exceptions which mean that certain things will not be covered while others will only be insured partially. You must make sure you clarify everything in detail. Many larger insurance corporations outsource their customer service operations to third-party companies that offer such services. These agents are well versed in the area and will be able to answer your queries in detail so that you will not be left in the dark.

Cost and term

oitgkflThere are various insurance plans that have benefits that can even include a lumpsum payment back to you after a certain amount of time. For example, you may be able to get a medical or life insurance policy which you have to pay monthly for a ten year term and after that you may get some money back and even free insurance for an additional 5 years. Many of these benefits do have conditions which may include not having any claims on the policy for a certain time period.

The primary thing is that you must understand the policy well before you make a decision and the customer service representative you speak with can explain it to you in detail.…

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          Foto Lubang Hitam Yang Menelan Bintang        
Sebuah jet kosmik yang menakjubkan dari lubang hitam raksasa yang mengancurkan kemudian menelan sebuah bintang, berhasil diabadikan oleh para astronom untuk pertama kalinya.
Peristiwa langka dari salah satu kekuatan paling kuat di alam semesta ini, menunjukkan aliran plasma mengalir keluar dari lubang hitam raksasa, di sebuah galaksi yang jauhnya hampir empat milyar tahun cahaya dari Bumi.
Dalam foto ini terlihat sebuah pemandangan spektakular, dimana puing- puing bintang ditelan oleh lubang hitam yang sebelumnya belum pernah diamati para astronom.
black hole swallowed a star
Kebanyakan galaksi mempunyai lubang hitam super besar, atau sebuah wilayah ruang angkasa yang menyedot segala sesuatu didekatnya dengan gaya tarik gravitasi mereka yang kuat. Dan pada inti lubang hitam ini terdapat jutaan atau bahkan milyaran matahari.
Penghancuran bintang itu terlihat oleh Teleskop Swift pada Maret, setelah mengembara terlalu dekat dengan lubang hitam tersebut.
Dr David Burrows dan tim ilmuwan di Pennsylvania State University mengatakan analisis kimia dari pertunjukan sinar ultraviolet tersebut berasal dari bahan yang tersedot ke lubang hitam berukuran jutaan matahari.
“Kami menyimpulkan telah menangkap permulaan aktivitas jet relativistik dari lubang hitam super besar.” tulis grup tersebut.
Peristiwa sebuah bintang ditelan oleh lubang hitam hanya terjadi sekali setiap seratus juta tahun dalam sebuah galaksi. Lubang hitam tersebut sekarang diyakini menjadi lebih kuat karena massa tambahan dari bintang yang tertelan.

          "Hains" Prusa Mendel RepRap: Printing Prusa Parts        

The "Hains" Prusa Mendel RapRap 3D printer has begun to replicate. It's printing parts for the "Desmonda", the second machine I will build. As you may be able to tell from the photo above, the quality is very good, and it's about time!

That quality was hard won and well earned. I've been lax in posting to the blog because I've spent weeks  and weeks tweaking, fixing, modifying, calibrating, and test printing, often putting in 14-16 hours a day. You could say there have been some bumps on the road.

Here are the highlights of the challenges I've been dealing with over the last month and a half.


The first prints were such a disaster (see Movember ring first print, above), I now know, because I was setting the temperature too high. I set it to 210 at first, the default temperature for PLA plastic. Then I read that setting it at 185 was a good starting place. Even at 185 deg. Celsius, though, the plastic was oozing out of the nozzle like crazy when idle, and printing a real mess. Sometimes it would even burp plastic, which I came to realize was gas released from the plastic when the temperature is too high. Essentially, it was boiling. Lesson one: the thermistor (temperature sensor) is not calibrated. So, when the computer is set to 185, that doesn't mean the nozzle is actually 185 deg. I started lowering the temperature, and until I got down to 149, the prints got better every time I did a test print. I now print with it set to 152.

Bearing Upgrades and Modifications

The pulley design for the RepRap turns out to be quite problematic. The metal fender washers don't move in the default design, so the belt rubs up against them and causes a lot of friction. You have to turn the motors WAY up to counter it. It also makes things irregular and generally hard to manage. I used a combination of techniques to fix this problem. For the front and undercarriage pulleys I loosened the nuts on either side of the fender washers so the washers could rotate freely, but cemented the nuts in place with loctite. On the back pulley next to the motor I cut a nylon washer in half and glued it back it together  inside of the fenders. They are low friction and rotate when they need to. But that's an ugly hack. The X-end idler could be taken apart, so I upgraded the pulley there. On Thingiverse.com there is a bearing upgrade object, and it comes standard on machines from MakerGear and others. Lesson two: these upgrades will replace the fender-bearing design on every machine I make from here out.

Bad Parts

As I start to print my own RepRap parts, and after having worked with the parts I got from eBay all summer long, I've come to kind of loath them. So much of my trouble has come down to poor quality parts that I couldn't guess how many hours they took up in testing and tweaking. Notice the crack in the pulley gear in the photo above? Yeah, now you start to see why this has taken me so long, right? In addition to bad gears, the X motor mount and X end idler are really quite poor, causing the smooth rods to be out of alignment with each other, and I suspect, not entirely perpendicular to the Y axis. The extruder idler came small and out of shape, and I've had to bore it out a few times to make it so the extruder won't bind. Lesson three: get good parts! The guy I got the parts from is well intentioned, I have no doubt, but I think these Makerbot people aren't the best candidates for producing quality parts. They're the type that are attracted to the instant gratification (or as much as can be had right now) of an easy kit they can throw together in a weekend. The RepRap people, on the other hand, tend to be kind of obsessive about their machines because it takes so much to get them working right. You have to know a lot more to use a RepRap. So, I would say that parts made on a RepRap will tend to be higher quality, as a rule, than parts made on a Makerbot. MakerGear has some really fantastic parts, and if I had to start over again I would have bought their parts. I would have bought their kit, frankly, but that's a point I'll come to shortly.

Wrong Parts

This was probably the biggest problem of the entire project, from start to finish causing me headaches the whole way. First there was the issue with the stepper motors. The parts list I got from the guy on eBay included a link to a supply of stepper motors, except they were the wrong motors for a RepRap. They weren't the right size (dimensionally) and they didn't have enough holding torque. Then there was the matter of fasteners. I didn't know what I was doing, for a start, and then the parts list I got from the eBay seller had parts for an SAE Prusa, but a metric Wade's extruder. I got all confused and now have a large assortment of various screws and nuts that weren't of any use to me in the project. The pulley gears were at the heart of it, in the end. I spent weeks of calibrating after the first print, all of it wasted because the eBay seller included a link to the wrong belt. It's the kind of belt that is used overseas, and is metric. So they didn't match the printed pulleys that came with the parts. I first bought replacement printed pulleys of the same size because I thought the problem was bad parts, and then bought the manufactured pulleys when I finally figured out the problem was wrong parts. Lesson learned: don't believe the parts list supplied by the eBay seller. Do your homework, hard as it is, and understand which nuts and bolts you'll use by walking through the instructions one step at a time and counting it all up.

Belt Tension

While trying to hunt down the backlash problem caused by using T5 pulley gears and XL belting, I learned a lot about belt tension. In the process I managed to pull off a short and messy print I could turn around and put to use right away. It's called a Y-tensioner, and is probably the first thing I downloaded and tried to print off of Thingiverse after the Movember ring and test cubes. It allows me to adjust the tension of the Y axis belt, the most inaccessible one, with a hex key without having to take the print bed off. The X axis belt has to be done the old fashioned way, and boy what a pain that is! Lesson learned: yes, there is such a thing as too tight on the belts. I'll leave it at that. Suffice is to say that you're shooting for a Goldilocks zone when it comes to belt tension: just right.


My prints were pretty good, but there was room for improvement. Early on someone had pointed out to me that it appeared that I had quite a bit of wobble in the prints, meaning that the layers didn't stack right on top of each other exactly. That can happen when the leadscrew for the Z axis (up and down) orbits a bit because the motor shaft doesn't line up exactly with the center of the leadscrew and the nut in the X ends. In my case, you may have noticed in an earlier post I mentioned that the Z clips I got from the eBay seller snapped during assembly. Well, they did, and I replaced them with rubber tubing (thanks Tonokip) but the leadscrews definately were orbiting. ScribbleJ, who has helped me a ton via IRC, designed these Z axis constraints that I printed up and added to the machine. Lesson learned: use MakerGear modifications and their design to eliminate Z wobble from the start.

That's a taste of what it took to get to printing well enough to make Prusa Mendel parts for "Desmonda" on the "Hains". I'll tell you about my software calibration journey another time. The test cubes! So many test cubes!!!
          cara merawat komputer        

cara merawat komputer 150x150 Cara Merawat Komputer Dengan BenarKadang kala sering kita melupakan ini. Komputer yang setiap hari kita pakai, tapi sangat kurang dalam perawatannya. Sehingga kadang kita merasa komputer kita lambat, padahal kita merasa spek komputer kita sudah tinggi. Nah tips cara merawat komputer dengan benar ini akan membantu anda agar komputer lebih cepat, kencang, dan tidak lemot. Baiklah langsung saja di simak ya..
  • Defrag harddisk secara berkala.
    Disk defragmenter berfingsi untuk menata dan mengurutkan file-file harddisk
    berdasarkan jenisnya sedemikian rupa sehingga akan mempermudah proses
    read/write yang menyebabkan beban kerja akan lebih ringan yg akhirnya dapat
    memperpanjang umur harddisk.
    Untuk melakukan Disk Defragmenter, caranya klik menu Start > Program >
    Accesories > System Tool > Disk Defragmenter
    Saat menjalankan fungsi ini tidak boleh ada program lain yg berjalan termasuk
    screensaver karena akan mengacaukan fungsi defrag ini.
  • Aktifkan screensaver
    Selain bersifat estetis, screensaver mempunyai fungsi lain yg penting. Monitor
    CRT juga televisi menggunakan fosfor untuk menampilkan gambar. Kalau
    monitor menampilkan gambar yg sama untuk beberapa saat maka ada fosfor yang
    menyala terus menerus. Hal ini dapat mengakibatkan monitor bermasalah yaitu
    gambar menjadi redup/kurang jelas. Lain halnya jika monitor Anda adalah LCD,
    LED yg sudah dilengkapi dengan energy saving, maka screensaver tidak terlalu
    dibutuhkan lagi.
    Cara mengaktifkan screensaver dapat dilakukan dengan banyak cara, salah
    satunya klik Start > Control Panel > Display > klik tab screensaver, kemudianmerawat komputer 257x300 Cara Merawat Komputer Dengan Benar
    pilih sesuai selera Anda.
  • Ventilasi yang cukup
    Tempatkan monitor maupun CPU sedemikian rupa sehingga ventilasi udara dari
    dan ke monitor / CPU cukup lancar. Ventilasi yg kurang baik akan menyebabkan
    panas berlebihan sehingga komponen/rangkaian elektronik di dalamnya akan
    menjadi cepat panas sehingga dapat memperpendek umur komponen tsb. Oleh
    karena itu usahakan jarak antara monitor/CPU dengan dinding/tembok minimal
    30 cm. Kalau perlu pasang kipas angin di dalam ruangan.
  • Pakailah UPS atau stavolt
    Pakailah UPS untuk mengantisipasi listrik mati secara tiba-tiba yg dapat
    mengakibatkan kerusakan pada harddisk. Kalau terpaksa tidak ada UPS, pakailah
    Stavolt untuk mengantisipasi naik turunnya tegangan listrik.
  • Tutup / close program yg tidak berguna
    Setiap program yg diload atau dijalankan membutuhkan memory (RAM)
    sehingga semakin banyak program yg dijalankan semakin banyak memory yg
    tersita. Hal ini selain dapat menyebabkan komputer berjalan lambat juga beban
    kerja menjadi lebih berat yg akhirnya dapat memperpendek umur
  • Install program antivirus dan update secara berkala
    Untuk dapat mengenali virus/trojan baru sebaiknya update program antivirus
    secara berkala. Virus yg terlanjur menyebar di komputer dapat membuat Anda
    menginstall ulang komputer. Hal ini selain membutuhkan biaya juga akan
    menyebabkan harddisk Anda akan lebih cepat rusak dibanding apabila tidak
    sering diinstall ulang.
  • Bersihkan Recycle Bin secara rutin
    Sebenarnya file/folder yg kita hapus tidak langsung hilang dari harddisk karena
    akan ditampung dahulu di Recycle Bin ini dengan maksud agar suatu saat apabila
    Anda masih membutuhkannya dapat mengembalikan lagi. Recycle Bin yg sudah
    banyak juga akan menyita ruang harddisk yg dapat menyebabkan pembacaan
    harddisk jadi lamban.
    Caranya jalankan Windows Explorer > klik Recycle Bin > klik File > klik
    Empty Recyle Bin
    Atau Anda dapat menjalankan fungsi Disk Cleanup
    Caranya Klik Start > Program > Accessories > System Tool > Disk Cleanup >
    kemudian pilih drive yg mau dibersihkan > setelah itu centangilah opsi
    Recycle Bin kalau perlu centangi juga yg lain (seperti temporary file, temporary
    internet file), setelah klik OK.
  • Jangan meletakkan Speacker Active terlalu dekat dengan monitor
    Karena medan magnet yang ada pada speaker tersebut akan mempengaruhi
    monitor yaitu warna monitor menjadi tidak rata atau belang-belang.
  • Uninstall atau buang program yg tidak berguna
    Ruang harddisk yg terlalu banyak tersita akan memperlambat proses read/write
    harddisk sehingga beban kerjanya akan lebih berat sehingga harddisk akan cepat
  • Bersihkan motherboard & peripheral lain dari debu secara berkala
    Setidaknya enam bulan sekali hal ini harus dilakukan. Buka casingnya terlebih
    dahulu kemudian bersihkan motherboard dan periferal lain (RAM, Video Card,
    Modem, Sound Card, CDR/CDRW/DVRW, TV Tuner) dengan sikat halus. Pada
    saat komputer tidak digunakan tutuplah komputer (monitor, CPU, keyboard dan
    mouse) dengan cover sehingga debu tidak mudah masuk ke dalam komputer.
  • Pasang kabel ground
    Apabila casing nyetrum, ambil kabel dengan panjang seperlunya, ujung satu
    dihubungkan dengan badan CPU (pada casing) sedangkan ujung yg lain ditanam
    dalam tanah. Hal ini akan dapat menetralkan arus listrik yg seharusnya tidak
    mengalir ke luar(casing) sehingga dapat membuat komponen elektronik lebih
Dengan tips ini dilakukan secara disiplin bisa memaksimalkan kinerja komputer anda. Selamat mencoba … 4 Cara Merawat Komputer Dengan Benar
source : googling
          cara menambah post video pada blogspot        

Cara menambahkan atau upload video pada posting blog di blogspot

cara menambahkan posting video blog di blogspot
Memposting artikel di blog terkadang tidak hanya cukup dengan teks dan gambar saja, terkadang seorang blogger juga ingin memasang video pada posting artikel di blog kesayangan.
Blogger.com (blogspot) yang dikenal sebagai salah satu layanan blogging gratis telah menyediakan fitur yang memungkinkan pengguna menambahkan atau upload video di blog Fitur pada blogspot ini menawarkan 3 pilihan untuk menampilkan video, yang pertama upload langsung dari komputer atau laptop, yang kedua menampilkan video yang berasal dari youtube, dan yang ketiga menampilkan koleksi video dari akun youtube kamu.
Bagi kamu yang belum bisa menambahkan atau upload video di posting blogspot, berikut ini kami sajikan panduannya.
1. Pertama-tama tentunya kamu harus login dulu ke blogger.com, kemudian masuk ke “Entri Baru”, sehingga tampak seperti gambar di bawah ini.
Untuk menampilkan atau upload video di posting, silahkan klik pada tombol “Insert a Video”, perhatikan gambar yang dilingkari di bawah ini.

cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot
2.  Setelah tombol “insert a video” di klik nanti akan muncul jendela pop up seperti gambar di bawah ini. Seperti yang telah disebutkan sebelumnya, bahwa fitur upload video pada blogspot terdapat tiga pilihan ; pilihan menampilkan video dari komputer, dari pencarian youtube, dan dari akun yotube ada di sebelah kiri jendela.
Pada contoh pertama di bawah ini, saya menampilkan video dari youtube, untuk menampilkan video dari youtube silahkan ketikkan kata kunci pada kotak pencarian. setelah tampil daftar videonya, silahkan pilih salah satu video kemudian klik tombol pilih, atau bisa juga dengan doble klik pada video yang ingin kamu tampilkan. Pada contoh di bawah ini kata kunci yang saya ketik adalah “samsung galaxy”
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot

Hasilnya akan tampak seperti gambar di bawah ini, kamu bisa langsung menekan tombol  “Terbitkan Entri” jika ingin langsung menerbitkan posting video ini, atau bisa juga menambahkan dulu beberapa kata di atas atau di bawah video.
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot

4.  Hasilnya posting video pada blogspot akan tampak seperti gambar di bawah ini.
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot

1. Sedangkan untuk upload video dari komputer, pertama klik dulu pilihan “upload” yang ada di samping kiri, kemudian klik tombol “pilih video untuk diunggah”
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot
2. kemudian cari file video di komputer atau laptop kamu, lalu klik pada tombol “Open”
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot
3. Setelah tombol “open”  diklik akan tampil file video yang akan diupload, untuk memulai proses upload klik pada tombol “Unggah”
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot
4. Proses unggah akan berlangsung beberapa saat, dengan ditandai seperti gambar dibawah ini. (cepat lambat nya proses upload tergantung dari besar kecilnya file Video). saran saya pilihlah file video tidak lebih dari 10 MB
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot

5. Jika proses upload telah selesai, video akan tampil di halaman posting editor seperti gambar di bawah ini.
cara menambahkan upload video posting blog blogspot

Itulah sedikit panduan cara memposting atau upload video di blogspot, semoga bisa dipahami dengan mudah dan bisa memberikan manfaat bagi kamu yan membutuhkan
Melia Propolis adalah adalah produk kesehatan yang secara kimiawi tersusun dari campuran getah yang keluar kulit batang golongan pinus dan tunas daun secara alami. Getah tersebut dikumpukan dan dicampur dengan air liur lebah, sehingga secara proses kimiawi terbentuklah zat yang disebut sebagai Propolis. Setelah diteliti secara medis, ternyata ditemukan manfaat propolis yang mujarab bagi kesehatan manusia.
Zaman dulu, orang mengenal Propolis hanya sebatas zat yang digunakan oleh lebah untuk sekedar memperbaiki sarangnya. Setelah diteliti lebih lanjut, ternyata zat Propolis ini, selain berfungsi sebagai perekat bagi lebah untuk membangun sarangnya, zat ini juga dapat mencegah aktivitas jamur dan bakteri yang berpotensi dapat menyerang kesehatan para lebah dan menghancurkan sarangnya. Propolis menjaga sarang lebah tetap bersih dan higienis.
Beberapa penelitian ilmiah baru-baru ini juga membuktikan bahwa ternyata zat Propolis mempunyai manfaat tersembunyi bagi kesehatan manusia yang lebih besar, dibanding sebatas hanya sebagai zat perekat sarang lebah.

Manfaat Propolis bagi Penyembuhan

Pada tahun 2007 diselenggarakan Forum Propolis Dunia yang mana forum ini dihadiri oleh peneliti dan ahli hewan lebah dari seluruh dunia. Dari forum ini dihasilkan suatu temuan yang mengatakan bahwa terdapat lebih dari 79 manfaat propolis bagi kesehatan manusia. Silahkan di klik link berikut ini untuk mengetahui manfaat propolis bagi penyembuhan penyakit yang dialami oleh manusia.
Berikut adalah 4 kunci manfaat propolis yang ampuh menyembuhkan berbagai macam penyakit:
  1. Detoksifikasi (pembuang racun dalam tubuh)
  2. Antibiotik alami (melawan kuman)
  3. Antiviral (melawan virus)
  4. Antifungal (melawan jamur)
Propolis mengandung zat asam yang bernama Cafeic Acid Phenetyl Esther Acid, yang teruji efektif membunuh virus jahat yang berjangkit di tubuh manusia, serta mencegah virus untuk menginfeksi tubuh manusia. Zat asam ini melawan RNA virus tanpa merusak sel tubuh yang sehat. Selain pertahanan terhadap virus, zat asam ini juga efektif membasmi sel kanker.
Selain memiliki fungsi antibiotik alami dan pembunuh virus, Propolis juga memiliki kandungan bioflavonoids yang cukup tinggi. Bioflavonoids sangat dibutuhkan tubuh manusia terutama pada saluran darah manusia. Zat ini membantu memperbaiki saluran darah yang rapuh bahkan terjadi kebocoran dalam sistem kapilari manusia. Hasil penelitian lab menunjukan bahwa satu tetes Propolis mempunyai kandungan bioflavonoid yang setara dengan lima ratus buah jeruk dikumpulkan menjadi satu.
Selain berfungsi sebagai zat suplemen sel, ia juga berfungsi sebagai zat anti oksidan yang baik yang bisa mencegah serangan radikal bebas seperti asap rokok, polusi kendaraan, sayuran berpestisida, makanan berminyak, dan lain-lain. Radikal bebas ini bisa memicu penyakit berbahaya jika tidak ditanggulangi, seperti kanker, katarak, penyakit jantung gangguan ginjal, dan lain-lain.

Laporan Majalah Trubus tentang Manfaat Propolis

Majalah Trubus edisi Januari 2010 melaporkan bahwa propolis sudah terbukti secara ilmiah mengatasi 30 macam penyakit secara efektif.
Trubus membahas Manfaat Propolis
(Sumber: Trubus hal. 482 – Januari 2010)

Apa itu Melia Propolis?

Melia Propolis adalah produk ekstrak propolis asli yang dihasilkan dari aktivitas lebah dalam kesehariannya. Melia Propolis memiliki kandungan propolis yang paling tinggi dan paling murni dibandingkan dengan produk-produk sejenis. Selain itu, dengan pengawasan ketat dari proses produksinya di Australia, produk Melia Propolis memiliki standar kualitas internasional dan terbukti dangat efektif menyembuhkan berbagai macam penyakit. Silahkan klik manfaat propolis untuk mempelajari cara penyembuhan propolis untuk berbagai macam penyakit secara efektif, dan alami.
Produk Propolis Melia ini SAMA SEKALI TIDAK MEMILIKI EFEK SAMPING karena prosesnya terbuat secara alami oleh lebah. Propolis tidak hanya berfungsi menyembuhkan penyakit, tapi juga bisa menjaga kesehatan tubuh manusia agar tetap optimal dan tidak gampang sakit.

Cara Menggunakan Melia Propolis

Melia Propolis sebaiknya diminum dalam keadaan perut kosong, tepat setengah jam sebelum makan, supaya zat Propolis langsung diserap oleh tubuh.

Orang Sehat: Untuk Pencegahan Penyakit dan Menjaga Stamina

  • Teteskan Melia Propolis sebanyak jumlah berat badan dibagi 10 (angka dibulatkan ke atas) ke dalam 1/4 gelas air. Jika berat badan anda 57 kg, maka gunakan 6 tetes Melia Propolis. Minum 3 kali sehari.

Orang Sakit: Untuk Pengobatan

  • Teteskan Melia Propolis sebanyak jumlah berat badan dibagi 10 (angka dibulatkan ke atas) ke dalam 1/4 gelas air. Jika berat badan anda 57 kg, maka gunakan 6 tetes Melia Propolis. Minum 3 kali sehari.
  • Tingatkan dosis lebih satu tetes perminggunya. Maksimal sekali pakai 10 tetes. Jika lebih dari itu, maka sisanya akan terbuang percuma lewat saluran pencernaan dan mubadzir. Tidak ada efek samping jika kelebihan dosis.
  • Perbanyak minum air putih agar Propolis menjadi lebih sempurna dalam membuang racun dalam tubuh (detoksifikasi).

Anak-anak di bawah usia 2 tahun

  • Cukup satu tetes, diminum 3 kali sehari. Bisa dicampur dengan makanan atau minuman lain bubur bayi, jus, susu atau air putih.
Untuk penggunaan Melia Propolis dalam menyembuhkan penyakit yang lebih kronis seperti kanker, TBC, darah tinggi ataupun pemakaian luar tubuh seperti luka diabetes, dapat segera Anda pelajari di Manfaat Propolis

Gunakan Melia Propolis Asli

Melia Propolis

Cukup dengan klik di sini untuk mengetahui bagaimana cara pesan dan daftar yang sangat mudah dan simpel.
Selain itu, Anda juga bisa langsung hubungi ke nomor telepon, pin blackberry, atau email yang terletak di kanan atas situs ini.
Berikut adalah harga produk Melia Propolis yang kami jamin keasliannya:
  • Untuk Non Member : Rp. 700.000,- per pack (isi 7 botol @ 6ml)
  • Untuk Member : Rp. 550.000,- per pack (isi 7 botol @ 6ml)
Syarat untuk menjadi member pun sangat mudah. Hanya bayar biaya pendaftaran Rp. 30.000 sekali seumur hidup dan langsung mendapatkan keanggotaan di bisnis propolis. Segera pesan sebelum stock habis akibat banyaknya permintaan. Sudah banyak orang yang mengetahui dan mengalami langsung manfaat propolis bagi kesehatan. Kini Anda saatnya mencoba.

Hati Hati Dalam Membeli Produk Melia Propolis

Karena kepopuleran manfaat Propolis yang sangat baik bagi kesehatan manusia, saat ini banyak orang yang tidak bertanggung jawab memalsukan produk Propolis Melia kami, termasuk mengurangi bahkan mengganti kandungan zat Propolis yang ada di dalamnya.
Cara mudah mengenali penjual propolis palsu:
  1. Penjual tidak bisa menunjukan nomor indentitas member/distributor
  2. Harga produk sangat murah berkisar Rp. 200.000 – Rp. 350.000
Jadi pastikan selalu untuk membeli produk Melia Propolis melalui kami karena sudah pasti terjamin Asli 100%. Nomor ID distributor resmi kami adalah INDKI0871X
Kami dari Melia-Propolis.org hanya menjual produk 100% asli dari MeliaNature Indonesia. Sehingga kami berani menjamin barang kami mempunyai kualitas tinggi namun tetap dengan harga yang terjangkau. Segera klik di sini untuk pemesanan produk Melia Propolis yang terjamin 100% asli dan pasti bermanfaat bagi kesehatan Anda dan keluarga.

Sukses dengan Bisnis Propolis

sukses bisnis propolisJika Anda sudah merasakan manfaat nyata terhadap kesehatan Anda, kini saatnya Anda berbagi informasi ini kepada saudara-saudara, teman-teman dan orang-orang di sekitar Anda dengan bergabung di bisnis propolis.
Selain Anda bisa memberikan manfaat kepada orang banyak, Anda juga bisa memberikan manfaat dari segi keuangan bagi diri Anda sendiri dan keluarga Anda dengan bergabung di Bisnis Propolis. Syarat dan cara melakukan bisnis propolis ini mudah dan siapapun bisa menjalankannya tidak peduli apa latar belakang Anda. Kuncinya adalah hanya tekad dan kemauan yang kuat untuk sukses.

Strategi Bisnis Propolis yang Sudah Teruji

Kami memiliki strategi pemasaran bisnis propolis yang mudah dan transparan untuk Anda pelajari dan praktekan. Di dalam bisnis propolis ini, semua ditujukan untuk membantu meningkatkan penghasilan Anda, sehingga terjadi hubungan menang-menang. Saat ini sudah banyak orang yang sukses dengan bisnis propolis kami. Klik di sini untuk mengetahui informasi tentang bisnis propolis lebih lanjut.
Kini saatnya Anda sehat dan sukses bersama bisnis propolis dan produk kesehatan Melia Propolis.

          Beats by Dr. Dre Studio ~ Review & Giveaway        
I was very excited when I was contacted by Staples to receive a pair of beats by dr. dre studio for review. My husband and I have been looking for a good pair of headphones for a while. We had heard {beats by dr. dre studio} were pretty nice and I couldn't wait to test them out.

While waiting for my headphones to arrive, I got a special lil surprise in the mail from my contact, Jessica. It was a Staples Easy Button. LOL I couldn't help but crack a smile. My life just became easier. YAY! My kids have since been pressing the button and the "that was easy" verse has been a regular sound here in my house. Although they were a little disappointed when it didn't make their homework magically get done! Gotta love that easy button.  Getting a {Lot of Laughs} over here! Thank you, Jessica!

. . . On to my review of these amazing headphones . . .
As soon as the headphones arrived I was impressed. Impressed with the packaging (yes, I loved the box it came in) quality, sound, carrying case and that I could use them for phone calls. I immediately put them to use. First we all (the kids and I) tried them out by listening to some music. The music sounded clear and precise. We all wanted to use them all night. When my husband got home he tried them out too. He said they were awesome and we got a kick out of him singing out loud. He even tried to steal them from me to take on the road. Nope, they are mine! LOL Ok, maybe I will share a little, but not just yet.
Next, I tried them out while making some phone calls. While they don't cancel out all noise (kids playing in the background) they do cancel it out enough so I can actually hear what the other person is saying. With other headphones I can still hear my kids and I have to stop and tell them to quiet down while I talk.  With these I don't have to at all.  I also worry about the other person hearing the kids in the background, but with the beats by dr. dre studio I don't. The microphone does a great job of canceling out the background noise.  I tested this out in the car, where it gets pretty loud sometimes and it passed.  I also want to mention that the transition from music to a phone call is smooth and when you hang up, it goes back to your music with ease.  

The earcups size and cushion make the headphones very comfortable to wear. They are just the right size for children, teens and adults. I do have to say though at the cost of these headphones, I myself plan on only my husband and I using them and possibly supervised use for the kids.  The headphones are durable and I think they would be just fine for kids use, but it's our preference to keep them for adult use most of the time. The headphone case is very impressive with its rigid construction. I didn't even know they came with a case, so I was excited to know I had somewhere to safely keep my headphones and cords all in one place. This case will keep your headphones safe and together when traveling too!
I would definitely recommend the beats by dr. dre studio to family and friends. They would make a perfect gift for anyone any time of the year. Thanks again to Staples and Jessica for allowing me to host this review.
The featured product {s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or pr company representing the company. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by anyone. By entering this giveaway you agree to Trendy Treehouse Disclaimer/Terms of use.

Staples has generously offered to GIVEAWAY a pair of dr. dre studio headphones to one of my lovely readers. Valued up to $180.
(Headphones pictured below are just an example of what you could win. The winner will choose a pair valued up to $180 on Staples.com)
Enter this giveaway below.
MORE PRODUCT DETAILS - Courtesy of Staples.com

The original Beats that took the world by storm

After 25 years, Dr. Dre was tired of spending months on a track only to have his fans hear it on weak, distorting ear buds. Two years and hundreds of prototypes later, Beats Studio headphones are the icons that bring you sound the way it was originally intended.
  • Powered by a pair of AAA batteries, the noise cancellation feature in a pair of stylish Beats Studio headphones amplifies the music as it blocks out noise, giving you consistently powerful and intense sound
  • Super plush and covered with ultra-soft breathable materials, you’ll be cool and comfortable even during marathon listening sessions. The Beats by Dr. Dre logo on the side also acts as a mute button when you press it. No need to take them off to talk.
  • Take calls, skip songs and adjust volume right from the cord of your Beats Studio headphones. No more searching for your phone or music player just to find the right song
  • A flawless and iconic fit. The perfect lightweight, foldable headphone that fits all sizes and shapes comfortably. The result is a design now copied by brands around the world.
  • Beats Studio on ear Headphones, Two (2) AAA batteries, 3.5mm audio cable, 1/4" audio adapter, In-line remote & mic cable (features may vary), Hard Shell carrying case, Beats cleaning cloth
"People aren't hearing all the music.

Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound. But people can't really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can't handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line, the music doesn't move you.

With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do." - Dr. Dre

It's All About Sound
Three years of thorough research and development resulted in the most incredible headphone speaker ever built. Beats features highly advanced materials and construction to deliver a new level of audio accuracy and clarity. Combining extra-large speaker drivers and a high-power digital amplifier, Beats delivers an unprecedented combination of super deep bass, smooth undistorted highs, and crystal clear vocals never heard before from headphones.

Less Noise, More Music With Powered Isolation
Today's digital audio recording technology gives music more detail than ever before. Unfortunately, the details get easily lost in today's noisy world: on the street, on the bus, on the plane. The best listening experience isn't just about what you hear, but what you don't. Monster's powered isolation technology actively cuts external noise, so you experience all the rich details your favorite artists want you to hear.

Extreme Comfort is Music to Your Ears
With Beats, you feel the music, not the headphones. Spacious earcups give you extra room for a higher level of listening comfort. Plush ear cushions covered with ultra-soft breathable materials keep you cool even when the music's hot.

Ready for iPhone?
Stay connected without missing a beat. Beats comes with an additional Monster iSoniTalk™ iPhone enable headphone cable with built-in answer button and microphone so you can easily stop rockin' and start talkin'.


Wired with Monster Cable
Advanced Monster™ Cable headphone cable with Quadripole™ 4 twisted pair construction reduces signal loss for balanced sound and clarity.

Micro Minijack
Compact connector design reduces bulk and eases unnecessary strain that can damage headphone connectors and ports.

Push To Listen
Integrated mute button lets you listen to the outside world without removing your Beats.

Folding Design
Beats fold into a compact shape for easy packing wherever you're going.

Touring Case
Rugged case with rigid construction keeps Beats and accessories safe during transport.

Monster CleanCloth
Ultra-soft cleaning cloth with AEGIS? microbe shield keeps Beats looking good and controls germs on your ear cushions.

Scratch-Resistant Gloss Finish
Advanced materials make Beats stand out from the crowd, and keep them looking good.

What's In The Box
  • Beats Studio headphones
  • Monster Cable headphone cable
  • Monster iSoniTalk™ iPhone enabled headphone cable
  • Rigid Tour case
  • Anti-Microbial Cleaning cloth
  • 1/8" to 1/4" Adapter
  • Two AAA batteries
One Year Limited Warranty

  • Weight: 260 grams, 270 grams with batteries
  • Headphone cable length: 1.3 meters
  • Connector: 1/8 inch (3.5mm), gold-plated

          Lesson 21: Abraham and Isaac        
Hi friends, I am so behind on posting this lesson and I only managed to plan this one lesson this week!  I'm hoping to get on a twice-a-week rhythm in the fall, but we'll see!  Once again, this is a lesson that is a little hard to explain to preschoolers.  I think it'll be years before Jenna really gets what happened in this story, but I hope that by teaching it now, she'll gain some initial exposure to the story, the names, the details and it will provide a basic framework for learning it again later. One of my storybook Bibles skips it altogether, but I thought it was valuable to teach.

1.  Verse - no new verse this week, but the lesson is from Genesis 22.

2.  Lesson -
  • Pray with your child about the lesson.
  • Review the names of the people in our last story - Abraham, Sarah, baby Isaac.
  • Review the last lesson - God wants us to trust Him.  Trust in the Lord and do good. Psalm 37:3
  • Today's story is about trusting God because He loves us so much.
  • Baby Isaac grew every day and he became a big boy.
  • This story is about Isaac when he was a big boy and his daddy, Abraham.
  • Read the story from a storybook Bible.  I read "The Present" from The Jesus Storybook Bible. 
  • Summarize the story on a preschool level:  (This is how I did it!)  Before Jesus came, God's people would make sacrifices to Him.  Sacrifices were like presents for God to ask for His forgiveness and to show Him their love.  Usually a sacrifice was an animal.  They would put the animal on sticks, called an altar, and burn it with fire.  Smoke would go up to God.  But, on this day, God asked Abraham to give Him Isaac as a sacrifice.  This was sad and scary for Abraham because if he gave Isaac to God to God, then Abraham wouldn't have him anymore!  BUT Abraham trusted od and he obeyed God.  He gook Isaac up to the altar.  BUT God loved Abraham and he was happy that Abraham obeyed. So, He gave Abraham an animal to use instead of Isaac.  He gave him a ram!  
  • So, from this story we need to remember that Abraham trusted and obeyed God and God loved Abraham and took care of him.
3. Craft -  Cotton ball ram.
I thought this craft was so cute and just perfect for the lesson so I was really happy to find it!  You can find the printable for it here at childrenschapel.org.  In order to get it to print as the right size, I had to download and open it. 

First, Jenna colored it.  Then I cut it out for her.  She glued it to construction paper and finished by gluing on the cotton balls.   I wrote "God gave Abraham a ram." on the top of the page to help her remember the story later. 

Even little sis had fun making one playing with glue!
Jenna started out going with true-to-life colors and then at the last minute decided the face should be blue!
It's still pretty cute!

4.  Song - "Praise Him, Praise Him"   #31 on Wee Sing Bible Songs

5.  End by reviewing that Abraham trusted God and God provided a ram for him.

Hope this helps you approach a difficult story for little ones!  Of course, I've read/heard this story many, many times, but this time I felt like I read it with fresh eyes, as a mom.  You really can only read it in awe.  In awe at Abraham's level of trust and awe of the ultimate sacrifice that God gave us...His only son!  I love when God speaks to my heart through studying for these lessons! 

          Pulled-Pork Torta        
Pulled-Pork Torta Recipe
Pulled-Pork Torta
This fun layered tortilla and pulled pork dish is made in a pie pan, which is just the right size to fit an 8-inch flour tortilla. Serve with a dollop of guacamole or sour cream and a tossed salad.

          ASOCIACIÓN DE CULTIVOS        
Teniendo en cuenta que se acerca el momento de roturar la tierra, abonar y preparar las primeras siembras y semilleros, os dejamos esta pedazo de entrada extraída de: Edujardín

Asociación de cultivos en el huerto urbano

¿Cómo combinar favorablemente las hortalizas de nuestro huerto de terraza?

La asociación de cultivos en el huerto urbano consiste en combinar determinadas especies, plantándolas en la misma tierra o maceta (o acercando los tiestos, en algunos casos bastará), con el objetivo de aprovechar los efectos beneficiosos resultantes de la combinación de determinadas plantas.

Ventajas de la asociación beneficiosa de cultivos en un huerto de balcón

  • Mejora de calidad y rendimiento en los cultivos, que se benefician de los nutrientes producidos por las plantas asociadas, sirviendo como abono natural.
  • Protección ecológica del cultivo ante plagas y enfermedores, asociando plantas que repelen o despistan a determinados depredadores.
  • Evita el empobrecimiento y desequilibrio de la tierra que se produce cuando se cultiva una sola especie.
  • Aprovecha al máximo el espacio cultivable de nuestro huerto, minimizando también la aparición de “malas hierbas”.
  • Previene y evita muchos problemas en el huerto conocer las asociaciones beneficiosas y perjudiciales.

Combinaciones favorables de cultivos

Hay muchos tipos de asociaciones posibles, dependiendo del objetivo que se pretenda alcanzar. En general, una buena asociación de cultivos se caracteriza porque las especies que se asocian:
  • Consumen diferentes nutrientes de la tierra, no compiten entre ellas, y al menos una de las especies se beneficia de los efectos de la otra.
  • Se cosechan en épocas diferentes (Asociar cultivos lentos con rápidos para mejorar el rendimiento / productividad del huerto).
  • La profundidad de sus raices es muy diferente (Asociar raíces profundas con raíces superficiales para optimizar el espacio cultivable).

Asociaciones beneficiosas:

Nota: La especie que produce los efectos beneficiosos está marcada en negrita verde.
Leguminosas como abono verde: Judías, Habas, Guisantes, Lentejas, Garbanzos
  • Leguminosas (judías, habas, lentejas, garbanzos o guisantes) + Gramíneas (maíz, arroz o cereales) + Curcubitáceas (calabazas, calabacines, pepinos, melones o sandías): las leguminosas producen aminoácidos que las gramíneas absorben directamente.
  • Leguminosas + Crucíferas (coles, repollos, brócolis, nabos o coliflores) + Umbelíferas (zanahorias, apio, chirivías, perejil o comino): las leguminosas producen nitrógeno y otros nutrientes que necesitan y consumen la mayoría de las hortalizas.
  • Ajos + Tomates + Cebollas + Zanahorias: el ajo protege al tomate de mildiu y la cebolla actúa contra la mosca de la zanahoria.
  • Albahaca o Perejil + Pimientos, Tomates o Berenjenas: mejora el crecimiento y el sabor de las hortalizas. Contra mosquitos, mosca blanca, chinches y pulgones en pimientos, tomates y berenjenas.
  • Achicoria + Tomates, Cebollas o Maíz: puede contribuir al desarrollo de los segundos.
  • Borrajas + Tomates, Calabazas o Frutillas: potencia el crecimiento y el sabor de los segundos.
  • Cebollas + Puerros + Zanahorias: la cebolla y los puerros actúan contra las moscas de la zanahoria, y la zanahoria contra las moscas y mariposas del puerro. La cebolla ahuyenta conejos.
  • Espinacas + Lechugas + Coles + Menta para mejorar el sabor y producción de coles: evitan el pulgón en las coles.
  • Fresas o Frambuesas + Ajos o Cebollas + Hoja de pino para mejorar su sabor: ayuda a potenciar el crecimiento y el sabor. Protege de enfermedades criptogámicas y de ácaros.
  • Judías + Apio, Calabacines, Calabazas, Coles, Maíz, Patatas, Pepinos o Zanahorias: las judías van bien con casi todas las hortalizas.
  • Lino + Patatas o Zanahorias: potencia el crecimiento y sabor de los segundos. Contra escarabajo de la patata.

Asociaciones antiplaga:

Nota: La especie que actúa como antiplaga está marcada en negrita azul.
Asociaciones antiplaga combinando cultivos
  • Ajenjo + Coles + Zanahorias: contra pulguillas, polillas, mosca de la zanahoria y mariposa blanca de la col. Protege de roya.
  • Ajos + Tomates: contra mildiu en tomates, podredumbre gris y oídio en frutales.
  • Albahaca + Pimientos, Tomates o Berenjenas: contra mosquitos, mosca blanca, chinches y pulgones en pimientos, tomates y berenjenas. Mejora el crecimiento y el sabor de las hortalizas.
  • Apio + Puerros: contra moscas y mariposas del puerro.
  • Artemisa + Coles: Polillas y mariposa blanca de la col.
  • Berenjenas + Judías + Patatas: contra escarabajo de la patata.
  • Berro + Frutales: contra pulgón lanígero de frutales.
  • Caléndula + Todas las hortalizas: contra pulgones, chinches y gusanos de hortalizas. Ahuyenta todas las plagas del huerto.
  • Capuchina + Coles + Curcubitáceas (calabazas, calabacines, pepinos, melones o sandías): contra pulgones en coles, brócolis y coliflores, gusanos en calabazas, chinches en calabacines, y pulgón lanígero en frutales. Antibiótico natural.
  • Cebollas + Puerros + Zanahorias: contra moscas de la zanahoria y moscas / mariposas del puerro. La cebolla ahuyenta conejos.
  • Cebollino + Hortalizas: ayuda contra roña.
  • Coles y/o Rábanos: contra pulgones.
  • Copetes y/o Tagetes + Todas las hortalizas: contra nemátodos.
  • Espárragos: contra algunas mariposas.
  • Espinacas + Lechugas + Coles + Menta para mejorar el sabor y producción de coles: evitan el pulgón en las coles.
  • Fresas o Frambuesas + Ajos o Cebollas + Hoja de pino para mejorar su sabor: protege de enfermedades criptogámicas y de ácaros. Ayuda a potenciar el crecimiento y el sabor.
  • Hisopo azul + Coles: contra insectos y mariposa blanca de la col.
  • Hojas de roble, encina y alcornoque: el acolchado con sus hojas repele gusanos, orugas, gorgojos y babosas.
  • Lavanda: contra hongos, arañas y pulgones.
  • Lino + Patatas o Zanahorias: contra escarabajo de la patata. Potencia el crecimiento y sabor de los segundos.
  • Maíz + Judías: contra gusanos cortadores. El maíz hace de tutor y las judías se siembran cuando el maíz haya crecido.
  • Menta y/o Hierba buena + Coles: contra hormigas, pulgones, pulguillas, mariposa blanca de la col y roedores.
  • Menta + Ortiga + Ajos: contra pulgones.
  • Perejil + Pimientos, Tomates o Berenjenas: contra mosca blanca y pulgones en pimientos, tomates y berenjenas. Estimula el crecimiento de las hortalizas.
  • Romero y/o Tomillo + Coles + Zanahorias: contra moscas de la zanahoria y de la col, hongos, arañas, pulgones y otros parásitos.
  • Ruda: contra moscas.
  • Sésamo: contra hormigas.
  • Salvia + Coles + Zanahorias: contra mariposa blanca de la col, mosca de la zanahoria, hongos, arañas y pulgones.
  • Tanaceto: contra moscas, hormigas y polillas

Asociaciones perjudiciales:

  • No asociar especies de la misma familia, que consuman los mismos nutrientes o sufran las mismas plagas.
  • No asociar Leguminosas + Liliáceas (ajo, cebolla, puerro, aloe, espárragos, etc.).
  • Berenjenas o Tomates + Calabacines o Pepinos.
  • Lechugas o Melones + Girasol.
  • Hinojo: Plantar sólo y alejado de las hortalizas, pues tiene efectos perjudiciales sobre su crecimiento.

Asociaciones con diferente velocidad de crecimiento para aumentar la productividad del huerto:

  • Zanahorias + Rábanos + Lechugas: Las lechugas y los rábanos crecen más rápido que las zanahorias.
  • Coles + lechugas: Las lechugas se cosechan antes que las coles hayan crecido.
  • Zanahorias + nabos: Los nabos son cosechados antes que las zanahorias.
  • Rábanos y luego Puerros + Zanahorias: Los puerros se plantarán en el lugar de los rábanos ya recolectados.

Asociaciones con diferente profundidad de raíces para aprovechar el espacio cultivable en la huerta:

  • Chirivías o Zanahorias + Escarolas o Lechugas: Las primeras crecen por debajo de la tierra y las segundas por arriba.
  • Tomates + Cebollas: Los tomates crecen por arriba y las cebollas por debajo.
  • Espinacas + Apio
Merece la pena probar algunas de estas asociaciones, especialmente las beneficiosas y las antiplaga, aunque las otras también nos pueden ayudar a aprovechar el espacio en nuestro huerto y a cosechar más.

Existen muchas otras combinaciones beneficiosas o favorables, las que hemos visto aquí son las más habituales. En breve publicaremos una tabla completa de asociaciones de cultivos.

Grado de dificultad: Difícil. Aunque algunas asociaciones son muy fáciles de hacer, la optimización de todo el huerto en general puede ser una ardua tarea, pues también deberíamos valorar otros factores de compatibilidad, como las temporadas de siembra, las necesidades de riego, luz, etc. de cada hortaliza.

          His and Hers Rack, Trunk Table, & Plant Post        
These are some heavy duty metal plates I found at a sale. I don't know why I bought them, I say that often and then when I get home I am usually glad I did.  I decided to prime them black and they go from there.  I knew I wanted to do a "His & Hers" theme with them so I painted white on top and hand painted His on two and Hers on the other two.  I was going to quit there but something wouldn't let me. So they sat like that for a while until one day.......

I got out two cupboard doors out, two bird hooks, and several shabby black knobs.  I put them all together to make a clothing wall rack.   I like the combination of junk together, it looks different and old just like me!

I buy old trunks often and this one was just the right size to mount on a table that I had bought at an earlier time.  I hand painted the design on the top and on the front.  The designs came from "The Graphics Fairy" where I find many wonderful free images.  As you can see in the picture I painted the piece off white and sanded and stained it to make it appear old. 

This piece is a found post mounted to a wood base.  I put a water faucet on the front so a rusty pail with flowers could be hung from it.   I couldn't resist nailing the number 5 on it to give it a little more flare.

It makes a nice piece for a porch or garden.

          ÐˆÐµÐ´Ð½Ð° од пре: ужљебљено        
Својевремено сам у Москви провео неко време медитирајући над тајанственом утиснутом шифром "Ц8К" на отварачу за пиво. Неће бити серијски број, кратко је. Шифра модела? Ма какав модел, обичан отварач, комад лима... Мозгао сам тако, све док нисам приметио сличну шифру на нечем другом, па по аналогији закључио да је то Ц(ена) 8 К(опејки). На другом крају спектра је била гомила одштампаних спискова особља болнице, кад смо уводили кадровску и плате. Сеанса се отегла, ја своје завршио а колеге се још пате, па узмем неки дењак папира да метнем на сточић, да седнем на њега. И гле, на неком таквом списку, отприлике петнаестом у дубину, пише "најновији списак". Е, дуго вам и трајо... Ето, неко се понада да ће тај најновији бити и последњи. Неко се ни не нада да ће икад бити неке инфлације па угравира цену истом пресом којом је производ направљен. Нема пророка. e70_04394~20170708_12_57_24 (велика) Овде се види како пролази слава светска, и како скоро да ни не вреди правити ствари да трају, због тзв. компатибилности. Штавише, старост купатила се увек може проценити по броју трагова ствари које више нису ту, остале само рупе у плочицама. Nastavite sa čitanjem >>
          Regionalna konferencija "Digital 2017" 7. i 8. septembra u Beogradu        
Četvrtu godinu zaredom Color Media Communications organizuje "Digital", regionalnu konferenciju o trendovima u telekomunikacijama i medijima. Ovogodišnji - #Digital2017 - trajaće 2 dana - 07. i 08. septembra (četvrtak i petak) i okupiće najznačajnija imena iz ovih oblasti iz celog regiona kao i brojne goste iz inostranstva. Konferencija se održava u Hotelu Metropol u Beogradu.

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          Rails Girls Beograd radionica u julu- od ideje do aplikacije        
Rails Girls zajednica u Beogradu će ponovo u julu okupiti devojke i žene koje žele da savladaju osnove web programiranja koristeći Ruby on Rails. Istoimena dvodnevna radionica biće održana u Startit centru u petak i u subotu, 30. juna i 1. jula.

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          Pocinje Drugi Fintech Hackathon - prijave do 26. juna        
U okviru unapređenja digitalnih inovacija u bankarstvu, ICT Hub, Societe Generale banka i kompanija 30Hills organizuju drugi Fintech Hackathon, koji će biti održan od 30. juna do 2. jula u novom prostoru Centra za tehnološko preduzetništvo (ICT Hub Playground).

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Junsko DaFED meetup, ujedno i 49. po redu, će biti na temu Business & Leadership, a predavanje će držati direktor marketinga i prodaje u kompaniji Intel, Juan-Carlos Carrera.  DaFED#49 će se održati u sredu, 14. juna 2017. sa početkom u 18h u Amfiteatru centralne zgrade Univerziteta u Novom Sadu (Dr Zorana Đinđića bb).

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          Programeri za Novosađane        
Kompanija Vega IT vas poziva da se priključite akciji “Programeri za Novosađane”. Cilj ove akcije je da se pokrene promena i unapredi zajednica u kojoj živimo.

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          Vitaly Friedman, osnivač Smashing Magazine-a, ponovo u Novom Sadu- Prijave otvorene        
Vitaly Friedman, osnivač i glavni urednik Smashing Magazine-a, vodećeg onlajn časopisa o veb dizajnu i developmentu, u saradnji sa udruženjem DaFED, ponovo dolazi u Novi Sad i tom prilikom održaće celodnevnu radionicu na temu “Nove avanture responsive veb dizajna”, 18. juna u Novom Sadu. Radionica se ne bavi osnovama, već naprednim tehnikama koje se koriste u responsive dizajnu.

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          FitQuest i Pametna BaÅ¡ta osvojili prva mesta na MatHackathonu!        
Treći po redu MatHackathon, koji je organizovala Studentska organizacija Matematičkog fakulteta Omikron, održan je u subotu i nedelju, 13. i 14. maja. Takmičenje je održano u dve kategorije, jedno za učenike srednje škole, a drugo za studente. Na MatHackathonu je učestvovalo 6 srednjoškolskih timova koji su se takmičili u prostorijama Matematičkog fakulteta u Jagićevoj ulici, i 8 studentskih timova, u prostorijama StartIt Centra Beograd.

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          Međunarodni Letnji Akademski Kurs „IT’s all about Dbase!“        
Prijave za 10. Međunarodni letnji akademski kurs pod nazivom „IT’s All About Dbase!“, koji će se održati u periodu od 21. do 30. jula, biće otvorene od 25. maja. Na kursu će, pored 22 odabrana studenta sa 95 evropskih univerziteta, učestvovati i 20 studenata sa niškog univerziteta koji se mogu prijaviti do 30. juna. Učesnici će prisustvovati obrazovnom akademskom kursu međunarodnog karaktera, koji organizuje Udruženje studenata tehnike Evrope - BEST u saradnji sa Univerzitetom u Nišu i fakultetima koji mu pripradaju. Svi zainteresovani studenti se mogu prijaviti putem sajta http://bestnis.rs/summer17/. Jedini kriterijum po kojem će se birati učesnici letnjeg akademskog kursa je motivaciono pismo.

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          Programiraj svoju budućnost        
  • „Kliker – centar za kreativno razmiÅ¡ljanje”, uz podrÅ¡ku Å¡vajcarske softverske agencije „Namics”, otvorio je konkurs za besplatne radionice programiranja namenjene maliÅ¡anima uzrasta od 7 do 16 godina
  • Polaznici će imati priliku da rade u malim grupama i da savladaju osnove programiranja po metodama Masačusetsovog instituta za tehnologiju
  • Cilj programa je da se omogući svoj zainteresovanoj deci, iz porodica slabijeg materijalnog statusa, da pohađaju kurseve programiranja i na taj način ne budu uskraćena za znanja koja će im biti sve potrebnija u budućnosti
Početak kurseva je 17. i 18 . juna a završetak je do 15. jula. Časovi se održavaju 3 puta nedeljno po sat i po. Mesto održavanja je Majke Jevrosime 20 u prostorijama Kliker centra. 

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          Srbija domaćin najveće regionalne konferencije o PHP programiranju        
  • ViÅ¡e od 500 učesnika iz Srbije i regiona 27. i 28. maja u Beogradu
  • Konferenciju otvara Rasmus Lerdorf, tvorac PHP-a, najzastupljenijeg programskog jezika u kome radi viÅ¡e od polovine domaćih programera
  • Udruženje PHP Srbija: Srpski stručnjaci i entuzijasti dobiće priliku da sluÅ¡aju o poslednjim svetskim trendovima u PHP programiranju, veb tehnologijama, arhitekturi i testiranju koda

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          MEU.hackathon2017 powered by Techfugees        
Nakon prvog izdanja Techfugees hakatona održanog prošle godine u Startit Centru, drugo izdanje organizuju Udruženje BEUM i Fridrih Nauman Fondacija uz podršku Techfugees Belgrade tima koje će se održati od 26.- 28. maja u ICT Hub-u u trajanju od 48h uz prisustvo sjajnih mentora.

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          Besplatna radionica upoznavanja sa web programiranjem za tinejdžerke        
Rails Girls Beograd zajednica je prošle godine povodom Međunarodnog dana devojaka u informaciono-komunikacionim tehnologijama (International Girls in ICT day) organizovala prvu zasebnu radionionicu posvećenu samo tinejdžerkama. “Njihova radoznalost, motivisanost i velika posvećenost nas je oduševila, pa smo zbog toga rešile da pored već uobičajenih RGB radionica koje se dešavaju dva puta godišnje i koje nisu imale nikakvo starosno ograničenje, uvedemo još jednu, namenjenu samo tinejdžerkama”, rekle su organizatorke ovih programa. Radionica traje dva dana, 27. i 28. maja, i dešavaće se u prostorijama Startit centra (Savska br.5) u Beogradu.

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          Konferencija RiSK 2017        
Ove godine se održava već 12. međunarodna konferencija RiSK, posvećena IT bezbednosti, kontroli, virtualizaciji te optimizaciji mreže za kvalitetnu zaštitu kontinuiteta rada i na želju mnogih partnera i prijatelja konferencija opet dolazi u Beograd. Zato Vas pozivamo, da nam se pridružite 24. maja u 9:00 sati u hotelu Hyatt Regency, Beograd.

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          Level up with FONup!        
Zanimaju te Start up-ovi? Imaš ideju ali nisi siguran kako da je realizuješ? Onda je FONup pravi projekat za tebe! FON-ov centar za razvoj karijere po prvi put predstavlja projekat pod nazivom FONup na Fakultetu organizacionih nauka. Projekat je usmeren ka motivisanju i informisanju mladih o Start up projektima u sferi informacionih tehnologija i namenjen je studentima Beogradskog univerziteta. FONup će se održati 14. maja, kada će svi prisutni imati priliku da čuju iskustva studenata Fakulteta organizacionih nauka koji su razvili svoje start up-ove, kao i Vuka Guberinića, osnivača CAR:GO.

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          Međunarodni Letnji Akademski Kurs „IT’s all about DBase!“        
Niška lokalna grupa Udruženja Studenata Tehnike Evrope – BEST Niš – ove godine organizuje 10. Međunarodni letnji akademski kurs pod nazivom „IT’s all about DBase!“ koji će trajati od 21. do 30. jula. Na kursu će pored 22 odabrana studenta sa 94 evropska univerziteta, učestvovati i 20 studenata sa niškog univerziteta. Participanti će prisustvovati međunarodnom kursu akademsko-obrazovnog karaktera, koji se organizuje u saradnji sa Univerzitetom u Nišu i fakultetima koji mu pripradaju.

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          Connecting Minds hakaton        
Connecting Minds hakaton će se održati 20. i 21. maja u Startit Centru u Beogradu, prijavite se do 15. maja! Pozivamo 20 mladih kreativaca sa područja Srbije i Kosova da se prijave i budu deo hakatona posvećenog pozitivnim promenama kroz tehnološka rešenja. Connecting Minds hakaton okuplja mlade programere, dizajnere i aktiviste oko istog cilja da tokom 24 časa kreiraju 5 mobilnih aplikacija dostupnih svima radi lakšeg prevazilaženja komunikacijskih prepreka između zajednica (IT, zdravstvo, preduzetništvo, pravosuđe, turizam...).

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          Agile Serbia Konferencija – svetski Agile i IT eksperti 26.maja u Beogradu        
Madlenianum (Beograd) će biti mesto susreta brojnih domaćih i stranih Agile i IT stručnjaka 26. maja. Po drugi put se održava Agile Serbia Konferencija, ove godine sa temom „Agilnost i programeri“. S obzirom na to da je u svetu i kod nas aktuelan „hajp“ oko primene agilnih metodologija na projektima, posebno u IT industriji, ovo je događaj koji nikako ne smete propustiti. Bilo da ste zainteresovani za Agile ili tehničke teme, na Agile Serbia Konferenciji ćete sigurno čuti i naučiti mnogo toga, upoznati se sa svetskim Agile i tehnološkim trendovima i imati priliku da porazgovarate sa ekspertima iz ovih oblasti.

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          Konferencija ”xCEEd2017”        
Beograd će od 17. do 19. maja biti domaćin vodećim ljudima kineskog Ali Express-a i Ali Pay-a, engleskih Barclays, TSB Bank, Currencycloud, ruskog Yandex-a, indijske Kotak banke, grčke Hellenic banke. Delegati svih branši finansijskog poslovanja iz preko 50 finansijskih kompanija iz 11 zemalja regiona sa najboljim od najboljih od britanskih pionira digitalne transformacije učestvovaće na xCEEd konferenciji koju organizuje kompanija Paneleven group.

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          Organise! magazine issue 88 Summer 2017        
Organise issue 88 cover imageOrganise! magazine issue 88 Summer 2017 was out in print in May and is now free to download. Special issue on prisons, plus much more.
          [REVIEW] Perfect        
A lot of bang for the buck. Super happy with my choice. My main warning is sizing. I normally wear size 11 shoe, 44 European. I bought a 46! They fit perfect. I don't know why. For the record, all of my cycling shoes are a 45 or 46. In my opinion the sizing chart is wrong. Get the right size and you'll love these shoes!
          Alder/ Turquoise inlaid End Tables        

Alder/ Turquoise inlaid End Tables

These tables are the first fine furniture I have ever attempted. Both my wife and I are thrilled with the way they turned out. They are made of knotty alder, with hard maple, ebony, and turquoise inlays. They are approximately 16” square and 25” tall, and finished with 3 coats of Watco Natural finish, and a coat of Bri-wax.

The original plan called for the table tops to be granite. Since that look was inconsistent with the rest of the wood in the library, I determined to make them from solid wood. The top blanks were jointed, milled, assembled with opposing grain directions, and glued up.

Since the structural design of the table depended on the lower shelf and it’s joinery, it had to be plywood. It is made from ½” Finnish Birch plywood, and covered with 1/16” knotty alder veneer with I cut on the band saw.

Once both the tops and the shelves were done, the natural voids in the surface appeared to be calling for a more artistic approach than merely black epoxy. That is where I got the idea that turquoise would be complimentary and make the tables unique. Of course, finding the turquoise in the right size pieces was another story. I finally found what I needed in a rock shop in Bisbee, AZ.

So with much sanding, gluing, scraping, veneering, and finishing, the result is shown here.

          VÃ¥rhelg / Spring week end        

En så ljuvlig helg det har varit. Solen sken, temperaturen låg nära de 20 och vi hade finaste besöket!

Poppy, Eddie och gamlingarna var här från fredag kväll till söndag förmiddag och tänk så mycket man faktiskt kan hinna med om man lägger manken till!

Such a lovely weekend it has been. The sun was shining, the temperature was almost 20o C and we had the nicest of visitors!

Poppy, Eddie and their old people were here from Friday evening to Sunday morning and it’s unbelievable how much you can actually keep up with if you put the foot forward!

Först en lugn start med promenad via fågeldammen innan vi är framme vid lekparken och det äntligen börjar hända lite grejer. Och vad kan väl vara trevligare än att sitta och gunga, högt upp i det blå?

First, a calm start to walk through the bird pond before we arrive to the playground and it’s eventually started to happen some cool things. And what could be nicer than swinging, high up in the sky?

Vi vandrar vidare och tänka sej, som av en slump råkar vi hamna vid en rutschbana, alldeles lagom stor att själv klättar upp och åka ner ifrån!

We walk further and by a chance we happen to end up at a slide, in just the right size to climb up and go down from by oneself!

Och så just innan den sista orken är borta, en hoppborg! Lite trötta är vi som sagt, men det är inte dumt att sitta och hoppa heller!

And so just before the last strength is gone, a bouncy castle! We are a little tired in our legs by now, but it is not that silly to sit and jump either!

Vad som nu behövs är lite ny energi, kanske rent av en fika i det härliga solskenet?

What is needed now is some new energy, perhaps a lunch in the glorious sunshine?

På det hela taget en alldeles utmärkt vårlördag!

På söndagen åkte de som sagt hem igen, men nu dröjer det inte länge tills vi ses nästa gång. Redan nästa måndag åker jag upp till Stockholm med tåget, så kommer Jan upp till helgen och så åker vi hem tillsammans nästa söndag. Det ska bli väldigt kul att tillbringa så lång tid i ett sträck med våra favoritstockholmare, så länge har det aldrig blivit förr.

Overall, an excellent spring Saturday!

On Sunday they went back home, but now it will not be long until we meet again. The very next Monday I'm off to Stockholm by train, and then Jan will go there next weekend and then we will go home together next Sunday. It will be great to spend that long time in one stretch with our favourite Stockholmers, it has never been that long before.

Ett mindre välkommet besök har vi också haft i helgen. Ett duvpar gav sej den på att de hittat den optimala byggplatsen på en hylla på vår balkong. Men vi vill inte ha några inneboende där, så vi hade fullt upp med att jaga bort dem och plocka bort pinnarna de så träget kom med. Visst kände man sej lite elak, men med tanke på balkongens storlek tror jag inte det hade funnits plats för både oss och en duvfamilj. Och det är faktiskt vi som betalar för den! Men det där med att bara schasa var inte till mycket hjälp, de var tillbaka så snart vi vände ryggen till. CD-skivor har man ju hört ska vara effektiva bortskrämmare, men icke i detta fallet. Så hittade Jan den optimala fågelskrämman, en gul-rosa nalle, av utseendet att döma troligtvis vunnen i någon tombola, och se det gjorde susen! Något så hemskt ville duvorna inte dela boplats med!

We also had less welcome visitors this weekend. A pair of pigeons decided that they have found the ideal building site on a shelf on our balcony. But we don’t want any inherent there, so we were busy trying to chase them away and pick off the pins they so diligently came with. Sure it felt a bit nasty, but with the size of the balcony I don’t think there had been room for both us and a pigeon family. And in fact it is we who pay for it! But just to try to chase them away didn’t help, they were back as soon as we left. CDs has been said to been to be effective as deterrent, but not in this case. So Jan found the optimal scarecrow, a yellow-pink teddy bear, that appearance have been won in a raffle, and that was what needed! Something that horrible didn’t the pigeons want to share habitat with!
          2010 Jaguar XFR        
Challenging the rules and standing out from the crowd, the new XFR fuses sports car styling and high-performance with the refinement and sophistication of a luxury sedan.

It is a defining example of Jaguar’s dedication to creating beautiful fast cars-and with a magnificent new engine, that are quite simply the best ever setting new standards across the board.
When it was introduced last year, the all-new XFR was soon recognized as a dramatic expression of a bold new Jaguar design language.  It also soon became apparent that here as a car where the driving experience exceeded the expectations created by the striking exterior styling.

Now, the new XFR takes this driving experience to new levels, shifting the balance even further towards dynamic super high performance while still retaining the XF’s core values as a refined and luxurious sports sedan.

Power comes from an all-new 5.0 liter DOHC direct-injected V8 with an integrated roots-type twin vortex supercharger utilizing twin-intercoolers that generates 510hp and 461lb.ft. of torque.
Immediately recognizable thanks to unique 20X9in Nevis alloy wheels with Jaguar Supercharged engraving and wrapped with Dunlop’s finest ultra-high-performance tires, a new front end design with a centered mesh grille with the Jaguar’s growling signature head, beautifully formed lamp clusters with Bi-Xenon adaptive headlamps, revised lower chrome air intake, side intakes to cool down the giant 14.9in. internally ventilated discs clamped with six-piston calipers, two working hood louvers, front fender heat extractors, four polished tailpipes, an aerodynamically functional rear spoiler, coupe-like profile with a slingshot C-pillar surrounded by a thick chrome strip, and deeper side sills, the new 2010 XFR is also the first XF to carry ‘R’ badging.

This new mighty engine gives the XFR a 0-60mph time of only 4.7sec.  More relevant in everyday driving, an excellent indicator of the XFR’s great flexibility is the time it takes to accelerate from 50-70mph, just 1.9sec.
Sound quality is a key characteristic of all Jaguars and is one particular aspect that customers relish. 

The new XFR has received special attention to deliver the required V8 intake sound character commonly absent on supercharged engines.  Intake manifold pressure pulsations are fed into an acoustic filter at the rear of the engine that is tuned to ‘tenor C’, with the output from the filter ducted into the cabin.  The filter is controlled by the engine management system which allows the acoustics to enter the cabin only under certain conditions, such as when the engine is accelerating hard, thus maintaining the desired sound quality at all times.  It is music to any performance enthusiast’s ears!

Mated to the more powerful supercharged engine is an enhanced version of Jaguar’s acclaimed ZF 6HP28 electronically controlled, six-speed automatic transmission.  Additional clutch plates and an upgraded torque converter are added to the XFR model to facilitate the extra power.

Enhancing the enjoyment and thrilling ride offered by the new XFR is fully independent suspension, control arms, coil springs, gas-charged shocks and anti-roll bar up front with a multi-link rear that features coil springs, gas-charged shocks and an anti-roll bar.  The new changes to the XFR’s chassis dynamics come from two new advanced technologies, Adaptive Dynamics and Active Differential Control, which gives a more comfortable, and controlled ride when needed or by turning off the system you can let the rear slide when slicing through steep curving roads.

Active Differential Control (ADC) with traction-only functionality and handling functionality is an electronically controlled alternative to the traditional, wholly mechanical differential, offering more subtle control strategies.

ADC can vary its locking torque (and therefore the proportion of torque to each driven wheel) depending on surface conditions and power applied.  Its control strategies optimize traction at each wheel, improving acceleration on low-grip surfaces while also enhancing cornering ability.  ADC has no adverse effect on either refinement or stability-where the traditional, mechanical differential can compromise stability under hard applications of power, demanding more corrective input from the driver.  Whereas a mechanical differential is permanently active, the XFR’s new ADC system is switched off when not required, so unlike the mechanical alternative, it does not risk undesirable understeer, and creates no issues with noise, vibration or harshness (NVH) at low speeds.

The differential is operated by an internal electric motor and ‘ball-and-ramp’ mechanism, and contains a multi-plate clutch, which transmits or ‘vectors’ torque to the wheel with the most grip.  The multi-plate clutch assembly is designed to prevent excessive differential slip, but differs fundamentally from a conventional traction control which uses the brakes to counteract slip after it has occurred.

Adaptive Dynamics (AD) is a highly sophisticated active damping system which automatically adjusts suspension damper settings to suit both road conditions and the way in which the car is being driven.  By removing the need for compromise between a fixed, softer setting for ride comfort and a fixed, firmer setting for tauter body control and handling, AD allows the balance between rides and handling to be optimized whatever the circumstances.  Unlike earlier systems with only a small number of steps in the damper settings, it offers a progressively variable damping strategy between wide extremes, to deliver a comfortable but sporty ride with impressively sharp handling responses to your inputs.

The three primary functions of AD are to control vertical movement, roll rate and pitch rate of the body.  It does this by analyzing induced body motions one hundred times a second, and setting each damper to an appropriate level in order to maintain a constant and level body attitude, thereby optimizing control without compromising ride.  Also one hundred times a second, it predicts the roll-rate due to steering inputs, and selectively increases damping forces to reduce that roll rate-improving handling feel and driver confidence-as well as analyzing fore and aft pitch rates due to throttle and braking inputs, and again varies damping forces to reduce pitch, further improving comfort and control.

Additionally, AD improves ride by monitoring wheel position five hundred times a second and automatically increases damping rate as the suspension approaches the limits of its travel.  Similarly, it controls wheel ‘hop’ by varying damping to move any wheel out of a natural bouncing frequency, again benefitting ride comfort, handling and even grip.

The new XFR also features Handling functionality, which is unique in this class.  In conjunction with the DSC Off option and JaguarDrive Control with Dynamic Mode, this supplements all the advantages of Traction Only Functionality with a number of more driver-focused dynamic characteristics.  Dynamic Mode modifies the throttle, stability and transmission parameters, and also modifies the AD responses.

The combination of ADC and Dynamic mode with DSX Off allows controllable power-on oversteer, and improves off-throttle stability, allowing quicker, more spirited cornering when you want to take the new XFR to its limits of adhesion.  It can also improve stability in situations such as an emergency lane-change maneuver at high speed and, in combination with DSC, reduce the brake interventions which the more enthusiastic driver might see as intrusive. 

So working with DSC, the TCS traction control system and ABS braking function, ADC can significantly improve overall vehicle performance, and provide even more precise driving feel.  It is amazing how quickly the XFR reacts to my inputs at the wheel and at the throttle when the systems are turned on or off.  It is the perfect combination of electronic intervention when wanted and when no wanted to take the XFR to its limits with no electronic intervention.  The perfect Jaguar!

Improving handling and response even more is the new ‘fast ratio’ steering rack, and additionally benefits from the further improvement front-to-rear aerodynamic balance offered by a new rear spoiler and deep front bumper.  The wider stance, lower chassis height and its low overall aerodynamic drag coefficient of only 0.29 contributes to both low wind noise and inherent high-speed stability.  Contributing even more is the already stiff body shell, the stiffest in its class, is a new rear subframe, a trunk cross-brace and a front cross brace.

Quickly and safely slowing the new XFR down from speed are massive 14.9in. front and 13.6in. internally ventilated power brakes.  The front discs are clamped with 6-piston calipers while the rear features four-piston calipers.  Enhancing braking power and control are standard ABS, Brake Assist and Electronic Brake Force Distribution.  The pedal feel is very linear, a solid feel all the way from high speed to stop.  These brakes completed the circle of super-high-performance acceleration and handling prowess.

The interior cabin truly matches the sportiness, comfort, and luxury under the skin of the new XFR.  It is both modern, individual and uniquely Jaguar and hints at the car’s super-performance.  It features a full soft grain leather interior standard including suede on the pillars and headliner.  An electric sunroof to let in more air and sunlight when desired, and a new Dark Oak veneer set on the dashboard and door trim.  Its new 18X14-way, heated/cooled front adjustable sports seats have newly shaped electrically adjustable squab bolsters for significantly improved lateral support at higher cornering speeds.  Each XFR seat, front and rear, has the ‘R’ logo embroidered on it squab and the front seats have leather seat-back map pockets. 

The leather-trimmed, heated, power tilting/telescoping, 3-spoke steering wheel feels perfect in your hand and is the right size for quick inputs.  It also features its own ‘R’ logo at the bottom.  The dashboard introduces a unique, dark mesh aluminum finish, and another discreet ‘R’ badge on the passenger side of the instrument panel.  The easy to see instrument cluster’s speedometer and tachometer have the unique sporting signature of red dial pointers and carry the ‘supercharged’ motif.  At startup, the ‘R’ logo appears on the Touch-screen as part of the XFR’s ‘driver handshake’ sequence.

The XFR is packed with user-friendly technologies such as full shift-by-wire transmission controlled by the JaguarDrive Selector, plus adaptive cruise control with Automatic Speed Limiter plus a radar-based Blind Spot Monitor warning you when there is another vehicle nearby in a different lane, and a rear parking aid TV camera with a clear view of the area behind the car on the Touch Screen while in reverse.  The Touch-screen is now upgraded with on-screen guidance lines that move according to steering wheel angle to indicate the area into which the car will reverse.  The Jaguar navigation system now includes turn-by-turn instructions in the message center.  An Acoustic Laminated Windscreen is also set in place to help lower outside noise levels.

The XFR also comes with the incredible Bowers & Wilkins 440-watt system with Dolby ProLogic II surround sound and 14 speakers.  The Portable Audio Interface allows simple, direct connection of iPod and MP3 players with full control via the Touch-screen or steering wheel-mounted controls.  JaguarSense allows touch-sensitive operation for the glovebox release and interior lights-and those lights feature soft, Phosphor Blue interior mood lighting with Halo illumination around the key switch packs to ensure easy and positive night-time operation. 

Digital and SIRIUS satellite radio with HD is also standard.  Other standard equipment not mentioned above includes all-express up/down windows, dual-zone climate control through the Touch-screen, electronic parking brake, variable-rate wipers/washers, center console with three cupholders, storage slots in each door, rear air vents to more directly channel cool or heated air to the rear seats including a pull-down armrest with dual cupholders, self-dimming rearview mirror, 2-person memory seats/outside mirrors, new exterior mirror design offers aerodynamic improvements plus improved functionality with its LED side repeaters, Jaguar signature door scuff plates, thick cut-pile carpeting with front and rear floor mats including the Jaguar logo leaping cat embroidered up front, dual map lamps, grab handles above each door for easy entry/exit and dual, lighted vanity mirrors.

To keep all safe in the event of a collision is standard safety features including front/rear crush zones, steel beams in each door, tire pressure monitoring system, anti-theft engine immobilizer, driver and front passenger front and side airbags, active head restraints, side curtain airbags for all outboard seats, 3-point safety belts with front pretensioners/load limiters, latch restraint anchor system, and remote security system.

The new 2010 Jaguar XFR is a ‘tour d’ force’ in super-high-performance driving with elegant, luxury on the inside.  Jaguar has left nothing to the imagination to what a super performing luxury car should be fitted with-a unique, elegant and sporty exterior style, interior refinement on par with any other car in its class, and the powertrain, suspension, and brakes to back it all up.  The Jaguar engineers and designers have accomplished an excellent task of bringing Jaguar’s mid-size sedan up and through ‘world-class’ driving dynamics and interior luxury.  The new 2010 XFR is priced at only $79,150.00.


Price: MSRP $79,150 As-Tested $79,150

Type: Large Sedan

Where Built: England

EPA Class: Midsize Cars

Length: 195.3 in.
Width: 73.9 in.
Height: 57.5 in.
Wheel Base: 114.5 in.
Curb Weight: 4306 lbs.
Gross Weight: 5170 lbs.
Front Head Room: 37.1 in.
Front Shoulder Room: 56.9 in.
Rear Head Room: 37.6 in.
Rear Shoulder Room: 56.4 in.
Front Leg Room: 41.5 in.
Rear Leg Room: 36.6 in.
Luggage Capacity: 17.7 cu. ft.
Maximum Seating: 5

Performance Data
Base Number of Cylinders: 8
Base Engine Size: 5 liters
Base Engine Type: V8
Horsepower: 510 hp
Max Horsepower: 6000 rpm
Torque: 461 ft-lbs.
Max Torque: 2500 rpm
Drive Type: RWD
Turning Circle: 37.7 ft.
0-60mph: 4.7 seconds

Fuel Data
Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.4 gal.
EPA Mileage Estimates: (City/Highway/Combined)
Automatic: 15 mpg / 21 mpg / 17 mpg
Range in Miles:
Automatic: 276 mi. / 386.4 mi. / 312.8 mi

          Fatherless Friday        
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When Derek died in a car crash in December of 2009, Orphan Justice Center team lost an amazing mentor, friend and visionary leader. He was funny, loving, compassionate, and uncompromising in his love for Jesus, his family, and for those trapped in injustice. We have yet to meet someone who knew Derek Loux who was not touched by his wonderful spirit.
When the OJC team felt God’s urging to write (SOTK) Strength of the King, A call to pure and undefiled religion, we knew we needed to try to capture the thoughts and foundations behind Derek and Renee’s unending passion for vulnerable children. So many have learned so much from this amazing family and their message needs to continue. It has taken almost two years, and although this book does not tell their personal story it outlines the foundational aspects that gave them vision and strength to persevere and go to the ends of the earth to rescue and restore children.
Derek was known as one who prayed and studied daily. He was a doer of the word. Derek spoke at churches, wrote songs, wrote blogs, and whatever else he could do to share the message about God’s heart for oppressed children. He grabbed people in coffee shops, in the airport or wherever anyone would listen, urging them to walk out true religion as outlined in James 1:27.
“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.”
Derek walked in the revelation of this verse. He was always doing something to make a difference. The ripple effect from Derek’s life continues to go on and on. We recently heard from a girl that Derek and his team rescued from sex trafficking. She is now in a loving and nurturing environment. She has given her life to Jesus and is being helped, healed and restored. Not only is she doing well but she is helping others be free. Her testimony in court helped to shut down three sex trafficking rings! Derek was a burning and shining lamp who was always working to rescue those in need and his message is still inspiring us to action.
The OJC team has prayerfully put together the scriptural basics that were Derek’s motivation. From Genesis to Revelation these scriptures call for a Justice Revolution that brings redemption and restoration to the millions of children around the world in need of love and protection. These scriptures are the fuel that urged Derek to write:
“ I wanted something to live and die for. I wanted something to breathe and to bleed for. I’m not interested in trying to figure out ways to make my life safe and preserve my comfort.”
SOTK also highlights some beautiful points from the book of Job that show us how to live an upright and blameless life before God. As we have watched Renee’ Loux walk through these past several months without her husband and best friend we have seen unwavering faith and trust in the midst of grief and challenges. Her strength and commitment to helping others, even when she is in need, has caused us to look at the book of Job in a different light. Her determination to walk upright before God has given us a more eternal perspective on life and death. We have seen how Renee’ has not given up and how she is going forward to keep the light of justice burning. Her love for Jesus overcomes her grief and she is determined to walk in her destiny and calling. She has set her sights on the hope set before her and she has not stopped in her efforts to rescue, adopt and restore children.
Derek and Renee’ have been relentless in bringing God’s love and grace to children in need. We hope that this book, Strength of the King, A call to pure and undefiled religion, will be a resource for you as you take your part in the Justice Revolution. For those of you who knew Derek, this book will encourage you! You will be reminded of his message and his commitment to the fatherless, and you will again be inspired to follow his example.

You can order your book at:
Blessings to you as you go in the Strength of the King!
Orphan Justice Team
Please remember all the fatherless children waiting for someone to come for them...


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          Dumpster Rental Direct Announces New Site that Provides Dumpster Rentals in Any Town Nationwide- Clients Give Rave Reviews        

Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2011 -- In response to the recent demand for nationwide dumpster rental services, Dumpster Rental Direct is proud to announce their new website that rents roll off dumpsters in any city in the United States.

For many people the prospect of renting a large dumpster seems like a daunting task. Whether it's for their home project, restaurant or other needs, people rarely know where to turn when they need a large amount of trash to be disposed of.

This is the basis for Dumpster Rental Direct. By specializing in nationwide service they can rent a variety of dumpsters to clients regardless of the size of their project or budget. "As we offer a wide range of roll off dumpsters in sizes from three to fifty yards in volume, our dumpsters are able to tackle every waste disposal job, large or small," says the website.

Dumpster Rental Direct specializes in both residential and commercial clients. They can provide dumpsters for home renovation projects such as roof removal, bathroom demolition, or even the disposal of an entire home. This option is especially convenient as they can get the dumpster as close to the source of the trash as possible.

They also offer services for businesses that find themselves with more rubbish on their hands than they can effectively deal with: "Perhaps you own a retail store that's about to undergo a major renovation, or a restaurant that is simply generating more waste than your current dumpster supplier can handle," says the website. "Dumpster Rental Direct can provide you with a roll off dumpster solution that is exactly the right size for your job, and get it delivered to your business whenever you need it."

Perhaps the most distinguishable characteristic of Dumpster Rental Direct is that they offer nationwide services. Many times when people hit the internet in search of local dumpster services reputable companies are difficult to come by. This problem is made worse by the limitations that come with small town searches- especially those in rural areas or those which are largely removed from the grid.

Past users all attest that the convenience and competitive pricing of the service makes it well worth the investment. According to a spokesperson for Dumpster Rental Direct, "Our clients just have to make one call and we'll take care of the rest."

To learn more about Dumpster Rental Direct, or to get a free quote for any variety of roll off dumpster needs, please visit: http://www.dumpsterrentaldirect.com/

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/dumpster/rental/release-104186.htm

Media Relations Contact

Jack Almeida
Email: Click to Email Jack Almeida
Web: http://www.dumpsterrentaldirect.com/

          Kissenger "simulates" kissing loved ones        

Touted as Earth's "first mobile kiss messenger," Kissenger is a rubbery-looking dock that humans put their phones in. It has a tactile surface they depress with their meat. The movements are then transmitted in realtime over the internet, so that a replica of them may be experienced by another human.

Plug in to your phone and give your loved ones a kiss over the Internet. Kissenger can sense your kiss and transmit realistic kissing sensations to your partner in real time. You can also feel the force on your lips when your partner kisses you back. Share an intimate moment with your friends and families while chatting with them on your phone.

The device comprises six sensors, corresponding actuators, and a meat-colored silicone sheath. There's an app that goes with it so the humans can interact on a audiovisual-discursive level at the same time. It's at the prototype stage with nothing to buy, yet, but obviously we should keep an eye on this. It should suffice to say that our previous recommendations with respect to establishing contact with this species have not changed.

High precision force sensors are embedded under the silicon lip to measure the dynamic forces at different parts of your lips during a kiss. The device sends this data to your phone, which transmits it to your partner over the Internet in real time. Miniature linear actuators are used to reproduce these forces on your partner's lips, creating a realistic kissing sensation. Kissenger provides a two-way interaction just like in a real kiss. You can also feel your partner's kiss on your lips when they kiss you back.

[via The Verge]

          The best 'budget' barbecue grill I've found: Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 480        

[caption id="attachment_413075" align="alignright" width="277"]A lovely flame on my Char-Broil.
A lovely flame on my Char-Broil.[/caption]

Until I tried shopping for a barbecue grill, I had no idea how hard it would be.

 Choosing a good one for my home on my  budget range, around $200 to $300, turned out to be pretty complex. But I found one I love, and have used it regularly for a month now: the Char-Broil Performance TRU Infrared 480.

There are so many factors that go into filtering through barbecue models. What kind of fuel: coal, rocks, gas, or—this surprised me—electric? What shape, what size? If gas, do I need a propane tank or can I hook it up to my home's natural gas line? How "portable" is a portable grill? What exactly is a hibachi, really? And what is it made of: stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain?

[caption id="attachment_413895" align="alignnone" width="1045"]It all tasted as good as it looks. First grilling on my new Char-Broil.
It all tasted as good as it looks. First grilling on my new Char-Broil.[/caption]

I knew what I wanted: a standalone barbecue I could quickly fire up, use, and clean without a lot of hassle. I wanted portable to mean I could roll it around the backyard, and store it easily. It had to be durable and sturdy enough to last me more than a year of steady use.

However, I am a price realist. I don't expect a $200-300 grill to last a lifetime. I just ask that it grill meats and veggies evenly with good temperature control for strategic grill locations (RIP Mitch Hedberg).


High-end grills start at around $1,000 and easily surpass $10,000. I was looking more at modest grills. I needed a good size cooking area to handle parties for 10 to 20 people.

On the lower end of the price spectrum you find charcoal hibachis. They have their place in my BBQ world. Some of the electric and portable hibachis make great camping tools. But I was looking to host get-togethers in my backyard. I wanted a gas grill because it's not messy like charcoal. I wanted the fuel to be propane gas. Hooking up to the natural gas line (like my stove does) wasn't an option in my apartment complex.

ezgif-936700265I came across the Char-Broil on Amazon, and I liked what I saw.

Char-Broil has a number of product lines for standalone grills priced along features and build quality. The Commercial Series looked great, but I thought that Performance Series gave the perfect balance of build, size and power within my price range. It had Char-Broil's recently upgraded TRU-Infrared™ grill technology, which is their patented radiant heat cooking design.

[caption id="attachment_412958" align="alignnone" width="1258"]A blurb from the company's website.
A blurb from the manufacturer website.[/caption]


          The In Vitro Meat Cookbook        

Unreal lab-grown oysters from "The In Vitro Meat Cookbook," a glorious exercise in recipes as design fiction from Next Nature. More over at re:form.

          Living creatures you can buy from Amazon        

Live from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm, these earthworms are just $29.95 for 2lb. And that's only the beginning: there are crickets sold by the thousand, highly expensive snails, delicious gutloaded mealworms, cockroaches and shrimp. (I like the way the word "Live" is placed in quotes for "Live" Lobsters.)

          NEW StaSof® from FootJoy Delivers a Precision Tailored Fit and Advanced Performance Feel        

The 13th generation of the #1 Cabretta leather glove in golf is packed full of Tour Proven Performance technologies and hand-sewn craftsmanship to give players of all abilities the competitive edge.

FootJoy®, the #1 Glove in Golf, today introduces the latest iteration of its iconic FJ StaSof® glove, the world’s #1 Cabretta leather glove for over 35 years. Featuring a myriad of features and benefits, for golfers of all abilities, the all-new StaSof has been masterfully-crafted to produce a sensationally soft and comfortable feel, precision tailored fit and unmatched grip and durability in all playing conditions.

Played by more than 800 of the game’s leading male and female tour players around the globe, and winner of more Major Championships than any other glove model, the new StaSof represents the latest advancement of FJ’s trusted tour-proven performance. Following extensive research and development, the 13th generation of the #1 Glove on Tour combines new and established performance technologies with hand-sewn craftsmanship to deliver what FJ defines as Advanced Performance Feel.

Constructed from premium Taction2®Advance Performance (APL™) Cabretta Leather, the new StaSof provides improved tour-tested performance due to a number of new features, including the softer, thinner elastic that contours the glove to the hand for a lightweight feel, improved fit and comfort. A single stitch PowerNet™ mesh and strategically placed perforations also create a more comfortable feel and fit across the knuckles.

“The original StaSof glove set the benchmark when it was introduced over 35 years ago, but thanks to our exclusive partnership with Pittards®, continuous product innovation and a relentless pursuit of the finest materials, the StaSof to this day maintains its status as the #1 Cabretta leather glove on Worldwide Tours,” said Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Marketing, FJ Gloves and Accessories.

“We have worked tirelessly to improve all facets of this iconic glove and have no doubt the new design and technology within will continue to help improve the performance of millions of golfers worldwide for years to come,” she added.


  • Taction2® Advanced Performance Leather® - Tanned exclusively by Pittards® of England, this incredibly durable premium leather offers the ultimate in feel, water and perspiration resistance, while providing exceptional grip performance in all playing conditions.
  • New Soft Moisture-wicking Elastic cuff - Contours the glove to the hand for a lightweight feel, improved fit and comfort.
  • New Single Stich PowerNet™ knuckle - Minimizes seam to create a more comfortable feel and fit across the knuckles.
  • New Precision placement of Finer Gauge Elastics – Improves the overall feel and consistency of fit.
  • New Proprietary angled ComforTab™ Velcro® closure - Secures a perfect fit.
  • Strategically placed perforations and PowerNet™ mesh - Improves breathability and flexibility.

(Please visit the site to view this video)

As the #1 Cabretta leather glove in golf, StaSof is trusted on tour by the best players in the game including the following FJ brand ambassadors: 2015 British Open Champion Zach Johnson, 2013 Masters Champion Adam Scott, defending FedEx Cup champion Billy Horschel and Ryder Cup stars, Jimmy Walker and Lee Westwood among many others.

The new StaSof is available in an impressive 26 size options, ensuring an all-encompassing provision of Men’s Left, Cadet & Right as well as Women’s Left & Right sizes. The new StaSof is available in both Pearl and Black colors to give greater standout appeal to this iconic product.

Whether it is the #1 Cabretta leather glove in golf, the all-new StaSof®, the vibrant colors of FJ Spectrum®, the customized cool fit of StaCool®, the powerful grip and moisture resistance of SciFlex® Tour, the precision fit of GTxtreme®, the long-lasting properties of WeatherSof® or the advanced wet-weather capabilities of RainGrip® and WinterSof ®, FJ remains the overwhelming choice for golfers of all abilities around the world.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. This Sweepstakes will begin at 12:01a.m. ET on August 31, 2015 and end at 11:59 p.m. ET on October 4, 2015. Void where prohibited. Open to US residents 18 years or older.


          Cerastone 3-in-1 Sandwich Toaster/Waffle Maker/Grill        
Cerastone 3-in-1 Sandwich Toaster/Waffle Maker/Grill

Cerastone 3-in-1 Sandwich Toaster/Waffle Maker/Grill

The Tower Cerastone 3 in 1 Sandwich Toaster is the ultimate in quickfire snack preparation meaning you can enjoy delicious toasted sandwiches, waffles or grills whenever you like and without the hassle of firing up the stove. Ceramic non-stick plates close to seal your sandwich and its contents preventing mess and unnecessary spillage - just add ham, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions or any other filling that you might fancy, close the lid and you’re away. There’s no need for oil either which means healthier eating for you and your family. Easily interchangeable plates With three plates to choose from, the sandwich maker makes it faster than ever to enjoy sandwiches, tasty waffles or grilled vegetables, meats or fish. The plates can be simply clipped into the body of the sandwich maker, locking in place, meaning that they aren’t just easy to install but easy to change if you need to switch between different plates. So whether you want to enjoy a crisp, toasted sandwich filled with all of your favourite fillings or want to indulge in a delicious Belgian waffle topped with fruit, cream and other sweet treats, this multi-functional appliance is the ultimate in cooking convenience. Innovative Cerastone technology Thanks to the addition of innovative, multi-layered Cerastone coatings on each of the grill plates, the Tower Cerastone 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker offers best in class non-stick properties. The Cerastone coating is made up of a multi-layered system that sits on top of the robust forged aluminium body of the plates. Made up of stone particles, the super strong coating evenly distributes heat, minimising hotspots for an evenly cooked result as well as eliminating the need for oil during cooking, letting you maintain that same great taste but without the fat. Handy portions The interchangeable plates not only create delicious results, but also create well portioned snacks. Both the sandwich plate and the waffle plate not only cook your ingredients but cut them into equal portions with the sandwich option creating two full toasted sandwiches cut into four pockets and the waffle plate creating two waffles. The grill plate is the ideal size for cooking on a smaller scale, offering the ideal cooking solution for couples. Best suited for grilling vegetables, steak, chicken or fish the grill has the right size for smaller kitchens. Easy to Clean The innovative Cerastone coating means that residue can be simply wiped off of the fully removable plates with a soft cloth, doing away with laborious scrubbing and keeping your grill plates in optimum condition. The plates are also dishwasher safe, making cleaning simpler than ever.

          Hero Honda New Karizma R Review        
I feel really proud to write a review this great bike. Hero Honda Karizma is the best that has been launched in India. Now it gets even better with the all new racer edition : The New Karizma R. The price of Karizma is Rs.84000 and the engine packs an awesome 17 horse power in a 223cc Engine..

How does it look?

Indian bikers always wished for a bike like this, a real sporty looking bike, and their dreams have come true with the Karizma. On the first look, people would comment that the bike looks like a fighter jet! The air pockets in the front of the tank has been very precisely carved to blend aerodynamics with beauty.

Hero Honda’s Engineers have put in several months of work in developing their flagship model Karizma. It is not easy to bring a foreign style to India without compromising the engine capacity and mileage (which are the most important factors for Indian bikes). The is technically the first bike in India in which the doom blends with the main body of the bike. One big advantage of this is that the handle bars are free to turn because there is no extra weight attached to it (like the head light and dashboard). Karizma is the first bike in India which came with pre-installed alloy wheels.

I like the tail part of Karizma very much. This is perhaps the only bike in India which features dual tail lamps. When you look at the tail part, it does look like a jet. The slogan ‘Jet Set Go’ is perfect. The seat is little raised for the pillion rider which gives it a really sporty look. The bike has been so perfectly designed that I could not imagine a suggestion for improvement. Considering the overall size of the bike, the tail part does seem to have the right size. In Pulsar, you can notice that the tail is too small compared to the size of its tank, but in Karizma the proportion of the sizes of various parts is perfect.

How does it perform?

I can talk about performance all day long, because I have been personally using Karizma for the past four years! But I will try to keep this short and only highlight the main points.

Karizma is undoubtedly the bike with the highest horse power in India. (Considering bikes within the 1 Lakh Range). For a bike of 223 cc, 17 hp is really great! While driving, you can feel the surge of acceleration (and the surge of adrenalin!). You feel like like Hrithik Roshan if you give a full twist to the throttle. My Karizma is the first to dash of when the signal turns green, while others try to catch up with me, I look back to see that they are left far behind!

This bike is suitable both for city riding and riding in highways. As you put the fifth gear and slowly accelerate, the bike maintains its stability upto 110 Kmph, but later it gets a little shaky. I have personally tried going upto 125 Kmph, eventhough the claimed maximum speed is higher, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go faster than 110.

Looking into the dash board of the Karizma, we can see 2 dials, a RPM meter and a Speedometer and next to it is the digital panel which displays Fuel, a Trip meter, total distance and a digital clock! I really love the clock, I do not need to leave the handle bars to check the time in my wrist while driving! Visit the Karizma Photo Gallery to see pictures of the dash board.

The high beam and neutral indicators are situated in the speedometer dial. The indicators are bright enough so that you can easily see its status in bright sunlight.

Some people may think that such fast sport bikes are risky, but in my opinion, Karizma is the safest bike in India. Provided with adequate wheel base and body weight, the bike comes to halt easily from very high speeds without losing any stability.

How does it stand out?

For people who love this bike, it is really hard to admire the competition. Right now Pulsar 220cc seems to be the only competition for Karizma, but I would say that it does not even stand a chance with this legend.

Hero Honda Karizma’s high cost and size is not just for the looks and power. Along with it you also get something priceless… the Self Confidence and the King of the Road feeling. If in your college or institution, you are the only one with a Karizma, imagine the kind of feeling of uniqueness you will get. People will admire you for your bike and you will be known as The man who rides the Karizma.

Too many people have already bought Pulsars, CBZs and Apaches.. If you are planning to buy a 150cc bike, wait for a few months, raise some more money and go for the best. Because great people drive great bikes.

This is perhaps the only bike which has got full rating in BikeAdvice’s Reviews.

BikeAdvice Overall Rating: 5/5

Performance Rating: 5/5

Beauty Rating: 5/5

Pros: Sporty Looks, Fuel Efficiency, The first of its Kind in India

Cons: No leg guard

Karizma Specifications:

Engine: Aircooled single cylinder 4 stroke OHC
Displacement: 223 cc
Maximum Power: 12.68 KW (17 PS) @ 7000 RPM
Maximal Torque: 18.35 N-m @ 6000 RPM
Acceleration: 0 – 60 Kmph in 3.8 Seconds
Gear Box: 5 Speed
Brakes: 276mm Front Disc and 130 mm Rear Drum
Tires: Front: 2.75 x 18 – 42P, Rear: 100/90 x 18 – 56P
Fuel Capacity: 15 Litres (+ 2 Ltrs Reserve)
          Ditemukan di Bulgaria: Reruntuhan Kota Tertua di Eropa Berusia Lebih Dari 4000 Tahun Sebelum Masehi        

Vasil Nikolov mengatakan dinding batu yang digali oleh timnya sampai saat ini diperkirakan berumur antara 4.700 dan 4.200 tahun sebelum masehi, dan beberapa kerangka manusia dikubur dengan cara yang aneh dan misterius, yaitu: dipotong menjadi dua bagian!
Beberapa orang arkeolog dari National Institute of Archaeology berhasil menemukan reruntuhan yang diperkirakan adalah sisa-sisa bangunan kota tua di Bulgaria.
Bulgaria adalah sebuah negara di semenanjung Balkan berpenduduk 7,3 juta, memiliki banyak situs zaman Neolitik, Chalcolithic dan gundukan-gundukan dari pemukiman di Zaman Perunggu serta sisa-sisa Helenistik, pusat-pusat kota Romawi dan Bizantium.
Salah satu dari puing-puing tersebut terkubur di kota Provadia, Bulgaria. Sekitar 25 mil dari pantai Laut Hitam negara itu. Diperkirakan reruntuhan itu adalah sisa-sisa bangunan kota yang dibangun sekitar 4.700 sampai 4.200 tahun Sebelum Masehi!
Apabila analisa yang dilakukan para arkeolog tersebut benar maka dapat dipastikan bahwa kota tersebut adalah kota tertua di Eropa, wow!
Profesor bidang arkeologi Vassil Nikolov memimpin penggalian. Dan dalam penggaliannya, para arkeolog menemukan dua pondasi bangunan, tembok dan beberapa gerbang.
Perkiraan awal menyebutkan bahwa bangunan tersebut berfungsi sebagai benteng pertahanan yang digunakan sebagai tempat penimbun garam kota.
Para peneliti mengungkapkan bahwa garam pada saat itu mempunyai nilai lebih tinggi dibandingkan minyak atau emas di zaman sekarang ini.
“Pada era tersebut, masyarakat yang mendiami tempat ini belum mengenal apa yang disebut pedati dan roda. Mereka secara manual mengangkut satu demi satu batu-batu besar yang disusun menjadi tembok raksasa.
Untuk melindungi kekayaan mereka, kota mereka dikelilingi oleh dinding batu setinggi tiga meter dan tebal dua meter yang peneliti percayai bahwa itu adalah benteng paling awal dan paling besar dari pra sejarah Eropa.
Untuk apa mereka membuat tembok ini? Apa yang mereka sembunyikan? Jawabannya adalah garam,” ungkap Vasil Nikolov, salah seorang peneliti seperti yang dikutip oleh Allgov (02/11/2012).

Kota prasejarah tertua di Eropa ditemukan. Kota tersebut diperkirakan dihuni oleh 350 orang pada masa lebih dari 4000 tahun lalu. (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of History)
Nikolov juga menambahkan bahwa garam mempunyai nilai komoditi yang tinggi di zaman itu. “Seperti yang banyak peneliti lain ungkapkan, garam adalah salah satu alat pertukaran dimulai dari milenium ke-6 sampai 600 tahun Sebelum Masehi,” lanjutnya.
Vasil Nikolov mengatakan, dinding batu tinggi 3 meter (10 kaki)  dan tebal 2 meter (6 ½ kaki), yang diyakini sebagai benteng awal dan paling besar dari prasejarah Eropa.
“Kami mulai pekerjaan penggalian pada tahun 2005, tetapi baru setelah musim ini arkeolog kita dapat mengumpulkan cukup bukti untuk mendukung klaim ini,” kata Nikolov pada The Associated Press.
Tim sejauh ini telah menemukan sisa-sisa pemukiman rumah bertingkat dua dengan diameter sekitar 100 meter (328 kaki) dikelilingi oleh dinding benteng.

Sisa-sisa seorang pria dan dua anak di pekuburan dari sebuah kota kuno di dekat kota Provadia, beberapa 410 km (255 mil) timur laut dari Sofia. Sebuah tim ilmuwan yang dipimpin oleh arkeolog Bulgaria Profesor Vassil Nikolov telah menemukan penyelesaian yang tanggal kembali ke 4,700-4,200 SM (AP Photo / Handout Bulgarian National Institute of Archeology / V. Nikolov)
Penggalian juga menemukan serangkaian lubang yang digunakan untuk ritual serta bagian dari gerbang. Analisis karbon telah tanggal mereka untuk usia Chalcolithic menjadi antara 4.700 dan 4.200 SM, ataulebih dari satu milenium sebelum dimulainya peradaban Yunani kuno.
“Sampel baru dari penggalian telah dikirim ke Universitas Cologne, Jerman, untuk evaluasi lebih lanjut,” kata Nikolov. Sebelumnya Nikolov telah mengatakan pemukiman dekat Provadia adalah rumah bagi sekitar 350 orang yang cenderung menghasilkan garam dari batu-garam deposit di dekatnya.
“Mereka merebus air garam dari air asin dalam teknik yang berbeda, dimasukkan ke mangkuk keramik, lalu dikeringkan dan dipadatkan menjadi mirip batu bata, yang kemudian ditukar dengan komoditas lain dengan suku-suku tetangga,” kata Nikolov, mengutip sebagai bukti kemungkinan ditemukannya perhiasan emas dan tembaga dari artefak yang telah digali di wilayah tersebut.

Sebuah mayat utuh: Para peneliti belum mengetahui dan belum ada teori tentang mengapa beberapa mayat dimutilasi sebelum penguburan sedangkan kerangka lainnya dimakamkan secara keseluruhan. (CNN)
Yang paling berharga adalah koleksi dari 3.000 keping emas yang digali 40 tahun lalu di dekat kota Laut Hitam, Varna. Hal ini diyakini sebagai harta karun emas tertua di dunia.
“Selama ribuan tahun, garam adalah salah satu komoditas yang paling berharga, garam adalah uang,” kata Nikolov, menambahkan bahwa dinding batu besar yang dimaksudkan adalah untuk menjaga garam tetap kering dan  aman.
Rumah dua lantai, serta jarum tembaga dan tembikar yang ditemukan di kuburan pada sebuah situs, ini membuktikan komunitas orang-orang kaya yang bekerja dan memproduksi garam yang sangat menguntungkan.
Nikolov mengharapkan lebih menemukan banyak bukti pada musim panas mendatang disaat timnya akan  kembali lagi ke situs tersebut dan memuji Gipson New York-based foundation, yang mendanai sebagian besar penggalian di tahun ini. “Kami tidak akan mampu untuk melanjutkan penggalian tanpa sumbangan dari pihak luar,” katanya.
Kerangka Manusia Dikubur Dengan Ritual Yang Misterius
Pemukiman dari apa yang dianggap kota tertua di Eropa ini ada sebuah misteri aneh yang belum terpecahkan. Dari situs-situs kuburan yang ditemukan, ada yang menguburkannya jenazah dengan cara memotong jenazah.

Ritual aneh: Beberapa mayat ditemukan di pekuburan kota tertua di Eropa terlihat kerangka yang terbelah dua dari pinggul ke atas yang dimakamkan di pemakaman tersebut. (CNN)
Menurut arkeolog, jenazah dipotong menjadi dua bagian atau  setengah, dan menguburkan mereka dari panggul ke atas.
Ini adalah suatu cara penguburan yang aneh dan kompleks.
Belum ada petunjuk mengapa beberapa mayat telah diiris atau dipotong setengah dan dikubur dari panggul ke atas.
Para peneliti juga menemukan bukti yang menunjukkan beberapa warga dari daerah penghasil garam adalah orang kaya.
Kota terdekat Provadia tetap menjadi pusat garam penting hingga masa kini, dengan banyak investasi asing yang ditujukan untuk penggaliannya. (dailymail.co.uk/abc.net.au/merdeka)

Penduduk kota tinggal di rumah berlantai dua dan menambang garam di daerah sekitarnya, garam adalah sumber daya penting pada zaman kuno (CNN)

Keamanan: Untuk melindungi kekayaan mereka, maka kota mereka dikelilingi oleh dinding batu setinggi tiga meter dan tebal dua meter (CNN)

Penemuan jarum berbentuk spiral dari tembaga telah memberikan petunjuk kepada arkeolog mengenai gaya rambut dari penduduk kuno kota itu (CNN)

Kerangka: ilmuwan Inggris, Jepang dan Jerman sejauh ini mengkonfirmasikan temuan tim Bulgaria, yang dilakukan selama penggalian dua bulan selama musim panas (CNN)

Terlihat kerangka sedang memegang mangkuk keramik yang digali dekat kota Bulgaria Provadia pada bulan September 2012, dalam sisa-sisa pemukiman yang di klaim menjadi kota prasejarah tertua di Eropa. Sisa-sisa runtuhan tersebut dari masa lima milenium sebelum masehi. (Bulgarian National Institute of Archaeology/AFP)

          Mauritia, Benua Yang Hilang di Samudera Hindia        
Sebuah negara pulau kecil di lepas pantai timur pulau Madagaskar bernama Mauritius (satellite view) ternyata tidak hanya menyimpan keeksotikan pantai dan pegunungannya saja.
Ternyata, negara pulau di Samudera Hindia ini juga diindikasikan menyimpan bukti-bukti kuno tentang sebuah benua yang hilang.
Berbeda dengan benua atau daratan yang sampai sekarang belum dapat dibuktikan dan tetap masih menjadi mitos seperti Atlantis, Lemuria dan lainnya, maka daratan kuno Mauritius ini memiliki bukti sains tentang keberadaannya.
Seperti yang dilansir oleh NBC News (26/2/13), pantai yang mengelilingi Mauritius diduga menjadi saksi bisu tentang keberadaan sebuah benua yang pernah ada.
Hal ini terlihat dari adanya sebuah garis tipis berwarna putih dan tersebar mengelilingi seluruh pantai di sana.
Mauritius beach lineSetelah diteliti, ternyata partikel putih tersebut berumur jauh lebih tua dari umur pulaunya sendiri.
Para peneliti memperkirakan bahwa pulau Mauritius sendiri masih berusia sekitar 8,9 juta tahun, sedangkan partikel putih ini sudah berusia minimal 660 juta tahun.
Para peneliti yang menemukan fakta ini menduga bahwa dulu pernah ada sebuah daratan sebesar benua yang dinamakan Mauritia.
Bahkan ukuran benua tersebut besarnya diperkirakan sebesar wilayah Samudera Hindia yang memisahkan antara India dan Afrika.
Artinya, daratan ini tidak sebesar sebuah benua namun tak pula sekecil sebuah pulau terbesar. Maka para peneliti menamakan ukuran daratan ini sebagai “benua kecil” atau micro continent.
Mauritia Mauritius 2Hilangnya benua ini sendiri diduga karena adanya “kolom magma” yang mengisi kerak bumi.
Hal ini menyebabkan Mauritius menyembul ke atas permukaan dan menenggelamkan Mauritia yang mulai tertutup oleh air.
Hasil penelitian ini sendiri sudah ditulis dalam sebuah jurnal berjudul Nature Geoscience.
Kabarnya, para peneliti yang digawangi oleh Björn Jamtveit dari the University of Oslo akan mencoba mengetahui secara dalam, apakah benar-benar ada bekas daratan sebesar itu di bawah Samudera Hindia. (NBC News/merdeka)
Mauritia Mauritius

          12 Peninggalan Sejarah Paling Misterius Di Dunia        

Hal misterius selalu menggugah keingin-tahuan manusia dengan rasa penasarannya (curiosity). Hal itu justru membuat banyak pertanyaan yang lahir untuk dijawab.
Namun terkadang ilmuwan lebih terfikir lenih banyak pertanyaan daripada jawaban yang telah ada. Berikut 12 peninggalan sejarah paling misterius berdasarkan pilihan terkini.
1. Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse / Monumen Petunjuk untuk Hari Kiamat (Amerika Serikat)
Di sebuah bukit kecil di timur laut tandus daerah Hartwell, Georgia AS, berdiri monumen paling aneh dan misterius di dunia.
Namun melihat dari arsitektur bangunan, monumen itu tidak diciptakan pada zaman kuno.
Dikenal sebagai ‘Georgia Guidestones’, lima struktur batu ini tingginya16 feet, dengan berat 20 ton.
Memiliki empat pilar batu granit persegi panjang keatas, yang masing-masing pilar dipahat mengenai instruksi dan petunjuk dari kedelapan “bahasa kebudayaan terbesar” diantaranya bahasa hieroglif dari:
Arabic, Cina, Russia, Inggris, Spanyol, Hindi, Hebrew dan Swahili – dengan instruksi agar manusia yang selamat dari bencana besar dapat membangun kembali peradaban baru di Bumi ini dan sama sekali tidak meninggalkan serta melupakan sejarah para leluhur.
Keempat pilar dibentuk seperti tanda tambah (+ plus) dan mempunyai jarak sekitar 5 meter karenanya pusat tengahnya ada sebuah pilar lagi yang tertulis commandment di dindingnya, lalu diatasnya ditindih oleh batu granit berbentuk buku persegi empat.
Di keempat sisi pada baru granit yang terbaring itu diatasnya, ada petunjuk dengan “bahasa kebudayaan tua” yang sudah lenyap di dunia yaitu:
Bahasa Sanksekerta (Sanskrit), Yunani Kuno (Classical Greek) dan Babylonian Cuneiform serta Mesir Kuno (berupa simbol-simbol) atau Egyptian Hieroglyphic.
Apakah instruksi dalam delapan bahasa itu berkaitan dengan ramalan kiamat? Ini yang masih belum jelas.
Bangunan ini didirikan oleh golongan Mansonic, Freemason, Illuminati, kaum pagan dan para pendukung golongan satanic lainnya.

Terlihat mereka telah membuat situs ini namun pada sisi tertinggi di bidang datar teratas adalah lambang golongan mereka.
Jadi seakan-akan semua dan seluruh budaya di dunia ini berasal, tunduk dan berawal dari satu sumber yaitu golongan mereka yang ingin mendirikan New World Order (NWO).
Terbukti mereka berniat mengajarkan faham ini, dan akan berlanjut di kebudayaan manusia berikutnya.
Tidak jelas juga perintah ini ditujukan untuk siapa. Lebih tidak jelas lagi, siapa yang membangun monumen aneh ini? Hanya ada satu orang yang tahu namun dia tak mau bicara. 

2. Danau Michigan Stonehenge (Amerika Serikat)
Awalnya, sekelompok peneliti menggunakan sonar untuk mencari bangkai kapal di dasar Danau Michigan, hasil yang didapat sungguh mengejutkan.
Mereka justru menemukan struktur mirip Stonehenge kuno 40 feet di bawah permukaan air dekat pulau Beaver Island.
Sebagian dari batu tersebut dalam suatu lingkaran dan satu muncul untuk menunjukkan ukiran dari suatu Mastodon.
Diduga, benda purbakala ini dibangun 10,000 tahun lalu, kemungkinan bertepatan dengan pasca-Ice Age kehadiran manusia dan mastodons
Jadilah di daerah Michigan di Amerika sudah memiliki situs Petroglyph dan batu berdiri.

3. Yonaguni, Reruntuhan Peradaban Bawah Laut (Jepang)
Di pantai selatan pulau Yonaguni, Jepang, terdapat reruntuhan yang terendam, diperkirakan telah berusia sekitar 8.000 tahun.
Reruntuhan dibawah laut ini dikenal juga dengan nama Yonaguni Monument Underwater Ruins.
“Though some people believed that it was carved by geographic phenomena, it’s now confirmed to be man-made as the intricate stairways, carvings and right angles suggest.”
Meskipun sebagian orang percaya bahwa itu merupakan kreasi alam, namun sekarang muncul suara-suara yang menyebut itu buatan manusia.
Hal itu terlihat dari susunan tangga yang rumit, ukiran-ukiran yang ada di sana yang diyakini sebagai buatan manusia.
Situs ini ditemukan 1995 oleh seorang penyelam yang tersasar terlalu jauh dari pantai Okinawa. Kebetulan juga dia membawa camera untuk memotret bawah laut. 
4. Kejaiban Bawah Laut Alexandria (Mesir)
Reruntuhan ini dipercaya merupakan kota Alexander Agung, di mana istana Cleopatra berada.
Tenggelamnya kota itu diperkirakan terjadi 1.500 tahun lalu akibat gempa bumi dahsyat.
Bersamaan dengan terbenamnya istana itu, tenggelam juga artefak-artefak yang menghiasi istana, serta bangunan-bangunan lain dari istana Cleopatra itu.
Reruntuhan kota yang ditemukan di dasar laut ini, memang sengaja tidak diangkat ke daratan.
Pemerintah setempat berencana akan  menjadikan lokasi reruntuhan ajaib di bawah laut itu sebagai wisata air.

5. Misteri Stones Baalbek (Libanon)
Kuil Romawi yang terbesar yang pernah dibangun dan kini tinggal reruntuhannya, sebenarnya bukan di Yunani atau Roma, tapi justru di Baalbek, Libanon.
Kuil Romawi bernama Stone Baalbek itu dihancurkan oleh Kaisar Bizantium Theodosius, beruntung tidak semua bagian musnah.
Masih ada 6 dari 54 kolom, yang masih berdiri hingga kini.
Enam kolom inilah menjadi saksi sejarah dan meninggalkan jejak mistri yang menunggu diungkap.
Meskipun sisa-sisa kemegahan kuil ini masih terlihat jelas, namun sebenarnyalah, kuil ini sempat terbengkalai akibat perang.
Selama beberapa dekade, jarang sekali wisatawan berkunjung ke tempat ini akibat perang. Untungnya juga, perang tidak sampai menghancurkan kuil bersejarah ini. (peta lokasi)

6. Tiga Lingkaran Batu Kuno Megalithic (Turki)
Di selatan Turki, tepat di utara perbatasan dengan Suriah, terdapat tiga lingkaran batu megalitik berusia ribuan tahun, lebih tua daripada batu lingkaran Stonehenge.
Anehnya, lingkaran-lingkaran batu kuno ini dibangun oleh kelompok pemburu pada masa itu.
Sebelumnya, dipercaya bahwa manusia purba tidak mungkin bisa membuat bangunan itu, sampai mereka mencapai taraf kemajuan tertentu.
Ketika ditemukan, lingkaran batu itu dalam keadaan terkubur. Tak ada yang tahu apa alasan atau latar belakang kenapa benda itu terkubur.
Namun sebagian orang percaya bahwa Göbekli Tepe dan wilayah sekitarnya adalah awal dari sejarah manusia yakni lokasi Taman Eden. 
7. Patung Moai di Pulau Paskah / Easter Island (Chile)
Pulau Paskah, juga dikenal sebagai Rapa Nui atau Isla de Pascua, adalah sebuah pulau Polinesia di tenggara Samudra Pasifik, yang paling terkenal dengan patung-patung yang monumental yang diciptakan oleh orang-orang Rapanui.
Patung-patung itu diduga dibuat antara tahun 1250 Masehi dan 1500 Masehi.
Moai terberat berbobot 86 ton. Ini menggambarkan betapa besar prestasi mereka yang mampu menciptakan Rapanui, juga memindahkan patung-patung yang beratnya mencapai puluhan ton.
Beruntung, patung-patung kuno ini sebagian masih bisa dilihat di Raraku, tetapi ratusan patung lainnya dipindahkan ke pulau-pulau sekitar. 

8. Stonehenge, Monumen Prasejarah (Inggris)
Mungkin monumen kuno yang terbilang masih dalam kondisi baik adalah Stonehenge, terletak di Larkhill, Wiltshire, Inggris.
Bangunan purba ini diperkirakan dibangun 2500 sebelum masehi, namun kemudian mengalami revisi dan renovasi terus menerus selama 1400 tahun.
Meskipun segala teori dan spekulasi dikemukakan, tapi tak seorang pun tahu apa tujuan dan awal dari pembuatan monumen prasejarah ini.
Selama ini ilmuwan hanya berteori tentang Stonehenge yang misterius ini dan tetap menjadi salah satu misteri terbesar bumi.

9. Machu Picchu (Peru)
Machu Picchu adalah kota peninggalan bangsa Inca yang paling terawat baik. Kota kerajaan ini tersembunyi di pegunungan Andes di wilayah Peru, berada di pegunungan yang tinggi dengan jalan yang terjal namun pada puncaknya datar.
Sebuah lokasi, yang konon merupakan tempat pelarian bangsa Inca dari kejaran Spanyol.
Kota ini selama berabad-abad tersembunyi dan terisolasi dari dunia luar sampai kemudian seorang arkeolog, Hiram Bingham, menemukannya pada tahun 1911.
Berdasarkan penelitian, diperkirakan kota Machu Picchu dibanun pada 1450 masehi sebagai tempat persembunyian penguasa Inca Pachacuti.

10. Great Zimbabwe Ruins (Zimbabwe)
Hanya sedikit orang yang tahu bahwa Zimbabwe, Afrika, memiliki reruntuhan batu kuno tertua di dunia. Lokasinya di pedesaan.
Diduga, reruntuhan batu kuno itu dulunya adalah bangunan yang dihuni oleh 18.000 jiwa.
Begitu besarnya kompleks bekas-bekas reruntuhan kuno ini, maka disebut Great Zimbabwe Ruins.
Berdasarkan penelitian, bangunan itu dibangun pada abad ke-11, uniknya bangunan itu didirikan tanpa menggunakan semen.
Namun hingga kini tidak ada yang tahu pasti mengapa situs itu akhirnya ditinggalkan.
11. Chavín de Huantar Ruins (Peru)
Meskipun tidak setenar Machu Picchu, reruntuhan Chavín de Huantar di Peru juga merupakan Situs Warisan Dunia menarik yang berisi sisa-sisa artefak yang dibangun oleh Chavín, Inca pra-budaya, sekitar 900 SM
Situs ini berfungsi sebagai tempat berkumpul bagi orang-orang di daerah tersebut untuk berkumpul dan beribadah.
Tidak jelas mengapa budaya Chavín menghilang, meskipun beberapa percaya bahwa reruntuhan Chavín de Huantar menawarkan petunjuk tentang mengapa beberapa peradaban menghilang.
Kebanyakan teori menyebut musnahnya Chavín karena kondisi lingkungan termasuk terjadinya gempa bumi, sementara dugaan lain adalah perebutan kekuasaan. 

12. Coral Castle / Monumen Cinta Yang Hilang (Amerika Serikat)
Bagaimana menjelaskan seorang laki-laki bertinggi 5 feet dengan berat 100 pon, membangun taman yang rumit dengan menggunakan potongan-potongan batu karang yang masing-masing beratnya berton-ton?
Coral Castle, di Homestead, Florida, merupakan sebuah keajaiban yang sulit dijelaskan akal sehat.
Terlebih lagi, laki-laki yang membangun castle itu konon hanya berpendidikan setingkat kelas 4 SD.
Adalah Ed Leedskalnin, seorang imigran Latvia, yang membangun monumen yang disebut monumen cinta yang hilang.
Aneh! Kisahnya, pembangunan monumen ini bak kisah roman yang mengharu biru.
Ed Leedskaini mulai membangun castle itu pada tahun 1923, setelah ditolak cintanya oleh tunangannya di Latvia hanya beberapa hari sebelum pernikahan mereka.
Dan ia pun mengabdikan hidupnya untuk menyelesaikannya (monumen). Sayangnya, dia meninggal sebelum menumen cintanya selesai dibangun. Akan tetapi, setelah ia meninggal, 1951, konstruksi bangunan itu diteruskan pembangunannya.
Bukan kisah romantis ini yang bikin para ahli bingung, namun mereka heran dan takjub karena Leedskalnin, membangun sendiri benteng katang itu.
Lebih bingung lagi, karena pria itu sebenarnya hanya berpendidikan hingga kelas empat, namun anehnya ia mampu membangun benteng yang rumit itu.
Sesuatu yang sebenarnya hanya bisa dilakukan oleh para arsitek dan para ahli bangunan. Ini sungguh tak bisa dipahami. Bahkan seorang insinyur menyebut, “Bahkan, Albert Einstein pun belum tentu mampu memahami keajaiban ini.”
Itulah 12 peninggalan sejarah berupa monumen dan reruntuhan serta karya seni manusia yang masih banyak pertanyaan oleh para ilmuwan tentang keberadaaanya dibanding jawabannya. (weburbanist/icc.wp.com)

          Runtuhan Piramid dan Kota Bawah Laut di Lepas Pantai Kuba        

Peninggalan prasejarah kembali ditemukan di dasar laut. Kali ini runtuhan tersebut berada dilepas pantai Semenanjung Guanahacabibes Pinar del Río, Kuba, yang kira-kira berusia 6000 tahun!
Dengan menggunakan Kapal Selam Robot untuk menjelajah dasar laut Kuba, para peneliti mengemukakan bahwa mereka telah menemukan beberapa struktur-struktur bebatuan yang mungkin telah dikonstruksi oleh peradaban kuno yang tidak diketahui ribuan tahun lalu. Penemuan itu dilaporkan oleh Pauline Zalitzki, seorang insinyur kelautan, dan suaminya Paul Weinzweig.
Ahli-ahli dari Perusahaan Penjelajah Kanada mengatakan bahwa selama musim panas, mereka mendokumentasikan puing-puing dari “Kota yang Hilang” dibawah permukaan laut dilepas pantai Semenanjung Guanahacabibes (Guanahacabibes Peninsula), disebelah barat pulau Kuba pada koordinate 21.772547°N 084.836736°W.
Pauline-Zalitzki-a-marine-engineer-and-her-husband-Paul-WeinzweigSetelah mengetahui bahwa sifat penemuan mereka nantinya mungkin tidak seluruhnya dapat diakui, namun pemimpin ekspedisi mengatakan bahwa mereka akan kembali pada bulan Januari 2001 untuk mengadakan penelitian lebih lanjut.
“Ini adalah sebuah stuktur yang mengagumkan yang mungkin merupakan suatu pusat kota yang besar”, ujar Paulina Zelitsky, ahli kelautan Kanada dari perusahaan Advance Digital Communication (ADC).
Peneliti mengklaim bahwa struktur misterius tersebut kemungkinan besar telah dibangun paling tidak sekitar 6000 tahun yang lalu (1.500 tahun sebelum piramida pertama di Giza, Mesir).
Pada bulan Juli 2000, peneliti ADC menggunakan peralatan sonar untuk mengindentifikasikan sebuah objek di dasar laut pada kedalaman 650 meter, yang tersusun secara simetris dari batu-batuan, menyerupai sebuah layout kota yang dilapisi oleh pasir, dan secara jelas terlihat.
Gambar pada sonar ditafsirkan sebagai bangunan yang simetris dan geometris, struktur batu menyerupai sebuah kompleks perkotaan yang pertama kali dicatat diawal tahun 2001 seluas 2 kilometer persegi (200 hektar) di kedalaman antara 600 meter (2.000 kaki) dan 750 meter (2.460 kaki).
”Dari atas, stuktur-struktur tersebut terlihat seperti piramid, jalan dan bangunan-bangunan,” imbuh Paulina.
Satu tahun kemudian, pada bulan Juli 2001, tim ADC, rekan Paulina dari Kuba dan ahli-ahli dari akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Kuba kembali ke area tersebut dengan menggunakan kapal laut bernama Ulises dan mengirimkan robot kapal selam, yang dikendalikan oleh remote control untuk mendokumentasikan bagian-bagian dari area seluas 20 meter persegi.
Hasilnya menunjukkan adanya blok-blok besar dari granit yang berbentuk formasi melingkar dan tegak lurus. Sebagian dari blok-blok tersebut, mempunyai panjang dua sampai lima meter, tidak terlapisi oleh apapun. Yang lainnya dilapisi oleh sedimen dan pasir putih.
kota bawah laut kuba
Menurut para peneliti, penemuan yang membangkitkan minat ini menyajikan bukti bahwa Kuba kemungkinan besar terhubung dengan Yucatan Peninsula oleh garis daratan.
“Ada banyak teori baru tentang pergerakan daratan dan kolonisasi dan apa yang kita lihat disini menyajikan banyak informasi-informasi baru yang menarik,” jelas Zelitsky.
Akhirnya pada 12 Desember 2001 lalu, Reuters memberitakannya dengan judul: ”Puing-puing dari “Kota yang Hilang” Ditemukan di Bawah Laut Kuba”
Penemuan baru di Kuba ini telah menyajikan bukti yang lebih jauh untuk kebudayaan prasejarah. (Reuters/erabaru/wikipedia)

          Navajo Turquoise Silver Stud Earrings Twist Wire Drops Design        

Navajo Turquoise Silver Stud Earrings

These lovely, Navajo Turquoise Silver Stud Earrings are just the right size & just the right color to make you look southwest fabulous! A pretty, Robin's Egg Blue cab is set with Sterling twist wire and 3 drops at the top & 5 at the bottom. A flattering east-west design, they're 3/4" long & wide. Made in our shop by Lenora Begay or Garrison Boyd, stamped Sterling & hallmarked. These Navajo Turquoise Silver Stud Earrings are perfect for any age!

As with all natural materials.....color & matrix will vary.


          How to Repair a Broken Drain Snake        

Q. My guys keep breaking drain snakes and I don’t know why, nor do I have the welding equipment or the expertise to repair them. What can I do?

A. First, make sure your guys are using your drain cleaning machines in the right size lines.

Nothing will wear out a cable faster than trying to use it in the wrong size pipe.

Cable Application Chart

Cable Size
Pipe Size
1/4" 1 1/4” to 2”
5/16” 1 1/2” to 2”
3/8” 2” to 3”
1/2" 3” to 4” (Not roots)
5/8” 3” to 6”
3/4" 4” to 8”

The next most common cause of premature cable failure is acid. It’s likely that your customers have tried a chemical drain cleaner first before calling you. Be sure to clean and lubricate your cables after each use. General makes Snake-Oil that contains a lubricant, rust inhibitor and deodorizer to protect your cables, but light grade motor oil will do. Pour a little oil into the drum and let it spin. The oil will be absorbed between the coils to help prevent acid damage.

If your cable breaks, you can repair it quickly with General’s Quick-Fix. It lets you repair broken drain snakes on the spot and continue working to finish the job.

The specially designed spring with pre-welded female connecter easily threads over the end of the broken snake. No welding required – just vice-grips or pliers. It’s available in 1/2-, 5/8- and 3/4-inch sizes.

You can see how easy it is to use Quick-Fix by watching the video at: www.drainbrain.com/pro/quickfix.html

For more information, or to ask a question, call the Drain Brains at 800/245-6200, or visit www.askthedrainbrains.com

          He Must To Feel How Big Her Breasts Are To Get A Right Size Of Bra Next Time        
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          Experimental Hot House Garden        
The last post on the DIY coldframe was sticking to tried and true territory. But along the way to finding an even cheaper option my brain came up with this:

What you see here is my attempt to make a hothouse in Suburbia sans fresh cow manure. The idea of a hot house is simple. Take a cold frame, but dig down 18" or so. Then fork in a foot of fresh cow/horse manure mixed with straw and then top it with 6" of good topsoil. The manure will compost over the next months and heat the soil under your plants keeping them toasty while the weather outside is frightful, plus provide your crop with wicked good nutrients. Love the idea! Don't have any manure. I do have 2 full bins of compost freshly turned and ready to fire. My bins hit 140 degrees... heck why not? So I basically put a reinforced version of the No Tech coldframe on top of my compost bin and we'll see what happens. One addition not in these shots is that I strapped a bungee cord over the top to keep it from blowing off.

Steps for the No Tech Frame will come this weekend, but here is how I built the Hybrid Tech System, which wil lset you back about $13 if you get the covers on sale:

2 Plastic Window Well Covers ($5-10 each)
1 1x2x8' Firring strip
7 #6 machine screws/nuts/washers ($1-2)

Saw (hand or power) to cut firring strips
Tape measure
Screwdriver and pliers for machine screws
Clamp to hold sides together during assemble
Drill with 1/8" bit
First up is building a frame to brace the well covers and give it support enough to hold together with the compost bin pushing them apart. The Plastic Covers I had came with a nice indent that when two covers were fitted together formed a 1x2 gap-hence the firring strip. Cut the strips to match the dimensions of the gap in the covers you find. Once the strips are cut, clamp the two covers together with the cuts strips inside as so:
Once the firring strips are in place drill holes thru the covers and strips and insert the machine screws, with a washer on each side, as so. I put 2 on each side and 3 across the top. I did not use any glue or join the wood at all, trusting in the plastic to provide a degree of rigidity.

That's it! I ensured prior to this that my compost bin was the right size. To find my plans on my uber cheap and portable compost bin check out my other blog. Before capping the bin I threw on an inch or so of finished compost, raked it level and sprinkled in carrot, spinach and radish seeds. My hope is that the incredibly loose compost will make for amazing root crops. And I have utterly failed to grow spinach this year for reasons unknown. With the seeds going on pure compost if spinach won't grow there I will either get my soil professionaly tested or stop trying spinach.

This 'garden' will be way out on the experimental limb. We'll keep you posted. Another thought was that if you can find the plastic window well inserts that match these covers and are about 18-24" high you could build a coldframe without wood and with very little carpentry. Ironically Menard's had lots of window wells, but none to fit the covers-go figure!

Stay tuned for the No Tech Cold Frame!
          Conservative Victory News : A Second Amendment Celebration        
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          Smart Ways Of Decorating With A Super King Size Bed        
There are various things that are going into a well decorated master bedroom. However, a lot of couples are realizing the significance of sleep. This is making several couples opt for larger sized beds. If you are one of them, there are smart ways of decorating with a super king size bed.

The main thing is that you have to confirm that the space is massive enough for this size. The truth is, most master bedrooms can. However, you do not have a massive suite, some changes will be needed in the room.

One of the main things that require to be changed may be the night tables. This does not mean that you've got to get rid of them, just get smaller sizes.

If you are still experiencing a drawback, remove them from the room and opt for floating shelves that you install on each side. Additionally, you may have to deal with the furniture placement. Rather than moving your furniture from one place to a different, that will be very making an attempt and tiring, there are other ways. Take the measurements of both the bedroom and the prevailing furniture. Then, use graphic paper so that your arrange is to scale. Cutout items of furniture, again to scale, and move those around on paper. Then you'll try the different placements.

Anyone can tell you how necessary it's to be well rested from a smart night's sleep. The actual fact is, it's the most vital issue in any bedroom. Therefore, think about your mattress quality as well. Attempt them out in stores by laying down on every one to form the best decision.

After that, decorating the room should be quite easy. You aren't limited to bedding collections. The fact is, nowadays a lot of than ever, you will be able to search out totally different linens in any size. Draping it with stunning sheer fabrics can conjointly facilitate to form it cozier. To maximise your space for storing, make positive you get a bed ruffle to cover items that you'll store under the bed.

Then, trying to tie in all the planning elements. In other words, it's not necessary to have the identical drapes as your bedding collection. Instead, pull out a color from the pattern that you select either on your window treatment or on your bed and apply it to the other. The bottom line may be a matter what size the bed is, it's specifically the same when it comes to coming up with and decorating.

When shopping for
Super King Size Duvet Covers it pays to know where to get the best prices and to make sure your Super King Size Duvet Cover is indeed the right size. Visit us today and we'll sort it out!
          VintageTravel Trailer Redo        
I can't believe it's been 1 1/2 years since we bought the 1982 Sunline Travel Trailer. 
Time is flying by!!!
We bought her in August of 2013.
It took a little longer than I thought to finish her, but she was ready to roll by October of 2013... We took her on a little camping trip in the UP with my sister and brother in law. She pulled like a dream and kept us nice and dry during a night time rain storm.. But getting her to that point wasn't quite as easy as I'd thought!

The outside was in relatively good condition.. There were some dents, a cracked window and the roof needed some immediate attention, but other than that, it really was in good condition.
Like many men, the previous owner used duck tape to make repairs.. lol.. If you can tell by the picture, he had taped an opening closed with overlapping duck tape. Notice the duck taped window...lol..This was actually suppose to be a vent with a grate over it. 
We couldn't see the roof before buying it.. On hindsight, we should have taken our own ladder so we could inspect it... The owner didn't have one available.. After looking at it we realized it had never been cleaned, or painted.. This picture is after I'd taken a leaf blower to it, vacuumed it and scrubbed it... 
It was really bad! 
Someday I'd like to remove the air conditioner and install a bubble window in it's place.

It didn't take us long to realize the previous owner hadn't been quite honest with us on a number of topics.. If he had been honest, we probably still would have bought it, but since he failed to disclose quite a few things, we were left feeling a little ripped off.

The inside was pretty typical for that era and had never had any updates.. This side is the normal booth and table combo when not being used as a bed.. 
I had asked about water leaks and was told it had been stored with a tarp on it and had never had any leaks.. I looked in all the cupboards, and touched the ceiling, to which I noticed the ceiling paper was bubbling in a few spots.. 
I was assured there had never been any water leaks and the bubbling was just from age.
The cupboards had things stored in them, and being polite, I didn't start pulling things that didn't belong to me out (until after we had purchased it)... It appears the things were placed in all the right places to hide all the water damage! 
UGH.. sellers, please just be honest so buyers know what to expect!!
Once we got into it and started tearing it apart, we realized there had been lots and lots of leaking. One wall was rotten because the door was gapping enough when closed so water had been running in and right down that wall and the area he had "ducked tape" had allowed water in, too. The areas with the most damage had been camouflaged with cushions and things stuffed in front of it. 
We definitely shouldn't have been so polite, and we should have just moved things out of our way so we could really see what the condition was.. lesson learned! 
If we buy another, we'll know better what to look for. 
Lots of rotten wood had to be replaced before we could even get started.. 

On the bright side, all the windows were in good shape (other than one that was cracked). We knew the electricity didn't work going in. The circuit box had burnt out years before and hadn't been replaced.. The previous owner said he couldn't find a replacement. We had planned to try and find one and have it fixed, but after discovering there was so much water damage, we decided we really didn't want to trust the existing wiring, nor did we want to replace all the wiring, so we decided to add electricity in a different way, which I'll explain later.

This is the opposite side of the trailer, your typical couch that pulls out to a bed...
The cushions for both beds were pretty nasty, old and smelly, so they were tossed.

There is a teeny tiny bathroom with a tiny sink and toilet. It appears to be in very good condition and will work without electricity, but we opted to use the campgrounds facilities so we didn't have to deal with the waste or worry about having to winterize the whole system.... Plus, was the previous owner honest about the water tanks not having any leaks?? We aren't sure..

The door goes to the itty bitty bathroom (so cute) and the fridge is located on this wall, too. 
The kitchen is just your typical travel trailer kitchen with a little gas stove, sink and cupboards above and below. In this picture, I had already removed the doors to paint.

After a day of tossing crap out the previous owners left inside, figuring out what all we needed to fix due to water damage and washing everything down really good, I was able to get started turning this little ole trailer into something really cute!

First, though, after cleaning the roof really well, I added two coats of rubberized paint made for trailers and sprayed all the seams with a silicone sealing spray. Then we added foam seal around the doorway, which sealed the door and stopped the problem of water getting in.

I removed the table and after pulling up the seats of the benches, realized there was a lot more water damage on the walls under them.. We eventually realized there was a screw missing from the front of the trailer, and that little hole had allowed water to flow inside, rotting the wood.. Once I removed the wallpaper on the wall by the door, I discovered that the wood was all rotted (from the door gap).. Luckily, the floor had somehow been spared and there was no water damage to it. 

We ripped out the old rotted wood (which is really very thin wood to begin with), and replaced it with new... After repairing all of that, we added tongue and groove wood, both because we love the look, but also to add even more strength to these areas.. 

Once we had repaired all the water damage and coated the roof, I could get started on the really fun part... painting and decorating.. 

I thought a trailer done in a vintage baby blue, or a light shabby green, or all ivory with pink accents would be soooooo cute! When I asked my husband which color he'd prefer, he kind of got that deer in the headlight look... He asked if we could maybe do dark blue.. or a dark green.... 

I got a deer in the headlight look. 

We finally settled on red and white, and do another trailer in a Coca Cola theme.. We had a lot of Coca Cola themed items left over from the first trailer I'd done, so it did make sense. And we both really liked that look.. 

So Coca Cola it is....

First I removed all the cupboard doors and refrigerator door.
We set up work tables in the driveway so I could spray paint all the cupboard doors coca cola red after cleaning and sanding them... I used Rustoleum spray, which really coated them well and look beautiful.

A few years ago I had wallpapered our kitchen in a really neat paintable wallpaper that looks like bead board.. I had enough left over to wallpaper parts of the walls that didn't get tongue and grooved, and then we painted everything white.. John does not enjoy painting, but he thankfully did help me. It involved a lot of bending, crawling and stooping, and by time we were done, we were too very achy people.. 

I'm not sure what that keyhole looking cut is in the cupboard next to John's head.. There was a picture taped over it. Once we removed it we discovered the hole.. lol..

This is the look of relief when your wife tells you she can finish what's left...

Once all the paint was dry, I put all the painted cabinet doors and drawers back in place.. 

I made very simple gingham curtains, found red gingham knobs on sale at Hobby Lobby and hung a coca cola thermometer over the mystery hole.. 

The floor was in okay shape, but kind of ugly, so when I painted, I didn't bother taping off the floor. I knew I had these tiles left over from another project and figured this would be a good way to get them used up. 

They went down super fast and have stuck well with no lifting. It's now been  1 1/2 years and 2 bitter cold winters, but they have remained firmly stuck. 

The interior was pretty much done, now we had to figure out what to do about the beds and if we wanted to put the booth table back up... We decided we didn't really care about that. We have a camp stove to use outside and figured we will always opt to eat on a picnic table rather than inside the trailer.. It's just the two of us, plus our furry kids, so we decided it makes more sense to just leave each end set up as beds... 

Neither bed area is a standard mattress size, and neither area is as big as a full size bed.. The cushions that came with it were very old and not in great condition, so they needed to be replaced... After doing a lot of searching, trying to find mattress's that would work, I found Coleman SUV blow up mattress's on Amazon that are not as wide as standard sized mattress's and also a lot shorter, and they ended up fitting perfectly. 

I didn't replace the doors on the cabinets above the bed because I'm planning on making cat beds to put on each side for our cats, so they have their own "suite".

The quilts were standard bed sized, which ended up being way too long, so I was able to cut enough off to make Champie (our doxie) his own bed :o)

We had a lot of coke items left from the original trailer, so I used them all in here, plus we found a few new items to add.. 

We named this picture "1950's Karen and Johnny"...The fridge doesn't work, but it's a great place to store things. There's a pull out little ledge under the fridge for an extra work space.

I found this little 2 watt heater on Amazon, that puts out an amazing amount of heat for being so little.  It doesn't get hot to the touch, but really was enough to keep it nice and warm inside. I found the red desk lamp and family dollar and little fan at wally world. 
I love all things red! 

We mounted a heavy duty power strip under the stove and John rigged it up so we can plug it into the power source at campgrounds.. We really don't need a lot of electricity. The whole idea of camping for us is about relaxing... If we have a light to read by, heat if needed and a comfortable place to sleep, we're good to go.

We did add a little toaster oven, just in case we wanted to bake cookies. lol..

While I finished working inside, John cut out a piece of plywood to fit tightly in the "duck tape" vent space and sealed it really well... We had tried to locate a vented screen to replace the missing one, but were not able to find one the right size.. His plywood trick worked just fine, and since we aren't going to use the fridge, we don't need it vented anyways. 

I read a blog on Mobile Home Living about using rustoleum spray paint to paint the outside of a trailer or travel trailer.. I had used that idea on our first travel trailer, and it had turned out really good and still looked great a year later, so that's what I decided to do with this one.. 

I scrubbed the outside really well with a big RV brush and soapy water, then rinsed it with the hose over and over again, until all evidence of any grime or dirt was gone.. I taped off the design I wanted, all the windows, lights and anything else I didn't want painted.. I took a silicone spray and used it around the edges of the window sills and all seams. When it was dry, I started the spray painting.. I did all the white sections in one afternoon, let it cure for a day, then taped off the design again with wider tape to protect the white, and spent a day spray painting the red section.  A few days later, I sanded and cleaned the tongue and fender and spray painted them flat black, after covering the front and back of the trailer with cardboard to protect it from over spray. 

I added some Coca Cola stenciling and painted the awning!! I didn't know if this would work or not, but I found some cans of Rustoleum  Fabric and Vinyl Spray paint at a local discount store for $1.99 a can..It's a burgundy color and a bit more "purplish" than the Coca Cola red, but it still looks a whole lot better than the brown and orange striped color it was.. 

I really did not think this paint would work, but I gave it a shot anyways.. I spray painted both sides of the awning and left it pulled out for quite a few days to cure.. After rolling it back up, I was sure it would be cracked and chip off when we used it, but was pleasantly surprised that it didn't.. We haven't had it out in over a year now, so it will be interesting to see how it's held up through 2 winters next time we pull it out. 

After getting her done, we had to figure out what to do about the brake/blinker lights.. They worked when we had first looked at it, but at home when we tested it, they only seemed to work part of the time, and we couldn't figure out why, so John hauled the trailer down to our local mechanics and they worked on it for 2 days.. The wiring had been hooked up all backwards and screwy, so they redid all of it.... It took them a while to figure the whole thing out, and it cost a lot more than we had planned to spend, but in the end, it works, it's legal and it's one less thing we have to think about. 

We ended up taking it camping with my sister and brother in law, in the UP in the middle of October.. Now, nights in October, and sometimes the days, can be quite chilly in Northern Michigan, let alone the UP... We weren't real sure how this would work out, but as it happened, it was a rare and beautiful fall weekend with temps in the high 70's, and unusually warm nights.. We did end up with a thunder storm one night, and were very pleased to find that the hard work on the ceiling and sealing all the seams had paid off.. Not one leak!! Yahoo...

We were warm, unbelievably comfortable in our blow up mattress beds and we both slept like babies.. I read till late in the night and slept in later than usual... ahhhhh.... these are not comforts I enjoy very often... 

She pulled like a dream!! Picture taken by my sister, who followed us in their Motorhome. 

It was kind of humourous.. Everyone else in this park had huge Motor Homes, and here we were with our little 14' trailer. But what a beautiful place to camp, right on the St. Mary River located a short distance from the Soo Locks.. My sister found the park and planned the whole trip.
You can see some of the dents in the front of the trailer.. We didn't actually notice these until after I'd painted :o(

I had seen a string of Coca Cola lights on the internet that was really expensive, and not very long.. I decided to try and make my own.. I bought a string of lights with red and white bulbs, and Coke in plastic bottles with plastic caps.. Took us awhile to drink enough coke, but once we did, I washed each bottle out, asked John to drill a hole in each cap big enough for one of the little bulbs, then stuck a light in the hole and used the glue gun to seal it. They ended working really well and have stayed together.

Roasting Marshmallows.

 After all that fresh air, John and Champie fell right asleep in our comfy little tent on wheels, while I enjoyed reading a book I'd been trying to read for months, but never had time to.. 
Camping is great!

It was worth the work... 
Looking forward to taking the trailer on more adventures this summer!

Before and After Pics

And now that I'm done playing with this one, I'm on the hunt for another little trailer to redo. lol... 

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          Comentario en Refuerzos para la Luftwaffe por Lorenzo Jalbert        
Awesome my friend beautiful aircraft just the right size always love the me 109.
          Chez Moi La Bas        
So I figure that it is about time that I put some sort of account of my time in Togo on the internet for all my adoring fans to read. Sorry it has taken so long. I have many great excuses for not getting anything up involving, but not limited to, living oh-so-far from reliable internet, writer’s block, a best friend/dog dying and a motorcycle-bat collision at high speed. But that is neither here nor there. Anyway, I hope this can help my friends and family understand what it is that I’m doing over here and I hope that I can convey some of the great experiences I’ve had as well as a bit of Togolese culture. Oh, and I’ll try to get pictures up, but don’t hold out for them, most days the internet is just too slow to upload stuff.

So here is a rundown of my life here: I live in the village of Asrama, which has anywhere between two and five thousand people in it, depending on who you ask and whether or not you are counting votes. Asrama is both a village and a canton, which basically equates to a county in the states, sort of. I consider the canton to be “my turf” as the chief of the canton is my boy (really, he’s probably my best friend in village) and with four middle schools and a high school the canton seems about the right size for Joe’s Kingdom. I can ride my bike from one side of it to the other in probably half an hour.

My housing arrangement is the Peace Corps Base Model. That means two rooms, about 12’ x 12’, one peach and one an electric blue/green (those may be the only colors available here), with an outdoor shower and latrine. The community was also nice enough to build a fence for me so I have a little yard that is a bit bigger than one of my rooms. Also I have a nice place where I can have my own garden, but right now I am using it to see how undisturbed soil can be used in development (results inconclusive). No electricity or running water (as that would ruin my street cred) but I do have a piece of cardboard that I use to fan myself with, so that’s nice. I bought a mattress and had a nice bed made (carpenters and tailors abound here, so all furniture and clothing is custom made) but it is just too friggin’ hot to sleep on it. Instead, I sleep on the lipicot (lip-ee-coh) that I bought. A lipicot is a metal frame, the size of a twin bed, with that string that you can melt, whatever that’s called, woven across. The result is a bed that let’s air move all around you and sweat fall away. It is awesome. And it gives me great decorations on my skin in the mornings.

For food, I pretty much cook for myself. I bought a gas tank and stove, but I also have a little charcoal stove for stuff that takes longer (gas is not expensive, but a hassle to get, so I only use it for quick cooking). The standard menú de jour consists of a breakfast of oatmeal and a hardboiled egg, then I make enough rice and beans to last me lunch and dinner. On market days (once a week) I can usually get some chicken that I like, but the usual meat options for sale here are not exactly in tune with my palate. Also, most days I can get fried tofu with a spicy sauce on the street which is really good. If I go to someone’s house to eat we usually eat fufu (yams pounded until they resemble uncooked pizza dough), or pâte (literally ‘paste’ in French) which is cornmeal and water. Like polenta minus flavor, texture, color, or fun. I have gotten used to Togolese food and can eat it without trouble (that has not always been the case) but I certainly wouldn’t order it in a restaurant or buy boxed, powdered fufu and make it myself (you know who you are fellow volunteers).

I get my water from a well and then I filter and bleach it (I could boil and filter, but boiling uses too much gas and takes too long on charcoal). And when I say “I get my water” I mean I pay a kid to fill a 25 gallon barrel on my porch as needed. He also sweeps my porch, keeps the outside of my house looking nice and disposes of my garbage. I also pay a girl to do my laundry every other week. Don’t judge me; I would do these things, but I just really don’t want to. Anyway, water. Every two weeks or so I clean the filter and damn, I sure am glad I have a filter. That well water is pretty dirty. Water is probably one of the easiest ways to get sick here (not that any way is terribly hard). Between the amoebas and other parasites that live in it or the malaria bearing mosquitoes that breed in it (I take a weekly malaria prophylaxis) the water is something not to be trusted.

Basically Africa is trying to beat us. It’s not like we’re running from lions or anything (poached out of this area decades ago) but Africa is trying to get us sick enough that we have to go home to the States. Already we’ve lost volunteers to stress, breathing in the dust and weird skin rashes (I hear they are all fine now in the States and planning their comebacks for other Peace Corps countries). And for those of us still here, well most of us know our latrines or toilets pretty well. There is really no use in asking how someone here got sick, it could have been from touching anything, or even just breathing. But don’t worry about us. We’ll be fine. The Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMOs) are great and keep us patched up and able to work. I’d say there is possibly a very good chance that I’ll survive these two years.

So, work. The program that I am in is Girls’ Education and Empowerment (I know, it is a great line) and right now I teach English at the high school. The GEE program works a lot with students and teachers to encourage girls to stay in school and to have a positive effect on their communities through a good education. It really is a great and necessary program. For example in my Terminale class, the final year of high school, there are 42 boys and only 3 girls. It seems simple to us: girls and women make up half (or more) of the population, so to not have them educated and contributing to the development of the community is a huge waste, but it is hard to pass on that reasoning. That’s not to say that there aren’t many people here that do understand the immense value of educating and promoting girls, but we’ve still got quite a ways to go.

I teach and work at a combined CEG and Lycée (middle and high school). About five kilometers away is another CEG. For the 11 classes of these three schools there is only one state English teacher. He is assisted by two other teachers that normally teach Math and French and may have been to Ghana once and thus speak a little English. So, as I am fairly confident in my English-speaking skills, I have taken up the three lycée classes. Togolese grades start at sixth in middle school and count down, so I teach Seconde, Primiere, and Terminale, basically 10th-12th grades. In Seconde I have 110 students, Primiere: 75 and Terminale: 45. That makes for a lot of tests to grade and some stressful class management. The most common method of classroom management here is either punishment via manual labor or beatings. Of course Peace Corps and I are working with teachers to get away from the beatings, but I’d be lying if the thought didn’t cross my mind every once and a while (really though, I have pretty great students).

I think that teaching is a great way to at least start my service and I think I will continue next year as well. Basically I have 230 students that have to sit and listen to me for four hours a week. It is incredibly hard to get people to show up to meetings, so to have a (semi-)captive audience on a regular basis is a blessing for a PCV. This has enabled me to utilize one of my favorite strategies, sneak sensitization. For example, “here class, translate the following passage from French to English…ha ha! It’s the Universal Declaration of Human Rights! You didn’t even see that coming did you!?” I’m pretty sneaky. We’ve used some Obama speeches in class that have brought up talks about homosexuality, equality and democracy, and I routinely use passages from a Peace Corps manual that promotes gender equity and healthy lifestyles which always leads to great discussions. And they think that they’re just learning English! Ha ha ha!

That’s what’s going on now and soon I hope to start a few peer educator groups to educate the youths about sex, gender equity, self-confidence, goal setting and stuff like that. Also, we are hopefully about to start a village bank for development, I’ll let you know how that goes. And we’ve also got some ‘stay in school’ campaigns, micro finance projects for girl students, new/expectant mothers’ health talks, school and community gender equity committees, and other fun stuff planned. On va voir.

I hope this bit has painted a good picture of my set up here and doesn’t seem too scary (mom, I’m fine). I really am happy to be in the Peace Corps and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else at this point in my life. All of you need to visit me at some point. Seriously, I’ll write as much as I can, but come spend two weeks or so here and you can really get a feel for life here. I miss you all terribly and thank you all so much for calls and care packages. The packages have been amazing. Stuff that we take for granted in the States is so great for a PCV. Stuff like news magazines, Cheez-Its, candy, cheap-crappy powdered buffalo wing sauce, etc. are oh so great. And fun fact: although kinda gross in the States, when eaten here a SlimJim is exceedingly delicious. Much love and thanks for all your love. Oh, and I’ve lost fifty pounds and look oh so sexy.

It’s definitely not easy, but if it was I don’t think it’d be any fun.
          Burgerville pays $10,000 to settle wage and hour violations        

By staff - NW Labor Press, July 6, 2017

The Burgerville fast food chain — target of a 14-month union campaign to improve wages and working conditions — on June 22 agreed to pay $10,000 to settle charges that it willfully failed to give workers meal and rest breaks as required by law.

Oregon law requires employers to provide paid rest periods of at least 10 minutes for each four-hour work period, and a duty-free meal period of at least 30 minutes when employees work six or more hours at a time.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) first wrote to Burgerville on April 7, 2016, saying it received information that the company may not have been providing rest breaks and meal periods at its Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard restaurant in Portland. The letter asked the company to review its practices and take immediate steps to correct the situation. Burgerville’s chief operating officer wrote back April 18 to say the company had retrained the entire management team and would meet with all 40 employees to make sure they know about the requirement that they take breaks.

But the practice continued: Two other employees complained in August, and BOLI sent another letter, and opened an investigation. The investigation found that over two-week periods in August and December 2016, managers “willfully” failed to provide meal periods to 28 and 16 employees respectively. Willful, in this case, is a legal term meaning the company knew about the requirement for meal breaks, and also knew that workers weren’t getting them. The agency found 44 violations total, and assessed $250 per violation, for $11,000 in all. BOLI also found three cases in which minors were performing a hazardous duty — operating a trash compactor — and assessed $250 per violation for those.

On June 2, 2017, the agency issued a notice that it intended to assess civil penalties of $11,750. The Vancouver-based fast food chain agreed to pay $10,000 to settle all the charges.

Burgerville Workers Union, affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World, has been campaigning since April 2016 for a $5 an hour raise, affordable health care, and other demands. The Oregon AFL-CIO and half a dozen other labor organizations have endorsed their campaign.

read more

          â€˜Sarawakians have spoken loud and clear’        
DAP leaders have hailed their victory as a historic one, and will continue their push to get rid of Taib.
KUCHING: DAP celebrated its smashing victory tonight with a toast to the new voice of Sarawak that saw the party doubling its seats in the 10th state election.
DAP national chairman, Karpal Singh, hailed the day as a historic one and thanked Sarawakians for giving DAP a “100% success”.
“Let us see now if Prime Minister (Najib Tun Razak) calls for a general election soon,” he smiled during a packed press conference.
“There is no doubt in my mind that this is just a preview of the coming attractions. I hope that the example shown here will be followed in the next general election.”
Karpal pointed out that Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud now had to deal with a lot more on his hands.
“The strong presence of the new Pakatan Rakyat state leadership would push Taib to change his ways,” he said. “But change will not happen until he steps down. And we will continue pushing forward until Pakatan takes over the Sarawak government.”

Taib’s biggest defeat
DAP adviser, Lim Kit Siang, meanwhile said that while they were disappointed at failing to deny BN a two-thirds majority, it didn’t distract them from the fact that there are now 15 opposition assemblymen in the state government.
“This is the largest opposition group that Taib has to face and it is his greatest defeat in his 30 years” he said. “This is a kenyalang (hornbill) revolution.”
“It is a political awakening of Sarawakians of all ethnic groups. It may not be reflected in the represented seats but it is present in the number of votes cast.”
Kit Siang also said that he agreed with Umno Youth chief, Khairy Jamaluddin, who said that BN had suffered its greatest loss in Sarawak.
“Putrajaya must face the facts,” he said. “This is the truth and the political reality. And at the national level, this is also a setback for Najib. Sarawak is no longer BN’s fixed deposit.”
Largest win in DAP history
DAP secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng, emphasised that this was the largest number of seats won in DAP’s history and that a new dawn had begun for Sarawak.
“The people have shown that they want an end to a one-party, one-man rule and are ready for a two- party system and a people’s rule,” he said. “The number of votes we won is more than the 2006 state election and even the 2008 general election.”
“I hope that Najib will heed this message by asking Taib to step down now and not in two years. This is an exciting journey for Sarawakians because it’s only a new dawn and not yet a new day.”
Chong Chieng Jen, who defended his Kota Sentosa seat, declared that this was the day that Sarawakians had chosen between corruption and good governance.
“The people have clearly told Taib that they have had enough of BN’s corrupt system,” he said. “Sarawakians have displayed their political maturity.”
“The newly elected assemblymen promise that they will continue speaking up for all Sarawakians and that no community’s voice will be overlooked.”
          Mixology Monday Roundup: Tiki!        

Herein be the roundup of all contributors to Mixology Monday LXIV: Tiki. Aloha, everyone!

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          The Ultimate Rit Dye Guide for Dyeing your Magpul PMAG        

Color chart

Last June we posted a review of the Magpul Sand PMAG. In the article, I briefly went over the steps to dyeing a sand PMAG using Rit Dye. During that test, I noticed some colors did not turn out the same as what the bottle says it is supposed to be. So I decided to try every color and have a comprehensive color chart. I would not try mixing dyes or dipping a PMAG in different dyes to get different colors.  I reached out to Rit Dye and they sent us 25 bottles of their most popular colors for testing. This meant I had to raid the Gunmag Warehouse (no pun intended) for 25 Sand PMAGs. 

After a few stops, I found a bread pan that is just the right size for the PMAG. This way I won't need as much water. In order to stay consistent, I only used three capfuls of dye for every color. I used the same bent wire coat hanger to lower and raise the PMAGs into the dye. I decided to dip the PMAGs one minute at a time up to three minutes. Only a couple colors went on to five minutes.


Below are the results of the dyeing.

pmag rainbow


Black turned out a very dark blue compared to the factory black 40rd PMAG to the right.





Pearl Grey



Golden Yellow



The bottles look different but they are the same color. Not sure why the yellower bottle says "NEW".

Sunshine Orange









Apple Green



As you can see, taupe does not come out as you hope or expect.  In my previous attempt, it turned green on me.




Dark Green









Kelly Green is another color that does not turn out as you would expect.

Kelly Green






Enamel Blue



Navy Blue









Cocoa Brown






Cherry Red














As you can see in the photos above Taupe, Kelly Green, Pearl Gray and Black do not turn out as expected.


I hope this has been helpful. A Tutorial Video will be coming soon showing every color seen here and how each mag was dyed.

          First Dress Fitting!        
It's about that time! :D Our wedding is in just over 3 months, so I went in to have my first official dress fitting (other than just trying it on to be sure it's the right size). Thankfully I don't have to have any height or weight alterations...it's perfect! This was also the first time I wore all of my jewelry, shoes, etc. at the same time as the dress!

I realized again just how much I am in love with my dress! It's not heavy, it's not hot, and it doesn't wrinkle easily. :) Two of my bridesmaids went with me and took some great pictures, so enjoy!

This is the dress bustled for the reception!

Showing off my shoes. :)

          What's holdin' you back?        
straight jacket plain

There aren't any physical restraints.
Nobody slipped on a straight jacket while you slept.

barbed wire wall

There aren't any visible barriers.
Nobody built a wall around your heart when you weren't looking.

Yet the inner struggle to remain silent or share your burdens grows day by day, sometimes moment by moment.
Until. You want. To explode.
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I almost forgot to publish this here.
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Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems- part 2: Controllers

a simple, battery operated
irrigation controller
If you have need to irrigate or water your lawn or landscape more than occasionally, it is wise to use some sort of controller to manage the watering schedule. Controllers can range from a manual type that is a simple count-down ,non-repeating timer which shuts off the water; to mini-computers which can handle dozens of variables and can keep track of seasonal changes. 

For residential landscapes, a simple battery-operated controller will handle one or two sprinklers, connected to hoses and used for small areas. For a more permanent system, an electronic plug-in controller will handle most needs. Most of these devices can be purchased at large home improvement stores, along with all the needed wiring and connectors. 

irrigation controller for both home
and commercial operation

One of the primary decisions to make is what type of controller to use. If your irrigation system is run by electric irrigation valves, use an electronic controller, preferably one that is rated for outdoor use. Many electronic controllers are rated for indoor use, such as those that are mounted inside a garage or porch. Outdoor controllers have weatherproof enclosures and weather-resistant electronics inside. If your irrigation system is just one or two sprinkler heads ( see previous blog installation) you can use a hose-mounted timer. If you have a commercial-grade irrigation system with more than 20 zones, a control station is required. The main differences in the size of such controllers are their abilities to control water flow, pump operation, and ability to alter schedules quickly.

a sophisticated
irrigation control station, capable of
controlling up to 100 stations

Choosing the right controller for the right size irrigation system is one big step toward owning an irrigation system that functions well without causing too many headaches for the owner. Consider the controller's ability to add zones if you wish to modify or augment your system in the future. The most popular makers of controllers are Rainbird, Hunter, Toro and Orbit, depending on where you are in the country. Mount the timer in an area out direct sunlight and preferably in a protected spot that is easily accessible. A good quality controller can last for 10 years or more, one step closer to a good, low-maintenance landscape.      

          God's Promises in Real Life        
Maybe you’re like me … or Asaph, the psalmist.

Sometimes we’re in distress. We seek the Lord, even at night, and our souls refuse to be comforted. We remember God and we groan. We muse and our spirits grow faint. 
We are too troubled to speak and we wonder if the LORD will ever show His favor to us again. Has He forgotten to be merciful? Is His anger withholding His compassion?*

The recent words of a pastor caused me to challenge my dead end thoughts. He said, “God’s promises float history.”

My mind began to race as my regular readers will understand.     He’s right.

God’s promises do float history. History unfolds according to God’s promises. From the instant He proclaimed the promise of a Redeemer in Genesis 3:15 all of history was orchestrated to bring about Messiah’s arrival and finished work at Calvary. Hallelujah

And every moment of history since the resurrection and ascension of Jesus the Christ is being coordinated toward His Second Coming and the establishment of the new heavens and the new earth. Those whom the Father gave to the Son will join Him and peace shall reign forever.

And so I rejoin Asaph.

“Then I thought, ‘To this I will appeal:
the years of the right hand of the Most High.’
I will remember the deeds of the LORD;
yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.
I will meditate on all your works
and consider all your mighty deeds.

“Your ways, O God, are holy.
What god is so great as our God?
You are the God who performs miracles;
you display your power among the peoples.
With your mighty arm you redeemed your people,
the descendants of Jacob and Joseph.   Selah   …

“Your path led through the sea, 
your way through the mighty waters, 
though your footprints were not seen.
“You led your people like a flock 
by the hand of Moses and Aaron.”  Psalm 77:10-15, 19-20

Keeping PromisesAs surely as God led His people across the Red Sea into the land of milk and honey …

As surely as God led Naomi out of the trials of Moab to put Obed into her lap …

As surely as God led Esther down the hallway to the throne room to rescue her people …
He is leading and rescuing me and all those who “confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead.” Romans 10:9

Hold onWe may not see His hand or hear His voice.
We may have questions or concerns because of the circumstances surrounding us. None of that matters.

None of it affects God or His commitment. He continues to keep His promises for my good and His glory.   AMEN

Listen to how Laura Story understands God’s promises in the midst of real life.

*echoes of Psalm 77

          LIC Jeevan Vriddhi        

LIC Jeevan Vriddhi (Plan No.808) is a single premium investment plan which offers guaranteed returns. jeevan vriddhi is a traditional plan so share market risk is not involved in this close ended plan. The plan is launched on 1st March 2012 and will be avialable for investment till 120 days only after which the plan will no longer be available for subscription.
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  • Policy Term: 10 years
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  • Premium Minimum: Rs.30000/-
  • Sum Assured: Rs.1,50,000/- to No max limit.
  • Maturity Benefit: Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured Plus Loyalty Addition, if any.
  • Death Benefit * Basic Sum Assured (BSA)
  • BSA = 5 times single premium excluding extra premium, if any.
  • Loyalty Addition: Loyalty Addition, if any, shall be payable at the rate as declared by the LIC.
  • Liquidity: Loan Facility Available after completion of one year.

Good Policies

For more Details Please contact 9791032533

          Smart Ways Of Decorating With A Super King Size Bed        
There are various things that are going into a well decorated master bedroom. However, a lot of couples are realizing the significance of sleep. This is making several couples opt for larger sized beds. If you are one of them, there are smart ways of decorating with a super king size bed.

The main thing is that you have to confirm that the space is massive enough for this size. The truth is, most master bedrooms can. However, you do not have a massive suite, some changes will be needed in the room.

One of the main things that require to be changed may be the night tables. This does not mean that you've got to get rid of them, just get smaller sizes.

If you are still experiencing a drawback, remove them from the room and opt for floating shelves that you install on each side. Additionally, you may have to deal with the furniture placement. Rather than moving your furniture from one place to a different, that will be very making an attempt and tiring, there are other ways. Take the measurements of both the bedroom and the prevailing furniture. Then, use graphic paper so that your arrange is to scale. Cutout items of furniture, again to scale, and move those around on paper. Then you'll try the different placements.

Anyone can tell you how necessary it's to be well rested from a smart night's sleep. The actual fact is, it's the most vital issue in any bedroom. Therefore, think about your mattress quality as well. Attempt them out in stores by laying down on every one to form the best decision.

After that, decorating the room should be quite easy. You aren't limited to bedding collections. The fact is, nowadays a lot of than ever, you will be able to search out totally different linens in any size. Draping it with stunning sheer fabrics can conjointly facilitate to form it cozier. To maximise your space for storing, make positive you get a bed ruffle to cover items that you'll store under the bed.

Then, trying to tie in all the planning elements. In other words, it's not necessary to have the identical drapes as your bedding collection. Instead, pull out a color from the pattern that you select either on your window treatment or on your bed and apply it to the other. The bottom line may be a matter what size the bed is, it's specifically the same when it comes to coming up with and decorating.

When shopping for
Super King Size Duvet Covers it pays to know where to get the best prices and to make sure your Super King Size Duvet Cover is indeed the right size. Visit us today and we'll sort it out!
          Create a New Look in the Living Room by Wood Glass Coffee Table        
Create a New Look in the Living Room by Wood Glass Coffee Table

Coffee table is one of living room furniture that must be chosen in the right way. A coffee table is able to raise the beauty of room decoration. Coffee table is always placed in the front of sofa set. The functions of coffee table are to keep coffee, tea, magazine, snacks, etc. Wood glass coffee table is a good idea for creating a new look in the living room. Wood glass coffee table, come in different styles, materials, sizes, and designs. So, for getting the best wood glass coffee table, you have to determine the material that appropriate for your living room design, the right size for the room space, and the right design to match with the room. Wood glass coffee table will not make you disappointed.
A wood glass coffee table is a table that made from the combination of wood and glass. It may come in different designs and sizes. One of popular wood glass coffee table is made from wood structurally and made from glass table top. Besides, there also a wood glass coffee table that made from glass structurally and made from wood table top. The combination of wood and glass is really blends each other. Wood is able to give strength, while glass is able to give the beauty.

Well, one thing you should know, a wood glass coffee table has some advantages. First, it provides extra dimension of space for the living room. Second, a glass table top is able to create the visual space. The third, wooden glass coffee table will give the impression of large in the small living room. That’s why, wooden glass coffee table is really appropriate to be applied in the small space. But, you have to be careful in choosing the right coffee table. Choose thick and strong glass surface so that the coffee table has the resilience.

           Кой унищожи уникалното изобретение за безплатен ток на Никола Тесла?         

Заради патологична алчност нерядко от света биват скрити ключови изобретения, които биха променили живота на цялото човечеството към по-добро. Но силните на деня са вложили много средства в други направления и поради тази причина задушават прогреса на планетата ни.
Ето част от тези изобретения. А кой ги спира ? Обичайните заподозрени, които диктуват световните цени на енергията и горивата, на лекарствата, които предизвикват войните и грабежите на световно ниво.
Вероятно сред най-печално известните
примери за изобретение, на което не е дадена зелена светлина, е EV1 на компанията „Дженеръл мотърс” (GM). На него бе посветен документалният филм „Кой уби електромобила?”.
EV1 беше първият в света електромобил в масово производство, 800 модела от които в края на 90-те години GM даваше под наем. Компанията спря линията за монтаж на EV1 през 1999 г. с обяснението, че потребителите не били доволни от ограничения пробег, който осигурявала акумулаторната батерия на автомобила, което правело продължаването на производството неизгодно.  
Много скептици обаче са на мнение, че GM е погребала EV1 (на снимката)  под натиска на петролните компании, които щяха да пострадат повече от всички, ако високо икономичните автомобили бяха завоювали пазара. GM проследила и унищожила и последната EV1, като се погрижила технологията да умре и да не може да възкръсне.
Смъртта на американския трамвай
Чистата печалба на процъфтяващия трамваен транспорт за 1921 г. била 1 милиард долара, което обаче за „Дженеръл мотърс” било равнозначно на загуба от 65 милиона долара. Като ответна мярка GM закрила стотици независими трамвайни компании, като по този начин отворила пазар за своите поглъщащи бензин автобуси и автомобили. Макар в последно време да се разраства движението за спасяване на обществения транспорт, едва ли ще видим връщането на трамвая и неговата минала слава.
Скромното „вълче”
Колата, изминаваща 99 мили с един галон разход на гориво (съпоставимо – 2,4 литра на 100 км) се явява нещото като Светия Граал в автомобилостроенето. Но макар тази технология да е достъпна вече от няколко години, автомобилостроителите упорито я държат по-далече от американския пазар. През 2000 г. „Ню Йорк Таймс”  съобщава  малко известния за болшинството факт:  „лудата табуретка” Volkswagen Lupo е направила околосветско пътешествие със среден разход на гориво от един галон за над 99 мили.
„Вълчето” се продаваше в Европа от 1998 до 2005 г., но и тук производителите не го пуснаха масово на пазара – както те твърдят, защото американците не проявили достатъчен интерес към малкия и икономичен автомобил.
Свободната безплатна енергия
Никола Тесла бил не само източник на вдъхновение за група рошави металисти от 80-те години, а гений, целунат от Бога. През 1899 година той открил начин да се откажем от изгарянето на различните видове изкопаеми горива за електростанциите, както и от електропроводите, доказвайки, че като се използват електрическите колебания в йонизацията на горните слоеве на атмосферата ще може да се получава „свободна енергия".
Дж.П. Морган, който финансирал изследванията на Тесла, започнал да съжалява за „покупката” си, когато осъзнал, че безплатната за всички енергия не носи такава изгода, както да речем, представянето на сметки на хората за всеки изразходван ват. Тогава Морган забил поредния гвоздей в ковчега на свободната безплатна енергия, прогонвайки и останалите инвеститори, за може да умре мечтата на Тесла.
Лекарство чудо  срещу рак
През 2001 г. канадецът Рик Симпсън открил, че раковото петно върху кожата му изчезнало само за няколко дни след използването на фино масло от коноп. От този момент Симпсън и други хора с невероятен успех излекували хиляди раково болни. Изследователи в Испания потвърждават, че активният компонент на конопа – тетрахидроканабинол убива туморните клетки в мозъка, а също дава надежди по отношение на туморите на гърдата, задстомашната жлеза (панкреаса) и черния дроб.
Въпреки това Управлението по контрол на качеството на хранителните продукти и лекарствените средства в САЩ отнася марихуаната в списък № 1 на наркотичните средства. Това означава, че тя не може да се прилага в медицината. Лицемерието на тази забрана е пълно, като се има пред вид , че в списък № 2 са такива средства като кокаин и метамфетамин.
Транспортни средства, задвижвани от вода
Колкото и нелепо да ни звучи, но в света съществуват автомобили, които се задвижват с вода. Най-известният от тях е пясъчното бъги на Стен Майер, което достига 100 мили с един галон вода и можеше да намери много широко разпространение, ако 57-годишният Майер на стана жертва на подозрителна аневризма на мозъка. Някои хора направиха гръмки изказвания за това, че Майер са го отровили след като той отказал да продаде своите патенти или да прекрати изследванията си. Опасявайки се от заговор неговите партньори едва ли не минаха в нелегалност (или по-точно казано – под вода?) и отнесоха със себе си неговото знаменито пясъчно бъги, задвижвано от вода. Остава само да се надяваме, че в края на краищата някой от тях ще се върне с автомобила амфибия.
Какво ли щеше да е, ако имахте устройство, което може да надзърта в бъдещето и да връща в миналото? И за това да нямате нужда от Кристофър Лойд (актьорът, изиграл доктора от трилогията незабравимата „Назад в бъдещето”). Италианският свещеник отец Пелегрино Мария Ернети в 60-те години на миналия век твърдял, че е изобретил това, което той нарича Хроновизор – нещо, позволяващо му да стане свидетел на разпъването на Христос на кръста, например.
Приборът давал възможност на зрителите да наблюдават всяко събитие в историята на човечеството чрез настройка към остатъчни вибрации, които се съхраняват в пространството  след извършването на всяко едно действие.  (В неговата група на изследователи и  конструктори влизал и Енрико Ферми, който е от екипа, разработил първата атомна бомба).
На смъртното си легло Ферми признал за това, че е измислил картината на древна Гърция и кончината на Христос , но настоявал, че Хроновизорът, който по това време бил изчезнал, все пак е действал. Не е чудно, че поддръжниците на теорията за конспирация посочват Ватикана като вероятен притежател на оригиналния Хроновизор към настоящия момент.

https://vimeo.com/50416533 (в това видео има много подробности за това как маслото от коноп лекува рак)


          Six months with a dumbphone        

A while back, I realized that something was amiss in my relationship with my telephone. Notifications, email, Facebook, Twitter… it all became a constant drain on on my attention, the internet following me around like a shadow. I just couldn't give it up! So I asked the readers of Boing Boing about the current situation with low-end dumbphones, in the hopes that something was out there that could do the things I needed to do (send texts and make calls) without having me permanently dripped to the great saline bag of bullshit in the cloud.

And without being absolute junk.

I once owned the legendary e-ink phone, the Moto F3, and hankered for those simple, halcyon days. But it, like some of the most minimal options touted (such as the grandmatastic Johns Phone and $15 cardphones from China), are so rudimentary as to be hostile to their purpose. If all I had to do was receive calls, fine. But these things don't even have functional address books.

My search for a really nice dumbphone left me with three standout options: dumbphone4

1. Get whatever standard entry-level candybar phone the carriers are giving away.

2. Get one of the classy, high-end Nokia dumbphones (e.g. the 301 and the 515) from before it was eaten by Microsoft.

3. … something else? A model aimed at seniors?

1 is the sanest, eBay-free route of the 2015 dumbphone aficionado, but they're bland and chintzy and not well-designed. They work, but they aren't nice. If you're just looking to get a job done, though, here you go. Stop reading! You're done. Get a Blu Phone or a Samsung Chuckle or Kyocera Snazzy or whatever is lately $9.95 contact-free. However, guess what: most have the same problems as…

dumbphone32, which I thought would be just the ticket, but let me tell you, classy Nokia models didn't work for me at all. Sure, Nokia's hardware is great. The devices are sturdy, well-designed, and it's really obvious they're the end of many years of hardware design evolution. The problem is Nokia's Series 40 software. It's a trash fire, and there's just no saving it. A slow, hinky, fiddly, crashy, stinky, rinky-dink trash fire. Take every UI metaphor ever, throw it in the blender of a mad Finn's stomach, then vomit it onto a tiny, non-touch LCD screen. This is every fancy late-era Nokia dumbphone.

Worse: these models not only have Facebook apps, you aren't allowed to delete them! The ultimate betrayal from my escape-the-smartphone dumbphone.

Now, the ultra-basic Nokia models, such as the Nokia 105/106, are in fact much better than the supposedly flagship dumbphone models, because their software (Series 30) is simpler: no apps, no nonsense. It's still not great, but it is what it is, the batteries last weeks on a charge, and they're better than contemporary carrier crapphones from Samsung and LG. Moreover, contemporary models are more likely to have various pointless additions and apps (i.e. Facebook) that muddy the nice useful simplicity of your dumbphone.

So I kept looking. Which brings us to 3, and to…

x 2015-12-18 at 2.54.09 PM

…this bizarre looking contraption, which comes all the way from the Baltics. Creator Just5 also offers a more modern-looking rounded version in black, but I like the Brick model--yes, it's called the Brick!--in wild colors like green and crimson. And it's pretty much exactly what I wanted.

It's basic, easy to use, and the UI is completely straightforward. It's designed with intent, right down to the retro 80s font and the black and white UI. Everything about it adheres to a rather dramatic miniminal plan, which is quite appealing after the surprising mess that most dumbphones present. It's responsive and well thought out: once muscle memory sets in, you'll set a reminder faster than you can tell Siri to do the same thing, and there's no possibility she will think you want to pet a bookbinder.

It has an address book and a few basic apps such as an alarm, a calendar, and text messaging. (more…)

          3º CONGRESSO NACIONAL DE REIKI - 27 OUTUBRO 2012        


10h30Reiki uma perspectiva profissional enquanto terapia
O enquadramento do Reiki na via profissional, não esquecendo a importância da doação e dos valores desta prática.
11h45Reiki como Filosofia de Vida
Apresentação do novo livro de Johnny De’ Carli, sobre os poemas do Imperador Meiji e a sua importância na Filosofia de Vida do praticante de Reiki.
Johnny De’ Carli
12h30Federação Nacional de Voluntariado em Saúde
Apresentação da Federação Nacional de Voluntariado em Saúde, a sua importância para as Associações ligadas à Saúde e a perspectiva sobre as terapias complementares
13h00Almoço Livre
14h30Concerto de Taças de Cristal
15h00O trabalho das Associações de Reiki – Promover para Crescer
O movimento associativo é uma força de expressão, um elemento unificador e promotor do crescimento do Reiki, neste painel apresentaremos o trabalho de várias Associações de Reiki em Portugal
15h30Criar projectos de Reiki
A partilha da experiência de 4 anos, na criação de projectos de Reiki – Metodologias e Ideias
João Magalhães
16h00Coffee Break e Partilha de Saberes com os núcleos e Instituições Sociais
17h00Reiki uma perspectiva profissional enquanto Formação
Apresentação e esclarecimento do trabalho realizado pelo Grupo de Debate sobre a Formação Reiki, um grupo composto por Mestres independentes e representantes de Associações.
18h30Instituições – O Reiki em vários campos na Acção Social
A importância e impacto do Reiki, enquanto terapia e filosofia de vida, nas instituições sociais
19h30Reiki na Saúde – Perspectivas de Acção
A importância e papel do Reiki na Saúde, uma perspectiva da disponibilização e integração das terapias complementares
Enf. Bruno Azevedo

MAIS INFORMAÇÕES EM http://www.associacaoportuguesadereiki.com/congressonacionaldereiki/agenda/

          The Psychedelic Christian Radio of Pastor John Rydgren        

rydrenFeel the need for some old time religion on this Christmas Day? The best delivery method may be the bizarre late-'60s psychedelic Christian radio programming of John Rydgren. WFMU writes:

Heading into the Summer of Love, Pastor John Rydgren was the crafty head of the TV, Radio and Film Department of the American Lutheran Church. The straight-looking Rydgren created a daily radio show called Silhouette in which he became the reassuring, resonant-voiced Hippy for God.

Rydgren wrote, announced and programmed Silhouette, taking his musical and cultural cues from The Electric Prunes, Herb Alpert and the cover of Time (Is God Dead?), with a vocal delivery that was straight out of the school of breathy baritone radio seduction.

New York's WABC-FM picked up Silhouette on a daily basis, but Rydgren and the American Lutheran Church aggressively syndicated the show beyond New York, and in that effort, they issued a double LP in 1967.

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          Alabama Radio Station’s Alien Invasion Spoof Causes Mass Panic        

alien invasion promo

A little more healthy skepticism could be of benefit. Via al.com:

A radio promotion spoofing aliens hacking into a Florence, Alabama radio station spooked students into believing schools would be attacked.

To bring attention to a format change at Star 94.9, Brian Rickman, program director for Shoals Radio Group, said the station on Monday began airing conversations between aliens.

"The concept being that they heard our frequency several light years away, they didn't like Justin Bieber and the pop music we were playing and they were going to take over the radio station and adjust the format," Rickman said.

A flood of phone messages were awaiting Rickman when he got to work Tuesday, he said, including those from police and superintendents of area school systems. Law enforcement still decided to put extra security on campuses as the aliens announced that they would be taking over the radio station at 9 a.m. today.

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          Don’t count on corporate gender quotas to break the glass ceiling        
There's no trickle-down effect on the rest of the workforce of having gender quotas for corporate boards, according to research from the NBER. Photo by Flickr user Alex Proimos.

Gender quotas for corporate boards have no trickle-down effect on women’s representation and the gender pay gap in the rest of the workforce. That’s according to a study of Norway’s boardrooms from the National Bureau of Economic Research. Photo by Flickr user Alex Proimos.

For 29 years now, Paul Solman’s reports on the NewsHour have been trying to make sense of economic news and research for a general audience. Since 2007, our Making Sen$e page has striven to do the same, turning to leading academics and thinkers in the fields of business and economics to help explain what’s interesting and relevant about their work. That includes reports and interviews with economists affiliated with the esteemed National Bureau of Economic Research.

Making Sense/NBER logo

Founded in 1920, NBER is a private nonprofit research organization devoted to objective study of the American economy in all its dazzling diversity, combining data with rigorous analysis to describe and explain the material world in which we live long before data analytics became fashionable. “Why Some Women Try to Have It All: New Research on Like Mother Like Daughter” and “Why Does the First Child Get the Gold? An Economics Answer” have been among our most popular posts on Making Sen$e, both of them largely based on NBER research. We thought our readership might benefit from a closer relationship.

Each month, the NBER Digest summarizes several recent NBER working papers. These papers have not been peer-reviewed, but are circulated by their authors for comment and discussion. With the NBER’s blessing, Making Sen$e is pleased to begin featuring these summaries regularly on our page.

The following summary is written by NBER and does not necessarily reflect the views of Making Sen$e.

— Simone Pathe, Making Sen$e Editor

After Norway passed a law mandating that public limited-liability corporations create boards with no less than 40 percent of each gender represented, the number and quality of women board directors rose and the pay gap vis-a-vis male board members shrank.

But 10 years into this experiment, which now is being copied in other countries, there’s not much evidence of a trickle-down effect for other women in the workforce, according to “Breaking the Glass Ceiling? The Effect of Board Quotas on Female Labor Market Outcomes in Norway” (NBER Working Paper No. 20256).

“We find no evidence of significant differential improvements for women in the post-reform cohort, either in terms of average earnings or likelihood of filling in a top position in a Norwegian business,” write authors Marianne Bertrand, Sandra E. Black, Sissel Jensen and Adriana Lleras-Muney, although large standard errors mean they cannot rule out the possibility.

At best, the reform may have increased women’s representation in the C-suite of targeted firms, a very small group of individuals. “The representation of women does not improve anywhere else in the [targeted] firms’ income distribution (top 95th percentile, top 90th percentile, top 75th percentile). We also see no improvements on gender wage gaps among top earners and find no evidence of changing work environments in affected firms.”

Additionally, there is no evidence that the rise in female board members inspired younger women to consider business careers or delay child-rearing in order to further careers. In the authors’ survey of 763 students at the prestigious Norwegian School of Economics, from which many board members have graduated in the past, fewer than 10 percent of women said the reform encouraged them to get a business degree. “If anything, the share of women obtaining business degrees fell after 2004 (except for 2007).” The authors also write that “we see no apparent reduction in the large gender gap in earnings that emerge in the first few years post graduation.”

“Corporate leaders argued there were not enough qualified women to fill the board positions.”

Although the World Economic Forum ranks Norway third among nations for opportunities for women, the proposed reform in 2003 met with considerable resistance in the business community. Before it was enacted, corporate leaders argued there were not enough qualified women to fill the board positions.

Even after the reform, most companies did not do much to increase female participation. By 2005, only 17 percent of board positions were held by women. So the government added sanctions, which took effect in 2008. That’s when the average share of women on the boards of those companies reached 40 percent.

In addition to increasing the representation of women on boards, the reform improved pay equity within boards. The pay gap with male counterparts on boards narrowed from about 38 percent to 28 to 32 percent. Moreover, despite the business community’s stated fears about decreasing quality, female board members post-reform were actually better-educated than the pre-reform cohort. The study found they had an extra half-year of education and MBA degrees on par with the male board members.

The reform may have affected too few women to have a large impact. A majority of the 563 public limited-liability companies subject to the law in 2003 went private or otherwise changed their corporate status, leaving only 179 firms subject to the legislation by 2008. Although not all of this decline can be attributed to the legislation, it limits the number of firms and women affected by the law and thus the law’s potential impact.

“While we do not observe any trickling-down to other top managerial positions in affected firms or elsewhere, it is possible not enough time has passed for such spillovers to occur,” the authors write.

Laurent Belsie, National Bureau of Economic Research

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          Are Your Family Conversations Just Like Ours? I Somehow Doubt It.        

I’ve always wondered if other families have the same conversations that we do at the dinner table. Take last night for example.
I brought up the fact that I caught a glimpse of Avril Lavigne’s new song and video called “Hello Kitty.” I thought the video was terrible but the song was worse so I turned it off after about a minute. I guess after watching a nude Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball, how could I possibly compare…
My daughter then piped up with this; “Mummy. Can I have a Hello Kitty costume?”
Hello... Kitty“Sure” was the reply, “If one exists.”
“YAY!!!” she screamed.
“… and I want a Kane costume too. I’ll be you didn’t think I was going to ask for one of those, eh, Daddy? Kane’s my FAVOURITE wrestler. He waves his arms and sets fire to things.”
…Kane, aka the Devil's favourite stepchild
In a world of princesses, my princess is Princess Leia.
In a world of princesses, my kid wants to be Kane.
She’s cool.
          Why ‘Preview’ is the best batch photo resizer for Mac        

Preview app, in OS XApple’s own image-viewing app, P

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review, has quite a few other tricks up its sleeve – and one among those is that it’s actually the best batch photo resizer for the Mac. Plus, it’s free, and you’ve already got it installed on OS X.

This resizing skill has been somewhat overlooked because it’s a bit buried away in the menubar under ‘Tools’. But, in my usage of it, I’ve found it to be flexible and useful – …

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          10 things you didn’t know Google could do        

googletricks00Like most of the globe, I use Google every day, however, in t Cheap Pandora Jewelry new album  he last year or so I’ve noticed I use it less for standard searches and more for some of its slightly obscure, but extremely useful tools.

Here is a list of 10 tips on how to use Google as more than just your regular old search engine. I’ve tried not to simply rehash different ways you can use the “Advanced Search” feature …

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          How to search Delicious bookmarks with Chrome        


Last year sh

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ortly after Chrome was released I posted a quick tip on how to make a Delicious “plugin” for Chrome. This was a neccessity, as at that writing Chrome didn’t have a method to migrate the awesome Delicious-Firefox plugin. Well, it’s about 10 months later, and still no plugin support — though some exciting stuff seems just around the c elwilde may space  orner.

The downside to the bookmarklet method in our last …

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          Add dictionaries to your Mac’s Dictionary app, and more cunning linguist tips        

dictionaryHere’s everything you need to know about how to add extra dictionaries to the OS X Dictionary.app, set up your preferred diction A elwilde lot more  ary within the preferences, use Dictionary from Spotlight, and get a super-fast translation or definition from right within Safari, Pages, Mail, and other native Mac apps.

Before you check out the video screencast, just think of a dictionary or thesaurus that you’d like to have added to your Mac’s Dictionary, and then Google around …

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          Syncing and sharing files with Dropbox        

DropboxAs a Web designer I am always looking for convenient ways to share large files between myself, collaborators and clients. I’ve tried several different methods: FTPs; drops like Drop.io; folder-sharing services like Windows Live Sync, and a plethor Cheap Pandora Jewelry any future greatest  a of file share startups like sendspace, 4shared, Lime Wire.

And while they all work (most of them anyway) decent enough, none of them blew me away as a real solution …

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          Put Up Shelves On Yor Mac, with Finder Backgrounds        

Finder ShelvesA couple of months ago, one clever designer had a neat creative idea: create a background image of shelving to use in the Finder window of his Mac. It creates the impression that your folders or apps are 'sitting' on the shelves, which is very cute. A few other designers got inspired, and now I can find a total of 12 great 'shelves' for your Mac, from five different sources.

The idea plays to the strengths of the Mac, with …

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          List of the best open source software applications        

open-source001There’s nothing new about the term “open source” as it relates to software – it’s been around for more than a decade now. However, as being a tad tech-suave has settled into the collective consciousness, the reliance on commercial software solutions is dropping daily.

Whereas the connotation initially was that open source projects were buggy and unstable (I mean, how could anything being worked on for free not be?), and commercial software was solid and trusted – over the last …

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          Bad for me, good for you.. A giveaway of sorts..        
So a few weeks ago I went online to Target and filled out for a free sample bag. A couple days ago I got it in the mail and it had some great stuff in it, let me tell ya!

This little makeup bag is cute and just the right size to hold my necessities when I can't take my jumbo makeup case with me somewhere!

Look at those goodies!
Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Hot Pink
Nivea Express Hydration daily lotion
Pantene Color Preserve Shine shampoo
Fekkai Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner
Neutrogena Naturals lip balm - love this!
And a coupon book with over $25 in savings! Woot Woot!

and now I bet you're wondering about the post title huh?
As nice as the coupon book is and I want to use it... The closest Target to me is about an hour away, and I'm not gonna drive an hour to save a few bucks when I can got to Wal-Mart or the Dollar store minutes away..
As for the giveaway (of sorts), I hate saying a giveaway and getting yall's hopes up for something fantastic when I don't really have an actual item for you, but I will send one lovely reader this coupon book! 
I'm sure out of my 57 readers at least one of you lives closer to a Target and can use this!

Here are just a few of the coupons inside

 $3 off a Nivea body care item

 $1 off Aveeno body care item

 $5 off John Frieda hair color

$1 off Olay facial care item
And quite a few other great coupons!! And they don't expire until 7/30/2011.

*UPDATE* There will now be 3 winners!! A lovely friend of mine, Starr, just donated 2 more coupon books, how awesome is she??

So who wants it?
All I ask is that you are a blog follower, I do want to reward my loyal readers, even if it is just something small to start out. And hey I'm not above bribing for new readers.. ;) Since this is more about beauty then crafting, just leave me a comment telling me what your must have skin or beauty product is! 

And just because everyone likes extras entries:
"Like" Killing Time on Facebook and let me know - 1
"Follow" me on Twitter and let me know - 1
That's 3 possible entries folks!!

I'm not gonna leave this open for long, I will pick a winner on Sunday 4/10 with Random.org and post it Sunday evening.
I will email the winner, so make sure you have email enabled in your profile or leave an email in your comment, ok?

*Just in case anyone is wondering, NO I was not compensated for this at all. I ordered the free sample bag, and since I won't use the coupon book I decided to share it with someone who could*

Have a great week everyone!!

          The Shiva Option (Starfire, #4)        
The Shiva Option (Starfire, #4)
author: David Weber
name: Mark
average rating: 3.98
book published: 2002
rating: 5
read at:
date added: 2016/09/27
The Shiva Option
Author: David Weber and Steve White
Publisher: Baen
Published In: Riverdale, NY
Date: 2002
Pgs: 753


The Bugs were eating their way through the other sentient species of local space. Implacable, unstoppable, they swamed out of warp points and crushed resistance and finding inhabited planets set about devouring the intelligent species on those worlds. They find sentients delicious. Human children are just the right size for… A Grand Alliance between Human, Orion, Gorm, and Ophiuchi, an alliance formed in desperation. The Alliance wins a victory...only to have the seemingly unstoppable force of the Bugs sweep forth again tearing a Task Force apart with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Ivan Antonov and the Sky Marshal Hannah Avram onboard. The Bugs are out there, one transit from Alpha Centauri, two transits from Sol. The Grand Alliance has reactivated General Directive 18 which calls for the racial extermination of all Bugs wherever the Fleet finds them. Millions have died. Millions more will die. The Shiva Option is the sentients of the Grand Alliance’s only hope. “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Science fiction
Space opera

Why this book:
Military sci fi. I’m all in. And a re-read of a favorite book.

Favorite Character:
I do love the characters herein, but that largely comes from their appearances in other novels in the series and all their legacy, both descendant and antecedent.

Least Favorite Character:
Mukerji, Wister, and Waldeck, the polticos and their pet admiral who sought advantage in the war through political maneuvering in the Terran Federation. And Mukerji’s cowardice before the enemy. Hated all three.

The Feel:
Shiva isn’t structured to stand alone at all. Too much happened in the previous book that has to be harkened back to.

Favorite Scene / Quote:
The scenes comprising Survey Floatilla 19’s run for its life are the cream of the early part of this novel. But once they encounter the Others, they disappear from the early novel as the camera focus shifts squarely onto Zephraim and Home Hive Three.

The scenes where Prescott slaps Mukerji down. And my wanting them to go further.

When Rear Admiral Aileen Sommers signals her return to the Terran Federation with new allies in the ongoing war with the Bugs.

Prescott and Zhaarnak’s chat before the overwhelming Bug fleet bore down on them.

The pacing is slow but inexorable. It pulls me forward through the book.

Plot Holes/Out of Character:
Too much explanation of Orion honor and the intricacies of warp point defense and assault. At times, it shows that this universe is based on a game. The author seems to be reading from or paraphrasing the rules book and using the characters’ inner thoughts to communicate those rules. This happens more with Raymond Prescott and Zhaarnak’telmasa than I’ve noticed with any other characters in the entire series. Although this issue did not present in the previous books...or didn’t become as glaring as it does in the as Prescott and Zhaarnak rudiment on the defense of Zephraim and the incursion into and attack on Home Hive Three.

As much as I love these Starfire Universe books, I’ve never played the game it was originally based on.

Hate that the System Which Must Be Concealed was left on the table at the end of the story. The Bug War already ran two full, long books deep. And I haven’t read the later additions to the Starfire book series...I mean to, but haven’t yet.

Wish ISW-1, 2, and 3 were in novels.

Hmm Moments:
After Andrew Prescott and his crews took the hero’s journey, the story of his brother Raymond improved. The story became more about character, the ships, and the battles than about the mechanics that were, obviously and largely, about the game that the universe is based on itself.

The forced political rehabilitation of Admiral Mukerji is a slap in the face. It is exactly the kind of political interference that you would expect though. Very Royal Navy before and during World War 1 and the interregnum before World War 2. Admiral Raymond Prescott should have had Mukerji shot.

Meh Moments:
The mirroring of the affection in a military relationship between higher ranking female officer and lower ranking male officer with Sommers-Hafezi and Murakuma-LeBlanc is a bit much. The love in wartime/extreme circumstances trope could have been foregone or retuned, maybe not having two instances of it happening like this at the same time. IDK. Maybe it’s just me being a curmudgeon.

Why isn’t there a screenplay?
I don’t know that this series could be done justice on the big or small screen. Probably too military for many viewers. Afraid it would suffer the same fate as Space Above and Beyond, which I loved.

Last Page Sound:
Damn it. I hate it when a good book ends.

Author Assessment:
Love Weber and White. Will always pick up and give a look at anything written by them.

Editorial Assessment:
Well done.

Knee Jerk Reaction:
real classic

Disposition of Book:
Re-read shelf

Would recommend to:


Siempre que estamos cerca de una fecha señalada, estamos en las misma encrucijada. Que puedo regalar a mi pareja, padre, madre, amigo, etc... si ya lo tienen todo.Sun Odyssey 50DS

Ciertamente, hoy en día vivimos en un estado de bienestar que hace que todos tengamos de todo, raro es encontrar a alguien de nuestro entorno que no disponga de casi todo.

          Moda Náutica para éste verano        

Moda de verano

blau_def_3Este año en NAUTICADECOR hemos empezado una nueva linea de negocio. Esperamos que sea de vuestro interés, ya que lo hemos hecho para vosotros, amantes del mar y de todo lo rel

acionado con lo marino.

          Como construir una maqueta desde el principio        

Empezar con la construcción de un modelo de barco no es tan difícil como parece. Usted probablemente ya ha construido varios modelos de kits, por lo que usted ya posee muchas de las habilidades requeridas para la construccion maqueta de barcoconstrucción desde cero. Las únicas habilidades adicionales requeridas son la interpretación de los planos , la selección de los materiales a utilizar en el proceso de construcción, y el desarrollo del método de construcción.

Por encima de las habilidades manuales necesarias para construir una maqueta desde cero hay tres factores más: el tiempo, la paciencia, y el ingenio.

          Feliz Navidad y próspero 2017        


Felices Navidades


          Solution for starter motor removal!        

Been thinking of ways to plug the eventual hole i will end up with in my crankcase when i remove my starter motor...

Got in touch with silverneck (http://w650shop.de/) in Germany; good guy, really helpful. He used to sell a starter removal kit (no longer available).  He was kind enough to send me an email with a photograph of his solution.  Essentially a bung held in place by 2 thread rods and a plate that screws down to the original starter motor mount points.

I toyed with the idea of tapping some holes and bolting up a blank, then thought of using silverneck's method, I just didn't like the idea of the 2 long thread bolts being there (see below).

...i could machine some out of brass and make em look all pretty...but...another option I heard about today;

"Welch plug".  I have never heard of these bad boys, having done some research, i know exactly what they are, here's a lil bit of trivia for ya http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_plug

I'm thinking this should be pretty perfect...provided I can find one the right size :)

          à®µ.உ.சி -யை நொறுக்கிய "தமிழ்ப் பண்டிதர்கள்"!        
இன்று Sep 5;
(ஹிந்து ஞான வித்தகர்: Dr. ராதாகிருஷ்ணன் பிறந்தநாளான) ஆசிரியர் தினம்..
ஆனால்... அது  à®®à®Ÿà¯à®Ÿà¯à®®à¯‡ அல்ல!

கல்வியும்/ செல்வமும் ஒருங்கே இருந்தும்,
உடம்பால் பாடு எடுத்த தியாகச் செம்மல்..
தமிழறிஞர் = "வ.உ.சி" | அவர்களின் பிறந்த நாளும் கூட (Sep 5)!

என்னாது... வ.உ.சி = தமிழறிஞரா??? ஆமாய்யா ஆமாம்!
* வ.உ.சி = ஒரு தேச பக்தன் -ன்னு மட்டுமே பலருக்கும் தெரியும்!
* ஆனா, à®µ.உ.சி = ஒரு தமிழ் அறிஞன் -ன்னு தெரியுமா?

Only very few ppl. know;
Why? | Thatz the sad story of tamil media world:(

இன்று, பார்க்கப் போவது, ஒரு தமிழ்ப் "பஞ்சாயத்து":)
செக்கிழுத்த செம்மல் வ.உ.சி  vs  à®ªà®£à¯à®Ÿà®¿à®¤à®°à¯ திரு. அனந்தராம ஐய்யர்

"ஐய்யர்" -ன்னு எழுதிட்டதாலேயே, Twitter பெரிய மனுஷாள், என்னை நோக்கிப் படையெடுக்க வேணாம்-ன்னு கேட்டுக்கறேன்:)
ஏற்கனவே 10 மாதங்கள் ஒதுங்கி இருந்து, இப்ப தான் மீண்டு வந்துள்ளேன்...

Group சேர்ந்து கொண்டு ஒதுக்கி வைத்தல்:
= இன்றைய Twitter மட்டுமல்ல!
= அன்றே, வ.உ.சி யும் பட்டிருக்காரு, இலக்கணத் தமிழ் வாத்திகளின் கையில்!

கருத்து வேற, மனிதம் வேற!
* நான் சொல்வது = தமிழ்க் கருத்து மட்டுமே!
* தனி மனிதத் தாக்குதல் = ஒரு போதும் நான் அறியாதவன்!

"KRS-ஐ ஒழிச்சிக் கட்டுங்கோ; பூச்சி மருந்து அடிச்சி ஒழிங்க"
- இது போன்ற "இட்லிவடை வாசகங்கள்" என் வாயில் வரவே வராது:(
பூச்சி மருந்து அடிச்சி, "என் சாவு"
= Twitter பெரிய மனுஷாள் ஒங்க கையில் இல்லை!

அது இன்னொருவன் கையில்!!
இதன் "தர்ம-நியாயங்களைத்" திருமுருகன் தாளில் வைத்து விடுகிறேன்;

உண்மை, உறுத்து வந்து ஊட்டும்!
அதுவும் தரவோடு வந்தா? = தாங்க முடியாது தான்:)))
* சொல்வது என்ன-ன்னா:  à®¤à®®à®¿à®´à¯à®•à¯à®•à¯ நேர்ந்த கொடுமைகள்!
* என் ஏக்கம் = தமிழ் ஏக்கம்:  ஐய்யர் என்றல்ல! à®•à®°à¯à®£à®¾à®¨à®¿à®¤à®¿ à®šà¯†à®¯à¯à®¤à®¾à®²à¯à®®à¯ வரும்!

தமிழை = "டுமீல்" என்று எள்ளி விட்டு,
அதே தமிழில் இலக்கணப் பாடம் எடுக்கும் Twitter "வாத்திகள்" யாராயினும் = எனக்கு இதே ஏக்கம் தான்!

இவர்களுக்கு, தமிழ் = "உணர்வுப் பூர்வமானது" அல்ல!
வெறும் Rulebook; ஆடு-களம், அவ்வளவே! உள்ளத்தின் ஆழத்தில் = எள்ளலே!:(
இவங்களை விட்டுருவோம்; மற்றபடி...

தமிழுக்கு "மனதார நல்லது நினைப்போர்"
= யாராயினும்.. 
= பிராமணர்கள் உட்பட.. அனைவரும் தமிழர்களே!

தமிழ் = பிறப்பால் வருவது அன்று! உணர்வால் வருவது!

உ.வே. சாமிநாத ஐயர் என்றொரு தமிழ்த் தாத்தா; அவர் திருவடிகள் என்றும் எனக்குத் துணை!
Enough of this digression (or) Introduction..
Let's go & see வ.உ.சி-யின் தமிழ்ப் பஞ்சாயத்து:)

எட்டுக் கால் பூச்சிக்கு = எத்தினி கால்?
மாற்றிக் கேக்குறேன்; "Spider Man"-க்கு எத்தனை கால்?:)

18 கீழ்க்கணக்கு = மொத்தம் எத்தனை நூல்கள்?:)

18 கீழ்க் கணக்கில் = 18 நூல்கள்!
திருக்குறளே மிக்க பிரபலம்
ஆனா, ஒரே ஒரு நூலில் மட்டும் = "பஞ்சாயத்து"

அந்த 18ஆம் நூல் எது?
இன்னிலையா? கைந்நிலையா?
= வ.உ.சி vs. அனந்த ராம ஐய்யர்

தமிழில், "தனிப்பாடல்கள்" -ன்னு ஒரு வகை இருக்கு!
வெண்பா  à®¯à®¾à®°à¯ எழுதுனது-ங்கிற வெவரமெல்லாம் இருக்காது; திடீர்-ன்னு தோன்றி உலாத்தும்!
வெறும் à®šà¯à®µà¯ˆà®¯à¯‡ அன்றி, நம்பத் தகுந்த ஆதாரம் அல்ல!

எட்டுத் தொகை நூல்கள் என்னென்ன? ஒரு "வெண்பா" இருக்கு-ய்யா!
 "நற்றிணை நல்ல குறுந்தொகை" -ன்னு தொடங்கும்;
எட்டுத் தொகையில் என்னென்ன நூல்-ன்னு பல பேருக்குத் தெரியும்;
ஆனா, இந்தத் தனிப்பாடல் = just a memory tip;

அதே போல், 18 கீழ்க் கணக்குக்கும் ஒரு தனிப்பாடல்!
= ஆனா, அதுல தான் பிரச்சனையே!:) நீங்களே வெண்பாவைப் பாருங்க..

நாலடி, நான்மணி, நா நாற்பது, ஐந்திணை, முப் 
பால், கடுகம், கோவை, பழமொழி, மாமூலம், 
இன்னிலைய காஞ்சியோடு, ஏலாதி என்பவே, 
கைந்நிலைய வாம் கீழ்க் கணக்கு!

எவன் எழுதித் தொலைச்ச வெண்பாவோ? List போடுங்க பார்ப்போம்!:)
நாலடியார், நான்மணிக்கடிகை 2   
நா நாற்பது: (இன்னா, இனியவை, கார், களவழி) 4
ஐந் திணை: ஐந்திணை 50, à®¤à®¿à®£à¯ˆà®®à¯Šà®´à®¿ 50, ஐந்திணை 70, திணைமாலை 150 4
முப்பால் (திருக்குறள்) 1
திரிகடுகம், ஆசாரக் கோவை 2
பழமொழி நானூறு, சிறுபஞ்ச மூலம் 2
முதுமொழிக் காஞ்சி, ஏலாதி 2

Already 17 taken! ஆனா, வெண்பா-வில் இன்னும் ரெண்டு Balance இருக்கு!:)
இன்னிலைய  -ன்னும் இருக்கு;
கைந்நிலைய -ன்னும் இருக்கு;

ஆனா, கூட்டினா = 18 வரணுமே! 
17 + 2 = 18 ???

எந்தப் பொலவன்-யா Basic Maths தெரியாம, "வெண்பா" பாடி, உயிரை வாங்குறான்?:)
சங்கம் மருவிய காலம்; அந்த 18ஆம் நூல் எது? = இன்னிலையா? கைந்நிலையா??

அதாம்பா இது -ன்னு வாழைப்பழத் தீர்ப்பு சொல்ல முடியாது:) ரெண்டும் வெவ்வேறு நூல்கள்!
* வ.உ.சிதம்பரம் பிள்ளை சொல்வது = இன்னிலை;
* இ.வை. அனந்தராம ஐய்யர் சொல்வது = கைந்நிலை;

தமிழ்த் தாத்தா  à®‰.வே.சா à®“லை திரட்டினாரு -ன்னு பலரும் பேசிப் பேசி, அதுவே நிலைத்து விட்டது அல்லவா!
ஆனா அவரைப் போலவே, அவருக்கும் முன்பே = ஈழத் தமிழர் சி.வை. தாமோதரம் பிள்ளை à®•à¯‡à®³à¯à®µà®¿à®ªà¯à®ªà®Ÿà¯à®Ÿà¯ இருக்கீயளா?

* உ.வே.சா  = இலக்கியம் திரட்டினாரு-ன்னா,
* சி.வை.தா = இலக்கணம் திரட்டினாரு!

தொல்காப்பியம் முழுசும் திரட்டினாரு;
இன்றுள்ள பல இலக்கண நூல்கள், உரை நூல் (சேனாவரையர்/ நச்சினார்க்கினியர்), கலித்தொகை, சூளாமணி -ன்னு...
சுவடி சுவடியாத் தேடிப் பதிப்பித்தவர் = சி.வை.தா

இவரும் தமிழ்த் தாத்தா தான்!
ஆனா பொது மக்களுக்குத் தெரியாது; ஏன்-னா பரப்புரை இல்லை:(

ஒடனே, உ.வே.சா-வை நான் குறைத்து மதிப்பிடுவதாக கும்மி அடிக்க வேண்டாம்:)
என்றும் அவர் = நம் தமிழ்த் தாத்தா!
சொல்ல வருவது என்ன-ன்னா: à®’ன்றை மட்டுமே பரக்கப் பேசும் நிலை:(
சி.வை.தா -வும் = தமிழ் தாத்தா! மனத்தில் இருத்துவோம்!

உ.வே.சா / சி.வை.தா அளவுக்கு இல்லீன்னாலும்,
நம்ம வ.உ.சி யும், கொஞ்சமா ஓலை திரட்டி இருக்காரு; தெரியுமா??

* ஆனா, வெளியே போய், அதிகம் திரட்ட முடியலை = சிறை வாசம்;
* செக்கு இழுத்து வெளி வந்த பின்போ = நோய் வாசம்!

18 கீழ்க் கணக்கு:
 à®µ.உ.சி காட்டிய ஓலைச் சுவடிகள் = இன்னிலை!
ஆனால்.... ஆனால்.... ஆனால்?

இ. வை. அனந்தராம ஐய்யர் = ஒரு தமிழ்ப் "பண்டிதர்" / ஆசிரியர்!
நட்பு வட்டச் செல்வாக்கு மிக்கவர்;

இவரும், சில சுவடிகள் வச்சிருக்காரு;
மொத்தம் 45 பாட்டு;
அதிலே 18 பாட்டு = பாதி தான் இருக்கு! ஆங்காங்கு சொற்களே இல்லை;
சம்ஸ்கிருதச் சொல்லும் அதிகம்!

இவரைச், சேது சமஸ்தான வித்வான், à®‰.வே. இராகவ ஐயங்கார் à®ªà®²à®®à®¾à®• வழிமொழிகிறார்; அம்புட்டு தான்....
எல்லாப் பண்டிதர்களும் இந்தப் பக்கமே திரண்டு விட்டனர்; வ.உ.சி அம்போ!!
= Power of "Networking", even in Tamizh:(

உ.வே. இராகவ ஐயங்கார் = பெரும் அறிஞர் என்பதையும் மறைக்காது சொல்லி ஆகணும்!
கம்பனில் குளித்தவர்; "வடமொழிக் காளிதாசனை"த் தமிழுக்குள் கொண்டு வந்தவர் = "அபிஞான சாகுந்தலம்"

* ஒரு புறம் =  à®šà®¿à®±à¯ˆ விட்டு வெளியே வந்து.. நொடிஞ்சி போன வ.உ.சி
* மறு புறம் =  à®šà®®à®¸à¯à®¤à®¾à®© வித்வான்கள் & தமிழ்ப் பண்டிதர் குழாம்

ஐய்யய்யோ, பத்திக்கிச்சே; உம்ம்... யாரு சொல்வது சரி?

தனி மனிதப் போக்கு தவறு..
* "யாரு?" -ன்னு வேணாம்!
* "எது?"    -ங்கிற கேள்வி கேட்போம்! => எது சரி??

இரண்டு பக்கமும், ஒரேயொரு தெளிவு இல்லை!

தனிப்பட்ட சுவடி எல்லாஞ் சரி தான்;
ஆனா.. 18 கீழ்க் கணக்கிலே, அந்தச் சுவடி சேர்த்தி என்பதற்கான ஆதாரம்?
= யாருக்குமே கிடைக்கலை;

வ.உ.சி  à®®à®Ÿà¯à®Ÿà¯à®®à¯ அரும்பாடுபட்டு, gave an "indirect" proof
= தொல்காப்பிய நூற்பா 113;
= அதுக்கு, தம்மிடம் உள்ள ஓலைச் சுவடியின் 5ஆம் செய்யுளை, மேற்கோள் காட்டியுள்ள பண்டைய உரையாசிரியர்;

யாப்பருங்கல விருத்தி உரையிலும்,
இன்னிலை 2ஆம் செய்யுள், மேற்கோள் காட்டப்பட்டு இருக்கு;
ஆனால்,  à®¤à®°à®µà¯ இருந்தும் = அன்றைய "செல்வாக்கு"?

** பதிப்பகம்/ தமிழ் வித்வான்கள் = வ.உ.சி யை  à®’ப்புக் கொள்ளாது, à®…னந்த ராம ஐய்யர் பக்கமே "அணி" திரண்டனர்!
** இ. வை. ஐய்யர் தரவே தரலீன்னாலும்... வடசொற்கள் மிகுந்த ஏடு, à®•à¯ˆà®¨à¯à®¨à®¿à®²à¯ˆ: 18 கீழ்க் கணக்கு நூல் என்று ஆனது!
Today, It is Official;

வ. உ. சி = வரவேற்க யாருமில்லை!
(காங்கிரஸ் கட்சியே, அவரைக் கைவி
          Pallet Sign 15.5" x 12"        
Front View of Wood Pallet Sign 15.5 x 12

Here is a wood pallet sign that is designed to be decorated with paint or stain.  Made in the USA of solid pine, the pallet sign is just the right size for pallet art that is sweeping the nation.  The pine is rough sawn, just like a real pallet.  This wood pallet sign measures 15..

Price: $12.49

          New Project started        
I finished 2 projects last week, plus my shawl the week before, so I felt perfectly comfortable in starting a new project. Here it is, modeling some of the new stitch markers in use. They are wonderful to use; no catching on anything, and just the right size.


DD1 spent the afternoon on Saturday, and while we were sitting talking on the front porch my hands were busy with this:


Three sets of binary stitch holder dangles. (They are not in order.) On the top set I added a blue bead to the red and white, just because it is July. I still have to make the soldered loops, but that will just take a couple of minutes.

I mentioned I finished a couple of projects. Here is a hand towel made out of cotton thread. I like how it turned out, but I did not enjoy knitting it. The crosswise stitch you can see is a yarn over that is pulled over the 2 next regular knit stitches. It was not a fast knit, and then cotton is not as much fun to knit with either.


I also finished a cowl with lace-weight hand spun yarn. I love how this one looks, but I will have to wait until cooler weather to find out how it feels.


At our summer program at church I am teaching knitting. Here is one of my students doing her homework. G is the same age as C. Isn't this a wonderful picture?

We are considering remodeling the house to look like a shoe. We have added P's dog to the mix... since P & C's dad is moving Danny would not have had a home so we took him in. He is another golden retriever. So far things seem to be going okay... hopefully it will only get better.
          Top Tips For Buying Nine West Shoes texas        
Please use the links in between article for the amazon store! There is a convenient search box to search for all name brand tennis shoes, boots and handbags!

Purchasing the ideal pair of boots or girls's shoes, especially with such a big variety of styles on offer, can be a frightening prospect. If you're trying to find designer shoes then the money invested in this choice can be substantial, so there are a few things to consider before you make your final decision. Here are the top ten tips for buying women shoes.

Know your size

It may seem apparent, but many girls suffer discomfort because they don't know their actual shoe size. Each girl's feet are dissimilar, and the universal sizes don't necessarily give you the best fit. Like clothing manufacturer's sizes, ladies's shoe sizes can change dramatically - a size 5 in one shop or retailer may be very different from a size five from an online supplier. Remember that the right width is equally as important, so look for a provider that gives a range of width fittings and take the time to get your feet measured accurately. A couple of wide fit shoes could make all the difference comfortably.

The significance of a tight fit

Following on from the issue of the right size is the correct fit. This doesn't just apply to your foot - if you are purchasing two boots, for instance, you can also need to consider your calf fitting or the length of your leg to guarantee the boot fits correctly. A badly fitting pair of trainers will be uncomfortable and won't look their best.


Know your position. A truly top quality pair of shoes that may cost a bit more will last you much longer and be a better investment in the long run than an inexpensive pair that falls apart after only two weeks.


If you're looking for a pair of girls's shoes for a special occasion, take into consideration the sort of event you are attending ( an open-air event is probably not the best place to wear high heels ). Consider that you could be on your feet for a long time, so again, comfort is of equal importance as looks.

Leather or man made?

This is actually down to personal preference, but leather has the benefit in that it is much more sturdy than man made fabrics and will stretch quickly to fit your foot completely. However [*COMMA] if you're looking for summer style sandals, fabric uppers can be much more comfortable to wear, keeping your feet cooler than leather uppers.

stonefly shoes texas
Top Tips For Buying Women's Shoes Florida


Again, the colour you choose is pretty much your personal decision, but take into consideration what sort of outfits you'll be wearing the shoes with, your own skin tone and colouring and whether your designer shoes are just an one-season fashion buy or something that you will want to wear again. If you're looking for something which will transcend fleeting fashions, choose the standard brown or black as these have a tendency to be perennial faves.

Open or closed toe styles?

For summer wear, nothing beats the comfort and liberty of 2 sandals. They permit your feet to 'breathe' and are comfy for all-day wear. However [*COMMA] if you are in a more formal setting, a classic pair of women court shoes advocates a more professional perspective. Shoes can reflect a great deal about the wearer, so consider what kind of impression you wish to make.

Formal or informal?

Formal ladies's shoes cover a good range of styles, from classic courts to kitten heels. For a really shocking look, 2 designer's shoes with high heels combined with formal evening wear really can give an outfit that 'wow' factor. Less formal wear can be anything from a couple of summer sandals to knee length boots worn with jeans. Those self same boots mixed with a business suit can cross the boundary between formal and informal, but again, choose a pair that fit completely to maximise both comfort and looks.

Buying online

Once you have your exact size ( including the right width fitting ), it's not difficult to buy ladies's shoes online . Online suppliers also have a tendency to carry a more impressive range of fittings and can be cheaper than many high st stores, so it's worth checking out the internet for a good pair of designer shoes.

Returns policies

If you are unhappy with your designer shoes, you may want to return them for a refund or exchange them for an alternative pair of ladies's shoes. Before you make your initial purchase, check the returns policy punctiliously, as some firms won't accept returns once the shoes have been worn.

By following these easy guidelines and remembering that comfort and a good fit are your concerns, you should be capable of finding the right pair of designer shoes that may last you for years ahead. Top Tips For Buying Amazon Shoes texas
          from glib import public: Getting started with BrewPi Photon on Ubuntu 15.04        

Brewpi SparkBrewPi is a raspberry-based brewery automation system. Combined with a central brain based on a Spark Photon, you can drive fermentation chambers and soon, pumps & valves to make a fully-automated HERMS system.

Here are my notes that got me started with the new version of BrewPi (based on the Spark Photon) after spending a few hours reading everything I could and bothering Elco on the forum. I hope it’ll save you a few hours!

Upgrade and install an ARM compiler

Since the Spark Firmware requires at least gcc4.9 and 4.8 is only available atm (2015-07-28) on Ubuntu 14.10, you need to add a PPA first:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:terry.guo/gcc-arm-embedded
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi

If you already had an arm compiler installed as I did, you might encouter an error about overrinding files from another package. If that’s the case, you can do (you may need to adjust the command line with your package version):

sudo dpkg -i --force-all /var/cache/apt/archives/gcc-arm-none-eabi_4.9.3.2015q2-1vivid1_amd64.deb

Checkout Spark Firmware and flash your Photon

Checkout the spark firmware using git:

git clone https://github.com/spark/firmware/ spark-firmware

cd into spark-firmware/main and use:

make clean all PLATFORM=photon

then, cd into spark-firmware/modules and use again:

make clean all PLATFORM=photon

You should end up with something like this (no error):

arm-none-eabi-size --format=berkeley ../../../build/target/user-part/platform-6-m/user-part.elf
   text       data        bss        dec        hex    filename
   4596        144        332       5072       13d0    ../../../build/target/user-part/platform-6-m/user-part.elf

Now, plug you Photon via USB and put it in DFU Mode (hold both RESET and SETUP buttons then release RESET and wait until the LED becomes Yellow). Make sure you have dfu-util by apt-get installing it:

sudo apt-get install dfu-util

Then, from the spark-firmware/modules directory, flash it using:

sudo make PLATFORM=photon program-dfu

It should flash three parts (system1, system2 and user) and finish on

Download    [=========================] 100%         4740 bytes
Download done.
File downloaded successfully
dfu-util: Error during download get_status

Don’t worry about this error message, it’s known and can be safely ignored. Your Photon should now flash green.

Configure the WiFi

First, put your Photon in SETUP Mode. Just hold the SETUP button for three seconds while it’s running. You should get a blinking Blue led.

First, make sure you have npm installed:

sudo apt-get install npm

then, install the particles tools in a local folder:

npm install particle-cli

You should get a node_modules/ directory.

Now, run:

node_modules/.bin/particle setup wifi

Say ‘n’ when prompted for scanning networks and enter your SSID and password. It should finish with:

Done! Your device should now restart.

And indeed, your device should restart and you should have a pulsing cyan led. It means it’s connected!

Compiling BrewPi firmware


          Vintage Inspired: A dress to impress on a date         

The cut of the dress is perfect for anybody. So its hard to hate something thats amazing. Just make sure to get the right size, nothing too loose or too tight. Dresses with a flowy silhouette specially one with prints and a keyhole make a really good ensemble for a date #VintageInspiredDress #KeyHole #flipflops #prints

          6 Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture        
Shopping for furniture involves a lot of consideration – from choosing the right size and material to finding the perfect position and fitting each piece into your decor. Furnishing your home can turn into an absolutely overwhelming and stress – inducing experience. One of the reasons is that a furniture purchase may seems so very […]
          â€‹Learn From Christine Dion How To Create Nutcracker Characters Makeup!         

Tis the season for Christmas Holiday shows and of course the most popular of all, the Nutcracker, will be presented by studios across the country. In many cases this will be presented on a large stage and may require a little more facial enhancement than a typical small stage performance. The makeup used for the nutcracker features many characters. With the following performances, a simple eye makeup change is all that’s needed to add drama and help enhance the theme of the look.

Here are a few tips to help:


1. Sugar Plum Fairies and the Land Of Snow. Where traditional ballet makeup is required keep in mind that the brows need a little more enhancement and extending. Eyeliner will need to be extended a bit further at the ends. Be sure to not meet the lower and upper lines at the sides.I like to use a brown cake/shadow liner below lower lashes and a black cake/shadow liner at the end of upper lashes to create a softer look. A Mode Dion Pro Pallet eyeshadow compact has all the colors you need. Keep eyes wide with white pencil in between. Add a little white shimmer like Mode Dion’s Shimmer Pot to the center of lid, brow arch and inner eye corner to open eyes even more. False lashes will be a must to create big elegant eyes. Adding a bit of magical glimmer to the cheekbones and eyes can really create more enchantment. Use glitter in opal/white like Mode Dion’s Crystalina and secure it with spirit gum like Mode Dion’s Diva Glue.


2. Arabian dancers can quickly get the look just by extending the black cake/shadow liner towards the inner eye corner creating a cat eye appearance. White pencil will help define the look by applying a little at the inner eye corner and between the two lines out at the end of the eye corners. Extend liner a bit there too as this will lengthen eyes creating a more exotic effect. (photo Arabian) Rhinestones placed along the upper brow line can create more drama. Place little dots with your eyeliner first to get the design and spacing right then adhere them with eyelash glue. If the costume is sparkly, enhance that with matching glitter secured with Mode Dion's Diva Glue.

3. Chinese Dance only requires a very red lipstick applied just at the middle of the upper and lower lip to create a tiny rosebud mouth and lengthened eyeliner extended out at the sides of the eyes up. Meet the upper and lower eyeliners at the sides to close and angle eyes for an Asian look. If lids are naturally full they can easily be reduced to a more Asian almond eyed look by using black shadow across the lid. Very red cheeks just on the apples will make the face look rounder. This tutorial is a very dramatic version to create a classic Shanghai Doll look. For a softer effect use brown onto the lid instead of black.

The Doll/Toy look is an easy twist form a standard stage makeup look. Add more red cheek color to the rounds of the cheek. Remove lip color from the sides of the mouth and create a more rounded lip look for a baby doll lip. Highlight center of upper and lower lip so lips look even more pulled forward. Draw lines below lower lashes to look like painted on lashes and in between use white pencil to help them look more pronounced from a distance. Apply shimmer highlighter like Mode Dion Shimmer Pot (opaque shimmer) to cheekbones, chin, forehead and down center of nose to make skin look light reflective like plastic.

4. Clara and other children in the party scene should have a softer more natural looking makeup. Skin should appear flawless by applying a matte oil-free foundation and powder. Brows should be well defined and shaped along with lips and cheeks slightly flushed. Mode Dion’s Stage Red cheek color and Rhubarb lipstick add just enough color to look natural and show up on stage.

5. Men and boys should be sure to wear foundation, concealer to cover dark circles under eyes and powder to set. A cheek contour shade under cheekbones and along sides of nose will help further define features. Shade sides of mouth with a natural lip pencil and apply a lipstick close to the same shade as lips. Define brows, line eyes with brown liner lightly and apply black mascara.

by Christine Dion

About the Author...

Christine Dion has been setting the trends in stage beauty for over 30 years. As a Speaker, Author, Columnist and Stage Cosmetic Designer in the Dance Beauty Industry.


MODE DION offers high quality stage make-up and professional products with support and education including books & DVD’s. The company website www.modedion.com is a full beauty resource featuring beauty training from street to stage, Christine's many magazine articles under “Media”, “How to Videos”, Shopping and step by steps. Connect through the website and find more training on the You TubeChannel at “Mode Dion Makeup University”, Newsletter “Look of the Month”, Face Book and Twitter with tips/updates.

Make-up kits and bulk discounts available for studio owners. Call (760) 837-9433 for more info!

          Our Tricks To Ordering The Right Size For Recital Bouquets!        

When planning to order recital bouquets you have three size boxes you can choose from at 48LongStems (Large, Medium, and Small). There are some things to keep in mind. In each of the three box sizes we put as many 1-stem, 3-stem, 6-stem, or 12-stem rose bouquets as we can without breaking the stems. Things to keep in mind:

A large box is where you make the most money. This is because the large box has more stems to amortize the shipping costs over. Therefore the bouquets in the large box have the lowest cost per bouquet which allows you to make more money on each sale if you use our suggested selling price.

A medium box should be considered when you are trying to build up your business but don’t have enough orders to sell a large box. You can make some money with a medium box, but not as much money as a large box. As my accounting friends might say, your ROI “return on investment” is less on a medium box than a large box.

A small box has so few bouquets that you really don’t make any money on them. You may break even, but don’t trick yourself into thinking that you are making money. You really are breaking even. They are a good way to see if a bouquet will sell without investing a lot of money. It is good to test something new, and a small box can do this for you. This box makes great teacher gifts.

Combo Boxes have a selection of 1-stem, 3-stem, 6-stem, or 12-stem rose bouquets. These boxes do not give you the lowest price per bouquets. However, it is great for a dance school that wants to sell bouquets for the first time to test selling all four bouquets. After getting this box, your school will better understand what your parents will most likely want to buy.

          Direct Mail is Not Dead: How One Writer Landed a $5,000 Contract        

Direct mail strategies to land freelance clients. Makealivingwriting.com

No one uses direct mail to market anymore. Email marketing is the way to go, right?

I don’t think so. When I was working my day job in the marketing department of a credit union, I wrote a fair number of direct mail pieces to sell financial products to current potential members. Since going freelance, I realized I kind of missed writing those letters.

Email marketing is ubiquitous these days, so sending a direct mail pitch sets you apart.

And, when it’s not a bill, people like getting mail. Direct mail gets opened more often than email. People spend much more time reading a mail piece. And even millennials say direct mail influences their purchases.

So I decided to put my old-school direct mail marketing skills back to work and create my own campaign to find freelance writing clients. And it worked amazingly well.

Here's how I did it:

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          Worried About Competitors? Here’s the Key to Freelance Success        

The only competition to worry about for freelance success. Makealivingwriting.com

How do you achieve freelance success with so many other writers out there? It's a question that's come up a lot lately, as well as four years ago, when I first published this post. The answer might surprise you. Enjoy!–Carol.

Ever worry about competing with other writers in your niche for freelance success?

After all, a lot of writers with more experience than you are hustling every day. Can you really make this work, or do you feel like it's hopeless to even put yourself out there?

Spend a lot of time worrying about other writers, and it might seem like those established pros already have the market for writing all sewn up.

I had one budding freelance writer tell me:

“I know the healthcare industry from my job, but when I saw how many members the healthcare writers association had, I just gave up! It seems like it’s too competitive.”

Or if you’ve been around a while, maybe you’re up nights worrying about all the hot young, social-media-savvy writers who’re coming to eat your lunch.

If you’re going to think this way — always worrying about how many other writers are trying to do the same thing you are — freelance success is just going to be a pipe dream.

To win the freelance writing game, you have to put your focus in a different place.

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          Master Writing Jobs Exposed–Learn How to Spot Writing Scams        

Learn to spot writing scams. Makealivingwriting.com

How do you know if an online writer platform is legit? Since new sites are born every week -- promising ample assignments and fat paychecks for beginning writers! -- I can't do investigations on each and every possible writing scam (though I've certainly looked into some that turned out to be outright ripoffs).

I can't be everywhere. And this blog has other topics to cover, like finding courage to put your writing out there, self-publishing, blogging best practices, and finding great freelance clients. So it's important to know how to do your own research.

This post takes you through easy, quick steps you can take online to gather information about websites you're thinking of paying for access to resources, job boards, or publishing opportunities.

I'm going to use a site I learned about recently as an example: Master Writing Jobs (no, I'm not going to link to them in this story and give them a backlink that might drive more traffic to their site. You can Google them if you want.)

I spent perhaps 30 minutes tops, researching this site to see what I could learn. And it wasn't tough to see they weren't a good value, even at their current 'sale' price of $34 for lifetime access.

If you'd like to avoid writing scams and learn how to verify online offers, read on:

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          How Self-Publishing Authors Can Sell More Books with Amazon Ads        

Sell more books with Amazon ads. Makealivingwriting.com

You've written a book, but it’s not selling like you had hoped. And you wonder, "Maybe some Amazon ads would help."

Or maybe you've thought about writing a book but are afraid it will flop.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Every self-publishing author faces those fears at some point in their career.

Thankfully, there’s a platform that can make sure your book gets in front of exactly the right people.

You can place Amazon ads to promote your book using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). And it doesn't matter if your book is new or old. You can use Amazon ads to sell your book when you want and where you won’t on Amazon’s own platform.

And contrary to popular belief, you don’t need loads of time or a huge marketing budget for Amazon ads. You don’t have to be super techy or be a marketing guru. You don’t even have to be enrolled in Amazon's Kindle publishing platform for authors anymore.

In fact, you can set up a long-term Amazon ad campaign using Amazon Marketing Services in less than 15 minutes and spend less than $10 per month.

Want to learn how to do this? Here's what you need to know to make the most of Amazon ads to sell more books.

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          Are You Looking for More Writing Motivation?        

Writing motivation: Do you really want to be a freelance writer? Makealivingwriting.com

If you find it tough to get psyched up to write, this post is for you. I recently received a letter from a new writer hoping I could help her find more writing motivation:

I'm Sherin from Indonesia, it's such a pleasure to find you as someone I can look up to. I've been saying to myself that, I really want to be a writer. And I'm very passionate about being a freelance writer, especially in content writing and maybe in proofreading. I know I need to plan how am I going to do that, but I feel lack of confidence and I don't really know where to start.

I think this will be a good opportunity to make my own income too. I'm still a student supported by my parents. But I just love the image of standing independently. Anyway, I am so sorry to bother you. I know that I need to have some good skill to become a freelance writer, and to become skilled, I need to learn and practice. And I don't know how to do that.

Can you give me some tips or maybe some motivation?

Letters like this make me want to cry. Because I'm dedicated to helping freelance writers earn more!

I want to have tips and useful info for you. (And ESL writer or not, writers write in every language and there are clients all over the world, so any grammar errors you spot above are not important here.)

What's the trouble then? When you ask me to give you some motivation, I've got nothing.

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          Content Mills: 10 Posts Reveal The Truth About Pay        

The Truth About Chasing Content Mill Gigs. Makealivingwriting.com

If you’re new to freelancing, content mills can practically sound dreamy.

Pick your favorite gigs. Work when you want. Get paid like a rockstar.

Ahem…That’s not exactly what happens if you bank your freelance writing career on working for content mills.

On most platforms, you’ll find thousands, of writers scurrying around competing for writing jobs in a race to the bottom for low rates and a soul-sucking existence.

Can you earn pro rates at a content mill? It's possible. But you'll need to know where to look.

If you want the truth about how much content mills really pay, save yourself some time on the hamster wheel.

These 10 blog posts will give you an inside look at what it’s like to write for content mills, how they operate, and how much you can expect to earn.

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          LinkedIn ProFinder for Freelancers: Will It Help You Find Clients?        

Can LinkedIn ProFinder Help You Find Freelance Work? Makealivingwriting.com

When you’re trying to book yourself solid, marketing to get more leads should be your priority. Ever heard of LinkedIn ProFinder?

It’s a tool you can use with your LinkedIn profile to get leads, bid on projects, and potentially land long-term clients.

Sounds good, right? After all, LinkedIn has 433 million users. And it’s a social media platform that’s defined itself as a place for business professionals.

LinkedIn ProFinder launched in 2015 as way to help users find talent and land freelance work. Over the last two years, it’s been widely used by business professionals in many industries. And it’s also gone through a series of changes. Now you’re probably wondering…

Does LinkedIn ProFinder work?

Let’s state the obvious, first. LinkedIn ProFinder is one of many marketing strategies you can use to find clients.

Letters of introduction, query letters, in-person networking, social media marketing, and even cold calling, for example, still work.

If you want to move up, earn more, and make a full-time living as a freelancer, you’ll need to spend a chunk of time marketing consistently.

Want to know if LinkedIn ProFinder can help you land more freelance clients? Here’s what you need to know:

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          Market Report: The 5 Worst Kinds of Freelance Writing Jobs        

Skip these dead end freelance writing jobs. Makealivingwriting.com

When you're looking to earn a living as a freelance writer, there's one important thing to know: Not all freelance writing jobs are created equal.

Some types of writing offer terrific pay, while others always seem to pay peanuts. If you focus your efforts on better-paying opportunities and avoid wasted time on niches that don't offer pro rates, you'll improve your odds of building a serious freelance income.

Recently, I've had quite a few coaching students announce plans to focus on niches where I believe there is little or no paid opportunity. So I think it's time to call these out, so writers can avoid them.

Wondering which types of writing are unlikely to pay the bills? Here's my list of the five worst types freelance writing jobs:

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          How to Ask for a Raise: Two Emails That Got Results        

How to ask for a raise: A guide for freelance writers. Makealivingwriting.com

When I became a professional writer 5 years ago, I had no idea what I should charge. I had an inkling that I needed to raise my rates, but how?

Then I joined Freelance Writers Den. I hadn’t been a member for a week before I realized that I was vastly under-charging. That was easy enough to fix for new clients - I would start quoting appropriately for new work.

But how could I apply what I’d learned about rates to existing clients who were paying me $45-$55/hour for ongoing work of varying types--emails, websites from scratch, blogs, newsletters and more?

I felt especially resentful of my $45 per hour client. I knew I needed to ask for more money, but I didn't know how to ask for a raise.

Every time I tried to imagine how this conversation would go, it became an ultimatum, which I knew I wanted to avoid.

Then, I searched around the Den and found three key pieces of inspiration that enabled me to craft emails that got me the raises I wanted. Here's what I did:

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          CONTEST: Win a Year in My Online Writing Community        

Essay contest: Win a free ticket to my writing community. Makealivingwriting.com

Six years ago, I got a crazy idea in my head: I was going to start an online writing community for freelancers, where they could learn how to market their services and earn more.

When we opened the doors in 2011, I had no clue how needed this sort of all-you-can-eat learning platform was for freelance writers.

Next week, Freelance Writers Den turns 6 years old! And it's over 1,000 members strong.

At this point, the Den is packed with 300+ hours of trainings members can access anytime, on everything from how to do lucrative types of writing like white papers, to how to find better-paying clients.

Curious about the Den? Well, we're celebrating our 6th year by opening the doors and welcoming new Denizens on our anniversary date, July 11. We'll stay open for six days (unusually long for us!).

And we've got a new way to hop in the Den -- you can try it out with a 1-week free pass.

We always do giveaways and goodies on the Den anniversary, but this year I want to go crazy.

So besides free 1-week passes for all comers, I'm also giving away 6 free, 1-YEAR passes to Freelance Writers Den.

That's right, an entire year of soaking up the Den resources, 4-week bootcamps included, the works.

How can you win one of those 1-year passes? I'm holding an essay contest. Read on for the rules:

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          RETAIL DETAILS: Exploring Southport        
78177.JPG It’s no secret there is plenty of shopping in Wilmington, but Southport in Brunswick County could give the local mom-and-pop scene a run for its money.… Read More »
          Secretary Clinton’s Remarks on Innovation and American Leadership to the Commonwealth Club        

Secretary Clinton spoke last Friday at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, where she discussed current reforms in U.S. development policy, USAID’s new innovation fund, public private partnerships with the U.S. government, social entrepreneurship, the QDDR (Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review), and the Copenhagen Agreement and clean energy in her remarks.  [Read more]

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          The Millennium Development Goals Summit Has Arrived- News & Views from around the Web        

The UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals kicked off in New York today, and will continue through Wednesday, Sept 22nd.    World leaders are gathering to discuss the progress made and work to be done toward meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  On Wednesday, the event will culminate with an address by President Barack Obama.

If you are looking for background and general information on the MDGs and the Summit, take a look at some of Global Washington’s previous blog entries on the MDGs.  [Read more]

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          The history and plight of the Rohingyas         

The Rohingyas are one of the most persecuted communities in the world. Although, they have been living in the state of Arakan since the 8th century (which is now part of Burma), the Rohingyas have been under extreme scrutiny by the Burmese government. They haven’t been recognized as citizens of The Union of Burma since Burmese independence in 1948, instead they are known as ‘non citizens’.
The Burmese Junta have discriminated the Rohingya because:
• They are not similar in looks
• Speak a different language
• Have a different religion.

As a means of clamping down on the Rohingya, the Junta has restricted even the most basic of rights such as education, marriage and citizenship.
The Burmese government endorses the Burmese culture and the Buddhist faith for their national citizens; the Rohingyas fall outside of this ideal criteria because they want to retain their own culture and the Muslim faith. As a result, the Rohingyas, sidelined and marginalized, have to live with their derogatory national status of ‘non-citizens’.
Between 1978 and 1992, approximately 200,000 Rohingyas left Burma to escape the tyranny of the Burmese military. Most of them moved to southern Bangladesh where they remain as refugees. In one of the most densely populated countries in the world, life in Bangladesh proved just as hard as it did in Burma.

In Bangladesh, the Rohingyas are faced with hardly any protection from their host country. A burden to the densely populated country, the Rohingyas are denied humanitarian aid which forces them to turn to other means of income such as drug trafficking.
There is one registered camp situated meters away from the registered camp where 90,000 refugees live. Another camp 15 miles away, in Leda Bazaar where approximately 25,000 Rohingya live, is where Restless Beings focus has been.

In 1962, the Rohingyas were systematically denied of political, civil, economic and social human rights. Today, the Rohingyas in Burma cannot commute from one village to another due to the security forces known as ‘Nasaka’ that patrol their movement at various checkpoints. This affects their education and access to medication.
Rohingyas are denied citizenship despite living in Arakan for centuries because Muslims are portrayed as ‘relics of a colonial past’. This stems from the fact that Muslims supported the British during the colonial period because they were promised autonomy in Rakhine previously known as Arakan.
Rohingyas have been subject to the systematic use of rape as a weapon of war, forced labour, and land confiscation. Over 3,500 villages have been destroyed since 1996.
Similar to the Rohingyas living in Burma, the Rohingya refugees are limited in their movement and subject to exploitation. In refugee camps, the Rohingya women are victims of sexual violence, children are denied education and there is limited access to health and medical aid.
The hostile environment for Rohingyas in Bangladesh urges the refugees in Bangladesh and Burma to seek help in other parts of Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia; however, these parts are not usually welcoming.

Update from Restless Beings
rohingyas arkan

Reports have been flooding in this afternoon of a new wave of attacks on Rohingya this afternoon leaving hundreds homeless and looking for shelter on foot during torrential monsoon rains whilst others were left dead. The recent clashes have been reported from 4 villages near Rauthedoung were as many as 12 have been killed with 1,000 Rohingya displaced as well as in 3 villages south of Maungdaw where 3 people have been killed this Thursday, August 16, 2012.

In the minutes leading up to sunset as many Rohingya were preparing to open their fasts (Ramadhan) hundreds of Rakhine activists armed with sticks, batons and other weaponry forced their way into Rohingya houses in three adjacent villages. As the villagers attempted to fight back against the Rakhine who had violated their homes, Lun Htin and Nasaka (Burmese armed forces and paramilitary) opened live rounds of fire on the villagers.
Three men and one woman have been shot dead whilst many others have been injured. In total the three entire villages are being evacuated with the Rohingya unsure of where they are to move to next. Whilst one of the sources was describing the events, shooting and wailing could be heard in the background.

In a separate incident, but most likely part of this new wave of violence, four villages near Rathedoung were attacked late last night, Wednesday, leaving more than 12 dead and over 1,000 Rohingya displaced. Similar to incidents in Maungdaw today, Rakhine had attacked the villages and were backed up by Burmese armed forces and paramilitary servicemen.
The forces pushed the Rohingya villages from their homes, across the river and now the camp of 1,000 are moving north through mountainous terrains and during monsoon season looking for shelter. 12 people have been confirmed dead – 8 were shot dead and 4 more have lost their lives battling against the elements whilst being shelter less.
As international media have recently been reporting from the region and as an aid deal has been agreed by the President with OIC, this is seen as the final, brutal wave against the Rohingya during the recent clashes. It is feared that this move will be drawn out over many days surely; many more lives will be lost.
The author is Mabrur Ahmed of Restless Beings – http://www.restlessbeings.org

          What is the Power of Cloud? (to the Business)        

Of course many readers, technologistsand businesses are acutely aware of the value prop of the cloud but what aboutthe rest of the "majority" of people who don't? If you do a search onthis topic, you will mostly get links to marketing materials that are fairlyhigh level and full of the usual buzzwords with more links to lengthy casestudies. As a business technology enabler, there needs to be a simpler messageor elevator pitch that is easy to understand yet convincing. Ah, the simplicityor less is more approach rears it’sbeautiful head once again. Below are some recipes to draw from for an elevatorride of any duration.

The Enterprise Cloud Reduces Business Outages Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Put simply and avoiding technical acronyms, can the businessrely on 99.99+% availability from the cloud? Look no further than Netflix as an example becauseyes the cloud is certainly up to the task.

Immediate Availability Gives You a Your Competitive Edge (for now)

Back in the day, Dell drove industry change by assemblingcomputers on demand reducing inventories and wrecking havoc on computerstorefronts. Well the cloud equivalent is to be able to go to the cloud store,answer a few questions, enter your credit info and within 1 hour or less youare up and running.

A Right Sized Business Reduces Time, Headaches and Cost

You may wonder what this is? It takes many forms but to meyou have to ask does the business get what it paid for? No more shelf ware andcomplicated upgrade processes. You need more capacity for certain businesscycles, zoom it’s there. You need more storage, of course that is automated.You think Apple and other retailers have to turn on any switches to increasecapacity? Maybe they do now but they shouldn’t.

Business Friendly User Interfaces Decreases Timeto Market

Your thinking mobile and that is certainly true but it ismuch more than that. This is the type of disruptive technology that could puttechnologists like me out of work. Non-technical end users must be able tobuild and deploy apps that previously required a CS degree and many years ofexperience. Consider how Smart Data cloud initiatives are disrupting Big Data.Nate Silver, beware.

Build a Nimble Business by Thinking SmallThe cloud is all about modularity, extensibilityand continuous release cycles. A/B testing drives micro feature planningrendering the traditional roadmap virtually useless. In a fully optimizedenvironment, features will show up before you even have a chance to request them.Social tools will drive this change more than traditional communicationchannels and you have to be on top of it because your competition sure is.

Focus on Business but Engage Developers and IT to Modernize

Remember, we are all in this new delicate cloud eco systemtogether so it is best to engage all parties even as you try to do an endaround them. Developers will be crucial allies in building a hybrid OnPremcloud solution and IT will help you track outages on cloud systems just likethey always have for internal systems.

Be Business Tech Savvy to Extend Your Brand

You may be asking yourself, how does this extend the brand?Think huge retailer with leading cloud PaaS market share. Make a point ofunderstanding these new disruptive forces of nature. Understand how NodeJS andNPM drive modularity and manage dependencies that reduce business risk. UtilizeGitHub to research and rate technologies that could impact and shorten your time tomarket. Don’t be passive, get a free developer account on Koding.com toexperience a PaaS system and write a Hello app in 5 different languages. Usethe force, do a lot of “What is XYZ” searches.


Transform your business but don’t forget to have some fun.

          Many colors of Faux Leather to choose from, UsagiTeam vegan leather bow tie collar, dog faux leather, vegan leather dog collar by usagiteam        

25.00 USD

Introducing our latest bowtie for this season! This funky faux leather look is like nothing else you've seen. Made with all the same top quality materials Usagiteam is known for. A collar is totally adjustable as listed and the bowtie is removable.

UsagiTeam designer dog collars with bowties are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality materials and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See our store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
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Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
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<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
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We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 4-7 business days to arrive. International orders should expect longer delivery times. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

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Spot cleaning only, Not washable.

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          New Color! Chestnut in Fall, Designer dog collars, Bow Tie Dog and Cat Collar Bow Tie Dog Wedding- Dog Collar, Wedding Dog Collar by usagiteam        

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UsagiTeam designer bow ties, collars, leashes are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality material and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
Bowtie only B: for your 3/4" width collar
Bowtie only C: for your 1" width collar

Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length

<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"

<Bow+Collar+Leash set>
Bow Collar Leash Set A: Bowtie+Collar (7-10"L x 1/2"w) + Leash (5'L x 1/2"w)
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We haven't forgotten our kitty friends either! For them we offer a breakaway collar for added safety. Just select Size A Cat in the drop down. Only available in the 1/2" width. **NO LEASH can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cat safety for walk.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

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We offer beautiful metal parts for an additional $5. Just add the following item to your cart at check out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153768821/metal-parts-upgrade-additional-payment?ref=shop_home_active

We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 5-7 business days to arrive within US. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout. International orders should expect longer delivery times, see store policy for detail.

Plastic buckled Collar: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.
Metal buckled Collar: Spot cleaning
Bow tie: Spot cleaning.
Leash: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.

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          New Color! Davidson Plaid, Dog Cat Pet bow tie, collar, leash for dog park, party, family photo and wedding! by usagiteam        

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UsagiTeam designer bow ties, collars, leashes are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality material and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
Bowtie only B: for your 3/4" width collar
Bowtie only C: for your 1" width collar

Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length

<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"

<Bow+Collar+Leash set>
Bow Collar Leash Set A: Bowtie+Collar (7-10"L x 1/2"w) + Leash (5'L x 1/2"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set B: Bowtie+Collar (10-15"L x 3/4"w) + Leash (5'L x 3/4"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set C: Bowtie+Collar (15-25"L x 1"w) + Leash (5'L x 1"w)

We haven't forgotten our kitty friends either! For them we offer a breakaway collar for added safety. Just select Size A Cat in the drop down. Only available in the 1/2" width. **NO LEASH can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cat safety for walk.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

Absolutely! Just add the "Matching Harness" product item to your check out cart to complete the perfect set. https://www.etsy.com/listing/199154841/usagiteam-harness-for-your-pet-dog-cat?ref=shop_home_active_3

Sure, Just contact us!

We offer beautiful metal parts for an additional $5. Just add the following item to your cart at check out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153768821/metal-parts-upgrade-additional-payment?ref=shop_home_active

We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 5-7 business days to arrive within US. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout. International orders should expect longer delivery times, see store policy for detail.

Plastic buckled Collar: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.
Metal buckled Collar: Spot cleaning
Bow tie: Spot cleaning.
Leash: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.

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          New Color! Potrero Hill seersucker, dog bow tie collar, cat bow tie collar, seersucker dog collar, dog bow tie, dog collar, pet bow tie by usagiteam        

15.00 USD

UsagiTeam designer bow ties, collars, leashes are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality material and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
Bowtie only B: for your 3/4" width collar
Bowtie only C: for your 1" width collar

Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length

<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"

<Bow+Collar+Leash set>
Bow Collar Leash Set A: Bowtie+Collar (7-10"L x 1/2"w) + Leash (5'L x 1/2"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set B: Bowtie+Collar (10-15"L x 3/4"w) + Leash (5'L x 3/4"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set C: Bowtie+Collar (15-25"L x 1"w) + Leash (5'L x 1"w)

We haven't forgotten our kitty friends either! For them we offer a breakaway collar for added safety. Just select Size A Cat in the drop down. Only available in the 1/2" width. **NO LEASH can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cat safety for walk.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

Absolutely! Just add the "Matching Harness" product item to your check out cart to complete the perfect set. https://www.etsy.com/listing/199154841/usagiteam-harness-for-your-pet-dog-cat?ref=shop_home_active_3

Sure, Just contact us!

We offer beautiful metal parts for an additional $5. Just add the following item to your cart at check out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153768821/metal-parts-upgrade-additional-payment?ref=shop_home_active

We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 5-7 business days to arrive within US. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout. International orders should expect longer delivery times, see store policy for detail.

-Plastic buckled Collar: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.
-Metal buckled Collar: Spot cleaning
-Bow tie: Spot cleaning.
-Leash: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.

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*Profit from this sale save animals at shelters and rescue groups!

          4 colors to choose from! Dog cat pet bow tie collar set Cream Black dot collection by usagiteam        

15.00 USD

UsagiTeam designer bow ties, collars, leashes are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality material and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
Bowtie only B: for your 3/4" width collar
Bowtie only C: for your 1" width collar

Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length

<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"

<Bow+Collar+Leash set>
Bow Collar Leash Set A: Bowtie+Collar (7-10"L x 1/2"w) + Leash (5'L x 1/2"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set B: Bowtie+Collar (10-15"L x 3/4"w) + Leash (5'L x 3/4"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set C: Bowtie+Collar (15-25"L x 1"w) + Leash (5'L x 1"w)

We haven't forgotten our kitty friends either! For them we offer a breakaway collar for added safety. Just select Size A Cat in the drop down. Only available in the 1/2" width. **NO LEASH can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cat safety for walk.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

Absolutely! Just add the "Matching Harness" product item to your check out cart to complete the perfect set. https://www.etsy.com/listing/199154841/usagiteam-harness-for-your-pet-dog-cat?ref=shop_home_active_3

Sorry, no bandana available.

We offer beautiful metal parts for an additional $5. Just add the following item to your cart at check out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153768821/metal-parts-upgrade-additional-payment?ref=shop_home_active

We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 5-7 business days to arrive within US. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout. International orders should expect longer delivery times, see store policy for detail.

-Plastic buckled Collar: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.
-Metal buckled Collar: Spot cleaning
-Bow tie: Spot cleaning.
-Leash: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.

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*Profit from this sale save animals at shelters and rescue groups!

          New Color! 2 colors to choose from, Dog collar cat collar Bow tie, made in san francisco, South West or Brown Dot, dog collar by usagiteam        

15.00 USD

UsagiTeam designer bow ties, collars, leashes are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality material and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
Bowtie only B: for your 3/4" width collar
Bowtie only C: for your 1" width collar

Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length

<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"

<Bow+Collar+Leash set>
Bow Collar Leash Set A: Bowtie+Collar (7-10"L x 1/2"w) + Leash (5'L x 1/2"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set B: Bowtie+Collar (10-15"L x 3/4"w) + Leash (5'L x 3/4"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set C: Bowtie+Collar (15-25"L x 1"w) + Leash (5'L x 1"w)

We haven't forgotten our kitty friends either! For them we offer a breakaway collar for added safety. Just select Size A Cat in the drop down. Only available in the 1/2" width. **NO LEASH can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cat safety for walk.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

Absolutely! Just add the "Matching Harness" product item to your check out cart to complete the perfect set. https://www.etsy.com/listing/199154841/usagiteam-harness-for-your-pet-dog-cat?ref=shop_home_active_3

Sure, Just contact us!

We offer beautiful metal parts for an additional $5. Just add the following item to your cart at check out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153768821/metal-parts-upgrade-additional-payment?ref=shop_home_active

We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 5-7 business days to arrive within US. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout. International orders should expect longer delivery times, see store policy for detail.

Plastic buckled Collar: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.
Metal buckled Collar: Spot cleaning
Bow tie: Spot cleaning.
Leash: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.

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          Dog cat pet bowtie collar Kiwi green or brown gingham check, dog bow tie collar made in USA, pet bow tie collar leash, bow tie by Usagiteam by usagiteam        

15.00 USD

UsagiTeam designer bow ties, collars, leashes are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality material and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
Bowtie only B: for your 3/4" width collar
Bowtie only C: for your 1" width collar

Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length

<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"

<Bow+Collar+Leash set>
Bow Collar Leash Set A: Bowtie+Collar (7-10"L x 1/2"w) + Leash (5'L x 1/2"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set B: Bowtie+Collar (10-15"L x 3/4"w) + Leash (5'L x 3/4"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set C: Bowtie+Collar (15-25"L x 1"w) + Leash (5'L x 1"w)

We haven't forgotten our kitty friends either! For them we offer a breakaway collar for added safety. Just select Size A Cat in the drop down. Only available in the 1/2" width. **NO LEASH can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cat safety for walk.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

Absolutely! Just add the "Matching Harness" product item to your check out cart to complete the perfect set. https://www.etsy.com/listing/199154841/usagiteam-harness-for-your-pet-dog-cat?ref=shop_home_active_3

Sure, Just contact us!

We offer beautiful metal parts for an additional $5. Just add the following item to your cart at check out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153768821/metal-parts-upgrade-additional-payment?ref=shop_home_active

We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 5-7 business days to arrive within US. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout. International orders should expect longer delivery times, see store policy for detail.

Plastic buckled Collar: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.
Metal buckled Collar: Spot cleaning
Bow tie: Spot cleaning.
Leash: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.

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          Dog cat bow tie Collar -Japanese Kimono Karakusa- Japanese dog collar, Japanese bow tie, Kimono bow tie collar, Kimono dog UsagiTeam by usagiteam        

15.00 USD

UsagiTeam designer bow ties, collars, leashes are handmade in San Francisco with the highest quality material and a personal attention to detail. Our unique designs are perfect for that special occasion but also durable enough for an everyday roll through the park. The removable bow tie is securely attached with double velcro straps for easy on and off. You can feel secure knowing we use the best heavyweight webbing, welded D-Rings, triple stitched stress points and comfortable contoured buckles for your pup.

Check your current collar width/length and order right size. We accept exchange, however all shipping cost is on buyer. See store policy for detail.

Bowtie only A: for your 1/2" width collar
Bowtie only B: for your 3/4" width collar
Bowtie only C: for your 1" width collar

Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length

<Bowtie+Collar set>
Size A collars have a 1/2" width, 7-10" length and Bowtie 4"x2"
Size B collars have a 3/4" width, 10-15" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"
Size C collars have a 1" width, 15-25" length and Bowtie 4.5"x2.5"

<Bow+Collar+Leash set>
Bow Collar Leash Set A: Bowtie+Collar (7-10"L x 1/2"w) + Leash (5'L x 1/2"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set B: Bowtie+Collar (10-15"L x 3/4"w) + Leash (5'L x 3/4"w)
Bow Collar Leash Set C: Bowtie+Collar (15-25"L x 1"w) + Leash (5'L x 1"w)

We haven't forgotten our kitty friends either! For them we offer a breakaway collar for added safety. Just select Size A Cat in the drop down. Only available in the 1/2" width. **NO LEASH can be used with our cat breakaway buckle collar for your cat safety for walk.

Finding your pup's perfect collar size is easy. Use a measuring tape to find the circumference of the neck where the collar normally rests. Make sure not to pull too tight or too loose. No measuring tape? Use a string then measure it against a flat ruler.

Now that you have the correct neck circumference, simply choose the appropriate size from the drop down menu. All our collars are adjustable so you'll have extra space to get the perfect fit.

Absolutely! Just add the "Matching Harness" product item to your check out cart to complete the perfect set. https://www.etsy.com/listing/199154841/usagiteam-harness-for-your-pet-dog-cat?ref=shop_home_active_3

Sure, Just contact us!

We offer beautiful metal parts for an additional $5. Just add the following item to your cart at check out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/153768821/metal-parts-upgrade-additional-payment?ref=shop_home_active

We ship all our items from San Francisco, USA as quickly as we can. Orders ship out within 3-5 business days and can take from 5-7 business days to arrive within US. If you would like 2-3 business days deliver within US, please select USPS Priority at checkout. International orders should expect longer delivery times, see store policy for detail.

Plastic buckled Collar: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.
Metal buckled Collar: Spot cleaning
Bow tie: Spot cleaning.
Leash: machine wash cold in a net bag and let it air dry.

❤ Find us at instagram / FaceBook / Pinterest / Twitter ❤ usagiteam.com

♥♥Special thanks to Reggie and Jennifer for cute pictures! ♥♥

          5mm Laces        
5mm Laces

5mm Laces

Inov-8's laces are the right size and thickness for Inov-8 shoes! Inov-8 says: 5mm flat replacement laces available in a variety of sizes so they fit any inov8 shoes.

          ECA-266R Titanium Mug Pot 500        
ECA-266R Titanium Mug Pot 500

ECA-266R Titanium Mug Pot 500

Evernew's ECA-266R Titanium Mug Pot 500 is ideal for boiling water but a little too small for complex cooking. Most freeze dried meals take less than 400ml of water to reconstitute, so a 500ml pot is the right size if that's the type of meal you are using. Evernew says: Ultralight titanium pot designed to perfectly fit the Evernew Stove Stand DX.  

          Summer Sun Safety Tips for Kids        

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year to enjoy vacationing with the family. In fact, most families are preplanning their vacation long before the summer comes. Kids and adults alike will love to head to beach resorts to enjoy the water. This is indeed a very fun experience for both young and adults. However, this could also be worst to your skin if you are not cautious enough. Too much sun exposure can lead to skin damage and even worse, skin cancer.

That is why it’s imperative to be aware of some of the best sun safety tips during the summer. This will help keep you and your kids protected from the harmful UV rays. So, before everybody gets lost in frenzy, here are some of the useful tips that parents should take heed of. Observing these tips will ensure that your kids will be protected from the damaging effects of the sun.

Lessen exposure to direct sunlight

It is during the summer when the sun will emit heat and UV radiations at intense level. This is where maximum sun protection is much needed. Of course, the sun is not a foe. It is in fact, considered the source of life. Without the warmth of the sun, we cannot survive. It’s just that UV rays happen to have harmful effects on our skin on direct exposure. You should not forfeit your kid’s enjoyment of the sun by hiding them in the darkness of your room. The best thing for you to do is to lessen their direct exposure to the sun as much as possible. Be aware of the time when the sun is emitting intense level of UV radiations. That’s from 10am to 4pm.

Protect your kids with sun protection clothing

The sun rays cannot be that bad at all times. It can also be the source of vitamin D which is good for both kids and adults. Your body especially the young ones need this vitamin to strengthen the bones. However, it is always advised by the experts not to expose young children to too much sun. Their young fragile skin may not stand up against the intensity of the UV rays. But let’s face it, you cannot keep your kids from going outdoors and play with friends. In order to protect them from these harmful rays, you must ensure that they are wearing sun protective clothes. Sun protection clothing is specifically designed to prevent the radiation from reaching or penetrating through the skin.

Use Sunscreen

Some styles for sun protection clothing cannot cover the entire body. This is where sunscreen comes in handy. The best sunscreens for kids must have an SPF of at least 15. If your kids will be staying in the water longer than usual, ensure you use the waterproof brand and reapply as needed.

Consider other summer gear

UV protective outfits are generally complete to the last accessories in most specialty shops. These sun protective gears include the sun hats of different materials, sizes and designs. Be sure you are getting the right quality gear for your kids. It should be the right size and fit as well as perfect enough to cover the shoulder and the entire face. It must also be enough to protect the scalp, the areas at the back of the head and the neck. A matching pair of quality sunglasses is also important to protect your kids’ eyes from the sun’s glare.

While these summer sun safety tips are meant for the kids, there must also be adult supervision in the use of the materials or equipment. Certainly, these tips are equally applicable and addressed to parents or any adult companions. For sure, the kids will be watching you. So, you must also be observing these tips for your own protection as well. Be responsible also to check your kid’s skin condition minutes after slathering sunscreen lotion. If you notice that rashes are starting to develop, you have to discontinue using it. Additionally, check your kid’s skin condition after minutes or hours of being exposed to the sun. If there are blemishes that appear reddish, perhaps it’s high time to withdraw him out from the water or from direct sunlight.

Summer is indeed fun. It can be even more fun if you are totally protected from the sun’s UV rays. As responsible parent, you have to take heed of these tips. This is especially if you don’t want your kids to miss the fun and excitement of summer. For the best sun protection clothing for your kids visit Stingray Australia. We are the original supplier of genuine quality sun protection clothing in Australia and all over the world. We have a range of sun protective clothing for kids to choose from. We offer a wide variety of design and style that is guaranteed to fit kids at any age. For all your sun protective clothing requirements including other summer gears or accessories visit us online today. You can also call us on 1800 717876.

          Drift Studio Table Design Contest Winners!        

Thanks for another great contest everyone! We're excited to announce the talented winners and show off their winning designs. First, let's take a moment to thank the great folks at Drift Studio that helped put this contest together.

Drift Studio is an incubator for design and product ideas. Their mission is to create elegant and thoughtful products that marry form and function while offering something more – the ability to personalize. Attention to detail, quality materials and craftsmanship form the foundation of furniture you can be proud of.

And now time for the much anticipated contest winners!

First Place and winner of a Drift Studio table:

Fancy Stripes by Any Palacios

Second Place and winner of a small Drift Studio table:

Hold the Line by dazzlement

Third Place and winner of $100 towards the purchase of a table:

Fairy tale land by sherrydee846

Fourth Place and winner of $50 towards the purchase of a table:

Music Chaos by Ivy21

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that entered!

Just a quick reminder that anyone that entered the contest can download your entries and upload it to the Drift Studio website to make a table from your very own design. To download your file, simply click the "Drift Studio Contest: Download" link found under your pattern details. And voila! This download is configured to be just the right size for a Drift Studio tabletop. Who knew making your own furniture was this easy? :)

Stay tuned for the next contest and opportunity to show off those design skills. Have a great weekend!

          Delightful Devizes        
This article first appeared in the April 2014 issue of My Wiltshire magazine
Lying at the very heart of Wiltshire, the charming market town of Devizes has a history which stretches back at least as far as the Roman invasion.
Devizes: Market Town
The first Devizes Castle was erected shortly after the Norman Conquest and provided one of the area’s main landmarks (today’s castle is a Victorian building, erected on the site and now privately owned), and Devizes is one of the few towns in the country that has kept its medieval street pattern. Boasting nearly 500 listed buildings, possibly the highest concentration of such important architecture anywhere in England, there are still fine examples of Tudor and Georgian construction throughout the town.
Approaching Devizes from the west, one of the first things you encounter are the historic Caen Hill locks along the Kennet and Avon Canal: 29 locks with a rise of 237 feet over two miles. Caen Hill Marina itself provides mooring for almost 250 boats, and you’ll find colourful narrowboats and barges tied up along the canal bank all year round. If you fancy a day (or longer) on the water, canal boats can be hired from the following three businesses; Below the locks is Foxhangers, above the locks are White Horse Boatsand Devizes Marina, have everything you need.
wadworth-horsesDevizes is dominated by the presence of Wadworth’s Northgate Brewery, which proudly overlooks the town from one end of the Market Place. The new Visitor’s Centre traces the history of brewing in Devizes – Wadworth’s own history spans over 125 years – and the brewer’s famous shire horses still make daily deliveries in town. The Market Place itself is home to many of the town’s coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and shops, as well as a bustling outdoor market which was established by Royal Charter in 1141 and is still held every Thursday. Just off to the left of the market is The Shambles, Devizes’ historic indoor market, where you can buy everything from fruit and veg to flowers and fresh fish. Open every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, many of the traders in The Shambles have been working there for years. On the opposite side of the Market Place, next to the Bear Hotel (which has stood on the site since at least 1559 and was once an important coaching inn), you’ll find the Corn Exchange, where regular flea markets, collector’s fairs and live concerts are held.
The town has managed to hang on to many of its small, independent businesses – several of which you’ll find in the pedestrian-only streets radiating from around The Shambles. Take a wander down the 15th Century St John’s Alley where, occupying a wonderfully unspoiled example of Tudor architecture, you’ll find milliner Joan Pressley Hats where you can not only get your hats sorted for that special occasion but, if you wish, spend a night under the ancient wooden beams: they also offer bed and breakfast! Need a new outfit to go with that hat? Spirit Fashion (3 High Street) offers a fabulous mix of stylish clothes and accessories for all ages, and Lovely Shoes in nearby Maryport Street will sort you out with the perfect pair of heels and perhaps a matching bag too. While you’re shopping, why not take advantage of the professional fitting service at Mystique Lingerie in Little Brittox? At The Emporium (7, St John’s Street) you’ll find a wide range of gifts and homeware items, and the Bluestone gallery in Old Swan Yard is recognised as one of the foremost craft galleries in the South West, with a wide choice of high quality original work on offer.
devizes-bakeryA haven for foodies, apart from all of the glorious fresh produce you’ll find on market day in Sidmouth Street there’s Walter Rose and Son, the town’s long-established independent butcher and winner of the Best Butcher’s Shop in the South of England. You’ll often find Salisbury-born celebrity chef Tom Kerridge there: the Cook family supply most of the meat for Tom’s famous Hand and Flowers pub. Just one mile from the town, Poulshot Lodge Farm Shop sells locally sourced beef, pork, lamb and poultry, with 90 percent of the meat coming from the Hues family’s own farm, where they have been rearing livestock for almost 50 years. Take a break from your shopping at Emily’s Tearoom, in Maryport Street, situated in the North wing of the 300-plus year old Three Crowns Brewery. A trip back to a bygone age, there are home-made scones and cakes, soups, sandwiches, a range of daily specials and your tea is served in fine china cups. If you’re looking for something more substantial then head for The Bistro at Vaughan’s Kitchen in Little Brittox, where chef/proprietor Peter Vaughan also runs an excellent cookery school on Hopton Industrial Estate, Devizes, or Dolcipani in Old Swan Yard, where Sicilian-influenced dishes vie for your attention alongside the famous, freshly-baked breads and cheesecakes.
Each year the Devizes Festival brings an amazing variety of music, literature, theatre, dance, poetry and comedy to the town. Now celebrating its 32nd anniversary, the festival has grown from just a couple of days to two and a half weeks of top class entertainment: this year’s festival takes place June 4-22. The annual Devizes Carnival and Street Festival, with its colourful floats, musicians, marching bands and street performers, is held at the end of August.
In nearby Rowde, the Rowdey Cow Cafe and Ice Cream Parlour offers up to 16 different flavours of fresh ice cream made on the farm from their own cows’ milk. The café itself serves up scrumptious cooked breakfasts, lunches and teas seven days a week, using the best local produce.
kac-bargeIf you’re looking for a unique place to stay whilst exploring Devizes, Rosemundy Cottage is an environmentally-friendly, four star Bed and Breakfast situated right next to the glorious Kennet and Avon Canal. A relaxing base for both leisure and business visitors, the award-winning Rosemundy Cottage is within easy reach of the area’s many tourist attractions. Just a mile outside Devizes, in the hamlet of Roundway Village, you’ll find Southdown Bed & Breakfast, which also offers award-winning four star accommodation and is perfect for cyclists and hikers wanting to discover the gorgeous local scenery.
Whether you’re looking for a new carpet for your home or a contract floor for an office, factory, hotel or pub HallMark Flooring in Market Place can provide everything you need. With fully-qualified and highly-experienced fitters and service personnel HallMark pride themselves on providing quality, value and convenience to their customers.
The Wiltshire Heritage Museum, which also acts as the town’s Tourist Information Centre, has the finest Bronze Age archaeology collection in England with much material from the World Heritage Sites of Avebury and Stonehenge, including dozens of spectacular treasures worn by people who worshiped inside the stone circle. At the other end of town the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust museum traces the history of the canal from its earliest days to its decline and its rise to glory again thanks to the Canal Trust.
With so much history, it should come as no surprise that the town has its own ghost walk, hosted by local blacksmith John Girvan, or that the area abounds in stories, myths and legends. Perhaps the most famous story is that of the Moonrakers: a group of smugglers had hidden contraband barrels of French brandy from customs officers in the Crammer, a pond at Southbroom, Devizes. While trying to retrieve the barrels at night, they were caught by excise men, but the quick-witted smugglers pointed to the moon’s reflection and explained that they were trying to rake in a cheese which had fallen in the water. The excise men laughed at the stupidity of the yokels and went on their way – but it was the Moonrakers who had the last laugh!
The perfect centre for trips to Bath, Stonehenge, Avebury, Salisbury, Marlborough and Swindon, the countryside surrounding Devizes offers stately homes, picturesque villages, wonderful waterways and fantastic walking and cycling as well as some truly great pubs – a visit to the King’s Arms in All Cannings on May 31 is a must: the pub is hosting a fundraising concert starring the Boomtown Rats and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.

          Let's Make a Movie!: Halo        

We all do it. Gamers love to sit around and cast their favorite video game characters for live-action movies. Most of the time, we simply rehash fan favorites (Nathan Fillion in EVERYTHING!), but I like to think a little further; a little more realistically. In this feature, I plan to think through a film further than the big-named actor attached, but also the director, writer(s), etc.

This time, I want to pound out what I believe could be a massive financial success, if done right: Halo. So, without further ado...

Halo Logo

Director: Drew Goddard

When a Halo movie almost happened several years back, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp was all set up and ready to go with Peter Jackson producing. And while there's little denying that that team-up would've produced a high-quality feature film, I'd rather see Blomkamp continue his current run of high-quality original science-fiction films (also, there's another video game that I think his style would be better suited for). So, where do I go from there? Big names like Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg certainly sound sweet, and I'm sure that they're efforts would be exactly what many fans are hoping for, but I like to think of smaller directors getting their big chance with video game adaptations. After all, superhero movies were largely a joke until the director of The Usual Suspects and Apt Pupil came in and made X-Men. Basically, we don't need established big-name directors to make these movies.


In comes Drew Goddard, who has one directing credit to his name, but it's a great one: Cabin in the Woods. Goddard proved he could handle fun, suspense, and special effects as well as some of the most seasoned veterans. More importantly, he was capable of telling a great story and if we're looking to build a cinematic universe like the one that Bungie has built with the Halo video games, then story and characters will have to come first, and a Halo movie can't be just a quick cash grab. Goddard's steady hand and ability to handle a low-budget and make a great looking film should make him a very attractive choice for Halo. 


Runners Up: Josh Trank; Joseph Kosinski; Matt Reeves

Pass On: Peter Jackson; Steven Spielberg; James Cameron


Producer: Joss Whedon

I know, I know... I said I didn't want to fan-boy out on this feature, but Whedon really does make sense with Goddard directing. Really! As I drew-goddard-joss-whedon-the-cabin-in-the-woods-image-600x399mentioned earlier, Goddard has one single directing notch in his belt, which isn't a bad thing, but his lack of directing experience will mean that he's less experienced in dealing with bossy studio heads, and if there's one thing we know about studio films, it's that typically studio suits intervening is a bad thing. A director must have a producing partner that can work as a go-between for the director and the studio. After The Avengers, Whedon has the clout to really get what he wants and he clearly knows how to make a great movie with a built in fan base. Double this with the fact that the two worked very closely together on Cabin in the Woods and choosing Whedon as a producer is a very clear and easy choice.

Additionally, having a producer that will allow his director to breathe is crucial. The big names like Bruckheimer and Grazer are great when they work with their go-to directors (see: Gore Verbinski, Michael Bay, and Ron Howard), however my fear is that their interaction with less known director might end up being too overbearing.

Runners Up: J.J. Abrams; Steven Spielberg; Peter Jackson

Pass On: Jerry Bruckheimer; Brian Grazer; Lorenzo di Bonaventura


Writer(s): Max Landis with Drew Goddard & Joss Whedon and Alex Garland

Now this is quite the process, but Halo has a history of attempts to make it to the big screen. Alex Garland wrote a great script, and you can find copies of it online with a little digging. I've read it and, for the most part, I really liked it. However there are a few things that I felt could be tighter; could've been more fun. This is where I want to bring in hottest writer in Hollywood right now, Max Landis.

landisMax Landis wrote Chronicle, which was directed by Josh Trank (one of the Runners Up for the directing chair). Seeing Landis speak, and watching his work on screen, shows that, like his father, he is very much in tune with what makes a movie fun. Halo has to be fun, and too heavy of a tone would ultimately bring the whole thing down. From there I want Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon to put that wonderful Whedon finish on the script. These two are very, very good at writing, and I think that not having them have a hand in the writing process seems like a massive waste. I would love to see the skeleton of what Garland did make it to the big screen, injected with the youthful energy of Landis, and then with a nice coat of polish over the whole thing by the director and producer.

Runners Up: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman; ONLY Drew Goddard; Damon Lindelof

Pass On: Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz; Mathew Michael Carnahan; David Twohy


The Halo games set up a very great 3-part trilogy that, frankly, should be followed closely. In transitioning that story to screen though, the writers/director really need to find a way to balance the action bits with the quieter moments. Master Chief/John-117 isn't a great character. He rarely shows any emotion and there really isn't much for audiences to latch onto, other than the fact that we are him (in the games) and he's a bad-ass. That said, the characters surrounding Master Chief/John have always been far more interesting. Cortana is secretly the star of the games, while Sargent Johnson, Captain Keyes, Miranda Keyes, and Catherine Halsey were, yes, supporting characters, but were much more human than John ever was.

The film needs to act as something of an origin film for John and Cortana's strange relationship. He is, for all intents and purposes, a machine,cortana-and-chief-2 though he has a heart and brain beneath the armor. And Cortana is definitely a machine; an AI, yet somehow she's more in tune with her emotions than John is. This strange, yet somehow beautiful, dynamic should absolutely be the heart of the film. It makes John more interesting, and Cortana's frustrations over John's robot-like demeanor can instantly be relatable to the audience watching the film. Halsey should play a pretty significant role and the movie should be peppered with flashbacks to John's training on Reach and that planet's eventual demise. Of course, Halsey and Capt. Keyes eventually went on to give birth to Miranda Keyes, who plays an interesting role in this universe because she's never lived in a world where the Covenant weren't a looming threat and the SPARTAN program didn't exist.

johnsonSargent Johnson should be pretty much in line with his character in the games. He should be a tough-as-nails, no bullshit, type of mo-fo. The kind of guy that would rather be captured, tortured, and killed before giving up the location of just one of his soldiers. Every war movie needs one of these, and I think that it'd be a comical thread if Johnson was totally aware of this character archetype in war films. In fact, why not have him be a big fan of the genre in general? His missions with John (you'll notice I refer to him as John and not Chief because it works to humanize an otherwise inhuman character) will feature Johnson trying to prove that you don't need to be a super soldier to fight back the alien forces, and there'll be many times that Johnson out-performs Chief. This will ultimately help to push along the theme that humanity prevails over all else.

There's so much more I could go into that should absolutely be in the final film (I love the idea of Cortana adopting Halsey's guilt over the SPARTAN program, for example), but this piece would end up being 10,000+ words! Let's move on...


Composer: Martin O'Donnell

I mean, this should come as no surprise, really. O'Donnell's score for the Halo games is better than the majority of film scores. That said, I don't want to see him just rehash what he's already done. I would love to hear a few of the iconic songs (the chanting monks are a MUST), but really the music produced for the games is video game music. Let's have some brand new tunes to listen to!


The other choice is John Williams, who will likely be far too busy with Star Wars, but ultimately it is his scores that helped defined an era in filmmaking that has never been surpassed. I can't help but think that a Halo John Williams score would be... magical.

Runners Up: John Williams

Pass On: Hans Zimmer; Danny Elfman; Howard Shore


Cinematographer: Claudio Miranda

Simply put, Miranda has shot some of the most beautiful science fiction films of the last decade (and non sci-fi, too). Especially Oblivion (directed by Joseph Kosinski, who made my Runners Up list of directors), Miranda has proven himself to really be capable of giving a film a distinct tone that fits nicely within a crowded genre. His less sci-fi-ey movies, particularly Life of Pi and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, have a very beautiful dream-like quality to them, and I think this beauty is crucial when selling audiences on the reality of the otherwordly Halo (the actual Halo in Halo) and the grimness of an Earth ravaged by interstellar war.



Master Chief/John-117: Ken Kirzinger or Tyler Mane (in suit), Denzel Washington (voice)

Master Chief needs to be large and intimidating and while Ken Kirzinger isn't the biggest guy in Hollywood, he's certainly intimidating. It'd be easy to make the character mostly CG, and that makes sense for some of Chief's more acrobatic moments, however for any moment that he's not jumping around and shooting, he should definitely be just a guy in a suit and Kirzinger has certainly been a guy that's been good at being just a guy in a suit (Jason Voorhies in Freddy vs. Jason). He's also an accomplished stuntman, and that's what we really need. Darth Vadar was played by a bodybuilder, and Chief should be played by a stuntman. Easy as that.


The other,perhaps better, choice is Tyler Mane, who has constantly been the big, huge scary guy.

Runners Up: None (in suit); This is really tough, so I'll say none, despite the fact that I'm sure I could come up with others (voice)But we all know that Darth Vadar wasn't voiced by David Prowse (the bodybuilder mentioned above). That iconic voice was James Earl Jones, and who better to have a similar effect to Jones than Denzel Washington. Denzel would be a great choice not only because his voice is awesome, but he's also a name that the studio would feel comfortable attaching to their massive budget. The studios might want to show off their expensive actor's face and that would be tricky. But Denzel could easily be uglied up (such as battle scars, etc.) while still remaining recognizable enough that studios could slap his name on posters to put butts in seats.

Pass On: Steve Downes (original voice of Master Chief)


Cortana: January Jones


January Jones is great at being mechanical and I don't mean that as an insult. Her work on Mad Men was heartbreaking at times. Her housewife demeanor showed far more cracks than her character ever would've wanted onlookers to see, and it's that "robot with a heart" that I really want to see out of Cortana as a character. On top of that, there's the obvious reason that Jones is devilishly sexy (not unlike Cortana).

Runners Up: Evan Rachel Wood; Anna Torv; Charlize Theron 

Pass On: Christina Hendricks; Drew Barrymore (duh?); Cameron Diaz


Sargent Johnson: Dennis Haysbert

dennis_haysbert_the_unitI think I can make the argument that no other casting choice is as tightly contested as this one. Dennis Haysbert edges out actors like Idris Elba, Andre Braugher, and Harry Lenix, but just barely. Elba is clearly the fan favorite, and that can't go completely ignored. He's certainly an incredible actor that elevates what would otherwise be mediocre films (Pacific Rim).

However, Haysbert's presence on film doesn't overpower the actors around him. He's very powerful and masculine, and his voice alone is enough to invoke a sense of intelligence that even Brits like Elba can rarely elicit. On top of that, I chose Haysbert over the other actors because he's somewhat older. I like that about Johnson; he's a character who has been around and seen some carnage, yet somehow it hasn't broken him. He's a good man with the world on his shoulders, and the only other man that is capable of keeping up is John-117.

Runners Up: Idris Elba; Andre Braugher; Harry Lenix

Pass On: Jamie Foxx; David Oyelowo; Forest Whitaker


Captain Jacob Keyes: Mark Harmon or Ed Harris

Captain Keyes is a really tough character to cast. He needs to be older, but not too old where it becomes unbelievable that he's capable of what he does. He must project a presence of masculinity and experience and while there might be actors better suited for half the equation than Mark Harmon, I struggle to find an actor that fits both descriptions. In all likelihood, an unknown might be better suited for this role, however fan-casting an unknown is unbelievably difficult because, well, they'e unknown. edharris

Another option I considered was Ed Harris, and I think you could go either way. The most important thing to me is that they need to be both militaristic and fatherly towards Miranda. In my movie, I'd like there to be a tension between Captain Keyes and Catherine Halsey, like they'd had a falling out romantically as well as politically.

I really want to pass on complete action heroes of yesteryear. Basically, if they'd fit in with the cast of The Expendables, then they're not right for this role.

Runners Up: Tommy Lee Jones; James Caan; Harrison Ford

Pass On: R. Lee Ermey; Sylvester Stallone; Arnold Schwarzenegger  


Catherine Halsey: Diane Lane

dianelaneSimilarly to Captain Keyes, Catherine Halsey is also difficult to cast. My initial instinct was to say Helen Mirren, but I think she plays a bit older than the actors I've considered for the role of Keyes. Diane Lane, however, feels like she could believably have been in a relationship with Keyes and produced a daughter the age of the actress I'm leaning towards for her daughter, Miranda.

The benefit of casting Lane in this role, too, is that she's beautiful enough to play both older than her real-life age and younger. She'll be a character that will be featured heavily in flashbacks (looking back at John's initial training), and with a little make-up, Lane could play a believable 30-something.

Runners Up: Catherine Keener; Jodie Foster; Sigourney Weaver

Pass On: Helen Mirren; Dianne Keaton; Meryl Streep



Miranda Keyes: Anna Kendrick

Okay, I'm guilty. I might be hopelessly in love with Anna Kendrick, but I promise, that does not have me ignoring the fact that many people will recognize her from Twilight movies. But if you take the time to really observe her talent, you'll notice she can play a character that is both reluctant and strong-willed. Take her performance in Jason Reitman's Up in the Air for example. She shows a determination that is so important in a character with such a strong military background, but she also shows evidence of of a softness that will inevitably break down her hard exterior.


My version of Halo would feature a Miranda Keyes that was forced into the military, and thanks to her hard-work, intelligence, and connections, eventually moved up to carry the title of Commander. She's going to earn that title in my film. She'll be forced to work alongside John, Cortana, and Sargent Johnson. She'll play a crucial role in saving the world from the Covenant and the film will end with her in a new role, commanding an entire ship. 

I also appreciate the fact that Kendrick is young enough to, hopefully, last for an entire trilogy of films that could take nearly a decade to film and release (I'm not fond of an annual release schedule, like The Hobbit).

Runners Up: Keira Knightley; Evan Rachel Wood; Jennifer Lawrence

Pass On: Amber Heard; Dianna Agron; Sophia Bush


Other Things to Consider:

Film or Digital: Honestly, I don't know that it matters with a movie like Halo. But, because there will be a whole load of CGI effects, having the film shot on digital would hurry the entire process along.

3D?: I say "why not?" Film certain scenes in 3D and post-convert others. If the quality of the 3D can be anywhere near what Michael Bay was able to do with the third Transformers film, I'd be thrilled.

IMAX?: Of course! This is going to be a film with massive scope. Why wouldn't I want a giant screen that would reflect that?

CGI vs. Practical: You know I love practical effects, and I think many of the up close shots of the aliens should be practically shot but CGI makes sense when we see large spaceships and huge hordes of aliens from a distance. That said, I want a fully functional MJOLNIR armor for John. How bad ass would that look?

Release Date: June 30th, 2017. This will be the big movie for Summer 2017. That also gives us plenty of time to give this film the extra polish the visual effects in this deserve. Historically speaking, that first weekend in July is one of the biggest release dates of the year.

Anything else?: This is going to require a massive budget, and it would likely be the biggest push from whichever studio backs this for the year. I want as few spoilers in the trailers as possible. The teaser would only feature voice-overs from the supporting cast and show the massive Pillar of Autumn spaceship (think, like, the size of the ship from the beginning of Star Wars). Eventually the ship has completely passed the camera and we're able to focus on the background as we realize the ship is headed straight for the massive Halo.

Subsequent trailers need to show restraint from showing off the aliens. Maybe one here and one there, but I love the idea that, going into the film, audiences won't really know what to expect.

Also, how cool would it be if this produced a spin-off television show called Halo Wars that focused on a completely different set of characters?


Thanks for sticking with me on this one! I know it's long, but I have a lot of fun doing this. Feel free to leave suggestions for future features in the comments and let me know how awful (or great) my choices were!

          Let's Make a Movie!: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune        

We all do it. Gamers love to sit around and cast their favorite video game characters for live-action movies. Most of the time, we simply rehash fan favorites (Nathan Fillion in EVERYTHING!), but I like to think a little further; a little more realistically. In this feature, I plan to think through a film further than the big-named actor attached, but also the director, writer(s), etc.

This time, I'll be "making" what is arguably the most desired video game movie currently in developement hell: Uncharted. So, without further ado...


Director: Peter Berg


Peter Berg's film career has admittedly been very hit-or-miss. Movies like Battleship are sure to turn fanboys off, but looking at the hits of Berg's career should put them at ease. Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom were both excellent and tense character pieces, which is integral to the success of an Uncharted movie. Additionally, Berg made one of the more underrated action films of the last ten years with The Rundown.The Rundown did a fantastic job of mixing humor with balls-to-the-walls action and was a huge kick-start for the career of Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as The Rock (not to mention, the jungle scenery was gorgeous). The combination of Berg's experience with character work and action-packed fun makes him a clear contender to direct an Uncharted film.

Runners up: Justin Lin; Jon M. Chu; Shane Black

Pass on: Paul W.S. Anderson;  Uwe Boll; Christopher Nolan (I know, I know... but Uncharted needs to be light-hearted)


Writer(s): James Vanderbilt

The Amazing Spider-Man When I chose Vanderbilt, I was only aware of two writing credits: The Amazing  Spider-Man and Zodiac. It turns out Vanderbilt is a great choice beyond these  two fantastic films though thanks to his collaboration with Peter Berg on The  Rundown. It's hugely important that writers and directors have proven  themselves to be compatible together. Two of Vanderbilt's other films, White  House Down and The Losers, offer up great examples of comedy and action  blending well, again something that will lend itself well to an Uncharted film.  Tonally, Uncharted should land somewhere between both The  Rundown and The Amazing Spider-Man, perhaps slightly less goofy than some  of The Rundown's wackier scenes (hallucinogenic fruits anyone?) and more in  line with The Amazing Spider-Man's more heartfelt scenes.

Runners up: Neal Purvis; David Lindsay-Abaire; David Hayter

Pass on: Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman; Thomas Dean Donnelly



Sticking to the plot of the video game might initially seem like the right move, but ultimately is unnecessary. Naughty Dog did an excellent job at creating an experience that felt like an interactive movie and sticking too closely to the plot of the game will ultimately draw too many direct comparisons and cause all sorts of problems.


Nathan Drake and Sully should be at the heart of the film along with Elena Fisher. Just like the game, the film should follow Drake and company as they search for Sir Francis Drake's mysterious lost city of gold, El Dorado. A heavy emphasis should certainly be placed on the fact that Nathan is related to Sir Francis and is constantly in the massive shadow of his success as an explorer. I like the idea of exploring the theme of exploration in a world that has been completely explored. Drake should feel like a character born in the wrong century; someone who was meant to find more in the world than what he is capable of. This ultimately creates a tension in the character that he is unable to reach his full potential and he is constantly seeking out the thrill of exploration, regardless of the fact that it puts his life in danger by pirates and rogues throughout the jungle. This tension will build in future installments as Nathan and Elena's relationship grows more serious, yet more strained as Nathan refuses to settle down (this was probably my favorite aspect of the third game).

I say drop all supernatural elements from the game. Keep the old-Nazi experiments and skeletons, but there's no need for monsters in the jungle. It's already treacherous enough.


Composer: Michael Giacchino

Full disclosure: Giacchino is without a doubt my favorite contemporary composer. I know that he's essentially J.J. Abrams go-to guy (his work on Lost, Mission: Impossible 3, and Super 8 is truly fantastic), but my favorite pieces are the ones he did for Pixar. His work in Up especially keeps with themes similar to Uncharted. There's a good deal of fun in Giacchino's work, but also an emotional impact that will become more familiar with fans of Uncharted as the series progresses and Nathan becomes more and more desperate for adventure.



Nathan Drake: (three-way tie) Seann William Scott, Bradley Cooper, and Chris Pine

Oh boy, what a tough character to cast! A character like Nathan Drake is so well personified by voice-actor Nolan North, it's tough to imagine anyone else taking over the role. But North is far too old, especially considering the franchise potential of a movie like Uncharted and is nowhere near famous enough to slap his face on the poster. And before you leave comments about Nathan Fillion... I get it, we love Firefly, but like North, Fillion is just far too old (and out of shape at this point) to carry this franchise. That's why I went with these other, younger guys.

I understand that Bradley Cooper and Chris Pine have been fan favorites for a while, and I totally and completely agree and understand those Chris_Pine_01_07choices. Both are handsome and cool; men want to be them, women want to be with them, and all that jazz. They're also both really great actors who balance charisma and charm equally with bad-ass attitudes. Chris Pine especially seems well-fitted for the role as he's likely looking to further cement himself into pop-culture with another iconic role (hell, Harrison Ford had at least two, and it's clear to me that Pine is following Ford's lead). Drake seems like a great fit for Pine.

The outlier in my suggestions is obviously Seann William Scott. Known mostly for his comedic roles, Scott would benefit the most from a big budget action film. He's also had experience working with my suggested director in... you guessed it, The Rundown. If you're noticing a pattern here, it's for a reason. The Rundown is a really great adventure film, and Uncharted could do itself some serious favors by following it's lead. Scott would make a great Drake (though the outcry from fans would surely rival Batfleck), and any doubters should watch two films: The Rundown (for his action capabilities) and Goon (for his acting capabilities). Either way, all three choices would be fantastic. My only concern with Seann William Scott is that I question if he's capably of carrying a film of this scope.

Runners Up: Jake Gyllenhaal; Zachary Levi; Josh Hutcherson

Pass on: Nathan Fillion; Nolan North; Skylar Astin; Ryan Reynolds (mostly because he's box office poison) 


Victor "Sully" Sullivan: Jeff Bridges

I think I'm most proud of this suggestion, as I don't think I've seen it anywhere, but Jeff Bridges is... well, Jeff f***ing Bridges! Bridges certainly has the acting chops to deal with some of Sully's meatier, more emotional scenes while also maintaining the fun-Uncle vibe that fans of Uncharted love. Also, did I mention he's Jeff Bridges?


Sully will likely receive second billing, so choosing an actor like Bridges (who rarely carries a movie single-handedly - though surely he could) allows the younger actor chosen for Drake to really soak up the limelight and shine. Despite how awful R.I.P.D. was, there's little denying that Bridges carried most of the weight in that film.

Runners Up: Craig T. Nelson; John Goodman; Robert Duvall

Pass On: Michael Caine; Robert De Niro; Al Pacino


Elena Fisher: Kate Bosworth


I choose Kate Bosworth, but really there are several actresses that could fill this role beautifully. Elena needs to be someone that women can look to as a role model. She's smart; she's sassy; she's beautiful; she can hang with the guys. Kate Bosworth is in need of another big hit, and Uncharted could certainly be it. Other actresses that I leaned heavily towards though were Blake Lively, Amanda Seyfried, and Rachel McAdams. Kate Bosworth is 30, which seems the perfect age for the role (McAdams is actually slightly older than Bosworth, which I like a lot). My fear is that Hollywood will attempt to cast someone too young for this role (and would be cheaper to cast) like Emma Roberts (a fine actress, no doubt, but simply too young for the role).

Runners Up: Blake Lively; Amanda Seyfried; Rachel McAdams

Pass on: Emma Roberts; Ashley Tisdale; Julianne Hough 


Atoq Navarro: Luke Evans

download My initial instinct was to choose an actor like Willem Dafoe, mostly because he makes such great villains,  but ultimately I chose Evans for one reason. He won't steal the show. The first movie in the series really  needs to establish Drake as the character to watch. The central conflict should be less villain motivated, and  more set piece motivated. Allow the tone of Uncharted to breathe before injecting it with nefarious villains. I  thought James Vanderbilt's script for The Amazing Spider-Man did a great job of this. Peter Parker was the  star, while Lizard was clearly just a plot mover. Also, look to Nolan's Batman trilogy. The first film's villain was  fine, but it was Batman's show. The sequel though was all about the villain, and that's the key to a  successful Uncharted series. The sequel can have a Willem Dafoe type of character, but for now, lets keep  Luke Evans, who proved a good villain in this summer's Fast and Furious 6.

Runners Up: Dominic West; William Fichtner; Timothy Olyphant

Pass on: Willem Dafoe; Hugo Weaving; Tim Roth


Eddie Raja: Ken Jeong


Sigh... okay. I think I'll need to explain this one a bit. Eddie was a villain that never felt that dangerous, and that's a good thing because it helped lighten the mood of Uncharted as a whole. In my movie, I say lets take that character a step further. Lets have him be downright funny, and let Atoq do all the heavy villain lifting. That said, Jeong proved to be a pretty good bad guy in the Hangover trilogy, and his presence in Uncharted would surely help to make the film feel like lighter fare.

Runners Up: Steven Yeun; Reggie Lee; Ken Leung

Pass on: Daniel Dae Kim; Aaron Yoo; Rick Yune


Other things to consider:

Film or Digital?: Film. I want this film to have a very Indiana Jones feel to it, and sticking with film will help it retain it's pulpy feel.

3D?: Not this time. I'm not against it's use, but lets try to keep the budget down slightly and not put extra-effort into 3D (though Sony will likely disagree with this sentiment).

IMAX?: Again, not necessary for this one. I think with the likely darker tone of the sequels, a bigger scope might feel more at home, but this time out, lets keep things grounded and personal.

CGI vs. Practical?: I almost always encourage practical effects. That's still the case here. I think the budget of this Uncharted movie can remain pretty modest ($50-60 million seems very reasonable) and the smaller scope of the stunts should allow the movie to be mostly practical. However, using CGI to create beautiful backdrops would be welcome.

Release Date: March 2016 - the Summer of 2015 is fast approaching and VERY crowded. Lets kick it in Hollywood's new favorite time of the year and aim for a Spring Break hit. Following the success of the first film, the sequel can make it's mark over Memorial Day weekend two or three years later.

Anything else?: Not really! I think if we aim to keep the first story as a standalone experience and make decisions from there in regards to sequels, we'd be better off. Look at A New Hope versus Empire Strikes Back. Empire clearly is part of a much larger plan, while A New Hope can be watched alone. I like that about that film and would like to see that happen with Uncharted.


Thanks for sticking with me on this one! I know it's long, but I have a lot of fun doing this. Feel free to leave suggestions for future features in the comments and let me know how awful (or great) my choices were!

          Introducing Melody: The Expandable Tote        
*This post contains affiliate links.

For anyone who has followed or read my blog, you know I have a thing for Swoon Sewing Patterns! Okay, maybe more than a thing, maybe a borderline obsession! ;) LOL I have had the privilege of testing Swoon patterns for over a year now, and you might think that eventually the patterns would become routine or you know, less surprising and impressive. After all, how many amazing designs can one person continue to create? Wouldn't they run out of ideas eventually??? Perhaps, this is true for some pattern designers, but it definitely isn't the case with Swoon!

Once again, the lovely Alicia has wowed me! It is my privilege to present to you Miss Melody: The Expandable Tote!

Isn't Miss Melody a classy, sweet girl? She has definitely won the affections of her Swoon testers! (Pssstt a little bird told me there are some lovely pictures at the end of this post of some other Swoon testers' Melody's!)

And why not!?!?! This girl has some special features that make her unique, beautiful, and functional. As said above, Melody is an expandable tote, which explains the need for her side magnetic snaps! Not only do they allow the bag to expand or close with a simple, quick snap, but when closed, I think they had an extra special dimensional touch! Also take note of her side seam stripes! Love this feature! Talk about adding a fun pop of color!

Another special touch: The SNAP TAB! Love this functional touch!

As you can tell, Melody also has her own unique style of handles, which I loved making! Vinyl tubing is an optional touch for the handles, which will give them more dimension. I didn't have any on hand, but the beautiful thing is that I can still add them! :) I also love the o-rings! Hardware just adds a special touch to any bag I think.

Melody also has a mediumish size interior pocket, perfect for holding your phone, keys, lip gloss, and some cash or a small wallet. (Please excuse her wrinkles! She is still a little rumpled from her turning!)

So my final verdict??? PERFECTLY SWEET! Melody is an easy sew for experienced baggers and a safe project for even the inexperienced bagger to approach! Regardless, it is a project with beautiful results! She is just the right size for toting around the essentials and adding some jazz to your style! :) Stylish, functional, and perfect like all things Swoon! Make sure to be watching for her release on the Swoon website! I think I heard a rumor that she will be released sometime this week, like maybe FRIDAY! Just in time to whip out say one or two or ten for Christmas presents!!! :) While you eagerly await her release, check out these other beautiful Melody's by some very talented Swoon testers! They are sure to inspire you!

This Blue-Eyed Beauty was made by Sincerely Jen!

This Alice Wonder was made by Heather of Squatch!

This Featherlicious Delight was made by Sandra of Sew Sandra!

This Pop of Elegance was made by Trish of Lemon Drop Creations

This Budding Blossom was made by Amy of Silly Sea Turtle!

This Suave Suede was made by Sheri of Sassypants Satchels!

And last, but definitely not least, is this Floral Gem made by Amanda of In Stitches!

If these lovely Melodies don't inspire you, then I am afraid nothing will! ;) But I know that won't be the case! :)
          Cat Cooling Tray        
Cat Cooling Tray
This cat-shaped napping tray is made from cooling aluminum that helps to reduce their body temperature during the summer months and is just the right size for them to curl up in.

Click Here For Complete Details

          En el 2009 Nicaragua obtuvo 17.2 millones de dólares con la exportación de chatarra y desechos de papel, plástico, vidrio y cartón        

Reyna Rodríguez Pavón no acepta argumentos contra las ventajas del reciclaje. La empresa que ella maneja, Reciclaje y Negocios Internacionales S.A. o simplemente Renisa, se encarga de reciclar y también de enseñar a hacerlo. Su empresa genera unos 35 empleos fijos y otros 50 de manera indirecta, incluyendo a los encargados de centros de acopio en algunos departamentos como Boaco, León, Granada, Rivas y Matagalpa. .... Leer mas

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          How Google Could Top RIM In The Mobile Enterprise Market        

The Android platform continues to thrive with over 1 million activations per day, making it the most popular mobile OS in the world. There are certain markets the little green robot is not reaching quite yet, though. Enterprise users still put their trust in other platforms, mainly BlackBerry. Android is great for the general consumer and entertainment, but it is not the best option for companies and corporations – something Google is hoping to change very soon.
We uncovered a recent Google trademark filing for the phrase “Play Means Business,” a trademark that we were hoping to be related to a better enterprise solution. This ended up being nothing but an advertising stunt for YouTube, but the idea made us consider the fact that the topic deserves attention.
There have been rumors of RIM potentially licensing its software, such options seem to have been turned down after Thorsten Heins took the CEO chair at RIM’s HQ. Android manufacturers are also making an effort by releasing their own enterprise solutions,Samsung being one of the most notable. What Android needs is a solid and universal solution, though. Not one that is limited by brands and exclusivity, but a service that would be embedded into Android’s core.
Bringing the next best solution for Enterprise isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. RIM built its reputation over many years of work, focusing mainly on BlackBerry’s potential in the business department, something Google and its competitors have found difficult to counter. What will it take for our little green robot to look its best wearing a business suit?

Better Software Security

Due to its popularity, Android is the most targeted mobile platform. Malware and virus developers love having that large amount of potential targets. Most would argue that Android is safe for smartphone users exhibiting caution, but businesses don’t want a single mistake. Especially when delicate information is at hand.
With that said, Android has been known to have its security faults. This has been greatly improved, especially since the inclusion of Bouncer. But there are still some kinks to get worked out.
There is much more to security aside from encryption, passwords, and PIN numbers. Google would need to add (or remove) some features embedded in Android’s core. For example, a company would probably not want give its workers the ability to side-load apps. Another discrepancy would be the fact that one can root a device, endangering it even more. Unfortunately, a knowledgeable user can always root a device, but a notification system for tampered devices could offset this fear.
Enterprise customers would also need to keep their devices much more secured. A good password or PIN for unlocking the device and accessing certain apps is necessary.


Given the fact that Android’s “openness” makes it a potentially dangerous software, encryption is a must for Enterprise customers. This would give Android a second security wall protecting information from intruders.
Google hasn’t worked too much on this just yet but recent acquisitions prove that the company is headed in the right direction. Two years ago, Google purchased Widevine, a company dedicated to media encryption. Just a few short days ago, we uncovered that Google filed a trademark for the WideVine brand name, illustrating continued dedication to integrate Widevine’s assets.
All signs point to this being an effort to protect multimedia (movies, music and other Google Play products). But it seems like future Google Enterprise projects could also benefit from this new acquisition.

Better Hardware Protection

Software security is important, but protecting the physical device is optimal for a company’s security. It is a fact that users are much more affected by lost devices than by hacker infiltration. Those that have experienced losing a smartphone can attest to the fact that it is one of the most stressful situations one can be under. This pain would be greatly multiplied if not only was your information at risk, but your job’s as well.
As of now, there is no official way to protect Android devices against theft and loss. One needs to rely on third-party apps like Lookout, Avast and Find My Phone. While these can be very reliable, it would bring more comfort to enterprise users if it came handcuffed to the device itself.
The ability to lock a BlackBerry remotely has been one of the most enticing features for Enterprise security. If a device is lost, the company can easily block the the smartphone and secure its information. It would take a good amount of work from Google to replicate this, but such features could determine the outcome and success of the project.

Enterprise-friendly Support from the Google Play Store

With such a large portfolio of apps and content in the Play Store, there is no doubt there are some great tools enterprise users have not taken advantage of yet. Could Google be preparing branded versions of the store for business users? Or maybe a special section for secure, enterprise-ready apps and services?
In order to simplify the businessman’s experience, Google could offer a featured page for companies, much like they do for carriers. For example, Verizon users have a section in the Play Store that lists Big Red’s recommended apps. Other manufacturers have also taken advantage of this in the past. Much like this, Google can offer a portal in the Google Play Store that would display an array of company-curated applications that would be necessary for carrying out the worker’s responsibilities.
Google could also allow apps to be mass-purchased by the company. As of now, multiple users need separate payment methods for purchasing applications. In a better world, those that enter the Google Play Store under a company-approved e-mail would be able to purchase certain apps under a set company’s credit card. This would be able to be managed remotely by administrators, and it could be limited as seen fit.

What else can you think of?

Of course, there is a world of enterprise communications options. Most of which many of us have never experienced. We could add push notification for chat messages, read/unread messages (like BBM), document sharing/collaborating and more. The list could go on forever, but we would like to know what you think Google could do to beat competitors like RIM in supporting businesses with an enterprise focused experience.
Would you like to see any other features/modifications in Play Means Business? Let us know in the comments!

          On Midrats 16 July 2017 - Episode 393: Building the right carrier; heavy, medium, or light with Tal Manvel        
Please join us at 5pm (EDT) for Midrats Episode 393: Building the right carrier; heavy, medium, or light with Tal Manvel
U.S. Navy/PH3 Alta I. Cutler 2002

As the USS FORD (CVN 78) delivered to the US Navy, the Royal Navy’s new HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH underway, and many nations either building or wanting built carriers of a variety of sized, the second decade of the 21st Century is an exciting time for those who are interested in carrier design.

With the Senate recently dedicating $30 million to the study of a light carrier design, the discussion has begun again about what is the right size carrier for the requirements of our navy.

We have the perfect guest for the entire hour to discuss, returning guest J. Talbot Manvel, Captain, USN (Ret).

Tal teaches at the US Naval Academy. While on active duty he served as an engineering
officer specializing in aircraft carriers. He served on three, assisted in building two, and ended his career developing the new FORD class of aircraft carriers. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1972, earned a masters in mechanical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1979, a masters in liberal arts from St John’s College in 2008.

J. Talbot Manvel, Captain, USN (Ret) teaches at the US Naval Academy. Wile on active duty he served as an engineering officer specializing in aircraft carriers. He served on three, assisted in building two, and ended his career developing the new FORD class of aircraft carriers. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1972, earned a masters in mechanical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School in 1979, a masters in liberal arts from St John’s College in 2008.
Join us live if you can or pick the show up later by clicking here. Or you can pick the show up later by clicking that link or by visiting either our iTunes page or our Stitcher page.
          I'm Back After the Storm        


Oh my goodness. I can't even begin to explain to you how crazy the past several months have been. I haven't written and posted a blog post in 4 months. And these last 4 months have been a roller coaster ride. I should've been sticking to my blog even closer to document all the craziness. But alas, here I am, in the calm after the storm.

To be honest, I thought I was done blogging. I haven't had a desire to do it and still don't. BUT, I just went through some of my blog posts from earlier this year and saw pictures of my precious babies and read the stories I had written down. I loved all the memories it brought to mind. And these last 4 months have been a complete blur. I remember close to nothing. Most days I was just thankful to have survived the day. The saying that says the days are long, but the years are short is so true!

So here I am again. I've been all over the place on what I have wanted for my blog. And I think I'm back to square one - a place for me to record my family's lives. A place I can capture memories, process thoughts, tell stories, and look back in the years to come to see how we've grown and changed!

I would love for you to come along for the ride, but to be honest (because really I try to have a filter to be polite and half truth/white lie things so they sound nicer, but that just is not me. Honesty just flies out of my mouth even when I try to keep it in.) Ok, anyways, to be honest, please read and be encouraged! Comment, share, like, ask questions. I would love that, but right now, this is more for me. I just really need somewhere that I can put my pictures and stories without letting another day, week and month slip by without me fully being here. I need a place where I can come and not worry about what someone else expects or wants from me, but that I can just be me.

And this will be just me. No glamour, just whatever comes out through my fingertips. I can't let these precious and sleepless years go forgotten.

I have to give myself permission for this place on the world wide web to be whatever I need it to be. If I want to record a moment that I want to turn into a memory, then I will. If I have some thought that comes from something I read, then that's what I will share. If I want to open up and share part of what God is doing in my life, then I will take courage and do that. I'm giving myself permission, to not have rules, but to just be.

So yeah, I'm back.

          Donning his white coat, this doctor dances for dollars        

Watch Video | Listen to the Audio

NewsHour shares web small logoIn our NewsHour Shares series, we show you things that caught our eye recently on the web. What about you? Leave your suggestions in the comments below, or tweet to @NewsHour using #NewsHourShares. We might share it on air.

GWEN IFILL: And now to our “NewsHour” Shares, something that caught our eye that might be of interest to you, too.

Local PBS station WGBH Boston found this doctor, on the street, showing his moves to raise money for charity.

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          Los ingresos de un reciclador:Recicladores con diferentes niveles de ingresos        

Gabriel Isaza educó a sus cinco hijos con el trabajo de reciclador que desde hace 12 años realiza por diferentes barrios de Villavicencio. En Villavicencio hay recicladores que semanalmente obtienen ingresos de más de 125.000 pesos. Pero también hay otros que sus ingresos apenas están entre los 10.000 a 30.000 pesos. .... Leer mas

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          Touring the UK/Ireland and encouraging language learners: Fi3M on the road        

Time for a travel update!

After launching the book in Texas, my girlfriend and I flew to the UK to start the first leg of our book tour. I've been in London before, but this was the first time I was to ever venture outside of London.

We've been touring the country, meeting people, encouraging aspiring language learners, running into old friends, speaking various languages with other learners and discovering the country next to the one I grew up in, that I had never truly visited even after 11 years of travelling the world.

In this post, I can share some of the fun on the UK/Ireland branch of this year long road trip!

A polyglot in an English speaking country


Immediately after arrival, my UK publisher Collins had set me up with a host of mainstream media interviews. I had three in the BBC building (pictured), was taxied to Bloomberg, while other news articles were popping up elsewhere about my book.

That was great fun, but the main goal of this trip was to meet other language learners face to face. As such, the first book signing took place at the Piccadilly Waterstones.

It was my first attempt to try to talk to an audience of aspiring language learners like this (all other times I had spoken were in closed conferences, rather than open to anyone in the public who may be very casually interested and need more inspiration than most), and I gave it my best shot and people found it encouraging. My girlfriend had lots of feedback, and I've applied it to get better and better at inspiring people in the short-time we have there.

The next day we had a memrise meet-up, where Ben and Ed invited my readers and their users to their headquarters for a casual get-together. We even got to meet the feline CEO!

Coming home to Ireland and hitting the big screen

dublinImmediately after, we had a long weekend in Dublin, which started with a book event in Hodges Figgis, the oldest bookshop in Ireland.

Still improving my presentation I found the best part of all was the Q&A to answer the real issues people were having. From then on, I resolved to just give a quick intro and make future book events about interacting with people, and trying to encourage them no matter what doubts they may present.

So far, Dublin has been my most multilingual event, because while I was signing books after speaking, I got to speak Portuguese, Spanish, German, Irish, Mandarin, Italian, French and Esperanto! Eager learners wanted to practise, and native speakers wanted to see if I was for real :P

brendanNext, it was time for this fun interview on The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O'Connor (skip forward to 35:55 - video must be watched within the next 5 days before it's taken down).

I don't tend to get nervous, since I speak on stage and even on radio/TV more and more with time. Years of learning to speak to strangers, making mistakes as a beginner in foreign languages, and then getting started speaking on stage, has made me pretty confident even when in front of huge crowds of people. Even before the Bloomberg TV slot, I wasn't flinching.

But being on Irish national TV made me more nervous than even prime-time American TV (with many more millions watching) ever would. My whole family and many friends were watching this, and I wanted to make sure I did them proud. Luckily, it went really well. I was so exhausted after that long and nervous day (the interview was at 10:30pm) that I literally fell off the stage when I was leaving!! (Very luckily this was off camera...)


After the weekend I had an interview with Pat Kenny (Newstalk) followed by Ray D'Arcy (TodayFM), both of whom I was thrilled to be talking with; for instance, Ray was the host of "The Den", a show I watched when I was younger, so it was really cool for me to meet him. Both excellent interviews, and Ray liked talking to me so much he even kept me on air unexpectedly for 45 minutes!

The UK tour begins: Surprise visits from other polyglots

We flew back to London, and picked up a car rental. I'm really lucky that Collins is supporting me on the UK book tour (my US book tour will be very likely be self-funded) and is cutting my costs in half by covering the car rental and a lot of my accommodation. In an expensive country like the UK (especially if you are only staying a single night in places) this makes a huge difference!


We went straight on to Oxford and had a casual reader meet-up in a pub to talk language learning.

One of those attending was none other than Britain's most multilingual student, Alex Rawlings!

We were now on a new city every day week, which brings in annoying complications like lack of time to do laundry, barely making it in time for events due to travel complications, and almost no time online. My email/work backlog was getting monstrous!

But we zoomed on to Cambridge and rushed in just in time for a book event at another Waterstones. After I gave my book intro, I opened the floor up for questions and got some fascinating ones from people with one of the warmest receptions we've gotten in the country so far. Then I saw a hand raised by a familiar face... Tim Morley!

I had met him in Esperanto events in the past and saw his convincing TEDx talk about how learning Esperanto first can be a great springboard into other languages, which is a concept I've talked about myself and even introduced in the print book. It was a great surprise to see a familiar face in the audience! He asked me what language he can ask his question in, and I of course said Esperanto (translating it for the audience after!)

Getting better at encouraging new language learners

picAfter Cambridge we went back to London for a day, for the second Piccadilly event. This time I was ready with an improved (less rambly) talk and better answers for audience members.

The great thing about this tour is that when I do it in conjunction with a bookshop, the vast majority of people attending have discovered it from seeing it advertised in the bookshop's windows in the days before.

This means that they are not necessarily people who have been following my blog (although they too come of course!) but people who may just be mildly curious about this language learning thing, and a chance for me to plant a seed and create a few ripples across this English speaking country.

As such, the kinds of questions I get asked are very general and from people who haven't read the book yet or even heard of me before that day. Most people have no experience at all in learning any language, and really just need that initial nudge. And then of course there are others who have tried and failed, or even reached an intermediate stage and are stuck at a plateau.

Every speaking event is a chance to understand a completely new group of people's language learning woes and think of a good way to encourage them. I've gone out of my way to make it about giving advice that works well for them, rather than promoting my way. As such, this isn't really promoting "The Fluent in 3 Months approach" or "Speak From Day 1", but to alleviate people's doubts and lack of confidence in moving forward.

Encouraging language learning is the point of this entire year. At the end of each talk, when I hear people one-on-one (to get my silly signature and multilingual good luck wishes on page 1 of their book) tell me that they never thought language learning was for them, but feel the push to dive into it now, I know that meeting has been a success! I've created several brand new eager language learners!

And of course all stops on the book tour are free to everyone to attend! No need to even buy a book to show up. This has been great training for me as I get more and more requests for paid speaking opportunities for businesses.

Hiring a full-time language encourager and reaching Wales

windsorWe left London and drove on to Cardiff. On the way we pulled off for a bite to eat and unexpectedly and whimsically found Windsor Castle!

I popped into the local Waterstones and was pleased to see several copies of my book stocked there, in a stop we weren't even planning. It really was available everywhere!

As I said, time was running incredibly short, so my initial plan to spend the afternoon before my Cardiff meet up giving myself a crash course in Welsh fell through. I was so far behind on work, that I had to accept that I simply could never catch up with my current lifestyle, which isn't going to change any time soon.

As such, I decided to hire a full time language encourager. I mentioned it briefly on the blog and on Facbeook/twitter and got hundreds of replies. Ironically, my attempt to get someone to help me with my email backlog meant I had an even greater email backlog from needing to select the right person!

In the short time online each day, I've gone through applications, called up people, and the right person will be announced in the LHL email list later this week. This person will be helping me encourage you all more directly!

This helps me vastly with my work backlog and I hope that soon I'll be on top of things and never have to sacrifise the chance to have an interesting experience because of lack of time, such as the couple of hours to dip my toes in Welsh that I wanted.

Even so, the informal meet-up in Cardiff was great fun! Being in Wales was eerily familiar - seeing bilingual signs like in Ireland, and somewhere I'd like to investigate more in future! On the plus side, I did learn Good luck in Welsh - Pob lwc! - not from a book, but from one of my readers. I've been writing it ever since in signings if I hear someone is learning Welsh!

Final days in England

libraryWe drove on up to Birmingham to leave our things there, and zoom down to Cheltenham for a smaller destination than most of our stops. We got a great warm reception here though, and the locals didn't mind my slight tardiness from zooming across the country. Since then I seem to finally have caught up on everything enough to be punctual in this tour!

Back in Birmingham, we had another casual reader meet up, and one of those attending brought my book with them, not to have it signed, but to show me that the local library was stocking it!

The popularity of the book was shocking - several branches of Waterstones kept saying they were selling out consistently, it had become the best selling book in some stores and was getting featured, and I heard that back in Ireland Easons are now stocking it on their best selling shelves (rather than in the languages section).

manchesterNext, we hit Liverpool for a very casual style Waterstones event in their coffee shop and on to Manchester for one of the biggest events with 80 people attending!

Finally, last night we were in Leeds for another smaller event and I think I am finally getting the hang out of making sure people get the best out of attending, and also meeting other language learners. My girlfriend is of course being a huge help throughout all of this!

On to Scotland and Ireland next!

As this post goes live, I'm hitting the road to drive half of the day up to Scotland for a meet-up in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

With all this moving around, we are really looking forward to staying in one place (Edinburgh) for a whole week (a relatively long time when you have been on the move every day for weeks) to decompress and take a break over Easter. We've also had pretty much no time to be tourists and explore each city other than walks around in the evening after each event, which is a pity as I would have loved to have explored so many places we passed through.

We have however met the locals and had a chance to chat to them, and this is (as always) the core of why I travel in the first place! :)

I look forward to continuing the next (Scotland/Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland) leg of the book tour, meeting so many aspiring language learners, and spreading some encouragement! And now that I'll have someone new helping me with the blog/emails and keeping up to date on the best language learning news, I can catch up and get into blogging more myself (with lots of high quality guest posts coming often too!) and finally making videos again!

Exciting times are ahead on Fluent in 3 Months, and I can't wait to share many new updates with you, but I wanted to start with this fun travel update first. Thanks a lot everyone, and I can't wait to meet the rest of you on this trip!

Add in your comments below about anything you've read here - looking forward to your feedback as always!

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          [ENG] Construction 83: Stone striped column (2) - the shaft        
In the first post dedicated to the construction of the column I revealed in advance that was my intention to find a way to build the shaft saving time (and sparing efforts as well).

To make the surface of the shaft straight and smooth I need to cut all the slices at a time and not separately as done for the base.
So first of all I must find the black and white blocks and join them in a full "rough" shaft.
My only wavering is about the glue: it must support all the pieces together during the work, which will be necessarily vigorous and partially manual.

Once found the right sized planks (white marble and slate) I can proceed by cutting the tiles in a roughly squared shape. The height varies according to the color: the white stripe are slightly thinner than the black ones (just 1 millimeter) to balance the optical illusion that makes them more visible to the human eye.

The so obtained tiles are polished separately on each side to reach a similar size. Now I can even use sandpaper on the whole shaft keeping the pieces together with the sole pression of my fingers.

Then, one after the other, I glue the tiles together and let it dry. The first finished octagonal slice (a test I made) is then glued on an end and it will help to give the rest of the column its final shape.

After a few hours the glue has dried and the piece appears to be strong enough.
I start working manually, rubbing the edges of the column on sandpaper. Then I fasten it to the clamp and keep polishing with the Dremel tool until I obtain a perfetct octagonal shape.
The finishing touches are manual once again: every face is revised with fine sandpaper, deleting the scratches left by the coarse paper and leaving it smooth to the touch.

Now the shaft is finished and I can set it on its base.
Despite of that, I still need to calculate the total height of the column and some little changes could be necessary.
In the next chapter I'll deal with the capital and the laying of the column into the warehouse. For now I can still keep it in my hand as a piece of an immaginary chessboard...

vinyl glue, slate, white marble
fine and coarse sandpaper, metal files, hacksaw, clamp, putty knife
SIZES (in cm):
upper plinth: base 1,9 x 1,9; height 1,15;
marble base: height 0,7;
shaft slice: diameter 1,5; side 0,6; height 0,6 (white) 0,7 (black).
total base height + shaft (until now): 5,9


Pada Rabu 2 Ogos 2017, pasukan peguam dari firma Carter-Ruck dan barrister Jacob Dean, yang mewakili Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang (TGHA) dalam saman fitnah yang diambil terhadap Clare Rewcastle Brown (CRB), di London Courts, telah menghadiri prosiding mahkamah untuk pendengaran prosiding pengurusan kes.
Saman sivil oleh TGHA itu adalah berkaitan dengan artikel yang ditulis oleh CRB pada Ogos 2016, yang memberi gambaran tuduhan dan difahami dengan jelas adalah satu fitnah, melalui tuduhan bahawa TGHA menerima rasuah dari Perdana Menteri Malaysia Dato’ Seri Najib dengan nilaiannya RM 90 juta.
Pendengaran pengurusan kes pada hari berkenaan adalah untuk menentukan usaha CRB bagi memaksa TGHA untuk mendepositkan sejumlah wang di mahkamah sebagai jaminan keselamatan, sekiranya TGHA kalah dalam kes berkenaan dan terpaksa membayar kos guaman CRB, di mana CRB menjangkanya dalam lingkungan jumlah keseluruhan £800,000 pound (hampir RM4.5 juta) sehingga kes tamat.
Panel peguam TGHA dari Carter-Ruck berjaya berhujah, dengan dibantu oleh pandangan pakar undang-undang dari Malaysia, bahawa sebenarnya wujud undang-undang yang jelas yang tidak menghalang CRB untuk menuntut kos beliau menerusi mahkamah Malaysia sekiranya beliau menang kes saman ini dan jumlahnya tidak melebihi RM80,000 sahaja. Di atas keyakinan dari awal terhadap kes ini, maka TGHA bersetuju dengan deposit keselamatan dengan jumlah ini yang nyata adalah memadai serta tidak kontroversi.
Hujah CRB bahawa beliau akan gagal membawa kes saman terhadap TGHA di Malaysia adalah kerana Badan Kehakiman, Kerajaan Malaysia dan Perdana Menteri adalah mengamalkan rasuah dan bersekongkol dengan TGHA telah ditolak oleh mahkamah di London. Mahkamah juga mendapati bahawa tuduhan serius ini tidak disokong bukti oleh CRB walaupun beliau mempunyai masa berbulan-bulan untuk berbuat demikian.
Mahkamah juga tidak menerima hujahan CRB tanpa membawa bukti, bahawa sebuah negara luar berdaulat yang mempunyai hubungan diplomatik yang baik dengan United Kingdom telah mengamalkan rasuah.
Mahkamah juga telah menerima tawaran TGHA untuk meletakkan wang sebanyak RM80,000 sebagai deposit keselamatan.
Hasil dari hujah kosong dalam permohonan CRB, mahkamah juga telah mengarahkan beliau membayar 2/3 (dua pertiga) dari kos yang terlibat. CRB mesti membayar £15,000 ( hampir RM84,000) terhadap kos prosiding oleh TGHA, di mana kuantum pembayarannya akan di pantau oleh mahkamah.
Mahkamah juga mengarahkan CRB untuk membuat pembelaan beliau dalam tempoh 21 hari supaya kes ini dapat diteruskan dan beliau tidak lagi berlarutan untuk berdolak dalih.
Permohonan rayuan CRB terhadap keputusan ini juga telah tidak dbenarkan oleh mahkamah.
Perkembangan ini adalah sangat positif, dalam proses TGHA untuk membersihkan nama beliau terhadap tuduhan fitnah melampau oleh CRB dan artikelnya dalam Sarawak Report.
TGHA mengucapkan tahniah dan penghargaan kepada Mr Adam Tudor dan pasukan peguamnya dari Carter-Ruck, London dan di Malaysia.
TGHA juga mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih pada semua ahli PAS dan orang awam yang berterusan memberikan sokongan melalui berbagai cara dalam kes ini.
TGHA juga sebenarnya dimaklumkan oleh firma Carter-Ruck bahawa Pejabat Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Malaysia di London juga menghantar wakil dalam prosiding ini, dan telah memaklumkan bahawa kehadiran mereka adalah sebagai pemerhati prosiding kerana banyak tuduhan politik yang dibuat terhadap Perdana Menteri dan Kerajaan Malaysia serta Badan Kehakiman di Malaysia oleh CRB dalam dokumen beliau yang dikemukakan ke mahkamah.
Setiausaha Politik Presiden PAS

          Quick Thoughts on Knights of Badassdom and LARPing        


knights of badassdomIt's basically the movie I have been waiting forever to see. I've always had this thing for these kinds of movies whether it be LARPing or DnD. I could give two shits that they aren't popular, others don't care about them, or they don't meet the standards of the general movie buff. They are fairly entertaining to me and I appreciate the effort put into them.

Knights of Badassdom is a comedy horror film, starring Peter Dinklage, Summer Glau, Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, and Danny Pudi. First of all the cast is more than enough for me to drop everything and watch it, pretty surprising you can get this crew to do a movie like this. The movie is about three best friends and dedicated live action roleplayers take to the woods to reenact a dungeons and dragons-like scenario as a live action role-playing game fresh out of the mythical Middle Ages. Trouble arises after they unwittingly conjure up some serious evil in the form of a blood-lusting succubus, from the pits of hell. What I love about the movie is that they show the fun and devotion put into LARPing. I've never done this before, but I always see the display they put forth and it makes me want to give it a try. It's one thing for someone like myself to play DnD, but this is live action and the movie brought about that want for me to get to that whenever possible.

It was a very funny movie because they turned it into something surreal. They don't make fun of the game either which makes it better considering who really would make fun of such an exciting hobby. Not to mention it is something great to do with friends. We can joke about how into it these people get into it, but that is what makes it that much more interesting. They get into character and they don't break it till the adventure is over. That takes a lot of dedication. Watch the movie as well taught me a lot about it that I didn't know at the same time. Would probably be a wizard or warlock though just to avoid dealing with getting hit by a sword fake or not. That and I do like staffs as my choice of weapon.


So yeah just wanted to same something about the movie. Don't care about the reviews, fuck the need for a score, I liked it and that's all that matters. Don't like it, then it's just not something for you, not everyone will love this movie obviously.

"It's not the size of the young knave's blade, but his lust in the thrust by which legends are made!"


          A Darker DC After Forever Evil        


The New 52 since it's inception has brought about a lot of popularity and focus to the dark and mystical side of DC. Starting with Trinity War and ongoing with Blight. This past week, the Channel 52 ad at the end of each DC comic contained a two page spread called "Abandon All Hope", featuring many of DC's dark and mystical characters on a boat. With that said, I think that DC comics should go in the way of bringing more attention to their darker characters. For me the future is certainly looking darker every day.

Not sure how everyone feels about Forever Evil right now, but from what I have read I see that the darker characters have a lot more to offer this universe than they have been given the chance to in the past. This event has brought out the best in them and its hard to ignore that when things go bad, they are the ones to turn to if you want to take more risks. In general they have taken a risk on these characters and I think it has paid off. Now I don't want to offend and go there with that whole dark and gritty storytelling that has been tagged to DC, yet it works. It really does and seeing how things have progressed up to this point there is no reason why when Forever Evil or Blight ends that everything should go back to rays of sunshine.

Abandon All HopeSomething good comes out of exploring the darker side of that Universe and it starts with Justice League Dark. We should all know who they are by now and shame on you if not, but that series has been undeniably entertaining from start to finish. First of all, you have John Constantine, the liar, cheater, manipulator, all of this and uses those skills and more to protect the world from the darkest corners of the DC Universe. When it comes to the world of magic you'll always find him at the center of it or the cause of something which affects it and that anchor alone is the greatest drive for that team. If you want to reach into those rich darker stories, you use a team like Justice League Dark to get to them. Every person you see in that two page spread the Justice League Dark has had an encounter with and there is a thread which connects them all when things go wrong. Whatever happens next I think they will take advantage of these connections to have them crossover for something bigger than Blight or Forever Evil.

The potential here is endless and that two page spread, "Abandon All Hope" has a lot of potential given that each person in that image is going through changes. I'm not going to get into speculation because its too soon to assume what really is going to happen, but its obvious that these dark characters are going to be making their presence known in a big way. In fact it is the best way in which DC keeps these characters relevant even if its all just spinning out of Justice League Dark.

JUSTICELEAGUE_30-LUTHORNow that's just them, but then you go to Batgirl, The Movement, Batwoman, Cat Woman, Batman, Suicide Squad, Red Lanterns, and much more and they are no different with the exception that they deal with the darkness that clouds the rest of the world. Even Injustice is at the pinnacle of this despite being based off of a game and it is one of the best you could be reading right now. You know nothing is going to go right with their stories and they have made it pretty clear that this is how they like it. So why not do more to show why it has to be that way? For the future of DC I see no other way than to move towards darker storylines which can reflect on the better aspect of these characters. This is what I expect and there certainly hasn't been any signs to say otherwise with Gothtopia going on right now and Batman Eternal upcoming. Those may just be the Bat titles, but those are still the Bat titles that majority will follow.

In the end it is hard to see any other direction at this moment other than focusing on those darker stories. I mean sure the Justice League shows to try to pick up the pieces after the events of Forever Evil as these news stories have indicated, but that is a huge climb for them when two villains are on the team now and Lex Luthor is the one in charge. Overall a lot of these heroes are going to have to pick up the pieces after this and the only silver lining is that they obviously have overcome what could have been the end of their world because of the Crime Syndicate.


          Blog Post: Importance of Golf Shoe Fitting         

Chances are pretty good that your golf shoes are not properly fit.  It's nothing personal.....it's just the facts! Through thousands of fittings we've conducted across the United States, Europe and Asia, we have found that 70% of golfers we fit are in the wrong size golf shoe. For most, the shoes are too big, and almost always, too wide. Do you regularly experience blisters on your feet? Are you able to slide your shoes off without untying the laces? Do you feel your feet sliding around inside of your shoes? Are the top two eyelets of your shoes very close together, or even touching? These are just a few signs that your shoes may be too large. 

I can personally attest to this. When I first started at FJ I thought blisters were a part of the game and needed to be endured when breaking in a pair of shoes.  Throughout my High School and College golf careers most players carried bandages and tape in their bags for the inevitability of a blister.  One of my first days on the job, I was quickly informed my shoes were the wrong size!  Sitting with one of our fitters for a few minutes it was readily apparent that I didn't know the size of my own feet! Within minutes, I moved from an 10 Wide to a 10.5 Narrow and my feet have never been happier.  I have been blister and pain free for 5 years and counting. 

A properly fit golf shoe is essential for you to play and feel your best on the golf course.  If your feet are moving around inside of the shoe you will not be able to maximize your energy into the golf ball.  Your feet and body will fatigue faster than someone who has a properly fit golf shoe.  It is a small simple change that can improve your game, your well being, and your overall enjoyment out on the course! 

Feet do change over time and just because you have been wearing the same size for the past several years doesn't mean they are the right size golf shoes for you! It's worth checking, just to be sure. 

The next time you visit the course, or your local golf shop, ask your shop associate about getting fit for your next pair of FJ golf shoes.

          notimetoulouse on "Posting images in Penscratch 2"        

I post comics on my wordpress page, usually 2 square panels across and 3 down, and in the 'square tiles' layout. Does anyone know what the size of a square tile is if there's two beside each other? My images keep shrinking and I lose a lot quality, it would be easier if I could make the images the right size in the first place.

          Memory Foam Slippers - Comfort or Fashion Statement?        

So when we take off shopping for slippers, what is it we are really looking for? Comfort or style, Leather or Fluff, Sheepskin or Memory Foam? Honestly, I would venture a guess that most of us do not hold anything particular in mind when we venture out into 'shoppingmall land' or 'virtual shoppingmall land on-line'. In general all we know is that our current pair of slippers are starting to look like hell and, that we hate being caught wearing them. In fact, they are now so bad that even the dog has given up persuing them as 'a chewable article of choice'.

Most of us don't want to pay a mint for our slippers, memory foam or not!! Color does turn into an issue but if the right size cannot be found we still seem happy to settle for some awful color as a next choice/last resort.

However, having said all that, something we most often seem to seek out for ourselves is a pair of slippers that will make our exhausted feet feel pampered and loved while having us feel as if we are walking in complete mind numbing comfort? This is where memory foam slippers take their bow. Memory foam slippers are made of the exact same memory foam that their world famous mattress cousins are. Having owned and slept on a memory foam mattress I can tell you I know precisely how comfortable this material can be, so can you imagine how having it in your slippers could have you walking on air!

Slippers made with memory foam are just plain more comfortable than anything else. They give more support simply because of the material and the ways that it interacts with our body weight and pressure. At once 'our feet hit the foam' our body heat is absorbed by the foam and voila!! The foam becomes soft and our feet just sink deeply down into the foam which instantly contours to the shape of our foot.

As we walk, our memory foam slippers use their fabulous memory to bounce back into their original position so that as we bring our foot up and then down again our foot is fully supported. So, no longer are we just looking for 'sensible' footwear, we now want our footwear to 'think' and remember fondly.. Our feet, their shape and out body weight.

In closing...Memory Foam Slippers tend to survive and last, so pick a color, design and pair you like, oh and hide them from the dog, the spring back action could be too hard for Fido to resist.

Matt Smith is into everything and is a popular article writer. You can catch more of him at http://memory-foam-slippers.com

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          Mysterious Electric Blue Clouds Appear Again Over the Poles        

Writes Jesus Diaz on Gizmodo:

Every year around this time, mysterious electric blue clouds appear over the North and South pole. They are called noctilucent clouds and they can only be seen in deep twilight, when the Sun is below the horizon. According to NASA, "their origin is still largely a mystery":

"Various theories associate them with meteoric dust, rocket exhaust, global warming—or some mixture of the three."

They are the highest clouds, located almost on the edge of space at 54 miles (85 kilometers) from the Earth's surface, in the mesosphere. They are very difficult to observe, but they appear as white and blue tendrils when they are illuminated by the Sun and the rest of the atmosphere is in our planet's shadow...

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          Outer Space Is Closer Than You Think        

1971japanspaceencyclopedia03 Sometimes strange and wondrous things are closer than we realize. For instance, did you know that space is only an hour's drive away, if you somehow drove your car straight upwards? Perhaps someday you will. Via kottke.org:

Space always seems so far away and much of it actually is. But space is actually quite close to where we are all sitting right now. The Kármán line, the commonly accepted boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and space, is only 62 miles above sea level.

A distance of 62 miles can covered by a car on the interstate in less than an hour. Stable Earth orbits are achievable at only 100 miles above the Earth, with the ISS and Space Shuttles usually orbiting at a height of ~200 miles.

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          Adventures in $40 eyeglasses        

Glasses purchased online Last year, I stumbled upon a blog post about buying prescription eyeglasses online. It sounded too good to be true: you could get any frames you wanted quickly and cheaply, and the comments were filled with optometrists freaking out. Eventually, the author launched a dedicated blog for it called Glassy Eyes. When the site was recently mentioned on MetaFilter right around the time I was getting my 2-year exam, I decided to take the plunge myself and order some glasses online.

Why Buy Online?

As a lifelong near-sighted person, prescription eyeglasses and especially prescription sunglasses have long commanded a high premium due to the seemingly precise and scarce nature of creating them. Until a few years ago, I only had two options for eyewear: my optometrist (here's an employee admitting they pay less than ten bucks per pair) or a 1-hour place like Lenscrafters (which is part of a multinational monopoly). About ten years ago, when I was fresh out of college and scraping by month to month with my first real job, I broke my only glasses and had to pay $400 for an emergency pair (that were ugly and I hated and I wore for two more years before I paid off the old ones and could afford new ones). For far too long, glasses have been expensive.

Today things are different, with Coscto and Walmart bringing prices down to the $100-150 range for frames/lenses and they serve as a good economical option to the mainstays. With the advent of online sellers, it's now possible to get a decent set of specs for anywhere between $20-$100. The online selection is phenomenal as well.

Get Your Measurements Right

First thing you need is an up-to-date prescription. Though people usually get one every 2+ years, most optometrists will only honor them for a up to a year afterwards. If you're getting one soon, you're in luck, because you can go in knowing a little more than the average patient. When you're done with the standard exam, ask the eye doctor or an assistant if they can give you your pupil distance. It's a simple matter of looking through a binoculars-like device that measures the distance between your pupils. It should be a number in millimeters and be sure to write it down either on the prescription or on a piece of paper (if you get two numbers, that's right/left which you can add up to be the PD). If you forget to ask or already visited an eye doctor recently, you can measure the PD yourself, by simply printing out a ruler and looking in a mirror (or taking a photo of yourself with the ruler below your eyes).

Armed with your prescription and your PD, you're all set for ordering any glasses you want online.

Measure What You Have, Know What You Want

Goofy PhotoBooth shot of my new glasses It helps if you have two things: a bit of fashion sense and a measuring tape. I personally loved my last pair of eyeglasses (paid $500 at a fashion eyewear store two years ago), but they were a bit too short in the lens height department which became annoying as I could often "see" below my lenses during common everyday tasks. The glasses fit well otherwise and armed with my wife's soft sewing measuring tape, I took millimeter measurements of all aspects of my old glasses: lens height, lens width, length of bridge (distance between lenses), total width of lenses plus bridge, and the length of the side arms.

Now that I had my prescription (with PD), and my frame measurements, I copied it into a text file and kept it open as I shopped online. I knew I needed lenses around 53mm wide, about 20mm apart, and the arms needed to be at least 135mm long. My old too-short lenses were only 26mm tall, so I was looking to get something with around 30mm of lens height. Some online shops let you plug all these numbers in and specify what you want to search on as the most important (I did "lens height must be at least 28mm" search), but most all online shops will display the measurements below each frame, which should help narrow down your searches.

In terms of frame design, I knew I wanted a half-rim frame (metal/plastic top and arms, clear lens below) or a full plastic frame, and most every online shop categorizes frames for sale by their construction in this way. Knowing that you want frameless glasses or nerdy plastic retro glasses definitely helps making shopping online easier because some online shops can offer 500+ different varieties of just one style of eyewear. If you're not quite sure what you want, you might want to browse a real eyeglasses store for a bit to narrow down your desires.

Ordering Up, Playing the Waiting Game

Once you find something you like and it's about the right size, it's time to order. Plug in your prescription details (if you can't make them all out, most sites have helpful tips on deciphering a prescription) and pick out your options. The one option that will turn a $20 pair of glasses into an $80 pair is the lens choice. Be careful when picking out a lens because there are plenty of add-ons you might or might not want. Generally I pay for the highest level of non-glare coatings and I usually pick the middle of the thin-lens options (my personal prescription rules out the thinnest, lightest lenses). Most of my online glasses have run about $50 or so.

Shipment and fulfillment is generally pretty good. I ordered five pairs of glasses total, from four different retailers and started receiving pairs about a week later. The longest one was maybe three weeks, which is about normal for most optometrists, so in general ordering online was faster than higher cost traditional options.

The Verdict?

Cop glasses, with finger moustache I used to wear the same glasses for 3-4 years between changes so I'm finding it incredibly liberating to pick from five different sets of glasses each morning. I have a couple fashionable pairs for going out, a couple understated ones for working and I can even take a chance with a wacky retro frame if I'm in the mood. All told, my glasses cost me from a low of $26 to a high of $84 per pair, mostly depending on the options I picked for lenses. If I had to come up with any criticisms, the only (very) minor issue I had was one pair's lenses (with identical prescriptions on both sides) were cut slightly different, so that when the light hits them, you can see a bit more of border on one lens over the other (like I said, it's minor). I purchased frames from four different companies mentioned on the GlassyEyes site and every pair showed up intact and the prescriptions all seemed identical.

I've had such good success with it that I recently ordered some higher priced specialized sports glasses online, saving about 35% over what an optometrist office would charge. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the process of buying glasses online. I'm happy to have several backup pairs and different styles to fit my mood. About the only drawback is that there is almost too much selection online. Picking out each frame took me about an hour, after wading through 150-200 results and checking measurements on the ones that caught my eye.

I encourage anyone looking to save some money and get a bigger selection to search online. Glasses are no longer a scarce resource costing many hundreds of dollars, they can be as simple as buying a DVD or book online, and cost about the same.

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          Craving Street Tacos?        
I love getting beef tacos from vendors on street corners in Acuña, Mexico. I can't precisely reproduce their tender and succulent beef or their soft, warm, delicious corn tortillas, but here's my version anyway. We like these tacos just fine, we gobble them right up, and they're certainly cheap, fast, and tasty!

You will need some tenderized beef, about 0.5 lbs to feed yourself or about 1.5 lbs. to feed the fam,


1 batch of Pico de Gallo
garlic powder
one lime
corn tortillas
half an onion--thinly sliced (less, obviously, if you're just making a couple of tacos for yourself)
a microwaveable tortilla warmer (they start out at .99 cents in many stores) or enough oil to fry tortillas into crispy taco shells.
A grill, a wok, or a large iron skillet.

These tacos are so fast and easy that it's totally worth it to whip them up for just yourself.

For this particular mess of tacos, I used chuck-style boneless beef ribs. I bought it because the price was right but I discovered that it was so easy to remove the excess fat and gristle and cut the meat to exactly the right size with this cut of meat.

Tenderize the meat a bit, not too much--you aren't making chicken fried steak. Then slice it very thin in bite size pieces. Remember to cut the meat against the grain so it will be more tender, not hard to do with this cut of beef.

Sprinkle meat with salt, garlic powder, oregano (rub it in your hands so it's more powder than leaves before putting it on the meat), and a few squeezes of lime juice. Don't add too much lime juice or your meat will simmer in the pan instead of stir-frying in the pan later. Add the thin sliced onions and mix well then allow it to marinate for a few hours if possible.

Pico de Gallo is a key ingredient to my "street tacos" but some minced cilantro and minced onions offered on the side as a condiment will also work. Remember that Pico de Gallo is best when it's had at least 30 minutes to a few hours to 'homogenize.' You can, of course, use whatever taco toppings make you happy.

If cooking the meat inside, take the battery out of you smoke detector for the preparation of this meal. Don't forget to put it back in later. Open some windows or set your a/c on fan to keep the air moving.

Set a large iron skillet over high heat and allow it to heat for at least seven minutes. It will smoke and this is good. Get a large square of foil ready to receive your meat after it is ready. Once at least 7 minutes have passed, toss in your marinated meat and stir-fry it until done. Don't overcook it. When it's ready, put it in the foil and wrap it up. The steam created inside this foil pocket does nice things to the meat.

You can fry your tortillas up for crunchy tacos, or dip them in hot oil for soft tacos OR, for soft tacos without the fat, place a paper towel in your tortilla warmer and however many tortillas you will need. Cover and microwave for one minute. The hot steam inside the tortilla warmer makes the tortillas pliable enough for tacos--if they aren't warmed up right, they will tear and you'll have a huge taco mess on your plate.

As soon as your taco shells are ready then it's time to put together some tasty tacos. I like them fresh and simple but you can use whatever taco toppings you like.

In Mexico, these tacos are handed to you with just the meat inside the tortillas (always homemade and to die for). Some vendors cook the meat with onions, others don't. Condiments are few but fresh and delicious--the choices are minced cilantro, minced onions, minced serrano peppers, and lime quarters. I have never seen Pico de Gallo offered by these vendors but the Pico is very good on them and I always find myself wishing the vendors offered it.

Extra Tips:

Beef milanesa is a good cut of meat to make these tacos with, just cut across the grain into strips. Tacos are always a good way to stretch a pound of meat.

You can fry flour tortillas into extremely tasty taco shells if you prefer them to corn. If you are using store-bought taco shells, well, shame on you. Yuck!

You don't have to cook the meat in an iron skillet. You can use your grill, in which case you should probably slice the meat after you've cooked it instead of before. You could also use your electric grill (George Foreman anyone?) or you could let your wok get smoking hot and use that instead.

We make these tacos with chicken frequently. I find that boneless, skinless thighs are the tastiest bit to use but use whatever part of the chicken that makes you happy.
          Elliot Brown 202-001-L06 Men's Canford Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 202-001-L06 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 202-001-L06 Men's Canford Wristwatch

The first model they designed, and still a real favourite – it’s their go-to watch. The uniquely polished bezel, crowns and the circular grooved dial catch the light and contrast with indices and hands the colour of blued screws used in gunsmithing.  Delivered on a smooth, dark blue leather strap that’s so blue it’s almost black (think midnight blue dinner jacket) with a single-fold deployment buckle that clicks closed to the right size every time, with their logo machined into it.   We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty

          Elliot Brown 202-003-L03 Men's Canford Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 202-003-L03 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 202-003-L03 Men's Canford Wristwatch

A very popular choice. The warm ivory textured dial, grey-gold metallic markers, and chocolate brown strap create a contemporary watch with a warm, vintage, analogue feel, and the unique red-tipped seconds hand adds a little pop of colour for a subtle avionic feel. Brushed steel, warm ivory, chocolate-brown: if you’re looking for a Canford and can’t decide, choose this one. Delivered on a smooth, oiled leather strap that’s moulded to fit the case, with a single-fold brushed deployment buckle that clicks closed to the right size every time, with their logo machined into it.      We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty

          Elliot Brown 202-003-L08 Men's Canford Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 202-003-L08 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 202-003-L08 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Matt brown 'pull-up' leather contrasts perfectly to cool down the warm metallic ivory textured dial, and grey-gold chrome hour markers.  A red-tipped seconds hand adds a little pop of colour inside the brushed steel casing.   These premium leather straps are produced in small batches and over time, the matt nap will develop into a smooth sheen like an old leather belt. The straps are shaped to fit the case perfectly, with a single-fold brushed deployant buckle that clicks closed to the right size every time, with their luminous shield machined into it.      We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty

          Elliot Brown 202-005-L02 Men's Canford Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 202-005-L02 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 202-005-L02 Men's Canford Wristwatch

The 202-005-L02 is the most contemporary-looking watch they make; black, white, clean, and fresh.  Everything is about that monochrome simplicity. Black internal bezel, matt bright white dial, black hands, white luminous, black leather, white stitch. An interesting effect of having contrasting bezel and dial colours is that it makes the watch appear visually smaller.  Delivered on a smooth, oiled black leather fitted strap with white contrast stitching, and a single-fold brushed steel deployment buckle that clicks closed to the right size every time.   We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty

          Elliot Brown 202-007-L07 Men's Canford Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 202-007-L07 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 202-007-L07 Men's Canford Wristwatch

The 202-007 proves just how good a stainless steel watch with a blue dial and a dark brown leather strap can look. It's a great every-day watch that works equally well for casual and formal occasions. This model might not be the first one you’ll notice because of it’s subtlety, but once that blue dial has caught the light just once, it’s hard to stop giving it a casual glance. The rotating inner bezel is made with a matching blued finish with a triangular green luminous 12 o’clock marker and matching triangle detail on the upper crown. Delivered on small batch, dark matt brown leather that gradually turns from matt to smooth finished hide as the nap wears down with a character all of it's own. The strap has a single-fold deployant buckle that clicks closed to the right size every time. A future classic.   We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty

          Elliot Brown 202-008-L04 Men's Canford Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 202-008-L04 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 202-008-L04 Men's Canford Wristwatch

The 202-008-L04 is dominated by the pale tan vintage military strap and dial graphics, and is one of the most popular Canford models. The case is brushed-black PVD to catch the light for a smarter look, and the tan strap is custom moulded to fit the case precisely, highlighting the contrasting colours. The circular groove on the dial combined with subtle white SuperLuminova hour markers and white tip on the seconds hand give the whole dial pin sharp legibility and a lightness of touch.  The fitted oiled leather strap has a matching brushed black PVD-coated single-fold deployment buckle that clicks closed to the right size every time, with our logo picked out in luminous tan colour.  Please note that the tan SuperLuminova hands don't glow quite as brightly as the natural pale green luminous.    We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty

          Elliot Brown 202-008-L11 Men's Canford Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 202-008-L11 Men's Canford Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 202-008-L11 Men's Canford Wristwatch

The 202-008-L11 is based on one of their most popular Canfords. It came about because we were asked to make a black leather strap that suited this watch.  The result is this pebbled leather strap, highlighting the contrasting colours with it's tan stitch and custom moulded to fit the case precisely. It comes with a matching brushed black PVD-coated single-fold deployant buckle that clicks closed to the right size every time, and their logo picked out in luminous tan colour. The brushed-black PVD case catches the light for a smarter look, and the circular grooves on the dial give the whole dial pin sharp legibility and a lightness of touch.  Please note that the tan SuperLuminova hands don't glow quite as brightly as the natural pale green luminous.      We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty

          Elliot Brown 929-001-L01 Gent's Bloxworth Wristwatch        
Elliot Brown 929-001-L01 Gent's Bloxworth Wristwatch

Elliot Brown 929-001-L01 Gent's Bloxworth Wristwatch

The leather strapped 929-001-L01 is a tech desk-diver that looks and wears ‘lighter’ than the metal strapped models thanks to the unique pebbled leather strap that adds texture and comes with a gunmetal single-fold deployment buckle that clicks closed to the right size very time. The sandblasted gunmetal grey case shouts precision whilst the matt black dial and crisp white/chrome hands and indices are functional, sharp, and highly legible.     We are a Elliot Brown authorised dealer Brand new boxed stock with full retail boxes & paperwork 1 Year warranty


Manfaat TIK di Kehidupan Sehari-hari

Manfaat Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi dalam Kehidupan Sehari-hari ..


Banyak sekali manfaat dari pelajaran Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi. Peningkatan kualitas hidup semakin menuntut manusia untuk melakukan berbagai aktifitas yang dibutuhkan dengan mengoptimalkan sumber daya yang dimilikinya. Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi yang perkembangannya begitu cepat secara tidak langsung mengharuskan manusia untuk menggunakannya dalam segala aktivitasnya. Beberapa penerapan dari Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi antara lain dalam perusahaan, dunia bisnis, sektor perbankan, pendidikan, dan kesehatan.

A. Penerapan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi dalam Perusahaan
Penerapan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi banyak digunakan para usahawan. Kebutuhan efisiensi waktu dan biaya menyebabkan setiap pelaku usaha merasa perlu menerapkan teknologi informasi dalam lingkungan kerja. Penerapan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi menyebabkan perubahan bada kebiasaan kerja. Misalnya penerapan Enterprice Resource Planning (ERP). ERP adalah salah satu aplikasi perangkat lunak yang mencakup sistem manajemen dalam perusahaan.

B. Penerapan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi dalam Dunia Bisnis Dalam dunia bisnis Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi dimanfaatkan untuk perdagangan secara elektronik atau dikenal sebagai E-Commerce. E-Commerce adalah perdagangan menggunakan jaringan komunikasi internet.

C. Penerapan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi dalam Perbankan
Dalam dunia perbankan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi adalah diterapkannya transaksi perbankan lewat internet atau dikenal dengan Internet Banking. Beberapa transaksi yang dapat dilakukan melalui Internet Banking antara lain transfer uang, pengecekan saldo, pemindahbukuan, pembayaran tagihan, dan informasi rekening.

D. Penerapan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi dalam Pendidikantiok
Teknologi pembelajaran terus mengalami perkembangan seirng perkembangan zaman. Dalam pelaksanaan pembelajaran sehari-hari Makalah Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi sering dijumpai kombinasi teknologi audio/data, video/data, audio/video, dan internet. Internet merupakan alat komunikasi yang murah dimana memungkinkan terjadinya interaksi antara dua orang atau lebih. Kemampuan dan karakteristik internet memungkinkan terjadinya proses belajar mengajar jarak jauh (E-Learning) menjadi lebih efektif dan efisien sehingga dapat diperoleh hasil yang lebih baik.

E. Penerapan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi dalam Kesehatan
Sistem berbasis kartu cerdas (smart card) dapat digunakan juru medis untuk mengetahui riwayat penyakit pasien yang datang ke rumah sakit karena dalam kartu tersebut para juru medis dapat mengetahui riwayat penyakit pasien. Digunakannya robot untuk membantu proses operasi pembedahan serta penggunaan komputer hasil pencitraan tiga dimensi untuk menunjukkan letak tumor dalam tubuh pasien.

1. Terhadap Kehidupan Bermasyarakat
Proses penggunaan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi merupakan dasar yang muncul dan dikenal sebagai Informatika Masyarakat. Masyarakat informatika melibatkan diri lebih dari sekedar pengadopsian teknologi informasi dan komunikasi di dalamnya, tetapi ikut dalam penerapan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi demi keuntungan masyarakat lokal. Masyarakat informatika tidak hanya menghadapkan teknologi, tetapi juga gagasan sosial yang dikenal sebagai modal sosial. Masyarakat informatika juga memperkenalkan dimensi baru ke dalam konsep pembagian masyarakat berdasarkan modal budaya dan kelas sosial yang menstratifikasi masyarakat.

Sebagai satu bidang akademik, masyarakat informatika mengambil sumber daya dan partisipan dari serangkaian latar belakang, termasuk Ilmu Komputer, Manajemen, Ilmu Informasi dan Perpustakaan, Perencanaan, Sosiologi, Pendidikan, Kebijakan Sosial, dan penelitian Pedesaan, Regional, dan Pembangunan.

Sebagai suatu praktik, masyarakat informatika merupakan kepentingan bagi mereka yang perhatian dengan Pengembangan Masyarakat dan Ekonomi Lokal di Negara Berkembang maupun Maju dan memiliki hubungan dekat dengan mereka yang bekerja di bidang-bidang seperti Pembangunan Masyarakat, Pembangunan Ekonomi Masyarakat, Informatika Kesehatan Berbasis Masyarakat, Pendidikan Dewasa dan Lanjutan.

Masyarakat informatika adalah bagian dari struktur masyarakat di dunia yang muncul dan memiliki peran di sejumlah tingkat fundamental dalam masyarakat yang berkembang. Masyarakat informatika dapat dideskripsikan sebagai penggunaan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi untuk praktik masyarakat, yang didefinisikan oleh Glen (1993) sebagai Penyampaian Layanan Masyarakat, dan Tindakan Masyarakat. Khususnya, Praktik Masyarakat semakin dianggap fundamental untuk masalah-masalah sosial karena masyarakat di suatu tempat menghadapi dunia perdagangan modern yang kurang menjadi subyek negara/ bangsa.

Komunikasi telah memainkan peranan penting dalam mengembangkan dan mempertahankan kesehjateraan masyarakat secara geografis sepanjang sejarah. Informatika Masyarakat adalah sebuah fenomena terkini pada masyarakat jaringan modern, dapat dilacak pada pemrakarsa komunikasi masyarakat akhir 1980 sampai awal 1990.

Sejak permulaan, tujuan utama teknologi masyarakat adalah untuk menggunakan prasarana, aplikasi, dan layanan informasi dan komunikasi untuk memberdayakan dan melestarikan modal sosial masyarakat lokal (jaringan, organisasi, kelompok, aktivitas, dan nilai yang mendasari kehidupan masyarakat).

1.Terhadap Pembelajaran di sekolah

Kita harus tahu bahwa untuk memanfaatkan TIK dalam hal pembelajaran tidak semudah dibayangkan.Perlu beberapa syarat yang harus dipenuhi demi terwujudnya pemanfaatan TIK dalam pembelajaran,diantaranya :

-Adanya akses teknologi internet untuk guru maupun siswa,baik di dalam kelas,sekolah,maupun lembaga pendidikan guru,

-Adanya materi yang bermutu bagi guru dan siswa,

-Guru harus harus produktif terhadap perkembangan TIK.

Selain itu,untuk menghindari pemanfaatan teknologi yang kurang bermanfaat apalagi dalam hal negatif oleh siswa karena pembelajaran TIK antar siswa dengan cepat maka mengarahkan pemanfatan TIK dalam pembelajaran menjadi sangat penting sehingga siswa disibukkan dengan eksplorasi subjek positif dalam penggunaan TIK.Bentuk nyatanya dapat berupa penugasan pencarian artikel,sumber bacaan,atau pengiriman tugas(PR) melalui e-mail

Dan juga harus tercipta kemudahan akses internet di lingkungan yang terkontrol seperti di sekolah atau rumah melebihi kemudahan akses di tempat umum seperti warnet agar aktivitas on-line siswa lebih terkontrol.

Beberapa pemanfaatan TIK dalam pembelajaran diantaranya :



-Kelas Virtual

Blog sekarang memang menjadi tempat bagi semua orang seperti pelajar untuk munumpahkan semua ilmu dan aktifitas sehari-harinya.Dengan menulis di Blog kita dapat :

-Mengembangakan kreatifitas kalian dalam menulis.Selain itu apabila tulisan kalian bagus maka kita akan mendapatkan komentar sebagai bentuk penghormatan terhadap tulisan kita,

-Mempersiapkan diri kita untuk bersaing di dunia global yang menuntut kita terjun dalam teknologi, nah apabila kita terbiasa menulis di Blog maka kita akan terbiasa menggunakan teknologi dalam menjalani kehidupan.

Dengan e-mail,kita bisa mengirimkan tugas yang diberikan oleh guru tanpa harus bertatap muka langsung.Dan dengan menjelajah internet,kita akan tahu banyak hal yang bisa di dapat melalui internet seperti mencari artikel yang berkaitan dengan mata pelajaran di sekolah.Ini semua sangat menunjang sekali terhadap proses belajar di sekolah.


Manfaat komputer dalam kehidupan sehari- hari sangat banyak dan sangat membantu, mempermudah , mempecepat pekerjaan –pekerjaan manusia diantaranya adalah :

1. Bidang Pendidikan

Dengan adanya komputer mempermudah bagi pegawai administrasi sekolah untuk membuat kurikulum pengajaran , jadwal pelajaran sekolah, membuat daftar nama siswa , membuat daftar nilai siswa , membuat absen siswa , membuat perhitungan gaji pegawai dan membuat perencanaan pengajaran bagi guru-guru sekolah.

Mengakses Informasi Pendidikan lewat Internet. Seiring perkembangan jaman Internet telah merambah sekolah-sekolah setingkat kecamatan,sehingga akses informasipun semakin mudah diperoleh untuk kemajuan pendidikan tiap-tiap sekolah.

2. Bidang Kesehatan

Mempermudah Dokter dan Perawat dalam memonitor kesehatan pasien monitor detak jantung pasien lewat monitor komputer, aliran darah , memeriksa organ dalam pasien dengan sinar X. Sebagai contoh saat perawatan Almarhum Mantan Presiden Soeharto di Rumah Sakit Pertamina Jakarta, tahun 2008. Dengan teknologi modern bisa memonitor, bahkan menggantikan fungsi organ dalam seperti Jantung, Paru-paru dan Ginjal. Itu merupakan teknologi kesehatan yang digabungkan dengan teknologi Informasi dan Komputer.

3. Bidang Transportasi

Dengan komputer semua jadwal dan jalur penerbangan yang transit dibandara bisa di program dan dijadwalkan dengan komputer. Untuk menerbangkan sendiri pesawat dilengkapi dengan peralatan komputer. Bahkan setelah mencapai ketinggian tertentu pesawat bisa di terbangkan otomatis dengan pilot otomatis yang sudah diprogram di dalam kmputer.

Dengan komputer, narigasi kapal laut bisa ditentukan koordinat dan arah gerak kapal. Demikian juga penjualan tiket di Bandara , Stasiun , Dan Terminal Bus di layani dengan cepat menggunakan komputer.

4. Bidang Jasa Pengiriman Barang

Kantor Pos bisa mengirimkan dokumen pengiriman barang lebih cepat dan akurat.Dengan adanya komputer dan internet orang tidak lagi menunggu berhari-hari menerima surat, cukup lewat email saja lebih cepat dalam sekejap , jadi dunia menjadi semakin sempit dalam arti bisa diakses sedemikian cepatnya.

5. Bidang industri Otomotif

Mobil-mobil di buat dari kerangka body, mesin, peralatan elektronik di pabrik dengan bantuan robot yang dikendalikan oleh komputer dengan leih akurat. Dengan bantuan komputer pabrik-pabrik otomotif bisa memproduksi mobil dalam jumlah ratusan perbulan, yang tidak mungkin dikerjakan secara manual dengan tenaga manusia.

6. Bidang Jasa Konstruksi

Dengan komputer para Insiyur dan Arsitek mendesain gambar konstruksi dengan pemodelan dan perhitungan yang akurat, cepat dan tepat. Gambar kontruksi didesain menggunakan program CAD, sedangkan untuk perhitungan analisis dan penganalisa kekuatan menggunakan program SAP2000 atau STAD III yang dioperasikan dengan bantuan komputer.

7. Bidang Jasa Percetakan

Percetakan koran, majalah , buku-buku, semua dikerjakan dengan mesin yang di operasikan oleh komputer sehingga dalam waktu singkat bisa mencetak buku atau majalah atau koran dalam jumlah ratusan bahkan jutaan exemplar, bisa menghemat waktu dan biaya, seandainya dikerjakan dengan manual oleh manusia, butuh berapa ribu orang untuk mengetik di kertas koran dan perlu berapa lama untuk menyelesaikan, keburu berita menjadi basi dantidak up-to date lagi.

8. Bidang Industri Perfilman

Semua efek-efek di dunia akting , animasi, dan penyotingan adegan film semua di rekam dengan perangkat elektronik yang dihubungkan dengan komputer. Animasinya juga di kembangkan mempergunakan animasi yang dibuat dengan aplikasi komputer. Sebagai contoh film-film Hollywood berjudul TITANIC itu sebenarnya tambahan animasi untuk menggambarkan kapal raksasa yang pecah dan tenggelam, sehingga tampak menjadi seolah-olah mirip dengan kejadian nyata.

9. Bidang Industri Rekaman

Bahwa untuk menghasilkan suara yang bagus perlu pengaturan perekam dan modifikasi suara dengan media komputer, serta mencetak lagu-lagunyapun di bantu dengan system komputer. Untuk mencetak album kedalam VCD atau DVD perlu bantuan pogram komputer untuk memproses pembuningan atau pembakaran CD sehingga bisa merekam suara dengan kualitas sangat tinggi.

10. Bidang Pertahanan dan Keamanan

Negara maju seperti Amerika telah dilengkapi dengan peralatan satelit yang dikendalikan dari Bumi, untuk memantau serta memetakan keadaan dipermukaan Bumi, pada Perang dunia II dan yang terakhir dengan Irak , Amerika menggunakan Jaringan Inteligen yang dilengkapi dengan Teknologi komputer dan Informasi modern sehingga bisa mengalahkan lawan-lawanya.

11. Bidang Olah Raga

Pertandingan sepak bola piala dunia di tayangkan oleh satelite yang di hubungkan dengan pesawat penerima di bumi kemudian dipancarkan ke seluruh satelit pemancar TV di belahan bumi, sehingga acara olah raga sedunia itu bisa dinikmati oleh semua orang.

          Esch o la anarquía        
Esch o la anarquía - Hermann Broch

En esta segunda parte de la trilogía Los sonámbulos, de Broch, tanto la trama como el estilo narrativo sufren una transformación, un proceso evolutivo sutil, pero importante. Si la primera novela estaba narrada con un cierto clasicismo y los temas que abordaba no dejaban de ser decimonónicos —aun cuando el autor los presentara desde un punto de vista crítico y diferente—, en “Esch o la anarquía” el foco está puesto sobre un protagonista moderno, un pequeño contable que aspira a medrar en la sociedad pujante y mercantilista que le rodea.

Aunque también en este libro se tocan cuestiones ya planteadas en “Pasenow o el romanticismo”, tales como el enfrentamiento entre mundo rural y urbano, o alienación del individuo, el planteamiento esencial es el de la búsqueda del ideal absoluto que todo ser humano persigue y que, como es lógico, no puede consumar con éxito en la realidad. Esch, el contable, llena su mente con proyectos de proporciones desmesuradas cuya realización las circunstancias se ocupan de desbaratar; su ansiedad de plenitud (en su vida privada y en su faceta profesional) se trunca cuando se opone un mundo repleto de contradicciones y fantasmas.
Si en la primera parte el estilo, aunque sencillo y más o menos plano, ya ahondaba en cierta penetración psicológica, en “Esch o la anarquía” los procesos mentales son llevados a una nueva dimensión narrativa, una exploración intensa de la conciencia del protagonista. Su encuentro con Eduard von Bertrand, que aparece en el libro como un comerciante adinerado del que Esch pretende vengarse por una afrenta que considera injusta, es todo un prodigio literario: un diálogo ’sonámbulo’, onírico y de profundas resonancias espirituales, donde se confrontan dos maneras de ver el mundo (Bertrand actúa en ambos libros como un arquetipo de la nueva sociedad, del hombre adaptado y sabedor de sus límites y sus posibilidades). Por supuesto, todos los proyectos de Esch fracasan una y otra vez de manera vergonzosa, e incluso su deseo último de emigrar a una América que ve como ideal de promisión se frustra debido a su compromiso con mamá Hentjen, la dueña del bar al que suele acudir y a la que se someterá para ‘adaptarse’ y saciar su sed de purificación. Sus propias carencias, que Esch proyecta sin cesar en los que le rodean con el fin de perdonarse a sí mismo, le bloquearán la entrada a un mundo que arrasa con los valores tradicionales y que parece expulsar de sí cualquier atisbo de humanidad. Broch continúa así con la recreación de un tiempo en el que el ser humano dejó de contemplarse a sí mismo como posibilidad. La culminación de todo ello llegará, claro está, con la última novela de la trilogía, “Huguenau o el realismo”. (S. Molina).

          Fiat lux        

Ceaseless flows the river, water ever changing; bubbles in still pool gather and subside, impermanent: so in this world are we and all we devise.

–Kamo no Chōmei, Hōjōki

A couple of sunspot cycles ago, a soi-disant Zen teacher warned an old novice against high expectations when offering ego repatterning to help people withdraw from tobacco. His thesis: smoking encompasses a broad range of linked cognitive processes, internal states and overt behaviors, each providing some kind of satisfaction, relief or distraction, and all working to maintain the status quo. Unraveling the skein of social interaction, personal ritual and biochemical dependency therefore requires a superbly concerted effort. This assertion was delivered, somewhat ironically, within the pale of “Mad Russian” Yefim Shubentsov, who for decades has claimed to cure 80% of incoming smokers with one deft wave of a bioenergetic placebo.

While none tasteful enough to be reading this tastiest of blogs could ever be tagged an addict of any sort, it is true that for most of us, it is no single aspect of the tea experience, but a veritable congeries, that drives our ongoing engagement. Consider, for example, a few elements:
  • Learn: read, watch videos, attend workshops, sit with veterans
  • Buy: in shops, on-line, via telephone and post
  • Covet: un/pack, inspect, admire; look, sniff, handle
  • Exchange: share, trade, re-sell, swap samples
  • Criticize: write and speak, assess and review
–and infusing all of these, we hope: Drink! Alone in placid contemplation, convivially as a common focus, tangentially as a quenching and revivifying beverage, integratively as a complement to food, tactically as a stimulant, ritually as a foundation for or embodiment of some broader binding practice.

To hold a delicate creature too closely is to risk choking it, and to reify one transient experience is to constrain the space in which the next will appear. A great part of any mindful exercise of sensuality must therefore be what the Japanese recently call mono no aware, the bittersweet (like a good gyokuro) poignancy of the transient suchness of things. It is a benign expression of wabi-sabi, the gentle communion with transiency itself: the anicca of Gautama; panta rhei attributed to Heraclitus; tides of Tao that do nothing, but through which all things are done. Love each sip and let it go. This is one reason that so many of us, when the illusion of time permits, enjoy gongfu brewing: ten, twenty, even thirty thimbled aliquots of liquor taken in evolving, modulated yet never “controlled” succession from one broad pinch of admired leaf. Taste memory, unpacking the various synæsthesias and comparing this tongue-lave with the last, and the one before that, and many more previous—that is part of the maven’s pleasure. But even without the neurological renormalization that evicts unvarying stimuli into limbo, the limits of our attention make clutching at any one moment’s sensation futile. Better to accept Ovid’s dictum: omnia mutantur, nihil interit: everything changes; nothing is lost. Experiences we cannot remember, even in dream, retain the power forever to alter, amplify and enrich the experiences that follow. So let it be with this morning’s cuppa.

With taste and aroma evanescent, circumstance and company variably fugacious, and the mystic leaf itself a living thing whose maturation and senescence may encompass from weeks to a few score years at dry-stored best, where do we find our concrete exemplars, our durable symbols, the persistent artifacts of our chosen pleasure? Fortunately, perhaps, there requires but a minimal equipage for the heating of water, moistening of leaf and delivery of effusions. So little is enough, to warm a Dalesman’s pre-dawn fingers, lubricate a conclave of Odessan elders or Nyhavn knitters, take each of us—in mind, at least—to reclusion or refuge in our own ten-foot square hut. (Though Thoreau, in his splendid renunciation, apparently found no room for our leaf in his life: “...I did not use tea, nor coffee, nor butter, nor milk, nor fresh meat, and so did not have to work to get them...”) It is only the conspicuously wealthy, the bored and sated, those requiring expressions of formality to construe meaning in lives set too remote from Nature, who require more. But we are not a species that limits choice according to requirement, so...

With desiderata well in hand, we may wish more carefully or elegantly to store our leafy or lumpy taels, temper water, measure and manipulate the various substances at their various stages. Most often we provide drinking cups, rather than sucking from a common spout (or aiming streams throatward as camel-riders might pass a skin of koumiss), which in turn invites the fair-pot. And then a splashable tray or “tea ocean” on which to perform all these operations, and whisks, picks, funnels, spoons, scoops and other small tools, and perhaps dishes on which to display fresh and spent leaves. Und so weiter, right up to digital thermometers and scales and timers. As though the wings of savory camellia could be pinned to objective time! People of a collecting temperament will have favorite objects, favorite classes of objects, favorite materials, styles, countries of origin; and otherwise establish personal taxonomies of acquisitiveness. And in contrast to the plainsong European aesthetic, aficionados of the Asian schools are free to harmonize gear according to any modality, or none at all. At a certain state of tea-drunkenness, every object looks good; and even before that, the manifest exercise of discrimination and pleasure affords any soul’s accretion of gear its own special numen. My own favorite pieces, modest though they be, span five cultures, four countries and three centuries, and have little in common past a high silica content.

Yet while proclivities vary, as do budgets, access to suppliers, storage and display space, tolerance of cohabitors, threats from light-fingered adults and rambunctious pets or children, most “tea freaks” tend to focus their collecting on the core unit operation—brewing—and therefore acquire a multiplicity of pots and cups even when they have few or none of the many other optional items. In some cases, collecting is itself the main passion, to which the making and serving of potions is mere justification or occasional distraction. For techies, the search for that perfect pot (perhaps one for each type of tea, time of day, class of company, style of service, etc.) is both drive and excuse. For crafts appreciators, the elegance of shape and construction, melding of material to form and function, may incite a desire for great diversity, or conversely to subtler variations around a chosen sameness. (Someone in my past collected Art Deco photographic light meters. Go figure.) Utility, sensuality, investment... For whatever reason, ownership of teapots may quickly become a self-reinforcing cycle.

Though raised on free-leaf tea, with recent decades' reading and travel somewhat expanding scope of knowledge and appreciation, I have safely evaded that unseemly obsession. A recent inventory of my shelves showed just 46 teapots, of which a good quarter are mainly retained for the memories they decant, unusual form, specialist applicability or to complement other displayed items. To be sure, this does not count a smaller number of in-use gaiwans, plus a score or two of both kept on hand as gifts for neophytes who have yet to develop their own preferences. (I would no sooner give a pot or gaiwan unasked to a serious tea-drinker than I would an unsolicited reed to a saxophonist. On one hand, I would not presume to be able to guess another’s tastes, and would not want to put either of us in an awkward position; on the other, I cannot afford teaware of a quality that would constitute a meaningful addition to most of my friends’ collections. But that first Yixing pot or glazed gaiwan is almost always welcome.) Yet even with so sparse a collection, one may eventually find a piece to be surplus to my needs (and even wants). In this case, I usually give the spare to a friend. Like a piano or a sense of humor, a cared-for teapot improves with use. So there is collective benefit in acquiring many pots and keeping few.

Occasionally, though, a pot is not fit to be either used or donated. One such came my way during an expedition to San Francisco’s Chinatown incident to a nearby photonics conference. Not much attractive teaware to be found there at all, and tea of notable quality pretty sparse as well. So it is with our degraded Disneys; real people and the real tea they drink tend not to feature on the tourist maps. But my Geiger counter did perk up in a basement-level knicknack shop, where sat a bad implementation of a bad rendering of one of the most delicious pots I have ever had the pleasure to see, handle and use, at The Tea Gallery in NYC. (Alas, the proprietors of the latter establishment would not sell at any price.) The imitation: rudely trimmed after clumsy slip-casting, with an ill-fit lid and spout too narrow for our lightning steeps, I still found the form compelling. Not $32 worth, but the tag was marked down by half, and it was sitting on a half-price table. Before I could ask for both discounts to be applied, the clerk had performed another binary fission. For $4, it was beyond a bargain, even if not quite pretty enough to display or pourable enough to use.

So sat it alone on the counter for a few years, thirsting for a useful role.

Then one day I noticed a general resemblance to ancient Mediterranean oil lamps. Though for external vision I prefer electric lighting when the sun is in flight, a butane camping torch when the power is out, or a candle lantern if vapors be exhausted, there is something inwardly delightful about an old-style lamp. Especially if one happens to keep a lot of extra-virgin cold-press olive juice around; that makes for a rather pleasanter aroma than, say, kerosene, tallow, or rendered whale blubber. With needle-nose pliers, I carefully snapped out the internal clay screen. When a cotton string proved to transport fuel too slowly, and commercial fiberglass wicks were all too big, I teased a bundle of just the right size from a spare bit of wood-stove door gasketing (available anywhere that cold and cordwood meet, probably at no charge for the snippet required) and threaded it down the spout. Here is the result:

Is it perfect? Not hardly, at least in this relative world. Classical lamps often have a shallow cup surrounding the wick, so that oil—which, as we all know, tends to be pulled away from the flame by a thermal variant of the same Marangoni Effect that engenders wine tears—does not drip down the spout. You can see a hint of this in the photo; though it has not progressed beyond a slight slick, I still keep the lamp in a small saucer. (Japanese porcelain with a blue fugu design, per the crossing of styles mentioned above.) Is it useful? Useful‽ How did that get in there? It is pleasing to eye and nose. Alas, it would not suit for warming o-cha no mizu, or even brightening a brew-table: the aroma, though delicious, would overpower most infusions. Perhaps I’ll make another with an orange-yellow flickering LED in the spout and a fake-flame cellophane tassel above. Or perhaps not. Does tea-seed oil smell nicely when it burns?

In the Diamond Sutra, the Buddha reminds us that

... this is how to contemplate our existence
in this fleeting world:

Like a tiny drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream;
Like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
Or a flickering lamp, an illusion, a phantom, or a dream.
So is all conditioned existence to be seen.

Sometimes it takes a dream to reveal dream, an illusion to reveal that all is illusion, a flickering lamp to reveal a more persistent and immanent radiance. It is said that of the four million words put into Buddha’s mouth since the Council of Arhats, the only surviving ones that actually came out of it were his last, beginning with

Atta dipa viharatha: You are the light itself; here abide.

Until we each and all arrive at that non-place of no-attainment, we need all the illumination we can find. In that spirit, this Yankee-thrift tip for turning an object of limited utility into another of equally limited but different utility—like Gaiman’s werewolf who treasured “a small bone that he had carved into the shape of a small bone”—is offered in humble hope that it may bring pleasure and, in these parlous times, help to generate honorable employment for out-of-work teapots everywhere.
          Duron PakRatchet        
pakrachett_gearpatrol11The name may be more than a little corny, but that doesn't detract from this tool's ingenious form factor. Made to be an all in one grab and go ratchet solution, the PakRatchet stores seven sockets along with 3' extension insideRead More »
          Military Recruiting And How To Confront It        

Pat Elder | Originally published in Popular Resistance - June 29, 2017

Wars start in our high schools and this is where we can end them.

This year the Army’s goal is to recruit 80,000 active duty and reserve soldiers. The Navy is trying to sign up 42,000; the Air Force is looking for 27,000, and the Marines hope to bring on 38,000. That comes to 187,000.  The Army National Guard will also attempt to lure 40,000.

Military youth swearing inThese soldiers are needed to maintain the status quo for a year, aside from a last-minute increase of 6,000 additional Army soldiers added by President Obama.

The Pentagon is attempting to recruit somewhere around 227,000 troops this year, and they’re having one hell of a time finding them, even while they enjoy unprecedented physical access to kids in our high schools and equally unprecedented exposure to their minds through popular culture.  In 2010 there were 30.7 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 24. 227,000 works out to .73% of prime recruiting age.

The military is forced to relax several standards to bring in soldiers. They say today’s kids are either too fat or too dumb or too misbehaved to make the grade.  They claim youth are misinformed about life in the military, but we know most youth don’t want to relinquish their freedom and risk their lives to serve in a military that is overly enthusiastic about going to war.

          Computer repair common problems        

Computer repair can be a complicated sub-ject. So much can happen in one day the computer works fine, and the next day will not turn at all. When this happens do not panic. It can be a sim-sized solution. If you know what some of the easy solutions are then you might be able to have your PC running in no time. Here are some common problems that goes wrong with your computer and fixes some cheap computer repair.

In my experience the most common problems when the computer does not start is because the CMOS battery. The CMOS battery is the small silver disc, which resembles a calculator battery.To replace the CMOS battery will need to disconnect power to your computer and carefully remove the CMOS battery cover.The be on the motherboard. Gently pull out to avoid damaging the motherboard and a new replacement care. Make sure you put the new battery properly you may want to note how that is in an old before removal for you to put the new correctly.

Another easy solution in computer repair, it also means the CMOS battery. If for any reason you are blocked from your laptop and have forgotten your password, you can reset it by removing the CMOS battery and putting it back in. Working on a notebook though, is a little more dangerous and difficult then a PC. If you find yourself having to remove the CMOS battery in your laptop make sure you remove the battery and unplug the first laptop to prevent injury.
Sometimes your computer skills very well, but usually load the operating system. If this happens the computer repair is as simple as reinstalling your operating system. Most computers have a disk to do this, but keep in mind if you are reinstalling Windows you might have to call Microsoft to get their windows legally activated.

Another simple computer repair is when the power goes down. Make sure your drive is disconnected and has no electricity going to it. Remove the lid and gently loosen the screws that hold little in the last. You want to put some screws in a safe place. Your new power supply must be right where the old man. If your replacement is the right size. This computer repair takes just minutes.

computer repair

          The Same Old Wrongdoer Blues: Creative Fraud Leaves Employer Holding the Bag for Fraud on its Account        

Articles 3 and 4 of the UCC provide a roadmap for addressing how to allocate liability for the various mistakes, embezzlements and forgeries that have followed the payments system since its invention several centuries ago.  While as a general rule a customer is not liable for forgeries and other fraud on its account there are several exceptions where the risk of loss can be shifted back to the customer. One of those situations is what practitioners refer to as the “same wrongdoer rule” found in section 4-406(d)(2). The rule says that when the bank sends a customer their statement, the customer has a certain time period, usually 30 days, to review the statement and notify the bank of any unauthorized signatures or alterations. Should the customer fail to flag such transactions then the UCC shifts the risk of loss for all subsequent

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          Dealing with an Unsolicited Offer        

On the latest episode of The Bank Account, in preparation #SharkWeek, Jonathan and I discuss unsolicited offers and some of the approaches for bank boards to deal with them.  Topics covered include:

  • Senator Warren’s declaration that OCC Acting Comptroller Keith Noreika is a “swamp thing;”
  • unsolicited versus hostile approaches;
  • approaches to sell a bank, including full auctions, limited auctions, and negotiated transactions;
  • the need to have a current strategic plan and an understanding of the financial impact of such plan;
  • the-bank-accountthe value of having a Policy for Corporate Change to ensure discussions about offers to acquire

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          Subscription Lines: Growing Tensions Between Fund Managers and Investors        

The use of subscription lines to cover capital calls has evolved from short term bridge facilities (generally paid off within 90 days) into longer term facilities used by fund managers for cash management and greater flexibility in completing transactions, through the avoidance of the immediate need to call for capital from the fund’s limited investors.  This expended use of subscription lines, however, has raised certain issues for limited partners in connection with and the alignment of their economic interests in subscription line use with the interests of the general partner.  The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) recently published new guidance in this area:  Subscription Lines of Credit and Alignment of Interests: Considerations and Best Practices for Limited and General Partners (June 2017).

Major areas of the ILPA’s concern with the use of subscription

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          New CFPB Rule Prohibits Class Action Waivers        

On July 10, 2017, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a rule prohibiting class action waivers in certain pre-dispute arbitration agreements. The rule drastically impacts arbitration clauses currently used by many financial products and services providers in their consumer agreements.

The rule has three main components. First, the rule prohibits providers from using a pre-dispute arbitration agreement to prevent consumers from bringing or participating in class actions in federal and state court. Second, the rule requires that arbitration agreements inform consumers that their right to bring a class action is unrestricted. Third, the rule requires providers to supply certain records and data relating to arbitral proceedings to the CFPB.

The rule is effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register and generally applies to agreements entered

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          Do you have an ATM-oriented board in an increasingly iPhone-oriented world?        

In the run up to the Fourth of July holiday, you may have missed that June 27 was the 50th anniversary of the first ATM and June 29 was the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone.  I was struck by the coincidence of these two anniversaries occurring in the same week.  It also caused me to revisit in my mind a concern that has been growing for some time.

During several recent bank board retreats and strategic planning sessions, I’ve witnessed the challenging dynamics that occur when leaders begin the process of “board refreshment.”  Board refreshment is the current euphemism being used by consultants (and by the proxy advisory firms) to refer to the need for a closer match between the strategic goals of banks and the skill

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          No Fiduciary Duty Between Lead and Participants        

A recent decision out of federal court arising out of litigation involving a Ponzi scheme has reinforced the principle that the lead in a loan participation does not owe a fiduciary duty to participants.  The case of Finn v. Moyes (Finn v. Moyes,  2017 WL 1194192 (D Minn 2017)) arose from a Ponzi scheme whereby First United Funding, LLC (“First United”) defrauded numerous banks of over $90 million.  A receiver was appointed to recover funds and sued a number of parties for, among other things, aiding and abetting the fraud carried on by First United.

The receiver claimed that one group of defendants (the “Moyes”) had actual knowledge of the fraudulent conduct and aided and abetted First United by fraudulently over-pledging collateral. The Receiver also alleged that the most of the other loans made

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          Bank Website ADA Litigation        

Although the frequency of bank clients receiving demand letters related to violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”)  based on website (in)accessibility seems to be declining, Bryan Cave lawyers around the country continue to be actively involved in defending such claims in other industries.  In addition to working with the Georgia Bankers Association and the California Bankers Association, Bryan Cave has published updates through a number of blogs that may be of value to our banking clients.

In April, Start Up Bryan Cave, our blog focusing on start ups of all kinds, published “Best Practices for your Corporate Website: How to Avoid an ADA Claim.”

Making your company’s website ADA compliant now, before your company is a target of a lawsuit or a demand letter, makes good business sense. 

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          The HVCRE Easter Egg for Community Banks        

We have written several times about the rules concerning the appropriate risk weighting for High Volatility Commercial Real Estate (“HVCRE”) loans. The interagency FAQ published on April 6, 2015 provided some guidance but many banks continue to have questions about fact situations that are not addressed under the regulation.  Despite indications that an interagency task force was looking at a further set of FAQ nothing has yet come out. Despite that, there are actually grounds for optimism that the rules will yet be simplified.

Section 2222 of the Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act of 1996 (EGRPRA)  requires that, not less than once every 10 years, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Board), the Office of the

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          Plasma TV Reviews LCD Or Plasma TV        
7) Plasma TV Reviews

When shopping around for your television purchase, you should consult plasma tv reviews from various sources. But what should you look for when reading a plasma tv review?

One of the first points to consider is picking a screen size that is suitable for the floor plan of your home entertainment room. Common screen sizes can be 32", 40", 42", 46", 50", 61", or 63". The larger screens are not necessarily better, unless you have alot of room. For the optimal viewing experience, you need to maintain the right distance between your viewing area and your television screen.

Make sure you are aware of the audio options available to you. Keep in mind that some plasma tvs have built-in sound and others (referred to as monitors) do not. If you already have a high-quality sound system, you may not need built-in audio.

Check that your plasma tv is HDTV compatible (most if not all are these days). Even if you don't currently subscribe to hi-def broadcasts from your cable or satellite provider, you most lilely will as HDTV is quickly becoming the standard.

As far as the overall quality of your plasma tv is concerned, all you really have to do is go with a name brand. I would personally go with Samsung, Panasonic, Pioneer, Visio, LG or possibly Hitachi. Then it's a matter of choosing the right size and a price that fits your budget.

I will be providing reviews of individual models on this site, so make sure to read them before making your purchase.

8) LCD Or Plasma TV

There always seems to be an ongoing debate about which is better: LCD or Plasma TV. There's alot of opinions out there, so I'll just list a few facts to help you decide.

LCD TV disadvantages :

- Artifacting: LCD screens have an inherent delay problem. When a fast moving object moves across a LCD screen the delay of LCD technology causes trails because the screen can't keep up. This phenomenon is called "artifacting". This is less of a problem with the newer name-brand models, but becomes more noticable as the screen size gets bigger.

- Contrast: LCD displays have less contrast as they use a backlight which shines through the lcd panels. The panels allow or block light depending on what is required to produce an image or a color. The black levels can't go totally "black" and look various shades of glowing grey.

- Field Of Vision: Even the best LCD tv has field of vision problems as your viewing angle moves from the center off to either side.

- Cost: very expensive when you get to the larger size screens (over 35 inches).

- You have to be careful to avoid the plethora of no name junk units on market. Stick to name brands with proper warranties. Pixel failure can be a real problem with no name LCD screens, not to mention the poor picture and video quality.

LCD TV Advantages:

- Quality units have good brightness levels

- Energy efficient gives lo operating cost.

- Good life expectancy. Expect 30 to 50,000 hours bulb life according to Sharp

Plasma TV Screen Disadvantages:

- Image retention: Plasma screens can suffer from burn in if a still image is left on the display for too long. If your primary use of the plasma screen is for TV viewing and dvd, image retention will not be a factor. And it really is not much of a factor at all anymore with the newer models.

- No tuners: Alot of plasma screens don't have tuners. This is really a non-factor as you will be using satellite, digital cable or external HD boxes anyways.

Plasma TV Screen Advantages:

- Long life: the average name brand plasma tv will last 30 to 50,000 hours. This is around 20 years at 6 hours per day.

- Field of vision: A plasma screen tv has a field of vision of almost 180 degrees without loss of picture quality. From any angle you will have a great picture

- Brightness: Plasma screens are very bright. 4 to 5 times brighter then an average tv.

- Great contrast: very good black levels. The blacks are "black".

- Lower cost when you go into the larger screens

- Good picture response: There is virtually no delay in any name brand plasma and therefore no artifacting that is experienced on LCD screens.

- Natural looking picture: plasma tv colors tend to be natural looking and more accurate. Less of the "digital" look common in LCD tv.

- Upgradeability: Many plasma screens have upgradeable video cards that "future proof " your plasma tv.

I may be biased, but my personal choice is plasma tv. I really like the better viewing angles and sharp contrast. I did alot of research before purchasing and decided that the only choice for me in the "LCD or plasma tv" debate was to go for plasma. I'm happy I did.


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plasma tv
, please visit wour website, href="http://plasmatvexperience.com/plasma-tv-articles/can-i-get-a-cheap-plasma-tv/">Plasma
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store.We can help at href="http://plasmatvexperience.com">PlasmaTvExperience.com

          Burgerville pays $10,000 to settle wage and hour violations        

By staff - NW Labor Press, July 6, 2017

The Burgerville fast food chain — target of a 14-month union campaign to improve wages and working conditions — on June 22 agreed to pay $10,000 to settle charges that it willfully failed to give workers meal and rest breaks as required by law.

Oregon law requires employers to provide paid rest periods of at least 10 minutes for each four-hour work period, and a duty-free meal period of at least 30 minutes when employees work six or more hours at a time.

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) first wrote to Burgerville on April 7, 2016, saying it received information that the company may not have been providing rest breaks and meal periods at its Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard restaurant in Portland. The letter asked the company to review its practices and take immediate steps to correct the situation. Burgerville’s chief operating officer wrote back April 18 to say the company had retrained the entire management team and would meet with all 40 employees to make sure they know about the requirement that they take breaks.

But the practice continued: Two other employees complained in August, and BOLI sent another letter, and opened an investigation. The investigation found that over two-week periods in August and December 2016, managers “willfully” failed to provide meal periods to 28 and 16 employees respectively. Willful, in this case, is a legal term meaning the company knew about the requirement for meal breaks, and also knew that workers weren’t getting them. The agency found 44 violations total, and assessed $250 per violation, for $11,000 in all. BOLI also found three cases in which minors were performing a hazardous duty — operating a trash compactor — and assessed $250 per violation for those.

On June 2, 2017, the agency issued a notice that it intended to assess civil penalties of $11,750. The Vancouver-based fast food chain agreed to pay $10,000 to settle all the charges.

Burgerville Workers Union, affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World, has been campaigning since April 2016 for a $5 an hour raise, affordable health care, and other demands. The Oregon AFL-CIO and half a dozen other labor organizations have endorsed their campaign.


          How to Choose the Effective Banner Sizes        
Banner Sizes Choosing the right banner sizes for your blog or website tends to be quite a decision. The banners size and color changes the overall tone. Its size can even affect the user-friendliness. While choosing the right size to
          Groundhog Day Headband Topper        
Here's a freebie to help you celebrate Groundhog Day! (Whoo hoo for an early Spring!!!)
 It is a headband topper! I use these all the time in my class! Just print, have the kids color and cut out, then past onto a headband strip (I use sentence strips because they are just the right size!)

          Awake your inner Hulk        

There is tremendous power and strength inside all of us. A dormant giant is waiting to be awakened. We all come from the same universal source, we just need to tap into it and not let it go to waste. We are not machines, machines degrade every time they get used, no matter the quality it was build with.

Unlike machines, human beings get better every time they do something. Our mind and body get worst when we do nothing, but when both mind and body get engaged in a positive way, we can achieve almost anything. The important thing is we need to come into action, massive action, not tomorrow but now.... yes at this moment.
George Balanchine said: â€œWhy are you stingy with yourself? Why are you holding back? What are you saving for-for another time? There are no other times. There is only now. Right now”
If you have an idea immediately follow it up by doing something in the direction of that idea, no matter how small. You can write it down, make drawing, put it in your calendar no matter what it is do something. There is incredible power in that. When you bring something from the 'non-existent-world', your mind, into the physical-world, transformation happens and energy starts to flow. When energy flows that's when your inner 'Hulk' wakes up.
inner hulk
Your 'dormant giant' might look inactive when you don't tap into him. If that was the case than it's may be only a waste of the to you available energy and power. Unfortunate if you don't use your inner 'Hulk' it will start using you. That sounds like nonsense but it isn't. Think about procrastination, addictions, depression, petty crimes, wrong eating habits,  all outings of boredom.
An old expression says: idleness is the mother of vice. Scripture teaches idleness or the lack of action, feeds the seven sins:Wrath, extreme anger; Greed , intensive selfish desire for material things; Sloth, reluctance to work; Vanity, excessive pride, Lust, excessive desire; Envy, jalousie; Gluttony, excess in eating. Now before you dismiss all this, I  invite you to look at it again. Is this really so different as I described earlier?
I dare to say that you are lucky if your inner giant stays asleep when you don't come into positive action. We see unfortunately enough examples, even in our near surrounding, where boredom or the lack of action turns into something very negative and far greater than just being passive or doing nothing.
So don't waste that power and wake up that giant inside of you, put it to work, bring your ideas in reality and follow your dreams. In other words; use that inner strength, get up and come into massive action.
"Be inspired and you shall inspire." ~JD


          Make the jump        
To go from where we are to where we want to be, often requires a trust in something bigger and greater than ourselves. With that thrust we have to take make a jump or better yet a leap of faith.
The author / poet Edward Cummings, better know as E. E. Cummings said: "Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit."
leap of faith make the jump
I can only wonder what will happen if we even believe in something greater than ourselves...
"Be inspired and you shall inspire." ~ JD

          Smoked Tomato Jam        
So, I've sold all my preserves and it's time to make more. Forget the apricots, the berries, the peaches...winter is upon us. However, I managed to scrape up the last of the tomatoes from the farmer's market. My basil is dead and my freezer is full of sauce. What to do with the last 10 pounds of tomatoes?? Figured I might as well smoke them.
Now, I know what you are thinking, there are much better things to smoke up here in Northern California. However, if you've never tried it I suggest you test the waters. I'll be happy to hold your hand your first time...

There are plenty of methods used to smoke food. I will give you two methods that I have MacGyvered in my kitchen. On the (gas) grill because I don't have a charcoal one out here, and on the stove top.

Hickory Smoked on the Grill

You'll need:
  • 2 aluminum roasting pans, the disposable kind you can get at the grocery store
  • charcoal/lighter fluid
  • hickory or some kind of smoking wood chips

I put one roasting pan full of charcoal on the bottom rack, and one roasting pan full of oiled and salted tomatoes on the top rack. Follow instructions on the wood chips. I smoked them for about 30 minutes. Obviously, if you have a charcoal grill, more power to ya. A smoker, I'm sure, works miracles. Unfortunately, mine got left behind somewhere.

Tea Smoked on the Stove
I love this method for all of my smoking needs! You will have to invest some time getting a stove top set up, but then you will have it and will be able to smoke your pork, salmon, whatever. Delicious.

You'll need:
  • a wok
  • a grate or perforated pan of sorts that fits inside. Initially, I though of a round cooling rack, but I couldn't seem to find one that was just the right size. Also, the legs are too short for it to sit high enough above the smoking mixture. I perused Bed Bath and Beyond for some sort of grate that would work. Right before I was about to give up, I saw this pan with holes all over it that is used for cooking vegetables on the grill. It fits PERFECTLY inside the Wok....after you wrestle the handle off of course....that's what husbands are for. You can also use a bamboo steamer on top of the wok, but you have to tuck wet cloths all around the gap between the basket and the wok, which I find clumsy and annoying. I'm sure Ming Tsai or someone like that could explain this method better. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ming-tsai/tea-smoked-salmon-with-wasabi-latkes-recipe/index.html . If you are in a pinch, or too impatient to find a good rack, you can use an upside down aluminum pie pan with holes poked in it.
  • aluminum foil
  • a lid that fits securely over the whole set up.
  • 1 c loose tea
  • 1 c rice
  • 1 c brown sugar
Mix together the rice, tea and sugar. Line the inside of the wok and lid with aluminum foil. Put the tea mixture on the bottom of the foil lined wok and place rack on top. The rack should really sit at least an inch or two above the smoking mixture. Place tomatoes on the rack. Turn heat to high for 5 minutes or so until the mixture starts smoking. Secure the lid tightly, making sure there are no holes the smoke can leak out of and turn the heat down a bit. After about 15 minutes, turn off the heat and let them sit in there for 15 more minutes. There, your tomatoes are smoked.

NOW, you've smoked your tomatoes and you're ready to make your munchies!

For the Jam:

3 lbs tomatoes (I had little grape tomatoes so I didn't even chop them up, just smashed them against the side of the pot as they were cooking.)
1 small red onion
4 cloves minced garlic
1 C sugar
a small handful chopped fresh parsley or chervil
1/2 t red pepper flakes
fresh ground pepper

Sautee your onion and garlic. Add everything else and bring to a boil. Cook until thickened and all the water from the tomatoes has evaporated. Jar it up!

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crostini with fresh ricotta cheese
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          Les révélations de la cosmonaute Russe Marina Popovitch        

Des révélations très importantes qui concernent aussi ce qui ne devrait pas tarder à se passer dans le cosmos et sur Terre.

Lire aussi l'article en lien : La puissance des émotions ou comment inverser la vapeur et les deux commentaires laissés sous l'article par deux intervenants.



Les révélations de la cosmonaute Marina Popovitch

Publié le par Le Passeur



Les révélations de la cosmonaute Marina Popovitch



Par le Passeur.

Née en 1931, Marina Popovitch est un personnage légendaire en Russie. Une étoile dans la constellation du Cancer porte même son nom. Colonel dans les forces aériennes, ingénieur et pilote d’essai ayant survécu à six crashs, elle a volé sur une quarantaine de types d’avions et totalise 107 records du monde dans l’aviation, dont bon nombre n’ont toujours pas été battus. Elle est aussi la première femme à avoir piloté un avion de chasse et avoir franchi le mur du son.


Enfin,  professeur en science aérodynamique, maître de conférences et vice-présidente de l’Université d’Arkhangelsk, elle a également suivi des études de théologie et de physique, ainsi que plusieurs enseignements pratiques destinés à éveiller les capacités psychiques dites paranormales. Elle est ainsi devenue capable de voir l’aura humaine et s’est formée à la communication par télépathie. Voilà pour cadrer le personnage.


Avec un tel cursus et un tel palmarès, il est difficile de ne pas prêter attention à ses paroles, d’autant qu’elle est connue depuis 1991 pour avoir publié ce qu’elle déclare être la dernière photo transmise par la sonde Phobos II avant sa disparition près de Mars, et avoir porté au public l’observation de plus de 3.000 OVNIS en Russie et la possession par les Russes de cinq d’entre eux qui se sont crashés, notamment à Tunguska en 1908 (voir article sur Tunguska) et Dalnegorsk en 1986.


Elle a surtout beaucoup parlé des découvertes des scientifiques russes quant à l’interaction permanente entre les émotions humaines et les champs électromagnétiques de la Terre et leur impact immédiat sur l’activité du Soleil. Elle a notamment évoqué la présence de zones obscures dans ces champs par exemple sur les pays où la guerre faisait rage, comme l’Irak.



Selon elle, les scientifiques estiment que le chaos émotionnel humain perturbe énormément la Terre, qui réagit de plus en plus violemment à cette saturation. Ce qui doit être porté à la connaissance des populations et doit absolument déclencher un changement radical de tous nos comportements.


Il est à noter que bien des révélations sont faites depuis quelques années par des personnalités issues du monde militaire, notamment des astronautes et des haut gradés russes et américains. J’ai du mal à penser que ces ‘fuites’ soient autorisées s’il n’y a pas une volonté sous-jacente d’une faction au moins de ceux qui exercent des pouvoirs dans ce domaine que cela soit su. Par ailleurs ce changement de communication reste timoré et la médiatisation grand public reste faible, voire même nulle dans certains pays comme la France.


Le fait que ces révélations existent peut vouloir annoncer la fameuse divulgation quant à la présence extraterrestre que beaucoup espèrent et pour laquelle ils luttent depuis des décennies. Mais on ne peut exclure qu’elle puisse encore servir une manipulation des marionnettistes de notre monde dans le but de conserver le contrôle dans une situation nouvelle, où des évènements majeurs et contre lesquels ils ne peuvent rien, auront eu lieu.


En attendant de vivre le scénario à venir, voici une intéressante interview de Marina Popovitch, réalisée pour le journal espagnol Planète urbaine :


– Pendant la guerre froide, la Russie a donné une grande importance à l’étude du domaine paranormal. Vous avez fait des découvertes importantes sur la grille énergétique de la planète ainsi qu’un « champ d’enregistrement psychique Â» qui entoure la Terre. Comment cela fonctionne-t-il ?


– Les études réalisées à Moscou ont déterminé que la planète est entourée d’un immense réseau énergétique, un ’tissu’ d’énergie qui possède une distribution de forme géométrique. La géologie des continents répond aux schémas directeurs énergétiques de cette grille. Toute la structure de ce que nous connaissons comme l’univers physique s’ordonne selon des schémas géométriques déterminés. Ceci est connu sous le terme de « Géométrie Sacrée Â». Par ailleurs, en 1958, le professeur Bernascki a découvert une sorte d’anneau qui enveloppe la planète et qui contient un champ d’énergie dans lequel sont mémorisés des ‘registres’ de toutes les formes de vie et de l’histoire de la planète. Il a été découvert que ce champ d’énergie ne se situe pas sur un plan physique. Nous avons été capables de détecter cette bande et de la «lire» avec des instruments scientifiques et en utilisant des médiums entraînés à le faire.



Nous avons ainsi découvert que ce champ est un tissu ethérique chargé d’émotions. C’est pourquoi il est nécessaire de contrôler nos passions. Chacun de nous a le pouvoir d’affecter ce champ de manière positive ou négative. Toute la négativité exprimée, comme la haine et la peur, a une incidence directe sur l’état de la planète. La Terre réagit violemment à nos pensées et nos sentiments et elle émet un type de rayonnement qui se répercute sur les modèles climatiques. Les éléments sont comme des anticorps planétaires.


– Est-ce que cela pourrait être une des causes des changements climatiques violents qui se produisent actuellement ?


– C’est seulement une partie d’un immense processus qui s’inscrit dans un ordre cosmique parfait. Les scientifiques savent très bien que nous sommes confrontés à un processus cyclique et inévitable qui ne peut juste se réduire à l’homme. Dans l’univers tout est interconnecté; quoique nous fassions, d’harmonieux ou de disharmonieux,  affecte la Terre. Ces charges négatives affectent en tout les êtres humains et sont en fait plus puissantes que l’énergie nucléaire elle-même. La planète, comme si elle était un corps malade, réagit avec des anticorps naturels pour soigner ce désarroi. La pollution n’est pas causée uniquement par la consommation des énergies résiduelles. Nous sommes nous-mêmes une puissante source de pollution. Le monde répond à la haine et l’amour (voir La Clé du Présent).


– Est-il vrai que les Russes avaient une bonne avance par rapport aux Américains dans ce domaine ?


– Certains médiums russes ont dit qu’ils s’étaient retrouvés sur des plans astraux (non physiques) en présence d’Américains travaillant dans le même domaine.


Par le biais d’un entraînement spécifique, on a pu détecter ces champs de  pollution « psioniques Â» et on a vu comme un manteau obscur enveloppant certaines parties du globe terrestre. On a constaté qu’en utilisant certaines fréquences, il est non seulement possible d’influencer la vie en exerçant un contrôle mental, mais aussi de modifier le climat. Il existe des études poussées concernant l’anti-gravité qui ont amené des découvertes sur les champs scalaires, les énergies vectoriales et le vide.


Une application correcte de cette technologie pourrait avantageusement changer le monde.


– Tout nous indique que des changements climatiques majeurs vont nous obliger à changer radicalement la façon dont nous concevons notre civilisation. Quelles sont les conclusions que les scientifiques russes tirent pour la Russie à ce sujet ?


– Ces changements sont une réalité et nos scientifiques ont conclu que nous entrons dans une période de grands bouleversements de l’écosystème terrestre. Mais le plus important est que ces événements constituent un défi majeur pour l’humanité. Ils doivent être vus comme une opportunité ainsi que l’unique option pour le monde entier de décider unanimement que les vieilles formes d’exploitation de l’énergie soient remplacées par d’autres, renouvelables et non polluantes.



– Il existe des preuves de visites extraterrestres à travers le monde. Il semble que les gouvernements aient même été prévenus des grands changements à venir. Que pouvez-vous nous dire à ce sujet et pourquoi personne dans le monde ne présente ces preuves ?


– Nous avons atteint un point dans l’évolution de l’intelligence humaine où il est plus logique et crédible de suggérer l’existence d’une vie au delà de notre monde que de la nier. Les grands gouvernements le savent… et le nient. Parce que si vous aviez la connaissance que ces êtres possèdent – y compris la véritable histoire de notre planète – le système actuel des croyances s’effondrerait en un rien de temps. Le pouvoir même que ces gouvernements ont sur la population mondiale pourrait disparaître du jour au lendemain. Ces créatures ont des connaissances très avancées sur ce qu’on appelle « l’énergie libre Â». Notre planète et l’univers possèdent d’innombrables sources d’énergies non polluantes dont l’usage pourrait blesser mortellement l’empire dominant de l’économie mondiale. Utiliser des sources d’énergie polluantes maintient la totalité du système actuel dans la dépendance des ressources monétaires.



Les ultimes photos de la sonde Phobos II Comparaison entre Phobos et l'OVNI


Ces êtres respectent notre libre arbitre et ne s’impliquent donc pas directement dans nos affaires. Ils ont prouvé qu’ils viennent avec de bonnes intentions et ont démontré comment ils peuvent neutraliser, en quelques secondes, la technologie terrestre la plus avancée si elle est utilisée pour les attaquer.


Cela ne peut pas et ne doit pas être caché aux populations du monde. Tout ce qui concerne la question doit être révélé. Dans toutes mes conférences et mes livres, je présente les événements les plus divers qui se sont déroulés sur le sol soviétique. La mission Phobos II *, que nous avons envoyée vers Mars, a disparu lorsqu’elle a transmis à la Terre des photos d’un vaisseau géant d’environ 15,5 miles de long (25 km).


La disparition ou la perte de contact avec les sondes envoyées depuis la Terre a été un sujet de conversation et de débat entre le président Bush père et Gorbatchev à la Conférence de Malte. Il y a eu des contacts entre les astronautes dans l’espace et des êtres venus d’autres mondes. Je suis convaincue que très bientôt quelque chose va arriver sur la planète qui va obliger ces êtres à se présenter massivement dans notre monde pour nous aider. Et ce sera l’événement le plus important de l’histoire moderne.


Interview réalisée pour Planeta Urbano – Traduction Le Passeur (Juillet 2011)

* Phobos II est une sonde envoyée en 1989 par les Russes pour observer Ph