BPCL awards its prestigious microsites design & implementation contract to Octaware Technologies        
by Shrutee K/DNS

Mumbai, August 10, 2017: Octaware Technologies Limited (BSE – 540416), a leading software and business solutions development company, is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the prestigious contract from BPCL for the design and implementation of their loyalty and brand microsites. Octaware was one of the bidders and was awarded the contract, post evaluation and presentation of efficient solutions and capabilities to the evaluation committee.

The scope of work under the contract includes design and implementation of microsites for BPCL’s loyalty programs – SmartFleet & PetroBonus and other brands - Speed and In & Out. The engagement includes a period of 3 months for implementation of microsites and an additional three years of support and maintenance. Octaware Technology Limited’s expertise in the areas of online portals & enterprise systems helped them win the contract.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Aslam Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Octaware Technologies Limited, said, “We are extremely delighted to have won the prestigious contract from BPCL, our first major win in the Indian PSU sector, post our IPO in April 2017. The fact that it falls under one of Octaware’s key focus verticals of governance, demonstrates our consistent and steady inroads in the Indian market, surpassing some of the strong players in the region. We look forward to a long-term business association with BPCL”.

About Octaware Technologies Limited:
Incorporated in 2005, Octaware Technologies Ltd is a software development company providing a range of information technology solutions. The company designs, develops, and maintains software systems and solutions. Company's services include custom software development, ECM/portal solution, ERP and CRM implementation, mobile platform solution, RFID solution, cloud and IT infrastructure services, consulting services and geospatial services.
Octaware provides specialized software application and product development services and solutions in the areas of healthcare, finance, and e-government industry. The company has proprietary products for domestic, as well as international markets, such as PowerERM – Human Capital Relationship Management, Hospice – Healthcare and Citizen Services solution, and iOnAsset – Inventory management and tracking System etc. These products are available as packaged products as well as software-as-a-service model integrated with legacy system.
Octaware Technologies Limited (BSE – 540416), got listed on the BSE –SME platform on April 3, 2017 and was oversubscribed by 148%, providing testimony to the faith, the investors have reposed in the company.

          Nowa prezes Polimeksu Mostostalu zdradza plany firmy        
Wierzymy, że grupa nie będzie potrzebowała kolejnego wsparcia finansowego ze strony akcjonariuszy i wierzycieli, gdyż nasz biznes będzie się bilansował - o planach Polimeksu-Mostostalu mówi w wywiadzie dla portalu wnp.pl Joanna Makowiecka-Gaca, która od 2 kwietnia jest p.o. prezesa budowlanej grupy.
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Zaczęły się zmiany w strategii sprzedaży produktów Adidasa. Z końcem 2016 roku sportowy gigant zamknął wszystkie sklepy marki Adidas Neo w naszym kraju - ustalił portal Business Insider Polska.
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19 nowych salonów obuwniczych otworzy jeszcze w tym roku niemiecka firma Deichmann - dowiedział się portal Propertynews.pl. Trwają właśnie ostatnie przygotowania do uruchomienia sklepu we Wrocławiu.
          Î‘γορές από Κίνα: προσοχή στα νέα τέλη εκτελωνισμού των ΕΛΤΑ        

Με… λύπη ανακαλύψαμε πριν λίγες ημέρες όταν πήγαμε να παραλάβουμε ένα κινητό που ήρθε από Κίνα με «απλό» SingPost, οτι είχε περάσει από τελωνείο και του είχε επιβληθεί τέλος 39€ από τα ΕΛΤΑ. Σημειώστε οτι η συσκευή ήταν αξίας 89$ δηλαδή 75€ μόλις. Ανάλογες πληροφορίες λαμβάνουμε και από δεκάδες από εσάς έτσι αποφασίσαμε να ψάξουμε το θέμα περισσότερο.
Εδώ και λίγες εβδομάδες (μέσα στο καλοκαίρι) έχουν αλλάξει πολλά πράγματα στην διαδικασία μετακίνησης δεμάτων από το εξωτερικό προς την χώρα μας, αφού ÏŒÎ»Î± τα δέματα εξωτερικού θα περνάνε από τελωνείο για εκτελωνισμό, σύμφωνα με τα νέα μέτρα των ΕΛΤΑ, για να εφαρμοστούν τα νέα ειδικά τέλη, που μπορείτε να βρείτε σε PDF εδώ. Σύμφωνα με τα όσα αναγράφονται εκεί λοιπόν, για δέματα αξίας έως 150€, οι παραλήπτες τους θα πληρώνουν 15€ δασμούς εκτελωνισμού. Για δέματα αξίας από 150€ έως και 500€, η χρέωση του τελωνείου φτάνει τα 20€. Τέλος, από 500€ έως 1000€, ο εκτελωνισμός πάει στα 50€.
Προσοχή, σημειώστε οτι ακόμα και δέμα αξίας 1€ (όπως μία θήκη για κινητό από το eBay που παραγγείλαμε π.χ.) έλαβε τέλος εκτελωνισμού 3€. Î”εν έχουμε καμία αντίθεση με το να μπαίνουν δασμοί από το κράτος, όμως αυτοί πρέπει να είναι λογικοί, ανάλογοι της τιμής του προιόντος και όχι «κεφαλικοί φόροι». Για τις συσκευές υψηλού κόστους πάντως, οι χρεώσεις είναι αρκετά καλές όπως θα δείτε. Καλό είναι να σημειώσετε τέλος οτι η διαδικασία έχει ξεκινήσει τις τελευταίες εβδομάδες έτσι είναι πιθανό δέματα που περιμένετε να… έρθουν με σημαντική επιβάρυνση. Αν δείτε στο tracking που κάνετε για παράδειγμα κάτι όπως:
μάλλον θα σας περιμένει τέλος εκτελωνισμού. Όπως πάντα πρόκειται για ένα νέο μέτρο που τώρα ξεκίνησε να τηρείται, έτσι θα πρέπει να δούμε σε βάθος χρόνου (κάποιων μηνών), το πόσο έντονα ή όχι θα εφαρμοστεί.


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wrote a short post about his participation in the actual play video we made for the Kickstarter site.
          WhatsApp spam used by ASProx Botnet to Deliver Kuluoz Malware        


Photo by: Sean MacEntee

As you probably know, Facebook bought WhatsApp for an obscene amount of money in stock earlier this year. What you might not know is that there's a lot of WhatsApp spam that is being used by ASProx Botnet to deliver nasty Kuluoz malware to unsuspecting  users. This is not good news any way you look at the situation. Keep reading if you want to know more about this as well as what you should do to stay safe.

Here's a look at some of the dates when the WhatsApp problem has made Malcovery's "Today's Top Threats" list.

  1. SEPTEMBER 19, 23, 24, 25, 26
  2. OCTOBER 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25
  3. NOVEMBER 14
  4. JANUARY 9, 13, 15, 20, 28

Looking at that list, it's easy to start wondering why nothing has been done sooner about the problem. Additionally, it really makes you wonder why Facebook paid so much for the company by offering them stock options.

Going back to November of last year, ComputerWorld published an article about how WhatsApp was one of the top five brands imitated to deliver malware with spam. That's quite a bit of recognition - and not in a good way.

Here's a look at some specific ways you can stay safe and avoid Kuluoz and other malware.

  • Use Protection - The very first thing you want to do is make sure you're using some type of protection. The good news is that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get decent anti-virus software these days.
  • Update Protection - Having protection software is nice, but if you never update it at all, you're going to find that there's still a high chance your computer will get infected and quit working correctly.
  • Be Suspicious - If you're not sure of something online, you want to err on the side of caution and not take any unnecessary risks. Even with a brand like WhatsApp - that's connected to Facebook now - you want to be very careful and know what you're doing.
  • Educate Yourself - Last but most certainly not least, you should make an effort to stay informed about how malware works and the steps you can take to protect yourself from it whenever possible. This is really the best way you can make sure your computer stays safe and virus free.

Following the advice above, there's a good chance you'll be able to avoid WhatsApp spam and not get infected with Kuluoz malware. Still, it's a good idea to pay attention and update your anti-virus software all the time. If you have any experience with WhatsApp that's negative, please leave us a comment below. 

Guest Post - 
Written by: Jenny Corteza deals with staff outsourcing all the time. She's a writer and dealing with editors and others can sometimes be a problem. Still, she loves writing articles about technology. Go figure.

          Top 3 Apps To Change Your Android Interface        
Tried of your boring android default interface, want to try something new, to make it look more cool and different, if YES you are at the right place. Today in this post I will be telling you about some cool android application that will completely change the experience on your phone.So here's the list of Top 3 Android Application to make your phone more cool.GO Launcher EXThis is one of the most downloaded application on Google App Store for customizing the UI of the phone and make it awesome. It has got plenty of totally customizable themes which allows you to customize your icons, lock screens and much more.DownloadAviateAviate is a different type of app, it is totally different from other present on the app market. It changes as per your recent activity and also changes according your location. Sadly there are some bugs present but don't worry you won't have to deal which crashes. Although this application is available for download only on invites but if your lucky enough you will get a invite for free available on many tech portals.Download ThemerThemer is my personal favorite application, this is the best app for transforming the look of your android UI. There are more than 52,000 different looking homescreens for Themer available for downlaod. Every theme you download has got totally different style and layout.Download 

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          energiehoch3 erhält erneut Auszeichnung als bester Stromanbieter        

Bochum, 03.05.2017 Bochum – jedes Jahr ermittelt das Vergleichsportal Verivox unter allen bei ihm gelisteten Versorgern die besten Stromanbieter. Zum wiederholten Mal gehört energiehoch3 zu den wenigen Energieversorgern, die sowohl für Strom als auch für Gas in allen Bereichen mit der Note „Sehr gut“ abgeschnitten haben. Verivox führt jedes Jahr eine großangelegte Prüfung der Stromversorger […]

Der Beitrag energiehoch3 erhält erneut Auszeichnung als bester Stromanbieter erschien zuerst auf Anbieterwechsel Gas und Strom | energiehoch3 Blog.

          Portal Villas        

          Your Portal to Writing Off Bad Debt        

Your Portal to Writing Off Bad Debt They are the leading providers for valued advice on Writing Off Bad Debt completely.


          Portal 2 para PC se podria poner a la venta este Viernes        
La promoción viral de Portal 2 ha traído consigo un resultado de lo más sorprendente, y es que los 13 juegos indie que han rodeado al Potato Sack de Steam han sido actualizados con contenidos relacionados con Portal, pero el ARG como tal parece esconder un código realmente fascinante. Se menciona en su interior la […]
          Na portalu społecznościowym zamiast w pracy. Szef zachęca i płaci        
Mogą wygrać bilety, upominki, a nawet piwo. Mogą także skrytykować szefa. Oto, co dzieje się na portalach społecznościowych zakładanych dla pracowników firm. Czy dlatego pracodawcy wolą z nich rezygnować?
¿Ciencia a la Colombiana? Este es un artículo que va en contra de la corriente actual, de alguna manera podrán decir que estoy en contra de la "ciencia" lo que me parece en cierto sentido excelente. Hace pocos días se desató el escándalo de que le iban a quitar plata a Colciencias. Para mí fue motivo de decepción: ¡Deberían cerrarla! Si yo fuera presidente lo primero que cerraría sería Colciencias y eso que es complicado dado como se comporta la academia actual, deseo que eso pase, que cierren a Colciencias... no ser presidente.

¿Qué ha pasado? La verdad hay un exceso de noticias que impiden afirmar científicamente qué fue lo que pasó. Hay dos hechos que creo claros: 

1. "La directora de COLCIENCIAS dijo que iban a quitarles presupuesto"
2. "La directora de COLCIENCIAS dejó su cargo a los pocos días"

¿Qué pasó realmente? ¿Cómo se supo la "noticia" difundida como escándalo nacional? Lo primero que genera inquietud es ¿cómo sabía la directora que les iban a quitar presupuesto? ¿Le escribieron el ministro o el presidente? De acuerdo con un artículo de "El Tiempo" (al que hay que leer a favor de Colciencias por el sesgo a favor del presidente) http://www.eltiempo.com/estilo-de-vida/ciencia/colciencias-recibira-menos-presupuesto-en-el-2015/14203881 manifestó que recibió un correo de su director de planeación, es decir, un funcionario de ella. ¿Y ese funcionario de dónde la recibió? El confuso artículo del periódico El Tiempo menciona al Departamento Nacional de Planeación. Esa mención parece una "Colcienciada..." es decir una imprecisión de tipo periodístico como se da en Colombia. Pero ¿y si viniera del DNP? Si uno mira las funciones del DNP frente al presupuesto sus funciones son más de carácter burocrático y asesor que realmente quien elabora el presupuesto https://www.dnp.gov.co/Qui%C3%A9nesSomos/Funciones.aspx . Por su parte, quien realmente elabora y sigue el presupuesto, por tener la misión de la política fiscal y la definición del gasto público es el Ministerio de Hacienda http://www.minhacienda.gov.co/HomeMinhacienda/presupuestogeneraldelanacion. 

¿Entonces era información veraz con la que se basaba la directora de Colciencias? Es factible que la información fuera veraz. ¿Y cómo lo comprueba? Pero no es una información que uno pueda tomar como concluyente.  Lo sería si hubiera conocido el proyecto de ley del presupuesto presentado al congreso, ni siquiera un borrador permitiría una inferencia que "les quitaron el presupuesto". Solamente podría hablarse de una intención. Pero releamos las palabras: "Voy a dar la mala noticia que me acaba de llegar en un correo. Me dice mi jefe de Planeación: 'Directora, le mando la confirmación del presupuesto del año entrante, que es 289.000 millones de pesos. Estamos ya a 125.000 millones del presupuesto del año pasado". Pero bueno esa es la ciencia a la colombiana, una declaración no confirmada de una funcionaria -con autoridad de dirigir la "ciencia colombiana"- da para que toda una academia proteste porque "le van a bajar el presupuesto a Colciencias". 

Pero bueno ese es el ridículo argumento de autoridad -no verdaderamente científico- por el que la "academia" reconoce un hecho probado: le van a disminuir el presupuesto a "Colciencias". Ni el más formalista, ni el menos riguroso de los académicos validaría una información de ese calibre. Es más ni siquiera hace bien el único trabajo que ese el estado: ¡producir formularios y saber llenarlos! Es como si un científico dijera que en su laboratorio la presión atmosférica es de 900 HPa porque se lo dijo su "asistente". Uno como mínimo mira el barómetro. Pero es ciencia a la colombiana... una mentalidad que se cree pensadora porque sabe muchos chismes... Recuerdo que hablaba una vez con una niña que estudiaba periodismo y ella leía "las fuentes son... el ministro". Y yo le dije que eso no era real, que la fuente es el acto -que es como se comunica el ministro como ministro- no la opinión -política además-del ministro. Bueno, tal vez la directora de "ciencias a la colombiana" quería rebelarse contra la ¡producción de formularios! y ver que puede haber verdad confirmada más allá del formulario... en especial lo referente al futuro...

"Deseo tener el país más educado: ¡todos tendrán un diploma!"
¿Qué es Colciencias? Uno podría quedarse por lo que dicen los decretos que la crean, que es el mismo copy paste de esos sueños que quedan en las leyes. Acá creemos que el tiempo y el reloj se mueven por decreto, sino pregúntele a Juan Manuel Santos su ridícula e improvisada propuesta que pasó a la historia como "la hora Gaviria" y que cancelaron casualmente en el momento en que astronómicamente era inconveniente... manifestando que "ya era económicamente viable". Así como creemos que por decreto va a salir la ciencia, la tecnología y la innovación, creemos que necesitamos gente "trabajando" para hacer magia el decreto. Y eso hace "Colciencias":

Colciencias es el Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación.
Promueve las políticas públicas para fomentar la CT+I en Colombia. Las actividades alrededor del cumplimiento de su misión implican concertar políticas de fomento a la producción de conocimientos, construir capacidades para CT+I, y propiciar la circulación y usos de los mismos para el desarrollo integral del país y el bienestar de los colombianos.  http://www.colciencias.gov.co/sobre_colciencias?vdt=info_portal%7Cpage_1

¿Las cosas se conocen por el qué o por el cómo? Seguramente por el cómo. ¿Cómo promueve, fomenta, (y mil sinónimos de la burocracia para enfatizar sus objetivos) la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación? Contaré mi experiencia. ¿Qué hace Colciencias?

Siendo uno de los pocos privilegiados que pudo pasar por la universidad recuerdo varias cosas. Una de mis grandes amigas (que seguro estará en desacuerdo y podrá precisar este artículo) era la Directora del Centro de Investigaciones. También intentaba entrar al mundo de la investigación universitaria con un Semillero de Investigación. Y bueno he encontrado más cosas en las universidades. 

En aquellas épocas mi amiga trabajaba con otra amiga que se encargaba de arreglar todos los asuntos de la investigación. Bueno "investigación". Recuerdo que una de sus tareas era ayudar a los profesores a actualizar el CVLac ¿Qué es el CVLac? En Colciencias http://www.colciencias.gov.co/tutorialcvlac puede verse un tutorial especial para hacer el CVLac. Esto es básicamente la hoja de vida del investigador. ¿Por qué para investigar en las universidades se requiere una hoja de vida? El tutorial para hacer el CVLac tiene unas 66 páginas http://es.calameo.com/read/000051811450cdee35ceb cuya lectura muy posiblemente serán horas de investigación... perdidas... Y eso que luego de leerlo hay que llenarlo... Una labor que podrá ayudar a la paciencia, la templanza, la fortaleza pero no la investigación, mucho menos la innovación... Bueno, puede servir a crear el llenado automático de formularios, ¿se le ocurrirá eso a la brillantez colombiana? Espero que como un chiste bastante picante el programador del llenado automático de formularios sea colombiano...

Alguna vez renegaba del colegio del que salí diciendo "en este colegio no quieren científicos sino secretarias". Pero el colegio no era más que un mini-Colciencias. Creo que Colombia solamente necesita una profesión "elaboración y llenado de formularios", así que el colegio pensaba en mi bien cuando me hablaba de la importancia de no salirme de los márgenes. De paso no debía enseñar nada más, porque los que "estudiamos" comemos cuando llenamos formularios, y comemos mejor cuando llenamos formularios más elaborados. Pero entre llenar un CVLac para decir que investigo o una declaración de renta por plata prefiero llenar una declaración de renta.

Ahora bien, no bastaba con llenar la hoja de vida. También las universidades hacen grupos de investigación. Aunque la curiositas es amplia la investigación suele centrarse, no en el macrocosmos sino en el primer pelo de la segunda pata de la hormiga culona santandereana.Y allí tenemos los grupos de investigación. Esos grupos se mueven por proyectos. Por ejemplo "El crecimiento del primer pelo de la segunda pata de la hormiga culona santandereana en la disminución  del consumo de la misma en la dieta de los habitantes de San Gil, Santander". Esos grupos también tienen hoja de vida... efectivamente, más formularios. Pero bueno, eso no es lo que hace Colciencias, lo que hace es tomar esas hojas de vida y "pesarlas" y es básicamente comparar la investigación con la producción de bienes y servicios. La calidad de la investigación es "cantidad" http://www.colciencias.gov.co/sites/default/files/ckeditor_files/files/DOCUMENTO%20Modelo%20de%20Medici%C3%B3n%20Grupos%202013-VERSI%C3%93N%20II%20Definitiva%20DIC%2010%202013%20_protected.pdf.

Es así como los investigadores ya tienen un buen tiempo llenando formularios -e investigando cómo se llenan esos formularios-. Pero uno tal vez piensa "bueno, ese no es el día a día de la 'apasionante' investigación". Pero no es extraño encontrar a los profesores llenando esos formularios que tienen plazo para enviarlos. Eso sin contar con los miles de informes que deben mandar. Creo que Colciencias también financia proyectos o autoriza sumas pero eso por lo menos no lo vi. Bueno, vi los jóvenes investigadores de Colciencias ¿Un incentivo para destruir la investigación verdadera con dudosas vinculaciones a universidades?

¿Formularios o celdas? Difícil volar alto dentro de una jaula...
Supongamos que Colciencias sí financia los proyectos de investigación y supongamos que es una financiación eficiente: la burocracia es simple papeleo en comparación al apoyo a la investigación. Esto es un peligro porque queda centralizada a los intereses y compromisos del gobierno de turno. Supóngase que un grupo de investigación investiga las vías para la paz en Colombia y encuentra "peligroso negociar en la Habana por la inviabilidad y efectividad del acuerdo para generar un desarme efectivo". O supóngase que un grupo de investigación en "Energías renovables" investiga "la generación eléctrica mediante el uso de las olas" que afecta a los monopolios del carbón y de las energías en petróleo, carbón o gas que de paso son empresas "industriales y comerciales del estado" que le generan regalías o pueden subastar para mejorar su cash flow... O algo un poco más de frente "La necesaria liberalización de la investigación para asumir los retos del mundo moderno" o algo con un tono más marxista "el factor alienante del estado en sus 'oficinas de fomento' de ciencia y tecnología". 

La primera es una investigación que puede estar en el rigor legítimo y que está en todo su derecho a disentir de las políticas del gobierno. Pero como "la investigación debe realizarse dentro de los marcos, planes y programas" del estado posiblemente no se le acuse de frente, pero sí le exigirán hasta por un milímetro demás en los márgenes. Mejor dicho le dirán "claro que puedes abrir las alas... dentro de la jaula que hemos construido para ti". La segunda tampoco saldrá de plano, pero le exigirán todo y de paso se fomentarán investigaciones para demostrar "la inviabilidad del uso de las olas en la generación eléctrica". La tercera tampoco se aprobará. El estado  no es el garante, ni el promotor, ni la ciencia nace por decreto, ni llenando formularios. Bueno, sí salen libros sobre cómo llenar formularios, 66 páginas sobre cómo llenar la hoja de vida del investigador, algo que nos "facilita" la vida...   

El nacimiento de la innovación, la tecnología y la ciencia se da de una forma totalmente contraria al planteamiento burocrático y centralizado de Colciencias. Al respecto puede leerse "El Tomismo Desdeñado" donde explican con claridad cómo el descubrimiento, el aprendizaje y demás son cuestiones que se dan en el marco de cada persona en concreto. Esa novedad, eso que estaba 'under my very nose' para parafrasear a un autor judío-norteamericano citado en "El Tomismo Desdeñado", no es algo sujeto a la forma, la cantidad o la temporalidad. De esa misma forma investigo yo, abierto a la naturaleza, al mundo y a los hechos... En esa forma de investigar no tengo que llenar formularios, a veces ni dejar registro -aunque sea mejor hacerlo- sino una permanente observación. 

No niego que en el sistema de ciencia a la colombiana pueda haber buenos, incluso genios en la investigación y verdaderos aportes a la ciencia. Pero me parece que el sistema de "ciencia a la colombiana" o "investigación de llenado de formularios" anula, restringe o excluye a aquellos que son a mi juicio los mejores investigadores y restringe el alcance de los que lo logran. Los mejores investigadores son los niños sin lugar a dudas, su permanente contacto con la magia de la naturaleza y su capacidad de asombro los lleva a proponer las mejores soluciones y conclusiones sobre el mundo. La investigación necesita también del error, cosa que no se puede si está centrada en el llenado de formularios que considera el error como incorrecto... y de paso delito...

Y seamos sinceros ¿cómo se dio el aporte a la ciencia en la historia? ¿Por órganos centralizados que fomentaran la "innovación, la ciencia y la tecnología"? Entre algunos ejemplos Fermat era un matemático aficionado cuyo oficio era el de abogado, y tener un diploma en derecho hace 'necesariamente' que uno no sepa de matemáticas. Conclusión a la que los "col-científicos" han decretado como dogma. Fermat jugaba con los números y hacía continuos descubrimientos que sorprendieron a muchos matemáticos posteriores como Euler. Pitágoras necesitaba seguramente un proyecto de investigación -y financiación de "Crotociencias"- para probar que "en un triángulo rectángulo la suma de los cuadrados de los catetos es igual al cuadrado de la hipotenusa". Se dice que Pitágoras huyó de su ciudad natal a Crotonas entre otras porque no quería participar en cuestiones de política http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pit%C3%A1goras. Eso sin contar con notables condenas y asesinatos a genios del calibre de Sócrates, asesinado entre otras porque pidió como condena que "Colciencias" lo financiara de por vida por sus aportes a la sociedad...

Acabo de citar a Wikipedia que en ciencias colombianas "no es una fuente de fiar porque lo modifica cualquiera", el problema creo no es que cualquiera pueda modificarlo sino que lo hace gente que no tiene "CVLac". Probablemente los que modifican Wikipedia sean unos mediocres que pasan todo el día de fuente en fuente y no se gradúen con honores como Newton http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Newton que pasaba todo el día en la biblioteca y no iba a clase. Un artículo académico trae mil fuentes -CITADAS CON NORMAS APA- wikipedia trae ¡las fuentes! con link directo. O sino vea lo que trae la Wikipedia cuando uno busca a Newton: http://gravitee.tripod.com/booki1.htm ¡Su obra maestra!

Espero que todos sean científicos e innovadores como yo.
Atte: Colciencias.
El conocimiento, la verdad y demás, es dialéctico y por eso no debería concluir un debate. Pero yo concluiría, cerraría, a Colciencias. Una tímida disminución de presupuesto es poco por la ciencia, la tecnología y la innovación... pero, si eso es cierto ¡hay que reconocerle la buena obra al gobierno! Los críticos -simplemente porque no es el gobierno que quieren- critican cualquier cosa que haga o digan que haga el gobierno, es un deporte, hasta bueno, el caso es que ver algo bueno en un gobierno es TAN difícil que hay que felicitarlo si estuviera haciendo las cosas bien... 

Sin embargo, así es la realidad de este alienante y desmoralizador país cuya única profesión es el llenado de formularios... Si alguien pregunta por Colombia y lo que hacen... ¿Qué hacen? las empresas "llenar formularios" y si les queda tiempo producir bienes y servicios, las universidades "llenar formularios" y si les queda tiempo dan clases pero ¿investigan? Y los abogados "llenan formularios" y ¿en su tiempo libre? Piensan cómo hacerlos más enredados ¿Y qué hace el gobierno? ¡Produce formularios!  

Y ¿qué son entonces El Tiempo, El Espacio, El Asombro o Espectador, El Colombiano, La República, Portafolio, El Nuevo Siglo, El País, El Universal? ¿Realidades? ¡Qué va! ¿Formularios? No, eso tiene su ciencia... ¡Periódicos! Pero los dueños de los periódicos son los mismos que hacen los formularios... Esa es la ciencia a la colombiana, basta leer un periódico, e improvisar su resumen como lo hacía un mediocre profesor del colegio que estaba allí porque sabía cómo ser un buen policía... ah y sabía verificar que el "desprendible" -formulario para niños- se llenara bien so pena de llamar "negligentes" a sus alumnos... Ese era mi "modelo" de "diligencia"... Clases improvisadas, formularios bien llenados... 

Esa es la ciencia a la colombiana: producción de formularios. Y su proceso o método:

- Justificación o discusión del formulario: periódicos
- Producción del formulario: gobierno/estado
- Control y auditoria para garantizar su incomprensión: abogados, lobbies, grupos de poder. Su objetivo es que entre más incomprensible, mejor...¡calidad!

¿Y Colciencias? Una tuerca sin aceite en medio del engranaje decadente... al que muchos encuentran por donde elogiar sus "grandezas"...

NOTA: Si quiere comentar este artículo escriba 1. para queja, 2. para ironía, 3. para felicitación y agradecimiento, 4. Para reclamo... ¡Qué! Si le da la gana de escribir hágalo como quiera... si quiere insúlteme, internamente me ofenderé y reiré de usted al mismo tiempo, pero bienvenido...

NOTA 2: O uno escribe o se dedica a recopilar fuentes, ahí están los links y un libro "El Tomismo Desdeñado" de paso le dejo el "CVLac" del autor Algunos me entenderán que ese CVLac es ridículo...De investigador junior no tiene ni un pelo...

          ILIQUIDEZ E IMPUESTOS: Ineficiencias del sistema tributario.        
Yo pesco y el estado pesca lo que pesco...
El sistema tributario justo es aquel que no existe. En justicia todo derecho tiene su causa en términos antropológicos o económicos. Ahora bien, si no hay una causa para una determinada erogación, por más que sea "legal", estamos ante una injusticia y un enriquecimiento sin causa. Ahora bien, dirán los constitucionalistas -que creen que un texto es vinculante porque sí- que es que es nuestra "contribución al bien común". La verdad eso no son más que teorías que producen unos sofistas burócratas para permanecer en sus deliciosos tronos de poder. ¿Acaso usted firmó la constitución? ¿Por qué tiene que pagar por proyectos de los políticos que muchas veces son ineficientes de los cuales no está de acuerdo con muchos?

Por ejemplo, a muchas personas que estamos en desacuerdo con el Asesinato de Niños por nacer, nos obligan a financiar ese crimen por una decisión de 5 magistrados. ¿Por qué en aras del supuesto bien común tendría yo que seguir como un esclavo aquellos lineamientos? ¿Por qué tenemos que permitir que el dinero que nosotros ganamos se utilice para financiar el crimen de unas pocas multinacionales perversas? 

Ya decía Lysander Spooner:
"Todos los grandes gobiernos de la tierra - los que hoy existen como los que han ido desapareciendo - han tenido el mismo carácter. No pasan de simples bandas de ladrones que se han asociado con el fin de despojar, conquistar y someter a sus semejantes." (Tomado de SPOONER, Lysander. “El derecho natural: la ciencia de la justicia” En Wikisource tomado dehttp://es.wikisource.org/wiki/El_derecho_natural:_la_ciencia_de_la_justicia 08/10/2009 02:39 p.m. Capítulo III. El derecho natural contra la legislación. Segunda parte del Capítulo.)
Y es que el fenómeno es bastante cierto y se observa por ejemplo en los denominados "combos" de Medellín que muchos quieren incluir en la "institucionalidad". Estos combos son bandas asociadas de delincuentes que dominan unas zonas limitadas por "fronteras invisibles", tienen allí el monopolio de las armas, cobran "vacuna" que no es más que una suma mensual a cambio de "protección". Inclusive se ha llegado a afirmar que los combos suelen tener mejor logística que la Policía Metropolitana. Nadie negaría que los "combos" son bandas delincuenciales, pero quiero que alguien me diga cuál es la diferencia de estos con el estado. A mi modo de ver la diferencia radica en el cómo, los combos son auténticos, el estado mentiroso. Además, los combos no requieren gigantescas justificaciones ideológicas para legitimar su acción, hacen lo que hacen y listo. Son delincuentes y lo saben, en cambio, muchas de las personas que trabajan en el estado ni si quiera se han dado cuenta para quién trabajan...

Uno de los tantos "tributos" sin sentido.
Norte de Santander cobra a todos las personas
que salen del aeropuerto Camilo Daza de Cúcuta,
esta estampilla. ¿Por qué? ¡Pura recocha!
Contrario a los combos dueños de fronteras invisibles, restringiendo la entrada a dichas zonas, el estado se ha devanado el cerebro en generar justificaciones absurdas a su accionar y frente a los impuestos siempre está el trasfondo de la eficiencia. ¿Cómo recaudar más (para nada) sin desincentivar el trabajo de sus víctimas? El trasfondo de incentivar cierta actividad económica o cierta acción conveniente al estado provoca una serie de disposiciones tributarias. Conclusión un complejo enmarañado de disposiciones que generan una serie de costos operativos adicionales para la gestión empresarial.

Ese enmarañado sistema genera que en Colombia haya un exceso de tributación. Tanto como los griegos que le tenían altar al "dios desconocido" en Colombia puede llegar un momento en que nos toque pagar al "impuesto desconocido". A grandes rasgos los principales impuestos en Colombia son:

  • Impuesto sobre la renta y complementarios.
  • Impuesto sobre el valor agregado (IVA).
  • Gravámen a los movimientos financieros (4 X 1000)
  • Impuesto de Industria y Comercio y Avisos y Tableros (Municipal).
Estos impuestos, en apariencia simples, plantean una serie de complicaciones operativas a las empresas que hacen prácticamente que tenga una o dos personas de tiempo completo como mínimo resolviendo el problema de los impuestos. Es tal que muchos de los enredos provienen de presumir la mala fe del "contribuyente".

La verdad creo que este es un principio acertado de la tributación, ¡NADIE QUIERE PAGAR IMPUESTOS! No creo que haya alguien que pague la declaración bimestral del IVA o el impuesto de renta con una satisfacción y una sonrisa "Hoy contribuí al bien común" y pensando "Un compromiso tan lindo que no puedo evadir". Bueno quizás Ned Flanders en un capítulo de los Simpson, capítulo donde se hace una crítica anarquista y capitalista bastante positiva... y donde obviamente se ve que los impuestos son un dolor de cabeza...Aquí pueden verlo http://www.seriescoco.com/capitulo/los-simpsons/capitulo-20/40521

El caso es que esa presunción de mala fe del contribuyente genera un enmarañado inteligentísimo que el estado llamó "retención en la fuente". La retención en la fuente aplica para todos los impuestos (excepto para el 4 X 1000 dado que éste ya es de por sí una retención del banco al dueño de la cuenta). Pero no se dio cuenta el inteligentísimo legislador que estaba confiándole el aumento de las contribuciones a la misma serie de personas de las que desconfiaba. Linda solución crear penalizar la "omisión del agente retenedor":

ARTICULO 402. OMISION DEL AGENTE RETENEDOR O RECAUDADOR. <Ver Notas del Editor> <Penas aumentadas por el artículo 14 de la Ley 890 de 2004, a partir del 1o. de enero de 2005. El texto con las penas aumentadas es el siguiente:>

 El agente retenedor o autorretenedor que no consigne las sumas retenidas o autorretenidas por concepto de retención en la fuente dentro de los dos (2) meses siguientes a la fecha fijada por el Gobierno Nacional para la presentación y pago de la respectiva declaración de retención en la fuente o quien encargado de recaudar tasas o contribuciones públicas no las consigne dentro del término legal, incurrirá en prisión de cuarenta y ocho (48) a ciento ocho (108) meses y multa equivalente al doble de lo no consignado sin que supere el equivalente a 1.020.000 UVT.

En la misma sanción incurrirá el responsable del impuesto sobre las ventas que, teniendo la obligación legal de hacerlo, no consigne las sumas recaudadas por dicho concepto, dentro de los dos (2) meses siguientes a la fecha fijada por el Gobierno Nacional para la presentación y pago de la respectiva declaración del impuesto sobre las ventas.

Tratándose de sociedades u otras entidades, quedan sometidas a esas mismas sanciones las personas naturales encargadas en cada entidad del cumplimiento de dichas obligaciones.

Ante esa circunstancia cualquiera que inicie una nueva persona jurídica o quiera "cumplir alegremente con los aportes a la nómina de los congresistas" queda mágicamente obligado a retener y de no retener el estado  te cobrará con la cárcel.

El artículo de la omisión del agente retenedor nos hace preguntarnos ¿bueno y cuándo sería la fecha en la que se generaría este delito? Pues la respuesta mágica es ¿desde cuándo tengo que hacer la retención o cobrar el IVA? Pero ¿cuándo es eso? Resulta que tenemos que acudir a la teoría de la "causación". ¿En qué consiste eso de la causación? El momento en el cuál surge un derecho. La teoría de la causación no está mal, pero que se genere un derecho a mi favor o una obligación en mi contra no implica... BILLETES EN EL BOLSILLO. ¿Y cuándo se causa una retención o un IVA? Esto es lo más interesante del asunto...

Si uno mira el artículo 437 del Estatuto Tributario la regla general consiste en que el Impuesto Sobre las Ventas se causa en cualquiera de los dos primeros casos:

  • Pago
  • Al momento de la facturación o abono en cuenta (causación).
Si la facturación se da primero, en el caso del impuesto sobre las ventas, ya la empresa que cobra el IVA tendrá una deuda en dinero que tendrá que pagar en la declaración siguiente, así el deudor se demore en pagar la factura. 

Lo mismo sucede en el caso de la retención en la fuente, la regla general es la misma, se retiene o al momento del pago o al de la causación (abono en cuenta). Para eso puede observarse el artículo 392 del Estatuto Tributario que consagra exactamente la misma idea de la causación. Adicionalmente, esto ha sido reiterado en conceptos de la DIAN ¿cuándo se ocasiona la retención?: 

"Momento de causación de la retención en la fuente Tal como lo establecen las disposiciones del Estatuto Tributario y lo ha precisado la doctrina de la DIAN (Conceptos No 008054 y No 095988 de 1998, entre otros), la retención en la fuente a título del impuesto sobre la renta debe efectuarse, por regla general, en el momento del pago o abono en cuenta, lo que ocurra primero. Se entiende por "pago" la extinción total o parcial de una obligación mediante la prestación de lo que se debe y por "abono en cuenta" el reconocimiento contable de una obligación independientemente de su cancelación o pago." (Concepto 003580. 12 de Enero de 2006. DIAN. En http://actualicese.com/normatividad/2006/Conceptos/Enero/003580-06.htm Consulta 17/4/2012)

Esto se puede resaltar en cualquier portal de información contable:
"La contabilidad en Colombia, según el decreto 2649, opera bajo el sistema de causación, lo que significa que los hechos se deben reconocer al momento de surgir la obligación o el derecho, aunque no se haya hecho o recibido el pago." (Gerencie.com. Retención en la fuente en operaciones de la misma fecha con un mismo proveedor. En http://www.gerencie.com/retencion-en-la-fuente-en-operaciones-de-la-misma-fecha-con-un-mismo-proveedor.html Publicado el 20/12/2010. Consultado 17/05/2012)
Es decir, así uno no haya recibido el dinero o no tenga con qué pagar, mágicamente su cuenta tiene que tener billetes a la hora de las declaraciones de retención y de IVA. En términos de derechos y obligaciones, quizás esa teoría de la "causación" esté bien, pero es demasiado teórica a la hora de afrontar la realidad.

Causar una obligación a su favor no implica tener esa obligación en efectivo. De hecho, tenerla causada significa precisamente que no se ha utilizado un bien líquido llamado dinero que la cancele. El poder liberatorio del dinero implica eso, la capacidad de cancelar las obligaciones causadas.

Pero ¿cómo si no se ha cancelado la obligación mágicamente el contribuyente va a tener dinero para pagar la declaración? Esta tesis de la causación desconoce la realidad de los negocios en Colombia, donde la puntualidad en el cobro es rápida (o sea se factura rápido) pero el pago es lento. Así las instituciones tienen el reto de enfrentar una "cartera" morosa de obligaciones "causadas" que generan IVA. Sin embargo, mientras el deudor se demora en cumplir, no puede quien cobra el IVA sustraerse de su obligación de pagar con dinero que no ha entrado en su flujo de caja. 

La omisión del agente retenedor se ocasiona dos meses después de causada la obligación. Imaginemos en el normal tráfico jurídico un IVA causado en Abril, cuya declaración ha de pagarse los primeros días de mayo y el deudor se ha demorado en pagar (porque a su vez a él le han incumplido), ya si la mora llega a los primeros días de Julio y el Agente recaudador del IVA no ha podido pagar ya ha cometido omisión del agente retenedor. Para ir a la cárcel se requiere que concurran otros dos factores aparte de describir la conducta en el artículo, "antijuridicidad" y "culpabilidad", la defensa es amplia... empezando por la ridiculez de la irrealidad del legislador, pero en todo caso las vueltas, las llamadas de la DIAN, entre otras dudo que sean agradables. Y casos así conozco bastante cercanos...

Para que se comprenda el tema del "flujo de caja", podemos comparar el dinero con el agua que fluye. Si yo le digo a otro "lléneme este balde" y el otro va a buscar el agua, no puede un ladrón pedirme el agua que no tengo simplemente porque "ya se causó la obligación de traer agua". ¿De dónde va a sacar el agua? ¿De la humedad relativa del ambiente? ¿Escupiendo? ¿Robando? El dinero, como cualquier bien, está sometido a una serie de reglas y como tal su movimiento depende de la sencilla realidad de recibirlo.

Es claro que en materia dineraria se puede acudir a la figura del crédito y al contrato de factoring que sirve para resolver esos casos "tétricos". Pero acudir al crédito implica una pérdida, sacar del dinero que no tengo, pagar luego intereses por una obligación sin sentido o que implicaba "causación".

El leviatánUna de las retenciones más ridículas es la que se conoce como el IVA teórico, o mal llamado "rete-iva", el término correcto es la asunción del IVA en el régimen simplificado. Resulta que en el IVA hay dos clases de regímenes, el régimen común y el denominado régimen simplificado. Sin embargo, el régimen simplificado debería llamarse más bien "régimen complicado" y es que es bastante complicado. Los agentes del régimen simplificado no tienen que pagar el IVA, pero eso no implica que el estado no desee recibir algo de aquella operación. 

Resulta que por arte de magia un genial legislador (que si trabajara para otro sector tendría la denominación de estafador) se le ocurrió que los responsables del régimen común paguen el IVA que no recaudan los del régimen simplificado. Es así como el artículo 437- 1 del Estatuto Tributario en su numeral 4 manda a que los contribuyentes hagan magia y de la buena reteniendo el IVA en operaciones con régimen simplificado. Pero no es que se lo descuenten a la persona perteneciente al régimen simplificado: ¡HA DE PAGARLO ÍNTEGRO! 

Y ha de seguir la misma teoría de la causación. Aunque si bien es cierto, este es descontable de la declaración del IVA (vaya enredo) tiene que pagarlo cada que haga un contrato con el régimen simplificado y supere los topes legales. Es decir, si soy del régimen común y causo una deuda con una persona del régimen simplificado, así no haya recibido el flujo con el que le pagaré, no solamente debo retener del flujo de caja que no tengo, sino sacar dinero adicional a lo que me están cobrando. 

Aunque la situación final del "contribuyente" quede en cero, es preferible no pagar nada y luego no recibir nada a cambio que pagar lo que no tengo para luego descontarlo. Además, se paga cada mes la declaración de retenciones, pero el IVA es cada dos meses luego el estado tendrá esos recursos un mes ¿me pagará intereses por ello? ¡NO! Pero en cambio al "contribuyente" sí le tocará pagar por el precio de contar con dinero antes: ¡Valor anticipado! ¿No es evidente quién se enriquece a costa de quién?

Sin perjuicio que lo mejor es que no existieran impuestos pues no tienen causa, las complicaciones del mismo aumentan tanto los costos de transacción empresarial que hacen más ineficiente la actividad económica como consecuencia de ello. Una de las cosas más ineficientes es la forma en la que afectan el flujo de caja empresarial en especial en lo que se refiere al IVA y a la retención en la fuente. El dinero, como el agua o el aire, fluye de una forma natural de acuerdo al tráfico de los negocios humanos. Estas formas tributarias lo que hacen es desconocer la forma como circula el dinero en la sociedad para aumentar su calidad tributaria, generando un aumento innecesario en los costos de generación de flujo de caja en las empresas.

No me gusta la palabra conclusión pero sino la sociedad no entiende. Lo que quisiera es seguir criticando el sistema tributario a ver si algún día desaparece. Más aún esto lo que debería es oxigenar de alguna manera el debate de la reforma tributaria que propone el gobierno de "Prosperidad democrática". Un mínimo sería que desaparecieran todas esas ideas absurdas de retención en la fuente que cargan al "contribuyente" con obligaciones ridículas por las que no recibe nada a cambio.

          2014-01-09 19:00:00 / City Talk bei "The Pearl"        
Wir möchten Sie sehr herzlich zusammen mit locationportale Berlin im neuen highclass Club THE PEARL anlässlich unseres nächsten City Talks im Neuen Jahr willkommen heißen:      Donnerstag, 09. Januar 2014, 19 Uhr19:30 – Begrüßung der Gäste, anschließend Präsentation des Clubs   Freuen Sie sich ...

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iPatientCare being one of the fastest growing private company of year 2016 and Healthcare IT Industry Leader in 2016 by IHE and HIMSS™ is all set to showcase its Interoperability Capabilities along with Peer to Peer Portal, Provider Portal and Patient Portal at HIMSS17

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iPatientCare being the first ConCert by HIMSS™ in 2015 and honored by IHE and HIMSS as Healthcare IT Industry Leader in 2016 is geared up to demonstrate its Interoperability Capabilities along with Peer to Peer Portal, Provider Portal and Patient Portal at HIMSS17

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iPatientCare introduces PQRS Registry Portal to enhance its assistance to Physicians’ Offices in avoiding payment adjustment by successfully Reporting to CMS through iPatientCare PQRS Registry

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iPatientCare unveiled its new set of Patient Engagement Suite products, including the Patient Portal that got recognitions at HIMSS16

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          First Book aims to put hardcopy books in the hands of underprivileged kids         

Today, a sermon at First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC mentioned a charity called “First Book”.

I visited the site, which asked for a donation before it would say much else about itself.  But I did do a $25 contribution (I prefer to consolidate contributions through one portal at a bank).

The charity seems to work with the American Federation of Teachers and the Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association of Tampa, FL (and others), as it explains it a recent blog post.
I would appear that the focus is specifically on children’s books, which I normally don’t cover much (but I have covered some self-published young adult books on a newer Wordpress blog).
But this is another example of a renewed interest in physical books (as opposed to e-books) to get young people into reading.  My own output doesn’t normally comport much with children’s (below, say, AP high school).

          Internet para linhas pré-pagas no Uruguai        
Fazendo uma pesquisa nos sites das operadoras de celulares uruguaias descobri que a Ancel (http://www.ancel.com.uy) oferece pacotes de internet para seus clientes pré-pagos.
Existem várias opções de pacotes de internet. Para um visitante passando alguns dias no país os pacotes mais interessantes são os de 1GB válidos por 5 dias por U$100 (aproximadamente R$9,00) e o de 3GB válidos por 10 dias por U$200 (aproximadamente R$18,00).
Para ativá-los em sua linha pré-paga da Ancel, envie um SMS para o número 226 com o texto "BAM 100" para o pacote de 1GB ou "BAM 200" para o pacote de 3GB.
Para saber mais sobre os pacotes de internet da operadora celular Ancel, acesse este link.
          India, India Map, India Facts, Information India        
Maps of India is a map based portal covering various maps about India and offers comprehensive information about whole of India, its facts, history, travel guide, vacation destinations and a lot more
          Nowe unijne rozporządzenie o etykietach nakłada dodatkowe obowiązki na e-sklepy        
- Jakkolwiek jeśli chodzi o sklepy tradycyjne za dostosowanie się do Rozporządzenia Parlamentu Europejskiego i Rady UE nr 1169/2011 i dostarczenie do sprzedaży produktów z etykietami zawierającymi pełne wymagane informacje są odpowiedzialni producenci, tak w e-commerce ta odpowiedzialność została przeniesiona na właścicieli sklepów internetowych - o ile etykieta na sprzedawanym produkcie jest zgodna z wymogami - mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl, Kamila Wrońska, Country Manager Brandbank Poland Sp. z o. o.
          Batons para o inverno        

Olá Divas!
Tudo bem? Como estão passando o inverno?
Apesar de ser uma estação fria, ela tem o calor das comidas e bebidas quentes, das lareiras, sabores apimentados e das cores mais fortes!
Falando em cores, você sabe quais são as cores de batom que estão em alta nesse inverno?
Não é questão de usar só o que está na moda. Sempre sou a favor de usar o que lhe faz e cai bem. Mas sempre há novidades no mercado da beleza. E o inverno pede cores fortes, mas vamos ficar por dentro das novidades?
Confiram no portal A Confraria das Divas

          Ã“leo de Rícino        
Como Vão Divas, tudo bem?
Talvez nem todo mundo conheça, mas muita gente já ouviu falar do óleo de rícino. É um óleo extraído das sementes da mamona. A semente em si é tóxica, mas o óleo não. Antigamente o óleo de Rícino era usado como laxante, mas atualmente descobriram que o Rícino tem muito mais benefícios. Já é encontrado em vários produtos de beleza para os cabelos, pele e unhas, e pode ser encontrado com os nomes como Ã³leo de Mamona e Castor oil. 
Confiram no portal A Confraria das Divas

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          Hallowen... pero solo si eres bruja (Ideas y Recetas de última hora)        

Halloween (tradicionalmente Samhain) es una intervención mágica donde las leyes mundanas del tiempo y el espacio están temporalmente suspendidas y la barrera entre los mundos desaparece.
Comunicarse con antecesores y amores fallecidos es fácil para este tiempo.
Originalmente la "Fiesta de los Muertos" era celebrada en países célticos, dejando comida ofrecidas en los altares o en la entrada de las puertas para "los curiosos muertos".
Hoy en día muchos wiccanos todavía conllevan esa tradición.
Simples velas eran encendidas y dejadas en las ventanas para ayudar a guiar a los espíritus de antecesores y de los amados a el hogar.

Se ponían más sillas en las mesas y alrededor de las chimeneas para los invitados invisibles.

Se ponían manzanas en las aceras y en los caminos para los espíritus perdidos o que no tenían descendientes.

La mesa y/o el Altar de Otño lo puedes decorar con: maíz indio, heno, calabazas, calabacines, nueces....

En Samhain se abre el portal hacia el mundo de los muertos y es el momento perfecto para trabajar la adivinación y las invocaciones de los muertos.

SIMBOLISMO DE SAMHAIN:Los Misterios Obscuros, El Renacimiento por la Muerte, La Tercera Cosecha.

SIMBOLOS DE SAMHAIN:Manzanas, Gatos negros, Escobas, Calabazas.

HIERBAS DE SAMHAIN:Mugworth, Mandrágora, Salvia, Paja, Hojas de roble, hiedra
COMIDAS DE SAMHAIN:Calabazas, Manzanas, Nueces, Nabos, Carne de vaca.
COLORES DE SAMHAIN: Negro, Anaranjado, Blanco, Oro, Plata.
PIEDRAS DE SAMHAIN:Todas las piedras negras, de preferencia obsidiana y azabache.


Para que aproveches la calabaza cuando hagas tu linterna!!!


1/4 kg de azúcar
1/4 kg de harina
1/4 de calabaza hervida
3 huevos
1 copa de aceite de girasol
1 sobre de levadura
1 cucharada de azúcar glas
75 grs. de choco rallado

Hervir la calabaza y dejar escurrir

En un bol mezclar el azúcar, harina, huevos y levadura y aceite

Una vez mezclados añade la calabaza y el choco

Engrasar con margarina o mantequilla un molde para tartas, forrarlo de papel aluminio (también untado) y colocar la masa dentro.

Meter en el horno (previamente precalentado y dejar unos 20 minutos.

Espolvorear por encima con azúcar glas!

Truqui: antes de sacarlo del horno, píncha el bizcocho con un palito, si el palo sale húmedo déja el bizcocho un pelín más dentro del horno!


Trenzar una Witch Cord es un acto tradicional en la noche de Samhain.

Simboliza el cordón que nos une al otro mundo, además de ser una representación simbólica del cordón umbilical.
La Wich Cord se confecciona usando lazos en los colores apropiados que simbolicen aquello que quieres atraer para tu vida en el año mágico que se inicia

ROJO Alejar enemigos, atraer fuerzas, coraje, vencer obstáculos.
NARANJA Prosperidad y progreso
NEGRO Protección y alejar la mala suerte
VERDE Abundancia
AMARILLO Salud y progreso en los negocios
BLANCO Armonía

Se puede elegir un máximo de 3 colores diferentes que representarán tus deseos, en caso de ser de un solo color utiliza los 3 lazos del mismo color


Coje 3 lazos del tamaño de tu altura y comienza a trenzarlos siempre mentalizando lo que quieres atrer hacia ti, pidiendo protección y ayuda y bendición.
Cuando hayas terminado, pega o cose algunos símbolos a lo largo de la cuerda que representen tus objetivos (corazones para el amor, pequeñas monedas para el dinero....)
Coloca tu cuerda en algún lugar importante de la casa el día de la celebración de Halloween (samhain)... después cuélgala en algún lugar de tu casa que esté a la vista y recuerda los objetivos que te motivaron a confeccionarla. Así tu voluntad será activada :)

gracias a :

mi libro de las Sombras, tampoco recuerdo de donde saqué esta información hace ya bastante años.
Heaven & Earth Designs por la deliciosa ilustración
Wicca_vzla.org, por la información

Montarse en una Escoba de Plata de Silver RavenWolf
La Agenda de las Brujas
knowth.com por las maravillosas fotos de Samhain

          Strażnicy Rewolucji Islamskiej zatrzymali sześć osób za promowanie popularnego tańca        

Do zatrzymań doszło w mieście Szahrud, około 400 kilometrów na wschód od Teheranu. Strażnicy Rewolucji Islamskiej wtargnęli na lekcje zumby i zatrzymali sześcioro młodych ludzi, którzy prowadzili zajęcia. 

Czterem mężczyznom i dwóm kobietom zarzucono promocję nielegalnych w Iranie ćwiczeń taneczno-fitnessowych, inspirowanych latynoskimi rytmami, a także innych rodzajów ćwiczeń, które w czerwcu zostały uznane przez władze za niezgodne z prawem islamskim i oficjalnie zakazane. 

Zatrzymani mieli także publikować na portalach społecznościowych filmy, w których zachęcali młode Iranki do uprawiania zumby oraz do zdejmowania w miejscach publicznych tradycyjnych islamskich nakryć głowy. Kobiety w Iranie są zobowiązane do noszenia hidżabów w miejscach publicznych.

"Promocja i nauczanie tańca na zajęciach gimnastycznych dla kobiet, prowadzonych pod pretekstem uprawiania sportu, jest poważnym wykroczeniem" - powiedział Hamid Damghani, przedstawiciel Strażników Rewolucji Islamskiej, potwierdzając zatrzymania. 

Tymczasem kierownik szkoły, w której nauczano zumby zapowiedział, że będzie kontynuował prowadzenie zajęć, niezależnie od działań władz. "Uczyliśmy zumby przez 13 lat. Jeśli nam tego zakażą, będziemy kontynuować zajęcia pod inną nazwą" - powiedział w rozmowie z irańską gazetą "Aftab-e-Yazd".

Nie po raz pierwszy władze Iranu mówią stanowcze "nie" publicznym tańcom. W 2014 roku w Teheranie stanęło przed sądem siedmiu młodych Irańczyków, którzy nagrali swoją domową wersję wideoklipu piosenki Pharrella Williamsa "Szczęśliwy", a następnie zamieścili ją w internecie. Sąd skazał ich wtedy na kary od sześciu miesięcy do roku pozbawienia wolności w zawieszeniu na trzy lata. Reżyser teledysku otrzymał dodatkowo karę 91 batów, które zostaną wymierzone, jeśli kiedykolwiek trafi do więzienia.


          Rosyjski samolot przeleciał nad Pentagonem, Kapitolem i CIA        

Rzecznik Pentagonu Dan Gaffney potwierdził, że rząd USA wydał zgodę na lot, powiedział jednak, że nie może potwierdzić trasy przebytej przez tupolewa, dopóki nie skończy misji obserwacyjnej, a ta podzielona jest zazwyczaj na kilka przelotów w ciągu kilku dni.

Według portalu Flightradar24 rosyjski samolot przeleciał na pułapie ok. 1,1 km nad śródmieściem Waszyngtonu oraz nad bazą lotniczą Andrews w stanie Maryland, gdzie stacjonuje prezydencki samolot Air Force One. Według cytowanego przez CNN źródła w siłach bezpieczeństwa maszyna przeleciała też nad rządowym ośrodkiem wypoczynkowym Camp David, polem golfowym należącym do koncernu prezydenta USA Donalda Trumpa w Wirginii oraz nad pilnie strzeżonym bunkrem podziemnym w Mount Weather w tym samym stanie, służącym jako schronienie dla rządu amerykańskiego i generałów armii w razie katastrofy narodowej.

Na pokładzie tupolewa, wyposażonego w sprzęt umożlwiający gromadzenie informacji, znajdowali się przedstawiciele amerykańskich sił powietrznych - powiedział informator CNN.

Według dwóch innych źródeł, na które powołuje się ta stacja, następny zaplanowany lot tupolew ma odbyć nad Bedminster w New Jersey, gdzie Trump obecnie spędza urlop.

Lot rosyjskiego samolotu wojskowego w USA za zgodą władz amerykańskich był możliwy na mocy Traktatu o Otwartych Przestworzach (Open Skies Treaty), którego sygnatariusze zobowiązują się do udostępnienia całego swego terytorium dla nieuzbrojonych lotów obserwacyjnych pozostałych państw traktatu. Ma to na celu m.in. poprawę transparentności działań wojsk, zwiększanie zaufania i unikanie nieporozumień. Od wejścia traktatu w życie w 2002 roku odbyło się ponad 1,2 tys. takich lotów.

Jak informuje Pentagon, przed każdym przelotem państwa sygnatariusze otrzymują plan lotów w ramach misji, a na pokładzie samolotu przeprowadzającego leci zespół eskortujący, który ma za zadanie upewnić się, że lot odbywa się regulaminowo. Po każdym locie państwo goszczące otrzymuje kopię wszystkich zdjęć i nagrań wykonanych przez samolot obserwacyjny.

Jak wskazuje Associated Press, wysokiej rangi przedstawiciele amerykańskiej armii i wywiadu wyrażali obawy, iż Rosja działa wbrew duchowi traktatu, wykorzystując w tym celu nowe rozwiązania technologiczne. Agencja przypomina, że były dyrektor ds. kontroli zbrojeń w Departamencie Stanu Steve Rademaker podczas przesłuchań w Kongresie wskazywał m.in., że Rosja nałożyła ograniczenia na obserwacje prowadzone nad Moskwą, Czeczenią oraz w pobliżu Abchazji i Osetii Południowej, dwóch separatystycznych regionów Gruzji.


          Â¡ Quiero mi tutorial !        
Leyendo entradas atrasadas que tengo en el reader, me topo con esta de GameSetWatch sobre cinco cosas a mejorar en la industria del videojuego de cara al 2010. Con la tercera, Brandon Sheffield acierta de lleno: la escasez de tutoriales. Y qué razón tiene el tipo, ya no hay tutoriales en los videojuegos. Y en caso de estar, no estan bien implementados. Por ejemplo, Modern Warfare, que recientemente lo redescubrí gracias a su versión Reflex para Wii. ¿ Por qué introducir un tutorial tedioso y aburrido en la segunda misión cuando te familiarizas con los controles en la primera, el famoso asalto al buque pesquero ? No sólo se implementan mal los tutoriales en los videojuegos, sino que ya siquiera se hacen. Directo con el juego, cuatro pistas de los controles mientras juegas y listos.

En estos últimos tiempos que recuerde solo los juegos de Nintendo, debido a la peculiaridad del control, y en los juegos de Valve contienen tutoriales y además bien implementados con el desarrollo del juego: la habitación transparente y cuadrada de Portal o la rutina de preparación para el experimento fallido de Black Mesa en Half-Life. Amputar esta parte del juego, ( su tutorial ) es arrancarle de cuajo una parte de lo que los hace grande. Señores desarrolladores, no me hagan ni más fáciles los juegos ni más complicados, simplemente enseñadmelo mejor.

Imagen: Imagezoo

          Shame on you, Casamassina        

Casamassina ha vuelto a liarla. No bastan de Halos para DS, Kid Ikarus que nunca se anuncian; el redactor de IGN todavía tiene presente el doloroso frecuerdo de Wii Music y su música en MIDI, que el su live blog del evento de Nintendo soltó que en el trailer de Galaxy 2 sonaba una banda sonora MIDI, nada orquestral. Él abre la boca, y todos lo repiten. La noticia ha dado la vuelta a la Red y casi no hay lugar dónde no se comente lo de 'Galaxy 2 MIDI', solo porque un redactor, que supuestamente se había ido de la sección de Wii del macro-portal por un cambio de aires ( y algo harto de Nintendo ), no estaba muy al caso. Ha tenido que venir Nintendo America a corregir a Casamassina y su meada fuera de tiesto. Nunca un MIDI me había sonado tan bien.

          Î Î±Î½ÎµÏ€Î¹ÏƒÏ„ήμια -ΤΕΙ        

Κατάλογος με τις διευθύνσεις των Α.Ε.Ι. και Τ.Ε.Ι.

Α.Ε.Ι. - Τ.Ε.Ι.

  • ΑΣΠΑΙΤΕ (Ανώτατη Σχολή Παιδαγ. και Τεχνολ. Εκπ/σης)
    ΤΕΙ Δυτικής Μακεδονίας
    ΤΕΙ Ηπείρου
    ΤΕΙ Ηρακλείου
    ΤΕΙ Θεσσαλονίκης
    ΤΕΙ Ιονίων Νήσων
    ΤΕΙ Καβάλας
    ΤΕΙ Καλαμάτας
    ΤΕΙ Καστοριάς
    ΤΕΙ Κρήτης
    ΤΕΙ Λαμίας
    ΤΕΙ Λάρισας
    ΤΕΙ Μεσολογγίου
    TΕΙ Πάτρας
    ΤΕΙ Πειραιά
    ΤΕΙ Σερρών
    ΤΕΙ Χαλκίδας

  •           Mister Entradas – compra de entradas        
     El portal de venta de entradas de A3 media, Misterentradas utiliza el mismo sistema especializado en la gestión informatizada de taquilla y venta anticipada de la compañía líder en ventas de entradas Ticketmaster.   Toda La información de los eventos de Misterentradas es gestionada de manera fácil y actualizada controlada automáticamente,  gestionando los eventos a través de filtros desde el […]
              MuchoTicket.com nuestro WordPress más complejo        
    Nuestro WordPress más difícil, un portal de venta de venta de tickets para Ibiza. Sistema de calendario a medida, diseño web precioso y además responsive...
              OuiFind – Compra de Apartamentos en Barcelona        
    Nuestro último diseño web, OuiFind el portal de compra de apartamentos en Barcelona...
              Linio Venezuela: Comprar en linea        
    Cuando se trata de comprar por internet en Venezuela, existen algunas alternativas ya conocidas como los portales MercadoLibre o incluso OLX. El día de hoy les hablaremos de una alternativa que no tiene mucho tiempo en el mercado pero que ya tiene un ritmo de crecimiento increíble. Efectivamente nos referimos a la tienda online Linio, […]
    Informação através do controlador da GFR que o gfr36 tombou vazio na rodovia sentido Telêmaco a cidade de reserva, faltando poucos quilômetros para entrada da cidade de Reserva. Não temos informações da situação do motorista é quem é. ( Até o momento )
    Informações : grupo whatsapp capital do papel.

              Penceroboh Lahad Datu rela mati dari menyerah diri        

    Filipina mahu pengikut Sultan Sulu elak pertumpahan darah
    Selepas hampir sebulan isu pencerobohan yang dilakukan oleh Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram dan pengikutnya yang berkubu di Lahad datu sejak 9 februari lalu. Tanda-tanda mereka akan meninggalkan Sabah atau menyerah diri masih lagi belum dicapai sebaliknya mereka memaklumkan pendirian untuk kekal di Lahad Datu serta rela mati di sana.

    Menurut Portal Inquarer, Agbimuddin telah memaklumkan pendirian itu dalam satu mesej yang dihantar kepada abangnya Sultan Jamalul Kiram III pada jam 5 pagi semalam dan antara isi kandungan mesej tersebut adalah. "Selepas mengebumikan saudara kami sembilan orang dan seorang saudara perempuan kami, setiap 224 daripada kami telah memutuskan untuk mati di Lahad Datu dalam usaha mencapai impian dan aspirasi kami," kata beliau dalam mesejnya.

    Semalam Presiden Filipina, Banigno Aquino III, mengesa pengikut Sultan Sulu yang masih berkubu dilahad Datu agar menyerah diri tanpa sebarang syarat bagi mengelakkan lebih banyak kehilangan nyawa.

    Rayuan ini dilakukan menerusi satu kenyataan selepas mengadakan pertemuan dengan kabinet dan pegawai-pengawai keselamatan Filipina di Malacanang dan kali kedua selepas insiden tembak menembang di lahad Datu dua hari lepas.

    Dalam insiden tersebut dua anggota komando Polis Malaysia dan 12 anggota kumpulan penceroboh terbunuh selepas insiden tersebut berlaku di Kampung Tanduo kira-kira jam 10 pagi serta turut mencederakan tiga lagi pasukan keselamatan Malaysia.

    Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Ismail Omar berkata, pada masa ini polis sudah tidak mempunyai pilihan lain selain menamatkan itu secepat mungkin berikutan tindakan kumpulan penceroboh semalam. Kumpulan tersebut telah terkepung di Kampung Tanduo oleh pasukan keselamatan.

    Beliau juga memberi amaran kepada mereka agar segera menyerah kerana banyak masa telah diberi kepada mereka dan perbuatan mereka telah tidak memberi pilihan kepada beliau sebaliknya.

    "Saya tidak ada pilihan sekarang selain untuk mengambil tindakan yang ada untuk menangkap mereka. Sekali lagi saya minta mereka letak senjata dan serah diri. Jika tidak saya tidak ada pilihan tetapi akan  mengambil tindakan drastik dan tindakan sewajarnya bagi menamatkan keadaan," tegasnya.
    Beliau turut menegaskan bahawa penceroboh yang menyerah diri kelak tetap akan diambil tindakan berdasarkan undang-undang Malaysia kerana kumpulan berkenaan sudah melakukan kesalahan yang amat serius di negara ini.

    Ismail berkata, kehidupan seharian di Lahad Datu berjalan seperti biasa dan tidak ada perintah berkurung diisytiharkan, manakala kawasan operasi polis ialah di kawasan Kampung Tanduo.

    Katanya, polis turut mempertingkat langkah keselamatan melalui sekatan-sekatan jalan raya dan keadaan itu akan diteruskan.
              Semakan Wang Tak Dituntut WTD Di Jabatan Akauntan Negara         
    Semakan Wang Tak Dituntut WTD Di Jabatan Akauntan Negara |Anda dah buat semakan Wang Tidak Dituntut (WTD)? Betul ke Wang Tak Dituntut kita boleh dapat balik? Apa yang dimaksudkan Wang Tidak Dituntut? Mungkin ramai yang belum tahu lagi mengenai Wang Tidak Dituntut, dimana anda boleh buat permohonan Wang Tak Dituntut dengan menyemak akaun anda di semua pejabat JANM seluruh negeri.

    Semakan Wang Tak Dituntut WTD Di Jabatan Akauntan Negara

    Isu ini mula hangat diperkatakan apabila seorang pengguna FB, bernama Idah Basri mendakwa mendapat RM14,000 selepas membuat semakan WTD miliknya. Dikhabarkan dari kementerian sebanyak RM5.8 billion Wang Tak Dituntut dari lebih 55 juta rekod termasuk akaun simpanan. Banyak tu beb??? Rugi bagi anda yang tidak menuntut wang semula yang ada baki di dalam akaun bank.

    Apa Itu Wang Tak Dituntut (WTD)?

    Sebelum saya cerita lebih lanjut tentang cara-cara semak Wang Tak Dituntut, apa salahnya anda tahu lebih dahulu apa sebenarnya WTD.

    Wang Tak Dituntut adalah wang yang sepatutnya dibayar kepada pemilik asal akaun dalam satu tempoh masa tidak kurang setahun. Ianya boleh datang hasil daripada majikan anda seperti gaji, upah, komisen atau bonus.

    Selain itu, WTD juga boleh jadi wang dalam kredit sesuatu akaun yang tidak lagi dikendalikan oleh pemilik akaun itu dengan apa cara sekalipun dalam tempoh masa tidak kurang dari tujuh (7) tahun. Tidak kiralah sama ada akaun anda akaun simpanan, akaun semasa atau akaun tetap.

    Semakan Wang Tak Dituntut di Jabatan Akauntan Negara 

    Untuk buat masa sekarang, anda tidak dapat buat semakan WTD secara online. Dimana anda boleh membuat semakan Wang Tak Dituntut di semua pejabat JNAM negeri di seluruh negara. Anda perlu membawa kad pengenalan masing-masing dan IC dorang akan detect. Maka, anda boleh tahu akaun dari institusi kewangan yang mana duit korang masih berbaki.

    Jika ada baki yang boleh dikeluarkan, anda perlu mengisi Borang Permohonan Bayaran Balik WTD untuk membuat tuntutan semula wang anda. Dan perlu disertakan beberapa dokumen berkaitan termasuk salinan IC, surat pengesahan bank berkenaan, bank statement atau buku bank yang aktif untuk tujuan bayaran balik melalui bank in terus. Lepas dokumen dan borang diisi siap lengkap ke Pejabat Jabatan Akauntan Negara. Duit akan masuk secara bank ini terus ke akaun anda dalam masa 30 hari sahaja.

    Kalau nak check bagi ahli keluarga yang uzur, sila bawa surat pengesahan kesihatan dari klinik atau hospital dan surat sokongan menyatakan hubungan anda dengan pesakit. Manakala pula yang ingin menuntut wang semula bagi ahli yang meninggal dunia, sila bawa sijil kematian asal ataua surat kuasa (sekiranya ada) atau juga surat pertalian (surat beranak@ sijil nikah asal).

    Baca juga : Semakan e-Penyata Gaji Kakitangan Awam Online

    Semakan Wang Tak Dituntut Online 

    Untuk makluman anda, kini Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia (JANM) sedang membangunkan satu portal online untuk membuat permohonan dan semakan Wang Tak Dituntut. Dijangka sistem online ini akan dibuka pada tahun 2018. Dengan adanya sistem ini anda tidak perlu lagi beratur panjang di kaunter JANM.

    Bagi anda yang belum lagi menyemak WTD jangan tergesa-gesa pergi ke kaunter JANM, dimana semakan ini tidak mempunyai tarikh luput. Untuk dapatkan maklumat lanjut, anda boleh layari ke laman web ANM di alamat www.anm.gov.my.

    Semoga perkongsian ini dapat membantu mereka untuk membuat semakan Wang Tak Dituntut dengan mudah. Selamat maju jaya. Mohon share kepada rakan-rakan anda yang belum tahu tentang info ini!!!
              Permohonan Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor 2017 Online         
    Permohonan Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor 2017 Online |Anda anak jati Selangor? Untuk makluman anda, kerajaan Negeri Selangor telah menyediakan satu kemudahan Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor kepada pelajar yang mengikuti pengajian peringkat Sijil, Diploma dan Ijazah Sarjana Muda. Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor merupakan pembiayaan dalam bentuk pinjaman tanpa faedah untuk anak-anak Selangor. Bagaimana cara memohon pinjaman ini? Okay baca selanjutnya....

    Permohonan Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor 2017 Online

    Syarat Kelayakan Permohonan Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor 

    Pemohon mestilah rakyat negeri Selangor dan mempunyai ciri-ciri kelayakan permohonan seperti ini ;

    ● Pemohon lahir di negeri Selangor, atau Ibu atau Bapa lahir di negeri Selangor
    ● Pemohon telah bermastautin lebih daripada lima (5) tahun di negeri Selangor dengan pengesahan dari ADUN / Penghulu / Pengerusi JKKK / Ketua Kampung.
    ● Pemohon telah ditawarkan tempat untuk melanjutkan pengajian secara SEPENUH MASA sahaja Pengajian secara jarak jauh (PJJ) / Luar Kampus (PLK) / A Level / O Level / Sijil-sijil profesional/ Pelajar Kolej Vokasional seluruh negara adalah tidak layak memohon.
    ● Hanya pemohon yang BELUM MENERIMA SEBARANG PENAJAAN dari lain-lain penaja layak memohon. Pelajar yang telah mendapat tajaan pinjaman atau biasiswa contohnya JPA, PTPTN, MARA dan sebagainya TIDAK LAYAK MEMOHON.
    ● Pemohon yang memperoleh pencapaian akademik yang baik akan diberi keutamaan.
    ● Pemohon BUKAN PELAJAR TAHUN AKHIR PENGAJIAN diberi tempoh pelanjutan pengajian.

    Syarat Akademik Pinjaman Negeri Selangor 

    1. Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pertama
    - Memperoleh kelayakan Sijil Tahun Asas/ Pra-Ijazah/ Matrikulasi/ Diploma dengan kelulusan PGNK / CGPA 2.50 ke atas atau ;
    - Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya empat Gred C dalam mana-mana matapelajaran di peringkat STPM atau ;
    - Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya lima kelulusan (jayyid) dalam mana-mana mata pelajaran di peringkat STAM.

    2. Diploma
    - Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya lima kepujian dalam mana-mana matapelajaran di peringkat SPM atau ;
    - Memperoleh kelayakan Sijil dengan kelulusan PGNK / CGPA 2.50 ke atas.

    3. Sijil (IPTA)
    - Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya empat kepujian dalam mana-mana mata pelajaran di peringkat SPM.

    4. Sijil (bidang kemahiran dan teknikal sahaja)
    - Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya tiga kepujian dalam mana-mana matapelajaran di peringkat SPM.

    Permohonan Pinjaman Negeri Selangor 2017

    Bagi anda anak sejati Selangor boleh membuat permohonan Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor secara online di portal TKWBNS. Sila klik pautan di bawah ini ;

    >> http://tkwbns.selangor.gov.my/

    Ini adalah jadual permohonan pinjaman dibuka seperti berikut ;

    √ Sesi pertama : 1 - 28 Februari 2017
    √ Sesi kedua : 1 - 30 Ogos 2017

    Kadar Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor 

    Permohonan Pinjaman Pelajaran Negeri Selangor 2017 Online

    Kaedah Pembayaran Pinjaman Kepada Pelajar 

    I. Bayaran akan dikreditkan terus ke akaun bank Mualamat pelajar.
    II. Pelajar yang hanya berjaya ditawarkan Pinjaman Pelajaran adalah diwajibkan untuk membuka akaun Bank Muamalat sahaja.
    III. Pembayaran akan dibuat sebanyak 2 kali setahun mengikut jadual pembayaran yang telah ditetapkan oleh Urusetia.


    Jangan lepaskan peluang ini bagi pemohon yang berkelayakan pinjaman pelajaran negeri Selangor tahun 2017. Selamat maju jaya.
              Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Sesi 2017/2018        
    Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Sesi 2017/2018|Anda pemohon UPU ke IPTA/ Politeknik tahun 2017? Bagi pemohon lepasan STPM atau setaraf Diploma, anda boleh membuat semakan keputusan permohonan UPU mulai 3 Ogos 2017 ini. Tak terkecuali jugak saya salah seorang pemohon yang akan melanjutkan pengajian untuk peringkat Ijazah Sarjana Muda dalam bidang Kejuruteraan Awam. Jika mengikut CGPA saya ketika pengajian Diploma, rasanya layak untuk menempatkan diri di universiti-universiti tempatan walaupun tahu persaingan para calon terlalu tinggi.

    Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Sesi 2017/2018

    Okay ni saya serahkan kepada ketentuan Ilahi. Tahukah cara semak keputusan UPU? Bagi anda yang nak semak keputusan UPU 2017/2018, anda diberi pilihan untuk menyemak keputusan UPU secara online atau menerusi Sistem Pesanan Ringkas (SMS).

    Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Sesi 2017/2018

    ● Semakan Keputusan UPU Online

    Pemohon boleh menyemak tawaran kemasukan ke IPTA menerusi portal rasmi UPU klik DISINI. Keputusan permohonan dibuka pada 12.00 tengah hari 3 Ogos 2017.

    ● Semakan Keputusan UPU SMS

    Taip UPU<jarak>RESULT<jarak>No Kad Pengenalan dan hantar ke 15888

    Anda lulus permohonan UPU bagi sesi akademik 2017/2018? Bagi calon gagal anda boleh kemukakan rayuan UPU mengikut seperti maklumat di bawah ini.

    Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Sesi 2017/2018

    Permohonan Rayuan UPU Bagi Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Sesi 2017/2018

    Untuk makluman anda permohonan rayuan UPU online bagi lepasan STPM/Setaraf kemasukan ke universiti awam sesi akademik 2017/2018 adalah pada ;

    ● Tarikh buka permohonan
    3 Ogos 2017 (Khamis)
    12.00 tengah hari

    ● Tarikh tutup permohonan
    7 Ogos 2017 (Isnin)
    11.59 malam

    Permohonan rayuan UPU hanya dibuka 5 hari sahaja, dimana anda boleh terus memohon rayuan UPU secara online di website http://upu.mohe.gov.my.

    Semakan Keputusan UPU Lepasan STPM/Setaraf Sesi 2017/2018

    Mudah kan cara menyemak keputusan UPU dan cara membuat rayuan UPU sesi ambilan 2017/2018? Semoga saya mendapat keputusan terbaik untuk lanjutan pengajian peringkat Ijazah. Bagi pemohon lain semoga anda mendapat tempat kemasukan ke universiti di Malaysia. Dengan adanya perkongsian ini memudahkan anda untuk membuat semakan keputusan UPU sesi 2017/2018. Selamat maju jaya.
              Permohonan Pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM 2018        
    Permohonan Pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM 2018|Permohonan Perajurit Muda TLDM Sesi 217/18 telah dibuka? Anda berminat berkhidmat dalam Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia? Bagi anda yang berumur 18 hingga 25 tahun, bujang dan mempunyai kelayakan untuk memohon jawatan kosong TLDM, kini pihak TLDM telah mempelawa belia/beliawanis bagi pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM Sesi 2017/2018 menerusi portal rasmi Facebook Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia.

    Permohonan Pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM 2018

    Anda boleh membuat permohonan secara online mulai sekarang untuk pengambilan perajurit muda TLDM 217/18 yang sedia berkhidmat sebagai anggota Lain-Lain Pangkat TLDM. Permohonan ini sangat sesuai bagi calon lepasan SPM yang sihat tubuh badan boleh mengemukakan permohonan kemasukan TLDM sebelum tarikh tutup 18 September 2017.

    Permohonan Pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM 2018

    Berikut adalah syarat kelayakan dan cara permohonan pengambilan perajurit muda TLDM tahun 2018 ;

    Syarat Permohonan Pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM 2017/2018

    1. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia(SPM) atau kelayakan yang diiktiraf setaraf dengannya oleh kerajaan dengan Kepujian dalam matapelajaran Bahasa Melayu. Keutamaan diberikan kepada pemohon yang mempunyai Kepujian di dalam matapelajaran Matematik, Sains dan Bahasa Inggeris pada peringkat peperiksaan tersebut atau kelulusan yang diiktiraf dengannya oleh Kerajaan.

    2. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Sijil Vokasional Malaysia (SVM) atau kelayakan yang diiktiraf setaraf dengannya oleh kerajaan dengan Kepujian dalam matapelajaran Bahasa Melayu dan Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Tahap 2 dalam bidang ketukangan yang berkenaan atau kelayakan yang diiktiraf setaraf dengannya oleh kerajaan.

    3. Warganegara Malaysia berumur di antara 18 hingga 25 tahun. Keutamaan kepada pemohon yang berumur 18 hingga 23 tahun pada tarikh 5 Mac 2018.

    4. Taraf perkahwinan bujang.

    5. Proses pemilihan adalah berdasarkan kepada kelayakan akademik, pemeriksaan dokumentasi dan pemeriksaan fizikal. Pemohon yang memiliki Sijil Kokurikulum PKBM, Sijil PLKN atau kecemerlangan dalam bidang sukan akan diberi keutamaan.

    6. Penglihatan hendaklah terang dan jelas tanpa cermin mata atau kanta lekap serta tidak rabun warna.

    7. Taraf kesihatan sihat tubuh badan, tidak cacat anggota, tidak pernah mengalami kecederaan teruk seperti patah tulang, tidak menghidap penyakit asma, penyakit kronik yang lain dan tidak mempunyai penyakit keturunan. Diakui sihat dan tidak cacat anggota oleh Pegawai Peruhatan Kerajaan termasuk pemeriksaan x-ray serta disahkan oleh Pegawai Perubatan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia.

    8. Calon wajib mempunyai alamat email persendirian (gmail/hotmail/yahoo dan lain-lain).

    9. Syarat minimum ukuran fizikal. Berat badan minima 47.5kg (lelaki) dan 40.5 (wanita), tinggi sekurang-kurangnya 1.62cm (lelaki) 1.60cm (wanita), Body Mass Index di antara 18-25 (lelaki) 18-23 (wanita). Ukuran badan minima bagi lelaki adalah 76sm.

    Cara Memohon Pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM 2017/2018

    Bagi anda yang memenuhi syarat-syarat kelayakan permohonan pengambilan perajurit muda TLDM Siri 2017/18, anda terus layari ke laman web www.mafhq.mil.my/JOMMASUKTENTERA  untuk permohonan secara online. Bagi anda yang kali pertama membuat permohonan, perlu mendaftar terlebih dahulu manakala mereka yang pernah daftar hanya perlu login akaun dan membuat permohonan.

    Permohonan Pengambilan Perajurit Muda TLDM 2018

    Mudah kan cara nak daftar permohonan kemasukan perajurit muda TLDM sesi 2017/18? Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk menjadi seorang tentera laut dalam perkhidmatan di Malaysia. Sebarang pertanyaan boleh terus hubungi 03- 20713303/ 3177.

    Semoga perkongsian ini membantu mereka yang ingin memasuki dalam pengambilan Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia (TLDM) ambilan tahun 2018. Selamat maju jaya .
              Semak Saman Trafik PDRM Secara Online         
    Semak Saman Trafik PDRM Secara Online |Pernah ada pengalaman kena saman dengan polis atau JPJ? Pelbagai kesalahan yang boleh tindakan saman di atas jalan raya antaranya iaitu langgar lampu isyarat, tiada lesen sah memandu atau paling kerap speed trap. Kan? Tahu cara nak semak saman PDRM? Sekarang mudah ja korang untuk menyemak saman secara online Polis DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM). Kini, anda boleh semak saman dan membuat pembayaran melalui sistem MYeG dan Rilek.

    Semak Saman Trafik PDRM Secara Online

    Semak Saman Trafik PDRM Online 

    Berikut adalah cara semak saman dan pembayaran saman secara online di portal-portal seperti ;

    Semak Saman Online MYeG Services 

    1. Bagi pertama kali login username & password ke portal MYeG untuk pengguna berdaftar MYeG.
    2. Untuk pengguna pertama kali, anda perlu daftar dahulu dengan isikan butiran diri anda. Selesai isi borang dan klik hantar.
    3. Anda boleh menyemak saman sama ada saman JPJ atau semak saman trafik PDRM.
    4. Masukkan nombor plat kenderaan anda dan kemudian hantar. Jika anda kena saman serta merta keluar dan anda boleh buat pembayaran menggunakan kad kredit.
    5. Print resit anda sebagai bukti.

    Semak Saman Online Rilek Services 

    ● Anda boleh semak saman terus ke Portal Rilek.

    Mudahkan adanya sistem online MYeG dan Rilek? Anda tak perlu ke Kaunter Trafik COPS untuk menyemak sama anda kena saman ataupun tidak. Kini semuanya secara online saja. Bagi yang kena saman jangan lengah-lengahkan bayar, nanti kena naik mahkamah pulak. Semoga perkongsian ini membantu mereka yang ingin menyemak dan membayar saman polis trafik secara online.
              Polski eksport rolno-spożywczy do Wlk. Brytanii zwolni, a import po Brexicie spadnie        
    Eksport polskich produktów rolno-spożywczych do Wielkiej Brytanii po wyjściu Brytyjczyków z Unii Europejskiej zapewne zwolni, a import spadnie. Sama Wielka Brytania może zwiększyć import z innych regionów konkurencyjnych cenowo - mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Marta Skrzypczyk, Koordynator Analityków Agrobiznesu w Departamencie Agrobiznesu Banku Zachodniego WBK.
              Brexit - zaburzenia w wymianie handlowej, straty polskiego rolnictwa i wzrost cen na Wyspach        
    Na wyjściu Wielkiej Brytanii z Unii Europejskiej może sporo stracić polskie rolnictwo. Poza tym Brexit może oznaczać zaburzenia w wymianie handlowej i rodzić pewne niebezpieczeństwo dla konkurencyjności polskich produktów na rynku brytyjskim - mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Marta Skrzypczyk, Koordynator Analityków Agrobiznesu w Departamencie Agrobiznesu Banku Zachodniego WBK.
              Polska szybko odrobi ewentualne ograniczenie eksportu przez Brexit, ma czas na zabezpieczenie        
    W przypadku realnego ograniczenia eksportu do Wielkiej Brytanii w związku z wyjściem tego kraju z Unii Europejskiej (Brexit) będziemy mogli to odrobić w ciągu 1,5 roku. Jest jeszcze czas, by ubezpieczyć się na sytuację faktycznego Brexitu – mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Dariusz Tenderenda, członek zarządu Domu Maklerskiego Navigator.
              Brexit nie wpłynie na relacje handlowe z Wielką Brytanią        
    Wielka Brytania była, jest i mam nadzieję w dalszym ciągu będzie dla nas ważnym rynkiem zbytu produktów mleczarskich. Nie sądzę aby Brexit wpłynął w zasadniczy sposób na nasze relacje handlowe – powiedział serwisowi portalspożywczy.pl Waldemar Broś, prezes Krajowego Związku Spółdzielni Mleczarskich Zw. Rew.
              Prezes Colian: Mimo Brexitu nie martwię się o nasz biznes w Wlk. Brytanii        
    Jan Kolański, prezes Colian Holding mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl, że mimo decyzji Brytyjczyków o opuszczeniu Unii Europejskiej nie martwi się o biznes i eksport grupy Colian do Wielkiej Brytanii.
              Pawiński, Maspex: Skutki Brexitu nie nastąpią gwałtownie, proces wyjścia potrwa kilka lat        
    - Skutki Brexitu nie nastąpią gwałtownie, a cały proces z pewnością potrwa nie kilka miesięcy, ale kilka lat. Kluczową dla nas kwestią jest dostęp polskich towarów do rynku brytyjskiego i odwrotnie - mówi w rozmowie z www.portalspozywczy.pl, Krzysztof Pawiński, prezes zarządu Grupy Maspex Wadowice.
              Good News From a Far Country!        
    A new MP3 sermon from Freely We Give Broadcast is now available on SermonAudio.com with the following details:

    Title: Good News From a Far Country!
    Subtitle: A Message to Concerned Sinners
    Speaker: Tom L. Daniel
    Broadcaster: Freely We Give Broadcast
    Event: Sunday Service
    Date: 9/12/1965
    Bible: Isaiah 1:18; 55:1-3
    Length: 36 min. (64kbps)

    Overview: GOOD NEWS FROM A FAR COUNTRY- The Gospel of Grace is God's Good News, all the way from the portals of glory ... inviting poor, hungry, thirsty, needy sinners to come to Christ.----Here is a word of compassion for awakened hearts by PASTOR TOM L. DANIEL, of Tabernacle Baptist in Waco, Texas, preached nearly 50 years ago. He was truly a surgeon of souls, a mighty preacher of a Gospel not to the head only but to the sinner's HEART.----Hear with an open ear and obedient heart, and maybe God will speak to YOU, yes, even YOU- God bless all who take the time to hear this sweet message from my late Texas pastor. WWF
              Durch wilde Transdanubistan        
    SchülerInnen des Evangelischen Realgymnasium in der Maculangasse, Donaustadt, präsentieren ihr ihrer Sendung spannende Hörgeschichten mit allem, was dazu gehört – Geräusche, Dialoge, Erzählstimmen und vieles mehr: Darin geht es um ein eigentümliches Portal, in welchem Kinder verschwinden, um eine Beerensuche im Wald und um einen Bär, um eine gestohlene Kette in der Schule und um […]
              Venezuela is Socialism's Last Nail in the Coffin        

    From a so-called “economic miracle” to a human rights disaster, Venezuela has followed in the footsteps of literally every single socialist or communist country ever with its country in complete collapse. Crime is on the rise, the people are starving, protests are going all throughout the country, and unconfirmed rumors are coming out that President Nicolas Maduro is considering leaving.

    In the never ending desire to achieve an impossible utopia, Venezuela is living in a nightmare that may serve as the best evidence against government mismanagement.

    To be blunt, the people are starving. Roughly 75 percent of the country lost 19 pounds in 2016. This actually coincides with reports that Venezuelans were looking for food in the trash.

    It is not just food that Venezuelans seem to be running out of at the moment. The country is lacking medicine, toilet paper, and even goods for religious sacraments as well. All sorts of goods are disappearing from the country faster and faster.

    Meanwhile, their economy is in complete shambles. At the start of the year, inflation had hit 800 percent while their GDP had shrunk by 19 percent. To make matters worse, 2016 marked its third year of recession.

    Of course, the elite of the country have not seemed to notice the problems their citizens are facing. Accusations fly of the leaders of Venezuela living luxurious lifestyles despite the recession. Unsurprisingly, reports have the daughter of Venezuela’s last President Hugo Chavez at a networth of $4.2 billion.

    So the big question is: why is Venezuela falling apart? The simplest answer is government mismanagement as it started taking over the economy. Under the watch of Socialists Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro, the socialist leadership in the country has greatly increased its influence in economic affairs, resulting in decreased investment, business failures, and scarcity.

    Over the past decade and a half, the Venezuelan government has nationalized multiple industries, including oil, agriculture, finance, steel, electricity, and telecommunications. Unsurprisingly, this led to significant ruin in the various industries it controlled, especially oil. Case in point, the Chavez regime largely underfunded the investment necessary to bring about increased oil production.

    Large portions of oil revenues were transferred to generous social programs but there was lackluster reinvestment to make sure that more oil was produced to keep revenue flowing. As a result, oil production starting dropping consistently after 2007 which saw a major decline in revenue (and helped lead to the debt that caused hyper inflation). Additionally, Chavez demanded more money from oil companies investing in the country and the ones that refused saw their assets seized. With such a clear lack of respect for human rights, it should come as no surprise that foreign investment has been on the decline recently in the country which is also hurting business and revenue.

    To make matters worse, many workers were fired and replaced with government loyalists. In one case, a company that had never created an oil well was hired to create several since it had ties to the government. The lack of experienced workers unsurprisingly has also added to the decline of the oil industry that was a huge part of the government’s revenue.

    Just about every industry the government has touched has fallen apart. Steel production was reduced by 70 percent after it was nationalized, food production has been on the decline while the government redistributed farmland for the production of food the land was not suited for, and the Venezuelan government is instituting blackouts to reduce consumption to reduce electricity use due to decreased supply. Overall, it seems Venezuela is in the process of running its economy into the ground.

    Venezuela has also added newer regulations and laws to improve the economic situation of its country that had the opposite effect. Case in point, the minimum wage was increased recently by 50 percent despite the fact overall wages still decreased by 17 percent. Other reports have increased labor protections actually hurting business while price controls that were implemented to reduce profits and keep prices low also helped to reduce food productions which also helped cause the food crisis. With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the number of businesses in Venezuela has gone down from 800,000 in 1998 to 230,000 in 2016, a decline of 570,000.

    It is important to remember though that none of this should even be looked at as being done as a love for the people from the state. As was noted by a former education minister, the goal of the people reforms is “‘not to take the people out of poverty so they become middle class and then turn into escuálidos’ (a derogatory term to denote opposition members).” Translation: it’s not for their benefit but to create a dependent class of supporters.

    For more evidence of how the government does not care about its people, look no further than its human rights records. The Maduro government has been seizing power by stacking the courts with supportive justices and then met the protests against that with violent crackdowns on dissenters. Meanwhile, accusations of sham elections are now flying in the wake of an election referendum to give him the power to rewrite the country’s constitution. In the end, the increase in power has come to the detriment of the people backed by phony promises.

    As is always the case, the promise of helping the people through government intervention completely falls apart. Just like with China and Russia, the result is always economic ruin with the well connected few reaping the benefits. Unfortunately, the US is not free from these mistakes as states like Connecticut or cities like Seattle implementing their own interventions in the economy that results in disaster. If the US wants to head down the path same economic path as Venezuela that leads to destruction and corruption, it will inevitably end there.

              Skomentuj Wniosek o naprawienie szkody, którego autorem jest Marcin        
    Witam Zakupiłem poprzez portal OLX telefon którego pomimo wpłaty sprzedający mi nie wysłał. Podobnie zrobił to z innymi pokrzywdzonymi. Dostałem z Prokuratury zawiadomienie o przesłaniu do Sądu aktu oskarżenia przeciwko oskarżonemu. W pouczeniu jest informacja iż mogę złożyć wniosek o naprawienie szkody. Czy jeżeli nie złożę takiego wniosku to nie otrzymam tym samym zwrotu moich pieniędzy ? Czy taki wniosek mogę przesłać do sądu w formie listu ? Pozdrawiam
              IDRAULICI E TERMOIDRAULICI        
    PRONTOPRO SRL - Trento - DESCRIZIONE ProntoPro.it è il portale leader dei servizi in Italia che ti mette in contatto con nuovi clienti senza intermediari su oltre 400 categorie, tra cui: addolcitori e depuratori, idraulico e termoidraulico, aria condizionata. In particolare abbiamo bisogno di idraulici...
    PRONTOPRO SRL - Trento - DESCRIZIONE ProntoPro.it riceve ogni giorno centinaia di richieste di lavoro per sgombero e traslochi. In particolare abbiamo bisogno di traslocatori, sgomberatori e autisti e stiamo cercando professionisti per soddisfare tutti questi clienti.L'iscrizione al portale è gratuita ...
              PERSONAL TRAINER        
    PRONTOPRO SRL - Bolzano - DESCRIZIONE ProntoPro.it è il portale leader dei servizi in Italia che ti mette in contatto con nuovi clienti senza intermediari su oltre 400 categorie, tra cui: counselor, istruttore di arti marziali, equitazione, tennis, ballo, nuoto, zumba, box, subacquea e arrampicata, pers...
    PRONTOPRO SRL - Bolzano - DESCRIZIONE ProntoPro.it riceve ogni giorno centinaia di richieste di lavoro per disinfestazioni. In particolare abbiamo bisogno di disinfestatori e stiamo cercando professionisti per soddisfare tutti questi clienti.L'iscrizione al portale è gratuita e permette di vedere subito...
    PRONTOPRO SRL - Trento - DESCRIZIONE ProntoPro.it riceve ogni giorno centinaia di richieste di lavoro per infissi e serramenti. In particolare abbiamo bisogno di serramentisti e stiamo cercando professionisti per soddisfare tutti questi clienti.L'iscrizione al portale è gratuita e permette di vedere su...
    PRONTOPRO SRL - Bolzano - DESCRIZIONE ProntoPro.it è il portale leader dei servizi in Italia che ti mette in contatto con nuovi clienti senza intermediari su oltre 400 categorie, tra cui: lezioni di arabo, giapponese, russo, cinese, inglese, spagnolo, francese, portoghese, tedesco e traduzioni. In parti...
              Cheap and Reliable PersitsASP Hosting with ASPHostPortal Review        
     Choosing a right ASP.NET hosting is really a serious question coming while creating a website. A fast web server always is a most important factor for a successful website whereas a poor quality hosting could ruin your business. In this article, we will introduce ASPHostPortal Persits Hosting which is a leading web hosting company offering a wide…
              ASP.NET Hosting Comparison – ASPHostPortal vs Arvixe        
     With tons of companies in the ASP.NET hosting industry, it is very difficult to choose the best one. Both ASPHostPortal and Arvixe are well known names. ASPHostPortal famous due to its ASP.NET hosting services while Arvixe made its name mainly because they do various web hosting services, include Windows hosting and also Linux hosting. Both aims…
              Rosjanina wyrzucili z samolotu “za okupację Krymu”        
    “Boże, błogosław Amerykę”. Na rosyjskich portalach społecznościowych wybuchło powszechne oburzenie kiedy niejaki Andriej Jeromin poskarżył się na Facebooku, że amerykańskie linie lotnicze Delta Air Lines wyrzuciły go z samolotu “za okupację Krymu przez Rosję”. Do incydentu miało dojść na lotnisku w Seattle w samolocie lecącym do Atlanty. Siedzący obok pasażer miał jakoby poskarżyć się personelowi ...
              Ð—аболевания аноректальной области        
    При написании данной статьи использованы материалы из статей, размещённых в Интернете, в частности, материалы из Википедии, из Универсального медицинского справочника, из статьи «Заболевания аноректальной области» на сайте zdravyshka.ru Красота и здоровье, из статьи «Геморрой» на сайте medportal.ru, из статей Мельниковой М.Ю. размещенных на сайте Скандинавского центра здоровья, из книги профессора Пака Чжэ Ву «Сам себе Су Джок доктор», а также мой личный опыт врача – рефлексотерапевта.
    В последнее время ко мне обратились за медицинской помощью и лечением люди, страдающие заболеваниями аноректальной зоны. За небольшой промежуток времени, благодаря моему лечению, они избавились от этих проблем. Рефлексотерапия эффективна при этих заболеваниях. Своевременное их лечение даёт положительный результат.

    Заболевания заднего прохода и прямой кишки причиняют человеку значительные неудобства, создают физический и психологический дискомфорт. О них не принято говорить в обществе.  Эти болезни создают чувство ложного стыда, якобы «неудобно и страшно обращаться к врачу». Но сами по себе эти болезни не проходят. Поздняя обращаемость к врачу по поводу этих  заболеваний  усложняет их лечение. Потому  надо знать эти заболевания и своевременно их лечить. Рассмотрим эти заболевания.
    Это одно из самых частых и известных человечеству заболеваний, самое частое заболевание аноректальной зоны. По статистике, геморрой выявляется у каждого шестого жителя планеты, после 50 лет им страдает каждый второй, заболевание часто протекает бессимптомно.
    Геморрой – варикозное расширение вен (кавернозных тел) прямой кишки, приводящих к образованию геморроидальных узлов, их кровоточивости и болезненности. Характерные проявления геморроя  - выделение крови и выпадение узлов и заднего прохода. Но есть и другие симптомы: анальный зуд, чувство инородного тела, неполного опорожнения прямой кишки после дефекации, запоры.
    Кровотечение обычно небольшое возникает во время или сразу после дефекации. При частом выделении крови развивается анемия (малокровие).
    Выпадение геморроидальных узлов развивается постепенно. Вначале - при дефекации, затем при физическом напряжении, подъёме тяжестей, кашле, чихании. Неосложнённый геморрой не болит. Кровотечение есть, а боли нет.

    Выпавший геморроидальный узел.

    Боль появляется, когда узлы выпадают, но она не сильная. Возможен тромбоз и некроз геморроидального узла, и это сопровождается сильной болью и ухудшением общего самочувствия.
    Появление этих симптомов обычно связывают с геморроем, но они могут быть и при других заболеваниях прямой кишки, в том числе, при раке прямой кишки.
    Даже при минимальных признаках геморроя и анального дискомфорта следует обратиться к врачу – проктологу или хирургу. Обратное развитие геморроя может быть только при начальных стадиях этого процесса. Своевременное обращение позволит решить проблему щадящими способами без операции.
    Факторы, способствующие  развитию геморроя:

    - ожирение;
    - наследственная предрасположенность;
    - неправильное питание – увлечение острой, солёной, пряной, бедной клетчаткой пищей, злоупотребление кофе и алкоголем;
    - гиподинамия, малоподвижный образ жизни или работа, связанная с малой двигательной активностью;
    - большие физические нагрузки;
    - стресс;
    - частые запоры;
    - воспалительные и опухолевые процессы в кишечнике и печени;
    - попадание инфекции в прямую кишку;
    - анальный секс;
    - оральные контрацептивы;
    - беременность женщины.
    Лечение геморроя осуществляет врач – проктолог.
    Геморрой полностью излечим, но необходимо жестко соблюдать следующие правила:

    - своевременное лечение запоров и диареи (поносов), нормализация деятельности пищеварительного тракта, регулярное и правильное питание;
    - отказ от употребления алкоголя, в том числе пива, острой, солёной и пряной пищи;
    - в рацион питания включить вываренное мясо, котлеты, гуляши, разные каши, винегреты, овощи, фрукты, тыкву, кабачки, молоко, творог;
    - отличными лечебными блюдами являются постный борщ и овощные супы;
    - пить воду не менее 2х литров в сутки;
    - необходим тщательный туалет анальной области после каждой дефекации, при необходимости отказ от использования туалетной бумаги и переход на обмывание прохладной водой с мылом после дефекации;
    -  замена тяжёлого физического труда более лёгким;
    - женщинам в период беременности с целью уменьшения венозного застоя в органах малого таза необходима ежедневная гимнастика, прогулки пешком, употребление в пищу продуктов послабляющих стул, исключить ношение тугих поясов;
    - лицам, ведущим малоподвижный образ жизни, больше ходить пешком, заниматься плаванием.
    Лечение геморроя может быть консервативное и оперативное. Консервативное (медикаментозное) лечение направлено на борьбу с обострениями заболевания. При обострениях назначают холодные примочки, свечи, мази.
    При повторных геморроидальных кровотечениях проводят малоинвазивные методы лечения: вводят в геморроидальные узлы склерозирующие растворы, проводят  лигирование геморроидальных узлов латексными кольцами, проводят перевязку геморроидальных сосудов и другие малотравматичные и малоболезненные методы лечения.
    При постоянном выпадении узлов, их ущемлении и частых кровотечениях проводят хирургическое лечение – удаление узлов.
    Лечение геморроя народными средствами.
    В том случае, когда у человека выявлен внутренний геморрой, и если это начальная стадия геморроя, то его можно вылечить с помощью народных методов лечения.

    Привожу примеры.
    Можно провести лечение с помощью талой воды. В воду необходимо положить серебряную ложку на сутки. Потом эту воду заливают в лоток и замораживают в морозильнике, а потом этот лед размораживают и пьют натощак по одному стакану раз в день.
    Можно пить свежевыжатый сок картофеля по полстакана 3 раза в день до еды, это связано с тем, что картофель, является противовоспалительным средством и хорошо устраняет повышение напряжения  в венозных  сосудах.
    При развитии внутреннего геморроя можно сделать настой ячменя и для этого его заливают кипятком и настаивают в течение 4 часов, потом принимают по полстакана 5-6 раз в день, этот настой действует, как кровоочистительное и общеукрепляющее средство и оно помогает наладить обменные процессы в организме.
    При воспалении геморроя готовят свежий сок рябины и смешивают его с медом, затем берут четверть стакана, добавляют воды до полного стакана, а затем пьют маленькими глотками. Этот сок помогает, как при внешнем, так и внутреннем геморрое, останавливает кровотечение, оказывает противовоспалительное и послабляющее действие.
    Часто при геморрое пользуются травой горца птичьего, его заливают водой и ставят на 40 минут на водяную баню и после этого делают ванночки. Горец птичий обладает противовоспалительным и вяжущим действием и хорошо помогает при внутреннем геморрое.
    Геморрой, особенно наружный можно пролечить с помощью нагретого кирпича из красной глины, его сильно нагревают и помещают в железное ведро, затем на его поверхность помещают головку чеснока, она начинает выделять фитонциды. В это время, человек должен сесть, но без трусов, на это ведро, и сидеть, пока кирпич не остынет, геморроидальные узлы исчезнут через три сеанса такой процедуры.
    При геморрое можно взять ягоды костянки, залить кипятком, а затем поставить на слабый огонь на 10 минут, потом можно пить по 3 столовых ложки 3 раза в день, этот настой обладает общеукрепляющим и болеутоляющим действием.
    Есть упражнения, которые можно делать в домашних условиях при неосложнённом геморрое.

    1.Сядьте на табурет, ноги согните в коленях и скрестите под стулом. Сжимайте ягодицы 15 – 20 раз подряд.

    2.Сжимайте ягодицы, лёжа на боку на ровной прямой поверхности 15 – 20 раз подряд.

    3.Делайте «берёзку» - стойку на плечах в течение 1 – 3 минут, попеременно сгибая и вытягивая ноги в коленях. Согнутые колени старайтесь опустить как можно ниже к голове.
    Рефлексотерапия в быту, её простейшие приёмы, помогут справиться с заболеваниями аноректальной зоны, в частности, с геморроем.
    Часто причиной геморроя являются запоры. От них можно из
              How a poor labourer became a rich farmer        
    A video tells the story of a poor farmer who, through effective water conservation methods, became rich and a role model to other villagers.
    Vasantrao Parkale (Source: India Water Portal)

    Vasant Baburao Parkale, a 52-year-old farmer, has become a role model for many farmers in the drought-prone Marathwada region. His determination and the will to excel in life have helped him to transform his dreams into reality.

    In 1984, he was just another labourer working for Bhagwan Yashwantrao Shirsagar, a wealthy farmer in Kadwanchi village in Jalna district. In 2006, Shirsagar built three farm ponds in the village with the help of the government subsidy. Vasant aspired to become a farmer like Shirsagar and was interested in building a farm pond. When he informed Shirsagar about this, he was discouraged from doing it. Unperturbed by this, Vasant went ahead with his efforts and started meeting government officials for the farm pond subsidy. The officials supported his initiative and provided him with the subsidy.

    In 2006, he made his first 24x24-metres-farm pond. Through his two farm ponds, he harvests one crore 15 lakh litres of water annually. His grape production is flourishing with efficient water management practices. He owns 8.3 acres of land now and has properties worth Rs 1 crore. 

    The video tells his success story.











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              What ails Indian farmers         
    A study finds faulty agricultural policies and practices and not just indebtedness to blame for rising suicides among farmers.
    Loans are not the only reason for farmers' distress. (Source: India Water Portal)

    Over the last few months, we saw protests by distressed farmers of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and other states over farming crisis and farmer suicides. In what seemed like a knee-jerk reaction, many state governments announced farm loan waivers without thinking if it would actually help the farmers. 

    Are loan waivers enough to improve the situation of farmers? Experts think otherwise. They believe that certain core issues of farming have been left unaddressed and need urgent consideration.

    What do farmers have to say about the increasing crisis in agriculture and rising suicides? This article titled Lives in debt: Narratives of agrarian distress and farmer suicides published in the Economic and Political Weekly discusses the findings of a study on farmers’ experiences from two districts with high suicide rates in the country--Yavatmal in Maharashtra and Sangrur in Punjab.

    The article argues that farmer suicides need to be understood in the context of the broader crisis in agriculture. It is not only indebtedness but a number of core issues related to faulty agricultural policies and practices that contribute to the distress among farmers.

    Glaring signs of the crisis in agriculture

    • The contribution of the agricultural sector to India’s GDP has been declining steadily. Nearly half of the workforce in the country, however, is involved in farming.

    • There has been a steady increase in the percentage of farmers having small landholdings. Small landholdings do not support mechanisation and irrigation. Moreover, the absence of land records in many cases prevent these farmers from accessing formal credit, government benefits or crop insurance.

    • A large number of small farm holders are accessing credit mainly from informal sources.

    • Indebtedness among farmers is on the rise with 52 percent of agricultural households in the country being plagued by it.

    What causes distress among farmers in Yavatmal and Sangrur?

    Although Yavatmal and Sangrur are very different in terms of socioeconomic backgrounds, crop patterns, agricultural practices, the underlying reasons for distress are found to be similar.

    • Flawed cropping patterns aggravating water scarcity

    In Sangrur and Yavatmal, where paddy and cotton are grown, the crop choice is not harmonious with the agroclimatic features of the region. BT cotton is very sensitive to the timing and intensity of rainfall. Growing it in Yavatmal that has unpredictable rainfall and no alternative source of irrigation is unsuitable for the region.

    As much as 2,000–4,000 litres of water are required to produce one kilo of rice. The high water demand makes rice unsuitable for a place like Sangrur which is highly water stressed with falling water tables due to severe depletion of groundwater resources.

    • Rising input costs

    Farmers in both regions complain of rising input prices (seed, water, electricity, fertiliser, pesticide and land rent) and the absence of a proportionate increase in minimum support prices (MSP). In Yavatmal, BT cotton producers are barely able to meet the costs of production, while traders and middlemen make profits at the cost of farmers who are not able to store the harvest and wait for the right price. Farmers in the study question the instability of prices and demand an enhancement of the loan amount from formal credit sources so that they can cover input costs and make farming viable.

    In Sangrur, in addition to the high input prices needed for farming, dependence on paddy cultivation increases the demand for water, forcing farmers to spend huge amounts on digging borewells in an area that suffers from severe depletion of groundwater resources.

    • The unending cycle of borrowing, non-repayment and the shame of debt

    Rising input costs force farmers to borrow. Since the bank loans are insufficient to meet these high input costs, farmers are compelled to access informal sources of credit. At times, farmers prioritise repayment of loans taken from informal sources over bank loans due to high rates of interest and to retain their rapport with the moneylender to remain credit-worthy. Also borrowing from different sources to repay bank loans to stay within the banking system further pushes farmers into the spiral of debt. This, coupled with crop failure, worsens their situation.

    At times, farmers are forced to borrow from their close relatives when other avenues of borrowing such as moneylenders have been tried and exhausted. The shame associated with one’s inability to repay is immense in village society and it is worse if money is borrowed from relatives, which forces many farmers to commit suicide.

    • Rising aspirations and absence of alternative sources of income

    Recently, rising aspirations have also led to farmers taking huge loans for non-farming activities such as marriages, ceremonies, cars, gadgets, contributing to their financial burden as many do not have any other source of income.

    What is the way out?

    The article suggests some fundamental changes to alter the situation.

    • Moving towards cropping patterns that are suitable for the agro-climatic zones and encouraging indigenous patterns of farming that are less cost intensive.
    • Modifying the institutional credit disbursal system by introducing the option of repayment in instalments.
    • Introducing a proportionate loan–land ratio which would enable the farmer to retain his rights for the rest of his landholdings, which can then be used as a source of liquidity.
    • Introducing specific farming credit policies for dryland and rainfed areas.
    • The introduction of cashless loan components to avoid diversion of crop loans towards non-farm expenditures.
    • Restructuring of loans against localised crop failures where specific and targeted compensation packages take extreme weather events or natural calamities into account.
    • Introducing land reforms, correcting the terms of trade that work against farmers and providing them with alternative sources of livelihoods.

    A copy of the paper can be downloaded from below:

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              Solar irrigation cooperative to solve groundwater crisis        
    News this week
    A solar water pump (Source: Sehgal Foundation)

    India's groundwater crisis: Gujarat's solar irrigation cooperative embarks on a solution

    The world's first Solar Pump Irrigators’ Cooperative Enterprise (SPICE) has been formed in Dhundi village in Gujarat's Kheda district. Members of the enterprise have not only made a switch from diesel to solar pumps but are also selling power to the local electricity utility, thereby creating a parallel revenue stream. The project has been initiated and partly funded by IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program. By December 2016, the six members had together earned more than Rs 1,60,000 from the sale of surplus energy to the local power utility.

    Storage capacity of Karnataka reservoirs lost to siltation

    With the accumulation of silt in Karnataka's 11 major reservoirs, nearly 10 percent of the storage capacity, that can annually cater to at least five cities as large as Bengaluru, is being lost. The loss of storage is primarily in the reservoirs of north Karnataka. The worst affected is the Tungabhadra dam which witnesses nearly 17 days of overflow due to high siltation levels. To tackle the issue, a proposal to construct a dam that will hold 30 tmcft of Tungabhadra water is made. 

    Wetland panel formed in Gujarat

    The Gujarat government has finally formed a 23-member state wetlands conservation authority under the Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules. Apart from government officials, the committee has representatives of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Bhaskaracharya Institute For Space Applications and Geo-Informatics (BISAG) among others. The aim of the committee is to examine wetlands, review conservation activities and make suggestions to the central government and financial agencies for various conservation projects.

    Centre adopts two villages along the Ganga river

    The Ministry of Drinking Water And Sanitation, in collaboration with Global Interfaith WASH Alliance (GIWA), has adopted two villages along the bank of Ganga river to make them model Ganga villages. The two villages are Veerpur Khurd in Dehradun and Mala in Pauri Garhwal. With the help of various stakeholders and ministries involved, these two villages will be provided with solid and liquid waste management facilities, drainage systems and groundwater recharge. 

    Odisha blames Chhattisgarh for providing wrong information on water

    The Odisha government has blamed the neighbouring Chhattisgarh government for giving wrong information on the flow of water to Hirakud reservoir in the downstream of the Mahanadi river. As per the claims, the latter is operating the gates at Kalma barrage in an improper manner to intentionally restrict the water flow to Hirakud. The matter will be taken up with the Central Water Commission to ensure the free flow of water in Mahanadi river through Odisha.  

    This is a roundup of important news from May 29 - June 5, 2017. Also read the policy matters this week. 

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              Clean Kali: All eyes now on govt        
    The water of East Kali is heavily polluted. It would hopefully change with the NGT taking notice of it.
    The polluted Kali river. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    Rampura, situated in Bulandshahr district in western Uttar Pradesh, is one of the 1,200 villages on the banks of the 300-km long East Kali, a tributary of the Ganges. The river is named after goddess Kali who, according to the Hindu mythology, is fierce and fights evil by ingesting it.

    Till the 1980s, the river was a symbol of purity. Things have changed now with the river turning into a nullah brimming with industrial effluents. “We used to drink its waters when young. Today, it's so toxic that forget drinking, I dread touching it,” says Devendra Kumar Sharma, a resident of Panwadi, a village in Meerut district. The river’s toxic water now symbolises death and not life.

    Foul flows in streams

    As per a study by Neer Foundation, a Meerut-based non-profit working on environmental issues, as the river is polluted, the groundwater of the area which gets replenished by the river too has turned into a receptacle for toxic waste. Unsuspecting people, however, continued to draw water through the handpumps till recent studies rang an alarm bell.

    The study conducted in 2015-16 reveals that in Rampura, the groundwater recorded a total dissolved solids of 1760 mg/litre, way above the permissible standard of a maximum of 500 mg/litre for drinking purposes. Soil stratum was harmed as iron and lead contamination spread from river water to aquifers (underground reservoirs that hold groundwater) that are recharged by it.

    A study by Neer Foundation reveals that the pollution load in the river is unmanageable. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    Lead is recognised as highly toxic, and damages the nervous system in humans while iron is therapeutic in low doses but lethal when present in excessive quantities.“This toxic water gets distributed and is used for drinking and irrigation purposes in rural areas. This has a severe health impact on us and our animals. The outfall of water from nullahs to the river must stop,” says Satish Kumar, a farmer from Jalalpur village in Meerut district.

    The water from handpumps has shown iron concentration measuring up to 0.35 parts per million, which is enough to cause water to turn reddish brown in colour. Lead concentration too was high at  0.5 parts per million in Rampura. According to Indian standard drinking water specification 1991, the highest desirable limit of lead in drinking water is 0.05 parts per million. “The possibility of geogenic contamination i.e., naturally occurring contaminants in the water, too cannot be ruled out. The Central Ground Water Authority is studying these aspects,” says Atulesh Yadav, regional officer, Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, Meerut.

    Rampura is one of the several villages of the eight districts of western Uttar Pradesh where people’s lives at one time depended on the river water for everything--from drinking to irrigation. The village that once boasted of lush green guava orchards has no original water left in its river. The prime villains in this regretful story are the ceaseless discharge of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage into the river.

    “The three main cities of Meerut, Hapur and Bulandshahr through which the East Kali passes have several sugar mills, allied alcohol manufacturing distilleries, paper industries, dairies, tanneries and textile mills that discharge their effluents into the river,” says Raman Kant, director of Neer Foundation. The effluents from the sugar and paper mills are highly toxic and these two industries are enlisted among the 17 most toxic waste releasing industries by the standards provided under the Environment Protection Rules, 1986.

    The pollution load in the river is unmanageable and it can barely assimilate the pollutants. Dilution with freshwater isn't a viable treatment option any longer. In most villages--right from Antawada in Muzaffarpur where the river originates, to Kannauj, its confluence with the Ganga--the water, laced with industrial toxins, is lifted from both the river and under the ground for irrigation. “Water flows from the underground caverns in the forest adjacent to our village forming a river that used to collect rainwater. Once a life-giving force, the river is dry at its origin and gets polluted by industrial effluents a few kilometers downstream,” says Bilam Singh, a farmer from Antawada. “The effect of this on our food is mostly unknown. It is possible that some of the most toxic chemicals like cancer-causing dioxins and organochlorines released by factories are present in the water that is irrigating the farms,” says Raman Kant.

    Water flows from the underground caverns in the forest at the origin of the river. (Image source: Neer Foundation)

    In 2001, Neer Foundation tested the water quality in government accredited laboratories which showed the presence of persistent organic pollutants or PoPs in the two samples near Saini village, downstream of Nanglamal sugar factory. PoPs are known for their impacts on human health and the environment as they are resistant to environmental degradation. “Farmers knew of the contamination but continued to irrigate from the river,” adds Raman Kant.

    “It is only on the river’s downstream stretch as it crosses the city of Aligarh that its pollution level declines as freshwater is added to it from the upper Ganga canal. Besides this, industrial wastes are not added in the river’s stretch between Aligarh and Kannauj,” says Raman Kant.

    The green court takes note

    Many civil society groups have raised the issue of river clean-up. Come monsoon and stretches of the effluent-laden river turn red as it passes through industrial sites. An otherwise seasonal river has now turned into a perennial one, thanks to the discharge of industrial and municipal wastewater into it. For years, this has been a concern as villagers were left with no option but to drink this contaminated water. The union environment ministry had in 2012 directed the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) to monitor the quality of the river water and the major wastewater outfalls. “The Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board too does regular monitoring of the river waters,” says Yadav.

    Yet small pockets of industries are polluting the waters of the predominantly rural catchment that is largely dependent on the untreated water from the river as well as the ground. This is leading to the spread of cancer and various other life-threatening diseases. Seeing the impasse, Raman Kant put up a public interest litigation (PIL) which was heard by the principal bench headed by Justice Swatanter Kumar, chairperson, National Green Tribunal (NGT). Neer Foundation had two demands--the Environment Protection Rules, 1986 that prescribes the standards for effluent discharge is followed and municipal authorities who are responsible for managing municipal wastes adhere to the Municipal Solid Waste Rules, 2016.

    “The industries not only abstract large volumes of water during their manufacturing processes reducing dilution of pollutants present within the surface water bodies but also contaminate the river by draining their effluent wastes into it,” the PIL states.

    The NGT has, in an order dated May 24, 2017, asked the Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Control Board to test the groundwater along the course of the East Kali river. The order is applicable to districts of Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Hapur, Bulandshahr, Kasganj, Aligarh, Kannauj and Farrukhabad through which the river passes. The NGT has directed the authorities to test the water immediately and seal those handpumps that supply contaminated water. The PIL also says the Kali clean-up is a prerequisite to cleaning the Ganga. The green tribunal’s order has come as a temporary respite for thousands of villagers living along the river. They are nonetheless waiting for the government to establish long-term policies to resolve the crisis. This could be in the form of a comprehensive action plan for cleaning the East Kali river.

    “The Supreme Court had in 2014 transferred a public interest litigation by noted environmental activist M.C. Mehta, pending since 1985, to the green tribunal. It deals with issues of the river Ganga, especially those involving discharge of domestic sewage and other sources of pollution in the Ganga. This is the larger case which is being heard on a daily basis by the tribunal. As a result, some of the prayers of the petitioner in the case of Kali river were not heard separately,” says advocate Adarsh Srivastava, one of the applicants on behalf of the petitioner.

    “We hope to get an official assessment of the water quality in the riverside villages as per the present order on the East Kali river soon. However, since we have been working on the river’s revival, we look forward to the tribunal’s orders on the Ganga pollution case. The court is likely to give directions on strict measures and penalties to prevent hazardous materials and pollutants from being dumped into the rivers,” says Abhishek Tyagi, secretary of Neer Foundation.

    Without this, it is hard to tell whether the issue of pollution will be resolved in the near future.

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              Centre asks states to prepare for monsoon failure        
    Policy matters this week
    A community well (Source: IWP Flickr photos)

    Centre urges states to gear up for possible monsoon failure

    The agriculture ministry has ordered all the states and union territories to prepare themselves for a possible monsoon failure and operationalise their drought mitigation strategies. For this, the states and union territories have been permitted to earmark 25 percent of funds under centrally-sponsored schemes as flexi-funds for using them for the mitigation of natural calamities. Also, the ministry has allowed the states to expand the coverage of the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana in order to tackle loss of production in the event of a disaster.  

    Government rejects funds to Gujarat's SAUNI yojana

    On technical grounds, the Central Water Commission (CWC) has rejected the request to fund the Gujarat government's Saurashtra Narmada Avtaran Irrigation Yojana (SAUNI). As per the CWC, the detailed project report for the scheme lacks key details in relation to technical feasibility. Along with expressing concerns about the Gujarat government's failure to consult Narmada Control Authority (NCA) and other concerned states, the CWC has also raised questions over the water storage calculation for the project. However, after getting rejected by the Centre, the state government has decided to fund the project on its own. 

    Ramgarh dam encroachment: HC notice to Rajasthan government

    The Rajasthan high court has issued notice to several authorities in the state against the encroachment on the catchment areas of the Ramgarh dam in Jaipur. In 2004, the court had ordered the state authorities to demarcate the catchment area of the Ramgarh dam and declare it a no-construction zone. Further to this notice in 2012, the court ordered to remove the encroachment on the catchment areas but no action has been taken in this regard; even the demarcation of the catchment areas is yet to be done. 

    Telangana to tackle its water crisis using four waters concept

    Telangana Water Resources Development Corporation (TWRDC) has launched the Jal Doots programme in which 50 volunteers of various NGOs will educate farmers, members of small help groups and gram panchayats across 600 villages in the state on various recharge and water harvesting structures. The basis of the programme is the ‘four water’ concept (ground, surface, soil moisture and rainwater) that aims to conserve each drop of water. The programme will encourage farmers to build soak pits at home, farm ponds in field and adopt various conservation methods like tank renovation, silt application and drip and sprinklers for irrigation.

    India ambitious to mine mineral wealth of the oceans

    The Ministry of Earth Sciences has decided to embark on the ambitious Deep Sea Mission. The project, worth Rs 10,000 crore, aims to explore and mine mineral wealth beneath the ocean floor. The project is expected to begin by the year-end in 2017. According to the ministry, the project would be beneficial to the country as it will provide deep ocean energy, deep sea fishing and minerals. 

    This is a roundup of important policy matters from May 8 - 14, 2017. Also, read the news this week.


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              Karnataka women to tackle water woes         
    News this week
    Women on a mission to tackle water woes. (Source: IWP Flickr photos)

    Women in drought-hit Karnataka takes on the task to revive lakes

    In Mandya district, nearly 3000 women across 31 villages are on a mission to revive lakes, ponds and irrigation tanks to tackle the water scarcity in the region. These women have even fought the administration to give them designated work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. Through protests, these women have also forced the authorities to pay on time and let them continue with the work. Due to crop failure, the women were devoid of any work and the task of lake rejuvenation has provided them an apt solution to this as well. Also, the movement is being spread to other districts and work has already begun in Kolar district. 

    Maharashtra's rivers are dirty, thanks to its industries

    With more than 75,000 manufacturing units in the state, Maharashtra's rivers are the filthiest with Pune-Chinchwad region having the worst offenders. Between 2011 and 2016, the state pollution control board has issued notices to over 5,200 industries, out of which 65 percent of the factories have been served a red-category notice for heavy pollution. The reason for industries violating the norms is the lackadaisical attitude of the state pollution control board; it has issued directives to erring units but had not taken any legal action against them.  

    Assam is under the grip of fluoride contamination

    According to the Assam Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), the fluoride levels in water in 11 districts of the state have been found to be above the permissible limit of 1 mg/litre putting an estimated 356,000 people at risk. Also, more than a thousand children under the age of five have been crippled in fluoride contamination in Hojali district. Moreover, due to the increase of groundwater usage in the recent years, the risk of fluoride contamination has also increased in other parts of the state.  

    Despite farm crisis, record national harvest predicted for Tamil Nadu

    Thanks to the worst northeast monsoon in 140 years, Tamil Nadu is going through a farm crisis. Despite the situation, however, the agriculture ministry has predicted a record national harvest of foodgrain--an increase of about nine percent in the crop year 2016-17 ending June. Moreover, the state government has claimed that only 82 farmers have committed suicide since October 2016 but according to farmers' representatives, as many as 106 farmers have died in January 2017 alone due to the prevailing drought conditions. 

    Maharashtra eases Karnataka's water woes

    To tackle the prevailing drought in Karnataka, the Maharashtra government has released 2.65 TMC water from Koyna dam. This is the second time that the latter has released water. Karnataka is reeling under drought for the past three years and this year only 20 percent water is left in nine of its 12 dams. Also, the available live storage of water in the reservoirs has touched an all time low. 

    This is a roundup of important news from May 8 - 14, 2017. Also, read the policy matters this week. 

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              Now, Narmada is also a living entity        
    Policy matters this week
    Narmada river (Source: Wikipedia commons)

    Following Ganga and Yamuna, Narmada river also gets living entity status

    The Madhya Pradesh cabinet has passed a resolution declaring Narmada river as a living entity in order to control pollution, illegal mining on the river banks and to save the river from depletion. The conservation programme for the river has already been started and the government is planning to initiate the conservation of other rivers like Kshipra, Gambhir, Ken, Betwa and Kali Sindh with public participation soon. Also, considering the new status of the river, the state government will be drafting a bill for the Narmada river to ensure strict legal action against those polluting the river. 

    Fine of Rs 1 lakh for dumping e-waste near Ramganga: NGT

    The National Green Tribunal has announced a fine of Rs 1 lakh as compensation on those found dumping e-waste on the banks of the Ramganga river in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. A committee has also been constituted to immediately remove the waste lying on the river bank and to submit a detailed report within two weeks. Also, it has come to the notice of the tribunal that the Ramganga river which is a tributary of the Ganga carries a BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) load of 128 tonnes per day and is heavily polluted due to the discharge from various industries. Moreover, the officials have turned a blind eye to the river's pollution and no action has been taken against the violators. 

    West Bengal government creates a hurdle to the success of Namami Gange

    The Namami Gange project is facing a roadblock as the West Bengal's chief minister Mamta Banerjee has refused to attend meetings to discuss riverfront development projects in the state under the Centre’s flagship programme. So far, no work has been initiated towards the riverfront development of Gangasagar, Belur and Dakshineswar due to the non-cooperation from the state. Along with this, the state government has shown apprehensions towards the linking of Manas-Sankaosh-Teesta-Ganga rivers that aims to benefit Assam, West Bengal and Bihar in irrigation, drinking water crisis and flood control. 

    Centre approves Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project 

    The Central Water Commission (CWC) has approved the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project worth Rs 30,000 crore that aims to utilise the Chambal river water for tackling drinking and irrigation requirements of 13 parched districts of the state. The 13 districts include Bundi, Kota, Bharatpur, Dholpur, Karauli, Swai Madhopur, Baran, Jhalawar, Jaipur, Tonk, Dausa and Alwar. Following the CWC approval, the state government is planning to prepare a detailed project report in the coming weeks and will also seek national status for the project.

    SC notice to Kerala over maintenance work on Mullaperiyar dam

    With respect to the maintenance work on the Mullaperiyar dam, the Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Kerala government for creating hurdle in the repair works. The notice has been issued following a petition filed by the Tamil Nadu government which has been given the right to maintain the dam while Kerala will take care of its security. The 120-year-old Mullaperiyar dam has been an issue of contention between both the states. In 2014, however, the Tamil Nadu government was allowed to raise its height to 152 feet after strengthening measures were taken on the dam.

    This is a roundup of important policy matters from May 2 - 7, 2017. Also, read the news this week.


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              In the name of development        
    The indigenous community of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands has been systematically alienated from their land by the colonial and post-colonial policies. A new book chronicles the change.
    The forests and the tribal communities of the islands are being decimated. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

    Pankaj Sekhsaria’s recent book Islands in flux--The Andaman and Nicobar Story is a collection of around 20 years of his writings on the environmental and conservation concerns faced by the indigenous tribal communities of the region. Unlike his previous book, The last wave, a factual fiction adventure story dealing with love, longing and loss, this one is a collection of contemporary developments in the islands. The book is divided into seven parts and several chapters each dealing with the societal and ecological facets of the islands. Issues related to the environment, wildlife conservation and development policies that threaten the island’s indigenous communities have been chronicled by the author who is a long-time member of the NGO, Kalpavriksh.

    Alienation of islanders

    The book begins with the section, Setting the context, in which he writes about the history of the alienation of the island communities living there for over 40,000 years. The author takes a dig at the history writers of the modern democratic Indian state who have left gaping holes in their writings by not sudying the ancient indigenous communities--the Great Andamanese, the Onge, the Jarawa and the Sentinelese. It is here that the author mentions “if the real and complete history of the islands is ever written, the British would not be more than a page and India could only be a paragraph”.

    The indigenous people have been systematically alienated from their resources by the British colonial policies and the post-colonial development-oriented policies of India. The Britishers set up a penal colony in the islands in 1858, the Japanese occupied the islands during the World War II, and during the post colonial period, thousands of settlers from mainland India were brought to the island. Though the islanders put up a fierce fight to defend their territories, the social fabric of the island communities has been violently torn apart and their populations decimated while the settlers outnumbered the original inhabitants. The region is witness to nation building exercises, hinduisation of ‘uncivilized junglees’ and even an attempt to rename the islands. The author calls this as an attempt to “reclaim what was never yours”. No effort has been made by way of scholarship or historical studies to take the islanders’ point of view.

    Forestry is the chief source of revenue in cash in the islands but the system of forestry did not suit the region. The author quotes an official report by the Department of Environment, Government of India that argues that “the forestry system was leading to a preponderance of deciduous elements in the evergreen system that would eventually destroy the whole island ecosystem”. The carrying capacity of the islands has been long exceeded, the author says. Ill-conceived schemes like cattle rearing were introduced for a community that does not consume milk. Tourism is a concern in the islands which have been declared as ‘global biodiversity hotspot’.

    The pristine forests and the people living in the Jarawa tribal reserve that covers half the island is under threat because of the ill conceived Andaman Trunk Road that separates the reserve land from the rest of the island. The Jarawas for whom the forests have been a home for ages have been reduced to begging around the Trunk Road that runs through the reserve. The road has been controversial due to the negative fallouts on the island’s ecology and the indigenous people. The Supreme Court had in 2002 passed an order to close it; the island administration chose to ignore it. Its closure was absolutely critical to protect the Jarawa community, the author says.

    Islands turn colonies

    The author chronicles the colonising of the islands in a chapter of the same name and discusses how the settlers look down upon the indigenous communities. Tension continues between the tribal communities especially the ancient tribal community of Jarawas and the settlers over land rights and there is a lack of political will to ease this even as the population of the Jarawas has been reduced to a few hundreds. “There are opinions that the Jarawas should be assimilated into the modern world, but it is clear that it is exactly this contact with the outside world that is rapidly pushing them towards the brink,” the author states.

    In the chapter, A brief history of logging, Sekhsaria provides an account of the timber operations in the Andamans. He notes how as a part of India’s colonisation scheme, mainlanders were settled here. This was done to strengthen India’s claim over the islands. Incentives were offered to settlers by way of land and royalty free timber. Timber-based industry was promoted and liberal subsidies offered. Forests were exploited to benefit settlers who had little stake in the islands or its natural resources. Timber offered for millions decreased after the 2002 Supreme Court order. The order was in response to a petition by three NGOs to stop logging. The Supreme Court order that banned the cutting of naturally grown trees in the Andamans and Nicobar islands were welcomed by the environmental rights groups. But logging continued within the tribal reserve.

    In the section, Environment, ecology and development, the author stresses the need for evolving sensible conservation policies. The author discusses the consequences of introducing exotic species into the island systems. This has led to irretrievable loss of native species and ecosystems. “The Andaman and Nicobar islands are unsurpassed in their botanical wealth, and the ethnomedical knowledge of the tribals who live here is astounding,” he says.

    In the section, December 2004 and its aftermath, the author discusses the turmoil caused by the tsunami of December 26, 2004 which killed around 3500 people in the fragile Andaman and Nicobar islands, the worst hit area in India. The tectonic activity due to the third deadliest earthquake of the world in the last 100 years caused a significant shift in the islands’ geography with a permanent average uplift of four to six feet while parts of Nicobar islands went significantly under, with the southernmost tip, Indira point on Great Nicobar island going 15 ft down. Apart from dealing with how the tsunami destroyed the island, the section also highlights how the people picked up the pieces and started all over again.

    Leave them alone

    The tsunami waters inundated large areas of the islands causing damage to its coastal and marine ecology. In the aftermath of this turmoil, ecologists have suggested ‘no intervention’ and that ‘leaving areas alone should be the preferred management option’. A disturbing facet of the islands in recent times is its water scarcity. The islands have been facing severe water shortages even during the pre-tsunami period but this got worse after 2004. Fresh water sources got hit by the tsunami.

    Talking about the faulty development planning, the author discusses how the former president late Abdul Kalam in 2005 in the aftermath of the tsunami announced a grandiose vision for the development of the Andamans and Nicobar islands. This included ecologically perilous components like deep sea fishing, exploitation of bamboo, value-added coconut products and tourism.

    A central thread of Sekhsaria’s book has been the neglect and acculturation of the Jarawas, and their losing scuffle with the outsiders. The book presented in a journalistic manner handles the issue very sensitively and the author exhibits a keen understanding of the history of the indigenous people and its ecology.

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              Now a human, Ganga receives its first legal notice        
    Policy matters this week
    Ganga near Gadmukteshwar (Source: IWP Flickr Photos)

    After becoming a human entity, Ganga river receives first legal notice

    The Uttarakhand high court has issued the first legal notice to the Ganga river, which was accorded human status recently. The court has sought a response from the river for allowing construction of a trenching ground in its land in village Khadri Khadag without consulting the villagers. Along with the river, a notice has been issued to the union government, central and state pollution control boards and the Rishikesh municipality. The court has ordered the respondents to file a reply before May 8.

    Water conservation programme for Bundelkhand launched

    The water ministry has launched a water conservation programme for Bundelkhand for drought-prone areas in the region. Under the programme, the ministry has proposed to build thousands of percolation tanks, small check dams or nala bunds and recharge pits in both, the UP and MP regions of Bundelkhand. The programme aims to effectively improve groundwater conditions in stressed blocks of Bundelkhand, ensure sustainability of resource, participatory approach in groundwater management and institutional strengthening.

    Jharkhand-West Bengal water-sharing dispute: Centre to intervene

    An inter-state water dispute is arising between Jharkhand and West Bengal over sharing of water from four common river basins. The dispute is over the the 1978 water agreement which was signed between the undivided Bihar and West Bengal governments. While Jharkand has blamed its counterpart for not building dams on the river as promised, on the other hand West Bengal has refused to do so, citing the impacts the projects will have on its irrigation facilities. However, in order to resolve the matter, the central government will be helping the two states “re-do” the water-sharing agreement. 

    Odisha government decides to withdraw land allotted to POSCO

    The state industrial infrastructure development corporation (IDCO) has decided to withdraw the 1,880 acres of land allotted to POSCO to set up its 12 MTPA capacity steel plant and has also informed the South Korean company of the same. The state government and POSCO had signed an agreement to set up a steel plant worth Rs 52,000 crore but the project had to be stopped due to agitations from local villagers. However, there is news that the state government is planning to reallot the land to some other prospective investor.

    Provide potable water to mining-hit village: HC to Goa government

    The Bombay High Court has ordered the Goa government to ensure clean drinking water to villagers of Sonshi in North Goa's Sattari sub-district. Along with this, the court has also ordered the state to come up with a solution to pollution issues in the region caused by transportation of iron ore by trucks from mining leases. Earlier this month, the village was in the news after 45 residents were arrested for protesting against water pollution due to iron ore transportation.

    This is a roundup of important policy matters from April 25 - May 1, 2017. Also, read news this week.

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              Ryots wronged, take protest to Delhi        
    As the TN farmers’ protest in Delhi enters its fourth week, all eyes are on the Centre which is not budging.
    Tamil Nadu farmers protest for drought relief in Delhi.

    A woman stands with a begging bowl and a placard strung around her neck. An old man shuffles along barefoot in the street at Jantar Mantar, the official site of a farmers’ protest in the heart of New Delhi. He finds his way through a group of farmers gathered at the protest site on a hot summer afternoon. Dressed in green loincloths, they are lying motionless on the road and the footpath exhausted after their meetings with the deputy speaker of Lok Sabha M. Thambidurai, MDMK general secretary Vaiko and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi in the past few days.

    These are farmers from Tamil Nadu on a protest which is in its fourth week. The drought situation on the Cauvery belt in Tamil Nadu has gone from bad to worse this year with the state witnessing the worst spell in 140 years from a poor northeast monsoon, as per the India Meteorological Department. The state government officially declared a drought in January 2017.

    “The Centre has not announced a drought relief package yet despite our long-standing protest. The High Court of Tamil Nadu has issued directions to the state government to write off all agricultural loans. But we will not budge from here till the Centre hears us out,” says Sivaprakash, a farmer from Dindigul in Tamil Nadu.

    Sivaprakash is a part of the group of over 100 farmers representing the ‘Desiya Thenidhiya Nathigal Inaippu Vivasayigal Sangam’ (National South Indian River Interlinking Sangam). They have been protesting at Jantar Mantar since March 14, 2017. “Hundreds of farmers have committed suicide given the drought conditions in the state which was preceded by the devastating cyclone Vardah. Even the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has sought a detailed report from the state government on this,” says Sivaprakash. Earlier in January, the NHRC had taken suo motu cognisance of the media reports on the suicide of 106 farmers in one month in Tamil Nadu.

    Waiting for an ethical response

    With the government unmoved by their protest, members of the Sangam resorted to skull protest to intensify their agitation. “Through our skull protest, where we are displaying the skulls of farmers who have committed suicide in the wake of the drought in the state, we are seeking a drought relief package from the Centre. The skulls we are using in the protest symbolise our fate if the state does not help us out. Debt relief is being provided to the wealthy people. What about us, the farmers who have toiled so hard?” asks P. Ayyakannu, president of the Sangam, who hails from the Tiruchirappalli district in Tamil Nadu.  

    The state government had in February 2017 sanctioned a drought relief package of Rs 2,247 crore for 32 lakh farmers of the state. “The state government gave Rs 3,000 each as compensation for crop losses to those who depend on seasonal rain and Rs 5,465 per acre to those who depend on irrigation. How is that enough to make up for the losses we have faced?” Ayyakannu asks. “This is highly inadequate and we demand a drought relief package of Rs 40,000 crore from the Centre,” says Saravana Kumar Vasudeva, who belongs to a farmer family in Theni, Tamil Nadu. “We also want a waiver of loans, better support price for our produce, lower input prices and above all, solutions to water scarcity in the region," says Saravana.

    Natarajan who has come all the way from Karur in Tamil Nadu says, “I lost my crops to this drought and have an outstanding debt of around Rs 5 lakh from a nationalised bank. How will I repay this? I have no money left. Why can’t the government extend the waiver for loans from nationalised banks like they have done for cooperative banks?”

    “We wanted to make a representation to the prime minister about the agrarian situation in Tamil Nadu but even after 28 days, our representatives have not been granted an appointment. This only shows the government's claim that it is sensitive to farmers is hollow,” says Ayakannu. “Farmers would be forced to intensify their agitation unless the issue is settled,” he adds.

    Catching the people’s imagination

    Agitators at the protest site.The farmers from the Cauvery belt have been joined by farmers from the other states in the protest. “Our livelihoods have been destroyed. To drive home this point, we are using macabre elements in the protest like skulls, rats and snakes. We are carrying begging bowls, shaving half of our heads and staging mock funerals. We even stripped in front of the prime minister’s office yesterday. But other than the media, no one seems to be noticing us despite the gravity of the situation,” says Manohar Patil from Maharashtra who has joined in the protest.

    Some of their demands include setting up of the Cauvery Management Board and interlinking of the national rivers to deal with the lack of water in Cauvery. “Why can’t the Centre force the Karnataka government to release water from Cauvery when the Supreme Court has directed Karnataka to do so as many as seven times? The Center talks so much about Ganga but nothing on Cauvery,” says Saravana.

    “We are languishing here for days but the Centre has no interest in hearing us out. How do you think our families will survive with no income?” asks Natarajan. “Unable to repay our loans, we are left with no option but to rot in Delhi,” he says.

    “Our crisis deepened this year because Karnataka, in spite of the Supreme Court order, refused to release Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu,” says Kuppuswamy, a farmer from Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. Many agitating farmers are senior citizens and are also demanding a pension scheme where farmers over 60 years of age get Rs 5,000 each.

    Whose fault is it anyway?

    The Centre considers drought relief as the responsibility of the state. The state, on the other hand, has approached the Centre and sought an assistance of Rs 39,565 crore from the National Disaster Relief Fund for drought relief. Following this, a central team has visited Tamil Nadu to assess the condition and has submitted its report. Union Minister for Agriculture Radha Mohan Singh plans to take it up at a high-level committee meeting soon. However, it may be difficult for the Centre to waive off loans for the Tamil Nadu farmers alone as there are other states too which are in a similar situation. Tamil Nadu farmers may get some financial assistance but will that solve the current crisis of farmer debts and suicides?

    Droughts are not just episodic in nature but are a structural problem. Drought or no drought, farmers will continue to fall in debt traps given their dependence on high-cost farming methods using fertilisers, pesticides, machinery and seeds. At the same time, crops are no longer fetching them remunerative prices from which they can profit. The answer to this crisis may be in adopting low-cost sustainable farming methods. Meanwhile farmers should be provided income security to wean them off the debt trap. Let’s wait and watch if the state responds well to the current crisis.

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              By: Escape Your Dead End Job By Harnessing The Power Of Your Dissatisfaction - quitbefree.com        
    […] enough that you went to online job portals to see what other jobs were available? And watched TED talks about getting paid to do work you love, or read blogs about how people have quit their jobs, thinking that you’d love to do the […]
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    TodoGastronomia, portal dedicado exclusivamente al arte culinario, con mas de 1000 recetas de cocina.
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              La Casa Blanca deja la deportación de Justin Bieber «en otras manos»        
    El Gobierno se niega a dar respuesta a la petición en el portal oficial 'We are the people' que pedía la expulsión del cantante canadiense del país
              QUE DIOS NOS PERDONE        

    Que Dios nos perdone’ se sitúa en Madrid, en el verano de 2011. La crisis económica, el Movimiento 15-M y el millón y medio de peregrinos que esperan la llegada del Papa conviven en un Madrid más caluroso, violento y caótico que nunca. En este contexto, los inspectores Velarde (Antonio de la Torre) y Alfaro (Roberto Álamo) deben encontrar a lo que parece ser un asesino en serie cuanto antes y sin hacer ruido.

    El director Rodríguez Sorogoyen presenta este film en la sección oficial del 64 edición del Festival de Cine de San Sebastián. 

    Relata un thriller trepidante ambientado en España en el verano 2011, durante la visita del Papa a España. Más allá de la búsqueda de un asesino en serie que ataca con violencia a ancianas, vemos los entresijos de la violencia. Es una película sobre las relaciones personales que se establecen durante la resolución de un caso, que levanta tensiones. Relaciones laborales que se cuajan en la desconfianza y otras más complejas que van ganado en matices. Porque hay mucho de discrepancia inicial entre los dos inspectores protagonistas. Desde la contención de Antonio de la Torre, construido desde el caparazón de su tartamudez, y su torpeza para las relaciones, a la rabia desbordada de Roberto Álamo, que se construye desde la impulsividad, la agresividad y el exceso. La resolución del caso, nos adentrara en los rincones de estos dos personajes, y nos acerca a esa dificultad extrema para gestionarse emocionalmente.

    Mientras los personajes ganan en complejidad, se va desvelando la personalidad de otro ser agazapado, audaz, inconmovible, que como un animal herido, se encuentra en el otro extremo. No ha podido dar un paso adelante, y enriquecerse con la interacción. Escondido, espera para desplegar toda su rabia, su incapacidad para amar, acercándonos y encuadrando los entramados de la violencia más extrema. 

    La propuesta nos acerca un mosaico atractivo de personajes, que con un ritmo muy logrado, envuelve al espectador en la resolución misterio, y explora en las dificultades y las bondades de la interacción.(MARAI.Barcelona).

    ......De un volantazo, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, que ya escudriñó aceras, portales y azoteas de la villa en ese thriller retorcidamente disimulado que es Stockholm, enfrenta ahora a dos policías con un enemigo de tronío. Y, no, no es el asesino al que buscan como puente de redención para sus propios demonios, sino una presencia mucho más poderosa. La ciudad entera, sofocante y atormentada, un Madrid sudoroso al que Sorogoyen enfrenta con dos de nuestros mejores hombres de película: detrás de la fuerza desbordada de un imponente Roberto Álamo (aquí tiene, al fin, el papel en cine que pedía a gritos) y la contención asfixiante de Antonio de la Torre, que llevan la tradición policial española de los rescoldos de Brigada Central a las puertas de un truedetectivismo de asfalto mesetario, se eleva como una sombra una presencia urbana temible.
    Cine negro a pleno sol, el terrible agosto madrileño ya tiene su noir de referencia, más nevillesco que canalla, apoyado en un costumbrismo esforzado y bien entendido que encauza el pasado reciente (estamos en 2011) como en No habrá paz para los malvados, que opone el Madrid popular a la rive droite y que sale a la calle para dar prueba del enfrentamiento soterrado entre poderosos y parias. Sólo la preocupación por una resolución criminal de doble salto mortal con tirabuzón y tentetieso final acorta el recorrido de una película que confirma que, desde la capital de esta España, hoy es imposible llegar al cielo sin pasar por un auténtico purgatorio de sangre y atascos.(CINEMANIA).

    Que una película tenga la voluntad explícita de apropiarse de la eficacia de los modelos ajenos ya prestablecidos no quiere decir que no esté dotada de una personalidad propia, sobre todo si intenta asimilar las referencias y adaptarlas a su idiosincrasia para, a través de ella, ofrecer una mirada hacia la sociedad de su tiempo. Rodrigo Sorogoyen utiliza la visita del Papa Benedicto XVI a Madrid para servir de contexto a la crisis de fe y de valores que parece acuciar a sus personajes. A partir de esta premisa nos ofrece un itinerario hiperrealista por las calles de una ciudad a modo de Pandemonio, en la que late la violencia subrepticia y la decadencia moral y que se traslada a estancias viciadas por la decrepitud y la asfixia malsana. El resultado es un policíaco bronco y sudoroso, incómodo y avieso, que se adentra en las miserias de una serie de individuos que cargan con la culpa a cuestas de sus propios pecados.(FOTOGRAMAS).
              Talleres en Menorca y Mallorca!        

    i'll be visiting Menorca and Mallorca on summer holidays,
    and i've arranged some embroidery workshops
     in two beautiful spaces
    MOMLAB y OPENstudio79

    - embroidered tote bag -
     june 29th from 10:30h to 13:30, at MOMLAB
    Carrer Portal d’Artrutx 9, Ciutadella de Menorca
    july 4th from 11h to 14h at OPENstudio79
    Carrer San Magín 79, Palma de Mallorca

    - denim embroidery - 
    july 5 th from 11h to 14h at OPENstudio79
    Carrer San Magín 79, Palma de Mallorca

    workshop inscriptions snd info at

    my dear friend Judit from Pigillida is helping me to prepare everything in Menorca
    and my also dear friend Mercedes helps me to coordinate Mallorca's classes.
    such lovely ladies!


    a finales de junio, aprovechando las vacaciones de verano,
    tendré la suerte de hacer varios talleres en Mallorca y Menorca,
    en dos espacios preciosos MOMLAB y OPENstudio79.
    después de algunos años vuelvo con mis talleres a Mallorca, qué alegría ;)

    mi querida amiga Judit de Pigillida  está ayudándome con todo lo de Menorca
    y otra queridísima amiga mía,  Mercedes, me ayuda con las clases y la estancia de Mallorca.
    son lo más!!

    ¿nos vemos en alguna de las islas?

    aquí está la info de los talleres, si te animas a inscribirte
    envíame un email a


    - Tote Bag Bordada -Borda tu bolsa playera

    Jueves 29 de Junio de 10:30h -13:30 en MOMLAB
    Carrer Portal d’Artrutx 9, Ciutadella de Menorca
    Martes 4 de Julio de 11h a 14h en OPENstudio79
    Carrer San Magín 79, Palma de Mallorca

    En este taller bordaremos cosas bonitas a una bolsa básica de algodón,
    será perfecta para ir a la playa o de compras este verano. Aprenderemos cómo añadirle
    parches de tela y también algunos puntos básicos de bordado muy sencillos y vistosos.
    ¡Verás cómo cambia tu bolsa con tan sólo unas cuantas puntadas!
    Una customización super sencilla a la que sacarás mucho provecho
    porque la podrás aplicar a muchos otros proyectos de costura.

    El precio del taller incluye la bolsa de algodón, bastidor, hilos, agujas y tutorial.
    Nivel: Básico
    Info e inscripciones:

    Material y tutorial en papel incluidos, hilos cortesía DMC.
    No se necesitan conocimientos previos de costura ni de bordado


    - Bordado Tejano -

    Miércoles 5 de Julio de 11h a 14h en OPENstudio79
    Carrer San Magín 79, Palma de Mallorca
    ¡Aprende a decorar tu ropa con mensajes, flores, corazones o animalitos bordados!
    Trae tus shorts, camisas o chaquetas tejanas y te enseñarés los puntos básicos
    de bordado para que puedas ir a la última este verano
    así como algunos truquillos para bordar sobre tejano.

    Nivel: Básico
    El precio del taller incluye telas, hilos, agujas y tutorial.
    - Trae tu prenda para customizar -
    Precio: 40€
    Info e inscripciones:

    Material y tutorial en papel incluidos, hilos cortesía DMC.
    No se necesitan conocimientos previos de costura ni de bordado

              The Big Adpple        
    Am fost scanat, cântărit, interogat, repartizat şi transportat în New York. După 11 ore în avion şi încă 5 prin aeroporturi mă întreb dacă nu cumva oamenii care ştiu să planteze o ceapă sunt mai câştigați. Portalul meu în Marele Măr este un Lincoln Town Car. Nu se mai produce modelul ăsta. În schimb, New York-ul […]
              Osmania University OUCET Results 2014 | OUCET Results Release On 24 june 2014        
    Osmania University is going to release the OUCET results on date 24 june 2014 . Osmania University OUCET 2014 Results, Rank Card Download at www.manabadi.com and www.schools9.com. Osmania University PGCET Results 2014 - OUCET well known as Osmania University Post Graduate Common Entrance Test is a university level entrance test for seeking admission to M.Sc, M.A, M.Com and other PG courses for the academic year 2014-15. A huge number of candidates appeared for OUCET 2014 exam. Now the candidates are eagerly waiting for OUCET 2014 Result announcement date. OUCET exams are conducted on dates 6-14 of this month.

    OUCET 2014 Marks & RankCards - Osmania University will be going to release OUPGCET 2014 Results soon on its official websites www.osmania.ac.in and www.ouadmissions.com. All those candidates who written the Osmania University PGCET Entrance exam are advised to download OUCET Rank Card 2014 from leading results portals of Andhra Pradesh is www.manabadi.com and www.schools9.com. For OUCET Counselling 2014 updates keep visit this site. Here you may follow simple steps download OUCET 2014 Marks & Rank Card.




              Sources have moved        
    I've moved the sources for PDX Bus to here:


    The old URL will no longer work.  (This is in preparation for the next release).

              Todos os níveis - Concurso em Portalegre/RN inscreve para 60 vagas - A Prefeitura e Câmara de Portalegre receberão inscrições de concurso público até o dia 18 de junho. Os salários iniciais oferecidos chegam a R$ 7,6 mil        
    A Prefeitura e Câmara de Portalegre receberão inscrições de concurso público até o dia 18 de junho. Os salários iniciais oferecidos chegam a R$ 7,6 mil
              New report reveals impact of drastic budget cuts on UK prisons        

    A new report by the Prison Reform Trust, supported by the Bromley Trust, shows the system under significant strain with fewer staff, worsening safety and fewer opportunities for rehabilitation.

    A new report by the Prison Reform Trust, supported by the Bromley Trust, shows a prison system under significant strain with fewer staff, worsening safety, and fewer opportunities for rehabilitation.

    Unprecedented cuts to the Ministry of Justice budget, due to total £2.4 billion by 2015-16, are creating a race to the bottom in prison conditions and the warehousing of people in super-sized jails, according to the Prison Reform Trust’s new report Prison: the facts.

    Further measures are planned to drive down costs to levels claimed by the new much criticised private sector establishment HMP Oakwood, which is reported to cost around £15,500 per place and holds nearly 1,600 men.

    Despite evidence suggesting smaller prisons are safer and more effective than larger establishments, holding people closer to home with a higher ratio of staff to prisoners and more emphasis on resettlement, the government plans to build a super-sized prison in Wrexham holding 2,000 prisoners.

    Over 40 per cent of prisoners are now held in prisons of 1,000 places or more and nearly two-thirds of prisons in England and Wales are overcrowded by to the prison service’s own definition, holding 2,687 more prisoners than they were designed to. In the last two weeks prison numbers have swelled by over 500 – equivalent to the population of a small prison.

    Strict controls on recruitment and high levels of staff sickness, the closure of 15 prisons, the transfer of a further two prisons to the private sector and a 23 per cent reduction in the number of prison officers employed in publicly run prisons since March 2010 have created a system stretched to its limit. Reductions in staffing levels impact on safety and the amount of time prisoners are able to spend their time engaged in purposeful activity. Nearly half (46 per cent) of adults are reconvicted within one year of release, rising to 58 per cent for those sentenced to 12 months or less.

    The number of occasions Prison Service Gold Command, (the national group convened during serious incidents and disturbances), has been opened over the last three years has increased by 153 per cent since 2011-12. In 2013-14 it opened on 81 occasions. There has also been a 14 per cent rise in serious prisoner-on-prisoner assaults between 2010 and 2013 , and the number of deaths in custody last year was the highest on record.

    According to HM Chief Inspector of Prisons, Nick Hardwick, both “the quantity and quality of purposeful activity in which prisoners are engaged [has] plummeted” in 2012-13, reporting the worst outcomes in six years. In over half of prisons results were judged to be not sufficiently good or poor. He also warned in 2012: “Resources are now stretched very thinly [...] there is a pretty clear choice for politicians and policy makers – reduce prison populations or increase prison budgets.”

    This report comes only a month after the Prison Reform Trust found evidence that the new Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme, which includes a ban on prisoners receiving books and other basic items, is eliciting a strong sense of injustice in prisons and undermining opportunities for effective rehabilitation.

    Juliet Lyon, Director of the Prison Reform Trust said: “These latest figures reveal a prison service having to cope with unprecedented strain. Ministers must heed the warning signs. Rising assault and suicide rates, fewer staff and less constructive activity, call into question the government’s commitment to safety and decency. Slashing prison budgets and introducing harsher regimes while warehousing ever greater numbers overseen by fewer staff is no way to transform rehabilitation.”

    * Read Prison: the facts here: http://www.prisonreformtrust.org.uk/Portals/0/Documents/Prison%20the%20f...


              Zeitersparnis dank Cashback Order Import Tool        
    Cashback-Portale, Advertiser oder Agenturen kennen das Problem: nicht getrackte Bestellungen und das zeitaufwendige Bearbeiten von Nachbuchungsanfragen. Zur schnelleren und einfacheren Bearbeitung hat affilinet dazu nun ein Cashback Order Import Tool entwickelt. Was ist aktuell das Problem? Ungetrackte Orders sind natürlich immer ein Ärgernis für Advertiser, aber vor allem für Publisher, da diese keine Provision erhalten. ...
              Informações Sobre a Matrícula Do Veterano        
    Matricula 2017.2 PROGRAD

    MATRÍCULA: 25/07 a 03/08
    ACRÉSCIMO DE DISCIPLINA: 1ª etapa: 09 a 15/08 - 2ª etapa: 21 a 23/08
    Todas essas solicitações deverão ser feitas exclusivamente via Portal Discente.

              Processo Seletivo Monitorias IME 2017.2        

    3 Vagas, para atuar como Monitor bolsista durante o semestre letivo 2017.2






     Álgebra Linear


    Campus SAMAMBAIA



     10:00 às 12:00h    

    Local: Anfiteatro do IME/UFG

    Probabilidade e Estatística


    Campus Colemar Natal e Silva


    Cálculo 1 e 2

    Campus Aparecida



      10:00 às 12:00h  

       Local: Anfiteatro do IME/UFG


    Sala 2, piso superior
    Campus Aparecida


    As inscrições para o processo seletivo serão realizadas exclusivamente via:

    SIGAA → Portal Discente → Monitoria → Inscrever-se em Seleção de Monitoria → Buscar Oportunidades → Monitoria

    Período de inscrições: 20  de junho a 05 de Agosto de 2017.

    Veja também:

    Normas que regem o processo seletivo Monitorias IME/UFG: CLIQUE AQUI 

              Kompania Piwowarska - spore zainteresowanie dużych graczy i spokojny konsument        
    Sprzedaż Kompanii Piwowarskiej przez AB InBev/SABMiller przyciągnie spore zainteresowanie dużych, zagranicznych graczy. Nie powinna mieć jednak znaczenia dla polskich konsumentów i pozycji producenta – ocenia w rozmowie z serwisem portalspozywczy.pl Mikołaj Lipiński, członek zarządu firmy doradczej Blackpartners, z działu Corporate Finance.
              ESME Team Member Meetups - Accidentally on Purpose        
    I feel a bit like Woody Allen's Zelig with the uncanny ability to insert oneself into some exceedingly interesting (historic) social environments as a famous nobody. It's like having a passport to be an official "fly on the wall" of some fascinating conversations. You get to be present, observe and on occasion document and record. That's the way I'll approach Office 2.0 this week and that seems to be my experience heretofore with the ESME folks.

    “Enterprise Social Media Experiment (ESME) is a Web 2.0 application that permits social network-based communication among, between, and outside organizational boundaries. ESME draws its development team from the SAP Community and includes both BPX'ers and business people with an interest in learning how social networks, the media they generate and business processes can be usefully co-mingled to deliver innovative solutions to old world problems.” (Darren Hague, Richard Hirsch and others in the SAP Community Contributor Corner wiki)

    When Dick Hirsch began to flesh out and realize the original BPX community project, it was obvious that he was a quintessential or model SAP business process expert: a professional with deep SAP technical acumen, experience of business modeling tools and process improvement methodologies, as well as an adept story teller with a keen journalistic eye and language.

    The ESME conversationalists list (those engaged in the collaborative conversation about ESME) looks like a “whose who” of some top SAP Community Network members.

    So being the declared online yenta I am (which is a grandmotherly busybody), I wanted to know more about those virtual members I haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet.

    I’m fortunate to go around the world these next few weeks and I’ll be rubbing shoulders with almost all of the ESME folks, some by purpose and design and a few, quite serendipitously (like in the case of David Pollack who happens to be with me this week at Office 2.0). There are even a few folks I got to meet-up with recently at their invitation, having nothing to do with ESME whatsoever. Such is the case with Jen Robinson and Kirsten Gay who I met with 2 weeks ago in the US SAP headquarters in Newtown Square when I was invited to meet with the team of Natalie Hanson an "anthropologist working in the business world" and Kirsten and Jen's manager.

    Kirsten and Jen happen to be members of the ESME team.

    I was interested in the skills they bring to the table and their internal portal work and particularly in their focus on the very human side of technology.

    Here's their brief bios:

    S Kirsten Gay is the Manager of User Experience at SAP America and experienced in user interface design, design team management, integration of design deliverables with market demands, and strategic development of design services for corporations, educational institutions and private clients.

    Jen Robinson, currently a lead in SAP's Global Business Knowledge Management Competency Center and an MBA student at NYU Stern whose professional interests include IT strategy, emerging technologies, entertainment, and new media.

              Na fuzji koncernów AB InBev i SABMiller skorzystają miłośnicy piwa w Polsce        
    Dzięki przejęciu koncernu SABMiller, do którego w Polsce należy Kompania Piwowarska, przez największą firmę browarniczą na świecie Anheuser-Busch InBev skoszystać mogą miłośnicy piwa w Polsce – ocenia w rozmowie z serwisem portalspozywczy.pl Danuta Gut, dyrektor biura zarządu Związku Pracodawców Przemysłu Piwowarskiego Browary Polskie.
              Sustainability Challenge– Collaboration Isn’t an Option, it’s a Requirement        
    Through the generosity of James Farrar SAP VP for CSR and support of Stephanie Raabe who helped launch SAP Feedingknowledge, I had the opportunity to attend the Economist Conference in NYC today titled: Sustainability Challenge- Addressing Environmental and Societal Demands on Business.

    What better way to educate oneself around the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility, than to listen to panel discussions with some of the most informed thinkers in this sphere representing global (UN Global Compact), public sector US (EPA), corporate (Dupont, Orange Telecom, SAP, Jones LangLaSalle and Bank of America), and academic (Harvard University Kennedy School of Government) perspectives.

    I know that James Governor, Thomas Otter and Dennis Howlett had received an opportunity from James Farrar to hear from and about Transparency International back in November in Berlin and I was sorely grieved to have missed that event because of my TechEd travels. This invitation was ample compensation and a real learning opportunity.

    The event provided the audience of about 130 business leaders with fodder for thought around the following topics:

    • What does sustainability mean to companies around the world?
    • What are they doing well and where is more action required?
    • Does sustainability pay and how much does it matter?
    • Can this build shareholder value?
    • Sustainability obstacles
    • Business and government, markets vs regulation
    • What it the role of business
    • Where does that role stop

    Vijay Vaitheeswaran, correspondent, for the Economist chaired the conference and I found him exceedingly adept at moving the panel discussions along by asking provoking questions, engaging the audience with the speakers and allowing each of the featured panelists to present their unique perspectives.

    Each session easily warrants a separate entry, but I will try to summarize just one speaker of one discussion here.

    A big takeaway came from a surprising source:

    The title of the blog entry is a quote from Mark Vergnano, Group Vice-president of DuPont Safety and Protection. “Collaboration isn’t an option, it’s a requirement”. Pretty compelling (actually disruptive and disturbing) to think of Dupont as a force for sustainability. Vergnano described Dupont as a company viewed in the past as one of the largest polluters in the world. For me such companies are still tainted with the specter of Union Carbide and the tragedy of Bhopal (synonymous with chemical and industrial disasters) hovering. The images of Bhopal are lingering ghosts that haunt and inform our sensibilities about that particular industry. Perhaps the Dupont story is so compelling for the very reason that it was difficult to think of Dupont a chemical company partnering with BP resulting in attaining sustainability goals and reducing carbon footprint and yet, Dupont claims to not only have accomplished its goals but to have saved billions of dollars. As a number of the speakers pointed out, if the company had been “Ben and Jerry’s” or Timberlake, the impact of the sustainable growth mission of Dupont, a top-down driven, gunpowder company, would have been less dramatic.

    Vergnano spoke of science as an enabler and collaboration as an imperative. If Dupont has indeed harnessed science and partnered with BP in order to get government on boarded with bio-fuel usage and has managed, as it declares, to have turned waste to energy and taken the unique science of two companies and through collaboration, succeeded in its goals, it is an interesting story indeed.

    Get up... ya Turkeys @jaction5 @jessicapalentino @rrpines3383 @anytime_fitness_dtsp #naturalmovement #gym #freerunning #movementculture #health #personaltrainer #exercise #carry #jump #hike #run #trailrunning #paleo #primal #parkour #ancestralhealth #mma #barefootrunning #muaythai #gymnastics #idoportal #running #fitness #kettlebell #strongman
              Nestle zwiększyło sprzedaż wód o 18 proc.        
    Aż o 18 proc. wzrosła sprzedaż Nestlé Waters Polska w segmencie wód butelkowanych. - Planujemy nadal rozwijać sprzedaż wody i wzmacniać udziały naszych marek. Cele są bardzo ambitne, niezależnie od pogody. Tym bardziej, że kategoria wody w Polsce będzie stale rosła - mówi w wywiadzie udzielonym serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Stuart Irvine, prezes Nestlé Polska.
              My new site!        
    Welcome to mrruben5's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!
              Your environment is a character too!        

    I read a lot online about how storytelling and character development in games can use improvement, and how dynamic choices and the ability to fail and replay sections of a game multiple times make telling a good story very difficult without the fallback of "get to point A, watch a cutscene. Cool. Now get to point B and you'll see another cutscene". It segments the story and the gameplay, and the story only serves to give purpose to the gameplay. Is this really a problem? Many who are looking for character development would say no. You can't watch your character die and respawn 1000 times then try to feel an emotional bond when he dies for good in some cutscene.

    I think people forget sometimes that the environment and setting of a game can be as much of a character as any in game bulky hard-to-the-core space warrior. I'm currently working on a game where this is the key to the storytelling aspect. The characters in the game, while they do have backstories, are mostly disposable and not very memorable. This is a conscious decision on my part, because the real character in the game is the universe it takes place in. The player may even notice that the world is what hides clues to the character's backstories, not the characters or cutscenes or story text. In essence, the characters are born out of that world, rather than the world simply being some hub for some adventure. The world has a story to tell, the characters are just there to walk you through it.

    Level design is vital to making a world feel alive. Too many games nowadays sacrifice good level design for aesthetics. The key is building a solid level first, then working in aesthetics later. Why make a knee-high fence a boundary? Why, suddenly, is all this rubble in the middle of the ground on fire? Because it looks cool? Every piece of a level should have a gameplay purpose to it, even if that purpose is minor or subtle ("the character could hide behind it if he wants", "it catches the eye and encourages the character to approach it"). Any other visually pleasing artifacts that can't be worked into the gameplay could easily be placed in the background where the player will never reach them.

    I've already had to trash a level in my game because I designed it to resemble a big water pipe and added all these cool effects to it only to realize that it confuses people. The level has a really really simple solution to it, but people are so preoccupied with all the red herrings in the level and effects that they miss jumps, try a more complicated solution, die without knowing why, or even give up. It felt bad to trash the level because it was so cool looking though, but I can't seem to find a way to fix it without getting rid of what makes it look cool.

    Anyway here's some examples of games where the world is a character, and which do it right and which seem to miss the point:

    GREAT examples of the "world as a character":

    Super Metroid / Metroid Prime: It's fairly obvious why here, since the entire point of the Metroid series rests on its level design and the large interconnected world to explore, full of secrets and surprises and back history to uncover. Metroid Prime adds in the scanner, which adds a lot of subtle backstory to the planet you're exploring, and its done in such a good way that you almost forget who you're playing as and concentrate solely on the rich world you are in.

    Portal: While GLaDOS and the Weighted Companion Cube sure have a lot of character in them, the strange test facility you're in also has a lot of backstory to it. The writing on the walls once you "break out" of facility and venture into its hidden core is a great mood setter and tells a side story that is easily overlooked if you're to busy concentrating on the main story. I love subtly like this.

    Bioshock: I don't need to say much here, since 90% of the game is about the backstory of Rapture, and they do a good job telling it.

    GOOD examples of the "world as a character":

    Halo: I don't think Bungie realized the potential of the ring in halo. It's an interesting concept and I love how its presented in the game (where peering into the distance you can see the whole ring from any point on the ring, it's a really great touch), and you can't help but wonder what its purpose is as you explore it. Of course, they outright tell you at the end of the game, and focus a lot on Master Chief, who isn't much of a character to begin with.

    Metroid Prime 3: It still does a good job doing what the first Metroid Prime did, but they muddle it up a little bit with a cheesy story and split the world up to multiple planets which really downplays any sort of history or consistency that could have been built into the world.

    BAD examples of the "world as a character" (note: not implying that the game is bad):

    Shadow Complex: I just bought this recently and haven't beaten it yet, so my opinion is still subject to change. For a game that borrowed so much from Metroid, I can't understand why they decided to remove most of the personality from the complex. There was one part so far where the world felt interesting (the flooded part) but other than that it feels bland and grayed out, like many modern games today. I can't help but wonder how much better the world would have felt if they flattened the Z-axis a bit, since there's no reason I should need to jump from point A to point B when there's a staircase 2 feet over, but in the distance. The art seems to get in the way of playing through the levels a lot, and they focus a lot on trying to develop the character of the guy and his girlfriend, and the people running the organization, yet they completely ignore the personality that the base could have had.

    Most other games released this generation: They just don't try at all to make the world memorable, instead opting to try and characterize some bulky space guy or some bulky WWII soldier or some bulky criminal or some busty fighter.

    I think there's a lot of untapped potential in trying to make the environment and level design as much of a character, if not more of one, than the cookie-cutter characters you normally see in games. People trying to find a way of telling a story in a way that can only truly be told through this medium, take this into consideration.

              Post 'Le Lurien (2.826m.)'        
    Autor: Javier y Martín, con fecha 12/02/2017 13:09

    <b>27 de agosto de 2016.</b><br><br>Es esta una magnífica ruta, larga, con casi 23 km., con un desnivel considerable que se acerca a los 2000 m. pero gratificante por situarse en el centro del país de Ossau-Artouste. El paraíso lacustre de Artouste a nuestros pies y la compañía de míticas montañas como el Balaitús, Palas, Arriel, Midi d’Ossau hacen de este recorrido un disfrute para los sentidos. El camino comienza a orillas de Lac de Fábreges, un cartelito indica el inicio, y tras superar el hayedo continúa ya por praderas por el Ruisseau du Lurien, por buen camino, hasta el recoleto Lac du Lurien, desde el que ya se ve nuestro objetivo, aunque todavía no somos capaces de identificar, el Pic de Lurien. La subida al pico, por terreno de piedra suelta, es mucho más cómoda de lo esperado y las vistas desde la cima son de postal. Descendemos hasta el Col de Lurien, con la idea de rodear la montaña que acabamos de conquistar, para en una larga travesía llegar hasta el visitadísimo Lac d’Artouste. Pronto, huyendo de la multitud, ascendemos hacia el Col de Arrious y al lago del mismo nombre, con el recuerdo de nuestra ascensión a los picos de Arriel de hace unos años. Desde aquí continuamos con nuestro largo recorrido por el Ruisseau d’Arrious hasta enlazar con la carretera que desciende del Portalet. Parece que hayamos conseguido nuestro objetivo pero, nada más lejos de la realidad, pues todavía queda un buen tramo por las praderas junto al río en las que abundan los turistas ávidos del frescor de las aguas pirenaicas en estos calurosos días de agosto.<a href="https://es.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=14539809" class=enlace target=_new rel=nofollow>https://es.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=14539809</a> Ver post | Ver más blog
              Post 'Pico Canal Roya (2.329m.) con raquetas'        
    Autor: Javier y Martín, con fecha 20/03/2013 18:13

    <b>2 de marzo de 2013.</b><br><br>Excelente excursión con raquetas, gracias tanto a la abundancia de nieve como a la como a la falta de dificultad, en una zona bastante concurrida y con abundante huella. Justo al otro lado del Portalet nos calzamos las raquetas y seguimos la huella que desciende para cruzar el barranco que baja del puerto y enlazar con la traza que desde el parking d'Aneou se dirige al fondo del circo. Enlazamos con la senda al tiempo que sobrepasamos el Pico Pene de la Glere y rápidamente entramos en la parte final del circo. Desde esta zona llana la senda bordea en ligero ascenso la cara norte del pico en dirección al amplio collado situado a su derecha (Col de Houer), desde donde se alcanza la cima sin dificultad. Amplia panorámica. <br><br>Seguimos camino de Peña Blanca, ya sin huella, pero en algún momento en la línea de la cresta que nos une al valle de Canal Roya la falta de seguridad sobre la nieve nos aconseja darnos la vuelta, regresando de nuevo al pico y luego en dirección al Pico de Mala Cara alcanzando una antecima de éste y dirigiéndonos ya de regreso al encuentro del camino que habíamos utilizado de subida. Ver post | Ver más blog
              Post 'Pic Saoubiste (2.261 m.)'        
    Autor: Javier y Martín, con fecha 20/01/2011 19:59

    <b>15 de enero de 2011.</b><br><br>Relajada excursión invernal por praderas y laderas cubiertas de nieve con una perspectiva cercana del Midi d'Ossau y vistas magníficas aunque no lejanas tanto desde el collado de Soum de Pombie como desde el pico de Saoubiste. Desde el aparcamiento del Portalet bajamos a la zona de prados al otro lado de la carretera y una vez cruzado el arroyo ganamos altura paulatinamente hasta el citado collado de Soum de Pombie (dirección norte), desde donde se divisa con claridad el resto del recorrido. Luego de un pequeño descenso hasta el refugio y lago de Pombie, al pie del Midi, avanzamos bajo su pared oriental hasta el col de Suzon. Seguimos la línea del collado hasta el pie del pico y ganamos la cima por un corto tramo herboso e inclinado sin senda clara pero evidente. Ver post | Ver más blog
              Post 'Cuyalaret'        
    Autor: Javier y Martín, con fecha 22/11/2008 14:12

    <b>15 de noviembre de 2008.</b><br><br>El Cuyalaret es una montaña de 2280 m. muy accesible desde el Puerto del Portalet, que se asoma a Canal Roya. Desde la cima son inmejorables las vistas de Anayet y Midi d'Ossau. <br>Aquí va una muestra. Ver post | Ver más blog
              [news/commentary] Building ISV Relationships: Targeting SMEs - Part I        
    Thursday, September 16, 2004
    Dateline: China
    New column on the AlwaysOn Network.  It's on the potential downside of offshoring (the downside for the States, that is).  For the next five days, see http://www.alwayson-network.com ; the permanent link is at http://tinyurl.com/4e4q4 .  It got the ire of a lot of readers and a lot of views (I'm projecting nearly 500 in less than one day).  The article which was the basis for my column is getting a lot of attention in the States.  Worth reading.
    Building ISV Relationships: Targeting SMEs -- Part I
    First, a bit of commentary.  One thing all smart SIs (systems integrators) do is develop partnerships and alliances with ISVs (independent software vendors, i.e., software publishers/software companies in a broad sense).  Of course, it's difficult to be the 1,000th entrant in the game and expect to get any traction/assistance from your ISV partner.
    SIs in China ALWAYS use the approach of offering localization services and OFTEN offer to help push an ISV's product within the domestic market in China.  Frankly, this is what the (usually American) ISV wants, too.  Does this strategy work?  Well, sometimes.  However, even in the case of high profile alliances such as some of those Microsoft has in China (and I won't name names to protect the innocent), it's really nothing more than window dressing.  Everything looks good on paper, but the reality is something quite different.
    Regardless, this does NOT address the need and desire for SIs in China to build their market in the States.  And when this issue becomes center stage, ISVs frequently respond with something bordering on contempt.  Some ISVs are getting clued that their American channel partners absolutely need partners in China and other low(er)-cost development areas in order to win bids.  Let's face it, it's all about closing deals.  And if an ISV's competitors have channel partners which can put together winning bids, perhaps in part (and perhaps in LARGE part) due to an offshoring component with their channel partner's SI partner(s) in China, then the ISV with an indirect link to China has a competitive advantage.  I don't view this as a sufficient condition to winning bids, but it's increasingly a necessary condition.
    Clued ISVs want their American channel partners to have an offshoring option, but this requires that their channel partners have relationships with SIs in a country such as China.  But ISVs tend to focus their channel development efforts on their American partners and might develop a couple/few relationships in China, but usually NOT tied to their channel development efforts in the States.  Goofy and shortsighted, to say the least.
    But how can SIs in China get traction with American ISVs, especially since they're almost always late to the game (in other words, the American ISV already has a well-developed channel)?  The answer (or, at least one answer):  Focus on servicing the needs of SMEs (small and medium enterprises, which is also referred to as "SMBs" -- small and medium businesses).
    There's another reason this makes sense:  Most of the SIs in China are already focused on servicing SMEs/SMBs in China.  It might be nice to bag a large SOE (state-owned enterprise), but the reality is that most firms in China, especially the burgeoning number of privately-held firms, are SMEs by definition.  Hence, the experiences gained by SIs in China is already within the same market, although I'd be the first person to warn than company size and even similar domains does not necessarily equate to directly transferable skills.  Fact is, things in China are often quite different from the way they are in the States, especially in a "hot" ITO (IT outsourcing) market like financial services.  More about this in a forthcoming postingBottom line:  Give serious thought to targeting the SMB/SME market in the States.  (Part II of this commentary might be a while in coming.)
    IT Tidbits
    Lots of tidbits this week.
    Controlling project costs.  My favorites:  Scope creep, not understanding project financing, "big-bang" projects, overtesting (although I'm not sure I agree with this one), poor estimating.  Good stuff, with recommended solutions.  See http://tinyurl.com/6rfkg .
    Challenges for China's SIs.  Adapted from a Forrester report.   For starters, how about:  Improving account management (are there really any account managers in China, or at least any who can manage accounts with U.S. clients?   ), moving away from technology-centric messages that often alienate business buyers (better yet, moving away from messages in Chinglish), investing in vertical-specific skills (how many times have I said this?) and becoming more multicultural organizations (yes, and let's start with learning English!).  See http://tinyurl.com/4avfo .
    "Yee Haw" as an outsourcing option.  Forget India.  Forget China.  Forget the Philippines.  Let's go to Arkansas!!  See http://tinyurl.com/7ya9p .
    American start-ups go offshore.  Try Corio (is Corio really a start-up?), CollabNet, Aarohl, Infinera, and many others.  See http://tinyurl.com/3wm3o .  Another good article with a BPO spin in Venture Capital Journal, http://tinyurl.com/4rfsa .
    Offshorings mixed results.  "Vietnam and Myanmar were also in demand ..."  Really?  See http://tinyurl.com/647ap .
    Looking for SI partners?  Kennedy ranks the largest firms.  As I've said in the past, I like their reports.  (No, I don't get a cut.)  Satyam and TCS didn't make the grade, though.  See http://tinyurl.com/4s965 .
    Another challenge to conventional outsourcing and offshoring "wisdom."   "Services-driven development models, such as the one at work in India, broaden the global competitive playing field.  As a result, new pressures are brought to bear on hiring and real wages in the developed world - pressures that are not inconsequential in shaping the jobless recoveries unfolding in high-cost wealthy nations.  For those in the developed world, successful services- and manufacturing-based development models in heavily populated countries such as India and China - pose the toughest question of all: what about us?"  For more, see http://tinyurl.com/4acm4 .
    Forget the Golden Triangle.  How about China + India vs. the world (or, sans the world)?  "Newspaper headlines portray China as the world's manufacturing base for low-cost goods, like clothing and shoes, and India as the global IT monopoly-to-be.  Unfortunately, media outside Asia have failed to acknowledge the growing partnership between the two giants."  "Given the complementary nature of their economies and the size of their markets (nearly 2.2 billion people in total), the nascent cooperation between the two holds the potential to dramatically alter the world trade balance.  A perusal of the Shanghai technology corridor reveals a hint of the countries' industrial interconnectedness.  Walk through one of the main complexes in Shanghai's Pudong Software Park, and you will see a prominently displayed sign for Infosys, one of India's most respected IT firms.  The same complex also holds Satyam, the first of India's software service companies to set up offices in Shanghai.  Nearby are the headquarters of the largest software services company in Asia, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which currently runs an outsourcing center for GE in the town of Hangzhou.  TCS is owned by the Tatas, one of India's most prominent business families.  Across the river is NIIT, the principal software training center in India's private sector.  NIIT, operating in China since 1998, now runs an extensive two-year course in 25 provinces, training around 20,000 students to be software professionals.  There is widespread speculation that Wipro, India's only giant IT firm without a presence in the city, will establish a Shanghai office very soon.  It is no surprise that Indian software companies are setting up in China. They, like everyone else, sense great opportunity in one of the largest, fastest-growing economies in the world."  (Bold is my emphasis.)  All true, and they even forget MphasiS.  See one of my must-read sources, YaleGlobalhttp://tinyurl.com/6ltaz .
    The partnering wave of the future.  I've talked about this many times in previous postings.  This time CTG dances with Polaris Software.  See http://tinyurl.com/5tbqd .
    CMMi:  The key to success.  A little simplistic and uses incorrect definitions, but still worth reading.  See http://tinyurl.com/4gp9u .
    How about Microsoft vs. China in an AO "Grudge Match"?  See a lengthy article in CFO titled, "Does Microsoft need China?"; link at http://tinyurl.com/476bo .  China: The champion of open source!!
    Business creativity 101.  "A new book from Wharton School Publishing, The Power of Impossible Thinking by Jerry Wind and Colin Crook prompts you to rethink your mental models and transform them to help you achieve new levels of creativity. In this book, the authors give a set of guidelines on how to see differently."  Examples:  Listen to the radicals; embark on journeys of discovery; look across disciplines.  See http://tinyurl.com/6fvo8 .
    The innovator's battle plan.  "Great firms can be undone by disruptors who analyze and exploit an incumbent's strengths and motivations.  From Clayton Christensen's new book Seeing What's Next."  GREAT stuff (although John Dvorak won't like it).  What about asymmetric warfare theories applied to the realm of corporate innovation and creativity?  Just a thought ...  See http://tinyurl.com/6mbcy .
    Your next competitors?  Have you thought about Senegal, Uganda, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, especially in the BPO space?  See http://tinyurl.com/5h93z .
    Message to product companies: go sell services!!  Interesting take from a VMI perspective.  See http://tinyurl.com/5tqrt .
    Don't know much about bloggin'?  Good take on the various types of corporate blogs.  See http://tinyurl.com/6my29 .
    Urls as web services?  You have to read it to get it.  Might be a bit too much for the uninitiated ...  See http://tinyurl.com/563gm .
    Joel is back and blogging!!  Joel takes on Jakob Nielsen in "it's not just usability."  See http://tinyurl.com/6msmm .
    How about open source software for HPC?  See http://tinyurl.com/5qzleWARNING: Geek alert, geek alert!!
    Saving the best for last: a piece on Woz.  See http://tinyurl.com/4szjf .
    TTFN.  Expect a urls update before I go back to the States.
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              [news] "2004 State of Application Development"        
    Friday, August 13, 2004
    Dateline: China
    Special issues of journals and magazines are often quite good -- if you're into the subject matter.  But the current issue of VARBusiness is absolutely SUPERB!!  EVERY SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR SHOULD READ IT ASAP -- STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND READ THIS ISSUE!!  (Or, at the very least, read the excerpts which follow.)  See http://tinyurl.com/6smzu .  They even have the survey results to 36 questions ranging from change in project scope to preferred verticals.  In this posting, I'm going to comment on excerpts from this issue.  My comments are in blue.  Bolded excerpted items are MY emphasis.
    The lead article and cover story is titled, "The App-Dev Revolution."  "Of the solution providers we surveyed, 72 percent say they currently develop custom applications or tailor packaged software for their customers. Nearly half (45 percent) of their 2003 revenues came from these app-dev projects, and nearly two-thirds of them expect the app-dev portion of total revenue to increase during the next 12 months."  I view this as good news for China's SIs; from what I've observed, many SIs in China would be a good fit for SIs in the U.S. looking for partners to help lower their development costs.  "By necessity, today's solution providers are becoming nimbler in the software work they do, designing and developing targeted projects like those that solve regulatory compliance demands, such as HIPAA, or crafting wireless applications that let doctors and nurses stay connected while they roam hospital halls."  Have a niche; don't try to be everything to everyone.  "Nine in 10 of survey respondents said their average app-dev projects are completed in less than a year now, with the smallest companies (those with less than $1 million in revenue) finishing up in the quickest time, three months, on average."  Need for speed.  "The need to get the job done faster for quick ROI might explain the growing popularity of Microsoft's .Net framework and tools.  In our survey, 53 percent of VARs said they had developed a .Net application in the past 12 months, and 66 percent of them expect to do so in the coming 12 months."  My Microsoft build-to-their-stack strategy.  "Some of the hottest project areas they report this year include application integration, which 69 percent of VARs with between $10 million or more in revenue pinned as their busiest area.  Other top development projects center around e-commerce applications, CRM, business-intelligence solutions, enterprisewide portals and ERP, ..."  How many times have I said this?    "At the same time, VARs in significant numbers are tapping open-source tools and exploiting Web services and XML to help cut down on expensive software-integration work; in effect, acknowledging that application development needs to be more cost-conscious and, thus, take advantage of open standards and reusable components.  Our survey found that 32 percent of VARs had developed applications on Linux in the past six months, while 46 percent of them said they plan to do so in the next six months.  The other open-source technologies they are using today run the gamut from databases and development tools to application servers."  I guess there's really an open source strategy.  I come down hard on open source for one simple reason:  I believe that SIs in China could get more sub-contracting business from a build-to-a-stack strategy.  And building to the open source stack isn't building to a stack at all!!  "As a business, it has many points of entry and areas of specialization.  Our survey participants first arrived in the world of app dev in a variety of ways, from bidding on app-dev projects (45 percent) to partnering with more experienced developers and VARs (28 percent) to hiring more development personnel (31 percent)."  For SIs in China, simply responding to end-user RFQs is kind of silly.  Better to partner on a sub-contracting basis.  "According to our State of Application Development survey, health care (36 percent), retail (31 percent) and manufacturing (30 percent) ranked as the most popular vertical industries for which respondents are building custom applications.  Broken down further, among VARs with less than $1 million in total sales, retail scored highest, while health care topped the list of midrange to large solution providers."  Because of regulatory issues, I'm not so keen on health care.  I'd go with manufacturing followed by retail.  My $ .02.  "When it comes to partnering with the major platform vendors, Microsoft comes out the hands-on winner among ISVs and other development shops.  A whopping 76 percent of developers in our survey favored the Microsoft camp.  Their level of devotion was evenly divided among small, midsize and large VARs who partner with Microsoft to develop and deliver their application solutions.  By contrast, the next closest vendor is IBM, with whom one in four VARs said they partner.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, the IBM percentages were higher among the large VAR category (those with sales of $10 million or more), with 42 percent of their partners coming from that corporate demographic.  Only 16 percent of smaller VARs partner with IBM, according to the survey.  The same goes for Oracle: One-quarter of survey respondents reported partnering with the Redwood Shores, Calif.-based company, with 47 percent of them falling in the large VAR category.  On the deployment side, half of the developers surveyed picked Windows Server 2003/.Net as the primary platform to deliver their applications, while IBM's WebSphere application server was the choice for 7 percent of respondents.  BEA's WebLogic grabbed 4 percent, and Oracle's 9i application server 3 percent of those VARs who said they use these app servers as their primary deployment vehicle."  Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft.  Need I say more?  See http://tinyurl.com/45z94 .
    The next article is on open source.  "Want a world-class database with all the bells and whistles for a fraction of what IBM or Oracle want?  There's MySQL.  How about a compelling alternative to WebSphere or WebLogic?  Think JBoss.  These are, obviously, the best-known examples of the second generation of open-source software companies following in the footsteps of Apache, Linux and other software initiatives, but there are far more alternatives than these.  Consider Zope, a content-management system downloaded tens of thousands of times per month free of charge, according to Zope CEO Rob Page.  Some believe Zope and applications built with Zope are better than the commercial alternative they threaten to put out of business, Documentum.  Zope is also often used to help build additional open-source applications.  One such example is Plone, an open-source information-management system.  What began as a fledgling movement at the end of the past decade and later became known as building around the "LAMP stack" (LAMP is an acronym that stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP or Perl) has exploded to virtually all categories of software.  That includes security, where SpamAssassin is battling spam and Symantec, too.  Popular?  Well, it has now become an Apache Software Foundation official project.  The use of open source is so widespread that the percentage of solution providers who say they partner with MySQL nearly equals the percentage who say they partner with Oracle"23 percent to 25 percent, respectively.There are plenty of choices for those SIs willing to play the open source game.  See http://tinyurl.com/4e3c7 .
    "It's all about integration" follows.  "There are many reasons for the surge in application-development projects (the recent slowdown in software spending notwithstanding).  For one, many projects that were put on hold when the downturn hit a few years ago are now back in play.  That includes enterprise-portal projects, supply-chain automation efforts, various e-commerce endeavors and the integration of disparate business systems."  Choose carefully, however.  Balance this data with other data.  Right now, I see a lot more play with portals and EAI.  "Indeed, the need for quality and timely information is a key driver of investments in application-integration initiatives and the implementation of database and business-intelligence software and portals.  A healthy majority of solution providers say application integration is a key component of the IT solutions they are deploying for customers.  According to our application-development survey, 60 percent say their projects involved integrating disparate applications and systems during the past 12 months."  "Some customers are moving beyond enterprise-application integration to more standards-based services-oriented architectures (SOAs).  SOAs are a key building block that CIOs are looking to build across their enterprises."  Anyone who regularly reads any one of my three IT-related blogs knows that I'm gung-ho on SOAs.  "Even if your customers are not looking for an SOA, integrating different systems is clearly the order of the day.  To wit, even those partners that say enterprise portals or e-business applications account for the bulk of their business note that the integration component is key."  Yes, integration, integration, integration.  I'll be saying this next year, too.  And the year after ...  "Another way to stay on top of the competition is to participate in beta programs."  Absolutely true -- and a good strategy, too.  See http://tinyurl.com/6x2gg .
    The next article is on utility computing versus packaged softwareAgain, if you read what I write, you know that I'm also gung-ho on utility computing.  "According to VARBusiness' survey of application developers, more than 66 percent of the applications created currently reside with the customer, while 22 percent of applications deployed are hosted by the VAR.  And a little more than 12 percent of applications developed are being hosted by a third party.   Where services have made their biggest inroads as an alternative to software is in applications that help companies manage their customer and sales information.The article goes on to state that apps that are not mission-critical have the best chance in the utility computing space.  Time will tell.  Take note, however, that these are often the apps that will most likely be outsourced to partners in China.  "Simply creating services from scratch and then shopping them around isn't the only way to break into this area.  NewView Consulting is expanding its services business by starting with the client and working backward.  The Porter, Ind.-based security consultant takes whatever technology clients have and develops services for them based on need."   And focus on services businesses and .NET, too.  "Most application developers agree that services revenue will continue to climb for the next year or two before they plateau, resulting in a 50-50 or 60-40 services-to-software mix for the typical developer.  The reason for this is that while applications such as CRM are ideally suited to services-based delivery, there are still plenty of other applications that companies would prefer to keep in-house and that are often dependent on the whims of a particular company."  Still, such a split shows a phenomenal rise in the importance of utility computing offerings.  See http://tinyurl.com/54blv .
    Next up:  Microsoft wants you!!  (Replace the image of Uncle Sam with the image of Bill Gates!!)  Actually, the article isn't specifically about Microsoft.  "Microsoft is rounding up as many partners as it can and is bolstering them with support to increase software sales.  The attitude is: Here's our platform; go write and prosper.  IBM's strategy, meanwhile, is strikingly different.  While it, too, has created relationships with tens of thousands of ISVs over recent years,  IBM prefers to handpick a relatively select group, numbering approximately 1,000, and develop a hand-holding sales and marketing approach with them in a follow-through, go-to-market strategy."  Both are viable strategies, but NOT both at the same time!!  "To be sure, the results of VARBusiness' 2004 State of Application Development survey indicates that Microsoft's strategy makes it the No. 1 go-to platform vendor among the 472 application developers participating in the survey.  In fact, more than seven out of 10 (76 percent) said they were partnering with Microsoft to deliver custom applications for their clients.  That number is nearly three times the percentage of application developers (26 percent) who said they were working with IBM ..."  Percentages as follows:  Microsoft, 76%; IBM, 26%; Oracle, 25%; MySQL, 23%; Red Hat, 17%; Sun, 16%; Novell, 11%; BEA, 9%.  I said BOTH, NOT ALL.  Think Microsoft and IBM.  However, a Java strategy could be BOTH a Sun AND IBM strategy (and even a BEA strategy).  See http://tinyurl.com/68grf .
    There was another article I liked called, "How to Team With A Vendor," although it's not part of the app-dev special section per se.  This posting is too long, so I'll either save it for later or now note that it has been urled.  See http://www.furl.net/item.jsp?id=680282 .  Also a kind of funny article on turning an Xbox into a Linux PC.  See http://tinyurl.com/4mhn6 .  See also http://www.xbox-linux.org .
    Quick note:  I'll be in SH and HZ most of next week, so I may not publish again until the week of the 23rd.
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              [news] IT Spending Trends        
    Tuesday, July 6, 2004
    Dateline: China
    A quick recap on IT spending trends from three recently published Smith Barney surveys.  The three reports are the May and June editions of their CIO Vendor Preference Survey and the 6 June issue of softwareWEEK.  Tom Berquist, my favorite i-banking analyst, was the lead for all three reports.  I have a backlog of blogs to write, so I'll use as many quotes as possible and add context where necessary.  (I'm mostly extracting from my smartphone bookmarks for these reports.  Warning:  I may have coded the May and June issues incorrectly, but the quotes are correct.)  NOTE:  Highlighted items (e.g., items in bold, like this sentence) are MY emphasis.  Items in red are my commentary.
    Starting with the Survey editions, "(t)he strongest areas of spending appear to be software (apps, security, storage, and database) and network equipment/apps (Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN, VPNs)" and regarding software, "larger and more well known vendors continue to dominate the list in each category with vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Veritas, Symantec and Computer Associates getting significantly more mentions in each of their groups than the remaining vendors did."  However, the report admits that their sample group might be biased.  Yes, vendors matter -- and so do vendor partnering strategies.  However, I'm a bit skeptical about CA and I don't particular care very much for Veritas or Symantec.  Not my part of the universe.
    "Applications again stand out as a clear area of strength."  "Within applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) all showed extremely well ..."  Well, this is the first sign that a recovery may be in the making for SCM.  However, I'd emphasize BI and ERP, followed by CRM; don't count on a lot happening in the SCM space just yet.  Some other key surveys do NOT validate that SCM is in recovery.  "In terms of specific vendors, Microsoft, Symantec, Veritas, SAP, and Adobe were the top beneficiaries of CIOs intentions to increase spending."  The report continues that only SAP showed statistically significant results, both in ERP and SCM.  "Results were more mixed for best-of-breed vendors in this area, suggesting that horizontal applications vendors are having a tough time competing with the large ERP vendors even as vertically-focused vendors continue to have some measure of success on this front."  For the more adventurous SIs in China, SAP presents a lot of opportunities.  Tread carefully, though.  And "Adobe's enterprise strategy appears to be gaining momentum.  Adobe was a clear standout in content management ..."  "Survey results were also positive (though somewhat less so) for other leading content management players, notably Microsoft and IBM."  Another "win" for Microsoft.  Funny that none of the traditionally leading content management players were mentioned.  A take on Linux:  "Linux continues to garner mind share, but large enterprises remain the main adopter.  Interestingly, nearly 83% of our respondents stated that they were not currently moving any applications to Linux.  Of the 17% that said they were moving applications to Linux, only one company under $1.0 billion in revenue was making the transition to Linux confirming our views that Linux is primarily being used by large companies to shift Unix applications to Linux on Intel."
    "Among CIOs who indicated a higher level of consulting spend, IBM was the clear winner, followed by Accenture as a distant second.  Unisys was also mentioned as a vendor being considered, but it was a distant third.  However, we note that Unisys being mentioned ahead of a pure-play consultant like BearingPoint (a low number of mentions, which included mentions of decreased spending) or EDS is positive, given that Unisys chooses to focus in 2 specific verticals, including one-public sector-that was not in the survey."  "Over two-thirds of CIOs indicated that they do not use IT outsourcers.  Most of the rest said they were unlikely to change the level of outsourcing spend.  IBM, ACS and CSC were the only vendors explicitly mentioned as likely to get more outsourcing business."  The "two-thirds" figure will likely change in favor of outsourcing.  This trend is fairly clear.  See a BCG report at http://tinyurl.com/2muy8 , although the report takes a relatively broad perspective.
    From softwareWEEK, "(t)he CIOs were also very focused on rapid 'time to market' with purchases.  None were interested in starting projects that would take greater than 2 quarters to complete."  "This requirement was not a 'payback' requirement, but rather an implementation time frame requirement.  The CIOs did recognize that payback times could be longer, though the payback times on IT utility spending were much shorter than on applications or emerging area spending."
    "In terms of spending, the CIOs all used a similar methodology for making decisions that essentially divides their IT spending into one of three categories: 1) sustained spending on their 'IT utility' (i.e., infrastructure such as network equipment, servers, storage, databases, etc.); 2) new project spending on applications (business intelligence, portals, CRM, etc.); and 3) investment spending on select emerging areas (grid/utility computing, identity management, collaboration, etc.)  It was pretty obvious that the CIOs recognized that business unit managers were more interested in spending on new applications/emerging areas than on the IT utility ..."  "(S)ome of the CIOs were experimenting with grid/utility computing initiatives to try to increase their utilization of storage/servers and reduce the amount of new equipment to be purchased.  In one example, a CIO showed their storage/server utilization around the world and many regions were in the 50% or worse bucket for average utilization.  Their goal was to use grid computing architectures and storage area networks (along with faster communication links) to better share the pool of resources."  Yes, this is it!!  Take this to heart!!  If you think grid and utility computing are Star Trek stuff, think again.
    "In terms of new projects, the CIOs mentioned they were spending on business intelligence, portal/self-service applications, CRM, and collaboration.  Collaboration was a heated discussion, with all CIOs commenting that this was a big problem for them and there was no clear solution on the market.  While it wasn't completely clear to the audience what the CIOs were looking for in a collaboration solution, the elements that were described included: more intelligent email, corporate instant messaging, web conferencing, integrated voice over IP with instant messaging (so that a conversation could quickly shift from typing to talking), and collaborative document editing (spreadsheets, presentations, publications, etc.).  Within the business intelligence arena, business activity monitoring was discussed as was building of enterprise data warehouses/data marts.  The portal/self-service applications being built or deployed were primarily for customer and employee self-service (remote access to email, applications, and files was a big deal for all of the companies).  On the CRM front, the discussion from one CIO was around their need to increase revenues and manage channel conflict better."  [I'll be posting to this blog a bit more about collaboration opportunities over the next week.]
    "While vendors were not discussed in any detail during the panel, the CIOs did say that they remain open to working with smaller vendors (public and private) as long as they have plenty of relevant references (in their industry, particularly with close competitors) and they offer a compelling value proposition versus larger vendors.  One CIO stated that they get called by 20 startups a week to sell products to them, but most of them cannot articulate the value proposition of their product.  Nonetheless, the CIO does take 5 meetings a month from startups because some of them are working on things that are interesting to the business."
    Whew ...  Lots of good materials.  To reiterate, all highlighted items are my emphasis.  Bottom line:  The market is heating up.  Get your ISV relationships in place.  Pick your verticals (see the "Tidbit on Microsoft" which follows).  Pick your apps -- and the apps I like the best are content management and BI, although ERP is looking good, too.  Collaboration can be a major source of revenue if the SI can provide a truly effective solution.
    Tidbits on Microsoft
    A quick update on some happenings in the Redmond universe.  (See http://tinyurl.com/36xgu ; the article is titled, "Microsoft focuses on its enterprise-applications business".)  First, app areas that are of particular interest to MS include those for manufacturing and life sciences.  So, how about a MS build-to-their-stack strategy focused on either of these two verticals?  Second, MS is moving beyond purely horizontal offerings to very specific functionality.  Their Encore acquisition is an example of MS moving in this direction.  Finally, new releases of all four of Microsoft's ERP product lines are due for this year.  Not surprisingly, MBS marketing is up 20% from FY04.  Hmmm ... ERP spending intentions are strong and MS is a key player in this space -- with several updated offerings scheduled for release this year.  Another opportunity?
    Tidbits on Infosys
    Infosys formally enters the IT strategy consulting biz.  (See http://tinyurl.com/2xxlo .)  Yes, it was inevitable.  In April Infosys Consulting, Inc. was formed and, "(i)t's no secret that the winning model will be high-end business consulting combined with high-quality, low-cost technology delivery done offshore," according to Stephen Pratt, the head of Infosys' consulting unit.  The Infosys Consulting unit now has 150 employees in the States and plans to expand to 500 within three years.  Note to SIs in China:  You need more -- a lot more -- IT strategy types  And you need people in the States (at least on an "as needed" basis) in order to capture -- and serve -- new accounts.
    David Scott Lewis
    President & Principal Analyst
    IT E-Strategies, Inc.
    Menlo Park, CA & Qingdao, China
    http://www.itestrategies.com (current blog postings optimized for MSIE6.x)
    http://tinyurl.com/2r3pa (access to blog content archives in China)
    http://tinyurl.com/2azkh (current blog postings for viewing in other browsers and for access to blog content archives in the US & ROW)
    http://tinyurl.com/2hg2e (AvantGo channel)
    To automatically subscribe click on http://tinyurl.com/388yf .

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    Węgier Adam Lendvai, jeden z głównych menadżerów Europejskiego Centrum Innowacji sieci Tesco w Krakowie, rozpocznie pracę w polskim oddziale sieci dyskontowej Netto – dowiedział się serwis portalspozywczy.pl.
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    Kryzys w mniejszy lub większy sposób dotknął całą naszą gospodarkę, ale obecnie sytuacja się poprawia. Widać to m.in. w wynikach sprzedaży naszej sieci - mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Dariusz Nowaczyk, dyrektor działu rozwoju nowych inwestycji Tesco Polska.
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    - Niewiele po roku od startu, z zakupów z wykorzystaniem internetu w Tesco może korzystać już niemal co czwarty Polak. Udało nam się bardzo szybko rozwinąć zasięg usługi, która będzie mocno rozwijana w kolejnych latach - mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Czesław Grzesiak wiceprezes zarządu Tesco Polska.
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    Como hoy es sábado y estaréis pensando qué hacer con vuestros peques voy a hablaros de salirenfamilia.com. Hace ya un año que conocí a Laura Quiroga, la emprendedora, madre de dos hijos y fundadora de este portal especializado en actividades de ocio dirigidas única y exclusivamente a familias. Laura es elegante, educada y amable, un placer encontrarla siempre en ferias y eventos de padres y madres. Además ahora está de celebración, ya que salirenfamilia.com cumple su primer año de vida e inicia una nueva fase de expansión. Pero la mejor manera de hablaros de qué es este portal es en base a mi propia experiencia. Así que seguid leyendo y os cuento mi historia. Cada vez más nos apetece salir con nuestros hijos y disfrutar juntos de la naturaleza, de actividades en familia, de experiencias que luego podamos recordar y almacenar en nuestros álbumes de fotos digitales. Sin embargo, ir al cine todos, al teatro, a un parque de atracciones, a esquiar, etc. resulta muy caro en los tiempos que corren. La primera vez que contraté una excursión en salirenfamilia.com fue el verano pasado. Jorge tenía 3 años y medio. Nos hacía mucha ilusión ir a una hípica con él. Y ahí lo veis […]
              Thing #20: YouTube, TeacherTube and Zamzar        
    You have viewed several YouTube videos and other online videos throughout the earlier activities of this project. Streaming videos, especially through video hosting websites such as YouTube have proven to be very useful web 2.0 resources because they can be created for personal learning/teaching needs and uploaded at point of need. Both Yahoo and Google also include video hosting components.

    Another important video hosting source for educationally-based videos is TeacherTube. All of the videos included there are resources for classroom settings or educator-based training. (this site is NOT blocked in SBISD.)

    Sample videos to view:
    1. Evaluating Websites Tutorial ...an idea for something you could tailor to meet your situation.
    2. Three Steps ...food for thought? how many of the tools do you now recognize?
    3. Portal to Texas History...Tease (advertisement) for a useful website?

    You have been provided with the URLs to these sample videos. Several embedded videos can be found in other "Things"...you can tell an embedded video because you see a small screen in the blog.

    To embed, follow the directions given at the particular site.
    It usually consists of copying some code for the particular site you are taking the video TO.

    Then you paste it into your blog post on the code or HTML tab, not the usual Compose tab. It's easy to switch back and forth. You will want to position the cursor where you want the video to embed.

    It is hoped that your institution has allowed these video resources to be open and available to use with students. However, in the event that sites like YouTube are blocked by the firewall, you may have to download the video at another location and use a .flv player to be able to view the video. This PowerPoint slide show gives you some directions in doing that. [UPDATE: this is a more involved cumbersome way to bring in youTube videos because it requires you add a player.]

    Another way of getting videos that may be "blocked" is to use a file conversion program such as Zamzar which takes the URL of the wanted video and converts it to a format that available. This blog posting will explain the process of URL conversion. You choose to the file as a .avi or other formats that will play on your computer without adding a player. Zamzar will also convert text, music, or graphic files. [UPDATE: this is the conversion method of choice! simple! quick!]

    If you would like to search the web in general for useful videos, current events or news stories, or even historical items, you can use the search engine Blinkx to search for sources of videos. Whether the video will be available, downloadable, or able to be embedded will depend on the actual source of the material. Blinx acts like a one stop shop for locating video streaming!

    Another overview of these resources

    Discovery activities:
    1. Go to YouTube and find a video using the search box. Search for something such as libraries, librarians, learning and teaching, Web 2.0, Library 2.0, educational technology.

    2. Go to TeacherTube and locate a video for a subject of your choice...math, science, social studies that might be useful for students or teachers in your sphere of influence.

    3. Write a post for Thing #20 about your video finds and the value of having access to so many video resources. Embed at least one of the videos you selected into your post.

    Have fun learning from the "movies"...anyone got popcorn?

              "The Golden Virgin" of Amiens Cathedral        
    I'm not quite sure how, but I survived my first semester of teaching two literature classes and two humanities classes. I finished up this week, submitting final grades on Monday. Since then, I've been fine-tuning my syllabi for next semester. I'll be teaching two sections of the literature course that I've been teaching for a year now and two sections of HONRS 202, the second course in the humanities sequence. This course will cover The Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Enlightenment. In preparation for the HONRS 202, I've also designed a sample "Art Presentation." For this assignment, I'm going to ask student groups to design a presentation that analyzes a work of art from the period. The assignment is detailed; if you're interested, let me know, and I'll send you a copy.

    So, here is the rough script for my sample presentation entitled, "The Golden Virgin: A Tale of Lost Luster." Actually, it's a lot more like an essay at this point. I'll more it into a speech format at some point before I present it in January. The link to the slide show (which I made in Mixbook, so is more like a scrapbook than a slide show, really) is listed at the top. Enjoy, and give feedback!

    The Golden Virgin: A Tale of Lost Luster

    1. Today I’ll be talking to you about a sculptural piece built into the Amiens Cathedral in France known as “The Golden Virgin.” “The Golden Virgin” is a full-length depiction of Mary, who, in the Christian tradition, conceived a child through an act of God and ultimately bore Jesus Christ the Savior. In this piece, a crowned Virgin is holding the baby Jesus with one arm against her hip and pointing toward him with the other hand. Surrounded by angelic figures, Mary is smiling down at her child. In its typical Gothic portrayal of the Virgin Mary as both a sort of divine queen and a very earthly mother, this piece resonates with the larger tension of our Middle Ages unit between the spiritual and the secular. Because of this conflicted depiction of such an iconic female figure, “The Golden Virgin” also raises questions about the roles and treatment of women—and especially mothers—during this historical period. This presentation will show that the changing representations of the Virgin during the Middle Ages empowered women in some ways but mostly worked to contain them within the oppressive rhetoric of a male-centered church and culture in general. My subtitle, therefore, is meant to connote a double meaning; just as the Virgin’s original gold paint finally faded away, so, too, did the initial appeal of the “Cult of the Virgin” ultimately lose its luster for the women of the Western world.

    2. In fact, I would argue that the rhetoric of the “Cult of the Virgin,” which we will examine in this presentation, has left us with a legacy that continues to work to oppress women. In order to move toward this point, I would like to start with a look at a couple of relatively contemporary depictions of mothers. As we are watching these clips, in fact, I’d like for you to watch for the tension between a spiritual form of mothering and a worldly form of mothering, the sort of tension that is depicted in “The Golden Virgin” of the early 13th century. So, now I present you with June Cleaver vs. Claire Dunphy. The first clip that I’d like to show you is from an episode of Leave It to Beaver, a popular sitcom that ran from 1957-1963. In this clip, the stereotypical 1950s suburban housewife June Cleaver is talking to her son about God. (Play June Cleaver clip.) Let’s take a look at a mother who plays her more earthly counterpart, Claire Dunphy of the currently popular Modern Family. (Play Claire Dunphy clip.) We will return to these two clips at the end of the presentation, but just keep these in the back of your mind as contemporary representations of the two sides of the tension between divine and earthly motherhood depicted in “The Golden Virgin.”

    3. To return to Amiens Cathedral, let’s begin with some history suited to the Gothic style of the church. A cathedral at Amiens was originally built in 1137, and it always attracted its fair share of pilgrims because of its reputation for housing relics of local saints. But, when the head of St. John of Baptist was purportedly brought back from Constantinople by Crusaders in 1206, the cathedral became one of the most important pilgrimage destinations of Europe. So, when a fire destroyed the original Romanesque structure in 1218, church leaders used the money collected from pilgrims to fund a new Gothic construction. According to A Dictionary of Architecture of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, the current Amiens Cathedral was planned and begun under the leadership of Robert de Luzarches in 1220. Thomas de Cormont and then his son, Regnault de Cormont, later took over the project, finishing around 1288.

    4. Amiens Cathedral is a typical Gothic cathedral. The term “Gothic,” according an entry in Grove Art Online, refers to the architecture and visual arts of Europe during a period from about 1120 to as late as the 16th century. This style “overlapped chronologically with Romanesque and flourished after the onset of Renaissance art in Italy and elsewhere.” Gothic Cathedrals tended to use a “Latin Cross” or Cruciform floor plan, as is shown here to ideologically resemble a Christian cross. They are characterized by pointed arches. They give the impression of great height, and they emphasize light through expansive windows and less weighty walls than those used in the Romanesque style. They often contain multiple and richly decorated portals. They include stone sculpture depicting biblical figures. The Virgin Mary was a common choice for representation in this type of sculpture. To move on to talk a little bit about Gothic sculpture in particular, the characteristics of this art form include ornamentation with jewels and gold, attachments such as crowns, swords, etc., rounded features and draped clothing, and realistic stance and expression.

    5. As we can see in these close-ups, “The Golden Virgin” fits many of these criteria. She clearly has a rounded nose and mouth and chin. Anyone who has ever held a baby would recognize her stance of propping the baby on one hip as highly realistic. She is also wearing draped clothing and, overall, her realistic posture is of that which art experts have labeled “Gothic sway.” And yet, to point to something that is less realistic and more heavenly, she is wearing an ornate crown. In this way, of course, “The Golden Virgin” represents a joining of the earthly and the divine.

    6. The Virgin Mary was not always portrayed in sacred art as both queenly and tender, as she is in “The Golden Virgin.” Indeed, numerous scholars have shown that “the cult of the Virgin”—which is, according to the New Catholic Encyclopedia, “the external recognition of [the Virgin Mary’s] excellence and of the superior way that she is joined to God”—was manipulated throughout the ages by church officials in order to meet the various needs of the developing church; her portrayal in art, therefore, changed significantly over time. Mary Thurlkill points out, for instance, that Mary was confirmed as the mother of Christ in 431 BCE in the first place only in order to settle a dispute between “two important church leaders” and to “prove,” for once and for all, “that Christ was God and man simultaneously” (13). In this way, stories about the Virgin Mary—who in this 5th century fresco proves that Christ is human by breastfeeding him—served to justify the ideological basis of Catholicism. During the Romanesque period, an expressionless Mary, like this second one, was often pictured as holding the Christ child in her lap and therefore served as a sort of throne for him herself. In this way, as Penny Schine Gold points out, Mary was literally used to “[present] her son to the world” (10). Through the end of this period, she was not necessarily a figure that women perceived as a model for their personal lives but instead as divine queen, an impersonal figure who served as a backdrop for Christ’s power and grace. And, finally, as in this final depiction, Gothicism was the first movement to present the Virgin as an earthly mother with feelings in her own right. For the first time, then, with the emergence of Gothicism, Mary became at least somewhat relatable, a model for real life women to emulate.

    7. The new, more earthly representations of Mary affected women in both positive and negative ways. As Georges Duby explains, the most widely available model of womanhood during this time was of the type attributed to Eve: the treacherous sinner who just could not control “the raging sensuality that [people of the Middle Ages] believed naturally consumed [women]” (7). The Gothic Mary offered women a new ideal. Instead of sinful, women could reinvent themselves as the moral leaders of their homes. Instead of always suspect, they could imagine and portray themselves as valuable and sacred to the community. On the flipside, though, women were limited in some significant ways by the iconography surrounding this new Gothic Virgin. First and foremost, the Virgin is . . . well, a virgin. This required women who wanted to fit this model to reign in expression of their sexuality, to, in a word, turn ownership of their own bodies over to their husbands and the patriarchs of the community and the church. Also, the Virgin is a largely silent and sacrificial figure. In this way, of course, women who wanted to live up to this standard learned to care for their children and husbands and churches and not for themselves. With tongue-in-cheek, Thurlkill says that Mary provided “the right gender model for women to emulate: active within the domestic sphere as virgin, mother, and bride, yet yielding to masculine, public authority as holy [handmaid]” (98). In other words, because the Virgin is always portrayed in the rhetoric of the Church as submitting to and serving men, she is a problematic model for women in the real world to emulate.

    8. At this point, I’d like to return to the two clips that we viewed at the opening of my presentation—of June Cleaver and Claire Dunphy. Even though we might now consider June’s model of motherhood outdated and Claire’s model of motherhood perhaps more realistic, I’d be willing to bet that many of us would still use words like “perfect” and “imperfect” or “moral” and “amoral” to discuss the differences between these two women. In this way, of course, I’d suggest that we still consider June Cleaver the ideal mother and Claire the “fallen” version of motherhood. And what is interesting to me about our continued respect for June Cleaver over women like Claire Dunphy is how it resonates with the rhetoric surrounding “the cult of the Virgin.” June Cleaver is more like a Mary figure than Claire Dunphy will ever be. If you recall, in the first clip, June is talking to her son about God’s ability to see all of his actions; in this way, she certainly acts as a conduit to God, a “holy handmaid,” happily going about the task of teaching God’s children to submit to his ultimate authority and discipline. When her son goes on to ask about his father’s morally questionable behavior, June is careful to maintain an attitude of the utmost of respect for her husband at the same time that she continues in her role as ethical guide to her son. In all ways, June takes on the posture of self-sacrifice and submission to the needs of her male relatives and God. In return, she is clearly venerated in this clip as the perfect spiritual mother, much like Mary herself. In the second clip, Claire Dunphy contrasts sharply with this image of June as a Mary figure. Instead of acting as a spiritual or moral guide for her children, Claire gives in to temptation and joins her daughter’s in talking negatively about the members of another family. Instead of bringing glory to a male God or patriarchal figure, Claire literally assaults a man because she is so wrapped up in her “sin” of gossip. While the Beaver perhaps ends up closer to God after his mother’s intervention, Claire’s daughters end up cracking jokes about being “felt up” by their mom and with lipstick all over their faces. Claire’s behavior—while perhaps more realistic than June’s—is not presented as suitable for emulation but instead laughable. So, although we perhaps acknowledge our imperfections as mothers and women more freely than 60 years ago, we still look to Mary-types as ideal mothers in many ways. This is one result of the introduction of the more realistic, relatable Virgin in the Gothic period. “The Golden Virgin” typifies the tension of the “cult of the Virgin” at this point in history between a queenly divinity and an earthly tenderness, a tension that ultimately led to less than lustrous results for the women of the Western world.

    9. And here is my Works Cited page. Thank you.
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    English Class:
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              Rafael Martínez: “Si se representa a la empresa a título corporativo, hay que "personificar" la marca todo lo que se pueda”        

    Entrevista a Rafael Martínez, Director de Marketing on line del Hotel Auditorium de Madrid, que acaba de lanzar blog:

    “Si se representa a la empresa a título corporativo, hay que "personificar" la marca todo lo que se pueda”

    ¿Cuál es tu cargo exacto?
    Mi cargo, exactamente, es el de Director de Marketing on line. Como puedes imaginar, esta denominación implica muchas acciones, incluso varias especializaciones en:
    - Acciones de Social Media - Vigilancia de la presencia y de la imagen del hotel en los diferentes medios sociales de la Web 2.0, acciones de e-mail marketing y gestión de newsletters.
    - Gestión de la reputación on line - Vigilancia e interactividad en cuanto a lo que se dice de nosotros en la Red
    - SEO - Optimización en buscadores, tanto a nivel técnico como humano, es decir, utilizar todos los medios a nuestro alcance para posicionar nuestra página Web lo más cerca posible de la primera posición en base a unas palabras clave.
    - Gestor de Campañas de Marketing on line - Utilizando los medios sociales, por un lado y "Ad words" por otro.

    ¿En qué consiste? ¿Cuáles son tus funciones?
    Mi trabajo consiste en coordinar todas las acciones que he resumido en la cuestión anterior organizando los recursos técnicos y humanos de que disponga el hotel para ello.

    Atendiendo a estas funciones, ¿crees que la denominación del cargo es la adecuada? Si tuvieras que ponerle nombre, ¿lo llamarías así o de alguna otra forma?

    En mi caso sí es adecuada, ya que es un cargo que - como he comentado - abarca todas las acciones relacionadas con el marketing on line. Si nos vamos al detalle, es decir, a la denominación de responsables para cada una de las acciones, creo que los términos no están muy claros, sobre todo los de Social Media Manager y Community Manager. En mi opinión, Community Manager debería referirse a la persona que gestiona una Comunidad Social propia (caso de Magic Costablanca, RTM Hotels, Hosteltur,...). Por otro lado, Social Media Manager es el que gestiona la presencia y la reputación de la marca en todas las comunidades, blogs, foros, portales de opinión en los que sea susceptible de aparecer.

    "En el sector hotelero ya se ha oído alguna vez la figura del Social Revenue Manager, es decir, alguien que sea capaz de gestionar los precios en base a los medios sociales en general, y no sólo a tendencias del mercado."

    ¿Crees que este tipo de trabajo debería realizarse a título personal (una persona con nombres y apellidos) o a título corporativo (de forma anónima, en nombre de la empresa)?
    La clave es lograr el mayor nivel de personificación posible. Si el representante es una persona con nombres y apellidos, la personificación ya está ahí por definición. Si se representa a la empresa a título corporativo, hay que "personificar" la marca todo lo que se pueda. Las personas (los clientes), hablan con personas, no con marcas.
    Para mí, la mejor opción sería conseguir entrar utilizando como usuario a la propia marca y que la imagen estuviera personificada, es decir, que cuando interactúen contigo, lo hagan convencidos de que eres una persona, aunque en el nombre aparezca la marca. Si esto no se consigue, es mejor realizar el trabajo con nombre y apellido de la persona que lo hace
    Los usuarios de la Web identifican las marcas con publicidad, y la situación ideal es darle la vuelta a esa "imagen".

    ¿Qué otros nuevos perfiles profesionales crees que demanda la Sociedad de la Información, relacionados con la comunicación y las nuevas tecnologías?
    De momento, y hasta lo que conozco, los perfiles fundamentales son los cuatro que te indico en la primera pregunta, ya que engloban todas las acciones necesarias para abordar este nuevo entorno. No obstante, estoy seguro de que aparecerán nuevos perfiles profesionales. En el sector hotelero ya se ha oído alguna vez la figura del Social Revenue Manager, es decir, alguien que sea capaz de gestionar los precios en base a los medios sociales en general, y no sólo a tendencias del mercado. También se usan ya conceptos como "Unidad de innovación" o "Gestión de Business Intelligence". No sé lo que irá apareciendo con el paso del tiempo, pero estoy seguro de que saldrán nuevas figuras que, hoy en día, aún ni sospechamos.

              LD Holding z aplikacją wspierającą sprzedaż        
    Firma LD Holding, właściciel sklepów Livio, w pierwszym półroczu 2017 roku wdrażała aplikacje mobilne dla koordynatorów, rozwijała platformę szkoleniową dla franczyzobiorców i pracowników sieci oraz wprowadzała planogramy w wybranych sklepach. Prace nad tymi projektami są obecnie kontynuowane – mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Marian Zych, dyrektor generalny spółki LD Holding.
              El tráfico y el tiempo para tus vacaciones        
    Cuando salimos de viaje o nos vamos de vacaciones hay dos informaciones imprescindibles para el viajero: el tráfico y el tiempo. Con la llegada de internet a nuestras vidas estas dos cosas no van a amargar nuestras vacaciones, o puede que lo hagan en menor medida. Te vamos a enseñar sitios de utilidad donde poder conocer estos datos, para una mejor planificación de tus viajes, salir en las horas más adecuadas y meter en la maleta la ropa adecuada al tiempo.

    Para saber el estado de las carreteras, puedes entrar en la DGT y saber las incidencias. Si normalmente haces las mismas consultas, registrate y podrás consultarlo de manera rápida y fácil, por ejemplo si los fines de semana te diriges siempre al mismo sitio esta función te vendrá muy bien.

    Con motivo de los dispositivos especiales de operación salida y regreso de vacaciones, webs como la de El País también habilitan espacios dedicados al tráfico con la información proveniente de la DGT y además puedes encontrar todas las noticias relacionadas con el tráfico.

    El tiempo es otro de los factores que mas rondan nuestras cabeza en vacaciones. Estamos en verano y se supone que tiene que hacer buen tiempo, pero no siempre es así, por ello mejor estar informados. Desde la web de la Agencia Estatal de Meteorología, con la información del Instituto Nacional de Meteorología puedes conocer el tiempo y una predicción de siete días para municipios y ciudades del mundo.El estado del cielo, temperaturas mínimas y máximas, viento y probabilidad de precipitaciones, toda esta información sobre tu destino. Además si vas a viajar a la costa puedes saber el tiempo en la playa, asi como la sensación térmica y el oleaje.

    En la web de El País también han estrenado un portal para informar a los lectores sobre el tiempo, con todas las temperaturas de todas las ciudades del mundo, la posibilidad de comparar el tiempo de dos o tres localidades y por supuesto la información acerca de las playas y costas. Otra manera de conocer el tiempo es con las imágenes del Meteosat.

    Disfrutad de vuestras vacaciones y esperemos que ni el tráfico ni el tiempo amarguen los días de descanso. ¡Felices vacaciones!
              Consejos para viajar en Interrail        
    Como ya prometimos aquí teneís una guía para todos aquellos que se vayan a embarcar en un viaje a Europa en tren.

    Interrail es un billete con el que recorrer Europa en tren. Existen distintas modalidades, ya no se distribuyen por zonas, han sido sustituidas por pases locales,para moverse dentro de un mismo país. Ha aparecido el pase flexible con dos modalidades, viajar 5 días en 10 totales o 10 días en 22 totales. Es decir en tu viaje de 10 días, viajas 5 veces. También existe el pase global el más parecido al antiguo interrail, con él puedes disfrutar de todos los países que conforman la oferta, puedes coger el de 22 días o 1 mes.

    Dependiendo de la edad los precios son diferentes, hasta los 25 años viajas con pase joven, y a partir de los 26 con pase adulto. Asi que si puedes aprovechar para hacer tu viaje de interrail con menos de 26 años tu bolsillo lo va a notar considerablemente.

    Lo más importante en interrail es hacer el viaje a tu gusto. Antes de salir planifícate, piensa los países que quieres visitar y hazte con horarios de los trenes, no hace falta que saques los billetes desde casa, sólo el primero que te lleve a la frontera. A la hora de coger los trenes debes tener en cuenta que quizá tengas que pagar suplemento por alta velocidad, cama…

    Imprescindible mochila cómoda y que no exceda el equipaje el 10% de tu peso. Es difícil pero trata de llevar sólo lo necesario. No olvideís llevar candados.

    Llevar ropa cómoda. Zapatillas ya usadas, nunca estrenéis calzado. La ropa mejor clara para que no os de demasiado calor. Sobre todo llevar pantalones cortos y piratas, aunque no olvidéis un pantalón largo y una sudadera por si refresca.

    Si acaso necesitas recibir asistencia sanitaria en el extranjero, haceros la Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea. En la página de la Seguridad Social tenéis toda la información. El carnet de estudiante internacional también es bueno llevarlo. Para hacertelo tienes las información en el Instituto de la Juventud. Es recomendable sacarse el carnet de alberguista que os servirá para tener descuentos. Puedes obtenerlo en la concejalía de juventud de tu ciudad.

    Llevad tarjeta de crédito. No os llevéis demasiado dinero en efectivo, si necesitais podéis sacarlo y también podéis pagar con la tarjeta

    Cuando llegueis a una ciudad visitad la oficina de información turística para obtener planos y recibir indicaciones sobre alojamiento. Por si acaso os pilla lejos la oficina echar a la mochila algún plano.

    Es importante llevar un pequeño botiquín con tirítitas, gasas, esparadrapo, paracetamol, pastillas para la diarrea y el estreñimiento. También algo para las picaduras y es recomendable llevar toallitas húmedas que pueden servir para un rápido aseo. No olvides un botecito pequeño de jabón para lavar la ropa.

    Sigue estos consejos y a disfrutar de tu viaje, es la oportunidad perfecta para conocer Europa. Toda la información de Interrail en la web.

    Final exams start on Monday, May 7th and finish on Friday, May 18th.

    The Law Library will have extended hours during the exam period. Here is the schedule:

    Sunday May 6: 9:00AM to 2AM
    Monday May 7 through Friday May 11: 7:30AM to 2AM
    Saturday May 12: 7:30AM to midnight
    Sunday May 13: 9:00AM to 2AM
    Monday May 14 through Thursday May 17: 7:30AM to 2AM
    Friday May 18: 7:30AM to midnight

    For those using the exam software on their laptops, an FAQ page has been posted on the library’s website:


    We expect the usage of the library’s conference rooms to increase during the study and exam periods, and would like to reiterate the policy governing those rooms: They are for groups of law students, and cannot be reserved or held for a study group that is not currently using the room. The library does not have individual study rooms. Anyone using a conference room as an individual study room can be asked by a group to vacate the room. If the request is refused, library staff may be asked to enforce the rule, but the policy is enforced in the first instance by the group seeking to use the room.

    Electronic copies of old exams are on the network S drive, which can be accessed via the MyUB Portal (sign on at http://myub.ubalt.edu). Look for the Law Library folder, then the Exams subfolder.

    Good luck!
              Email Template code        

    Can you please attach a screen shot of your admin portal with the comment and a screen shot of the email with the missing info?

              Another Coup for the Outgoing Emir of Qatar        
    In July 2010, the (now outgoing) Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, traveled to South Lebanon to bask in the gratitude for his country's largesse in supporting reconstruction following the Israeli bombardment just four years earlier. The $300 million (and beyond) committed by the Gulf state was very much appreciated by the Shiite armed movement Hezbollah, who ensured billboards in the South and on Airport Road in Beirut were decorated with notes of thanks to the Emir. It was a conspicuous visit because Qatar had stood out amongst the GCC in taking a strong if not controversial stand. Hand-in-hand with Hezbollah, the Emir, was not apparently one of the "half-men" that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad pointed to in the Gulf during the 2006 Hezbollah-Israel war. In fact, the Emir and Assad were quite close, if not close friends, and were frequently in touch.

    In 2013, Qatar finds itself at the forefront on a number of regional issues, most notably the conflict in Syria, which had pitted the Emir in direct opposition to his old friend Bashar Al Assad. In fact, on the sectarian front, hosting firebrand spiritual figure, Yusuf al-Qaradawi who recently called for a Sunni-led jihad, and allying almost openly with Muslim Brotherhood movements in the region (which brought criticism from people as far afield as Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef), has increasingly prompted the question: Has the politically adept Qatar lost its touch?

    Once again, however, the Emir of Qatar (who I'll refer to by his initials HBK) shocked the region with another unprecedented move - this time the transfer of power to his 33-year old son Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani (the 'new Emir'). In doing so, HBK put Qatar back on the political front-foot and raised the pressure on regional allies. And in typical style, he added another deft touch in his address to the nation with a quote (and the only quote outside from scripture) from Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the fourth Caliph in Islam and the first Imam of the Shi'a Muslims: 'Teach your children other than that what you were taught; as they are created for a time other than yours."

    It was nearly 18 years to the day, on June 27, 1995 [although official Qatari sites list his 'start-date' as June 26] that the outgoing Emir, HBK, came to power in a bloodless coup with the aid of his current outgoing Prime Minister, Sheikh Hamid bin Jassim al-Thani (HBJ) and other figures. He dislodged his father, Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad, at the time, under largely benign circumstances but also as Qatar was starting to truly increase its economic base. When HBK took the reigns, the country was bit-player on the regional scene, with a GDP of $8bn. Today, the country is a regional powerhouse, punching far above its weight with a GDP in upwards of $170bn. The transformation, after HBK's rise, began in a number of areas:
    • In 1995 (August), the Emir alongside his wife, Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, launched what has become one of the largest foundations, Qatar Foundation, dedicated to 'knowledge' and social development in the country and wider region;
    • In 1996, the State of Qatar launched Al Jazeera, initially only in Arabic, which shocked the region by becoming literally the only widespread outlet of independent voices (from the 'regimes') in the region; 
    • And in 1997, Qatar Airways was relaunched and became a symbolic flagship for the country, although it is not clear whether the carrier will ever truly be profitable.
    Economically, with growing revenues from natural gas over the last decade and a half, the departing Prime Minister, HBJ, effectively became the CEO of the country. In addition, to governing national investments through the Qatar Investment Authority, the sovereign wealth fund, HBJ also built up constituent vehicles like Qatari Diar, which looked to deploy billions of dollars in capital throughout the region, including in places that would traditionally be 'off-the-grid' like Libya, Syria and the Palestinian Territories.

    Yet, while the transformation of Qatar happened on several levels - and Sheikha Moza led a number of key initiatives that have separately built up the profile of the country - the Prime Minister & Emir particularly forged a formidable political duo, implementing a plan for political leadership which led to alternating reactions of admiration and consternation in the region. HBK & HBJ became in recent years, the guiding and influencing force on a number of key regional files. It was a strategy of multi-faceted engagement and relevance, often replete with paradoxes, that even until now has confounded observers and analysts, who were always late to the party in understanding and engaging with Qatar.

    For example, while condemning Al Jazeera Arabic for links to Al Qaeda, the U.S. government in September 2002 began moving its Central Command (CENTCOM) Headquarters in part to Doha. Qatar maintained an Israeli trade office since the late 1990s (closing intermittently during the Intifada and in 2009 during the Gaza War), while also building up relations with Hamas throughout the 2000s. The country maintained strong links within the GCC, and also with Sunni allies such as leader of the Future Party Saad Hariri, but in 2008 it was their ties with Hezbollah that allowed them to forge the Doha Agreement, averting what could have been a dark period of civil strife in Lebanon. There was no end to the political engagement: peace talks on Darfur, engagement with the Taliban, mediation between Chad and Sudan, and the list goes on.

    On the political level, while the period prior to the Arab awakening was characterized by engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders, in early 2011, it seemed that Qatar was starting to play a much more partisan role. Previous allies such as Syria's Assad, and Libya's Gaddhafi fell by the wayside very quickly, with Qatar in fact leading efforts in the fight to topple both dictators. And in other 'revolutionary' environments such as Egypt and Tunisia, where the ruling parties are Islamist, Qatar has become the political football for its perceived support for Islamist movements. Critics ask why figures like Qaradawi (mentioned above) are based in Qatar? Why was the state mosque in Doha named after the founder of Wahhabism, the particularly conservative brand of Islam, in 2011? And why has a station like Al Jazeera portrayed only one side of the story, often with an 'Islamic' bent, the last two years especially?

    Yet, the criticism has only grown commensurate with the prominence of Qatar in the region. On one hand, the policies of Qatar were simply part of its strategy of engagement in the region, to demonstrate leadership but also fundamentally relevance - important for a small country that previously lived in the shadow of Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Arab uprisings and subsequent rise of Islamist movements in the region was a tremendous opportunity for Qatar to provide indispensable leadership. Yet, leadership and unique prominence, has consequences, and it is likely that the inflection point of a transfer of power, provides a moment for reflection, especially as the region comes to terms with its new (and oft-changing) dynamics. What was immensely popular in late 2011 no longer is definitively so. For example, in Egypt, President Morsi's approval rating has notably dropped from 70% to 40%.

    Thus, the transfer of power to a new ruler, in Sheikh Tamim, means that Qatar can assess its strategic position and alignment. Perhaps, the country could benefit from a broader engagement given rising divisions in the region, and once again capture the role of lead mediator? Domestically, Sheikh Tamim will play close attention to catalyzing the role of his generation in the country's leadership. After all, Qatar had yet to enact the legislative or Shura Council that HBK promised when he rose to power, and enshrined in the Constitution ratified 9 years ago. The first step will be the announcement of a new cabinet that will replace what is increasingly seen as a gentrified political elite with new or younger faces. It is also expected that there may be a rise in salaries of Qataris employed in the public sector, at a smaller scale, however, to a similar announcement in 2011. Most important, however, will be a new dialogue and series of consultations that the new Emir will have with Qatari citizens, whose expectations have risen with new-found wealth and prosperity. In particular, with 70% of Qataris under the age of 30, engaging youth will be a priority. Do they feel included in the governance of the country and its institutions? Are there sufficient opportunities for employment and growth? And do public services meet their expectations?

    As Sheikh Tamim assesses the domestic situation, he does have a strong ally in his mother, Sheikha Moza, and the institutions she leads that address youth, health and education. And he will rely on  experienced hands like Sheikh Abdullah al-Thani to evaluate macro-projects like the Qatar World Cup preparations and the development of the national railways. Yet, both on the national and international fronts, the new Emir is not without experience or preparation. While observers were caught off-guard, it is thought HBK had planned for this day far ahead of time. The ascension of the Crown Prince to the leadership, began in earnest over the past two years. In fact, when significant announcements like the salary increase from 2011 were made, it was from Sheikh Tamim's office. He was also front and center, for example, when the move was made to shift Hamas headquarters out of Syria. And the then Crown Prince had been taking an increasing "foreign affairs role" amidst the Arab uprisings.

    While the policies that Qatar will follow will likely be unchanged in the short-term, we will have to wait and see what path the new Emir forges in the long-term. Yet, his father has assured that he enters on the political front-foot. Even in his departure, the outgoing Emir left as he came in - with a coup. Upending traditions in the region, he ensured that he would leave the scene at the ripe (for the GCC) age of 61, leaving power to his son who is only 33. This is next to countries such as Saudi Arabia, where the King is 91 (if not older) and where power has never been transferred to the 'next generation', passed instead from brother-to-brother among the descendents of King Abdelaziz (since his death in 1953). Or take Bahrain, where the Prime Minister, Khalifa bin Salman, has helmed the government for over four decades without interruption.

    Certainly, the move by HBK has not ushered in a democracy in Qatar; it is still an authoritarian state. And the ascension of Sheikh Tamim does not automatically assuage any of the concerns (real or perceived) ranging from migrant rights to nepotism to regional interference. Nevertheless, in its own way, Qatar has provided the region with a new revolutionary moment. Now we wait to see how the day-after, always the hard part, plays out.

              Improvements to the Windows Phone 8.1 Enrollment Process for Intune        
    Microsoft is updating the Intune Company Portal as part of the Microsoft Intune service upgrade. A big improvement in the new release is the fact that you don’t need a Symantec certificate to enable the Enrollment of Windows Phone 8.1 devices in the Intune standalone version anymore. Please check the TechNet blog mentiond below to [...]
              La muerte de Paloma Gómez Borrero no tiene ningún sentido        

    Imborrable Borrero

    Currante, curiosa, carismática, Paloma Gómez Borrero fue para los periodistas las fuentes del Vaticano y el modelo de la modestia

    La muerte de Paloma Gómez Borrero no tiene ningún sentido. Le habíamos atribuido una dimensión intemporal. O se lo había ganado ella misma, de tantas relaciones como granjeó en el ámbito metafísico. Y de la vitalidad que rebasaba el prosaísmo de los cumpleaños. O de la curiosidad que estimulaba el brillo de sus ojos. Paloma fue bastante mayor de joven y bastante joven de mayor, aunque su dependencia de la Olivetti precipitara malentendidos tan aparatosos como el que vivimos en el aeropuerto de Ereván. Cerca estuvieron las autoridades armenias de arrestarla porque pensaban que su máquina de escribir era un tesoro clandestino de anticuario. Y creo que la obligaron a desenfundarla. Y a tocarla, como si fuera la Olivetti un clavecín. Y un clavecín no era, pero Paloma conseguía parecer una intérprete renacentista delante del teclado, tan ensimismada como acostumbraba a quedarse, sin otra partitura que el diccionario de sinónimos. Era su equipaje de reportera y de vaticanista. Y su idiosincrasia de periodista preconciliar en los años en que empezaban a abrumarla los neologismos tecnológicos. Ni Twitter, ni Instagram, ni Facebook. Paloma tenía su Olivetti y no le preocupaba que sus colegas la observaran como una secretaria de Juan XXIII. Que se conocieron, la una y el otro, como también conoció la maestra Borrero a Pablo VI.Y a Juan Pablo I. Y a Juan Pablo II, un pontífice inaccesible e inescrutable menos para Paloma. Y digo Paloma porque así la llamaban Wojtyla y el rey Juan Carlos en la visita a España de 2003. Tan popular era la Borrero que la feligresía la aclamaba en el aeropuerto de Barajas como si estuviera ella de visita oficial. Firmaba autógrafos. Y puede, puede, que le pidieran la bendición de algún retoño.
    Se le tenía envidia a Paloma, no necesariamente sana. Y se le agradecía su generosidad y su predisposición. No nos engañemos. Cuando un periodista español -y foráneo- citaba “fuentes vaticanas” de solvencia quería decirse que había hablado con Paloma Gómez Borrero. O que había cenado en su casa del barrio de Prati. Donde no era extraño coincidir con una eminencia, una excelencia, un nuncio o un monseñor. Se diría que los clérigos con ambiciones de carrera le presentaban sus credenciales a Paloma, como hacíamos los periodistas en una suerte de ritual iniciático. Agradecidos por la hospitalidad de la periodista. Y abrumados por los premios que se amontonaban en su despacho. Que parecía el salón de trofeos del Real Madrid. Y que nunca indujeron al pecado de la vanidad, sino a la virtud del agradecimiento. Currante era Paloma. Y buena, noble. Incluso inmortal, como la bocca de la verità, como el templo de Bramante, como el éxtasis de Santa Teresa entre las manos temblorosas de Bernini. La prueba está en que Paloma fue siempre corresponsal de TVE en el Vaticano, incluso cuando dejó de serlo muchos años después de que la destronara el felipismo. Se había instalado en el portal de Belén de los hogares. Y formaba parte de la iconografía carismática de la televisión pública por los siglos de los siglos, como Rodríguez de la Fuente. Como Fofó. Como Hermida.
    Ha muerto Paloma Gómez Borrero a los 82 años. Lo escribe uno como lo ha leído en las agencias de noticias. Incrédulo. Y no sé si van a doblar las campanas. O si van a sufragarse misas pontificias por su alma. O si van a canonizarla. El problema es quién toca ahora la Olivetti. Y quién remedia la sequía de las fuentes vaticanas, ahora que Paloma se ha hecho espíritu santo.

              Reglamento General        
    TENSAI WORLD • Está prohibido el uso de nicknames largos e innapropiados tales como: Insultos, Partes del sistema reproductor hombre/mujer, nombres con excesivas tildes, etc. Longitud máxima de nick: 18 caracteres.   • Está prohibido cualquier tipo de spam dentro del foro, ya sea por post, privado, por portal, por chatbox, etc.   • Está prohibido exigir a un usuario que siga tu estilo ¡Respeta el estilo ajeno!, cada uno diseña de manera diferente por ende, debemos ser tolerantes y comprender ...
              Commenti su Aggiornamenti automatici WordPress di Trasloco        
    La velocità di un server e il tempo è sicuramente uno degli aspetti fondamentali per un portale web. Ci sono infatti server che per problemi interni restano offline per dei periodi prolungati e questo porta disservizi ai clienti. La scelta di un server quindi penso vada fatta non solo guardando il prezzo del servizio hosting.
              Work at Home West Coast Region Associate Technical Support Engineer        
    Security software company is filling a position for a Work at Home West Coast Region Associate Technical Support Engineer. Core Responsibilities Include: Tracking and monitoring assigned support cases to ensure timely resolution and follow-up Fielding queries via phone, email and web portal of the CRM solution Representing the customer to ensure serviceability and product quality issues are being tracked, prioritized, resolved, and incorporated into the product release cycle Skills and Requirements Include: 1+ year's relevant experience supporting a distributed software technology in a Windows, Mac, and Linux environment, ideally an agent based product Demonstrated prior success exceeding customer expectations in a technical support capacity Excellent Customer Service skills
              O cara que inventou aquelas regras de senha irritantes pede desculpas        


    Publicado no Hypescience

    Você com certeza já foi obrigado a criar uma senha com pelo menos tantos caracteres, tantos números, tantos caracteres especiais e talvez uma letra maiúscula.

    Adivinha? O cara que inventou esses padrões há quase 15 anos agora admite que eles são basicamente inúteis. E pede desculpas.

    O erro

    O homem em questão é Bill Burr, ex-gerente do Instituto Nacional de Padrões e Tecnologia (NIST) dos EUA.

    Em 2003, Burr elaborou um guia de oito páginas sobre como criar senhas seguras, que se tornou um documento usado para tudo, desde contas de e-mail até páginas de login para seu portal bancário online.

    O único problema é que Burr não sabia muito sobre como as senhas funcionavam em 2003, quando escreveu o manual. Ele certamente não era um especialista em segurança.

    “Muito do que eu fiz agora me arrependo”, Burr disse recentemente ao The Wall Street Journal, admitindo que sua pesquisa em senhas provinha principalmente de um livro escrito na década de 1980, muito antes da web ser inventada.

    Nem sequer é segura

    Matemática simples mostra que uma senha relativamente curta com caracteres aleatórios é muito mais fácil de ser hackeada do que uma longa série de palavras fáceis de lembrar.

    Por exemplo, um computador levaria 550 anos para adivinhar uma senha com quatro palavras simples (como “correto cavalo bateria grampo”), enquanto uma série absurda de caracteres aleatórios seria descoberta em cerca de três dias (por exemplo, “tr0ub4dor&3”).

    É por isso que o último conjunto de diretrizes do NIST recomenda que pessoas criem senhas usando frases longas, ao invés de palavras com várias regras estranhas, como as que Bill pensava serem seguras.

    As mancadas da internet

    Sim, Burr está arrependido, mas não é somente culpa dele. Há quinze anos, haviam poucas pesquisas em senhas e segurança da informação, enquanto os pesquisadores agora podem aproveitar milhões e milhões de exemplos e estudos de caso para chegar a conclusões.

    E Burr também não foi o único a apresentar algumas ideias lamentáveis nos primeiros dias da web. O inventor dos pop-ads, o flagelo da internet, é outro que já nos pediu desculpas. O próprio criador da internet, Tim Berners-Lee, já se lamentou pela barra dupla desnecessária e confusa nos endereços da web.

    Infelizmente, não há nada que podemos fazer: a tecnologia é muitas vezes um exercício de tentativa e erro. [Gizmodo]

              Użyj tych programów i wtyczek – twoja praca będzie łatwiejsza        

    Jak często zdarza Ci się, że mija cały dzień, a Ty nie możesz zabrać się za swoją pracę? Cały czas coś Cię rozprasza – portal społecznościowy, otwarte na komputerze aplikacje. Zdarza się również, że najpoważniejszym problemem jest brak listy zadań, która pozwoliłaby na ułożenie kolejności wykonywanej pracy. Przygotowaliśmy dla was kilka przydatnych programów i wtyczek, […]

    The post Użyj tych programów i wtyczek – twoja praca będzie łatwiejsza appeared first on LIFEHACKER — usprawnij swoje życie.

              New Azure Portal – Resource Linking        
    I came across a realy cool feature in the new windows azure portal (manage.windowsazure.com) If you look carefully under the Cloud service section you will find that there is tab named Linked Resources. Typically your azure application will use either SQL Azure or Azure Storage or just both services. Well it will be great to view your […]
              Data Center Location – Azure Portal Update        
    If you look carefully you probably noticed that the option of creating a data center with the Anywhere option has been removed (Anywhere US, Anywhere Europe, Anywhere Asia). This option was pretty much redundant and was more targeted for fresh users at azure. Why redundant ? Choosing the Anywhere option leave the azure app-fabric the decisions where to install your hosted service based on available data centers in that region. Behind […]
              Los absurdos impuestos al trabajo en España        
    Aquí va mi último artículo en La Gaceta: Los absurdos impuestos al trabajo en España. Así empieza: “Hace un par de días el portal Actibva hizo una infografía sobre la estructura impositiva que tenemos los españoles en el trabajo. Rápidamente la información se expandió por Internet como la pólvora, y no es para menos. El portal […]
              51% dintre români și-ar schimba jobul pentru un salariu mai mare        
    51% din angajaÅ£ii români spun că “salariul” este primul motiv al schimbării locului de muncă. Acesta este urmat de recunoasterea profesională (19%) şi dorinÅ£a de a profesa în domeniul de interes (18%), potrivit portalului de știri Cuget Liber. Printre alte motive ce ar putea sta la baza schimbării locului de muncă se numără şi ocuparea […]
              Blog Post: Gotta Snatch ‘Em All        

    Activision has high hopes for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The company has shifted away from peripheral-based games – RIP Tony Hawk Ride, DJ Hero, and Guitar Hero – but this new title features interaction with physical objects on a smaller scale. The game utilizes little plastic figurines and incorporates them into games with a portal peripheral. Read on for what you need to know about the game.[Excerpt]

    •    There will be more than 30 figurines available. Each is about two inches tall, brightly colored and brimming with detail. They aren’t poseable or articulated, but kids will probably think they’re neat. Expect to pay about $10 or less for each one.
    •    Each figurine has a translucent green base, which contains an RFID chip. When it’s placed on the portal, the character is “transported” into the game, whether it’s on the 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. Then that character is available as a playable hero. Characters can be swapped out on the fly, and the process is pretty quick, taking around three or so seconds.
    •    Characters retain their XP and items between all of the different versions of the games. You can play with a friend on their console, and then continue your adventure at home.
    •    The game isn’t the same across all platforms. For example, the 3DS version is more action/platforming oriented, with an emphasis on speed. The console counterparts are more focused on exploration, action, and puzzle solving.
    •    The console version has a decent variety of gameplay, and it’s what you might expect from a game geared toward younger players. It’s colorful, and the puzzles I saw centered around finding keys. Activision says other puzzles include block puzzles, puzzles with moving tumblers, and light-refraction puzzles.
    •    The game encourages players to swap characters out often, with areas that are otherwise gated. Each of the critters has one of six elemental traits, so you have to have the correct one to proceed in these optional areas. Players can beat the game using the three figures that are contained in the starter pack, though they’ll have to buy at least three more to see the rest that the game offers.
    •    The console versions support co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. I saw an arena battle filled with player-activated spike traps and teleporters. Players earn XP in these modes, too.
    •    The characters are diverse, which extends beyond their appearance. Each one has their own unique fighting abilities. Bash, a rock dragon, can use a 360-degree tailspin attack. Flameslinger is an elven archer who excels at ranged combat. Stump Smash is a tree who’s angry that he was partially logged and releases his frustration with hands that are like giant wooden mallets. Prism Break is a rock crystal golem who shoots lasers and can also position light-bending crystals on the ground. Trigger Happy is a crazy little critter who dual wields pistols, chucks buckets of coins at enemies, and fires gold at bad guys with a mounted turret. I didn’t see anything close to a simple palette swap in the game, which would be tremendously disappointing in a game where you’re essentially buying characters.

              Blog Post: Gotta Snatch ‘Em All        

    Activision has high hopes for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The company has shifted away from peripheral-based games – RIP Tony Hawk Ride, DJ Hero, and Guitar Hero – but this new title features interaction with physical objects on a smaller scale. The game utilizes little plastic figurines and incorporates them into games with a portal peripheral. Read on for what you need to know about the game.[Excerpt]

    •    There will be more than 30 figurines available. Each is about two inches tall, brightly colored and brimming with detail. They aren’t poseable or articulated, but kids will probably think they’re neat. Expect to pay about $10 or less for each one.
    •    Each figurine has a translucent green base, which contains an RFID chip. When it’s placed on the portal, the character is “transported” into the game, whether it’s on the 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. Then that character is available as a playable hero. Characters can be swapped out on the fly, and the process is pretty quick, taking around three or so seconds.
    •    Characters retain their XP and items between all of the different versions of the games. You can play with a friend on their console, and then continue your adventure at home.
    •    The game isn’t the same across all platforms. For example, the 3DS version is more action/platforming oriented, with an emphasis on speed. The console counterparts are more focused on exploration, action, and puzzle solving.
    •    The console version has a decent variety of gameplay, and it’s what you might expect from a game geared toward younger players. It’s colorful, and the puzzles I saw centered around finding keys. Activision says other puzzles include block puzzles, puzzles with moving tumblers, and light-refraction puzzles.
    •    The game encourages players to swap characters out often, with areas that are otherwise gated. Each of the critters has one of six elemental traits, so you have to have the correct one to proceed in these optional areas. Players can beat the game using the three figures that are contained in the starter pack, though they’ll have to buy at least three more to see the rest that the game offers.
    •    The console versions support co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. I saw an arena battle filled with player-activated spike traps and teleporters. Players earn XP in these modes, too.
    •    The characters are diverse, which extends beyond their appearance. Each one has their own unique fighting abilities. Bash, a rock dragon, can use a 360-degree tailspin attack. Flameslinger is an elven archer who excels at ranged combat. Stump Smash is a tree who’s angry that he was partially logged and releases his frustration with hands that are like giant wooden mallets. Prism Break is a rock crystal golem who shoots lasers and can also position light-bending crystals on the ground. Trigger Happy is a crazy little critter who dual wields pistols, chucks buckets of coins at enemies, and fires gold at bad guys with a mounted turret. I didn’t see anything close to a simple palette swap in the game, which would be tremendously disappointing in a game where you’re essentially buying characters.

              Blog Post: Gotta Snatch ‘Em All        

    Activision has high hopes for Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure. The company has shifted away from peripheral-based games – RIP Tony Hawk Ride, DJ Hero, and Guitar Hero – but this new title features interaction with physical objects on a smaller scale. The game utilizes little plastic figurines and incorporates them into games with a portal peripheral. Read on for what you need to know about the game.[Excerpt]

    •    There will be more than 30 figurines available. Each is about two inches tall, brightly colored and brimming with detail. They aren’t poseable or articulated, but kids will probably think they’re neat. Expect to pay about $10 or less for each one.
    •    Each figurine has a translucent green base, which contains an RFID chip. When it’s placed on the portal, the character is “transported” into the game, whether it’s on the 3DS, Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3. Then that character is available as a playable hero. Characters can be swapped out on the fly, and the process is pretty quick, taking around three or so seconds.
    •    Characters retain their XP and items between all of the different versions of the games. You can play with a friend on their console, and then continue your adventure at home.
    •    The game isn’t the same across all platforms. For example, the 3DS version is more action/platforming oriented, with an emphasis on speed. The console counterparts are more focused on exploration, action, and puzzle solving.
    •    The console version has a decent variety of gameplay, and it’s what you might expect from a game geared toward younger players. It’s colorful, and the puzzles I saw centered around finding keys. Activision says other puzzles include block puzzles, puzzles with moving tumblers, and light-refraction puzzles.
    •    The game encourages players to swap characters out often, with areas that are otherwise gated. Each of the critters has one of six elemental traits, so you have to have the correct one to proceed in these optional areas. Players can beat the game using the three figures that are contained in the starter pack, though they’ll have to buy at least three more to see the rest that the game offers.
    •    The console versions support co-op, as well as competitive multiplayer. I saw an arena battle filled with player-activated spike traps and teleporters. Players earn XP in these modes, too.
    •    The characters are diverse, which extends beyond their appearance. Each one has their own unique fighting abilities. Bash, a rock dragon, can use a 360-degree tailspin attack. Flameslinger is an elven archer who excels at ranged combat. Stump Smash is a tree who’s angry that he was partially logged and releases his frustration with hands that are like giant wooden mallets. Prism Break is a rock crystal golem who shoots lasers and can also position light-bending crystals on the ground. Trigger Happy is a crazy little critter who dual wields pistols, chucks buckets of coins at enemies, and fires gold at bad guys with a mounted turret. I didn’t see anything close to a simple palette swap in the game, which would be tremendously disappointing in a game where you’re essentially buying characters.

              Opłacalność produkcji mleka zależy od skali        
    W przypadku rolników granica opłacalności w dużym stopniu zależy od skali działalności – powiedziała serwisowi portalspożywczy.pl Marta Skrzypczyk, koordynator analityków agrobiznesu Departament Agrobiznesu Banku Zachodniego WBK.
              Zniesienie kwot nie jest jedyną przyczyną obecnego kryzysu        
    Jak już wcześniej wspomniałem, moim zdaniem nie, bo zniesienie kwot było jedną, ale nie najważniejszą przyczyną obecnej sytuacji. Natomiast można przypuszczać, że przy utrzymaniu kwot kryzys rozwijałby się wolniej – powiedział w rozmowie z serwisem portalspożywczy.pl prof. Andrzej Babuchowski, prezes Instytutu Innowacji Przemysłu Mleczarskiego.
              Odległe rynki są mało opłacalne        
    Dziś producenci z Europy zmuszeni są do poszukiwań nowych egzotycznych rynków takich jak rynki azjatyckie, afrykańskie czy Ameryki Południowej i Środkowej. Ze względów logistycznych i odległości nie są to rynki, które są opłacalne – powiedział serwisowi portalspożywczy.pl Edmund Borawski, prezes SM Mlekpol.
              Ekonomista o definicji kryzysu na rynku mleka        
    Moim zdaniem najbardziej trafne byłoby określenie początku kryzysu jako momentu, w którym mamy do czynienia ze spadkiem produkcji mleka w ujęciu rocznym na poziomie całego kraju, będącej konsekwencją utrzymujących się jego niskich cen – powiedział serwisowi portalspożywczy.pl Jakub Olipra, ekonomista Banku Credit Agricole.
              Prezes Mlekpolu: Jestem za regulacją produkcji mleka        
    Osobiście jestem za regulacją produkcji mleka. Jest to surowiec strategiczny w wyżywieniu. Jego produkcja jest bardzo kosztowna – powiedział serwisowi portalspożywczy.pl Edmund Borawski, prezes Mlekpolu.
              The Not Golden Hopling        
    A couple days ago, I read this post over at Big Bear Butt's blog. I always enjoy BBB's posts, but this one particularly intrigued me. I had no idea there were hidden things in the Stormstout Brewery. I guess that means I suck at exploring. That's ok, I'm good at other things. But after reading the post, I absolutely had to go in this particular dungeon and try it out for myself. I had to wait until just now for that to happen. I've been busy, what do you want from me.

    As I zoned in the dungeon, I spoke to the lady standing right next to the portal and purchased five Ling-Ting's favourite tea. I waited until the dungeon was done, for all the bosses and trash packs to be cleared, and then I drank the tea and started looking.

    I soon found my first of 30 Golden Hopling. It took me about 15-20 minutes to find them all. (Only reason I know is because the debuff granted by the tea only lasts 5 minutes and I had to use at least three teas. Maybe more.) I don't know what that says about me. The last one was cleverly hidden behind Uncle Gao's bar, or whatever that is he's standing behind in the last room. About midway through, it occurred to me that it might have been a good idea to count the Hoplings I found in order to know how much more I needed. Heh.

    As soon as I got the achievement, I received some in-game mail!

    BoP, of course.
     And I had a new companion pet to add to my collection!

    How does searching for "hop" result in
    Celestial Dragon and Stinker? /boggles
    It's a blue quality humanoid pet, same model as the Feral Vermling, but in a different color. It was a very fun little "mini-game" and I wish Blizz put more of those things in game. Then again, maybe they do and I just don't know about them! This expansion is just full of surprises. 

              Prezes Ruchu: Będziemy kontynuować strategię poprzedniego zarządu        
    Będziemy kontynuować strategię dla grupy Ruch, przygotowaną za poprzedniego zarządu, choć będzie ona wymagała niewielkich modyfikacji - mówi w rozmowie z serwisem portalspozywczy.pl Paweł Szymański, prezes Ruchu.
              Za średnią pensję można kupić 378 kg karpia. O 61 więcej niż rok temu.        
    Jak co roku portal Money.pl wyliczył Indeks Karpia, opierając się na cenach produktów, wchodzących w skład świątecznego koszyka. Są to: chleb, mąka, karp, śledzie, szynka, masło, cukier, jajka oraz twaróg - czyli te artykuły, które są niezbędne, żeby przygotować bożonarodzeniowe potrawy. Dzięki rekordowo niskim cenom żywności w tym roku stać nas aż na 6 takich koszyków więcej niż przed rokiem. Za średnią pensję można dziś kupić 378 kilogramów karpia. O 61 więcej niż rok temu.
              Covert Operations Remote Repair Agent - Best Buy Canada - St. John's, NL        
    And Pacific Sales. Facilitate the complete solution of product repair, upgrades, installations and other services using an online portal and remote desktop...
    From Best Buy - Wed, 12 Jul 2017 09:49:35 GMT - View all St. John's, NL jobs
              Sløret sol og kold blæst...        
    Ja selv om solen forsøgte at gøre sit og fik temperaturen op i nærheden af 15 grader, var det alligevel en kold fornøjelse i haven idag, da den forbistrede østenvind bestemt ikke har megen varme i sig.

    Selvsået forglemmigej er så fin og yndig.

    Heuchera med masser af knopper.

    Klematis alpina springer stille og roligt ud.

    Ny darling i haven Sweet love.

    Orange Rosalie begynder også at vise farve nu.

    Hvad sker der lige her, et enkelt skud i Carl Nielsen rosen hænger slemt, mon frosten har været på spil.

    Hvid løjtnantshjerte i skønt selskab med Thalia og stribet græs.

    Let at se på hjerterne at det blæser.

    På jagt efter æbleblomstknopper i æbletræet ved terrassen.

    Træet står fyldt med store knopper.

    Endnu en fin trillium er sprunget ud.

    De to blomster vender hver sin vej.

    Narcis minnow er også ny i haven.

    Skønne liljeformede tulipaner i retrobedet.

    I drivhuset er den første blomst i frøplanterne sprunget ud. Det er den fine cosmos Xanthos som vandt.

    Nede på vores brændeplads står to mindre søjle bævreasp. Det er rodskud som kommer inde fra naboen. Vi rykker dem op lige så hurtigt som de kommer, men disse to har fået lov at stå. De er ikke så lette at se uden blade, så jeg har sat krydser ved dem.

    For nogen tid siden hvor jeg sad og drømte i drivhuset, slog det mig at de ville være oplagte klatrestativer til klematis. De har den masse smågrene som jeg tror klematis vil elske at boltre sig i.

    Så nu er de to Dorothy Walton der blev indkøbt til formålet plantet. Ja lige nu ser de jo ikke ud af meget, men de har vel nogle måneder at vokse i inden de skal igang med at blomstre. De er i gruppe 3.

    Fyldte anemoner og kugleprimula er et fint match.

    Klematis Duchess of Edinburgh blev plantet ved portalen, hvor den kan kigge på sin kusine der står med store knopper.

    Det er ikke kun i bedene blomsterne springer ud, græsplænen vil også være med. Så det kan ikke vare længe inden der igen skal gang i mælkebøtteoptageren.

    Vel inde efter en dejlig men blæsende dag i haven, skulle jeg lige tjekke vejrudsigten og hvad ser jeg.... nattefrost i næste uge!!!. Det er forhåbentlig løgn, for jeg tror bestemt ikke mine nyplantede klematis og alt det andet har godt af det Øv Øv.

    Mange onsdags hilsner herfra :)

              Buying Property in Mumbai        
    We are a Group Home Buying portal providing Best Real Estate and property deals in Mumbai via Group Home Buying.
              Propuesta de Guía Técnica para la evaluación de los conocimientos y competencias del personal que informa y que asesora.        

    Directrices ESMA para la evaluación de los conocimientos y competencias delpersonal que informa y que asesora

    La Guía Técnica para la evaluación de los conocimientos y competencias del personal que informa y que asesora, cuya Propuesta se somete a consulta pública, es uno de los objetivos contemplados en el plan de actividades de la CNMV. Esta Propuesta contiene criterios, prácticas o procedimientos que la CNMV considera adecuados para el cumplimiento por las entidades de sus obligaciones en relación con la evaluación del personal que da información o asesora a sus clientes. Además, se incluyen los criterios que la CNMV seguirá en el ejercicio de sus actividades de supervisión. 

    El texto de la propuesta, al que puede accederse mediante el link adjunto, incluye una exposición de motivos sobre la Guía Técnica. . 

    Texto de la propuesta de Guía Técnica (link)

    El periodo de contestación a la consulta pública por parte de los interesados finaliza el 10 de mayo de 2017. 

    Las observaciones pueden remitirse al siguiente buzón: dare@cnmv.es.

    ¿Qué es Mifid II?

    Propuesta legislativa para la reforma de la de la Directiva 2004/39/CE MiFID y el Reglamento de desarrollo (MiFIR)

              Comment on Rossini does Trump by dycker        
    Ernst Zündel, Holocaust Denier Tried for Spreading His Message, Dies at 78 - No he didn't https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/07/world/europe/ernst-zundel-canada-germany-holocaust-denial.html?module=WatchingPortal&region=c-column-middle-span-region&pgType=Homepage&action=click&mediaId=thumb_square&state=standard&contentPlacement=11&version=internal&contentCollection=www.nytimes.com&contentId=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nytimes.com%2F2017%2F08%2F07%2Fworld%2Feurope%2Fernst-zundel-canada-germany-holocaust-denial.html&eventName=Watching-article-click
              Bayrische Staatsbibliothek digitalisiert ihren Zeitungsbestand        
    Bis Anfang 2018 wird die Bayrische Staatsbibliothek in München 1000 ihrer über 5000 Zeitungen digitalisiert haben. Die ersten Ausgaben sind schon jetzt auf dem Portal digiPress einzusehen. Recherchieren kann man sowohl in den Volltexten als auch nach einzelnen Daten. Entsprechend dem Sammlungsschwerpunkt der Bayrischen Staatsbibliothek enthält die Sammlung bayrische Zeitungen ab dem 17. Jahrhundert, darunter Revolutionszeitungen aus den Jahren 1848/49, Zeitungen von Parteien, katholische Presse in Bayern, Verbands- und Vereinszeitungen sowie humoristisch-satirische Blätter. Neben den Reichstagsprotokollen stehen damit weitere digitale Quellen für neuzeitliche Forschung und Lehre zur Verfügung.
              Remote debugging AZURE app service web app        
    This post outline the steps to debug the AZURE app service using Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2015. Before you start remote debugging the application make sure you deployed your web app to azure using debug settings not release. Step 1 Enable remote debug and visual studio version for your app service web app in AZURE portal [...]

              Connection issue with SQL Azure        
    Today, I got the following error message when connecting to SQL Azure from our dev environment Don’t panic follow the below trouble shooting steps. 1. Check your Microsoft Azure portal firewall settings. You should add your client ip address range as following 2. If you still get the same error message then [...]

              Momarlanii - urmasii dacilor din Valea Jiului        

    Trecând prin Petroşani, oraş minier cu veleităţi turistice, nimic nu sugerează că în această zonă incă îşi duce veacul una dintre cele mai vechi comunităţi rurale din România. Din cauza exploatărilor miniere începute în 1840 şi a dezvoltării urbanistice determinate de acestea, majoritatea momârlanilor au fost nevoiţi fie să se adapteze noului stil de viaţă, fie să îşi retragă gospodăriile spre dealuri. Dintre cei aproximativ 10.000 de momârlani rămaşi in Valea Jiului, puţini sunt cei care mai aduc aminte de asemănarea momârlanilor cu dacii amintiţi de Columna lui Traian.
    Dar cine sunt, de fapt, momârlanii? DEX-ul traduce cuvantul momârlan cu “om prost, necioplit, bădăran”. În replică, unele surse fac trimitere chiar la limba latină, “momârlan” fiind compus din cuvintele “momo” (=ţăran) şi “lan” (=băştinaş), termenul fiind alterat în timp. De asemenea, momârlanii mai erau numiţi şi “jieni” datorita râului Jiu (amintit de Herodot şi de Ptolemeu ca Gilfil sau Gilpil) care străbate zona.
    Urmele momârlanilor mai sunt păstrate în două muzee din Petroşani, două case autentice, vechi de peste 200 de ani. Aici, uneltele tradiţionale şi obiectele patrimoniale, donate de familii momârlăneşti, sunt expuse spre interesul turiştilor, dar şi al localnicilor, momârlanii fiind un subiect prea puţin abordat chiar şi în zonă.
    La muzeul  deschis anul trecut, amplasat în curtea bisericii Sf. Varvara, i-am întalnit pe Petru Ititesc şi Petru Olaru, doi momârlani get-beget, ajunşi la varsta de 85, respectiv 88 de ani. ÎmbracaÅ£i în portul popular, au fost încântaÅ£i de invitaÅ£ie, fiind bucuroşi să evoce identitatea momârlanilor. Hainele păreau a fi luate din muzeu, momârlanii îmbrăcându-se din ce în ce mai rar în straiele specifice lor. Totuşi, de câte ori se iveşte ocazia, un momârlan conştient şi mândru de valoarea identităţii sale le îmbracă fără să stea pe gânduri, de multe ori fiind mai mult decât fericit să le şi descrie: cioareci albi, strâmÅ£i, din lână, cămaşă albă cu linii subÅ£iri colorate, orizontale, brâu lat din piele, opinci din piele, cu vârf ascuÅ£it, sau cizme, în cazul celor mai tineri.
    Aflaţi în curtea bisericii, cei doi au respectat tradiţia şi au călcat pragul locaşului sfânt. Deşi cultura momârlănească păstrează manifestări păgâne precreştine, cum ar fi îngropatul morţilor în curtea casei, nedeile sau colindul Piţărăilor din Ajunul Crăciunului, o festivitate care pare să îşi aibă originile în perioada dacică, momârlanii au fost receptivi creştinării, fiind foarte apropiaţi de biserică. Aici, momârlanii au ocazia să îl întâlnească pe preotul Octavian Pătraşcu, cel care de ani buni susţine această comunitate prin aportul adus în cadrul celor trei biserici frecventate de aceştia. În demersul său, preotul nu a reuşit să-i dezveţe pe momârlani de obiceiurile păgâne. Unul dintre cele mai impresionante este spovedirea la brad: momârlanul se închină lângă brad, după ce a îngenuncheat, îl îmbrăţişează şi îşi spune păcatele. Dacă nu găsesc niciun brad în apropiere, momârlanii se spovedesc la orice alt copac, considerându-i sacri. În plus, de fiecare dată când taie un copac, momârlanii se închină, îl sărută şi abia apoi îl taie.
    Totuşi, cei doi Petru erau nerăbdători să viziteze muzeul, casa momârlănească care spune şi povestea lor. Casa, cu două încăperi, aduce aminte de arhitectura dacică: fundaÅ£ie din piatră; pereÅ£i din bârne din lemn, dispuse orizontal, cu izolaÅ£ie din pământ galben, bălegar de cal şi paie, pusă peste nuiele; podea din pământ bătut; acoperiş din şindrilă. Muzeul a fost creat la iniÅ£iativa părintelui Octavian Pătraşcu, casa-muzeu fiind adusă de pe dealurile zonei Livezeni direct în curtea bisericii Sf. Varvara. De asemenea, tot aici şi-a făcut apariÅ£ia şi familia Gălăţăn (nume frecvent printre momârlani),  cea care se ocupă de celălalt muzeu al momârlanilor.
    Interiorul îl mişcă pe Petru Olaru, fluieraş recunoscut printre momârlani, iar cântece şi strigături vibrează prin fluier şi glas. “Nu mai sună bine!”, spune Petru, aflat în prima încăpere a casei, dând vina pe vârstă şi pe degetele care nu îl mai ascultă. Celălalt Petru, Ititesc, refuză fluierul. N-a mai cântat de mult timp, renunţând la fluier după moartea fiului său.
    Dincolo, în cea de-a doua cameră, alţi invitaţi se bucură de vizita la muzeu. Cu origini momârlăneşti, Dana şi doamna Ileana se bucură de obiectele momârlăneşti expuse în muzeu: război de ţesut, fuse, vase din lut, lămpi cu petrol, precum şi o ladă pentru zestre. Pe lângă lada cu zestre, obicei cunoscut în mai multe zone ale ţării, momârlanii respectă şi tradiţia transilvăneană legată de invitaţia la nuntă. Un membru din cele două familii implicate era trimis să străbată satul călare, trebuind să le ofere celor invitaţi “plosca de nuntă”, plină cu ţuică, din care aceştia beau o înghiţitură în cazul în care acceptau invitaţia.
    Petru Olaru întrerupe cântecele, îndemnându-ne să ieşim din casă. Părăsind-o, preotul Octavian Pătraşcu nu ezită să direcţioneze vizita spre o altă parte a muzeului: o stână din lemn de brad nemţesc, din perioada regelui Ferdinand, adusă şi ea de pe munte. Stâna se comportă precum un portal spre zeci de ani în urmă, unde cojocul, căldarea şi untarul sunt la ele acasă. Provocat din nou de mediul momârlănesc, fluieraşul Olaru, fără şovăială, porneşte o nouă serie de cântări, dovedind că este încă în formă.
    Vizita se încheie cu o masă organizată pentru momârlanii prezenţi, în subsolul bisericii. “Noi nu aveam furculiţe când eram tineri”. Petru Ititesc aprobă spusele prietenului său, amintindu-şi cu mândrie că şi momârlanii au ajutat la construcţia bisericii. Revigorat de vinul produs la biserică, Petru Olaru îşi reia rolul de muzicant; într-un ton mai trist de această dată, interpretând un cântec pentru înmormântare. Umorul momârlănesc nu întârzie să apară: “Pe ăsta îl ştii mai bine!”.
    Referitor la moarte, momârlanii au o viziune deosebită asupra acesteia. Având casele situate departe de cimitire, înmormântările aveau loc chiar în curte. Acest obicei îi lega, până nu demult, de casă, refuzând să o vândă din cauza (sau datorită) rudelor îngropate în cimitirul familial, motivând că nu doresc să îşi vândă strămoşii şi părinţii. O altă cutumă este legată de moartea flăcăilor, momârlanii obişnuind să fixeze un brad împodobit lângă mormânt
    Entuziasmaţi de reîntâlnirea spiritului momârlănesc, Petru Ititesc şi Petru Olaru acceptă deplasarea până la cel de-al doilea muzeu, situat în satul Slătinioara, parte a Petroşaniului. Muzeul păstrează aceleaşi caracteristici: casă cu două încăperi, plină cu unelte, straie, ornamente şi fotografii vechi de zeci de ani. Petru Olaru recunoaşte imediat câţiva prieteni şi câteva cunoştinţe în instantaneele monocrome: “Îi cunosc, cum să nu?”.
    Relaţiile strânse dintre momârlani s-au deteriorat însă în ultimii ani, renunţându-se şi la obiceiul căsătoriilor doar între tineri momârlani. Acum, puţini dintre ei îsi mai cunosc originile, istoria şi tradiţia, puţini le mai respectă, iar comunitatea se macină din interior, dar şi din cauza erei în care trăim. În oraşele Văii Jiului cu greu poate cineva să observe un momârlan, singurele ocazii fiind dimineţile în care momârlancele coboară călare de la munte, mergând să vandă lapte “la blocuri”, unde locuiesc “barabele”, nume atribuit orăşenilor încă din perioada austro-ungară, folosit şi astăzi.
    Rămâne de văzut cat vor mai reuşi cei bătrâni să menţină acest stil de trai şi cât de mult vor reuşi să-şi influenţeze urmaşii. În schimb, muzeele şi poveştile rămân, precum şi colibele şi stânele momârlanilor situate “la pădure”, după cum obişnuiesc să spună, care vor mai aminti pentru câţiva ani de faptul că Valea Jiului este una dintre zonele în care au rămas şi şi-au avut continuitatea dacii.

    Articol preluat  www.descopera.ro

              new: Forma        

    @FormaSounds is an appropriate Twitter name for the synth-obsessed Brooklyn trio. While their sound is reminiscent of grüvier side of Kosmiche, their contemporary styling isn't as much a nod, as it is a reinterpretation of the effervescent modular sounds produced in Deutschland in the 70s. I recently had the pleasure of seeing Forma score a few experimental films at PS1, and one score in particular, their audio contribution to a Maya Deren's film At Land, left me in mental shambles. The film found Deren meandering on a vacant beach, waves rolling in reverse. Forma played from behind the audience but sounded like they were rising from an oceanic abyss. Their textures were so organic it was hard to think of them as modular creations, as they sounded so much like field recordings. Anyway, I just jammed their debut on Spectrum Spools and it is a subterranean portal into a lost future. Take the pill. Jump down the wormhole. Go in below. (Buy the LP here.)

    FORMA: FORMA by alteredzones
              video: Physics "Modernist Portal"        
    Physics Lab

    Some kid named Physics just dropped this in my inbox. Instantly I was transported back to days of filing medical documents in my Grandpa's office while highly stylized NJ Moms came in wreeking of sample perfumes from Macy's at the Garden State Plaza Mall across the street. Sultry nostalgia evolves into manipulated memories of thinking, "What if these women are PCP peddling aliens in disguise on a mission to disengage us from our brains and, subsequently, eat our ear lobes?" Fudge.
              Managing Azure AD Application members in Portal        
    One of Azure AD’s powerful concept is the application.  It gives context to an authentication as we explained in this article. An application can also be used as an authorization barrier since we can manage an application members.  This is optional as by default, everyone in a tenant has access to its application.  But if […]
              Jenis-jenis Ular Yang Aneh Selama Periode Evolusinya        
    Ada sekitar 3.000 jenis ular di dunia, sejak kemunculan mereka selama jaman dinosaurus mereka harus beradaptasi dengan pola hidup yang berbeda dan berkembang menjadi spesies yang berbeda dan kadang evolusi tersebut banyak yang unik. Kami memberikan sepuluh ular yang paling menakjubkan dan tidak biasa di dunia.

    10. Elephant Trunk Snake (Ular Gading Gajah)
    Ular aneh ini banyak ditemukan di Indonesia, meskipun beberapa juga ditemukan di Australia. Ular ini mendapatkan namanya dari kulitnya yang tidak biasa, yang berkerut dan longgar, terlihat tua, dan ukurannya yang super besar. Mereka dapat tumbuh hingga 2,5 meter. Ular ini berhabitat di air, dan tak berdaya ketika di darat, mereka tidak bisa meluncur seperti ular lainnya karena mereka tidak memiliki skala yang luas di dalam perutnya. Makanan ular ini adalah ikan, termasuk lele dan belut, ular ini memiliki sedikit racun yang tidak mematikan, sehingga mereka menggunakan lilitan untuk membunuh mangsanya. Sisik-sisiknya yang besar dan menonjol adalah adaptasi untuk memegang ikan licin dan melilit mereka di bawah air.

    9. Tentacled Snake (Ular berTentakel)

    Ular air lain dari Asia Tenggara, ini adalah spesies yang unik, spesies terakhir yang masih hidup dari genus nya. Bagian yang paling terkenal dari ular ini adalah tentakel berdaging aneh di moncongnya. Tentakel ini sebenarnya mechanosensors sangat sensitif, yang memungkinkan ular untuk mendeteksi gerakan dalam air dan menyerang setiap ikan malang yang berenang di dekatnya. Sifat lainnya yang menarik adalah kecepatan menyerang tentacle dari ular ini sungguh luar biasa, hanya diperlukan 15 milidetik untuk menangkap mangsanya. Meskipun ular tentacle berbisa, bisa-nya tidak menimbulkan ancaman bagi manusia. tubuhnya kecil, hanya 90 cm panjang. Sama seperti ular Gading Gajah, dia sepenuhnya di air dan nyaris tidak dapat bergerak di darat.

    8. Long nosed vine snake
    Sekali lagi ular asli Asia Tenggara, Ular Pohon Anggur Hidung Panjang (panjang banget namanya) adalah predator arboreal, tidak seperti ular yang lain, ia memiliki penglihatan yang sangat baik daripada ular kebanyakan, dan memungkinkan menyerang mangsanya dengan akurasi yang tepat. Lidahnya berwarna hijau terang. tubuhnya yang ringan yang memungkinkannya untuk bergerak cepat di dedaunan dan bisa mencapai dari satu cabang ke cabang lain dengan setengah tubuh pada udara! Makanan utamanya adalah kadal dan katak, dan meskipun mereka berbisa, mereka tidak menimbulkan ancaman serius bagi manusia, hanya sakit dan bengkak setelah digigit ular pohon anggur ini, dan gejala akan hilang dalam beberapa hari.

    7. Langaha Nasuta
    Salah satu reptil paling aneh di dunia. Sama seperti ular pohon anggur, ular Langaha (juga dikenal sebagai Ular Berhidung Daun) dinamakan sesuai dengan gaya hidupnya yang arboreal. sifat yang paling menarik tentu saja, "tanduk" aneh atau proyeksi pada moncongnya. Jantan dan betina dari ular ini terlihat sangat berbeda; jantan berwarna kekuningan dan memiliki kulit halus dan tajam, serta memiliki "tanduk", sementara betina memiliki kulit kasar dan berwarna coklat. Ini adalah salah satu dari beberapa ular di mana gender ular dapat ditentukan dengan mudah hanya dengan melihatnya. ular Nasuta Langaha hanya ditemukan di hutan hujan lindung di Madagaskar . sangat berbisa dan gigitannya dapat sangat menyakitkan bagi manusia, tetapi tidak menyebabkan kematian.

    6. Atheris Hispida
    3434870112 10F778B2B9 Z
    Ditemukan di hutan hujan Afrika Tengah, Ular viper kecil ini sangat berbisa. Memiliki bulu-seperti sisik yang memberikan penampilan unik dan keren (biasa di panggil, "Viper Pohon Bersisik"). Viper Atheris tumbuh hingga 75 cm. Seperti semua ular beludak, Atheris taring dilipat di bagian depan rahang atasnya, belum ada penawar racun yang ditemukan, gigitannya menyebabkan kesulitan bernafas, pembekuan darah, rasa sakit dan bengkak, sampai kematian. Untungnya, ular beludak ini biasanya tinggal jauh dari pemukiman manusia, sudah sangat langka dan salah satu ular yang dilindungi.

    5. Horned Viper
    Ditemukan di padang pasir Afrika Utara dan Timur Tengah, ular ini memiliki tanduk kecil, biasanya berukuran 50 cm. Mereka memiliki sepasang tanduk di atas mata, tetapi ada juga beberapa individu yang tidak punya atau hanya tumbuh sedikit. Mereka berbisa, tetapi gigitan mereka biasanya tidak fatal bagi manusia. Viper bertanduk ini secara resmi bernama "Cerastes Cerastes" tahun 1768, oleh naturalis Austria Nicolaus Laurenti. Cerastes adalah rakasa mistis asal Yunani , seekor ular yang bersembunyi di bawah pasir di padang pasir dan menyergap setiap makhluk yang lewat, menggunakan tanduk sebagai sebuah daya tarik.

    4. Burrowing Asp
    2354924255 82Feb05B15 Z
    The Asp adalah ular bertubuh kecil dari Afrika yang menghabiskan sebagian besar waktu bawah tanah. Ia makan tikus, dan memiliki taring besar yang berfungsi pada dasarnya sebagai pencengkram berbisa, menonjol keluar dari mulut ketika digunakan. Taringnya juga fleksibel dan dapat dipindahkan secara bebas, yang berarti bahwa ular ini dapat menusuk mangsanya hanya dengan satu taring, dan setelah itu telah membunuh korban. Karena sifat kardiotoksik dan nekrotik, dan kemampuannya untuk menyuntikkan lebih dalam dari ular lain (karena "taring"nya panjang) ular ini sangat berbahaya bagi manusia

    3. Tiger Keelback
    Rhabdophis Tigrinus05
    Juga dikenal sebagai Yamakagashi, atau ular Air Jepang , spesies ini kebanyakan ditemukan di Asia Timur. Bentuknya kecil, jarang melebihi satu meter, dan sangat pemalu, sehingga banyak fakta bahwa mereka dianggap tidak berbahaya, sampai seseorang meninggal karena gigitan yamakagashi di tahun 80-an. Karena taring berbisa yang berlokasi di bagian belakang rahang, mereka tidak dapat menyuntikkan racun mereka dengan mudah seperti ular lainnya. Makanan utamannya adalah katak dan kodok. Selain berwarna warna-warni cerah, Tiger Keelbacks ada yang berwarna normall. Baru-baru ini, ditemukan bahwa pakan ular ini kebal terhadap kodok beracun; tidak hanya kebal terhadap racun katak, tetapi mereka benar-benar bisa "menyimpan" racun katak ini di dalam kelenjar di leher. Ketika terancam, dia bisa melepaskan dua racunnya (racun pribadi dan racun katak yang dimangsanya).

    2. Flying Snake (Ular Terbang)

    Ular terbang ditemukan di hutan hujan di India dan Asia tenggara, dan, walaupun nama mereka sedikit keren, mereka tidak bisa benar-benar terbang. Ketika Ular terbang ingin pergi dari satu pohon ke yang lain, dia meluncurkan diri ke udara dan saat melayang keluarlah tulang rusuk dari dalam perutnya, sehingga tubuhnya melebar dan berubah seperti sayap. Ular Terbang adalah glider bahkan lebih baik daripada tupai terbang. Tupai dapat meluncur hingga 60 meter dari satu pohon ke yang lain, Ular Terbang dapat meluncur hingga 100 meter atau lebih, dan mereka benar-benar "meluncur" di udara, yang memberikan mereka stabilitas yang lebih baik. Ular ini tidak berbahaya bagi manusia. Makanan utamanya adalah kadal dan binatang kecil lainnya. Ular ini menghabiskan sebagian besar waktunya di pohon.

    1. Sea Snake (Ular Laut)
    Ular laut adalah yang paling tidak biasa dari semua jenis ular. Mereka berasal dari keluarga yang sama seperti kobra dan ular karang (Elapidae), tetapi mereka telah beradaptasi ke gaya hidup yang benar-benar di dalam laut, adaptasi yang luar biasa. Ada 62 spesies yang diakui sampai saat ini, dan mereka ditemukan di Samudra Pasifik dan Samudra Hindia, mereka semua sangat berbisa, Racunnya sepuluh kali lebih kuat dari kobra. Spesies Ular Laut 'One' , ular laut 'Belcher', dianggap oleh para ahli menjadi yang paling beracun dari semua ular laut. Untungnya, ular laut sangat jinak dan korban jiwa manusia yang sangat jarang. Mereka bernafas dengan menyerap oksigen langsung dari air, melalui kulit mereka! Mereka juga memiliki kelenjar khusus di lidah mereka, yang mengusir kelebihan garam dari organ dalam tubuhnya.

    Masih ada lagi, mungkin yang paling menakjubkan dari ular laut adalah Golden Sea Snake (Ular Laut Emas). Spesies ini bisa ber-fotoreseptor di ekornya, yang memungkinkan untuk mendeteksi variasi cahaya dan mungkin mendeteksi predator. Bisa diaktakan, Golden Sea Snake bisa melihat dengan ekornya!

    source: http://duniadidunia.blogspot.com/2010/11/10-ular-yang-menakjubkan-dan-tidak.html

              Job Search Here and Get Updated with Latest Jobs | Free Job Alert -         
    Job Search has now became more easy with Jobpoket.com. Jobpoket.com is a job portal website which helps recruiters and job seekers to get connected on one n...
              Job Search Here and Get Updated with Latest Jobs | Free Job Alert -         
    Job Search has now became more easy with Jobpoket.com. Jobpoket.com is a job portal website which helps recruiters and job seekers to get connected on one netwo...
              Mehr über Bibliothek 2.0…        
    …gibt es nun auch im Bibliotheksportal: Web 2.0-Anwendungen in und für BibliothekenEinsortiert unter:bibliothek20
              Filmes: Exorcistas do Vaticano (2015)        

    Vem aí mais um filme de terror baseado em uma possessão demoníaca.

    The Vatican Tapes: Exorcistas do Vaticano (título no Brasil) é um filme de terror produzido nos Estados Unidos, dirigido por Mark Neveldine e escrito por Christopher Borrelli, baseado na história de Chris Morgan e Christopher Borrelli.

    O filme estrelou Kathleen Robertson, Michael Peña, Djimon Hounsou, Dougray Scott, e John Patrick Amedori.

    Na história, Angela Holmes (Olivia Taylor Dudley), de 27 anos, acidentalmente corta seu dedo e vai parar na emergência, quando a infecção do ferimento faz com que ela comece a agir de forma estranha e assombrosamente começa a causar ferimentos graves e até mortes nas pessoas ao seu redor.

    O Padre Lozano (Michael Peña) examina a moça e acredita que ela está possuída. Ao tentar exorcisar o demônio, o Vaticano descobre que a força satânica em Angela é mais forte do que eles imaginavam.

    Deixe a sua opinião nos comentários abaixo e não deixe de compartilhar o Medologia com seus amigos nas redes sociais. Assistam nossos Curtas de Terror, estão demais!

    Inscreva-se em nossa Newsletter para receber os vídeos toda semana e também as notícias fresquinhas do portal.

    Confira o Trailer a seguir e vamos aguardar para ver se a produção nas telonas!

    Via: Medologia

              Cuba: Blogger Yoani Sánchez Introduces Voces Cubanas        
    Photo by Claudio Fuentes Madan As a philologist and a blogger since 2007, Yoani Sánchez has been a big part of the phenomenon, which has been described by some as “blogostróika” in Cuba. Her blog Generación Y [es] is currently hosted on the portal Desde Cuba [es], which happens to be blocked within the country […]
              Comment on Cousins – The Halls of Wickwire (Pre-Order) by Cousins - 'The Halls of Wickwire' — Portals        
    […] Halls of Wickwire is available now via Hand Drawn Dracula or Ba Da Bing […]
              Toys To Life Video Games For Kids        

    Kids these days have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to video games. Some of the best video games for kids are ones that feature a toy to life component. These games have real world toys that can interact with a video game using a portal and NFC technology. Take a […]

    The post Toys To Life Video Games For Kids appeared first on El Busca Juegos.

               Hacker gets 30 months for botnet that hit 72,000 PCs #security #legal http://tco/fBKitarj via @itproportal        
    2012-09-10 19:46:06 - dpwallace : Hacker gets 30 months for botnet that hit 72,000 PCs #security #legal http://tco/fBKitarj via @itproportal
              NetClient Portal Coming Soon        
    Four Peaks Wealth and Accounting is making substantial investments in technology with the goal of strengthening the security of your financial information. This includes a client portal, called NetClient CS, that will allow you to upload and download documents online, moving us towards a paperless environment. We anticipate the launch of the portal in August […]
              Nuestros portales de BanescOnline y Pago Electrónico ahora tienen nueva imagen        

    En BanescOnline y Pago Electrónico Nos Renovamos Como parte de nuestro constante proceso de innovación, hemos renovado la imagen de nuestros portales BanescOnline y Banesco Pago Electrónico para que realices las transacciones de tu empresa de una forma clara, facil y sencilla. Cuando utilices el servicio de BanescOnline o Pago Electrónico recuerda seguir estos pasos: […]

    La entrada Nuestros portales de BanescOnline y Pago Electrónico ahora tienen nueva imagen aparece primero en Banesco Venezuela.

              Will E.U. Court's Privacy Ruling Break the Internet?        

    In 2012, a bevy of internet companies and web sites waged a successful campaign against bills in Congress -- the PROTECT IP Act and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) --  meant to combat copyright privacy. In the face of this opposition, the proposals were dropped (although their legacy survives). One of the major claims by the opponents was that the bills would "break the Internet" by requiring the disabling of URLs and removal of online links to sites that include unauthorized uses of copyrighted materials (although not all agreed with this assessment).

    Now, the European Court of Justice has issued a decision (summary) that could require search engines to remove links to online information about individuals that is "no longer necessary in the light of the purposes for which they were collected or processed." The court's decision does not discuss how the removal of these links should be accomplished.

    The court's decision stemmed from a case brought by Spanish citizen Mario Costeja González, seeking removal from a newspaper's web site images of pages from January and March 1998 that included announcements for a real estate auction stemming from attachment proceedings for the recovery of social security debts owed by Costeja González. He complained to Spain's Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Data Protection Agency; AEPD) (Spanish site; English resources), seeking removal of the information from the paper's website and from Google's search results.

    AEPD held that the newspaper need not remove the material, since it published it under a legal directive. But it upheld the complaint against Google, saying that Costeja González had the right to shield the information from public view via the search engine. Google appealed to Spain's Audiencia Nacional (National High Court). That court sought an advisory opinion from the European Court of Justice -- the highest court in the European Union -- regarding the applicability of EU privacy laws to the case.

    European law embodies a concept of privacy that is in many ways alien to American law, and would be unconstitutional under our First Amendment. This includes a right to bar or recover for publication of true but "private" information that is readily available publicly, and a right to shield dated information, often referred to as a "right to be forgotten."

    The question before the court was whether the EU directive embodying these notions (Directive 95/46) applied to Google. This, in turn, depended on whether Google could be considered a content provider. The court held that it was, even though the information that Google collects and displays in its search results is already published online by someone else. Since Google is a content provider, the court held, it is obliged to follow the privacy directive.

    Inasmuch as the activity of a search engine is therefore liable to affect significantly, and additionally compared with that of the publishers of websites, the fundamental rights to privacy and to the protection of personal data, the operator of the search engine as the person determining the purposes and means of that activity must ensure, within the framework of its responsibilities, powers and capabilities, that the activity meets the requirements of Directive 95/46 in order that the guarantees laid down by the directive may have full effect and that effective and complete protection of data subjects, in particular of their right to privacy, may actually be achieved.

    Google Spain SL v. Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD), Case C‑131/12 (E.C.R. May 13, 2014), para. 38.

    The court also ruled that Google was subject to Spain's jurisdiction, including its law applying Directive 95/46, because of Google's web site directed at the country (www.google.es). The court rejected Google's argument that it was Google, Inc., in the United States that performed the indexing and search functions at issue, rather than the Spanish subsidiary: "Since that display of results is accompanied, on the same page, by the display of advertising linked to the search terms, it is clear that the processing of personal data in question is carried out in the context of the commercial and advertising activity of the controller’s establishment on the territory of a Member State, in this instance Spanish territory." Id., para. 57.

    After finding that the directive applies to Google, the court held that the search engine could be ordered to remove links to the objectionable material from search results for Costeja González's name.

    [I]n order to comply with the rights laid down in those provisions and in so far as the conditions laid down by those provisions are in fact satisfied, the operator of a search engine is obliged to remove from the list of results displayed following a search made on the basis of a person’s name links to web pages, published by third parties and containing information relating to that person, also in a case where that name or information is not erased beforehand or simultaneously from those web pages, and even, as the case may be, when its publication in itself on those pages is lawful.

    Id., para. 88.

    The irony -- expressed in the last sentence above -- is that the court also observed that the newspaper that posted the notices of the auctions in the first place could not be required to remove those postings because they were published "solely for journalistic purposes," which is included within "the right to receive and impart information" guaranteed in Article 10 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, and referenced in the directive.

    The court justified the different treatment of the newspaper and Google by staing that "first, the legitimate interests justifying the processing may be different [for the newspaper and the search engine] and, second, the consequences of the processing for the data subject, and in particular for his private life, are not necessarily the same." Id., para. 86.

    Indeed, since the inclusion in the list of results, displayed following a search made on the basis of a person’s name, of a web page and of the information contained on it relating to that person makes access to that information appreciably easier for any internet user making a search in respect of the person concerned and may play a decisive role in the dissemination of that information, it is liable to constitute a more significant interference with the data subject’s fundamental right to privacy than the publication on the web page.

    Id., para. 87 (emphasis added).

    The court acknowledges that these "rights override ..., not only the economic interest of the operator of the search engine but also the interest of the general public in finding that information upon a search relating to the data subject’s name. "  Id., para. 97. The court adds that this may not be true in the case of a promient person in public life, which may mean that the public interest in disclosure would outweigh that person's right to privacy.

    But since Costeja González is not a public person, he may request removal of the articles from Google's search results even though he cannot request removal of the same articles from the newspaper's website. Again, this would not be the case under United States law, regardless of the plaintiff's status as a private or public figure. In the U.S., privacy law generally does not provide a remedy for the dissemination of true information that is already publicly available; moreover, the compelled removal of such information would raise serious issues under the First Amendment as prior restraints on speech.

    The case now returns to the Spanish Audiencia Nacional for a specific decision in Costeja González's case, which can be appealed to Spain's Supreme Court. But the EU court's decision is binding on member states of the European Union, and could lead to more efforts by Europeans to have embarrassing or other material removed from web search results, even when the original site containing the material has no obligation to remove it.

    Google has stated that it is "analys[ing] the implications" of the ECJ ruling, but requiring the modification of search results in response to what will likely be a flood of complaints from residents of EU countries puts Google in the difficult (if not impossible) position of either managing these complaints at significant cost or taking a blunderbuss approach to removal of content. And would such results persist outside the EU? Content filtering by country is not a new concept, but this ruling has the potential to create a dramatically different Internet in Europe.

    There could also be a significant impact on the news organizations that, as the ECJ acknowledges, have the right to publish this information. The ECJ, in its ad hoc balancing of interests, seems blind to the fact that news organizations depend on search engines and other online intermediaries in order to reach their audiences. Allowing the subjects of news coverage to use these intermediaries as a choke point because the intermediaries are not themselves journalists threatens the primary benefit of the Internet -- namely, the networked dissemination of information.

    Operating on the Internet has always posed challenges in complying with the laws of multiple countries. Search engines in particular have had problems in the past dealing with Great Britain's privacy laws, France's laws against Nazi memorabilia, and China's web restrictions. But this ruling by the European Court of Justice might just be the straw that breaks the camel's -- or the Internet's -- back.

    Eric P. Robinson is co-director of the Program in Press, Law and Democracy at the Manship School of Mass Communication at Louisiana State University. He has taught media law and ethics at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, Baruch College, and the University of Nevada, Reno, where he was also Deputy Director of the Donald W. Reynolds Center for Courts and Media. He has also been a  staff attorney at the Media Law Resource Center and a legal fellow at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. In addition to his posts here, he maintains his own blog at bloglawonline.com.

    (Image courtesy of Flickr user The.Rohit pursuant to a Creative Commons CC BY-NC 2.0 license.)

    Subject Area: 


              European Championships-2012 – foundations for the stadium in Lwow        

    The foundations for the stadium on which the matches of European Championships will take place in 2012 were laid on Tuesday in Lwow.

    This is the second stage of building the stadium. The first one, preparing the terrain for construction, lasted from the beginning of last December.

    - Laying the foundations should have taken place on 20th January and we succeeded. I would like to emphasize that the works are held nonstop – said the mayor of Lwow Andrij Sadowy, quoted by local web portals.

    The works by foundations will last for four months. The stadium is being built by Ukrainian firm Azovinteks. The cost with the stand for 30 000 spectators is 85 millions Euro.

    A stadium in Dniepropietrowsk was put into use last year in terms of Euro 2012. The stadium in Donieck, built from the money of the richest inhabitant of Ukraine – Szachtar owner, Rinata Achmetow - is to be finished in Spring. The Olympic Stadium in Kiev is being modernized. The modernization of the object for 72 000 spectators is planned to be finished in 2010.

              Hotel Moderno pokonuje rywali w konkursie Prime Property Prize Wielkopolska 2013        
    O nagrodę Prime Property Prize Wielkopolska 2013 w kategorii Hotele walczyło pięć obiektów: IBB Andersia, City Park Residence, Sheraton Poznań, Blow Up Hal 50/50 i hotel Moderno. Najlepszy według Czytelników portalu Propertynews.pl oraz prac Forum Ekspertów Nagrody okazał się hotel Moderno.
              Wyłoniono najlepszy obiekt logistyczno-magazynowy w konkursie Prime Property Prize Wielkopolska 2013        
    Tulipan Park Poznań firmy Segro otrzymał najwięcej głosów Czytelników portalu Propertynews.pl oraz Forum Ekspertów Nagrody w konkursie Prime Property Prize Wielkopolska 2013 w kategorii Obiekt Logistyczno-Magazynowy.
              Business Garden wśród najlepszych projektów komercyjnych Wielkopolski        
    Kompleks biurowy Business Garden Poznań, którego deweloperem jest spółka SwedeCenter, znalazł się w gronie pięciu projektów nominowanych w konkursie Prime Property Prize Wielkopolska w kategorii &amp;#8222;Inwestycja Komercyjna&quot;. O głosy czytelników portalu Propertynews.pl i Forum Ekspertów Nagrody w tej kategorii rywalizują także: Galeria Piła, Poznań City Center, CH Łacina i Malta House.
              ÎœÎ­Ï‡ÏÎ¹ εδώ ήτανε        

    Ο πρωθυπουργός στο συνέδριο του Economist έδωσε, νομίζω, ένα σαφές στίγμα. Διαπραγματευόμαστε, κάνουμε πίσω, έχουμε ήδη οπισθοχωρήσει σε βασικές μας θέσεις, όμως μέχρι εδώ ήτανε. Δεν μπορούμε να γίνουμε ούτε ΓΑΠ ούτε Σαμαροβενιζέλοι. Και ο Γιάνης Βαρουφάκης με τις αναφορές του στο Κούγκι, έθεσε ένα ερώτημα ουσιώδες: "Δηλαδή, ο Σαμουήλ δεν έπρεπε να ανατινάξει το Κούγκι;. Είναι κακή αυτή η αφήγηση αυταπάρνησης για την πατρίδα μας;"

    Τολμάμε να το απαντήσουμε αυτό; Εδώ είναι τα ζόρια. Ποιους μνημονεύουμε σήμερα και τους θεωρούμε «ωραίους σαν Έλληνες» ; Εκείνους που τα κάνανε πλακάκια με τους Γερμανούς και θεωρούσαν παραλογισμό να αντισταθείς σε μια παντοδύναμη πολεμική μηχανή, ή τους άλλους, αυτούς που πολεμήσανε τα κατοχικά στρατεύματα και αγωνιστήκανε για την αντίσταση; Η καλή κοινωνία βέβαια και τότε, όπως και τώρα, βολευότανε με τους Γερμανούς εδώ, δεν τραβούσε και μεγάλα ζόρια. Και όχι μόνο εδώ – και την Γαλλία. Ποιος έγραψε ιστορία; Ο Φιλίπ Πεταίν που διορίστηκε επικεφαλής της κατοχικής κυβέρνησης με έδρα το Βισύ, και συνεργάστηκε με τους Γερμανούς σε όλη τη διάρκεια της κατοχής, η ο στρατάρχης Ντε Γκώλ που χάρισε στην Γαλλία μιαν ένδοξη και against all odds νίκη που επιβραβεύτηκε και όταν κλήθηκε στην Γιάλτα από τους τρείς νικητές του πολέμου, Τσώρτσιλ, Ρούζβελτ, Στάλιν και από την καταγραφή του ονόματός του με χρυσά γράμματα στην μεταπολεμική ιστορία και την επανεκκίνηση της Γαλλίας;

    Κακά τα ψέματα – και τα δικά σου δικά μου και τα δικά μου δικά μου δεν γίνεται. Αυτή η κυβέρνηση έχει εξαντλήσει κάθε όριο υπομονής και θετικής διάθεσης για συνεργασία και «αμοιβαία επωφελή λύση» σε βαθμό να έχει πια πρόβλημα με τα κόμματα που την στηρίζουν –τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ αλλά και τους ΑΝΕΛ. Με όλους τους τρόπους έχει δείξει ότι θέλει να «τα βρούμε», ότι θέλει να παραμείνει στην ζώνη του ευρώ, ότι θεωρεί την Ευρώπη σπίτι της, οικογένειά της, ότι υπάρχει στο DNA της. Η άλλη πλευρά όμως όσο βλέπει ότι κάνουμε ένα βήμα πίσω, βγάζει απ’ το συρτάρι και άλλες απαιτήσεις, και άλλα παράλογα αιτήματα. Τις τελευταίες λίγες εβδομάδες έχει αρχίσει να γίνεται φανερό πως θέλει οπωσδήποτε να εξωθήσει την νέα Ελληνική κυβέρνηση σε ένα πλήρες αδιέξοδο, νομίζοντας πως έτσι η Ελλάδα (με τους Πεταίν της) θα αναγκαστεί να κάνει πίσω, να φτωχοποιήσει ακόμα μερικές εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες Έλληνες, να δεχθεί την από κάθε άποψη υποτίμησή της – για να πάρει την δόση της και να εξασφαλίσει άλλον έναν μήνα, ένα 15νθήμερο στην ευρωζώνη και αυτό το ρημάδι το Ευρώ που έγινε πιά ύψιστη αξία και «ιδανικό» για χάρη του οποίου όλα και όλοι πρέπει να θυσιαστούν – και να πεθάνουν και να αυτοκτονήσουν και να τρελαθούν.

    Ο Στέλιος Κούλογλου, Ευρωβουλευτής του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, ÏƒÏ‡Î¿Î»Î¹Î¬Î¶Î¿Î½Ï„ας το «Ποτάμι» αναρωτιέται σε άρθρο του στο tvxs.gr: «Εκτός πια και αν τραυλίζουμε ακόμη και όταν χρειάζεται να υπερασπίσουμε την ιστορία και τα δίκαια μας. Παράλυτοι από τον φόβο, εκλιπαρώντας τον Αγά Σόιμπλε να μας λυπηθεί. Ή να μας σφάξει για να αγιάσουμε.» Και ο Αλέξης Τσίπρας την Παρασκευή στο συνέδριο του Economist, ξεκαθαρίζει ότι είμαστε έτοιμοι να υπογράψουμε άμεσα υπό τις εξής προϋποθέσεις:

    -χαμηλά πρωτογενή πλεονάσματα τουλάχιστον για τα δύο πρώτα χρόνια,
    -να μην έχουμε υποχρεώσεις για νέες περικοπές. Καμία νέα περικοπή σε μισθούς και συντάξεις,
    -αναδιάρθρωση του χρέους
    -ένα ισχυρό πρόγραμμα δημόσιων επενδύσεων

    Και, συγχρόνως, «κατέστησε σαφές ότι οι προτεινόμενες από τους θεσμούς αλλαγές, δεν μπορούν να γίνουν αποδεκτές.»

    Τι σημαίνουν όλα αυτά; Πολύ απλά πως τελικά ΔΕΝ τα βρίσκουμε – άρα βρισκόμαστε ήδη μπροστά σε μια νέα κατάσταση που δεν ξέρουμε πώς θα διαμορφωθεί και είμαστε έτοιμοι για την ρήξη –που ποτέ μας δεν θελήσαμε.

    Ένα είναι το σίγουρο. Κάναμε πίσω σε βαθμό παρεξηγήσιμο. Δεν έχει άλλο «πίσω».

    Μέχρι εδώ ήτανε.

    Αρης Δαβαράκης

              BBC: Τι θέλει η Βρετανία από την Ευρώπη;        

    Έπειτα από τη νίκη των Συντηρητικών στις εκλογές της προηγούμενης εβδομάδας, ο Ντέϊβιντ Κάμερον δεν σταματά να δηλώνει πως έχει εντολή «να επιδιώξει τη μεταρρύθμιση της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης». Ο βρετανός πρωθυπουργός ο οποίος ελπίζει ότι η κυβέρνηση πλειοψηφίας που διαθέτει θα αυξήσει την ισχύ του στις Βρυξέλλες, θέλει να επαναδιαπραγματευθεί τη βρετανική συμμετοχή πριν από το δημοψήφισμα για την παραμονή ή όχι του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου στην ΕΕ, δημοψήφισμα που θα διεξαχθεί έως το τέλος του 2017. Όμως κράτα τα χαρτιά του κλειστά και δεν αποκαλύπτει τις λεπτομέρειες της στρατηγικής που θα ακολουθήσει. Το BBC απαντά σε έξι βασικά ερωτήματα που αφορούν αυτό το κρίσιμο, τόσο για τη Βρετανία όσο και για την ΕΕ, ζήτημα.

    Τι ζητάει ο Ντέϊβιντ Κάμερον;

    -Να επιτραπεί στη Βρετανία να μη συμμετάσχει σε μια ενδεχόμενη απόπειρα της ΕΕ να σφυρηλατήσει μία «ακόμη στενότερη ένωση» των ευρωπαϊκών λαών

    -Τον περιορισμό της πρόσβασης ευρωπαίων μεταναστών σε εργασιακά επιδόματα και άλλες κοινωνικές παροχές της Βρετανίας. Στόχος του βρετανού πρωθυπουργού είναι η μείωση του αριθμού των ευρωπαίων πολιτών που επιλέγουν να μεταναστεύσουν στη χώρα του.

    -Την προστασία των χρηματοπιστωτικών αγορών του λονδρέζικου City από την νομοθεσία της ΕΕ
    -Την ενίσχυση των εξουσιών των εθνικών κοινοβουλίων των χωρών μελών της Ένωσης
    -Την δημιουργία μηχανισμών με στόχο την «αποτροπή μεγάλων μεταναστευτικών ροών στην Ευρώπη» σε περίπτωση διεύρυνσης της ΕΕ
    -Την δημιουργία δικλείδων ασφαλείας ούτως ώστε οι όποιες μεταρρυθμίσεις στο εσωτερικό της ενιαίας αγοράς να μην είναι δυνατόν να επιβληθούν από την Ευρωζώνη σε χώρες που δεν μετέχουν σ' αυτήν.

    -Την απελευθέρωση του επιχειρείν μέσω του περιορισμού της γραφειοκρατίας και της εφαρμογής μίας λιγότερο παρεμβατικής πολιτικής από την πλευρά των Βρυξελλών καθώς και το άνοιγμα σε νέες αγορές μέσω της υπογραφής συμφωνιών ελεύθερων συναλλαγών με τις ΗΠΑ και την Ασία

    Ποιο το μέλλον της αρχής της ελεύθερης μετακίνησης;

    Η ελεύθερη κυκλοφορία των ατόμων η οποία κατοχυρώνεται από τις συνθήκες της ΕΕ λειτουργεί παράλληλα με την ελεύθερη διακίνηση αγαθών και κεφαλαίων και την ελεύθερη παροχή υπηρεσιών στο εσωτερικό της ενιαίας αγοράς. Για τους περισσότερους ηγέτες της ΕΕ, η προάσπιση της αρχής της ελεύθερης μετακίνησης στο εσωτερικό της ΕΕ αποτελεί «κόκκινη γραμμή», γεγονός που ενδέχεται να αναγκάσει τον Ντέϊβιντ Κάμερον να μην ζητήσει την επανεξέτασή της και να εστιάσει τις όποιες προσπάθειες του στον περιορισμό των κινήτρων, όπως η παροχή κοινωνικών επιδομάτων, που ενθαρρύνουν την ελεύθερη μετακίνηση των ευρωπαίων πολιτών και ιδιαίτερα τη μετανάστευση αυτών στη Βρετανία.

    Τι θα γίνει με το Ευρωπαϊκό Δικαστήριο Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων;

    Η νέα κυβέρνηση των Συντηρητικών αναμένεται να επιδιώξει την απόσυρση της Βρετανίας από την Ευρωπαϊκή Σύμβαση των Δικαιωμάτων του Ανθρώπου καθώς τάσσεται υπέρ μιας καθ' όλα βρετανικής Διακήρυξης των Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων. Αυτό θα παρείχε στον βρετανό πρωθυπουργό τη δυνατότητα να θεσπίσει ευκολότερα τους περιορισμούς που επιθυμεί αναφορικά με την ελεύθερη μετακίνηση των ευρωπαίων μεταναστών. Μία τέτοια εξέλιξη, ωστόσο, θα έθετε «εν αμφιβόλω» τη συμμετοχή της Βρετανίας στην ΕΕ καθώς οι χώρες μέλη της Ένωσης υποχρεούνται να είναι μέλη και του Ευρωπαϊκού Δικαστηρίου Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων.

    Τι άλλο επιθυμεί ο βρετανός πρωθυπουργός;

    Ο Ντέϊβιντ Κάμερον έχει δηλώσει πως δεν πρόκειται να δεχθεί καμία πρόταση αναφορικά με το ενδεχόμενο δημιουργίας ενός κοινού ευρωπαϊκού Στράτου ενώ θέλει να απαλλάξει τις βρετανικές αστυνομικές δυνάμεις από τις παρεμβάσεις των Βρυξελλών. Εμφανίζεται, ωστόσο, διατεθειμένος να προβεί σε υποχωρήσεις όσον αφορά επιδιωκόμενες μεταρρυθμίσεις στην κοινωνική και εργασιακή πολιτική της ΕΕ. Έχει επίσης αποκλείσει το ενδεχόμενο ένταξης της Βρετανίας στη ζώνη του ευρώ.

    Πως αντιδρούν οι ευρωπαίοι ηγέτες;

    Ο Ζαν Κλωντ Γιούνκερ, πρόεδρος της Ευρωπαϊκής Επιτροπής, δήλωσε πως είναι έτοιμος να συνεργαστεί με τον Ντέϊβιντ Κάμερον με στόχο την υπογραφή μιας δίκαιης συμφωνίας τόσο για την Βρετανία όσο και για την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση. Κατά το παρελθόν, αρκετοί ευρωπαίοι ηγέτες εξέφρασαν έντονα την απροθυμία τους όσον αφορά το ενδεχόμενο επανεξέτασης και αλλαγής των ευρωπαϊκών συνθηκών με στόχο την ικανοποίηση των βρετανικών αιτημάτων. Έπειτα, όμως, από τον εκλογικό θρίαμβο των Συντηρητικών, «η μπάλα βρίσκεται στο γήπεδο των Βρετανών», όπως ανέφερε χαρακτηριστικά μιλώντας στον Guardian ανώτερος αξιωματούχος της ΕΕ.

    Τι θα συμβεί σε περίπτωση που ο Κάμερον δεν πάρει όλα όσα επιθυμεί;

    Ο βρετανός πρωθυπουργός δέχεται ήδη πιέσεις για να δηλώσει εάν διατίθεται να πραγματοποιήσει εκστρατεία υπέρ της εξόδου της Βρετανίας, ενόψει της διεξαγωγής του σχετικού δημοψηφίσματος, από την ΕΕ σε περίπτωση που δεν ικανοποιηθούν τα αιτήματά του. Ο Ντέϊβιντ Κάμερον περιορίζεται προς το παρόν να δηλώνει πως δεν πρόκειται να «αποκλείσει τίποτα».

    Το Βημα

              Contemporanea Forl Arte XIV edizione        
    contemporanea-forl-arte-xiv-edizione5678 novembre 2010 Alex Preti espone alla Fiera d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea XIV edizione nella citt di Forl via punta di ferro 2 nello stand a cura del portale dell'arte Artantis www.artantis.org

              Windows 10 Mobile fällt deutlich unter ein Prozent Marktanteil        
    Microsoft LogoDas Branchenportal Gartner hat neue Zahlen zur Betriebssystemverteilung im Smartphonemarkt veröffentlicht. Windows 10 Mobile hat seit dem ersten Quartal 2016 nicht einmal mehr ein Prozent Marktanteil.
    Weiter zum Artikel...

              Przestój na budowie galerii Aura w Mielcu        
    W Mielcu powstają na razie dwie galerie handlowe. W centrum miasta na skrzyżowaniu ulicy Biernackiego i al. Niepodległości miała powstać trzecia Galeria Aura - podaje portal nowiny24.pl.
              Google attackiert die Meinungsfreiheit, deutsche Medien üben den Gleichschritt – News zum 9. August 2017        
    1. Der "Economist" berichtet über die Entlassung James Damores bei Google, nachdem Damore in einem Memo Kritik an seinem Arbeitgeber geäußert hatte:

    "This isn’t a question of legality or policy. This is a question of virtue-signalling," says the boss of a prominent tech startup, reflecting the view of many in the Valley.

    Einer meiner Leser schreibt mir zu diesem Fall:

    Der Google-Mitarbeiter der sich kritisch zur Diversity-Politik seines Arbeitgebers äußerte, hat es soeben in die Nachrichten geschafft (N24, 8.8.17, ca. 11:30 Uhr):

    Der Bericht hatte sinngemäß den Tenor, dass ein Google-Mitarbeiter gefeuert worden sei, weil er Frauen (aufgrund ihrer Biologie) generell ungeeignet für technische Berufe halte. Was für eine krasse Verkürzung und Falschdarstellung! Das macht mich echt fassungslos. Nicht mal eine Nachrichtensendung erfüllt noch meine Mindeststandards für eine halbwegs ehrliche Berichterstattung. Was mich vor allem ärgert ist, dass nach einer solch falschen Berichterstattung niemand, nicht einmal pure, nackte Opportunisten, eine Lehre aus der Geschichte ziehen könn(t)en. Selbst wenn sie wollten.

    Ein normaler Zuschauer wird sich denken, dass der Mensch wohl zu Recht entlassen wurde. Denn: Jemanden allein aufgrund seines Geschlechts im Vorfeld für ungeeignet zu erklären, wäre zweifelsohne und unbestritten sexistisch. Welcher heute noch ernst zu nehmende Mensch würde das Gegenteil behaupten? Dieselben Leute aber, die nach dieser Nachrichtenmeldung dann zur Tagesordnung übergehen, gucken später dann vermutlich sehr verduzt, wenn sie ihren Job verlieren, weil sie in irgendeinem Kontext die Biologie als einen möglichen Faktor für eine unterschiedliche Gewichtung bei der Berufswahl als Argument anführen.

    Ich hoffe inständig, dass sich die Entscheidung, Damore zu feuern, noch als Rohrkrepierer erweisen wird.

    Bemerkenswert ist, dass die deutschsprachigen Leitmedien fast durchgehend schon in ihren Schlagzeilen die feministische Perspektive als Tatsache ausgeben. Nur einige Beispiele von mehreren Dutzend Artikeln: "Google entlässt Mitarbeiter wegen sexistischem Text" titelt die "Zeit", "Google feuert Mitarbeiter wegen sexistischen Manifests" Österreichs "Presse", von einem "sexistischen Pamphlet" spricht Spiegel-Online, und "Google feuert Mitarbeiter nach sexistischem Manifest" titelt die "Frankfurter Allgemeine". Sogar der Wortlaut dieser Schlagzeilen ist weitgehend derselbe.

    Ich weiß es nicht, warum in unseren Medien immer noch eine derart unstillbare Sehnsucht danach herrscht, im Gleichschritt zu marschieren. Die angelsächsischen Medien haben allen Grund, sich bis heute über den "German goosestep" lustig zu machen. Ich habe KEINEN deutschsprachigen Artikel gefunden, in dem Google dafür kritisiert wurde, eine bestimmte Ideologie durchzusetzen, indem der Konzern unbotmäßige Untergebene schlicht entfernte. Das ist im angelsächsischen Sprachraum anders. Sicher, auch dort überschlagen sich die Leitmedien mit Falschdarstellungen. Im Gegensatz zu Deutschland geben dort aber zahlreiche Magazine Widerworte und verteidigen in ihren Artikeln die Meinungsfreiheit.

    Ein paar Beispiele. Das Magazin Quilette schreibt über James Damores Essay:

    This essay may not get everything 100% right, but it is certainly not a rant. And it stands in sharp contrast to most of the comments, which are little more than snarky modern slurs. The arrogance of most of the comments reflects exactly the type of smug self-appointed superiority that has led to widespread resentment of the left among reasonable people. To the extent that such views correspond to those at Google, they vindicate the essayist’s claims about the authoritarian and repressive atmosphere there. Even the response by Google’s new VP in charge of diversity simply ignores all of the author’s arguments, and vacuously affirms Google’s commitment to diversity. The essay is vastly more thoughtful, linked to the science, and well-reasoned than nearly all of the comments. If I had one recommendation, it would be this: That, before commenting on these issues, Google executives read two books: John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty and Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind."

    Das sind auch zwei Bücher, die man in deutschen Redaktionsstuben großflächig verteilen sollte.

    Das linksliberale Magazin "The Atlantic" stellt klar, dass Damores Manifest keineswegs "anti-diversity" sei:

    Its author, who was later fired, began, "I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes. When addressing the gap in representation in the population, we need to look at population level differences in distributions. If we can’t have an honest discussion about this, then we can never truly solve the problem."

    The balance of his memo argues that he is not against pursuing greater gender diversity at Google; he says it is against the current means Google is using to pursue that end and the way the company conceives of tradeoffs between the good of diversity and other goods.

    (...) The author specifically objects to using what his memo calls discriminatory means to achieve greater gender diversity, then adds that he has concrete suggestions for changes at Google that would “increase women’s representation in tech and without resorting to discrimination.” In his telling, this could be achieved by making software engineering “more people-oriented with pair programming and more collaboration” and changes that would “allow those exhibiting cooperative behavior to thrive,” as well as offering more opportunities for employees to work part time.

    Whether one regards those suggestions as brilliant, rooted in pernicious gender stereotypes, or anywhere in between, they are clearly and explicitly suggestions to increase diversity in a manner the author regards as having a stronger chance of actually working than some of the tactics that he is critiquing.

    Was davon kommt bei den selbsterklärten Bannerträgern des deutschen Qualitätsjournalismus an? "Sexistisches Manifest".

    Das Magazin Quartz kommentiert:

    By getting fired, Damore proved his own point — that many of Silicon Valley’s leaders remain unwilling to engage with socio-political views different from their own.

    Der "National Review" titelt "Lena Dunham and Google Demonstrate Why Our Free Speech Culture Is Slipping Away" und berichtet wie folgt:

    An anonymous employee penned a multi-page memo addressing why there are fewer women than men in key fields in the tech industry. In the memo, he noted that Google values gender and racial diversity but has created an "ideological echo chamber where some ideas are too sacred to be honestly discussed." This means that Google responds to gender imbalances with "extreme and authoritarian" measures. At the extreme, it views all gender disparities as "due to oppression." Its authoritarian response is to "discriminate to correct this oppression." The writer than explores at length cultural and biological differences between men and women and then proposes some measures to increase female representation in the field without resorting to discrimination.

    (...) The primary victims of this new culture of groupthink are social conservatives and other dissenters from identity politics. In field after field and company after company, conservatives understand that the price of their employment is silence. Double standards abound, and companies intentionally try to keep work environments "safe" from disagreement. Radical sexual and racial politics are given free rein. Disagree — and lose your job. It takes a person of rare constitution and moral courage to speak up. And that’s precisely how the far Left likes it.

    In einem weiteren Artikel stellt auch der "National Review" klar, dass es sich NICHT um einen frauenfeindlichen Text handelte:

    The author (...) states repeatedly that he believes in diversity, and there’s no reason to doubt his self-description as a classical liberal. His exclamation-point-free memo is hardly a rant. He expresses the hope that "open and honest discussion with those who disagree can highlight our blind spots and help us grow."

    How naïve. The witless and inflamed reaction to his document instead underlines his point about "a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence."

    It is one thing to disagree with the memo; it is another thing to believe the views therein should be forbidden. Former Google engineer Yonatan Zunger says that if it were up to him, the author would be summarily fired and escorted from the building immediately by security (you can’t take a chance with such a danger). Entrepreneur Elissa Shevinsky believes that the memo could run afoul of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act — i.e., it might be illegal. Google’s diversity officer, Danielle Brown, didn’t quite go that far. She offered a pro forma assurance that different views are welcome at Google. Nevertheless, she stipulated that the opinions of the author are "incorrect" and added, ominously, that any discussion needs to be in accord with "our Code of Conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws." Her case would have been much stronger if she had actually rebutted any of the author’s statements about sex differences — assuming that she could.

    A line in the memo about women being more prone to anxiety has drawn particular ire — as if the author made this up. As the publication Stanford Medicine notes, "Women are twice as likely as men to experience clinical depression in their lifetimes; likewise for post-traumatic stress disorder." An article in the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews likewise says that "female-biased conditions include depression, anxiety disorder, and anorexia nervosa." This doesn’t mean that men are superior, just that they are different and more prone to other problems — among them, alcohol- and drug-dependency, schizophrenia, dyslexia, autism, Tourette syndrome, and attention-deficit disorder. It’s not bias against men, or in favor of women, to note these tendencies.

    Für die deutschen Leitmedien ist das schon längst viel zu differenziert und kompliziert. "Sexistisches Manifest" muss genügen. Es will sich ja auch keiner in irgendwelche Nesseln setzen. Wer weiß schon, wann der grüne Pranger wieder online geht.

    Der "Daily Wire" spricht von Firmenfaschismus :

    James Damore, the author of the memo, told Bloomberg he had indeed been fired on grounds of "perpetuating gender stereotypes." Which is weird, since gender stereotypes are the basis for Google’s "diversity policy," which suggests that more women must be hired in order to enrich the workplace. If men and women are identical, no such diversity policy would be necessary or praiseworthy.

    All of this proves that Damore was absolutely right that Google has a blindered view of politics that hinders their capacity to engage in business. Google has been accused in the past of biasing search results toward the Left, and they’ve long been accused of promoting political leftism as opposed to a free and open diversity of thought.

    CNBC berichtet in einem Artikel darüber, warum die Entlassung James Damores illegal sein könnte, folgendes:

    In a reply to the initial outcry over his memo, the engineer added to his memo: "Despite what the public response seems to have been, I've gotten many personal messages from fellow Googlers expressing their gratitude for bringing up these very important issues which they agree with but would never have the courage to say or defend because of our shaming culture and the possibility of being fired." The law protects that kind of "concerted activity."

    Second, the engineer's memo largely is a statement of his political views as they apply to workplace policies. The memo is styled as a lament to "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber." California law prohibits employers from threatening to fire employees to get them to adopt or refrain from adopting a particular political course of action.

    (...) Third, the engineer complained in parts of his memo about company policies that he believes violate employment discrimination laws. Those policies include support programs limited by race or gender and promotional and hiring scoring policies that consider race and gender. It is unlawful for an employer to discipline an employee for challenging conduct that the employee reasonably believed to be discriminatory, even when a court later determines the conduct was not actually prohibited by the discrimination laws. In other words, the engineer doesn't have to be right that some of Google's diversity initiatives are unlawful, only that he reasonably believes that they are.

    Diskriminierung von Männern? In den meisten deutschen Leitmedien selbst heute noch nicht der Rede wert.

    Der "Federalist" sieht James Damores als Opfer eines politisch korrekten Mobs und kommentiert:

    One of the problems with this kerfuffle was that the vast majority of the histrionic reactions on social media and elsewhere have misrepresented not only what the memo says but also its purpose. The memo was neither a screed nor anti-diversity. It was the kind of unvarnished, dispassionate, and meticulous case that I imagine many engineers offer. It’s difficult to believe anyone who read through it with an open mind could interpret the author’s notions as an attempt to consolidate the patriarchy or to make life less diverse in his field.

    The other, bigger problem is that the reaction to it demonstrates that the author is completely right about the lack of ideological diversity and its consequences.

    The unnamed engineer’s contentions about the bias at Google is a near-perfect summation of the dangers manifest in all close-minded institutions, including most of the news media and many universities. He points out that conflating "freedom from offense with psychological safety" shames people into silence. Further, he argues that these monocultures foster unhealthy environments where people can no longer honestly debate important topics. Finally, and most destructively, he says these bubbles then promote "extreme and authoritarian elements."

    "Breitbart", aus Sicht deutscher Leitmedien und einem befreundeten Grünen unter den Genderama-Lesern eine Website, die auf keinen Fall zitiert oder verlinkt werden darf, wenn der Verlinkende nichts als rechtsextrem beschimpft werden möchte, hat sogar eine eigene Interviewserie "Die Rebellen von Google" begonnen, in der Google-Mitarbeiter berichten, wie in diesem Konzern Hexenjagden und Intoleranz regieren. Lesen Sie NICHT, ich wiederhole, lesen Sie NICHT das soeben verlinkte Interview. Sie fangen an, plötzlich unkontrolliert "Heil Hitler!" zu schreien, sobald Sie das tun. Klatschen Sie lieber brav mit, wenn Google einen Mitarbeiter "wegen Sexismus" entlässt.

    (Hadmut Danisch hat mit der Verlinkung des "Breitbart"-Beitrags übrigens gerade dasselbe Problem, wie ich bei der Recherche zu dieser Debatte sehe. Man macht es nicht gerne, aber der leitmediale Einheitsbrei bringt einen derart zur Verzweiflung ...)

    Falls Sie in den nächsten Tagen irgendwo in den deutschen Medien einen Artikel finden, der ähnlich wie die zitierten angelsächsischen Medien aus dem Gleichschritt ausbricht und pro Meinungsfreiheit argumentiert, freue ich mich über den Link. Ich rechne nicht damit. Stattdessen bekommen wir etwa von Angela Gruber Spiegel-Online folgendes serviert:

    Es wäre wünschenswert gewesen, dass ein solches Schreiben ohne Reaktionen im Google-Intranet versandet. Einfach, weil niemand über solche Thesen diskutieren will.

    Autoritäres und freiheitliches Denken prallen hier frontal aufeinander. Und wieder einmal ist die Kluft zwischen Redaktionsmeinung und Leserkommentaren unter dem Artikel riesig. Unter vergleichbaren Artikeln sieht es nicht anders aus.

    Dezidierte Technik-Magazine ticken übrigens ähnlich, was die journalistische Gesprächsbereitschaft mit Menschen anderer Meinung betrifft. So erklärt Jessica Tomala bei "Giga":

    Ich bin zwar keine Programmiererin, sondern Redakteurin, aber würde ich mit James Damore, dem Verfasser des zehnseitigen internen Manifests bei Google, zusammenarbeiten: Ich hätte meinen morgendlichen Kaffeebecher wohl einfach über seinem Kopf ausgeleert.

    Damit hätte sie es James Damore einmal so richtig gezeigt. Von wegen, Frauen wären neurotisch. Ha!

    Ach ja: Was macht eigentlich Deutschlands Linke, wenn ein marktbeherrschender Konzern Arbeitnehmer feuert, weil diese Arbeitnehmer missliebige Ansichten äußern und Diskriminierung beklagen? Auch von dort höre ich gerade nicht sehr viel.

    Julian Assange immerhin hat James Damore inzwischen einen Job bei Wikileaks angeboten. Eingeleitet wurde dieses Angebot von einem klaren Statement Assanges: "Censorship is for losers".

    2. Leider ist der deutsche Hang zum Gleichschritt nicht einmal das einzige gravierende Problem in unseren Medien. Um ein weiteres Problem zu beleuchten, legen Hanna Herbst und Nora Kolhoff im Magazin "Vice" einen geradezu maskulistischen Text vor: "Versaute Klassenfahrt" und "Sex-Lehrerin": Wie Medien über Missbrauch durch Frauen reden.

    3. In der Printausgabe der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen" von morgen findet sich auf Seite 8 der Artikel "Die Grenzen der Frauenförderung" von Reiner Burger. Der Untertitel des ausführlichen Beitrags, der leider nicht online steht, lautet "Die nordrhein-westfälische Polizei darf Männer im Bewerbungsverfahren nicht benachteiligen".

    Der Artikel handelt von einem Gerichtsurteil, nach dem drei junge Frauen vor dem Verwaltungsgericht Düsseldorf geklagt hatten, wegen ihrer geringen Größe nicht als Polizistinnen eingestellt worden zu sein. In dem Artikel heißt es:

    Die 2. Kammer des Gerichts nutzte die Gelegenheit allerdings, um sich grundsätzlich mit der Sache auseinanderzusetzen und um zum wiederholten Mal die Grenzen der Frauenförderung aufzuzeigen. Ganz allgemein gebe es "einen Trend", die Frauenförderung über alles andere zu stellen, monierte der Vorsitzende Richter Andreas Müller.

    Der Hintergrund: Um bei der nordrheinwestfälischen Polizei eingestellt zu werden, müssen Frauen mindestens 1,63 Meter und Männer mindestens 1,68 Meter groß sein. An Männer wird ein strengerer Maßstab angelegt, damit sich das Verhältnis der Polizeibeamten zugnsten der Frauen verschiebt.

    Die zwischen 1,63 und 1,68 Meter großen Männer werden also im Namen der Frauenförderung systematisch aussortiert, ohne dass sie im Bewerbungsverfahren zeigen können, ob sie nicht doch objektiv besser geeignet sind als andere Bewerber. Diese Regelung ist nach Auffassung des Gerichts verfassungswidrig. Nach dem im Grundgesetz verankerten Prinzip der Bestenauslese dürfe der Zugang zum Beamtenverhältnis nur von Eignung, Befähigung und fachlicher Leistung abhängig gemacht werden. "Die Frauenförderung hat zwar Verfassungsrang, doch sie steht nicht über allem anderen", sagte Müller in der mündlichen Verhandlung. Vielmehr gelte es, die beiden widerstreitenden Interessen von Verfassungsrang – die Gleichberechtigung und das Prinzip der Bestenauslese – miteinander in Einklang zu bringen. Durch den Erlass des Ministeriums würden jedoch schlechtere Frauen besseren männlichen Bewerbern vorgezogen.

    Das allerdings war das Ziel der rot-grünen Landesregierung unter Hannelore Kraft gewesen. Frauen bekamen im Aufstiegswettbewerb einen Bonus gewährt. Das OVG allerdings hatte in dieser regelung einen Verstoß gegen das Grundgesetz gesehen. (Genderama berichtete.) Dieser Auffassung schloss sich jetzt das Verwaltungsgericht Düsseldorf bei seinem aktuellen Urteil an. In der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen" heißt es hierzu:

    Damit ist die Entscheidung des Düsseldorfer Verwaltungsgerichts zwar im Kern ein Männerschutz-Urteil. Wird es rechtskräftig (...), werden aber drei Frauen als Erste von ihm profitieren. Denn hätte das Land Nordrhein-Westfalen eine rechtskonforme Mindestgrößenregelung gehabt, dann hätten die jeweils knapp unter 1,63 Meter großen Klägerinnen wohl nie eine Chance bekommen, am Bewerbungsverfahren der Polizei teilzunehmen.

    Putzig ist mal wieder, was deutsche Medien aus dem Urteil machen: Gericht kippt Mindestgröße für Polizistinnen. Der Artikel unter der Schlagzeile, natürlich die "Brigitte", erweckt den Eindruck, es sei die Diskriminierung von Frauen unterbunden worden. Noch irrer ist die Darstellung des Sachverhalts beim SWR. Dort heißt es:

    Die Mindestgröße für Polizistinnen in Nordrhein-Westfalen ist verfassungswidrig. Die Richter am Verwaltungsgericht in Düsseldorf gaben einer Klägerin aus Oberhausen recht. Sie hatte sich bei der Polizei beworben und war nicht zum Auswahlverfahren zugelassen worden, weil sie anderthalb Zentimeter kleiner als die erforderlichen 1,63 Meter ist. Die Düsseldorfer Richter entschieden, die Körpergröße habe wenig mit der Eignung von Polizeianwärterinnen zu tun. Sie verwiesen unter anderem auf die Bundespolizei, die auch ohne eine Mindestgröße auskomme. Die Bewerberin müsse jetzt zum Auswahlverfahren zugelassen werden.

    Immerhin gelingt es auch der "Zeit" den Fall korrekt darzustellen und u erklären, dass es um eine Diskriminierung von Männern geht. Irreführend ist hier nur die Überschrift: "Polizei muss kleine Frau als Bewerberin akzeptieren."

    4. Ebenfalls in der Printausgabe der "Frankfurter Allgemeinen" von morgen findet sich ein Beitrag von Rainer Meyer ("Don Alphonso"), betitelt mit "Das Vermächtnis der schwarzen Liste". Der Artikel bezieht sich auf den grünen Online-Pranger und stellt dazu zunächst einmal Andreas Kemper vor, dem Beitrag zufolge ein "54 Jahre alter Aktivist und Soziologiedoktorand aus Münster, der seit mehr als zehn Jahren im Internet einen erbitterten, privaten Kleinkrieg gegen Männerrechtler und Gegner der Genderideologie führt."

    Hey, Kemper hat einen neuen Abschnitt für den Wikipedia-Eintrag über sich, sogar aus einem anerkannten Leitmedium. Ich hoffe, er freut sich ein bisschen.

    Der FAZ-Artikel führt aus, was die meisten Genderama-Leser ohnehin schon über den grünen Pranger wissen. In einer Passage erfährt man folgendes:

    Wer bei diesem Portal wen beschuldigte, war nicht offensichtlich. Zwar basiert Agent*In auf jener Wikimedia-Software, auf der auch die deutsche Wikipedia aufgebaut ist, wo Kemper und andere Aktivisten teils offen, teils anonym ihren Feldzug für ihre Vorstellungen von Sozial- und Geschlechterpolitik führen. Während aber bei Wikipedia die Versionsgeschichte, die Diskussionen und die Autoren gesehen und recherchiert werden können, ist Agent*In um diese Funktionen beraubt. (...) Auf die Frage, wie viel Geld die hauptsächlich durch Steuergeld finanzierte Böll-Stiftung für Agent*In ausgibt, verweigerte von Bargen die Auskunft.

    Diese intransparente Konstruktion und ihre erkennbare Ausrichtung, die zur Rufschädigung von Biologen, Journalisten, Bloggern und vielen weiteren genannten Gruppen beitragen sollte, zogen in den Medien von rechts bis links viel Kritik auf sich.

    Bekanntlich nutzte das Versteckspiel wenig:

    Erste Tarn- und Klarnamen, darunter der von Andreas Kemper, konnten durch eine simple Suchabfrage eruiert werden. Offensichtlich hatten die Böll-Techniker die Tücken der Wikisoftware unterschätzt. Erst nach der Darstellung des Lecks bei FAZ.net wurde die Lücke geschlossen. Mit reiner Spielerei an den URLs der Beiträge war es nicht nur möglich, die Veränderungen der Beiträge aufzurufen. Die Versionsgeschichte des Projekts vom 15. Dezember 2015 bis zu den letzten Änderungen stand offen im Netz. Über 7000 Seiten konnten erfasst und minutengenau erfasst werden. Obendrein zeigte sich nicht nur jede Änderung, sondern auch jeder Name der Autorenschaft. Ein kleines Team hatte Agent*In gepflegt, ergänzt und juristisch weniger angreifbar gemacht. Personen, deren Namen genannt wurden, konnten zudem ihre "Akten" herunterladen und erkennen, was einem umfassenden Redigat im Frühjahr 2017 zum Opfer gefallen war. Kemper hatte Anfang 2016 den größten Teil der Beiträge angelegt, und teilweise Formulierungen verwendet, die datenschutz- und persönlichkeitsrechtlich problematisch waren.

    Wiewohl die Verantwortlichen für dieses Projekt mit einer baldigen Rückkehr drohten, wird das von Sicherheitsexperten bezweifelt:

    Auch Bereiche, die mit Passwörtern gesichert waren, stellten kein großes Hindernis dar, zumal Benutzernamen tagelang bekannt waren. Ob sich weitere Zuträger finden, die bei einem derartig unsicheren Projekt mitwirken wollen, ist fraglich: Die fast durchweg negative Resonanz zeigt, wie kritisch das Anlegen von schwarzen Listen mit "Feinden" durch eine mit Steuergeld finanzierte Parteienstiftung gesehen wird. Nur radikalfeministische Websites, linke Aktivisten und Genderforscher stellten sich vorbehaltlos hinter das Projekt.

    5. Die Schwarzen Listen wiederum haben grundsätzliche Fragen zur "Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung" ausgelöst. Was ist das eigentlich für ein Verein? Handelt es sich wirklich um eine Stiftung? Warum gibt es innerhalb dieses ohnehin schon feministischen Vereins noch einmal ein eigenes feministisches Institut? Warum spielen Männer dort nur eine Rolle, solange sie Frauen dienen? Und wieso werden Menschen, die für die Rechte von Jungen und Männern eintreten, dort als Feinde behandelt, mit denen es keinen Dialog geben kann? Das Blog Man in the Middle hat seine Rechercheergebnisse über die Böll-Stiftung zusammengetragen und gelangt zu dem Urteil: Faktisch handelt es sich um ein Matriarchat.

    6. Die Brigitte versucht, den Leuten endlich einzubläuen, dass der Feminismus nicht männerfeindlich ist.

    7. Vor ein paar Monaten noch haben sich etliche Feministinnen vor Lachen auf dem Boden gekugelt, als sie hörten, dass tatsächlich Männer gegen Filmvorführungen nur für Frauen wegen Diskriminierung klagten. Die verantwortliche Kinokette hatte den Spott online angeheizt und zusätzliche Veranstaltungen dieser Art angesetzt. Inzwischen hat sie im Rahmen gerichtlicher Vergleichsverhandlungen ihr Fehlverhalten eingestanden:

    In a settlement offer July 18, Missy Reynolds, director of real estate and development for the Drafthouse, called that decree a 2tongue in cheek moniker" and said the theater wouldn’t actually have denied men admission if any had purchased tickets.

    The theater admitted it made two mistakes: underestimating the hubbub the screenings would create and advertising them as women-only. "Respondent did not realize that advertising a ‘women’s-only’ screening was a violation of discrimination laws," the movie theater’s offer to the city says.

    (...) City records indicate one of the men with a complaint pending offered to settle in exchange for the theater changing its discrimination policies and publicly apologizing on Facebook. The other complainant asked the Drafthouse to pay him $8,892 — roughly three times the estimated value of tickets and concessions for the women-only screenings.

    The Drafthouse responded to both with the counteroffer saying it would update its company discrimination policies using "Wonder Woman" as a case study, share letters describing the men’s points of view with employees and send each man a "Wonder Woman" DVD.

    An agreement has not yet been reached and negotiations are ongoing.

    8. Die US-Marines ließen durchgehend männliche Einheiten gegen gemischtgeschlechtliche Einheiten antreten und gelangten zu einem Ergebnis, dass die deutschen Leitmedien wohl als zutiefst sexistisch bezeichnen würden:

    Overall, the report says, all-male teams and crews outperformed mixed-gender ones on 93 out of 134 tasks evaluated. All-male teams were universally faster "in each tactical movement."

    Wenn das US-Militär sich an Google orientieren würde, hätte man dort die Verantwortlichen für diesen Bericht längst entlassen. Nachdem man sie mit Kaffee begossen hätte natürlich. Das Magazin Quartz hingegen stellt dreist in Frage, dass das Ideal der Gleichstellung tatsächlich Menschenleben wert ist:

    Risking the lives of a military unit in combat to provide career opportunities or accommodate the personal desires or interests of an individual, or group of individuals, is more than bad military judgment. It is morally wrong.

              Gana dinero desde casa con recargas de tiempo aire         
    Solo necesitas una computadora con internet o un celular y listo! servicio de tiempo aire para toda la república ya que es multiregion vende recargas a tus amigos, a tus conocidos o simplemente a tus clientes. atractivas comisiones. lo que depositas a tu cuenta de tu portal es lo que vendes, más la comisión que se te abona. Es así de fácil! comisión para telcel, movistar, unefon, y iusacel desde 5 % hasta el 6%. servicio de tus recargas las 24 horas del día los 365 días de año, en las plataformas más estables. promoción: date de alta hoy mismo y te ofrecemos las mejores comisiones del mercado.
              Andrzej Gantner, PFPÅ» - obszerny wywiad na temat strategii eksportu polskiej żywności        
    O tym, że zamiast CETA powinniśmy obawiać się Brexitu, o zabójczej dla polskiego przemysłu drodze protekcjonizmu oraz o tym, że w eksporcie żywności, podobnie jak na wojnie, kluczem do sukcesu jest nie waleczność, a posiadanie solidnego zaplecza - w obszernym wywiadzie dla portalspozywczy.pl opowiada Andrzej Gantner, dyrektor generalny Polskiej Federacji Producentów Żywności.
              ZPPM ocenia plany ministerstwa rolnictwa        
    Na początku grudnia ubiegłego roku Ministerstwo Rolnictwa upubliczniło dosyć obszerny dokument, w którym m.in. nakreśliło swoje plany na najbliższe cztery lata. Co prawda zdecydowanie większą część tej publikacji poświęcono szczegółowej krytyce poczynań poprzedniej ekipy, a plany Ministerstwa potraktowano jedynie hasłowo, ale i na tej podstawie można pokusić się o ocenę pomysłów firmowanych przez Ministra Jurgiela – mówi w rozmowie z serwisem portalspożywczy.pl Marcin Hydzik, prezes Związku Polskich Przetwórców Mleka.
              Dyrektor KRD: Spodziewamy się dalszego wzrostu eksportu drobiu        
    W 2014 r. należy się spodziewać dalszego wzrostu eksportu drobiu z Polski. Uczestnicy łańcucha produkcji drobiarskiej wciąż zwiększają skalę produkcji. Niestety marża przez nich osiągana, mam tu na myśli przede wszystkim sektor ubojowy i przetwórczy, jest niska. W tym obszarze widzimy jeszcze wiele do zrobienia - mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Łukasz Dominiak, dyrektor generalny Krajowej Rady Drobiarstwa (KRD).
              SRW RP zintensyfikuje promocję polskiego mięsa        
    Naszym głównym celem na 2014 r. będzie intensyfikacja eksportu głównie za pomocą naszego trzeciego programu unijnego skierowanego na kraje trzecie. Będzie to drugi rok realizacji tego projektu obejmującego Shanghaj, Hong Kong, Moskwę, Kaliningrad i Dubaj - mówi serwisowi portalspozywczy.pl Janusz Rodziewicz, prezes Stowarzyszenia Rzeźników i Wędliniarzy RP.
              Infinite Campus Portal Mobile App Available!        

    Grand River Prep is excited to announce that the Infinite Campus Portal is now available through a mobile app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). In addition to the information available through the web, you also have the option to receive real-time push notifications when changes are made to attendance, assignments and grades. Obtaining access is […]

    The post Infinite Campus Portal Mobile App Available! appeared first on Grand River Preparatory High School.

              Prezes SRW RP: Promocja mięsa na rynkach zagranicznych rozwija się ewolucyjnie        
    Dopiero po przystąpieniu do Unii Europejskiej zrozumieliśmy na czym polega prawdziwa promocja żywności na rynkach zagranicznych. Rozwój promocji naszej żywności przebiega ewolucyjnie, ale dynamicznie - mówi portalspozywczy.pl Janusz Rodziewicz, prezes Stowarzyszenia Rzeźników i Wędliniarzy RP.
              Dyrektor ARR: Fundusze promocji sprawdzają się        
    Fundusze promocji miały dwa zasadnicze cele. Pierwszy to zapewnienie wkładu własnego, aby uzyskać fundusze unijne na promocję żywności, a drugi to pobudzenie organizacji branżowych do współpracy. Oba te cele udało się osiągnąć - powiedział serwisowi portalspożywczy.pl Piotr Kondraciuk, dyrektor Biura Promocji Żywności ARR.
              Prezes PZPBM: W tym roku działaliśmy w wielu obszarach        
    Między innymi prowadziliśmy uzgodnienia z MRiRW w sprawie wpisania systemu QMP do PROW 2007-2013. Nie mamy jeszcze ostatecznej decyzji KE, ale spodziewamy się pozytywnego rozstrzygnięcia, jeszcze w grudniu bieżącego roku - mówi w rozmowie z serwisem portalspozywczy.pl Jerzy Wierzbicki, prezes Polskiego Zrzeszenia Producentów Bydła Mięsnego.
              Auto elettriche più vendute al mondo        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Classifica delle auto elettriche più vendute al mondo nel 2017 (BEV + PHEV). Auto elettriche più vendute al mondo. L’ascesa del mercato globale degli EV prosegue a ritmo sostenuto e, così come atteso/sperato, le immatricolazioni a...

    L'articolo intitolato Auto elettriche più vendute al mondo è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Nuova Nissan LEAF 2018: specifiche e prezzi (quasi) ufficiali        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Specifiche nuova Nissan LEAF 2018 e Prezzi nuova Nissan LEAF 2018: dati pre-ufficiali… Specifiche nuova Nissan LEAF 2018 e prezzi nuova Nissan LEAF 2018. Quando manca meno di un mese dalla presentazione ufficiale della nuova Nissan LEAF,...

    L'articolo intitolato Nuova Nissan LEAF 2018: specifiche e prezzi (quasi) ufficiali è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid brilla in Svezia        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid, record di vendite nel mese di luglio nel mercato svedese. Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid. Il mercato svedese delle autovetture PEV (Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles) ha fatto registrare nel mese di luglio 1.174 nuove unità...

    L'articolo intitolato Kia Optima Plug-in Hybrid brilla in Svezia è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Confermato il trend positivo delle elettriche        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Luglio 2017 – Vendite di Autovetture in Italia: ibride ed elettriche raddoppiano i volumi! Ibride ed elettriche raddoppiano i volumi. In crescita da 44 mesi (ad eccezione di maggio 2014 e aprile 2017) il mercato dell’auto...

    L'articolo intitolato Confermato il trend positivo delle elettriche è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Specifiche Tesla Model 3        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Specifiche Tesla Model 3 – Autonomia fino a 500 km, Accelerazione da 0 a 100 km/h in 5,3 secondi… Specifiche Tesla Model 3. L’attesa per la Tesla Model 3, la prima berlina 100% elettrica promessa da...

    L'articolo intitolato Specifiche Tesla Model 3 è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Nissan LEAF e-Pedal        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Nissan LEAF e-Pedal: “Le cose semplici possono essere incredibili”. Nissan LEAF e-Pedal. La frenata rigenerativa è una delle caratteristiche più interessanti e peculiari dei veicoli elettrici. Mentre praticamente tutte le auto elettriche sul mercato ne sono...

    L'articolo intitolato Nissan LEAF e-Pedal è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Renault ZOE in Corea del Sud?        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    La Renault ZOE, nel 2019, potrebbe essere venduta anche in Corea del Sud. Renault ZOE in Corea del Sud. Secondo recenti indiscrezioni, Renault sta prendendo in considerazione l’idea di vendere la ZOE in Corea del Sud a...

    L'articolo intitolato Renault ZOE in Corea del Sud? è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Auto elettriche Irlanda: Hyundai Ioniq Electric sfida Nissan LEAF        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Auto elettriche Irlanda, la Hyundai Ioniq Electric lancia la sfida alla “regina” Nissan LEAF. Auto elettriche Irlanda. Quest’anno il mercato delle auto plug-in (PEV, Plug-in Electric Vehicles) in Irlanda è cresciuto del 20%, avendo fatto registrare...

    L'articolo intitolato Auto elettriche Irlanda: Hyundai Ioniq Electric sfida Nissan LEAF è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              (US Marines) "Men, it's leadership problems:" The Calamitous Condition of Contemporary Anglicanism        



    By Roger Salter
    Special to Virtueonline
    December 30, 2012

    If Holy Scripture and Reformational standards are to be our measure the present
    state of the Anglican Communion is lamentable. Discounting those rare
    exceptions in academy, diocese

              Cina, le case automobilistiche contro gli EV        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Tutti i costruttori (tranne Tesla) chiedono alla Cina di rallentare sull’auto elettrica. Cina. L’industria automobilistica sta tentando – ancora una volta – di rallentare la diffusione dei veicoli elettrici. Praticamente tutti i produttori d’automobili, tranne Tesla...

    L'articolo intitolato Cina, le case automobilistiche contro gli EV è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Nissan: vendite in Italia nel mese di giugno 2017        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Vendite Nissan giugno 2017, prosegue la leadership nei Veicoli Elettrici in Italia. » Vendite Nissan giugno 2017 – punti “chiave” Nissan è leader nei veicoli elettrici in Italia nel mese di giugno e nel primo semestre...

    L'articolo intitolato Nissan: vendite in Italia nel mese di giugno 2017 è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Spagna, “sfida” tra Renault Zoe e Nissan Leaf        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Spagna, Renault Zoe e Nissan Leaf si contendono la leadership nel mercato delle autovetture elettriche plug-in. Spagna, Renault Zoe e Nissan Leaf. Dopo aver analizzato l’andamento delle autovetture elettriche ricaricabili nello strabiliante mercato norvegese (non perdete il...

    L'articolo intitolato Spagna, “sfida” tra Renault Zoe e Nissan Leaf è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Exploit di Volkswagen e-Golf in Norvegia        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Volkswagen e-Golf best seller nel mese record di vendite in Norvegia. Volkswagen e-Golf. Il mercato norvegese dei veicoli elettrici plug-in (ovvero veicoli completamente elettrici più veicoli ibridi ricaricabili) è cresciuto del 64% nel mese di giugno...

    L'articolo intitolato Exploit di Volkswagen e-Golf in Norvegia è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Vendite auto giugno 2017: in crescita le elettriche        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Vendite auto giugno 2017: forte crescita percentuale per le auto ibride e le auto elettriche. Ma le quote di mercato (soprattutto per le elettriche pure) restano molto esigue… Vendite auto giugno 2017: dati generali Vendite auto...

    L'articolo intitolato Vendite auto giugno 2017: in crescita le elettriche è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              BMW Serie 3 elettrica all’attacco        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    BMW Serie 3 elettrica vicina al debutto. Obiettivo: contrastare Tesla Model 3. BMW Serie 3 elettrica. Le prime campagne pubblicitarie della berlina sportiva ibrida plug-in BMW 330e diffuse negli Stati Uniti nell’agosto del 2016 erano accompagnate da...

    L'articolo intitolato BMW Serie 3 elettrica all’attacco è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Mini Countryman PHEV, partenza col botto        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Italia, Maggio 2017 – Mini Countryman PHEV: avvio alla grande! Mini Countryman PHEV. Il mese scorso il mercato italiano degli EV è salito del 53%, a 359 unità, portando il fatturato a 1.671 unità (+31% su...

    L'articolo intitolato Mini Countryman PHEV, partenza col botto è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Aggiornamenti Tesla Giugno 2017        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Aggiornamenti Tesla Giugno 2017: ultime novità dalla Casa californiana. Aggiornamenti Tesla Giugno 2017 – Inoltriamo ai nostri Lettori le ultime novità dal mondo Tesla Motors giunte nella nostra casella di posta elettronica tramite newsletter. Aggiornamenti Tesla...

    L'articolo intitolato Aggiornamenti Tesla Giugno 2017 è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Gruppi di acquisto GAI attivi        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    GIUGNO 2017 – Ecco i gruppi di acquisto del GAI in corso di costituzione… Gruppi di acquisto GAI attivi. In questo brevissimo post intendiamo ricordare ai nostri lettori quali sono i gruppi di acquisto del GAI (Gruppo...

    L'articolo intitolato Gruppi di acquisto GAI attivi è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Nissan LEAF 2018: nuovi dettagli        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Nissan LEAF 2018: nuovi dettagli sulla prossima generazione della nipponica a zero emissioni. Nissan LEAF 2018. Pochi giorni fa, sono emerse in Rete altre indiscrezioni che consentono di confrontare alcune delle caratteristiche dell’attuale Nissan LEAF con...

    L'articolo intitolato Nissan LEAF 2018: nuovi dettagli è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Hyundai Kona EV: arrivo confermato        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Hyundai Kona EV: la Casa coreana conferma l’arrivo della versione a zero emissioni nel 2018. Anche se non è ancora chiaro quando verrà commercializzato in Europa e negli Stati Uniti, Hyundai Kona EV sarà caratterizzato da...

    L'articolo intitolato Hyundai Kona EV: arrivo confermato è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Renault e.dams conferma Buemi e Prost        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Campionato FIA Formula E РRenault e.dams, S̩bastien Buemi e Nicolas Prost proseguiranno la loro collaborazione fino al 2019. Con questo tandem di piloti, Renault e.dams si ̬ assicurata la vittoria in 11 corse, i due...

    L'articolo intitolato Renault e.dams conferma Buemi e Prost è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Ecco il nuovo Renault Kangoo Z.E.        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Da oggi in Italia nuovo Renault Kangoo Z.E., il veicolo commerciale elettrico con la maggiore autonomia. Presentato a Gennaio 2017 al Salone di Bruxelles, nuovo Renault Kangoo Z.E.[1] è disponibile da oggi in Italia. Nuovo Renault...

    L'articolo intitolato Ecco il nuovo Renault Kangoo Z.E. è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              Auto ibride: +87% a maggio!        

    Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche GAA |

    Maggio 2017, immatricolazioni di nuove autovetture in Italia: forte crescita delle auto ibride. Immatricolazioni auto elettriche e auto ibride. MAGGIO 2017 – Così come riportato da UNRAE, riprende il trend positivo del mercato dell’auto dopo il...

    L'articolo intitolato Auto ibride: +87% a maggio! è stato pubblicato sul portale Gruppo Acquisto Auto elettriche G.A.A.. da Redazione

              The Falcon at the Portal (Amelia Peabody, #11)        
    The Falcon at the Portal (Amelia Peabody, #11)
    author: Elizabeth Peters
    name: Calista
    average rating: 4.23
    book published: 1999
    rating: 5
    read at:
    date added: 2012/02/25

              Generating Passive Income Sreams 3 Things To Look For In A Home Based Business        
    Are you looking for a legitimate that you can join up with? Are you tired of getting involved with a company to find out that all you end up with is the realization that you are not going to be successful as what you were promised you would be? If this is you then I want you to take the next five minutes and find out for yourself why I have the best opportunity for you to be successful in this failing economy!

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              Starting Online Home Based Business How To Avoid Work From Home Job Scams        
    With unemployment at its highest level in almost three decades as of this writing, many are looking for home-based work opportunities. Unfortunately, this also means work-from-home jobs scams are on the rise. Starting online home business could be decietful.

    However, they are pretty easy to avoid if you know what to look out for. Following are three things to look out for that will tell you if a home based work opportunity is real. If you keep this advice in mind, you should have no problem avoiding work-from-home jobs scams.

    Application Fees: You should never have to "pay for work." Many scammers make their opportunity seem legitimate by asking for application fees (aka application processing fee). These fees usually range from a low of $9.95 on up to about $35 or $40 a pop.

    Don't fall for it. Legitimate home-based work is fee free, ie, there are no fees of any kind -- ever.

    Personal Information: In some countries (mostly European), it is common to list personal information like age and date of birth on your resume (CV). This is not common in the United States. In fact, it's discouraged. Giving out personal information like this (especially a Social Security number) can easily be used to steal your identity.

    If a home-based work opportunity asks you to fill out an online application, don't give out your social security number or any other personal information until you've done your due diligence (eg, do a web search on the company, check with the Better Business Bureau).

    When in doubt as to whether an opportunity is an online job scam or not, follow the guidelines outlined by major job sites like Monster and CareerBuilder.

    A resume is enough initially -- no personal information beyond what is provided there is needed. If a company is serious about hiring you, there will come a time where you will have to give out personal information -- but make sure there's a real company behind it. Google them, find an address, get a telephone number, etc.

    If a company is corresponding with you only by email and you never speak with an actual person or are able to find out any info about the company in a web search, don't even consider continuing with the application process.

    You Receive Money: Some home-based work opportunities are so elaborate and seem so real that many are easily sucked in. One of the most popular of these is where you receive money. There are several variations, but it goes something like this:

    You receive a check in the mail -- usually for several thousand dollars. It looks authentic. It can be for anything from a foreign lottery you've won, to government benefits (eg, stimulus checks), to being a beneficiary of an estate, etc.

    It has your correct name, address, an official bank name -- everything. You may even call and verify that the bank is real -- and it may be.

    You are always asked to call a number to verify/authenticate/get further instructions. And, this is the part that should send off alarm bells.

    Once they get you on the phone, they'll tell you to deposit the check and will at some point ask you to wire funds back to them for "overpayment or taxes or procesing fees, etc." This may happen during the initial call, or a few days or weeks later, after the check has "cleared."

    And, the check very well may "clear." Only, not for long. By the time you've wired them the funds for "overpayment or taxes or procesing fees," you get a call from your bank saying that the check bounced; that it was a fraud. And you're on the hook for the money, because the crooks have disappeared.

    Remember, there is no legitimate reason for any employer to give you a check or money order, then ask you to wire money anywhere in return -- ever. It is always a work-from-home job scam if this happens.

    Did you know? According to the Msnbc article, "Easy check fraud technique draws scrutiny," ". . . checking account numbers are just as valuable to criminals as credit card numbers . . . Armed with just a checking account number and bank routing number [found on every check], criminals can create checks at whim, experts and law enforcement authorities say."

    Want a legitimate home-based work opportunity you can start immediately? Become a freelance writer. Get everything you need to start at http://InkwellEditorial.com/bizguides.htm. No experience necessary, and you can start making $100/day pretty easily -- even part time.

    homeincomeportal: starting a online business

    homeincomeportal: top homebased business

    Article Source: www.articlesnatch.com

              CMS State of the Union: Data-Based Insights From the Past Two Years        

    CMS State of the Union 2017

    If you didn’t already know, CMS is an acronym for “content management system.” A CMS is used by many developers, consultancies, and companies to build their website. It’s an incredibly common thing to do, as any flavor of CMS you choose will always save you effort and money, compared to building a website from nothing. This is especially true if you look at the lifetime investment of your website. Using a CMS framework or solution of some kind just seems to make sense. After all, this is what I’ve built my own career upon since 2001. However, then, CMS was known as a portal or portal framework. That’s a long time ago, so it’s not a bad idea to take stock of things every now and thing to see if what you’re doing is the correct thing. To this end, I asked myself, “How is CMS doing right now, and does it make sense to still be doing CMS-related work in the future?”

    Please note that this article is mostly focused on the perspective of those of us that in some way provide website development services, where you deliver a website to clients.

    Riddle Me This… Is CMS Worth My Time?

    This article is the result of me asking that very question. If I’m going to invest my own time, effort, money and that of others into CMS, is it still a good investment today? This is an easy question to ask, but how exactly do you go about making that determination? This, it turns out, is not so easy. There’s a lot of disconnected information out there. The most useful information it seems is locked behind the closed doors and high-priced clutches of research firms like Forrester. So what now?

    Before I move forward any further, I should get one thing out of the way for my fellow DNN community members… This is not a look specifically at DNN, nor is it meant in any way to speak directly to DNN. For that matter, not only is this article not intended to hurt DNN, it’s also not intended to disparage any CMS. This was purely done as an exercise to research CMS in general. If CMS as a whole is doing well, then any good or great CMS will do well too.

    Another worthwhile disclaimer would be that I’m not necessarily a professional researcher, only in that I’ve never held such a title in my professional career, but like most of you, I have performed research that has informed entire companies since I’ve been in the workforce. So, generating data, parsing it for commonalities and abnormalities, and making decisions based on that data are all tasks that I’m very familiar with. I’m just not a mathematician, statistician, or a formal research analyst.

    In doing a similar exercise to answer similar questions in the past, it occurred to me that there actually is a way to do this research and it would only cost me my time. I guess I’ll have to bill myself later, as it took a long time and this is valuable information. Information I’m now giving to you.

    Gathering The Data

    Gathering the data for anything like this is often the most time-consuming part. You need to find it first and foremost, but then you need to find a way to make sense of it, then do the same thing again to make sure others can make sense of what you figured out. This is a process, it’s not always the same process, and it takes a lot of time with a few dashes of trial and error.

    The data I found was hiding in plain sight. Long ago I’ve learned to use services like BuiltWith to help me get to know prospects, clients, and competitors. BuiltWith is a great way to get a lot of information about the various technologies used on nearly any website, sometimes in as quickly as a click or two. It’s surprisingly very accurate. Since BuiltWith came onto the scene, others have been doing similar things and one of my favorites in this area is a company called Datanyze. I’m much more a fan of them because of their great UI and convenient tie-ins to lead generation and business development processes. However, in this case, I used their free service that’s similar to what BuiltWith offers, that shows you market share. In this case, their CMS market share area.

    The market share tool is based upon people landing on a site while having the Datanyze browser plugin installed, and I believe they have bots that scour the web as well. They first analyze a site and then determine which technologies are being used by the site. Then, over time, when those technologies change, they can help you make informed decisions for your needs based upon the migrations.

    If you just look at the market share tool on its own, it doesn’t do much for you. You can simply see the figures for all CMS’s over a small period of time. This is convenient enough to figure which CMS is the best and worst at any given moment, but it’s not at all useful to make any actual decisions. That is, unless you aggregate the data and begin charting it. Herein begins the time suck…

    Now, before you begin harping on the accuracy and latency of tools like this, I agree with you. At any given moment, a website could be refreshed using a completely new set of technologies. When this happens, the data is a bit off. This introduces a certain degree of inaccuracy. You’re also dealing with the fact that these tools are essentially crawlers, depending upon end users initiating the scans of various sites. So, they don’t likely have the picture of the entire internet. Despite these drawbacks, this is still incredibly useful, as it allows you to have a true sense when drawing a picture. This is increasingly more interesting with Datanyze since it also analyzes internal or non-public websites in some cases.

    For example, it’s not at all important for this kind of research to know that a specific number of sites are using WordPress or Drupal for example. What is definitely useful though is using the numbers to draw conclusions based on percentages. This is where it gets fun. If you can now say that 89% of websites are using this CMS or that one, that means something.

    What’s to follow are insights gathered from data from January 2015 to November 2016. I won’t have December 2016 until next month, but we have enough as it is. In the data itself, I kept mostly to the top 20 CMS’s in use today.

    But What is a CMS, Really?

    You’re probably already drawing a pretty common conclusion without seeing any of the data, which is that WordPress is ruling the CMS kingdom in terms of overall adoption. If you’re thinking this, you’re right – but that doesn’t really mean anything. Also, it doesn’t really matter if you consider WordPress or any other solution a CMS or not. It matters that the marketplace uses it as such. For example, I didn’t know until this exercise that some people consider Blogger a CMS. Now, if you’re even remotely close to being a purist, you’ll be one of the first to scream an expletive at someone who suggests that. In discussing my findings with various people in the CMS ecosystem and technology community overall, I was just as surprised by this and was even more surprised to find that some individuals whose names may be synonymous with CMS use Blogger and similar tools to roll out client websites in the same way as most people do with traditional CMS’s. Don’t forget that this is how WordPress itself began too, and few people argue the merits of it being a CMS today. (I do though, but I digress…)

    There are few types of CMS as you probably have figured out by now. There are many that are aimed at a specific vertical, such as car dealership or auto part CMS’s. There are others like Blogger who focus on brochure-style websites. There’s e-commerce CMS’s. There are application frameworks like DNN or Umbraco. There’s so very many, and they’re all more or less included in this article.

    Media Outlook

    When you look at the various news stories and industry articles, there’s no shortage of CMS-related news. However, you may have noticed a similar trend that I did. The CMS news has become ambiguous. You’ll find e-commerce news alongside CMS articles, and sometimes in the same article. The same goes for other types of solutions as well. This is part of what prompted me to look into this more. Why is there so much non-CMS news on a CMS industry site? There are many reasons for this. It’s just yet another symptom to keep in mind.

    Despite the news shift, there’s plenty of money being reported as being spent in the CMS space. In the past, you could spend only a moment though looking for the amount expected to be spent, and have a few pages of search results. Try searching for that now. CMS is not the hot topic keyword it used to be. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any news article addressing CMS spending specifically. It’s just not an actual line item anymore. The conversation and outlook have changed. Instead of talking about CMS, the conversation is about overall budgets in IT and marketing departments. Media reporting on CMS is instead mostly sponsored by the various vendors out there now, and focus primarily on features and releases. It’s a marketing engine instead of a true news engine. Again, this isn’t necessarily good or bad on its own. it’s another symptom.

    Something that’s more interesting, is the attention that the 2016 Gartner report on IT spending got last year. In this report, web isn’t even really spoken about in any meaningful way. Instead, the conversation is all about the internet of things (IoT), 3D printing, and RFID. However, the amount of spending in these areas is worth talking about. In the chart below, they speculated that 24% of the overall $3.14T IT budget would end up being spent on IoT.

    Gartner: IT Spending in 2016

    Market Leaders

    Overall, you’ll find that WordPress is by far the winner when it comes to market share. This should surprise no one. This is just a snapshot, but in looking at it, you may want to immediately shift your time and resources to support WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal since they’re all on the same stack. Sure, there’s a huge market share there overall at 72% collectively, which is a big pool of prospective customers to fish in. Though, there’s much more for any business to consider. When you look at the chart below, the CMS vendor list on the right is listed from the biggest market share on the top, to the smallest on the bottom.

    CMS Market Share 12-2016

    Another thing to take away from this is that ASP.NET CMS’s don’t total more than 1% of the overall market share, where 1% is around 150,000 sites. If you’re someone like me, who makes their living on the Microsoft stack, that could feel a bit discouraging, but again, this is a snapshot. This alone doesn’t paint a full enough picture. Also, don’t forget that this is only the sites that they can see, and only CMS’s. So while the number is discouraging, the percentage is what’s more meaningful. When you apply 1% across the entire internet, it’s a pretty big number. I’m not proposing that all sites will use a CMS in the future, but most will (or something like it).

    Oh My, The Trends…

    The most important part of my research is that I wanted to look for positive trends. Having existing market share is like owning an entire bag of M&M’s, buying them one at a time. Once you have the whole bag, there’s nowhere to go from there. You need a new business. Is the CMS market growing? I’d love to give you good news here. I really would. Alas, I’d like to tell you the truth.

    Until I refreshed the data for this article, only a single CMS vendor was showing positive growth over the past two years, and it wasn’t WordPress. Despite being the giant on the playground, it seems businesses were beginning to play with someone else. It seems Datanyze had an anomaly in September 2016 though, adding nearly 600,000 sites in a single month. This is almost a factor of 4 higher than their highest volume month. This could most likely be attributed to an algorithm being updated, and those additional sites should have already been added over time. If you were to normalize the September anomaly, WordPress would still be trending down over the past two years.

    WordPress Growth: 2015-2016

    This overall trend in the non-ASP.NET stack can be seen across all of the most popular CMS’s in that category.

    Non-ASP.NET Growth: 2015-2016

    Until August, Adobe’s Experience Manager (formerly Adobe CQ5) was the only non-ASP.NET CMS to be seeing growth. It was all positive. Unfortunately, the last few months has reversed their trend line. Despite this, Adobe’s Experience Manager has shown very consistent growth over the past two years. They’re a very clear competitor out of everyone I’ve looked at so far.

    Adobe Experience Manager Growth: 2015-2016

    So that means people are fleeing the LAMP stack and running to the Microsoft stack, right? As a fan of that stack, I wish I could tell you that. I really wish I could. It would be a lie. When you isolate only the ASP.NET CMS’s, they’re showing the same anti-growth trend I saw in the others above.

    ASP.NET Growth: 2015-2016

    In fact, the largest ASP.NET CMS market share over the past two years is surprisingly Kentico. They edged out DNN by 1,000 sites. DNN has traditionally been considered to be the behemoth to battle against on the Microsoft stack ever since it was first released. Having been in this ecosystem for a long time now, this may have been the most surprising thing to me about this exercise. Unfortunately, even isolated on their own, all of the ASP.NET CMS’s show an anti-growth trend almost identical to Kentico’s.

    Kentico Growth: 2015-2016

    Since most of my readers are DNN enthusiasts, you may want to see how that stacks up, first with DNN on its own. You’ll find the downward trend to be painfully obvious.

    DNN Growth: 2015-2016

    When you stack DNN up against Kentico, they both show a very similar migration pattern, but it’s trending downward regardless. Sadly, you don’t even need to have the trend line in the graph to illustrate this.

    DNN vs. Kentico: 2015-2016

    Why No Growth?

    Whoa… so if you’re hearing for the first time, I’m guessing you’re no doubt a bit speechless. Everyone I’ve spoken to about this so far seemed to be completely caught off guard. An important note about this is that while the trends are all going down, the gains in the marketplace are mostly net positive over the same period of time. More sites are being gained than lost by most vendors, but that is something that’s clearly not going to last. People are leaving traditional CMS as a trend. It begs the question, “Where is everyone going?”

    I tried for a couple of weeks to try and find the answer to where people are going. I poured over the data I do have, and I simply could not find the gains to show where companies are going, when they’re not choosing an existing prominent vendor. None of the smaller vendors are showing the growth necessary to explain it.

    The answer came to me through an off-chance conversation with someone I know in the South Florida startup scene. He had literally just gotten off of the phone with someone at Forrester the week before, having a similar conversation about website trends. They weren’t speaking about CMS specifically of course, but they were talking about where and how companies were deploying their websites. As it turns out, there are multiple factors playing at the same time to cause the anti-growth patterns you’ve seen above.

    First, there are cloud solutions being more and more prominent, each taking on a specific task from a company. In many cases, they’re even things that previously used to exist on their own website, such as a company blog. All of these are chipping away slowly at features that used to be gained from a CMS. Why deploy an entire CMS if you just need one specific feature? Sure, there are pros and cons to going or not going with a CMS, but budget and total cost of ownership will generally point towards a non-CMS decision.

    Second, among cloud and traditional software, many vendors are now offering add-on services that fulfill the basic needs of most companies. For example, a CRM vendor may not have what you may consider being a traditional CMS, but they may offer a website service that’s nearly just as good. It offers exactly what the company needs, without all of the bells and whistles that a CMS usually comes with. You may know from experience yourself that while a business may have a formidable checklist or RFP, they only really intend to deploy a small fraction of those requirements initially. As with most IT projects, all of those nice to have’s and wish list items tend to get forgotten – prioritized below other business objectives. If you pay any attention at all to startup mergers and acquisitions over the past 3 years, you probably have already been seeing the evidence of this without even realizing it.

    A third factor includes all of the vertical-specific CMS solutions that have sprouted up over the past few years. There’s far too many to show up on the radar in reports like Datanyze offers, and so it’s possible that all of these are collectively stealing the market share, and we can’t even see it yet.

    A possible fourth contributor is custom-built websites. However, I have yet to find any data to show that this has any larger growth than it typically does. Anecdotally, all of the agencies I know that build custom-made websites aren’t showing any growth in this area either.

    Your Future with CMS

    Where does that leave you if you want to CMS still? Well, it’s far too early to panic, but you need to get into gear and start making plans now. If you haven’t already diversified, you need to. There are of course the immediately obvious options, such as specializing in multiple CMS’s in the same stack, or choosing one each from both stacks. However, this is fairly short-sighted in my opinion.

    Do you remember that IT spending chart from Gartner waaaaaaaay up at the top of this article? IoT and 3D printing are massive areas of opportunity if you provide any kind of software solutions, but especially mobile- and web-based solutions. It would be a very safe bet that your CMS future is somehow going to merge with those areas, whether you like it or not. Ideally, you may want to jump on that preemptively, to shortcut your competition. There’s simply far too much money being spent in those two areas.

    There’s another area of diversification though. You may need to find yourself specializing in a handful of CMS’s, each focusing on specific verticals. In this case, you may even find there to be opportunities for integration work, but even that is getting chipped away at. Companies like MuleSoft have done a phenomenal job of taking care of that for companies. There are even many cases where a company such as this prevents any code from being written at all.

    The bottom line from my findings is this… If you’re specializing in CMS today, you should make that only one of a few specialties you offer in the future. That is unless you specialize in many CMS’s. CMS isn’t going to die, but its bubble had burst a long time ago, but no one really has begun talking about it yet.

    What do you think though? Do you have your own research on this? Are you still planning to stick to just one CMS option? Why or why not? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

              DNN 9 Appears to Be a Foundational Step Forward for the Future of DNN        

    DNN 9 Persona Bar

    DNN Corp is on the verge of releasing their latest DNN Platform release, version 9.0.0.  As a DNN MVP, I of course had to take a look around at the new stuff coming.  It’s still in the early stages though, so there are a few areas where the new updates have some smoothing out to do, but overall, the updates we’re seeing in version 9.0 are very nice.  In short, it’s a much more contemporary user experience for all involved – but a very important step in the right direction for the future of all DNN’ers.  Here’s my preview and insights after using DNN 9.0 for the first time – a pre-release version of DNN 9.0, that is.

    Everything I’m discussing here are things I’ve looked at while viewing the nightly builds. If you’re not familiar with what a nightly build is, it’s basically a software product that’s still actively being developed on.  There’s work and features that aren’t even checked-in yet.  It’s not the final release, so please keep that in mind in this article, and any others like it.

    Once you get by some of the rough edges that are in still in the nightly builds, like clunky animation transitions, help labels docked in random positions and/or partially hidden, and figuring out how to exit the persona bar views, the primary new feature begins to open up with a lot of subtle, but powerful updates.  First and foremost, the administration experience is indeed a lot more contemporary.  You’ll hear that word thrown around a lot by DNN Corp folks, but the new persona bar that replaces the control panel we’ve come to know quite intimately does a great job of tucking away a lot of the things that would previously get in our way in a large number of ways (right, skinners?).

    DNN 9.0 Persona Bar

    As you can see above, the control panel is no longer docked at the top of the page.  Instead, you see two new bars docked, at the bottom and on the left side.  These both comprise the new persona bar, allowing you to edit numerous aspects of your site, without having to wait for page reload after reload.  This is sure to be a time-saver, especially when you find yourself configuring multiple things at a time.

    While I mentioned words like rough edges, this is by no means a completely new feature.  Don’t be scared.  The persona bar is something that’s been back-ported from DNN Corp’s commercial product suite.  Only now, there’s a bunch of new features added to it to make it more usable across all of the DNN Corp products.  What this means to you is that this feature has been under development and tested in real world environments for quite a long time now, and it’s inclusion into 9.0 is lower risk than nearly any zero point release before it.  We can almost certainly expect for those rough edges to be smoothed out by the time 9.0 is ready for release.

    Unexpected Multi-Tasking

    What seems to be an unexpected feature is that you never know when your work is saved or not.  Follow me here…  If you do something like edit a configuration file.  You may be working on multiple lines in the configuration.  Next thing you know, an urgent phone call comes in asking for a quick SQL query report.  You switch to the SQL view, and run the query.  Problem averted!  Just as you begin to return to the configuration updates, someone asks you over IM what the URL is for an important new content campaign.  So, you leave the persona bar and navigate to the page, then send the URL.  Awesome, now you can finish your work, right?  Right.  Just navigate back to the configuration manager, and your updates will still be there, waiting for you to click “Save.”  Just be careful that you don’t forget about saving those updates.

    Added Usability

    The admin and “host” modules we’ve grown used to over the years are removed and replaced with streamlined counterparts.  These new additions are more thoughtfully grouped together, as are the various settings that used to play hide-and-seek with us in the past, hidden across any number of configuration views and collapsed sections.  You literally had to be using DNN for years before you could even consider yourself as an anything remotely close to a “DNN expert.”  Another thing I liked while digging around is how the global and site-specific settings are both put side-by-side and easily distinguishable.  When you’re not logged in with enough permissions, the global settings are neatly tucked away, and you’d never know they existed.

    DNN 9.0 Global Settings Tooltip

    Some Missing Things

    You shouldn’t look at “missing” as being necessarily a bad thing.  Change is necessary, and DNN has had way too many features to get in everyone’s way for far too long now.  The admin and “host” pages you’re used to using will mostly be gone when you upgrade, replaced by newer and easier to use counterparts in the persona bar.  Some other things are missing too, like the Store/Forge integration in the Extensions management area.  Again, the missing things aren’t necessarily a bad thing.  In order for DNN and the DNN ecosystem to grow, this kind of change will be necessary.  So far, the things I see missing are all very good.  Although, I’m on the fence about the Store/Forge integration.

    The Future Looks Even Brighter

    We could find all kinds of little things to continue to talk about when it comes to the updates coming in DNN 9.0.  However, the biggest thing I think we can look forward to with the updates we see applied in this release are the things that haven’t yet happened.  Two of the most popular complaints about DNN are its speed, and how old the administration looks.  The administration issue is clearly fixed here, and speed is addressed to some degree as a byproduct.  The thing is for me though, this series of updates lay the foundation for something that will be much more impactful to the future of DNN – a reliance on the ancient .NET technology we call webforms.  Once DNN 9.0 is released, the only things that really use and depend on webforms are the modules you see on individual pages.  Architecturally speaking, DNN 9.0 appears to be the first step towards the newer ASP.NET Core we’ve all been anxious to see for quite some time now.

              A Year of Grief: Thoughts & Lessons Learned        

    Sabrina and I at Artesa in wine country

    I would imagine that not everyone who reads my blog knows, but as of today, it marks a year that I’ve been going through the process we call grieving. A year ago today, I went through the most traumatic thing a person could go through – I found the person I love more than anything in this world, passed away. My soul mate, lying there, all of my hopes and dreams, lost and crushed in less than a second. Nothing can prepare you for such an abundantly awful thing. Nothing. However, one thing is certain, almost no one on the planet is immune from this experience. No one.

    This post is for you. All of you. If you’ve lost someone close to you, ever, this is for you. If you haven’t yet, you will, and this is for you too. If you know someone who’s lost someone, yes, this is even for you as well. I’ve always known and preached this, but never from personal experience, until a year ago...

    Life is precious, and it’s short. You never know who you’ll never again see tomorrow – and it might be you.

    Palm Beach - Our second picture togetherSo, if you’ve been wondering what happened to my articles, or why certain things have changed on my site, or why I haven’t participated in social media in the same ways as before – now you know why. The proverbial cat is out of it’s equally proverbial bag. That’s the love of my life you see above and throughout this post. You’ll end up finding out more and more about this amazing woman, the more you know me, the more you pay attention to the things I do – because she’s so much a part of who I am and has been for the past 4+ years I’ve known her, and that’s never going to change. She inherently frames everything I do now.


    Grief. It’s a 5-letter word, and it’s thrown around so easily by most of us, on most days. Historically, I’ve been guilty of it too. After playing a joke on someone, I might have said, “I enjoy giving [insert name here] grief.” This is probably one of the most understated words in the English language. We have words for all kinds of things, but there isn’t a word that effectively describes what grief really is, and how awesomely shattering it is to the people that experience it. Grief is in and of itself, one of the most life-altering things any person can go through. It’s experienced in every way – emotional, mental, and even physical.

    Grief for me is a giant, constantly throbbing ball of molten lava-like chaos and emotions, swirling with a level of violence that you can both hear and feel. It’s both physical and mental, ruling your very existence. Not a single thought or movement can be made, without it first passing through that ball of grief-lava. To this day, I have a feeling in my chest that I once described to my therapist saying, “It feels like I had a really bad open heart surgery. They didn’t fix anything. They didn’t sew me back up right. And they left the scalpel in there.”

    Good Grief, Charlie Brown

    Boca Raton, FL - At a hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant she foundLet’s be clear… Grief comes in many forms, none of it good. It’s a simple word that’s used to describe the feelings and process that follows loss. Any kind of loss, really. You go through grief on almost a daily basis. You might have a breakup, lose a job, make a mistake on a project – any number of things and situations can cause grief. It’s a simple word. Easy to spell. One syllable. Easy to say, Greeph. Greef. I fucking hate you, grief. The word itself is so simple, yet it’s used to describe one of the most complex and emotionally-charged of all human experiences. This little word simply doesn’t have the weight it should for someone like me. There doesn’t appear to be a word that does.

    First Two Weeks

    When this horrific event happens – no matter how expected or not – you get flooded with love and support initially. Some people show up right away. Some people fly countless miles to be with you. Some call. Some send an e-mail. Some do nothing though. What’s interesting about all of these people and acts, is that most of them are surprises. You never know until something like this happens how much some people truly care about you. How much people think about and care for you. You’ll be surprised at who sends flowers, and who doesn’t. Who comes to the funeral, and who doesn’t. You’ll be even more surprised at the various excuses and incredibly odd things people do to avoid the funeral altogether.

    All of these people say various flavors of the same thing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask. Call me if you need anything. Little do they know, a griever won’t call unless we really have no other choice – or maybe they do know; maybe it’s a bluff.

    Treasure Island, CA - The day we found The Winery and the Treasure Island FleaWhat if we called them on that bluff? I have, to some, but it was very difficult, and the result was about what you might expect – mixed. Many business authors have said various versions of the same quote that describes this mixture of results (at least, it does for me)... Money doesn’t change a person. It simply empowers them to be their true self, since they no longer have to answer to someone. Whether or not that true self is a good person is another post, for another time. Regardless, I think grief holds a solid parallel to that idea.

    Then there’s the month and months after…

    Shit People Say

    After the first two weeks, everyone begins to drop off. In bulk at first, then one-by-one. People drift back to their lives. No one can blame them. The world does keep spinning – no matter how insulting that is to someone like me. Why didn’t the entire world stop? It certainly feels like it did to me.

    The interesting thing here is that it’s when people begin to feel empowered. They begin to feel that it’s okay to say horrible things. Are you out of your funk yet? You should do something to keep yourself busy. Are you over it? You should move. You should move on. I doubt most people mean anything negative by these statements. In most cases, I truly do believe they feel that their heart is in the right place. But they forget… Their heart, in the right place or not, is still beating. And the person and people they love also still have beating hearts. They’ve somehow learned or come to the conclusion that it’s okay to stifle someone else’s grief. These people haven’t yet been destroyed in the same way a widow or widower has. Experience is literally the only teacher here. Unlike you, I get to wake up every morning, widowed all over again.

    San Carlos, CA - At our favorite 'regular' bar for brunch, called TownLet’s knock this out…

    There’s no getting out of the funk, and we’re not getting over it. It is here to stay. The funk is something we will learn how to live with for the rest of our lives. No matter how we look and act when you see us, the funk is there – waiting just below the surface for any trigger at all to call it back into action. The level of funk and the period of time it’s visible on the surface can depend on any number of factors, but it’s directly linked to the connection and love two people shared.

    It’s different for everyone, but keeping yourself busy is something I think is a massive mistake for anyone that’s recently widowed. If you’re doing something that keeps you from going through all of the emotions and memories, all it ends up doing is put off the grieving process. You’re going to go through it anyway, so just go through it. You’re otherwise a ticking time bomb. When a trigger occurs, you’re going to be an explosion of balled up emotions. Those emotions will be flying all over the place, hitting anyone and anything unfortunate enough to be in its path. If you’re telling someone to “keep busy,” you’re responsible for setting the bomb. Don’t. Just don’t. We’re the widowed, and we will find when, where, and how to keep busy.

    Moving homes is a thing that sometimes is forced upon us grievers, for various reasons, including literally losing half of your income instantly. Sometimes it’s not. Regardless, where we live is usually where the heart is – almost in a literal sense. Asking or telling someone to move when there’s no actual reason to do it, is generally not something you should do. They built a life with someone. That life was there. For most of us, moving is giving up on the person we loved. Hell, I sold a rowing machine that neither Sabrina or I liked, and it destroyed me on the inside. The door was barely closed before I nearly collapsed in tears. She touched that. I remember hearing her row on it, behind closed doors, because she didn’t want me to watch her exercise. She hated every second on that damned machine, but did it anyway. The cutest and hottest home-rower, ever.

    Moving on… Well, this is the doozy of them all. (And I’m going to talk out of my ass a bit here, because I haven’t gone through this myself yet - moving on - but I speak to fellow grievers that are processing this daily.) One who is recently widowed is never truly ready to move on. They just will talk themselves into it one day. And moving on isn’t what you think. Many who are widowed will decide to date or just accidentally meet someone, almost always far too early. I haven’t heard a story yet of a griever that began dating at the right time. Regardless, it doesn’t matter who you are. It’s not your place to tell us to move on. Being widowed myself, I wouldn’t dare tell another widow or widower to move on. Ever.

    Talk to Us

    San Carlos, CA - My favorite photo of us, at our favorite wine bar, TasteVinDon’t get me wrong. I am not at any level suggesting that you should walk on egg shells around a griever. Say stuff. Make jokes. Have a conversation. Insist on dinner or coffee. Insist, dammit! Take us out. Sit with us, even if we don’t say a thing. We enjoy every second, and we’ll never, ever, ever forget those who did. When you do this, you’re literally saving our life, because – especially in the early stages – we’re not interested in life anymore. Your very presence can and does influence that.

    Bring Them Up

    Above all, PLEASE… Please, please, please talk to us about the loved one we lost. Bring them up. Mention them by name. Tell us a story about them. Ask for a story. Ask about what their favorite things were. Only a couple of months ago, I saw an old friend of Sabrina and mine. He asked me, “Where’s your partner in crime?” I about lost it that very second. No one asks about Sabrina. No one brings her up, mostly in fear of dredging up bad feelings or something. I can tell you that even if a widowed person begins balling and sobbing that very second, you’ve made us happier than you can imagine. By speaking their name, by being interested, you’ve kept them alive. Even if for a second, you let the widowed know that the life of the one they lost mattered.

    This is so damned important. So important, that one widower even created love letters to keep the spirit of his lost wife alive and spread their love.

    The more you talk to someone while they’re actively grieving, and the more you speak about the person they lost, the more they can process it. The better off the grieving process goes overall. We want so desperately to talk about our love. You just need to let us. Don’t worry. We’ll grow through this to have an even stronger bond. You’re saving our life by remembering theirs.

    Even More Loss

    Redwood City, CA - At our pre-movie margarita ritual, getting margarita's at Quinto SolThe more time that goes by, the more people on the outside at this stage also begin to get tired of hearing about someone that’s no longer here. They don’t want to deal with the reality of grief. This is of course only true if they’ve never been through this themselves.

    Yes, on the surface, this sounds cruel and only fitting of the most emotionless of human beings. While that could be true of some, I’d like to think that it’s not. Some people are deeply afraid of being around the kind of sorrow that someone like me is enduring and processing. I get it. If you feel that we should get over it, maybe it’s you that should get over it instead.

    What’s actually cruel about this is that the people who do this to a griever are the ones that we may have called very close friends or family prior. It’s amazing to see who actually cares about you. I’ve seen a quote a number of times that I can’t find right now, that basically says, “If you want to know who actually cares about you, look around when you’re down on the ground.” Most people are in your life in a much more superficial and materialistic way than you might realize. They’re just there for the ride. If you lose anyone during this process, let them go. They may come back, and they may not. For now, at least, you’re better off without them.

    You’re Not Crazy

    Immediately following the loss of my soul mate, odd things began to happen. I mean, very odd things. I have an analytical mind, so I keep records of most of it. I didn’t record anything I can easily explain away.

    I began seeing flashes of light everywhere in the house, never outside, but always in the corner of my eye. The light was always moving suddenly, like I might see it if it didn’t get away quick.

    I had objects that seemingly moved on their own. In one place one second, and look again to find it moved. One night before bed, I found that one of Sabrina’s toothbrushes had been moved, into the slot where mine was.

    A razor that had run out of power 2 months before Sabrina passed magically turned on the morning of her funeral, when I shaved again. I could almost hear her voice in my head, My Simba always is shaved. (Why Simba, you ask?) That razor would continue to work for months without the battery being replaced, almost a year after initially losing power.

    There have been sounds, like cups or dishes falling in the front of the house, but nothing is out of place when I investigate.

    St. Helena, CA - At our final stop whenever we went to Napa Valley, V.SattuiI once heard and felt her whisper in my ear, “Simba!,” when I was in the living room. I know the difference between voices in my head and hearing something.

    I’ve only experienced sleep paralysis once before, but shortly after I began sleeping in our room again, she appeared to save me from my second experience. This would be the only time I’ve seen her in my dreams so far.

    On separate occasions, our bedroom would smell like Nala’s (that’s what I called her) perfume, or smell like a meal she’d cook. The smells where so crystal clear, I had to check windows and look for broken bottles to be sure.

    At my daughter’s choir concert, I began crying during one of the songs. A strong breeze began to hit me, as if the air conditioning began to point only at me with all of its force – then went away once I calmed down. There wasn’t even a slight breeze before or after that moment, and it was inside of a very large concert auditorium.

    To this day, I’ll often feel something brush my leg, arm, or ear, and look to see nothing. No bugs. No flies. Nothing that I can explain to cause it. I’ve even been tickled. Nala was a prankster.

    There’s so much more in my list. I’ve kept a journal of it. Although, the past two months have seen fewer and fewer entries.

    The bottom line here is that anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m a very objective and analytical person. I can’t explain these things I’ve recorded. I’ve tried to disprove everything I’ve logged. If I found even one potential cause, it didn’t go into my notes. I know I’m not crazy. I know I’m not dreaming these things up, or making them up. If you go through this, you’re not crazy either. I didn’t fully believe that though, until I began participating in grief groups. If we’re all experiencing the same kind of things, I can’t be crazy, right?

    The Afterlife

    I’ve spent countless hours reading, watching, and researching everything that we humans know about what happens when and after we die. I obsessed myself with it. Still do. I know more than I ever thought I would about near death experiences (NDE), theories, and everything else that we use to try and explain the things we don’t know. The things that might be true, range from us returning to our Arcturian home, to going to heaven (whichever one you believe in), to nothing at all. Just plain nothing. Gone. I don’t and can’t believe in any of those theories. Not with everything I’ve been through and what I know now. Not when you factor in all of the circumstantial and irrefutable scientific evidence.

    Honolulu, HI - Our final vacation together with Sabrina's family in a Korean BBQI lost my best friend in a car wreck when I was 17. He was in the seat behind me during our final road trip senior year. I held my grandfather’s hand during his last breath, when cancer finally consumed him. I’ve experienced grief before, but I never before had signs and I never before even thought about what happened next. Never felt the need. I loved them, but I wasn’t completely destroyed by their loss. I celebrated their life.

    Now, I find myself questioning everything, as one would and does. For some, your beliefs change, but I’ve seen that most find their original beliefs to be stronger. I’m not trying to tell you what to believe. That would be insensitive and overly ridiculous for me to do... How could I? The shit people say…

    For me, I’ve come to the personal conclusion (not your conclusion) that whatever heaven we know and label it as - it exists - but it’s not what we know it to be in our books of worship and cultural common beliefs. None of us have any way of actually knowing. That’s why it’s called faith, and associated with belief. I firmly believe that there’s something else, and she’s waiting for me, along with my other family. She’s right on the other side of something we can’t see, taste, feel, or touch. Her energy speaks to me and has proven that to me a lot over the past year.

    I will see her, but it won’t be the same as what I remember we had before she left. It will be different. I just desperately hope it will be even better than it was. A statement like that sounds crazy to me. Our relationship was so insanely awesome, like nothing I have ever known. It’s very cliché, but it was the truest of true love. I’ve never loved anyone even remotely close to the same level.

    Getting Better

    I have mostly shied away from the things that would have been “normal” for me before my Nala passed away. Nothing had the same feel anymore. Color? Gone. Flavor? Nixed. Pretty much all of life seemed pointless anymore, and still does to some degree. There’s no getting better. I didn’t ask to be in this involuntary club. This daily dose of bullshit. Yet, I’m still here.

    West Palm Beach, FL - Not sure where we were exactly, but this was her taking the selfie (which is against her nature)I’ve learned in this year of grief that the only way through this is to just take it day-by-day. Each day, I wake up. I go into a routine. I eat. I work. I take care of my daughter. Then I do my best to sleep. Next thing you know, I do it all over again. I’ve resolved myself to this… Every day I live is one more day that I’m closer to my queen, my soul mate, my true love. I need to get through it to get to her, and I can only hope she’s there, with open arms, as excited to see me this time, as she was the first. Jumping up and down like a grade-school girl getting the first present on Christmas morning. For those of you that knew her, I bet you never saw her that excited, did you? Literally jumping up and down, with a massive smile, and squealing. She was so full of life. Happy.

    So now, to earn my reunion, I’ve begun the process of pretending to be all better. Pretending to be “normal” like the majority of you. I smile and laugh sometimes, but it’s not real. I don’t smile in photos yet, because I don’t want the fake me to be recorded. That’s not me right now. I do this to feel “normal,” but I mostly do this to make you feel normal around me too. I’m not normal. There is not a “normal.” I’m broken, but I’ll be okay. “I’m okay,” is my response now.

    Being 100%, or Being “Me” Again

    This story and all of the parts that may follow in the future, they’re part of my past, present, and future. They’re a part of yours too. No one is immune to this part of life. Patton Oswalt recently went through an eerily similar experience, but being a comedian, he’s far more articulate about this than I can ever be. So it’s only appropriate when he describes how he feels, as it fully embodies how I’ve felt from the first moments until today, saying, “I’ll never be at 100% again.” This isn’t to say that I’m not still the Will Strohl that many of you know or follow.

    Most of us throw around the term my other half so frivolously. We don’t realize that some of us are insanely lucky to truly know what that is like and how it feels. You’re 100% of a person finally, and didn’t realize you weren’t until you literally found the one. I wasn’t 100% until I met my beautiful Sabrina – something I didn’t know until the moment I fell in love with her (something that was instant, but I wouldn’t realize or believe until later). I’m still me, albeit a slightly different, more aware of everything, quick to cry, far more knowledgeable on the human condition, more sensitive to others, and ultimately deeply scarred version of me.

    I’m okay.

    Nala kept her promise... I've never seen anything so beautiful

              Moving on from DNNCon        

    OpenForce Connect Orlando 2008 group photo

    Don’t let the headline freak you out.  It’s not as bad as it sounds…  We’ll start with some background, and then I’ll tell you the details.

    Where it All Began: OpenForce Connect Orlando

    The DNN Corp-run commercial conference that used to occur every year was originally called OpenForce.  However, many of us felt that the DNN community could and should have its own event.  One that was focused on the community, and less on anything commercial.

    In 2008, I helped as a local organizer for the very first community conference in North America.  It’s described in detail in the first chapter of any Wrox DNN book, and it was known as OpenForce Connect Orlando.  At the time, I was a co-founder of the largest and most popular DNN user group, known as the ODUG or Orlando DotNetNuke Users Group.  We put together an amazing event in less than 2 months’ time.  We had over 200 people there for a one-day and one-track event. 

    Day of DotNetNuke (now DNNCon) was founded on the principle of being a community-run event, for the community.  If you’ve ever been to a code camp before, this was one of the events that DNNCon was modeled after.  No matter if/when DNN Corp has their own commercial event, this event was meant to serve the needs and desires of the community.

    The following year, the community kept pinging me and others in the user group to put on another one.  We really wanted to, but we also weren’t sure if we could.  After all, we didn’t want to step on any toes (so to speak) since DNN wasn’t really ours.  It belonged to DNN Corp.  For those of you that haven’t been around for that long, you may not know some of the ways people tried to “steal” DNN in the past.  So we wanted to make sure we did this in the right way.  We kept e-mailing the folks at DNN Corp for several months, but no answer.  Eventually, we took things into our own hands.

    Now don’t go all conspiracy theory in the comments…  They literally couldn’t respond to us, but we wouldn’t know that until much later.  2009 was the year that DNN Corp got funding.  Part of the funding process required silence on their parts, so they couldn’t respond.

    Day of DotNetNuke is Born

    With a literal 2 months to the day, a group of us decided to put on the first Day of DotNetNuke event, and I was unanimously “volunteered” to be the organizer.  In two months’ time again, we filled an entire event with people from all over the world.  We had 5 or 6 tracks, training, and even exceeded the fire codes due to having too many people.  Getting down the halls was a challenge to say the least.  (Luckily, we didn’t get into any trouble.)  This event would boast the most attendees for any future event until the first one held in Palm Beach some 4 years later.

    Over the years, you’ve seen numerous people as the organizers of each respective event.  I made it my role to recruit and empower event organizers in any way I could.  I helped them to plan, organize, and execute each event.  Without these people, this community event may have only happened once.

    Here we are in 2016, and since then, Day of DotNetNuke has been rebranded to Day of DNN, and then to DNNCon.  It’s been held 10 times in 3 countries, 2 continents, and 8 cities worldwide.  By my guesstimate, it’s helped several thousand people all over the world from every walk of life learn more about DNN.  I’ve heard too many amazing and life-changing stories to recount.  At each event, I’ve collected new friends from all over the globe – relationships that in some cases are as close or closer than family.  In fact, the first time I met my soul mate was at a DNNCon.  Needless to say, DNNCon means a lot to me. 

    My Decision

    If DNNCon has a “daddy,” I guess it would be me.  As a father, sometimes you need to let your kid grow up on their own.  This decision isn’t just about that though – but it’s not any less true.

    Any of you that know me know that I’ve recently been going through some personal issues with a tragedy that literally hit close to home.  I need to clear my plate a bit.  Keeping up with everything I used to do before the tragedy has proven to be too exhausting since.

    At the end of the day, I had a vision, together with hundreds of other DNN’ers we were able to make it happen, and it was nothing short of inspiring to see it continue to be adopted by so many people all over the world.  These past 8 years have been very rewarding as a result.  However, the only constant in life is change, and now is the time for a change to be made for DNNCon.  We are at a critical point of growth in our community, and DNNCon needs a fresh vision and a renewed energy.

    The Future

    DNNCon Baltimore was the first event that was run in a committee manner.  I’ve tried a few different models in the past, and this one was pretty successful.  There is now a committee of well-known and experienced DNN community members who will take DNNCon and push it forward to bigger and better things.  As of today, they’re 8 strong – eight of the brightest and most creative minds ever to be involved with DNNCon.  Needless to say, the event we’ve grown to love is in good hands.  If you have any questions about anything DNNCon, please e-mail info@dnncon.com.

    I’m very excited for the new life and energy the committee will bring to you in the future events to come.  As of right now, they’re closing in on making a decision for either Fall or Spring for the next DNNCon, but I’ll let them give you the details.

    As for me, I’m not leaving the DNN community.  You’ll still see me at events, online, and I’m still going to build and maintain DNN modules.  This is simply a passing of the DNNCon torch from me, to a new group of people.

    In closing, I’d like to thank you all for the support in putting on this event over the years.  If any single video can sum up what DNNCon is, was, and could be, this would be it. Enjoy, and I hope to see you at the next event (where/whenever that may be).

              DNN Hangout - March 2016 - DNN Community, User Groups, and MORE        

    DNN Hangout: March 2016 with David Poindexter

    David Poindexter is our guest in this month’s show.  David is the “GeekEO” of nvisionative.  I’ve interviewed him before in a Hotcakes Hangout, so you can get a lot of information about David and his company nvisionative there.  In this show though, we wanted to focus on community activities.  David and his fellow DNN’ers in the Charlotte, NC area have been doing great things for years now, so we wanted to pick his brain a bit, and then we finished things off with a very HUGE surprise for the DNN community.

    Want to Be on the Show?

    We’re always look for new guests to be on the show.  Please contact me or send me a note in the comments below if you want to be featured, or know of someone that should be.

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    Site/Extension of the Month

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    DNN Community, User Groups, and MORE

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              DNN Hangout - February 2016 - DNNCon and DNN-Connect 2016 Questions and Answers        

    DNN Hangout February 2016

    There are two DNN conferences coming up very soon.  DNNCon is in April, held in Baltimore, Maryland, and DNN-Connect is in Girona, Spain in June.  Our guests are all organizers or co-organizers, and they spend some time with us

    Want to Be on the Show?

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    Next Episode

    Next month, we speak to David Poindexter from nvisionative, and a co-leader of the Southern Fried DNN user group.  He’s going to talk to us about user groups and other community topics.  However, I hear that he might have a HUGE surprise presentation during the hangout as well.

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    DNNCon and DNN-Connect 2016 Questions and Answers

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              DNN Hangout - January 2016 - DNN 8 Release Overview for Developers        

    DNN Hangout January 2016

    In this episode, we decided to have our guest be the topic.  The DNN 8 release was so HUUUUUUGE that we felt that it needed to speak for itself.  DNN 8 brings with it a ton of new features that developers can take advantage of.  These things include new MVC and SPA development patterns.  Patterns that never before existed officially and never before came supported out of the box.

    Want to Be on the Show?

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    DNN 8 Overview for Developers

    Show Notes

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              DNN Hangout - December 2016 - Module Development from a Skinner’s Perspective        

    DNN Hangout: Ralph Williams

    While this is nearly a month late in getting posted, the show isn’t any less important.  Not by a longshot.  In fact, it’s one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever done.  In this show, we speak with Ralph Williams.  If you’ve been around DNN for any length of time, you know that we all know Ralph for one thing… his amazing theming (skinning) work.  He’s one of the minds behind the initial Day of DotNetNuke branding, technical presentations on best practices as it relates to DNN theming, theming training at all of the recent DNNCon events, and wrote the theme chapter in the latest DNN book.  In this show, we didn’t speak to Ralph about themes at all.  We spoke about the MODULE that he built.  Not just any module either… a SPA-based, video-centric LMS module!

    Want to Be on the Show?

    We are always looking for new people to be featured on the show. You don’t have to be an “expert” in anything. Just be prepared to chat with us about anything interesting about DNN, no matter how big or small.

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    A Skinner’s Perspective After Building Their First DNN SPA Module

    And now, let Ralph tell you about “the Angular.”  That’s what he says at 53:51.

    Show Notes

              DNN Hangout Special Episode - October 2015 - Building Modules Using the DNN 8 MVC Pattern        

    DNN 8 MVC Module Development Pattern

    This is the second of two special episodes of the DNN Hangout, focused on helping DNN developers world-wide to learn more about the DNN 8 module development patterns.  This time, we walked through the MVC development pattern in DNN.  Following this hangout, you should have all of the knowledge you need to get started building your module for the DNN 8 Module Development Contest. 

    Previous Episode:  Building Modules Using the DNN 8 SPA Pattern

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              DNN Hangout Special Episode - October 2015 - Building Modules Using the DNN 8 SPA Pattern        

    DNN 8 SPA Module Development Pattern

    Every now and then, we throw in a special episode of DNN Hangout.  These special episodes are normally by request of you or another viewer in our audience.  This time, we didn’t need to wait for a prompt…  With the announcement of the DNN 8 module development contest, we already knew that people would be more than eager to get started… but before you can get started, you probably need a primer on just how to do that.  That’s the sole purpose of this hangout.

    Next Episode:  Building modules using the DNN 8 MVC pattern

    Side Note:  If you talk to, meet, or otherwise run into Ian Robinson, please thank him for creating dnndev.me.  The little bit of time that everyone in the community saves with this contribution is pretty awesome!

    Show Notes

              DNN Hangout - October 2015 - Getting Funky with the Form and List Module        

    DNN Hangout - October 2015 - Clint Patterson and the Form & List Module

    This month is a hangout that I’m very proud to have been a part of.  For one reason, we announced an exciting DNN 8 module development contest.  A contest that will yield some people in the community a lot of cash.  The other reason, is that I have the honor of interviewing one of my favorite DNN brothers, Clint Patterson.  I think you’ll agree by the end of the hangout – if it takes you that long – that Clint is one of the smartest people in our community, and easily one of the most resourceful, passionate, and sincere members we have.  We are lucky to have him in our community.

    Want to Be on the Show?

    We are always looking for new people to be featured on the show. You don’t have to be an “expert” in anything. Just be prepared to chat with us about anything interesting about DNN, no matter how big or small.

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    Getting Funky with Form and List

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              DNN Hangout - September 2015 - Miscellaneous DNN News and Goodies        

    DNN Hangout: September Edition

    We had planned to speak with Phillip Becker this month, but he had a personal emergency he had to tend to.  We’ll get that rescheduled for you soon…  Go figure – we got the technical issues solved, and we loose the speaker.  This left us to get creative last minute and come up with a show for you – and we did.  In this show, we pull out some of our tips and tricks, in addition to bringing you the typical DNN news.

    Want to Be on the Show?

    We are always looking for new people to be featured on the show. You don’t have to be an “expert” in anything. Just be prepared to chat with us about anything interesting about DNN, no matter how big or small.

    Please let me know in the comments or via email if you’d like to be on DNN Hangout.

    Next Episode

    In our next scheduled hangout, we’ll be speaking with Clint Patterson, the unofficial official southerner of the DNN community. He’s done some very creative things using the Form and List module, and he’s going to show us just how easy that is.  In his own words, we’ll be getting funky with form and list!

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    • DNNCon 2015 – Unfortunately, there’s no update on this yet (if you want to organize it, please let me know)
    • Hotcakes Hangout

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    Extension Updates

              DNN Hangout - August 2015 - Understanding the DNN Platform Source Code        

    Understanding the DNN Platform Source Code

    Every now and again, we’ll throw in a special episode of DNN Hangout, where we talk about something that we believe will be extra beneficial to the community. Sometimes this will have one or more special guests attached to it, sometimes it won’t. In this special episode, Joe Brinkman and I walk through the source code of DNN platform. It’s grown so much over the years that we realize just how intimidating it can be to someone. After watching this hangout, that intimidation should be at a minimum.

    Want to Be on the Show?

    We are always looking for new people to be featured on the show. You don’t have to be an “expert” in anything. Just be prepared to chat with us about anything interesting about DNN, no matter how big or small.

    Please let me know in the comments or via email if you’d like to be on DNN Hangout.

    Next Episode

    In our next hangout, we’ll be speaking with a return guest. I heard about and unfortunately had to miss his session at last year’s DNNCon. He showed everyone his tips and tricks to putting together a socially engaging DNN site, and he used DNN-Connect as an example. Phillip Becker will be joining us and filling us in on the things he learned.

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    Site of the Month

    We’re always looking for sites to feature in our Site of the Month segment. Please let me know if you’d like for me to do a quick segment on one of your sites.

    Understanding the DNN Platform Source Code

    Show Notes

              DNN Hangout - August 2015 - Introducing Aricie’s PortalKeeper Module        

    Jean-Sylvain Boige introduces us to PortalKeeper by Aricie

    It’s always exciting for me to meet someone in the DNN community that I haven’t met before. This hangout is one of those times. In this hangout, we speak with Jess (or Jean-Sylvain Boige) of Aricie. He’s the CTO of Aricie and the genius mind behind the module for DNN called PortalKeeper. I must admit, I didn’t know anything about PortalKeeper before this hangout, but rest assured… this is going to be a pretty standard tool of mine for current and future projects. If you’ve gotten even the beginnings of a technical bone in your body, you’re sure to geek-out just like I did!

    Want to Be on the Show?

    We are always looking for new people to be featured on the show. You don’t have to be an “expert” in anything. Just come prepared to chat with us about anything interesting about DNN, no matter how big or small.

    Please let me know in the comments or via email if you’d like to be on DNN Hangout.

    Next Episode

    In our next episode, we’ll be having a very special show. Joe and I will be taking a deep dive into the source code of DNN. When it first began, it was a fairly simple project. Not anymore.

    We’re looking for any special guest to join us for this. You don’t have to do anything, except help us introduce you, and ask questions during the hangout.

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