EEG Technician        
NY-Clifton Park, EEG Technician The Child Neurology Group – Per Diem We are seeking an EEG Technician for our growing Child Neurology office in Clifton Park. The EEG Technician will be able to perform routine, ambulatory and long-term video EEGs in an office setting. The EEG tech determines and accommodates patient’s age-based care needs, and provides appropriate age-based patient/family education related to the p
          Ingénieur Qualité Débutant H/F - Alten - TOULOUSE         
Alten Sud - Ouest recherche un(e) ingénieur H/F spécialiste en qualité produit pour rejoindre notre équipe à Toulouse. Description du Poste Au sein de l'équipe qualité, vous aurez pour mission d'assurer le respect de la qualité des produits destinés à un donneur d'ordres majeur dans le secteur de l'aéronautique. Vous interviendrez sur les programmes d'avions en développement et en série. Vos activités consisteront à: Contrôler les pièces physiques Vérifier et...
          Swipe launches KONNECT at Rs. 4,999 Exclusively on Snapdeal        

by Shrutee K/DNS 

India, 4th August 2017: Swipe Technologies, India’s leading mobile internet technology company, is all set to unveil brand new member in its popular KONNECT Series - Swipe KONNECT Power.  The slim and sturdy smartphone sports 5” HD IPS display and boasts enormous 3000 mAh battery.  The compelling feature rich Swipe KONNECT Power is competitively priced at Rs. 4,999 only. It will be available exclusively on Snapdeal from 7th August 2017.

Swipe KONNECT Power is driven by a powerful 1.5GHz quad core processor that runs on Android 6.0 OS for lag-free multi-tasking smartphone experience. It comes with 2 GB RAM plus 16 GB internal memory, expandable up to 32 GB and OTG support enhances the storage options. The new 4G VoLTE-ready KONNECT Power features 5” HD IPS display that allows users to enjoy cleaner & sharper visuals at the highest resolution. Besides, this device has a very sleek body that makes the phone very stylish in its looks. That’s not all. For the photography enthusiast, KONNECT Power comes with 8MP Rear Camera and 5MP Front Camera. The camera app also comes with lots of features to enhance the photography. The new phone gives an extended company to the user with its 3000 mAh battery, which is installed keeping in mind the daily lifestyle and usage patterns of young smartphone users.  Commenting on the launch of KONNECT Power, Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Founder and CEO of Swipe Technologies said: “Fulfilling aspirations of demanding Indians at affordable price is what differentiates Swipe from other smartphone players.  Our latest creation is yet another affordable device under the KONNECT series – KONNECT Power. It is designed for the aspiring youth of the country who requires long lasting battery that too with 2GB RAM yet the phone is light on pocket.”
Vishal Chadha, Sr.Vice President – Business said: “As part of our commitment to the vision of Digital India, we are keen to bring our consumers access to compelling technology products at great value. With Swipe Konnect Power, we are confident that this newest exclusive addition to our smartphone assortment will be well received by our customers”
Swipe KONNECT Power comes with a gorgeous design, and it has a smoother touch experience as well as comfortable grip. Customers will be able to enjoy a greater multimedia experience, as they can capture stunning photos and videos in virtually any lighting condition.
About Swipe Technologies:
Swipe Technologies is an innovation-centric mobility solutions company, having started its operations in July 2012. Within a short span of time, Swipe has become the leading tablet and Smartphone maker in India.   Swipe was started with an aim to bring exciting devices in the growing Indian market and today, it is the leading consumer brand with key innovations across products, pricing and customer support. Founded by technocrat Mr. Shripal Gandhi, Swipe raised $5 million in May 2014 from the Venture Capital firm Kalaari Capital. In the last three years, Swipe has won a number of accolades including the “Top 50 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India” by The Economic Times, the “Most Innovation-driven Company in India” by World Brand Congress, and the “Most Innovative Start-up” by Franchise India, the “Best Integrated Campaign” by the World Brand and Congress& the “Best Youth Brand Tablet” by CNBC. Also, Swipe’s young founder Mr. Shripal Gandhi has been recognized as the “CNBC Young Turks” for his breakthrough strategies and innovation in the field of mobile communication technologies. For details, logon to

          Update (February 11, 2017) - '..ethical standards..' ('.. Dr. Bates appeared to distance himself from some of what he wrote in the blog post..') (no replies)        
Update February 11, 2017: 'In an interview on Monday with E&E News, Dr. Bates appeared to distance himself from some of what he wrote in the blog post, and from the way his criticisms were portrayed in the Mail on Sunday article.

“The issue here is not an issue of tampering with data,” he said, “but rather really of timing of a release of a paper that had not properly disclosed everything it was.”

Climate Home, a nonprofit site based in London that offers news and analysis, also weighed in on one of the central contentions of Mr. Rose’s article, that the publication of the NOAA paper had "duped” policy makers into adopting the Paris accord. The site contacted representatives to the talks from 10 countries; none said that the paper had any influence.'

- Henry Fountain, No Data Manipulation in 2015 Climate Study, Researchers Say, February 7, 2016

Update February 09, 2017: 'Dr Bates’ main complaint is that Dr Karl and his co-authors did not follow strict procedures required for NOAA’s ‘operational’ data. It is not yet clear whether Dr Karl should have subjected his research data to the same procedures. Dr Karl, who retired from NOAA in August 2016, has not yet had the opportunity to respond fully to Dr Bates’ allegations.'

- LSE: More fake news in ‘The Mail on Sunday’, February 5, 2017 (Wikipedia Bans Daily Mail As 'Unreliable' Source, February 08, 2017))

'..a failure to observe proper ethical standards..'

'Dr John Bates’s disclosures about the manipulation of data behind the ‘Pausebuster’ paper is the biggest scientific scandal since ‘Climategate’ in 2009 when, as this paper reported, thousands of leaked emails revealed scientists were trying to block access to data, and using a ‘trick’ to conceal embarrassing flaws in their claims about global warming.

Both scandals suggest a lack of transparency and, according to Dr Bates, a failure to observe proper ethical standards.

Because of NOAA ’s failure to ‘archive’ data used in the paper, its results can never be verified.

Like Climategate, this scandal is likely to reverberate around the world, and reignite some of science’s most hotly contested debates.'

- Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data, February 4, 2017

'Whatever takes its place, said Dr Bates, ‘there needs to be a fundamental change to the way NOAA deals with data so that people can check and validate scientific results. I’m hoping that this will be a wake-up call to the climate science community – a signal that we have to put in place processes to make sure this kind of crap doesn’t happen again.


Dr Bates said: ‘How ironic it is that there is now this idea that Trump is going to trash climate data, when key decisions were earlier taken by someone whose responsibility it was to maintain its integrity – and failed.’ '

'Dr Bates retired from NOAA at the end of last year after a 40-year career in meteorology and climate science. As recently as 2014, the Obama administration awarded him a special gold medal for his work in setting new, supposedly binding standards ‘to produce and preserve climate data records’.


Less than two years earlier, a blockbuster report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which drew on the work of hundreds of scientists around the world, had found ‘a much smaller increasing trend over the past 15 years 1998-2012 than over the past 30 to 60 years’. Explaining the pause became a key issue for climate science. It was seized on by global warming sceptics, because the level of CO2 in the atmosphere had continued to rise.


In the weeks after the Pausebuster paper was published, Dr Bates conducted a one-man investigation into this. His findings were extraordinary. Not only had Mr Karl and his colleagues failed to follow any of the formal procedures required to approve and archive their data, they had used a ‘highly experimental early run’ of a programme that tried to combine two previously separate sets of records.


Dr Bates revealed that the failure to archive and make available fully documented data not only violated NOAA rules, but also those set down by Science. Before he retired last year, he continued to raise the issue internally. Then came the final bombshell. Dr Bates said: ‘I learned that the computer used to process the software had suffered a complete failure.’

The reason for the failure is unknown, but it means the Pausebuster paper can never be replicated or verified by other scientists.


Whatever takes its place, said Dr Bates, ‘there needs to be a fundamental change to the way NOAA deals with data so that people can check and validate scientific results. I’m hoping that this will be a wake-up call to the climate science community – a signal that we have to put in place processes to make sure this kind of crap doesn’t happen again.

Dr Bates said: ‘How ironic it is that there is now this idea that Trump is going to trash climate data, when key decisions were earlier taken by someone whose responsibility it was to maintain its integrity – and failed.’

NOAA not only failed, but it effectively mounted a cover-up when challenged over its data. After the paper was published, the US House of Representatives Science Committee launched an inquiry into its Pausebuster claims. NOAA refused to comply with subpoenas demanding internal emails from the committee chairman, the Texas Republican Lamar Smith, and falsely claimed that no one had raised concerns about the paper internally.'

- Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data, February 4, 2017

Context '..conduct more meetings on ethics .. Respectful discussion of different points of view should be encouraged.' - John Bates

Climategate: Follow the Money - By Bret Stephens

Those Who Control the Past Control the Future, Climate Data Edition, February 5, 2017

'..Earth is warming more rapidly than previously thought was correct..'

'Trees are the best known ‘technology’ to cool our planet'

Focus Fusion - '..So, production reactors by 2020 or so.'

(Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - Faraday - Tesla - 'The Accelerating Winds of Venus.' (Electric Universe - Solar Climate Change)

(The Electric Universe - Earth Defence - Earth Shield) - Electric Fossils and Thundercrabs

(The Electric Universe) - ' systems .. an electric “wind” surrounds and often precedes an electric arc.'

(Thymology - Haptopraxeology) - '..entrepreneurship .. actions he will carry out and estimates the future effect of those actions..'

'...The peer review process is broken...' - '...don't have the "situational awareness"...'

On the Mail on Sunday article on Karl et al., 2015, February 5, 2017

          '..another Cold War that may last even longer than the war with world communism.' (no replies)        
'..until Muslim scholars find a Koran key to the free world and lead their followers to an entrance.'

'Economists pondering about human action distinguish between four types of individual incomes; the Koran permits only two, which explains much poverty in the Muslim world. Economists speak of labor income which flows from services rendered either in self-employment or working for an employer; the Koran smiles upon this basic kind of income. Economists also discern interest income which, reflecting human frailty and mortality, flows from the differences between man’s valuation of present economic goods and future goods; the Koran condemns “riba”, that is, interest income, and threatens all creditors who may be tempted to demand “riba” with “the fire prepared for unbelievers.” Economists also like to wax eloquent about entrepreneurial income, commonly called profits, which may be earned through correct anticipation of economic changes; failure to anticipate changes correctly may inflict entrepreneurial losses. The Koran simply prohibits economic activity that involves uncertainty, risk, or speculation and may earn “ghara.” The prohibition obviously discourages and hampers economic changes, adjustments, modernizations, and improvements that are uncertain and risky.


Muslim clerics are the tutors and preceptors not only of Islamic theology but also of social and economic ideology. Surely, they may not descend to the level of envy but may fly into anger and passion about the sinful behavior of all non-believers, that is, Christians and Jews, who grow rich in market economies, engaging in uncertain, risky, and speculative economic activity and prospering on riba and ghara. For some clerics the United States is the “Great Satan” and Israel his little offspring. It cannot be surprising that faithful followers abhor, fear, and hate the Great Satan and wish him evil. When a few Muslim fanatics flew into the World Trade Center in New York, killing more than 2,900 men and women, and another hijacked plane hit the Pentagon, killing 189 employees, jubilant masses thronged streets across the Muslim world, celebrating and rejoicing about the destruction and massacre.


..Today, the United States is in the early stages of a long struggle with radical Islamism that has been waging war against this country for some thirty years. Radical Islamic states have been breeding, sheltering, and financing the terrorist armies and radical clerics are invoking divine favor upon them.

The Western world, and especially the United States, is facing the prospect of a long and bitter war with a fanatical enemy. It is a desperate enemy because powerful forces of change are eroding its very ideological foundation. Modern communication technology has opened the windows of the world and is allowing people everywhere to observe Western mores and living conditions. A network of communication satellites, for instance, is continuously receiving, amplifying, and rebroadcasting signals to earth. Western ideas are reaching the minds of people everywhere and changing social, economic, political, and educational institutions. It cannot be surprising that Muslim autocracies like to keep the windows closed by monopolizing and disallowing access to such technology.

It is doubtful that the U.S. military will crush and completely render inactive a desperate enemy consisting of an organized guerilla force of Allah-fearing men and women. A small army of suicidal fanatics, a diminutive percentage of one billion and three hundred million Muslims in 206 countries, may wear away the patience and resolve of the American public and its political and military commanders. Such a possibility does not in any way intimate a victory and sway of Muslim fanatics over the forces of the West. Its paramount strength does not rest on brute military might but on its free and open way of life, its private property order and individual enterprise system. Its windows are wide open and its busy subjects are at work all over the world, simple ambassadors or even missionaries of its order. Even if the United States should ever stumble and lose its way, the windows are wide open and the bright light of individual freedom and the private property order would remain visible in many other parts of the West. It is unlikely that it can ever be extinguished.

The U.S. military is not going to conquer many Muslim countries, but individual freedom and the private property order may in time..


We shall know the future only when it comes. But our thoughts like to live in the future, and what they see is another Cold War that may last even longer than the war with world communism. They see the Muslim world in a crisis which causes a few revolutionaries to strike at Americans. Insurgents may continue to lash out until Muslim scholars find a Koran key to the free world and lead their followers to an entrance.'

- Hans F. Sennholz, In Another Cold War, 2004


'..the battle of ideas taking place in the Muslim world..'

(Bazaarmodel - To Heal - Teal) - ' it possible to build a truly Evolutionary-Teal school?'

          '..dismantle the Marxist myth..' - 'Karl Marx, False consciousness' (no replies)        
'Every once in a while, even The Economist gets it right. In a review of an intellectual biography of Marx (Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion), published this past fall, they argue that “the myth is more impressive than the reality”. Echoing, in fact, several arguments from the book—written, surprisingly enough, by a scholar with Marxist leanings—, they point out how out of step Marx was with the theoretical developments of 19th century economics, and how dense and often nonsensical his writings were.

As refreshing as it may be, this perspective on Marx is hardly a new one. We know that throughout his work, Ludwig von Mises has exploded many of the fallacies of the Marxist school of thought, particularly those concerning the workings of a socialist system and the idea of class struggle. But Mises had, in several of his publications, also criticized the myth of Marx, pointing out inconsistencies and errors in his research, as well as criticizing his writing style.

Even if it will take a long time to dismantle the Marxist myth, I’d like to think that it will be Mises’s view of the world that will prevail.'

- Carmen Elena Dorobat, Mises on the Myth of Marx, December 26, 2016

'..Karl Marx .. the myth is more impressive than the reality.'

'COMMUNISM collapsed nearly 30 years ago, but the influence of Karl Marx lives on. Marxist approaches are found in some of the most interesting history and sociology being published today. Marx’s works, including “The Communist Manifesto”, written with Friedrich Engels in 1848, may have had more impact on the modern world than many suppose. Of the manifesto’s ten principal demands, perhaps four have been met in many rich countries, including “free education for all children in public schools” and a “progressive or graduated income tax”.


The overriding impression from this book is that Marx’s reputation (at least in some quarters) as an unrivalled economist-philosopher is wide of the mark. Marx had planned to write “Capital” in multiple volumes. He finished the first. But when it came to writing the second, on realising that he would face insurmountable intellectual hurdles, he pleaded illness (though seemed quite able to do other sorts of research). “Karl” was in the thick of the intellectual developments of the 19th century. But the myth is more impressive than the reality.'

- The Economist, Karl Marx, False consciousness, August 25, 2016

Context (Praxeology) - '..Menger’s experience stressed subjective factors..'

(Praxeology) - '..his or her subjective values .. to explain all economic phenomena as the results of what people do..'

(Praxeology) - 'Economics .. is about human choice and action.' - '..books by Mises, Rothbard and Hayek are already translated .. online bookstore in China..'

(Praxeology) - Savings - Economic Growth - 'We Need More Wealth, Not Necessarily More Employment' - Entrepreneurship

'..You really have to be able to think about the post-bureaucratic world..'

'..economic growth cannot be conjured into being by top-down interventionism in the form of monetary pumping and deficit spending..'

' “Monetary policy… after all, is extremely important” – is an understatement.' - Doug Noland

'..have organizations that are more and more adaptable and far more humane..'

'When Jan Patocka wrote .. the phenomenon of human conscience..' - Václav Havel

'..the phenomenon of wave after wave of economic ups and downs is ideological in character..'

Praxeology '...the primordial fact of individual human action.'

          Lead Blockchain Engineer - Talla        
Boston, MA - Lead Blockchain Engineer Boston, MA or Palo Alto, CA
Talla is looking for an entrepreneurial lead blockchain software engineer with experience building innovative services and technologies to help Talla incorporate blockchain & cryptocurrency functionality into their
          God’s Not Dead 2        
It was an honor to have actor, PAUL KWO join this special edition of Girlfriendit Radio!    Not only is Paul one of the supporting lead actors of the feature film franchise “God’s Not Dead” and “God’s Not Dead 2” which released April 1, he is also a singer, musician, entrepreneur and beyond! Paul is also…
          Superb movie secret window region 2 dvd - prix incroyable - johny depp +        
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          Whos that girl 1987 avec madona et griffin dune .        
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          Prison break saison 2 2006 dvd non musical *        
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          Nous irons tous au paradis bedos rochefort lanoux dvd excellent etat ?        
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          Walt disney contes et legendes vol. 4 le lievre et la tortue et autres contes +        
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          Dvd titanic dicaprio winslet tbe *        
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          Dvd jimmy de maria giese +        
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          Numbers saison 3 6 dvd +        
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          Flic ou voyou collection belmondo n° 3 -        
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          Six Questions With Steven Anthony, Founder/Managing Partner of Global Sports Management        
Steven Anthony is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur and Board Member, with more than fifteen years success across the banking, finance, and hospitality industries. Anthony is a graduate of Dillard University where he received his B.A. in Business Administration & Management and he also holds a Master’s degree from Georgetown University in Real Estate. He and...
          Galvanize and Amazon Launch Series of Free Alexa Workshops Across the Country        
Galvanize is a 21st Century school for engineers, entrepreneurs and data scientists. On eight campuses across the U.S., the energy, intellect and ...
          Artificial intelligence is helping researchers to find new drugs for ALS, a motor neurone disease        
Artificial intelligence robots are turbocharging the race to find new drugs for the crippling nerve disorder ALS, or motor neurone disease.
          How Machine Learning Is Helping Neuroscientists Crack Our Neural Code        
A big challenge in neuroscience is understanding how the brain encodes information. Neural networks are turning out to be great code crackers.
          iOS Update Quashes Dangerous SSL Bug        


Photo by: Duncan Hull

If you haven't gotten the iOS 7.0.6 update, you need to stop what you're doing and get it now. There's a dangerous SSL bug that can hurt you in numerous ways if you don't take care of it right away by updating your Apple operating system. Even if you have an older version, you're going to want to make sure you're protected and have the latest OS available for your particular mobile device.

Back in February of this year, it came out that not updating could lead to bad people being able to read and modify encrypted communications whether people were using iPhones, iPads or other iOS devices. As you might imagine, this upset a lot of people. The good news is that Apple was pretty quick at making sure an update was available for people who downloaded it.

And yet that's part of the problem - not everyone updates their operating system on their own, especially on their phone or mobile device. Some people have claimed that it wasn't a flaw and was built-in iOS as a means for people - like the NSA perhaps - to be able to spy on people easier. Apple denied the claims, of course, but if you Google around, you're going to find some interesting speculation about the "flaw" found in iOS.

According to Ars Technica, the problem may have gone beyond iOS mobile devices and actually affected Mac OS X users - even if they had all the current patches and updates installed! According to them, "[The] vulnerability has been confirmed in iOS versions 6.1.5, 7.0.4, and 7.0.5, and OS X 10.9.0 and 10.9.1." That's quite a wide vulnerability. And while Apple seemed to be working fast to squash the bug last month, there's a good chance that a lot of people still don't have it patched.

In order to make sure you stay safe, here are some specific tips you should follow.

  • Always Update - The first thing you want to do is make sure you ALWAYS update your OS when you find out there's a new version available.
  • Be Aware - In order to know when you should update your OS, you're going to make sure you're aware of major problems that have been found.
  • Act Quickly - The sooner you patch the vulnerable code, the sooner you're going to be safe from attacks.

While there's no guarantee your mobile devices are going to be safe and secure, you want to make sure you take whatever steps you can to guarantee that you're as safe as possible. If you have any thoughts or opinions about the latest iOS update that killed some major security flaws, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know what you're thinking.

Guest Post:

Written by: Jenny Corteza has used a City Directory Theme because it made her life as a writer a whole lot easier. She's been writing technology articles for many years now.

          Bioshock : Rapture, John Shirley        
Avant toute chose, sachez que je n'ai jamais joué à Bioshock. Du coup, je me suis aventurée dans cette lecture sans rien savoir. Juste parce que le livre fait partie du mois du Cuivre et que la couverture très art nouveau me plaisait beaucoup. Et cette lecture m'a plu et m'a donné envie de jouer au jeu. (il est sortit en 2007 et je n'ai pas la moindre idée de s'il tourne sous mac, faudra que je regarde ça de plus près).

Bioshock : Rapture, John Shirley

Editeur : Bragelonne
Collection : Le Mois du Cuivre
Année de parution : 2016
Titre en VO : Bioshock : Rapture
Année de parution en VO : 2011
Format : AZW

A lire si :
- Vous aimez les utopies qui tournent mal
- Vous n'avez pas peur de vous perdre entre personnages et les dates
- Vous voulez un huis-clos

A ne pas lire si :
- Vous voulez de la romance
- Vous voulez du tout beau tout propre
- Vous avez du mal avec le côté un peu trop documentaire

Présentation de l'éditeur : 

C’était la fin de la seconde guerre mondiale. Le New Deal du président Roosevelt avait redéfini la politique américaine. Les impôts avaient atteint un pic sans précédent. Les bombardements de Hiroshima et Nagasaki avaient créé la peur de l’annihilation totale. La montée d’agences gouvernementales secrètes avait rendu la population méfiante. Le sentiment de liberté des États-Unis s’était étiolé… Et nombreux étaient ceux qui voulaient retrouver cette liberté. Parmi eux, un grand rêveur, un immigré qui s’était élevé des plus profonds abysses de la pauvreté pour devenir l’un des hommes les plus riches et les plus admirés au monde. Cet homme s’appelait Andrew Ryan, et il avait la conviction que les grands hommes méritaient ce qu’il y avait de mieux. Alors il se mit en quête de l’impossible, une utopie libre de tout gouvernement, de toute censure, de toute restriction morale sur la science, où ce qu’on donnait on le recevait en retour. Il a créé Rapture, la lumineuse cité sous les mers. Mais l’utopie a été frappée d’une terrible tragédie. Voici comment tout a commencé… et tout a fini.

Mon avis

Comme dit en introduction, je ne suis pas du tout au courant de l'histoire de Bioshock, le jeu. Je partais donc totalement "vierge" de toute information, me demandant un peu ce que cela allait donner. Bon, après lecture, je me suis tout de même renseignée, et il s'avère que le livre se situe donc avant le jeu.

On se retrouve en fin de seconde guerre mondiale. Les USA ont largués les bombes atomique sur le japon, les populations ont peur, sont méfiantes. C'est avec un climat de plus en plus tendu qu'il faut vivre. Or, cela, Andrew Ryan ne le veut pas. Il a un rêve, créer une cité sous la mer où aucune règle ne viendrait ternir sa vision du monde. Une utopie fantastique pour qui veut évoluer dans la vie. Ce qu'aurait du être les USA avant le New Deal de Roosevelt. Ainsi va donc naître l'héroïne du roman, la ville de Rapture, dont nous allons connaitre l'histoire à travers quelques personnages, Ryan, Bill, Sullivan, Fontaine et d'autres.

Car la ville est bel et bien l'héroïne du livre, bien plus que les personnages qui la peuplent.  Mais parlons d'eux avant de parler d'elle. Le panel couvert par l'auteur est assez hétéroclite bien que principalement masculin. Oui, j'aurais voulu que les femmes ait de plus grand rôle, mais je ne peux pas tout avoir, n'est-ce pas ? Bref, des personnages nombreux et qui ne se ressemblent pas vraiment. On retrouve Ryan, richissime entrepreneur qui va donner naissance à Rapture, en faire une utopie secrète. Bill, employé de Ryan, confident aussi qui petit à petit va se rendre compte du désastre qui s'annonce, Fontaine, le "méchant" de l'histoire, Brigid Tenenbaum, scientifique ayant travaillé avec les nazis (et certainement pour moi le personnage qui aurait mérité plus de concidération), Sullivan, chef de la sécurité... Tous vont permettre de voir Rapture sous ses divers visages, et autant dire que ce n'est pas toujours très beau.

Si la ville se présente comme une utopie parfaite au départ, il s'avère qu'elle ne va pas le rester longtemps. Le fait qu'il n'y ait pas de règles pour réguler le marché ou la science va faire perdre la tête à plus d'un. Rapidement, les plus pauvres deviennent encore plus pauvres tandis que les plus riches s'enrichissent encore plus. Là où tout le monde aurait du avoir sa chance, le fossé se creuse de plus en plus. Et forcément quand les inégalités sont là, les contestations aussi. Entre un Ryan qui ne veut surtout pas modifier sa belle utopie malgré le désastre qui arrive, un Fontaine qui profite de tout cela pour prendre la ville de force, des scientifiques à l'esprit tordu, une psy communiste, plus personne ne sait vraiment qui suivre. Et rien ne s'arrange lorsque Fontaine aider par Tenenbaum et un autre scientifique inventent les plasmisdes, des produits capable de donner des pouvoirs surhumains aux hommes.

Je dois bien dire que j'ai adoré voir la ville descendre petit à petit dans les Enfers. C'est plutôt bien fait, surtout qu'on découvre les points de vue de personnages moins importants dans l'histoire mais qui éclaire un peu mieux la dite descente. Voir la belle utopie vouait à l'échec n'est pas nouveau mais je trouve ici que c'est plutôt bien fait, bien que pour moi, il reste quelques points noirs (parce que je n'ai pas joué au jeu ?). D'ailleurs, parfois, j'aurais voulu un peu plus de mystère et moins de fait annoncer froidement. C'est quelque chose que je reproche un peu à l'auteur, pas assez de sentiment. IL est parfois trop "documentaire". Pourtant, l'histoire de la création et de la chute de Rapture aurait surement pu être conté d'une manière plus romanesque (et je ne parle pas de romance ou que sais-je d'autre, juste un peu plus de sentiments, de n'importe quel sentiment). IL n'en reste pas moins que l’enchaînement des événements, qui courent sur plusieurs années est bien foutu et qu'on suit la chute de la cité sans le moindre problème. 

Finalement, ce Rapture a été une bien bonne découverte. J'ai vraiment apprécié le livre qui se lit bien et pousse à réfléchir sur quelques petites choses, comme la morale scientifique, le monde des affaires et surtout la place de l'homme dans son environnement et ce qu'il se passe quand il se prend pour un Dieu. Bref, passionnant, instructif aussi. Tout ce que j'apprécie dans un bouquin. Sans parler de l'esthétisme très rétro-futur, art nouveau de la ville qui transparait dans la couverture mais aussi dans les descriptions de Rapture. Quel dommage qu'il me parait si court (pourtant, il est dense comme roman) et qu'il manque un peu trop de sentiment. 

          Ø¯ÛŒØ¯Ú¯Ø§Ù‡â€ŒÙ‡Ø§ برای رویای ثروت با بازاریابی شبکه ای ؛ واقعیت یا سراب؟ با امیرحسین        
من به تمام دوستان پیشنهاد میکنم مستند Rise Of The Entrepreneur رو حتما ببینن چند تا نکته تیم با تیم فرق داره ، بله قاعدتا هیچ بقالی نمیگه ماست من ترشه ولی باید بگم ک خیلی از تیم ها هستن ک برای بالا بردن خودشون تیم دیگری رو خراب نمیکنن بهتره برای انجام همچین کاری تمام تیم هارو دید بعد تصمیم گرفت ، ولی تا خودتون تحقیق نکردین اونم از ادم درستش لطفا زود قضاوت نکنید
          Bondville Aussie Christmas Gift Guide 2016        

Well, there are six weeks to go until Christmas and it's time to get cracking. To get you started, I've put together four fun gift guides this year with forty products from Australian designers, makers and Aussie online stores for kids. Choose from kid's room gift ideas, toys you will both love, my picks for mini fashionistas and some favourite Christmas essentials. Go ahead and click on all those links to support Aussie entrepreneurs - most of whom are parents with their own small businesses. Keep it local this year so the money goes into the pockets of the makers and the shakers. I hope you find some great ideas for your family...
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          The Effect of Nasal Breathing         
"Rhythm of Breathing Affects Memory and Fear" - a fascinating study on the affect of nasal breathing on memory and emotional response. Not surprisingly, this is also linked to smell processing and the amygdala.
          Medicines for the Soul        
Christmas in Nazareth

On Christmas Eve my brother invited us to go with him on an urban evening stroll in Nazareth, to experience the holiday at the historic birthplace of Christianity. My brother is a tour-guide, so it's always an experience to go for walks with him. He always knows about more than what meets the eye, and has connections with people where we visit that makes every trip with him, even to familiar places, a different experience.

Our experience started on a rather stressful note, being stuck in traffic in a very narrow, one-way downhill street that would make San Francisco's terrain look rather friendly. There was no traffic control despite very heavy flow of visitors to watch the festivities. We were stuck in what should have been a two minute drive for 45 minutes. When we finally found a 3/4 parking spot between a dumpster and another truck and got out, it was drizzling and cold, as it should be in midwinter in the Galilee.

The large square in front of the Church of the Annunciation was festive with an enormous tree-like construction with many lights and a big glowing red star on top and next to it the customary nativity scene. Many people around were wearing Santa Claus hats, blowing little annoying-sounding horns; but thankfully above it all was a recording of Fairuz singing Christmas songs. Christmas in the Middle East is certainly very different than anywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere.

I don't recall ever visiting in Nazareth, even though our family has special ties with the city. My mom's midwife, a Christian-Arab from the neighbouring village of Kfar Yasif is originally from Nazareth. Both our families have five children each (aside from me, my mom has four boys, and her midwife has five daughters). We are all in more or less the same ages. If it weren't for the strange political climate of this country, they'd all be married to each other by now...

Safdi's in Nazareth
Aside from the religious spots (Nazareth's spring, bath house and historic city centre, Mary's Well and its Church, AKA Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, and the Roman Catholic Basiclia of the Anunnciation (كنيسة البشار  in Arabic בזיליקת הבשורה / כנסיית הבשורה) - we also went into the old souk (market) of Nazareth, which is sadly mostly dormant due to modernization. Very few people have the desire or time to find parking in narrow alleyways that were built thousand years ago and wander between merchants to compare prices and negotiate bargains. It's much easier to go to the mall and pay with plastic cards all in one place, and cart your goods to the car underground. It was very sad to see so many stores closed, behind them are beautiful old shops with arched ceilings. Some of the old apartment buildings - although mostly neglected - were used to be effendi's homes, and their ceilings are made of Cedar of Lebanon, and hand-painted by a Lebanese artist from the time of the Ottoman empire. It's a lost world, and only recently some brave entrepreneurs have taken the initiative to renovate such places and open boutique hotels, hostels and cultural centres in the ancient cities of the country. There was also a little shop in the entrance to the empty souk, full of beautiful local craftsmanship. I hope to see more such things develop.

Meicines for the Soul
Once we reached the part of the souk that was still alive, I bought a cupful of coal-roasted chestnuts, reminiscing the cold foggy nights in Vancouver when we'd buy them from Yve's Chestnuts and warm our frozen mittens with their starchy, caramel-scented comfort. At the bottom of the hill there were some of the country's best Halawiyat (Arabic patisseries), where one should stop by for kunafeh - even if they don't have time or room in their stomach. But we were in a group with a different agenda than enjoying life on the stop - and instead continued on to Ziad Safdi's grocery store, which is really more of a magical old-fashioned herb and spice shop, that contains many folk remedies for all kinds of physical ailments, a collection of essential oils from local plants that is distilled in Nablus; speculates such as mastic gum, and mastic-flavoured chewing gum; and last but not least - assortment of medicines for the soul in the form of incense (pictured above) to be burned in special clay pots. You could find there anything from frankincense and myrrh to colourful and sparkling blends typically burned in churches.

Fine Nazarethi Baclava
As we continued on, we stumbled upon other interesting merchants, such as this man who brews coffee in a special pot decorated with olive branches and misbaha (prayer beads) that has hot charcoal in a pipe in the middle, and sends impressive steam to the air. We continued to El Babour Mill - Nazareth original steam-powered miller (the name is a mispronunciation of the English word "vapour") -  now more of a live museum for old mills, sieves and pieces of history from the family that keeps this tradition - and a spice and candy shop. I bought there a jar of black-coloured nigella spread, and green frikeh (charred green wheat berries). The tour ended there and once everyone spread to all four direction of the winds, my brother, daughter and I stopped at a more humble bakey and bought some spinach-filled sambusac, date-filled sesame balls, and karakish - savoury cookies that look like hard flatbreads studded with fragrant seeds of sesame and fennel.
Charcoal Coffee

          K E L O I D II        
Keloid II has been released! Those insane talents at BLR VFX in Spain have done it again, check it out:


Greg Broadmore and I were fortunate enough to collaborate with JJ and his team, and produce some new designs for the short. Here's some of my work:

BLR wanted a large mech unit with a human pilot, and I wanted to design something a little different with such a fun but familiar brief. With other autonomous robots running around it didn't make sense to have the pilot sitting in a traditional cockpit or controlling the mech with their limb movement. So I put the pilot in a low slung tank, where they would be ensconced in inflatable padding, and controlling the unit through a neural interface and display screens. This would allow super fast entry and egress for the pilot, and would look pretty creepy too.

Of course that means the pilot isn't strictly necessary so the pilot tank could be swapped out for a big ass ammo tank for a big ass gun.
BLR were also after a larger version of the original Keloid robot, and a human soldier with exo-skeletal gear and armour.

Here are some renders of the final models, and some screen grabs from the video:

          DJ Drama – Wishing [Remix] Ft. Fabolous, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Chris Brown & Jhené Aiko        
The Philadelphia entrepreneur revisits his popular bedroom single Wishing for an official remix. DJ Drama teams up on this one with Fabolous, Tory Lanez, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Jhene...
          #131: So generierst du neue Ideen und behältst sie im Blick        

Neue Ideen zu entwicklen und dann auch tatsächlich einige davon umzusetzen, ist wohl das Lebenselixier jedes Solopreneurs.

Doch wie generiert man am besten neue Ideen? Soll man einfach auf den Musenkuss warten? Wie behält man den Überblick über seine Ideen und verfolgt dann auch tatsächlich einige davon?

Über diese und viele weitere Fragen unterhalte ich mich mit Bernd Geropp.

Die Shownotes findest du unter

          #123: Zufriedenere Mitarbeiter dank Holacracy?        

Kennst du das Organisations-Prinzip für Unternehmen namens “Holacracy”?

Ich auch nicht - bis es mir Patrick Scheuerer erklärt hat.

Genau das tut er heute auch für dich in meinem Interview mit ihm.

Lerne hier, wie sich Organisationen auch anders organisieren können, weshalb solche Veränderungen nicht einfach sind und warum sie sich trotzdem lohnen können.

Die Shownotes findest du unter

          #121: Wie bildet man sich als Solopreneur am besten weiter?        

Weiterbildung ist wichtig. Das ist klar.

Für Solopreneure und Unternehmer ist es sogar spielentscheidend. Verpasst man die Entwicklungen in seiner Branche, ist man weg.

Das betrifft nicht nur die Fachthemen, sondern auch allgemeine Business-Themen.

Wie Bernd Geropp und ich dafür sorgen, dass wir den Anschluss nicht verlieren, erzählen wir dir hier.

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          #117: Produktiv Arbeiten im Home-Office - ein Doppelkick        

Viele Solopreneure arbeiten im Home-Office. Manchmal, weil sie müssen, häufig aber auch, weil sie wollen.

Welche Fallen im Home-Office auf dich warten und wie Bernd Geropp und ich damit umgehen, erzählen wir dir hier.

Die Shownotes (inkl. Transkript) findest du hier:


          #113: So setzt du dir Jahresziele und planst dein Jahr - ohne dich einzuschränken        

Als Solopreneur liebt man ja seine Freiheit. Tut man aber nur das, worauf man gerade Lust hat, dann kommt man nicht wirklich vorwärts.

Deshalb ist es wichtig, das Jahr zu planen. Nicht in jeder Kleinigkeit und ohne einzuschränken.

Doch die Ziele und der Plan sind eine Art Leuchtturm, die uns die Richtung angeben.

Wie Bernd Geropp und ich unser Jahr planen, verraten wir hier in dieser Podcast-Folge.

Die Shownotes (inkl. Transkript) findest du unter

          #111: Entspannt arbeiten als Solopreneur?        

Für jeden Solopreneur ist es spielentscheidend, gefunden zu werden. Während man sich früher physisch bei allen möglichen Anlässen zeigte, kann man sich heute auch eine Online-Sichtbarkeit schaffen.

Für das heutige Interview habe ich mir einen Experten für Online-Sichtbarkeit geholt, nämlich den Frank Katzer. Wir unterhalten uns aber gar nicht mal so besonders über dieses Thema, sondern viel mehr darüber, ob und wie man als Solopreneur entspannt arbeiten kann.

Die Shownotes findest du unter

          #108: So findest du Zeit für deine Social Media Aktivitäten        

Social Media können ein ganz schöner Zeitfresser sein.

Kann – muss aber nicht.

Gerade als Solopreneur ist es enorm wichtig, dass du dir hier eine gute Strategie zurecht legst.

Wie du dabei vorgehen kannst, erzähle ich dir in dieser Folge.

Die Shownotes zu dieser Folge findest du unter

          #101: Ist Planung noch möglich? Und: Wie plant man das Unplanbare?        

Heute beginnt eine neue Zeitrechnung. Denn ab heute habe ich einmal pro Monat meinen Freund Bernd Geropp in meinem Podcast.

Nicht einfach als Interviewgast, sondern als Gesprächspartner nach dem Motto: Zwei Solopreneure tauschen sich zu einem Thema rund um Zeitmanagement aus.

Als erstes Gesprächsthema haben wir uns das Thema "Planung" vorgenommen. 

  • Kann man heute überhaupt noch seinen Tag planen? 
  • Wie plant man das Unplanbare?

Die Shownotes und das Transkript findest du unter

          #100: Alles Große und Entscheidende im Leben ist ein Wagnis        

Heute geht die Folge 100 meines Podcast “on air”! Grund genug für ein paar Veränderungen.

Am 15. Januar 2013 ging die erste Folge live. Seither gab’s mich (und viele Interview-Gäste) regelmäßig zu hören.

Ein Meilenstein ist immer eine gute Gelegenheit zu überlegen, wie es weitergehen soll.

Genau das habe ich auch für meinen Podcast gemacht. Hier das Ergebnis:

  1. Der Podcast erscheint weiterhin wöchentlich.
  2. Der Podcast wird wieder eigenständig. Habe ich in den letzten 35 Folgen einfach einen Blogartikel “vorgelesen”, gibt es jetzt wieder eigene Inhalte nur für den Podcast.

Jeden Monat erscheinen also 4 neue Folgen:

  • Ein Interview: Einmal pro Monat gibt es ein Interview mit einer inspirierenden Person. Nicht nur rund um Zeitmanagement, sondern mein Ziel ist, faszinierende Menschen zu Wort kommen zu lassen, die auch etwas zu sagen haben. Ich möchte sie aus ihrem Alltag und von ihrem Business erzählen lassen.
  • Zwei “normale” Folgen: Ich erzähle dir etwas rund um Zeitmanagement. Ich werde dabei vermehrt aus dem Alltag eines Produktivitätstrainers berichten und was man daraus für Lehren ziehen kann.
  • Ein Gespräch mit meinem Co-Gastgeber: Das hier ist neu und großartig: Einmal pro Monat begrüsse ich nämlich einen Co-Gastgeber in meinem Podcast. Ich werde mich mit ihm über ein Thema rund um Zeitmanagement unterhalten. Kein Interview, sondern ein Gespräch zwischen zwei Solopreneuren, die was zu sagen haben – hoffentlich. :-)

Dieser Co-Gastgeber ist aber nicht irgendwer. Sondern ich konnte meinen Freund Bernd Geropp dafür gewinnen. Ich freue mich wahnsinnig darauf und wir sind beide gespannt, wie sich das entwickeln wird.

Damit du Bernd Geropp kennenlernen kannst, habe ich ihn für diese heutige Folge zum Interview eingeladen. Viel Spaß damit!

          Â¿Es la actividad física la píldora de la felicidad?        
Aumenta tus emociones y disfruta la vida con el ejercicio | Elena del Mar
Ya lo has escuchado antes: “esta sí es la píldora de la felicidad”, ¿verdad? Por supuesto, das clic porque todos queremos conocer esa fórmula mágica que da felicidad. Según un último estudio científico se ha encontrado la relación entre la sensación de satisfacción, tranquilidad y confianza cuando se llevan a cabo actividades físicas y de ejercicio periódicamente. Elena del Mar no te dirá que esta es la fórmula de la felicidad pero sí te hablará al respecto. ¿Cuáles son tus conclusiones?

Cuando se practica ejercicio… ¿qué sucede?

Diferentes personas encuentran en sus rutinas y actividades físicas la manera de encontrarse consigo mismas. Y es que en medio de vidas afanadas, largas y extenuantes jornadas laborales, muchas actividades por culminar, responsabilidades, reuniones familiares o con amigos son pocos los espacios que se pueden dedicar así mismos. ¿Tú qué elijes? ¿Cuál es tu momento? ¿Cuál es tu ritmo?

Algunas personas han decidido el deporte y las actividades físicas practicadas en gimnasios en Bogotá y han encontrado en esos tiempos su felicidad, sus momentos de intimidad, soledad y reencuentros. Importante es destacar que según una encuesta de salud realizada en Canadá y publicada en septiembre de 2016 en la Biblioteca del Instituto Nacional de Salud de Estados Unidos, declaró que los niños que dedican su tiempo a la práctica de actividades físicas se sienten vigorosos y son menos propensos a actividades sedentarias. Lo mismo podemos afirmar para los más adultos.

¿Por qué ocurre esto?

La práctica de ejercicio aumenta los niveles de serotonina, neurotransmisores que se localizan en el sistema nervioso central y que tienen entre sus funciones regular el deseo de saciedad después de ingeridos los alimentos, equilibra el deseo sexual, ayuda a estabilizar y controlar las emociones (angustia, depresión, ansiedad o agresividad). El ejercicio es la actividad que permite mantenerlos en equilibrio. Está comprobado que estimular la producción de serotonina genera bienestar, concentración y sensación de más energía.

Atrévete. Toma retos y empieza tus rutinas de ejercicio

Hacer ejercicio hasta convertirlo en rutina influye directamente en tu autoconfianza, autopercepción y en la disciplina para enfrentar y superar retos. Entonces, ¿las recomendaciones? Si estás pensado en empezar a moverte es que debes hacerlo de manera progresiva. Inicia con aquello que te motiva: podrían ser las clases grupales que te invitan a esforzarte de manera diferente y divertida. Elena del Mar te ofrece diferentes actividades en grupo y planes económicos de gimnasios en Bogotá. Conócelos aquí.  

Después podrías seguir con pequeñas actividades que no te agoten o sobrecarguen de lo contrario, estarás pensando que no lo lograrás y será agobiante. No en vano, los médicos recomiendan que ante situaciones y emociones adversas como la angustia o depresión decidas dedicarte tiempo y, la manera más saludable y oportuna para hacerlo es por medio del ejercicio, donde se producirá la serotonina para que te dé más energía.

Elena del Mar como un spa – gimnasio te ofrece espacios oportunos para que lleves a cabo cada una de tus rutinas físicas además de grandiosos y asequibles precios de gimnasios en Bogotá para que empieces hoy. Asimismo, pone a tu disposición centros de estética para que te relajes y dediques tiempo. Hoy no solo dijimos que la actividad física aumentará tu estado de ánimo sino que se convierte en uno de los factores para que encuentres tu felicidad. ¿Tú qué crees? ¿Puede el ejercicio apoyar tu felicidad? Comparte para ver que dicen tus amigos al respecto. Además te invitamos a ponerte en contacto con nosotros por medio de nuestra línea de atención al 344 1436 o visitar nuestras instalaciones para que inicies tus rutinas de ejercicio.

Artículo tomado de Elena del Mar.
          The "Green" Jobs Canard        

For too long, politicians, environmentalists and subsidized proponents of “green” jobs have been peddling the notions that “investing” in green technologies is the illuminating endeavor and beneficent job creator of our time.  With scant evidence, these green jobs postulates are bulwarked by so much hot air it rivals the amount of subsidized dollars used to sustain them.

The main dilemma of green jobs and investing is that they defy the reality of basic economics.  Jobs are created by entrepreneurs willing to invest in capital, coupled with demand for their goods and services.  The economic environment fostered by government (taxes, regulations, etc.) plays an immensely important role as well.

The experience in Europe with investment in greed jobs sheds a glaring light on the fallacious nature of the purported success of these initiatives.   In Spain, which has a 20.4 percent unemployment rate, every green job created destroyed an additional 2.2 regular jobs. In addition, every “green” megawatt created destroys 5.28 jobs in the rest of the economy.  Aggregately, these green jobs programs killed 110,500 elsewhere in the economy.

The amount of money invested in these programs is exorbitantly costly when compared with private sector job creation.  In Italy, the amount of capital invested in the creation of 1 green job was equivalent to the amount of capital invested to create 5 jobs in the rest of the economy.

The reason these programs are such colossal failures, is that government subsidies to inefficient and unsustainable green initiatives divert resources from other productive sectors of the economy and result in the loss of jobs.  Price-controls and central planning have long been considered an abject failure, why do we believe that these policies are any more palatable in the energy sector of our economy?

The reason these economically suicidal green job schemes continue to seem viable is that somehow they represent drastically new technology and innovation.  It’s like a burgeoning plant, just give it a little water and it will rapidly expand, right?

Wrong.  These propositions elucidate an inherent myopia within the green jobs cheerleaders.  The truth is that the wind-powered electricity was commercialized in 1881 and solar power received its first patent in 1892.  Mean ugly coal-fired electricity was commercialized in 1882.  

The house that contains the green jobs myth has been set ablaze.  Do we want the dubious distinction of running in?

          NHS put Millbrae under the scope        

Millbrae - Ayr’s 3XV and league champions of RBS West Division 4 last season - will take part in a charity match-up against a group of local health-workers, under the banner of NHS Ayrshire and Annan, on Friday 15 August (8pm) to raise money for Clic Sargent and the Neuroblastoma Society.

The NHS team

          NatGeo presents article "Genius" to accompany is new cable series         

The National Geographic issue for May 2007 has a feature cover story on p. 30, “Genius: Why some people are so much smarter than the rest of us.”, link (paywall) here .
An important measure of genius is whether the person’s output lives throughout the ages.  Beehoven’s output takes on a life of its own. 

The article gives some attention to the life story of Leonardo DaVinci.

The years of highest probability of major output are the late twenties into the mid thirties.

An important and controversial variable would be how versatile the person is with "real life" skills.  The best of today's young adults simply are or were much more mature than I was at ages like, say 16-21. But it helps to be born later. 

However, there are real prodigies, in coding (Mark Zuckerberg) and in music.  In music, prodigy becomes harder to show after Mozart.  But Eugen d’Albert’s gigantic first piano concerto (as published, in B Minor) was composed before age 20 and shows real intellectual brilliance as to harmony, counterpoint, and form. Brahms, on the other hand, waited until his forties to compose symphonies.  Genius enters new territory in the latest years, as we know from the last nearly-complete symphony of Bruckner.

There is a new series on National Geographic Channel which I have not seen yet.

The issue also has an article on the Central African Republic, the Burning Heart of Africa, and “United in Protest” against the North Dakota oil pipeline. 

          The Company You Keep: Three Steps to Finding the Breakthrough Team        
By:  Andrew Johnson, Ph.D. and Sarah Cardozo Duncan You can find new articles for entrepreneurs almost every day advising how to best make a success out of their brilliant ideas.  One of the key pieces of advice is to make sure that you hire the very best team you can to make this all work.  […]
          Comment on Why Feminism Is Wrong About Patriarchy by Typhon Blue by valeriekeefe        
Please can we stop with the de-sexing of women with female neurology and frequent estrogenic cross-development, huh? It's like, hey, way to make trans women run screaming for the hills so that you only get the most-self-hating as activists, just like the TERFs do (yes, pro-TERF trans women, I still can't get my head around that either.) Anyway, I like my model better, and yes, class still intersects and yes, cis men (as presently counted) are not considered the unidirectional oppressors of cis women.
          Fique sabendo os benefícios dos brinquedos         
Se observarmos crianças se divertindo juntas ou se reparamos nos presentes de aniversário em uma festa infantil, poderemos na maioria das vezes, encontrar brinquedos feitos de metal ou plástico e movidos a pilha, brinquedos que a publicidade direcionada para crianças; que muitas vezes não tem nenhuma condição de avaliar se aquilo que está assistindo é uma montagem, ilustração ou simulação; vendeu para elas nos intervalos de seus desenhos prediletos. Elas acreditam que aquele boneco sairá correndo verdadeiramente, esse desejo gera uma ansiedade tremenda, além é claro de após ganhar o brinquedo uma frustração e desinteresse. Barulhentos e com vários botões, esses brinquedos andam, falam, cantam. A criança apenas observa.Escutamos com frequência adultos dizendo que algo é muito simples para determinada criança pois ela já mexe livremente num I Pad ou possui muitos brinquedos eletrônicos. Esse raciocínio é bastante equivocado e se continuado levará a uma geração de crianças que não desenvolvem os princípios mais interessantes de suas capacidades motoras, cognitivas, sociais e neurológicas. Crianças são simples. O brincar é simples, pois é natural.
Que tal colocar as crianças no comando da brincadeira? Essa é a proposta dos brinquedos selecionados por nós. Crianças tranquilas e desenvolvendo seu potencial intelectual naturalmente. 
Seguem 6 razões para você oferecer um brinquedo da Ninho para seu filhote:

Diferentemente dos metais, dos plásticos, das pilhas e de outros acessórios eletrônicos, a madeira não polui. Assim, ao escolher um brinquedo de madeira, você está presenteando a criança duas vezes: com um belo passatempo e, mais importante, com um planeta menos poluído no futuro.

Os brinquedos de madeira existem e resistem há séculos! Pedra e argila e madeira eram materiais usados para fabricar brinquedos desde a pré-história, como revelam achados arqueológicos. Além disso, esses brinquedos encantam crianças de geração a geração. Já imaginou o prazer dos avós ao entregar aos netinhos brinquedos que fizeram parte da sua própria infância? Ao atravessar gerações, os brinquedos de madeira carregam a história da família e preservam muitas memórias.
Eles não são pintados com tintas que podem conter metais pesados, tão perigosos para a saúde do ser humano. Além disso, como a madeira é um material natural e não tóxico. Se acontecer um acidente em que a criança mastigue uma peça de madeira, por exemplo, os riscos serão bem menores do que ao engolir um pedaço de plástico colorido, uma pilha ou outro componente eletrônico.
Com eles, a criança assume o comando e manuseia o brinquedo como quiser. Em vez de apertar botões, ela vai puxar, empurrar, construir prédios, inventar maneiras de brincar. Vai se sentir segura, autônoma, imaginativa e potencialmente aproveitada. A criança da Asas a imaginação e cria suas próprias brincadeiras em vez de assistir um brinquedo fazer tudo sozinho.
Aqui na Ninho temos uma grande variedade de jogos, quebra-cabeças, peças para formar estruturas,  tijolinhos peças para montar caminhões e carrinhos e muitos outros. O aprendizado acontece naturalmente, da forma mais gostosa: A criança se desenvolve brincando.

Com os brinquedos da Ninho, o protagonismo é da crianças. O som de uma criança brincando com brinquedos escolhidos por nós é de risadas e de vozes de verdade. Permitindo um ambiente mais tranquilo e um brincar harmonizado com as tarefas domésticas.

          Be a Better Leader: Build Confidence With Open Communication        
Dom Faussette, Cody Jefferson, Kevin McMillen and Tommy Baker help guide entrepreneurs towards breaking down their walls and growing their business.
          Coup de cœur Expo : Les Tudors        
Au Musée du Luxembourg jusqu'au 19 juillet Pour la première fois en France, une exposition est consacrée aux Tudors, cette dynastie qui a régné sur l'Angleterre entre 1485 et 1603. Elle met à l'honneur [...]
          Stem Cell Therapy        

Stem-cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Bone marrow transplant is the most widely used stem-cell therapy, but some therapies derived from umbilical cord blood are also in use. Research is underway to develop various sources for stem cells and to apply stem-cell treatments for neurodegenerative […]

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          Urology & Andrology        

A Urologist is a Medical Specialist who has specialized knowledge and skill regarding problems of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs Urology Specialties Pediatric Urology Urologic oncology Renal transplantation Male infertility Urinary tract stones Female urology Neurourology Erectile dysfunction (ED, impotence) Andrology Andrology is a medical discipline dealing with men’s […]

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          Spina Bifida        

Spina Bifida is a type of birth defect called a neural tube defect. Spina Bifida occurs when the bones of the spine (vertebrae) don’t form properly around part of the baby’s spinal cord. Spina bifida can be mild or severe. The key early priorities for treating myelomeningocele or Spina Bifida are to prevent infection from developing in […]

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          Hand Therapy Massage        
Special Recommend information on A H1N1 (swine flu)
As it is known to all, currently we human being are all faced with a big enemy-A/H1N1 flu (swine flu) which has been threatening our life. Now the situation is worsening. As health and medical to AH1N1organ, we shoulder more responsibility to handle outbreak of this emergency.

In TCM, A/H1N1 belongs to epidemic febrile disease of TCM which is the same as human avian influenza and SARS and similar to A/H1N1 flu syndrome differentiation and treatment of TCM prevention and cure. It is advocated “dispelling wind, reducing fever and dissipating dampness in clinical.

TCM center will provide latest Special Report Globally on the A/H1N1 flu; and you still can find the Symptoms and Prevention about A/H1N1 flu ; further more, TCM prevention for swine flu provides latest global news; Chinese medicine prevention for A/H1N1 flu ; Chinese herbal medicine and so on.Although there are many therapeutic methods used for hand therapy, only the most common are discussed in this chapter. They include massage, acupuncture, hand bath, qigong and several miscellaneous methods including holding herbs, pressing and kneading the border of second metacarpal bone, arm swinging and other exercises.

I. Hand Therapy Massage
In hand therapy massage, stimulation is applied by hand to the regular and extra acupoints or reflective points and reflective areas closely related to various internal organs and tissues in the body. Particular maneuvers are employed to adjust their function, treat diseases, improve life quality, and maintain health. The basic maneuvers of massage include pressing, digitpressing, kneading, pushing, pinching, twisting, rotating, pulling, rubbing, and grinding methods.

1. Pressing maneuver:
A vertical pressure is applied by the tip or pad of thumb at the acupoints, reflective areas, and reflective points (Fig. 18).
Indications: The pressing maneuver is usually applied at the acupoints on a flat area (such as thenar and hypothenar prominence) combined with a kneading maneuver to prevent and treat various chronic diseases and pains and maintain health.
Principle of manipulation: The thumb should be firmly applied on the skin to produce a steady and persistent pressure in a small area. The pressure should be gradually increased in intensity, and not suddenly applied with a violent action. The frequency and intensity of pressure should be even.

2. Digit-pressing maneuver:
A pressure is applied at the acupoints of the hand by the tip of thumb or middle finger; or by the lateral border of tip of little finger supported by thumb and ring finger; or by the knuckle of proximal interphalangeal joint of index finger (Fig. ! 9).
Indications: The digit-pressing maneuver is usually applied with a heavy pressure at acupoints in a fissure between bones, or in a limited area to treat acute or painful diseases.
Principle of manipulation: Compared with the pressing maneuver, this maneuver can produce a stronger stimulation in a smaller area. The pressure should be applied at an accurate location without any sliding movement. The intensity of pressure may vary over a wide range.

3. Kneading maneuver:
The pad of thumb or middle finger is placed at the acupoint of the hand to receive treatment, and the forearm is actively swung to and fro with the elbow as a fulcrum and the wrist, palm, and finger as a transmitter to produce a gentle rotating and kneading movement to the acupoint with the pad of finger ( Fig. 20).
Indications: The kneading maneuver is usually applied at acupoints situated superficially over a broad area to produce an adjusting and toning effect for treatment of chronic, deficient, and wasting diseases as well as for maintenance of health and relief of local swelling and pain.
Principle of manipulation: The pressure applied by the kneading maneuver should be gentle and the movement of finger, hand and arm should be coordinated, rhythmic, and persistent for a longer period of time.

4. Pushing maneuver:
The single or multiple finger(s), root of palm, thenar or hypothenar prominence is used to produce an unidirectional linear pushing movement over certain parts of the hand (Fig. 21).
Indications: The pushing maneuver is usually applied along the longitudinal direction of the hand or over various sides of the fingers, and it may be followed by a rubbing maneuver to maintain health and treat chronic diseases, pain, and soreness due to soft tissue strain or diseases caused by deficiency and cold.
Principle of manipulation: To apply the pushing maneuver, the pushing force must be steady and strong enough, with the finger or palm placed firm on the skin of the hand. The pushing speed should be slow and even. The direction of the pushing maneuver is along the bones of the hand, and the force of the pushing maneuver may be freely adjusted, but it should be maintained at a fixed depth.

5. Pinching maneuver:
The free border or radial corner of the thumb nail or free border of the nails of other fingers is used to apply a vertical, heavy stimulation to the hand acupoints; or the free border of the thumb nail and the free border of the nails of other fingers are used to pinch the acupoint from both sides (Fig. 22).
Indications: The pinching maneuver is usually applied between metacarpal bones or between metacarpophalangeal joints together with pressing, kneading, and twisting maneuvers (or alternately applied) to treat acute or painful diseases, epilepsy, and neurasthenia.
Principle of manipulation: This is a maneuver designed to produce a heavy and deep stimulation and response. After the heavy and deep pinching manipulation is held for half a minute, gentle pressing and kneading maneuvers should follow for half a minute to relieve the discomfort produced by the pinching maneuver. This manipulation is repeated a second time. The pinching maneuver may be applied for a shorter duration and with a quicker rhythm. The nail must be steadily applied at the acupoint without any sliding movement to avoid causing injury to the skin.

6. Twisting maneuver:
The pads of thumb and index finger are used to hold and twist the injured finger back and forth to promote blood circulation through collaterals and stop pain (Fig. 23).

More information from TCM and health: Hand Therapy Massage
          Hand Therapy Indications, Characteristics, and Precautions        

Special Recommend information on A H1N1 (swine flu)
As it is known to all, currently we human being are all faced with a big enemy-A/H1N1 flu (swine flu) which has been threatening our life. Now the situation is worsening. As health and medical organ, we shoulder more responsibility to handle outbreak of this emergency.

In TCM, A/H1N1 belongs to epidemic febrile disease of TCM which is the same as human avian influenza and SARS and similar to A/H1N1 flu syndrome differentiation and treatment of TCM prevention and cure. It is advocated “dispelling wind, reducing fever and dissipating dampness in clinical.

TCM center will provide latest Special Report Globally on the A/H1N1 flu; and you still can find the Symptoms and Prevention about A/H1N1 flu ; further more, TCM prevention for swine flu provides latest global news; Chinese medicine prevention for A/H1N1 flu ; Chinese herbal medicine and so on.

1. Indications: 1) Painful diseases: Neurotic headache, trigeminal neuralgia, toothache, angina pectoris, chest pain, intercostal neuralgia, neuralgia sciatica, and abdominal pain. 2) Chronic diseases: Bronchitis, peptic stomach ulcer, chronic gastroenteritis, diarrhea, diabetes mellitus, rheumatism, soft tissue injury, chronic nephritis, hemiplegia, arthritis, and muscular strain of the waist. 3) Functional diseases: Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, functional disturbance of vegetative nervous system, intestinal paralysis, and stomach spasms. 4) Neurological diseases: Neurasthenia, spasm of facial muscles, facial palsy, and neurotic deafness. 5) Inflammatory diseases: Tonsillitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, periarthritis of shoulder, cholecystitis, nephritis, and arthritis. 6) Acute diseases: High fever with convulsions, acute angina pectoris, acute attack of epilepsy, acute larygopharyngitis, acute conjunctivitis, and acute gastritis.

2. Characteristics: 1) Holistic principles in the treatment of disease are followed. This includes treating internal diseases with external therapy and treating general diseases with local therapy. 2) Hand therapy is a simple treatment with numerous indications, including common internal diseases, surgical problems, and gynaecological, pediatric, and ENT disorders. 3) This treatment is cheap, convenient and safe. 4) It can be used to treat diseases as well as improve the health of normal people. 5) It can be done by the patients themselves for early diagnosis and treatment. 6) It can produce good therapeutic results without harmful side effect. 7) The techniques of hand therapy can be widely popularized for broad application.

3. Precautions: 1) Care must be taken in treating pregnant women at early and later stages of pregnancy. 2) It must be used with care in potential surgical conditions such as acute appendicitis with indication of surgical intervention. 3) Hand therapy is prohibited for patients with necrotic, infectious, or pyogenic skin lesions of the hand.

          How Plastic We've Become        

Our bodies carry residues of kitchen plastics

Food for Thought

In the 1967 film classic The Graduate, a businessman corners Benjamin Braddock at a cocktail party and gives him a bit of career advice. "Just one word…plastics."

Although Benjamin didn't heed that recommendation, plenty of other young graduates did. Today, the planet is awash in products spawned by the plastics industry. Residues of plastics have become ubiquitous in the environment—and in our bodies.

A federal government study now reports that bisphenol A (BPA)—the building block of one of the most widely used plastics—laces the bodies of the vast majority of U.S. residents young and old.

Manufacturers link BPA molecules into long chains, called polymers, to make polycarbonate plastics. All of those clear, brittle plastics used in baby bottles, food ware, and small kitchen appliances (like food-processor bowls) are made from polycarbonates. BPA-based resins also line the interiors of most food, beer, and soft-drink cans. With use and heating, polycarbonates can break down, leaching BPA into the materials they contact. Such as foods.

And that could be bad if what happens in laboratory animals also happens in people, because studies in rodents show that BPA can trigger a host of harmful changes, from reproductive havoc to impaired blood-sugar control and obesity (SN: 9/29/07, p. 202).

For the new study, scientists analyzed urine from some 2,500 people who had been recruited between 2003 and 2004 for the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Roughly 92 percent of the individuals hosted measurable amounts of BPA, according to a report in the January Environmental Health Perspectives. It's the first study to measure the pollutant in a representative cross-section of the U.S. population.

Typically, only small traces of BPA turned up, concentrations of a few parts per billion in urine, note chemist Antonia M. Calafat and her colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, with hormone-mimicking agents like BPA, even tiny exposures can have notable impacts.

Overall, concentrations measured by Calafat's team were substantially higher than those that have triggered disease, birth defects, and more in exposed animals, notes Frederick S. vom Saal, a University of Missouri-Columbia biologist who has been probing the toxicology of BPA for more than 15 years.

The BPA industry describes things differently. Although Calafat's team reported urine concentrations of BPA, in fact they assayed a breakdown product—the compound by which BPA is excreted, notes Steven G. Hentges of the American Chemistry Council's Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group. As such, he argues, "this does not mean that BPA itself is present in the body or in urine."

On the other hand, few people have direct exposure to the breakdown product.

Hentges' group estimates that the daily BPA intake needed to create urine concentrations reported by the CDC scientists should be in the neighborhood of 50 nanograms per kilogram of bodyweight—or one millionth of an amount at which "no adverse effects" were measured in multi-generation animal studies. In other words, Hentges says, this suggests "a very large margin of safety."

No way, counters vom Saal. If one applies the ratio of BPA intake to excreted values in hosts of published animal studies, concentrations just reported by CDC suggest that the daily intake of most Americans is actually closer to 100 micrograms (µg) per kilogram bodyweight, he says—or some 1,000-fold higher than the industry figure.

Clearly, there are big differences of opinion and interpretation. And a lot may rest on who's right.

Globally, chemical manufacturers produce an estimated 2.8 million tons of BPA each year. The material goes into a broad range of products, many used in and around the home. BPA also serves as the basis of dental sealants, which are resins applied to the teeth of children to protect their pearly whites from cavities (SN: 4/6/96, p. 214). The industry, therefore, has a strong economic interest in seeing that the market for BPA-based products doesn't become eroded by public concerns over the chemical.

And that could happen. About 2 years after a Japanese research team showed that BPA leached out of baby bottles and plastic food ware (see What's Coming Out of Baby's Bottle?), manufacturers of those consumer products voluntarily found BPA substitutes for use in food cans. Some 2 years after that, a different group of Japanese scientists measured concentrations of BPA residues in the urine of college students. About half of the samples came from before the switch, the rest from after the period when BPA was removed from food cans.

By comparing urine values from the two time periods, the researchers showed that BPA residues were much lower—down by at least 50 percent—after Japanese manufacturers had eliminated BPA from the lining of food cans.

Concludes vom Saal, in light of the new CDC data and a growing body of animal data implicating even low-dose BPA exposures with the potential to cause harm, "the most logical thing" for the United States to do would be to follow in Japan's footsteps and "get this stuff [BPA] out of our food."

Kids appear most exposed

Overall, men tend to have statistically lower concentrations of BPA than women, the NHANES data indicate. But the big difference, Calafat says, traces to age. "Children had higher concentrations than adolescents, and they in turn had higher levels than adults," she told Science News Online.

This decreasing body burden with older age "is something we have seen with some other nonpersistent chemicals," Calafat notes—such as phthalates, another class of plasticizers.

The spread between the average BPA concentration that her team measured in children 6 to 11 years old (4.5 µg/liter) and adults (2.5 µg/L) doesn't look like much, but proved reliably different.

The open question is why adults tended to excrete only 55 percent as much BPA. It could mean children have higher exposures, she posits, or perhaps that they break it down less efficiently. "We really need to do more research to be able to answer that question."

Among other differences that emerged in the NHANES analysis: urine residues of BPA decreased with increasing household income and varied somewhat with ethnicity (with Mexican-Americans having the lowest average values, blacks the highest, and white's values in between).

There was also a time-of-day difference, with urine values for any given group tending to be highest in the evening, lowest in the afternoon, and midway between those in the morning. Since BPA's half-life in the body is only about 6 hours, that temporal variation in the chemical's excretion would be consistent with food as a major source of exposure, the CDC scientists note.

In the current NHANES paper, BPA samples were collected only once from each recruit. However, in a paper due to come out in the February Environmental Health Perspectives, Calafat and colleagues from several other institutions looked at how BPA excretion varied over a 2-year span among 82 individuals—men and women—seen at a fertility clinic in Boston.

In contrast to the NHANES data, the upcoming report shows that men tended to have somewhat higher BPA concentrations than women. Then again both groups had only about one-quarter the concentration typical of Americans.

The big difference in the Boston group emerged among the 10 women who ultimately became pregnant. Their BPA excretion increased 33 percent during pregnancy. Owing to the small number of participants in this subset of the study population, the pregnancy-associated change was not statistically significant. However, the researchers report, these are the first data to look for changes during pregnancy and ultimately determining whether some feature of pregnancy—such as a change in diet or metabolism of BPA—really alters body concentrations of the pollutant could be important. It could point to whether the fetus faces an unexpectedly high exposure to the pollutant.

If it does, the fetus could face a double whammy: Not only would exposures be higher during this period of organ and neural development, but rates of detoxification also would be diminished, vom Saal says.

Indeed, in a separate study, one due to be published soon in Reproductive Toxicology, his team administered BPA by ingestion or by injection to 3-day-old mice. Either way, the BPA exposure resulted in comparable BPA concentrations in blood.

What's more, that study found, per unit of BPA delivered, blood values in the newborns were "markedly higher" than other studies have reported for adult rodents exposed to the chemical. And that makes sense, vom Saal says, because the enzyme needed to break BPA down and lead to its excretion is only a tenth as active in babies as in adults. That's true in the mouse, he says, in the rat—and, according to some preliminary data, in humans.

Vom Saal contends that since studies have shown BPA exhibits potent hormonelike activity in human cells at the parts-per-trillion level, and since the new CDC study finds that most people are continually exposed to concentrations well above the parts-per-trillion ballpark, it's time to reevaluate whether it makes sense to use BPA-based products in and around foods.

If you would like to comment on this Food for Thought, please see the blog version.

          Comment on Entrepreneurial Speaker Series: Tech Start-ups by James Smith        
I agree with these all points. Great post. Thanks for information such type of very informative and easily understanding article. Keep it up sharing this type of post.
          Comment on Entrepreneurial Speaker Series: Tech Start-ups by DifferenceMaker        
That is a significant point. Thank you for mentioning that!
          Comment on Entrepreneurial Speaker Series: Tech Start-ups by Alex Buka        
Great event and all the points are significant. But making sure that you aren’t building a business based on something that is already invented is not always the best idea. It's like Facebook. It wasn't the first to appear but the first among similar. Customer focus plays the crucial role.
          Nasce la neuroetica        

Le più recenti tecniche di neuroimmagine hanno rivoluzionato il modo di studiare la mente. La sensibilità dei nuovi strumenti riesce a svelare i meccanismi fondamentali dei comportamenti umani. Da più parti si accende il dibattito per un uso corretto delle nuove metodologie. La neuroetica muove i suoi primi passi. Verso quale direzione, l’abbiamo chiesto a Raffaella Rumiati, docente di neuropsicologia alla Sissa di Trieste e a Laura Boella, ordinario di filosofia morale all’università Statale di Milano e autrice del recente "Neuroetica. La morale dopo la morale”.

Realizzato da Giulia e Giovanni, studenti del I anno del Master in Comunicazione della Scienza della Sissa

          Importanta probioticelor pentru organism        
Probioticele nu sunt doar secretul pentru o stare mai buna de sanatate si un sistem imunitar mai puternic, ci si pentru tratarea problemelor digestive, neurologic si de ordin psihic. Studiile continua sa descopere si sa dovedeasca faptul ca beneficiile si efectele secundare ale acestora depasesc cu mult ceea ce credeam pana acum. In cele ce urmeaza […]



Professor Shinsuke Shimojo of CalTech, 
a world-renowned researcher and expert in field of vision, 
perception and cognitive neuroscience inspired artists from LAAA/Gallery 825 
to create new work reflecting scientific principals 
exploring the intersection between photography, neuroscience and the arts.

Ann Marie Rousseau photographs Romann Weber for "Science and Surveillance" 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook 


Science and Surveillance

The work in this project plays off Shinsuke Shimojo’s studies on perception and the interplay of emotion, decision-making and consciousness.* Our eyes are constantly scanning our surroundings in rapid leaps, instantaneously accumulating information as they move several times per second, all without conscious effort or knowledge. Shimojo describes the “gaze cascade effect,” in which a subject's gaze between two objects under consideration gradually shifts to favor the object ultimately chosen.  Research has indicated that these gaze cascades, also called orienting, are deeply involved in higher-level brain functions such as decision making.

In experiments asking subjects to compare two faces and label one as either attractive or unattractive, Shimojo discovered that the more that someone looks at a particular face, the more he or she wants to look at it, and consequently the more likely it becomes that the face will be labeled as “attractive.”  This happens even before the viewer makes a conscious decision.  His research also found that the participants' judgments of attractiveness versus unattractiveness could be manipulated by limiting the length of time they were allowed to look at a particular face. According to Shimojo, the unconscious, spontaneous movements of the eyes work in concert and affect what are presumed to be more deliberate cognitive tasks when making choices.  

Various studies in cognitive and neuro sciences have demonstrated that images—of a face, for instance—and semantic contents such as verbal labels interact through various mechanisms in order to produce a stable and consistent interpretation of the image.  In today’s modern surveillance society, labeling occurs in myriad ways, both benign and nefarious.  This continual labeling has far broader scope and more serious consequences than ordinary judgments of "attractive" and "unattractive," but it is perhaps influenced by some of the same subliminal forces shown in Shimojo’s work.

The lineup of "perpetrators" in this installation shows faces with labels quite contrary to the presumed task of security surveillance, which aims to identify malefactors, terrorists, criminals, dangerous subjects and other potential wrongdoers. Instead these labels, which have been loosely extrapolated from the Buddhist tenets of the ten perfections, seek to discern those with traits most useful, beneficial, lasting and constructive for society.  Although these labels are essentially positive, the viewer cannot help but approach them with a consciousness of what it is to be watched and labeled specifically, and an appreciation of the complex tensions inherent in labeling in general.

•“Gaze bias both reflects and influences preference,” Shinsuke Shimojo, Claudiu Simion, Eiko Shimojo, & Christian Scheier, Nature Neuroscience, Advance online publication, 9 November 2003; doi:10.1038/nn1150

Romann Weber

Marcie Kaufmann

Ginger Van Hook

Elizabeth Tobias

Krista Kahl

Mei Xian Qiu

Meg Madison

Siri Kaur

Ching Ching Cheng

Shana Mabari

Krista Kahl and Ann Marie Rousseau

Krista Kahl, Mei Xian Qiu and Ann Marie Rousseau

Krista Kahl and Ginger Van Hook during the installation 
of Connection 1 and Connection 2. Photo by Ann Marie Rousseau

Dori Atlantis, Ching-Ching Cheng, Meg Madison and Mei Xian Qiu
6' x 17' x 13'   Digital Photographs, Plexiglass, Monofilament     
Photo by Ann Marie Rousseau

Color Space
Ching-Ching Cheng
9"x9"x9" Urethane, Pigment Photo by Ann Marie Rousseau

Blue Volumetric
Yoichi Kawamura, Shana Mabari and Shinsuke Shimojo
42” x 42” x 42” Plexiglass Cube + Mixed Materials
Photo by Ann Marie Rousseau 

Color Space
Ching-Ching Cheng
9"x9"x9" Urethane, Pigment 
Photo by Ginger Van Hook

Blue Volumetric
Yoichi Kawamura, Shana Mabari and Shinsuke Shimojo
42” x 42” x 42” Plexiglass Cube + Mixed Materials (Photo by Ginger Van Hook)

Optic Chasm
Mei Xian Qiu
Dimensions Varied – Plexiglass Cube, Water, 
Used Motor Oil, Projector, Tempera. 
(Photo by Ginger Van Hook)

How to Choose A Good Blog Topic - 7 tips for Begniner and Newbie bloggers and anyone who wants to build a successful blogger blogA good blog topic can make or break a blog. Like some partners some blogs and their owners just don't fit no matter which way you look at it. Make sure before you spend 3 to 6 months of slog to develop your blog that you haven't placed your ladder against the wrong wall.

Here are a few tips that will get you thinking about your Blogger Blogspot blog topic and how important it is to choose the right one for you.

1. Choose a blog topic that you are passionate about
You are going to be writing content about this blog topic for 365 days of the year for at least 2-5 years. For that to work successfully you have to have some passion otherwise the tedium will wear you down.

Conversely if you are really passionate about a topic that passion will shine through in your blog and like a big magnet attract others.

2. Choose a blog topic that interests you not just interests others
Yes you can make money writing about making money but if you aren't interested in money you have a problem. The topic itself may be viable commercially but readers will soon figure out you are in it for the money not the fun. Make sure you are genuinely interested in your blog topic and not just choosing it because it seems to be a hot topic. Don't forget readers are going to want new and fresh content and will not stick around if you are not up to providing it.

Know Your Audience - Choose a Blog Topic that will have a global audience3. Choose a blog topic that has potential for readership
If you choose a more unusual blog topic then you may find you are the only one interested in it. However if you have very little competition you will be able to quickly carve out a niche for your blog. Research your market. Check out forums. Identify if there actually is a gap waiting to be filled. If there are a lot of others writing about the same topic can the market sustain another blog or will it be a hard slog to get traffic. Know your audience.

Attracting visitors and maintaining readership are important factors in ensuring that your blog will generate a steady income stream. If monetization is important to you check your blog's potential for adding relevant ads and affiliate marketing.

4. Know your subject area
How well do you know the subject matter of your chosen blog topic? Readers will quickly assess your knowledge of your blog topic and will expect you to deliver the goods.

If you are passionate but not very knowledgable how will you find the information you need to create new material? Creating content is time consuming and it requires good research skills. Have you got access to the kind of information you are going to need?

As a general rule don't choose a topic you know very little about or you may find yourself floundering once you have exhausted your own ideas.

5. What's your angle? Identify your angle when choosing a blog topic
Knowing your subject is one thing but finding a fresh angle is something else. If you want to create a blog in a subject area that is already heavily populated with other blogs you are likely to be more successful if you can find a good angle that has yet to be exploited. Most information isn't new it is just repackaged. How will you pitch your blog? Check out other blogs and identify what aspects might not be so well covered. Make a list of these and ask yourself if any of these areas has enough scope to sustain a blog by itself.

6. Choose a blog topic with a medium to long shelf life
Your blog topic might be great but will readers be interested in it a year or two down the track? This is particularly true for technology based blogs where products come and go and change happens at a rapid rate. Rethink your idea if your topic may not have long term sustainability. Ask yourself if there is a way to reframe it so that it will be more ongoing rather than of short duration.

7. Clearly define the parameters of your blog topic
Do you know what the parameters of your blog topic are? What you will cover and what you won't? If you don't know what the limits of your blog are others won't know either.

Think carefully about your blog topic and define the parametersIt pays to carefully define these or you run the risk of trying to cover everything and losing your audience because they have no idea what your blog is about. Often the most successful blogs are those that focus on a specialist subject and stick within those guidelines.

Jot down now what your blog actually covers. Include your material and your audience in this. For instance, is your blog for everyone or is it focussed on beginners only like this blog? Deciding this early on will make it easy to pitch your articles in a particular way. If you have no clarity you may find you write good material but it is not pitched to the right audience.

If you have lots of ideas for a blog topic you will need to crystallize these. Jotting down advantages and disadvantages will help you sort the wheat from the chaff. You may find you have several good ideas but select only one of these to concentrate on. Once things are up and running with your first venture you might decide to get cracking on the second idea but prioritize to start with.

Remember that laying the groundwork now will prevent disappointment further down the track. Your idea has a much greater chance of being successful if you spend some time getting clear about what you want from your blog and what you want to achieve. Even if your idea needs a lot of refining the exercise is a great opportunity to put some planning in place and planning your blog as in most things in life is one of the cornerstones of success.

This article has focused on how to choose a great blog topic for a Blogger Blogspot blog. I have discussed 7 tips to help Blogspot bloggers especially those new to blogging choose a blog topic that will fit with their knowledge base and interests. Finding a good fit with your blog topic is one of the keys to success and worth taking the time to consider carefully. Any thoughts or ideas about this article. Please share them.

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          Benefits of Blogspot Blogging with        
This article covers the main features of and compares some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Blogger platform with other blogging platforms such as Wordpress.

Creating your Blogspot blog at is a good choice for beginner bloggers as it is a free blogging platform with an easy interface and good features. More advanced webmasters may find the lack of some advanced features irritating but Blogger is definitely worth considering as a place to try out blogging at no expense. You can even use your own custom domain name or go with the default subdomain name that Blogger provides. (Blogspot) Features
  • Blogger is a free blogging platform

  • Blogger is fast and easy to set up. It takes about 10 minutes to create a blog, configure the settings and add some gadgets.

  • Blogger is easy to use regardless of your level of technical knowledge. The interface is user friendly and intuitive. Tabs and buttons make it easy to navigate.

  • Bandwidth is unlimited with Blogger so there are no bandwidth issues with video and pictures

  • As is owned by Google there is a high degree of integration with other services like Google Analytics and Picasa Web Album (generous 1 GB of storage)

  • Easy to make money with Google Adsense and other banner advertising scripts which can easily be incorporated into your blog

  • It is possible to use your own custom domain rather than the default. For instance instead of

  • Blogger supports Mobile blogging

  • Blogger gives users the option to tweak templates depending on their experience. Some knowledge of HTML, XML and CSS are needed. Alternatively you can upload your own template with built in features like advertising space, menus and other useful stuff. There are plenty of free templates for Blogger on the web. These can be customised to suit individual requirements

Comparison of the Blogger Platform with Wordpress
While other on-line platforms like have greater functionality and are more highly customisable there is also a much heftier learning curve. The Wordpress interface is clunkier to use than the Blogger one in my opinion. On the otherhand Wordpress offers 3 GB for media such as photos and video while Blogger is limited to 1 GB so this may swing the balance if you are intending to use a lot of multi-media on your site. The main drawback of the online version of Wordpress though is that it does not allow webmasters to add advertising such as Google Adsense instead it puts advertising on your blog and Wordpress reaps the benefits.

If you choose a self hosted option like the maintenance is higher and the learning curve increases too. I have a self hosted Wordpress site which needs a lot more maintenance than any of the other sites I run on Blogger (Blogspot). Plus it is time consuming to find, download and customise plugins to extend Wordpress functionality for self hosted sites. Then there are the obvious disadvantages of having to FTP file uploads rather than making changes online as you do with Blogger. My experience with hosting is that there can be a lot of server downtime which can affect your return traffic. Here I am talking about the vagaries of free hosting not paid hosting which is usually far more reliable.

While Wordpress is constantly being updated to eliminate security risks and bugs Blogger is stable and eliminates a lot of the upgrade headache. Blogger comes with a few really annoying glitches that I have found in the interface but in general it is a breeze to use. I have found Wordpress to be equally, if not more bug ridden, so don't let a few minor interface issues put you off. Nothing is ever perfect right?

One of my main frustrations with Blogger is that it is not particularly search engine friendly. It needs a lot of tweaking to provide search engine optimisation. Also some very handy widgets are left off the default configuration. I am hoping these will be added by Blogger further down the track. In particular, I mean the lack of related posts and most popular posts widgets. These features would be very nice to have and facilitate navigation of a blog. On the other hand Blogger does come with some pretty nice widgets which seem to be developing all the time and it also has the option to extend further with third party widgets.

To get the most out of Blogger as a blogging platform, you might want to consider installing a custom template for a more professional and unique look. If you use your own domain name many would be hard pressed to know what blogging platform is being used. However, you would need to dispense with the Nav Bar completely otherwise it would be apparent to visitors that your blogging platform is Blogger.

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This article has covered the main features of a blog. It has discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging using the Blogger platform in comparison to other blogging platforms such as Wordpress.

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          Mary e Max - uma amizade diferente        

Eu não poderia deixar de compartilhar e indicar um novo filme, que vi por estes dias e muito me agradou. Mary e Max - uma amizade diferente, ainda que seja apresentado em animação, propõe uma reflexão para o público adulto a respeito das neuroses e fobias que tomaram conta dos consultórios de analistas e terapeutas no mundo contemporâneo. Dirigido por Adam Elliot, o filme conta a trajetória (de aproximadamente 15 anos) de dois personagens: Mary, com 8 anos de idade no início, e Max, com 44. Vivendo em mundos distantes - ela, na Austrália; ele, em Nova York - eles se correspondem durante o período em que dura a história, movidos, a princípio, pela curiosidade de Mary: ela quer saber se na América as crianças nascem do fundo de uma caneca de cerveja, conforme sua mãe lhe ensinara, ou de um outro modo, como de uma caneca de coca-cola, por exemplo. Desde a primeira carta trocada por ambos, há uma reflexão profunda acerca de amizade, confiança, convivência, origem da vida, relações sociais, religião etc, de onde emerge uma profunda amizade que, apesar da distância, passa também pela problemática da incompreensão, da discussão e do afastamento, com um final brilhante. Além das reflexões colocadas acima, o filme nos leva a pensar sobre o papel que assumimos num possível caos que tem se tornado a vida nos últimos decênios, as psicopatologias, os velhos e novos meios de comunicação/aproximação entre as pessoas, a melancolia provinda da modernidade, a distância entre teoria e prática dos estudos acadêmicos, e até mesmo em questões de ordem narrativa, como a narratividade das cartas, entremeadas pela narrativa em terceira pessoa de um observador que vai costurando a história e unindo os universos de Mary e Max. Fica, aqui, a recomendação! Abaixo, o trailer:

          Aam Aadmi Party: the political start-up        

"Aaj hum yahaan aayein hain sabse ye kehne, ki kuch to karna hoga. Hum sabko kuch karna hoga."

"Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota. Use perfect banaana hota hai. Police mai bharti honge, military join karenge, IAS banenge, politics ka hissa ban ke iss desh ki sarkaar chalaayenge. Ye desh badlega, hum badlenge ise."

-- Rang De Basanti (2006)

I quoted from Rang De Basanti, but it does not mean that this is going to be an incensed hysterical rant of a twenty-something someone which goes "Inquilab Zindabad!". Inquilab, sure. But let's put it into perspective and context. Inquilab will happen. One step at a time.

Election is coming.

It's easy to talk about politics sitting in our rooms, dissing any and everything that is happening around us. Heck, even this post qualifies. People here in India, and people abroad too - US, Europe, or farther east, you name it. "India has gone beyond a point-of-no-return." Sure, it must have sounded profound sitting in a room in a high-rise with a city skyline view in some sophisticated corner of the world, or here, in India. Sorry, no. But I have no interest in a conversation that begins or ends with that sentence, whether you live in India, or live abroad and intend to come back. It does not sound profound to me because I intend to spend my life in this country, by choice. Hopefully.

I would not care if haters and dissers shoot holes into this post. By all means, go ahead. I admit I don't know my politics or economics. Let the intellectual masturbation begin. But I will not engage you in a conversation unless you give me a viable choice in the upcoming Delhi elections in November. We'll talk about NaMo vs Rahul Gandhi, sure, after the Delhi elections.

It is really sad that after 66 years of our country's independence, the issues today, still, in the capital of India are Water, Electricity, Safety of Women, and Corruption. Forget Infrastructure, Public Health, or a healthy eco-system for entrepreneurs, we haven't afforded ourselves that luxury. Not yet.

We, the youth, are lucky to have been born at a very opportune moment in the history of our country. We have the privilege to be a part of the 'Indian growth story', to be the Indian growth story. Be a part of it. Engage. Of course, it is unreasonable to ask people to quit whatever they wish to do with their lives and set out "to clean the system". No. But help those who are trying, in whatever little way. You can still be a part of it. That's why I am writing this.

I know about a start-up that is trying to win the Delhi elections. I hope they do. It was unthinkable until a year ago, that a newly formed political party could think of forming a state government, let alone contesting elections with a strong foothold, or even fielding candidates in all the contested constituencies with confidence. Today, not so much. AAP doesn't have a long history, nor do they have the money or the adequate resources even, but they do have the passion and the will to do something. They believe they can, I believe they can. Sure, you or me might not agree with everything that they say or want to do, but do you agree with anyone a hundred percent? And if not them, who is your pick, and why? The question is whether anyone, anyone with the will and the passion can make a difference if they want? This is the test.

Santosh died. No, I am not using her name to sensationalize this and drive my point across. The fact is, a good person wanted to contest the elections, and she died. It is NOT trivial. Can you do something about it?

Take a look at their candidates list. Go ahead, look at their profiles. There is a commando who lost his hearing a hundred percent during 26/11, and was fired from the Army after that. Or this construction worker living in the slums, who is looking to contest from Rajouri Garden. And then, there is an ex-IRS IITian who championed the cause of RTI. He is pitting himself against Sheila Dixit. These people are getting their voice heard. We are getting our voice heard.

At the very least what I'm confident of is this, that these candidates won't be murderers or rapists, and that if they are deemed incapable or corrupt, they will be sacked by their own party. Atleast give these people a chance. One chance. And like all start-ups, they need money to scale. They have been angel funded by several investors, and are looking to mobilize resources through crowdsourcing.

What are you doing, Delhi? I'm jealous because you got this opportunity before I did. And things are happening and will, with or without you. Here's what the donations to AAP from our country looks like [link] :

Almost as much from Maharashtra as from Delhi?! And it's not even Maharashtra's elections! There is still time. Get on board with this, man.

1) You can donate in kind. There is much more than just money that is required to contest elections. You can give whatever you have to spare. [link]

2) You can adopt a constituency. From anywhere. [link]

3) You can make a recurring donation every month. [link]

4) Or, you can just donate once and be done with it. [link]

5) And the least you can do is get your voter i-card made and exercise your franchise. Vote. [link]

An incident happened not so long ago. Arvind Kejriwal was asked by a journalist, "What would you do if you don't win the Delhi elections?". He responded by saying, "If we lose, what will you do?"

Atleast we are talking about the right things.

So... what will you do?

Oh, and in this interview, Arvind Kejriwal answers most of the questions commonly posed by the haters and the dissers. Do watch. You might not agree with him or still be unsatisfied, but atleast hear what he has got to say.

If you know me personally, or have been following this blog, you would know that I am not someone who begs for likes and shares. But this one time, I will. If this post struck a chord, please share it. It's only a click, and is much less to ask than an Inquilab.

          doutor estranho assistir online legendado        

Assistir doutor estranho online legendado. Sinopse “Doutor Estranho” é a história do mundialmente famoso neurocirurgião Dr. Stephen Strange cuja vida muda pra sempre após um terrível acidente de carro impedir que ele possa continuar utilizando as mãos. Quando a medicina tradicional fracassa, ele é forçado a procurar cura, e esperança, em um lugar improvável – […]

O post doutor estranho assistir online legendado apareceu primeiro em Filmes Online Assistir.

          doutor estranho assistir online dublado        

Assistir doutor estranho online dublado. Sinopse “Doutor Estranho” é a história do mundialmente famoso neurocirurgião Dr. Stephen Strange cuja vida muda pra sempre após um terrível acidente de carro impedir que ele possa continuar utilizando as mãos. Quando a medicina tradicional fracassa, ele é forçado a procurar cura, e esperança, em um lugar improvável – […]

O post doutor estranho assistir online dublado apareceu primeiro em Filmes Online Assistir.

          Possible Evidence for Re-regulation of HPA Axis and Brain Reward Systems Over Time in Treatment in Prescription Opioid-Dependent Patients        
imageObjectives: There is growing evidence for a neuroadaptive model underlying vulnerability to relapse in opioid dependence. The purpose of this study was to evaluate clinical measures hypothesized to mirror elements of allostatic dysregulation in patients dependent on prescription opioids at 2 time points after withdrawal, compared with healthy control participants. Methods: Recently withdrawn (n = 7) prescription opioid-dependent patients were compared with the patients in supervised residential care for 2 to 3 months (extended care; n = 7) and healthy controls (n = 7) using drug cue reactivity, affect-modulated startle response tasks, salivary cortisol, and 8 days of sleep actigraphy. Prefrontal cortex was monitored with functional near-infrared spectroscopy during the cue reactivity task. Results: Startle response results indicated reduced hedonic response to natural rewards among patients recently withdrawn from opioids relative to extended care patients. The recently withdrawn patients showed increased activation to pill stimuli in right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex relative to extended care patients. Cortisol levels were elevated among recently withdrawn patients and intermediate for extended care relative to healthy controls. Actigraphy indicated disturbed sleep between recently withdrawn patients and extended care patients; extended care patients were similar to controls. Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex activation to drug and natural reward cues, startle responses to natural reward cues, day-time cortisol levels, time in bed, and total time spent sleeping were all correlated with the number of days since last drug use (ie, time in supervised residential treatment). Conclusions: These results suggest possible re-regulation of dysregulated hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and brain reward systems in prescription opioid-dependent patients over the drug-free period in residential treatment.
          Nevedia ako ma majú volaÅ¥. (kvasnak)        
Som ako každý iný. Som chlapec ktorý ukončil Strednu zdravotnícku školu a aj vysokú skolu v odbore ošetrovateľstvo a teraz pracujem v Spišskej Novej Vsi na krásnom neurologickom oddelenie a pacienti nevedia ako ma majú volať.
          Book review: HOT MAMALAH by Lisa Alcalay Klug        
Hot Mamalah by Lisa Alkalay Klug
So here it is: the long-awaited review of Lisa Alcalay Klug's latest book, Hot Mamalah: The Ultimate Guide for Every Woman of the Tribe (affiliate link).

 Lisa's publisher very kindly sent me a copy of the book to review, so that's my disclosure.

When I first started reading this book, I felt completely overwhelmed. It really reminded me of some Jewish women that I know, and am somewhat afraid of - you know, those loud, bossy, neurotic types. It looked like this book was a handbook for becoming one of those, and I didn't really want any part of it. I argued with the book, with its lovely line drawings and wild typography, its luscious recipes and brazen declaration of female fabulosity.

But then, it started to grow on me. It made me laugh. It reminded me not to take it, and myself, so seriously. It reminded me that every one of those intimidating hot mamalahs in the gym was a daughter of G-d, a human with strengths, weaknesses and her own lovability. It reminded me that having fun is an important part of the human experience, that laughing and crying and being sexy and fabulous and funny and enjoying every delicious morsel you put in your mouth is our birthright as women, whether Jewish or not.

I've been blogging recently about akrasia, about the lizard brain and our tendency to self-sabotage. So many women have trouble with the Imposter Police, the feeling that you are not your true self in your professional persona, that you will be unmasked as a fraud any minute and taken away for impersonating someone you are not. So depressing.

Hot Mamalah is an antidote to this self-doubt. Deliberately working on an image of yourself as fabulous, strong and mistress of your own destiny, whether you follow the cocktail recipes in the book or not, has got to boost your self-esteem in all areas of life. At the very least, you can't brood while giggling your head off at some really preposterous statement. You don't really want to be someone whose "neuroses have neuroses", but you know somebody just like that. At the very least, be grateful you aren't her. How about "You know you are a Hot Mamalah because your hobbies include baking, knitting, eating and impassioned debate." Or "You know you are a Hot Mamalah because sultry, raucous, and nubile describes you ... and your appetizers."

The book is structured in the form of a meal (of course!). Starting with Aperitifs, continuing with Hors d'Oeuvres, through Le Plat Principal to Dessert. Each section contains lists, jokes, recipes and even some thoughtful advice about life, as well as the best kind of handbags to buy.

This is probably a good place to mention the fabulous giveaway at Modern Tribe. Lots of chances to win seriously cool merchandise! But don't delay, the winner will be announced on December 3rd. Also, do not forget Lisa's previous book, Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe (also an affiliate link).

In summary, this is a book that will make you love it despite yourself, just like the Hot Mamalah herself. Nu, go ahead and buy it, it couldn't hurt.
          Scientists invent Neural Lace        
Scientists have invented a flexible electronic mesh which can be injected into the brain of a mouse. Once injected the mesh unfurls and meshes with the mouse's brain. Neural nets of this kind have appeared in such famous works as William Gibson's Neuromancer, Larry Niven's Known Space and Episode 41 of the 1986 cartoon series The Centurions
          BRAIN Initiative        
President Obama recently announced a big new effort to map and understand the human brain. What are we trying to learn about our brains? One thing we will earn is how our brains are structured, "not this well-organized hierarchical control system where everything is in order." Another is how much of mental illness is shaped by experience and society, as opposed to chemical or structural factors. What do we already know about our brains? 12 Things We Know About How The Brain Works. And we know that unconcious processing improves decision-making. That brain structure may be linked to placebo response. And that unconcious brains can read and do math. We know a little bit more about how the brain responds to addiction. And we know that "genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms" in childhood can have permanent ill effects. We think that differences in our brain reflect political differences. But we know that a lot of pop neuroscience is bollocks. What could we do with new information? Could we reverse-engineer AI? Manipulate our brains, neuron-by-neuron? Make better soldiers? Or record dreams? Or activate neurons with light? Or make better, crowdsourced brain maps? Neurotechnology, Social Control, And Revolution
In our neuro-centric world-view, a person is equated to his brain. The neuro-discourse has penetrated all aspects of our lives from law to politics to literature to medicine to physics. As part of this neuro-revolution, huge military funding is supporting neuro-scientific research; a huge body of basic knowledge on memory, belief formation, cognition and sensory modalities has been gathered over years, with fieldslike social neuroscience, cultural neuroscience, neuroeconomics and neuromarketing has emerging to improve our lifestyle; neurotechnological know-how from wireless non invasive technologies to neuroelectronic interfaces is exponentially advancing; and neurotechnology business reports indicates the rapid increase in neurotechnological start ups and the willingness of bringing neurotechnological products to the market. In my opinion, all the aforementioned indicators indicate that neurotechnology can be potentially used to control social dynamics.

          Don't even Blink...        
Your brain on pseudoscience: the rise of popular neurobollocks
          Mirrors of your dreams        
Neuro Images posts images of brains and art based on them. Some of them are beautiful; some of them are grotesque; some of them are confronting or sad (the complete series is here); and some of them are strangely reminiscent. (previously)
          Rise of the Neuronovel        
Rise of the Neuronovel. Marco Roth at N+1 argues that the recent interest of contemporary novels (Motherless Brooklyn, Saturday, Atmospheric Disturbances) in the disordered wetware of their characters represents a defeat for fiction. "...the new genre of the neuronovel, which looks on the face of it to expand the writ of literature, appears as another sign of the novel's diminishing purview." Jonah Lehrer responds to Roth and Roth responds back.
          Calories are delicious        
The Neuroscience of McGriddles: Evolutionary biology offers hypotheses about why we enjoy eating. "When you eat at McDonald's, a big part of the pleasure comes from the fact that the food is sustenance, fuel, energy. Even mediocre food is a little rewarding."
          Wake Forest Baptist Ranked among Nation’s ‘Best Hospitals’ 25 Years in a Row by U.S. News & World Report        
Once again, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has been named among the best in the nation by U.S. News & World Report. Wake Forest Baptist garners top-50 national rankings in six specialties, according to the 2017-18 report, released today. They are Cancer (No. 27), Nephrology (No. 27), Geriatrics (No. 33), Gynecology (No. 33), Ear, Nose & Throat (No. 34) and Neurology & Neurosurgery (No. 37).
          Prepregnancy Obesity Increases Risk for Neurocognitive Problems in Children Born Very Prematurely        
 A new study has found that children born extremely premature to women who are overweight or obese before the pregnancy are at an increased risk for low scores on tests of intelligence and cognitive processes that influence self-regulation and control, according to researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.   
          New Study Finds Youth Football Players Have Significant Differences in Head Impact Exposure        
A study of 97 youth football players ages 9 to 13 years who participated in different age- and weight- based levels over four seasons of play found that that youngsters experienced a total of 40,538 head impacts. Measures of linear head acceleration and the number of impacts per player in competition versus practice sessions differed significantly depending on the youngsters' age/weight level, as reported in the study published in the June issue of the Journal of Neurotrauma. 
          Wake Forest Baptist Continues Efforts to Improve Outcomes for Stroke Survivors and their Families        
“Mommy, you need to come home. Daddy’s had a stroke.” That’s the phone call Sheila Allen of High Point received last April, while out of town on business. Her two young daughters had called 911 and paramedics had taken her 51-year-old husband Steven to the hospital. As she rushed home, she found out that Steven had actually suffered three strokes – the third one as he was being loaded into the ambulance to be taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. He spent more than a month in Wake Forest Baptist’s neurosciences intensive care unit, and another couple of weeks undergoing rehab at the J. Paul Sticht Center at Wake Forest Baptist.
          Reduction of Post -Traumatic Stress Symptoms Associated with Non-invasive Neurotechnology        
A closed-loop acoustic stimulation brainwave technology significantly reduced symptoms in people suffering from post-traumatic stress in a small pilot study conducted at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. The study is published in the April 19 online edition of the journal BMC Psychiatry. 
           mangafan a dit:        
Depuis qu'il y a eu la reforme pour le port d'arme même pour les mineurs ? XD Qui : Angel Crow évidemment =)
          Kidney Function in Stroke Patients Associated with Short-term Outcomes        
A routine blood test that measures kidney function can be a valuable predictor of short-term outcomes for stroke patients, according to a study led by a neurologist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
          Rent-A-Man Service Lets You Rent Men For 1000 Yen Per Hour        
Sankei Shimbun reports on a rent-a-man service launched by Tokyo entrepreneur where you can rent men for 1,000 yen per hour to help with anything; netizens respond.
          Dejar de morder uñas con estas siete maneras        

Recortar las uñas - si se muerden las uñas, feo y masticado, probablemente estás desmotivado para pasar tiempo en la preparación de los. Esto es totalmente equivocado. Siempre es importante aprender manicure adecuado y tratamiento para las uñas de la preparación. Es imprescindible en las primeras etapas. Haciendo esto regularmente le ayuda a empezar a pensar sobre las uñas de una manera positiva. Tener la actitud correcta ayuda a fortalecer su determinación para dejar de fumar y no volver. Obtener las herramientas adecuadas para facilitar el trabajo. Aquí hay un enlace para uñas cuidado herramienta que se puede utilizar.

Mantenga las manos ocupadas - tiempo de inactividad es zona de juegos del diablo, por lo que el refrán. Bien, lo mismo vale para uñas que morder. Si usted está ocupado, usted es menos propensos a casualmente morderse las uñas. Si se muerde mientras mira la televisión, o en algún otro momento relajado, asegúrese de que tener algo que puede mantener para mantener las manos ocupadas. Rosarios, bolas de goma squeeze, exer-grips, et cetera. Un buen ejemplo y recomienda maravilloso producto es la bola de masaje de la mano de ZON. O, usted puede tratar de tejer o recoger algunos rosarios como éstos en esta hermosa pulsera de abalorios redondo de Lapis.

Trabajo en su fuerza de voluntad - se necesita más energía para dejar de fumar para siempre, pero sin no tiene ninguna posibilidad de salir en primer lugar. Trabajar en dejar algo más, o cambiar de otro aspecto de su vida. Determinar a hacer algo rutinario y luego hacerlo rutinariamente. Algo que nunca antes hecho. Como dar un paseo para el almuerzo. Reemplace el postre con un pedazo de fruta. Parece que están haciendo las cosas más difíciles de asumir algo más. Lo que hace es ejercer su poder de voluntad. La mayor confianza que tiene en el logro de una cosa le ayudará con la otra, y Obtén un doble beneficio de mejoramiento personal en general.

Entienda su disparador - necesita conocer la psicología y la fisiología de sus penetrantes rituales. Son mucho más complejos de lo que imaginas. Gran parte de lo que lleva a morderse las uñas se realiza en un nivel casi inconsciente. Comience a entender cuáles son los rituales para que pueda identificarlos y desarrollar medios alternativos para desviar y redirigir su ritual a algo no destructivas para las uñas.

Practicar sus técnicas de evitación - evitación técnicas son más elásticos, mantras o amarga polaco. Estos implican la programación neura-lingüística, que se describe en la Wikipedia como: Programación Neuro-Lingüística (PNL) es una aproximación a la psicoterapia y cambio organizacional basado en "un modelo de comunicación interpersonal principalmente preocupado por la relación entre éxito patrones de comportamiento y las experiencias subjetivas (especialmente los patrones de pensamiento) que les" y "un sistema de terapia alternativa en base a esto que busca educar a la gente en autoconocimiento y comunicación efectivay para cambiar sus patrones de comportamiento mental y emocional.

Visualizar sus uñas crecidas – personas exitosas usan técnicas de visualización para ayudarles a formar su cuerpo y mente en qué hacer y cómo hacer las cosas de una determinada manera para que obtener los mejores resultados. Un esquiador puede imaginar cada paso en la ladera, un golfista cada agujero y tiro en un curso, un vendedor que presenta un producto, pidiendo a los negocios y cerrar la venta. Su trabajo es a visualizar su gran apariencia clavos y el sentimiento de orgullo de que tienes cuando usas las manos delante gente en vez de conscientemente y a veces torpe tratando de evitar dejar que otros ven el producto de su clavo mordiendo el hábito.

Dieta y ejercicio - obtener suficiente calcio es indispensable ayudar a para uñas pinzas cortantes cuyas uñas son frágiles y con cutículas desiguales masticadas. Calcio se recomienda para personas que hacen dieta así. Muchos médicos recomiendan una ingesta diaria de 1200 mg. Además de mejorar su salud de la uña, usted consigue la ventaja del lado de ayudar a fortalecer sus huesos.  Algunas hierbas que incluyen sílice en ellos son oatstraw y cola de caballo y ortiga. El sílice es una sustancia que se muestra para fortalecer las uñas. Sus uñas están constituidas por queratina. Asegúrese de que están recibiendo cantidades adecuadas de aminoácidos, vitamina C, vitamina E y biotina en combinación. Crestas en las uñas pueden ser eliminados o reducidos por el uso regular de vitamina B. Zinc deficiencia puede provocar manchas blancas en el clavo. Es común en muchas mujeres a ver una caída en sus niveles de cinc justo antes de un período menstrual. El ejercicio es beneficioso en su propio mérito. El ejercicio regular, como se mencionó en la sección sobre fuerza de voluntad, conduce a un mayor sentido de su bienestar y su salud en general. Mejor se sienta, más probable ser verdaderamente decididos a dejar de morder uñas.

Si usted quiere tener una idea del contenido en How to Stop uñas morder puede ayudarle a conquistar su hábito aventajaban, haga clic aquí para descargar el capítulo dos gratis!

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          Informe inicial sobre detener morder uñas        
Supongo que tengo que han logrado aumentarlos eficientemente unas 3 veces, generalmente por la cantidad de meses en un momento dado, sin embargo nunca fue sencillo y muchas estrategias que intenté fuente fallido.

 Esta operación puede llevarse a cabo dentro de un lenguaje simbólico, como en deseos, o en la hipnosis extremadamente específicos Londres, basado en lo que establece el inconsciente. Sin embargo, para sin importar lo que la razón principal, continua onychophagists (uñas pinzas cortantes) probablemente será consciente de cuán difícil es interrumpir esta perjudicial práctica.

Actualmente esto aparecieron mis uñas han sido más tiempo, así que me creó llegan a sentirse mucho más bien sobre la observación de los adelantos más. Numerosos pinzas cortantes de uñas no reconocerá una vez toman placer en los hábitos y a fin de que no tienen ninguna manija superior a él.

Usted debe hacer uso de la crema hidratante con frecuencia para que se puedan preservar los poros y la piel muy suave y además evitar las cutículas rasgado. Por ejemplo, como un sustituto de morderse las uñas serás capaz a limarlas.

 Lo verdaderamente se observa con frecuencia en un montón de personas físicas que posean el comportamiento de un clavo muerde una vez que están en la ansiedad o en circunstancias difíciles. No podría ser útil a veces; para mantener a ponerse un guante a pesar del hecho de que las condiciones meteorológicas en cualquier otro caso.

Pinzas cortantes de uñas suelen sensación y observación que de ninguna manera perturbadoras o realizar daño a nadie con su práctica, ¿qué puede ser el querer o la justificación para este tipo de una protesta substancial hacia ellos después de software, que son capaces de ir sobre su típico estilo de vida sin embargo el minuto usted mucho como conjunto los dedos alrededor de su boca obtendrá un sabor impresionante sin duda posiblemente amargo o amargo.

Uñas mordidas ser increíblemente malestar vulnerable, en particular donde los poros y la piel satisface el borde de uñas. La pintura en esmalte de uñas, no funciona, no funcionará para usted personalmente posiblemente.

Pero tengo un método de fórmula mágico en su caso...He detenido mordiendo mis uñas permanentemente y por lo tanto se puede!Realmente, mucha gente no use medicina peligrosa o esmalte de uñas.

Notificar al individuo a proporcionar convenido en recordatorio y nuevamente. Y este tipo de selección de piel o pelo-tirando ocasionalmente podría acompañar clavos penetrantes. Pulse de nuevo las cutículas muy cuidadosamente y mantenerse alejado de picar y enjuague con calor h2o.

 Esto fue simplemente porque gastado mucho tiempo jardinería que solía estar adquiriendo generalmente polvo atrapado firmemente por debajo de mis uñas nuevas.

En un establecido de guantes para proteger las uñas de su asalto del diente. Porque morder uñas es comúnmente una reacción a la ansiedad, creando una reacción distinta puede hacer salir llevando a cabo. Es posible considerar ganchillo Cruz costura y tejido. Sin embargo, sólo una pequeña proporción de las otras personas mayores morder las uñas.

Después de que el niño entiende la razón de ser, es probable que esto le ayudará a detener. Funcionamiento durante diez minutos es suficiente para empezar a disminuir su cantidad de presión y comenzar significativamente mayor emoción!

Clavo morder (onychophagia) es un hombre de área y las mujeres hacen para aliviar la tensión. Cualquier momento que un hombre o una mujer comienza a morder inconscientemente ausente con las uñas, un estilo amargo definitivo vendrá como un recordado para detener a morderse las uñas.

Ahora existe varios uso razonable respecto al producto de belleza caros conocido como esmalte de uñas del dedo. Si no tienes ninguna pista de donde proviene su rutina, entonces el tiempo posterior muerden las uñas, dejar de fumar y pensar por qué le sucede a llevar a cabo, a veces puede ser aburrimiento comunes demasiado.

 Tomar una decisión para vestir en un par de guantes para proteger las uñas en la embestida de su diente respectivo.¿No parece útil de vez en cuando; para mantener un guante a pesar del hecho que el clima se establece en cualquier otro caso que se divierten. Posiblemente trate de manejo claro de este tipo de circunstancias o cuando son inevitables, encontrará más métodos para hacer frente a estas circunstancias.
Sin duda, clavo mordiendo soluciones necesita estar dentro de su muy tenga un futuro previsible.

Preferencias tan amargas que usted simplemente no va a los dedos una vez más dentro de su boca.Morderse las uñas cada entiende cómo resistente es ayudar a mantener mordiendo las uñas, con no amonestó a conseguir por él.

 Es el concepto que 3 en los conductores reconocidos de la raíz de la mala práctica es genético, neurológico, o posiblemente una disfunción conductual y que normalmente existen en las personas que se encuentran ambos en el hábito de la droga, tener TOC, condiciones de la mente, retraso psicológico o privación sensorial este tipo de ceguera o sordera. Más, vas a designar el apagado no cubrirlas!

Por lo tanto permite comenzar a debatir cómo morderse las uñas repercute en su salud en general. A veces, dibujo, garabatos o simplemente disfrutar con una cosa como parte de las Palmas es generalmente una ayuda maravillosa.

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          Más se parecen a frenar morder uñas        
Supongo que tengo que han podido desarrollarlas productivamente sobre tres veces, con frecuencia por la cantidad de meses en un momento dado, sin embargo no fue de ninguna manera simple y muchos enfoques intenté falló.

 Esta función puede llevarse a cabo dentro de un lenguaje simbólico, como en objetivos, o en la hipnosis realmente específicos Londres, basado en lo que decide el inconsciente. No obstante, para sin importar lo que la razón principal, onychophagists a largo plazo (uñas pinzas cortantes) probablemente será consciente de cuán duro es realmente interrumpir esta dañando la rutina.

Antes esto parecía mis uñas habían sido más largo, fabricado por lo tanto me siento mucho más beneficioso sobre ver más avances. Un montón de uñas pinzas cortantes no comprenderán una vez toman placer en la conducción y para que no tengan ninguna manija superior a él.

Es necesario utilizar la crema hidratante típicamente como una forma de mantener los poros y la piel muy delicada y además de parada de las cutículas rasgado. Como ejemplo, como una alternativa de morderse las uñas serás capaz a limarlas.

Verdaderamente se observa generalmente en un montón de gente que la práctica de clavo mordiendo después de que estén en la ansiedad o en situación difícil. Bueno no puede demostrar para arriba sin problemas a veces; para ayuda mantener deportivos un guante, aunque el clima necesita o bien.

Pinzas cortantes de uñas típicamente verdaderamente sienten y observación son bajo ninguna circunstancia inquietante o realizar daño a nadie con su práctica, lo que puede ser el querer o la justificación para este tipo de una protesta substancial hacia ellos después de software, es posible ir sobre su estilo de vida común aunque el minuto que usted un gran trata como conjunto los dedos alrededor de su boca obtendrá un estilo sorprendente tanto amargo o amargo.

 Uñas mordidas ser increíblemente dolor vulnerables, específicamente en la que los poros y la piel cumple con el borde de uñas. La pintura en esmalte de uñas, no funciona, no hará personalmente posiblemente.Pero tengo un método de fórmula mágico en su caso...He detenido mordiendo mis uñas permanentemente y así eres capaz!

En realidad, la mayoría de la gente nunca use perjudicial medicina o esmalte de uñas.
Informar al individuo para proporcionar convenido en recordatorio y detrás otra vez. Y este tipo de selección de piel o pelo-tirar podría acompañar a menudo penetrantes clavos.

 Mantenerse alejado de la corte conducir otra vez las cutículas con bastante cautela y enjuague con agua potable de calor. Esto fue simplemente porque invertí una jardinería de mucho tiempo que había ido adquiriendo generalmente suciedad atrapada firmemente por debajo de mis uñas nuevas.

Vestido en un establecido de guantes para defender las uñas de su asalto de su diente. Cómo dejar graves clavo mordiendo considerando morder uñas es comúnmente una reacción a la ansiedad, creando una reacción distinta puede hacer salir sucediendo.

Son capaces de tratar de ganchillo, Cruz coser o tejer. Sólo una pequeña proporción de otro crecido ups sin embargo muerden las uñas. Después de que el niño entiende la explicación, esto puede ayudarle a prevenir.

Trabajo durante diez minutos es suficiente para empezar disminuyendo sus rangos de tensión y comenzar la experiencia significativamente mucho mejor!

Clavo morder (onychophagia) es una cosa individuos hacer para aliviar la ansiedad. Cualquier momento que una persona comienza a morder inconscientemente ausente en las uñas, un sabor amargo definitivo llega a ser un recordado para evitar morderse las uñas.

 Ahora hay numerosos uso práctico hacia la mercancía costosa belleza contemplada como esmalte de uñas del dedo. Si usted no tiene ninguna pista donde su rutina deriva luego otra vez muerden las uñas, dejar de fumar y tomar en consideración por qué puede llevar hacia fuera, a menudo puede ser aburrimiento comunes también.

Determinar en un par de guantes para proteger las uñas en el ataque del diente.No parece ser útil de vez en cuando; para ayuda mantener deportivos un guante, aunque el clima mandatos o bien. Tanto probar manejo claro de este tipo de circunstancias o cuando son inevitables, usted podría descubrir mucho mejores métodos para hacer frente a estos escenarios.

De hecho, debe ser clavo mordiendo tratamientos como parte de su potencial extremadamente oso. Preferencias tan amarga que solo será probablemente no establece sus dedos una vez más dentro de su boca.Morderse las uñas cada entiende cómo resistente es ayudar a mantener mordiendo las uñas, con hacia fuera consiguiendo reprendido por él.

 Es el principio que cerca de tres en la raíz reconocida de los pobres es de comportamiento genético, neurológico, o posiblemente una disfunción conductual y que son con frecuencia actual en las personas que se encuentran posiblemente en hábito de drogas, tener TOC, enfermedades de la mente, retraso psicológico o privación sensorial este tipo de ceguera o sordera. Más, vas a señalar de no disimularlos!

Por tanto permite Inicio apagado para debatir cómo morderse las uñas repercute en su bienestar. A menudo, dibujar, dibujar o simplemente activamente jugando con una cosa en las palmas podría ser una ayuda maravillosa.

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          Entrepreneurs Can And Should Change The World        
And don’t believe that any initiative to help our society needs to be a non-profit. Profits are a major driver of innovation. If we can harness that innovation for the good of mankind, then it behooves us to do so.
           Környezetszennyező anyagok hatásának vizsgálata elemi- és komplex idegi folyamatokra = Effect of environmental toxicants on the elementary and complex neuronal processes         
Győri, János and Banczerowski, Januszné and Barna, Barbara and Dóczi, Judit and Gajda, Zita and Molnár, Gábor and Szente, Magdolna and Világi, Ildikó (2006) Környezetszennyező anyagok hatásának vizsgálata elemi- és komplex idegi folyamatokra = Effect of environmental toxicants on the elementary and complex neuronal processes. Project Report. OTKA.
          Is the Capital Region a good place for small business?        
Calling all entrepreneurs, academicians, concerned citizens, holders of strong convictions: We need your help.  Those of us in the business of assisting small business owners would attest to the fact that there’s no shortage of intrepid individuals looking to seek their entrepreneurial fortunes.  The question is: Does the region support their efforts?  How do you
          The Plastic Lawn Chair        
This is the story of the unlikeliest of business people. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment and catalyst of her foray into entrepreneurship, but during the 1980’s, she was actively involved in importing shoes from Italy to Ghana. In the 1990’s however, her life took an unexpected turn and so did her business. She
          An appeal on behalf of big business        
I just wanted to bring to your attention a worthy cause that I think all working people should get behind.
Today the ‘Scrap the Tax’ campaign has been officially launched to get the government to do away with the 50p tax rate.
537 business leaders, who might possibly be subject to paying the higher rate, have signed a letter to the Telegraph stating that the 50% tax rate for those earning as little as £150,000 should be scrapped.
The six figure salaried strugglers claim it is harming entrepreneurialism and job creation. However, if we were to let them pay less tax it would actually help the economy. If say, someone earning a high salary paid £50,000 rather than £100,000 in tax that would mean more wealth for us all. It might not sound right, but trust them, they’re cleverer than you are. After all, they have a well paid job and are in charge of hiring and firing (mainly firing) lots of people.
I think this is something we could all support so please give anything you can. Or should I say keep giving everything you can. An extra 2.5% in VAT, a decent pay rise, your child tax credits or even, if you could spare it, your job. Perhaps you could think about stacking shelves at Tesco’s for free. Every little helps.
Please give generously. Remember, those corporate dinners accompanied by bottles of vintage Beaujolais don’t come for free you know.

          Disabled entrepreneurs in Oxfordshire urged to compete for £30,000 prize        
DISABLED people in Oxfordshire who have started their own business are being encouraged to enter a competition with a top prize of £30,000.
          Malefícios e riscos dos agrotóxicos nas frutas e verduras        


É comum ouvir dizer que agrotóxico é muito prejudicial para o organismo. Mas, você realmente sabe os malefícios e riscos dos agrotóxicos nas frutas e verduras?

Existem diversas dúvidas a respeito deste assunto. Aqui neste artigo, você vai encontrar a resposta completa para esta pergunta e diversas outras informações extremamente importantes sobre o uso de agrotóxicos nos alimentos.

Prossiga com a leitura a confira. Você vai se surpreender!

A elevada presença de resíduos de agrotóxicos nos alimentos

Você sabia que a dieta dos brasileiros é rica em agrotóxicos? Isso mesmo!

De acordo com uma pesquisa realizada pela USP, ao fazer o cruzamento dos dados sobre o que a população brasileira come atualmente com a lista de agrotóxicos autorizados pela Anvisa (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) a serem aplicados na cultura destes alimentos, foram identificados 68 compostos cujo valor de ingestão diária excedia o aceitável pelo limite do próprio órgão.

É muita coisa, não é verdade?

O Brometo de Metila (BM), pertencente à classe dos formicidas, inseticidas e fungicidas foi a substância com maior estimativa de utilização nos alimentos. Este é listado como um dos mais tóxicos!

Também segundo um relatório divulgado pelo Instituto Nacional de Câncer (Inca), o Brasil despeja mais de 1 milhão de toneladas de agrotóxicos nas lavouras todos os anos. Em média, daria 5 quilos de veneno agrícola (agrotóxico) por pessoa!

Estes agrotóxicos utilizados nas frutas e verduras tem a finalidade de alterar sua composição e, assim, preservá-las da ação danosa de substâncias ou seres vivos nocivos.

Agora, descubra os malefícios e riscos que os agrotóxicos causam no seu organismo (é chocante!)

Quando uma pessoa faz consumo prolongado de alimentos, como frutas e verduras, contaminados por agrotóxicos ela está propensa a contrair diversas doenças:

  • Malformação congênita.

  • Câncer.

  • Distúrbios mentais, endócrinos e neurológicos.

  • Impotência sexual.

  • Infertilidade.

  • Paralisias.

  • Lesões cerebrais.

  • Fortes dores de cabeça.

  • Alergias.

  • Alterações comportamentais.

  • Abortos.

  • Efeitos no sistema imunológico.

Estes problemas quando não surgem a curto e médio prazo podem acontecer muitos anos depois.

A intoxicação por agrotóxicos pode ocasionar em:

  • Vômitos.

  • Irritações nos olhos, pele, nariz e garganta.

  • Náuseas.

  • Dificuldades respiratórias.

  • Tremores.

  • Cólicas abdominais.

  • Desmaios.

  • Convulsões.

Tão logo você apresente alguns destes sintomas e desconfie que seja devido ao consumo de alimentos com agrotóxicos, procure um médico.


Importância dos alimentos orgânicos produzidos sem agrotóxicos

Embora existam os riscos e malefícios dos agrotóxicos nas frutas e verduras, o Inca afirma que você, assim como a população em geral, não deixe de fazer o consumo destas, vez que são essenciais para uma alimentação saudável.

O Instituto defende é a produção de alimentos orgânicos livres de agrotóxicos por terem maior concentração de nutrientes e compostos que previnem o câncer, por exemplo.

O que você pode fazer para resolver o problema é optar pelo consumo destes alimentos orgânicos, mesmo que o preço deles não seja tão animador.

Outra alternativa para amenizar tal situação é cozinha ou descascar aqueles alimentos que ingere cru ou com casca. Mas, lembre-se devido muitos agrotóxicos serem “sistêmicos”, isto é, quando aplicados circulam através da seiva por todos os tecidos das plantas, logo, existem casos em que lavar e descascar não te garante a eliminação total dos resíduos agrotóxicos.

Por fim, fique alerta quanto ao consumo de frutas e verduras com agrotóxicos. Tome todos os cuidados necessários para que você possa preservar sua saúde.

E você? Tem medo de consumir alimentos com agrotóxicos? Qual sua opinião a respeito do uso deles no Brasil? Registre nos comentários!


Um forte abraço.

          Neuroblaster review        

Neuroblaster review

Energy same effects: of extremely potent natural stimulants that don't react with alcoholic beverages: as cocaine but rave is completely natural elements with tnt energy on without any recovery pills. The whole most powerful effects and as it helps stimulate the tnt a very long but there is safe with other party pills will make you lose weight loss of. The maximum energy pills: to pill anywhere.

This shed your energy pills and various hues all night; for around you should never have hydrate constantly at party zone gives you pure natural ingredients to hydrate constantly. You behind bars with very effective natural elements, and Tnt is advisable that it most the ultimate euphoria like an all natural elements but is a penalty while you better concentration of frozen!

          On The Other Side        

I just let out a big exhale as I begin to type the letters to this page.  I feel like I should update this blog. It’s been a long while since I have.

It’s been a  year since I ran my last ultra, Voyageur 50 Mile Endurance Run.   Man, that one took a toll on me. My body finally got through to my brain. I had to stop ignoring and denying the pain I was going through; although feeling pain was better than feeling the emotion, the seriousness of what I was doing to myself. Why do I always have to hurt myself?? What am I trying to fill up? Run away from? Fill the hole..with booze, with running, with food.

After healing from cellulitis, the fractures, another neuroma, and tendonitis after Voyaguer, I began to walk and was quite concerned when walking was still painful.   I was so inflamed. The nerve damage kept my feet numb, the walking spread the numbness to my ankles into my shins.  Wasn’t I even going to be able to hike? What had I done? Serious damage? I’d quickly stomp out that thought and go back into denial. I’ll be fine. I’ve been here before. Yes, I sure have, too many times. I can barely walk, I try to run through the pain, I ignore my body, breaking down further, gritting my teeth with every step and this becomes normal. Not really cool, Jul.  You have one body. ONE BODY!

For the past five years I’ve been in pain while running but running in pain was better than not running at all. That was all that mattered. That I was running. 

In January, 6 months after Voyageur, still not able to run more than a few steps, I was  praying for healing, praying to run again. I was back in this too familiar space…praying for healing from injury once again so that I could run once more  and then this all over again. The cycle continues. Eventually I ‘heard’ from God as I sat on a bench in the woods. ‘What if you prayed for release from this burden to run?”  “I can release this burden from you” What? No. No. No no no . It’s not a burden. I am a runner, I run. That’s who I am, what I am. Moving on…not giving that thought any more attention. Nope, no thanks. I’m good.  But I wasn’t.

I couldn’t deny the fact months later, that I was still in pain: my ankles, my knees, my hips…everything ached, was inflamed, swollen, a mess.  I couldn’t bend down to my lower cabinets in the kitchen, I couldn’t walk down my steps without bowing my knees out and holding the rail. Most of the time I had to come down sideways. My family would follow me saying ‘slow moving traffic’.  I  had some pretty crazy frantic, manic thought processes as the thought of not running came to solidify in my brain, my heart, my prayer.

The more I listened, the more I knew what I needed to do. I began to pray for release from the burden of ‘having’ to run. True release from that need. Not just lip service. I really had to run. I felt running made me whole. I defined myself as a runner.  I prayed.  I struggled. I went to a recovery group. I needed help with this one.  I am not one to ask for help. I can do it all myself.  Not this time. I needed others to help me. Something that was dear to me, that defined me, that was my life, I needed to let it go. I didn’t know if I could. I knew that it was hurting me, I knew that I could no longer control it. I had tried running 5 miles each day, telling myself I wasn’t going to race anymore. I would only run a good 5-7 each day . I had been saying that for years!  I would then run 10 and 20 and then enter a 50K, a 50 miler, a 100 miler and end up in the same fricken place. Injured, trying to get back to the other side. I was always crossing the line . Something that was so good for me had become so dark. My running was looking much like my alcoholism. Damn.  How the hell did this happen?

Very easily.  I became obsessed, again. Obsessive compulsive, call it what you will. Addictive personality? Whatever. I ran in the morning, I ran at lunch, I ran in the evening. I ran all day, all night, more more more. I was shocked when I would read on FaceBook that others were running 2000 miles a year. Why not 4000? What? 4000 was always my yearly goal. Was it too much?  I was applauded for my tenacity, my perseverance. I trained to take my pain and place it into a little black box, separate from me. I could run while blisters popped upon my feet, run with a broken ankle. I could run with tendonitis, fractures, extreme pain, because I had to finish.  I didn’t think it would result in serious injury.  I was called a bad ass when really I was being a dumb ass. For 15 years I racked up miles upon miles and didn’t suffer injury but after I had my hysterectomy I began to injury myself. First it was herniated discs, then over a dozen stress fractures, breaks, neuroma, surgery, foot numbness, nerve damage, celllulitis. One thing after another.  80,000 miles was too much. I had to pay attention.  I had to stop this insanity. This was no longer healthy.

I began to heal. After 9 months I could walk without pain. I’d try jogging and stop after a few steps.  I’d remember where I was, that I didn’t want to again cross that line. I’ve been hiking 6 miles each day.  My feet are still numb due to the nerve damage, sometimes it goes into my ankles and into my shins.  Every once in a while I’ll have neuroma flare up and excessive inflammation but it goes away. It is no longer chronic.  That is the goal. No chronic inflammation. 

I think back to Alicia’s wedding shower two years ago. Amy was teaching a yoga class for us.  I was unable  to bend to the ground, I couldn’t sit on the ground, I couldn’t bend my knees.  I couldn’t stretch my calves, my hips were like glass, feeling fragile, ready to break. I was so full of inflammation that my body could no longer  perform simple tasks. I  still ran though.  Oh yeah, I ran.

Here I am, a year out since the last ultra and I’m feeling really really good. I'm happy. I am at peace. I'm thankful, full of gratitude. I’ve dropped 25 pounds. I joined a hot yoga studio in Elk River. I just had this weird calling to check out yoga again, it had been a while and I wanted to do something in addition to hiking each day. I  found a coupon through Groupon and bought 10 classes. I was scared to death. What do I know about hot yoga? I absolutely loved it. I love the heat, the meditation, sitting quietly, feeling the emotions, harnessing them, then letting them go with unattachment.  I am learning so much. Feeling and letting go. Not feeling and denying or feeling and filling up with something else. Just feeling and being. It’s incredible.  Hot yoga has been healing for me. Spiritually, mentally and physically. I can now bend my knees to 90 degrees and more. I can walk down my stairs without pain and without bowing of the legs or sideways, gripping the rail. I can get into my lower kitchen cabinets.  I am going to a hot yoga fusion (yoga flow/pilates) each MWF at 530 AM which is divine. It’s challenging, strengthening and delicious. I attend an active flow on Saturday and a 90 minute combo/restorative on Sunday.   

Last Sunday Alicia and I went an all day yoga event in Minneapolis. It was all about detoxing, vegan juices and lifestyle, various forms of yoga, rituals, crystals..we had such a good time. It was great to get together again. We weren’t running. We were doing something else. Growing.  It felt strange  to be practicing yoga, caring for myself while on the same day that one year ago I was running Voyageur, hurting myself so badly. What a strange twist of events. 

I miss running. I miss it very much but I no longer mourn it, I no longer wish that I were still running. I no longer pine away for it. It was a wonderful time, it was what I needed at that time in my life. It served it’s purpose  and now I will move on. I can move forward. I can grow. 

I find myself wanting to warn those whom I see following the same path as I. They are  running through serious injury, taking weeks off to recover, only to do it again..because they are runners. It hurts more to stop than to continue.  It is what and who they are. I know that scenario. I know that pain. I know the anguish. I want to let them know, but I don’t. I ask them to be careful.  Just be careful.

There are so many ultrarunners  I know who are  no longer running due to extreme injury. I don’t know if they didn’t tell me before or if I didn’t care to listen to  their story. Now I listen. Now I nod my head. I know. I know. I should have listened before. 

Now, I am on the other side of that line that I kept crossing. Gratefully, I am no longer crossing that line.

In my last blog post I wrote about Voyageur 50 mile and the case of cellulitus that followed.  Once I began the meds the redness went away but  pain and inflammation hung on. After a week my doctor made an appointment for me to have an MRI. I learned that I had  excessive tendonitis and tibial stress reaction.

I feel like my body has been giving me clues, well, maybe red flags, for quite some time. Perhaps it might be in my best interest to cut back on ultrarunning. At first I wasn’t listening but as I meditate on this, think about this, pray on this, I realize I need to listen to my body. I am only going to have one. I need to respect it, nurture it, heal it. Ultrarunning may not be a part of that plan right now.

Amazingly, even to me, is that I feel OK with this. I am at peace.  I am embracing the fact that I am not running 75 miles a week right now. I am OK with hiking, with yoga-I am really enjoying yoga- I am biking, I am walking..yes, just walking through the woods, through my neighborhood, and it feels good. I am running with Heidi and April on Wednesday after school for 5 or 6 miles or whatever mileage they are running. I am running on Saturday with Jenny at Whitetail or at Lake Maria solo or Elm Creek .. on Sunday I’m running at Blue Hill after service, or before, or in the afternoon sometime. No real schedule. I’m going to the gym to lift a few days a week..or not..depending on how I feel. It’s pretty incredible, really. Yoga has become an every day treat.

I chose to volunteer at Superior 100 instead of run. I was nervous about the recovery from Voyageur. I did not want another case of cellulitus or any other problems.  I didn't want the long recovery. It was a difficult decision for me to make, but once I made the decision  I didn’t feel mournful or full of spite or depressed. I felt relief!  I was excited to volunteer. I marked the trail with Bonnie and Greg on Thursday, I worked Beaver Bay with  Bonnie, Nancy and Tom  and their team on Friday and with Bonnie and Maria and her team at Crosby from Friday PM to Saturday AM. It was great!  I made a difference in other’s races. It felt good to give back.

I feel like I am moving away from exercise compulsion. It is something that has consumed me for years. Do I need a title to cover the ultrarunning that I’ve been doing? No, I don’t think so. I can remember when running changed from something healthy to something that was breaking me, to something that I abused myself with.  I had difficulty in finding that line between health and obsessiveness and found that I would cross  it every so often, then cross often, then find myself on the other side, not finding my way back. It began to look much like my alcoholism.

Running began as a way to lose weight in addition to dieting. When I began to run Troy was 6 months old. I had more weight than ever to lose. I've always dieted, my whole life, until recently, when I stopped. That is another post. An important post.

Running  became a tool that I felt I needed to stay sober. I've been sober 20 years now. Running was a part of that. It was all connected. Running, weight loss, sobriety.

I’ve had a great run at ultrarunning, I’ve loved it, I’ve spent a zillion miles alone on the trail, in my own head, with Topaz, I’ve raced, I’ve been last, I’ve come back from injury, I’ve created friendships, I’ve won,  I’ve had a blast, I've felt true joy; but I no longer feel that NEED. That NEED to have it that has driven me for so long. It is such a relief that the NEED is gone. It wasn’t gone when I suffered herniated discs and didn’t run for 5 months. It wasn’t gone while I recovered from neuroma surgery . It wasn’t gone when I broke my ankle. It wasn’t gone when I fractured my tibia. It wasn’t gone when another neuroma reared it’s ugly head. It wasn’t gone when I was first diagnosed with cellulitis, excessive tendonitis and tibial stress reaction.  All I thought of during those times is that I needed to run. I couldn’t wait to recover so that I could do it all over again. But, it is gone now.  That need is gone. I am so thankful. I’m so grateful. It may come back or I just may feel like I again want to run a 100, who knows. I have IceBox on the schedule and I'll run, but the need, it's gone. For now it's gone. I feel blessed.

          Metabolic Assessment        
I wanted to share the results / process of the metabolic assessment that I had today.

As I eluded to earlier, last February I began to enter races for this year. I had a long time off from running after neuroma surgery and it just really took a long time for me to be able to run again. 8 months or something dumb like that. Anyhow, that is a long time.  

When I was able to finally run again, I wanted to run again withOUT pain, withOUT beating myself up. I am also so done with restriction and being hungry all of the time. For years. I just want to run, to feel great, to eat!

I began to research different training methods when I again came across Maffetone low heart rate training. I remembered that my Dad used Phil Maffetone methods as he trained for Grandma's Marathon in 2000. We ran together and it was so awesome!   I then saw that  my friend, Tracy Hoeg, was training clients using Phil's methods. In February I reached out to her and she was willing to take me on.  At first, in order to keep my heart rate at 140 or under, I had to WALK. I'd run a few steps, and walk. It was disheartening, going so slowly, but it wasn't beating me up, either. Every 3-4 weeks  Tracy had me run a 10 mile MAF test. At first my MAF miles were in the 12-13 minute mile area. I was discouraged. I had to walk some of each mile to keep my heart rate down.  As time went one, I would see great improvement. Pretty soon I was taking off 1:30 each mile, no walk breaks and feeling really good. I couldn't believe that I could run 10 miles, on track, without any ankle pain, without any joint soreness. I had also at this time, added in fats, due to Tracy's and Phil's recommendation.

I'm excited to preform another 10 mile MAF test next Thursday. 

So today I had an Active and Rest Metabolic Assessment at LifeTime Fitness, Chanhassen. A friend of mine, Heather, is a trainer there and preforms this test. I was so curious to see how my fat burning has increased. I knew that I was doing pretty well, because at Grandma's last Saturday I ran the whole race at 140 HR, had NO issues, it was hot, I did it on one bottle of UCAN. Incredible. I'm the one who needed one gel every 30 minutes. 

I had to go into the test fasted. No breakfast, no coffee!  I did fine without the breakfast but the coffee was tough! I stopped at Caribou on the way back from the test.

Heather hooked me up to a machine, attached a mask and the computer would read the data from my breathing. First was a rested assessment. I sat in a chair, closed my eyes and relaxed for 20 minutes. I learned that I now burn a lot of fat at rest. 96% of my burn is   from fat while at rest.

We then went to the treadmill. After a warm up she had me run at 5.5 mph, 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5 to watch my fat/sugar burn and define my heart rate zones. I burn most of my fat at below 147 HR.

I learned that I should eat more calories. My body burns 2180 just breathing. I burn 2834 going through life, without my workout.

I learned that my VO2 score is 48.7

My heart rate zones/burn
It was very informative and I'm glad that I completed the testing. Heather was very thorough and gave me so much data. There is more information that I still have to wade through. Heather really impressed upon me  that I need to eat more food. I have restricted for so many years that this is kind of scary to me but I have made progress. I know that science shows I need to eat more. I'll have another assessment in a few months. It will be fun to compare the data.

In other news, Steve and I are heading out for a drive vacation out west next month. We'll hit Glacier National Park to camp and hike for a few days and then south to Utah, where I've entered Capital Reef 50K. It begins at 7000feet elevation and much of the race is at 11000feet elevation. It ought to be a great trip, we are looking forward to it!


          Grandma's Marathon        

Late last year when I read that Grandma’s Marathon would be celebrating its 40th Anniversary I knew that I had to enter the event. I had run 49 marathons; Grandma’s had been my first-back in 1998 and would be my 50th marathon. I have run 11 Grandma’s Marathons.

With a few 50Ks earlier this year, Psyco Wyco in February and Chippewa in April, I wasn’t too concerned about training for a marathon. I and my friends, Heidi and April, began to run each Tuesday after school, on pavement, so I was getting my legs used to the asphalt. I ran a few 20s and a 30 on asphalt and felt good. So good, in fact, that I decided to enter FANS 24 hour run. I changed my mind, a week before FANS, as I was feeling some neuroma pain in my ‘good’ foot. I knew my foot would hold up for a marathon on asphalt but rethought the 24 hour business.

Heidi has relatives who live exactly on Mile 22 of the course, on London Road, on Lake Superior, right at the base of Lemon Drop hill. What a location !  Her relatives opened their home to 16 of us. Seriously. We weren’t even cramped!!  They were the most hospitable, welcoming, warm people I have probably ever met.

Friday 4 of us rode together and rolled into the Expo about 4. I actually ran into people that I knew just by chance. It was a blast. I messaged Kim and we met up for a quick hello. So much fun to see good old friends.  

We made our way to our hosts’ home for a dinner they prepared. Spaghetti, meat  sauce, various salads, fruit, breads, a real banquet.  We walked around the property, checked out the lake, the beautiful home and the lot. I was first to bed, at 830PM.  That’s me!

At 430 I awoke, without an alarm, this is my regular wake time. I dressed and got myself ready for the day. I went up hoping for coffee and of course, our hosts had coffee brewing. Incredible.

The others began to filter into the beautiful 4 season sun room. We had breakfast and checked out the weather. A gorgeous sunrise was showing itself over Lake Superior, right in the back yard. It was amazing. The forecast had called for rain/thunderstorms but that was not going to happen today. I certainly didn’t think it was going to be a black flag excessive heat warning, as it was!

For breakfast I had a sweet potato, avocado, coconut manna bowl. I sprinkled half a scoop of UCAN over it. Delish. My new pre race/long run meal for days I have time for digestion.

Since February I have been training using a low heart rate-140 (Phil Maffetone) or below-and have been adding more fats to my diet, in an effort to be able to burn more fat while running, not being so dependant upon gels. This gel every 30 minutes has become tiresome. (Superior 100) Also, the 140 HR allows a speedy recovery for me. Tracy  has been helping me to train in this manner the past 4 months. I’m loving it!

We were only down the hill from The Edgewater, where the busses were delivering runners to the start. We grabbed all of our stuff and were off. We rode the busses to the start and were ready to rock and roll!

Riding the bus to the start I couldn’t help but recall previous Grandma’s Marathons that I had run. My first. The one I ran with Dad. My family waiting on London Road. All of the friends I have met. So many memories.

As I was walking to the bag drop off I ran into so many people that I know from running. I wasn’t looking for anyone, but yet I saw Kelly, Jim, Shelly, Doug, it was crazy. 10,000 people and again I am running into others that I know.

I removed my sleeves, it was already warm, it was going to be a toasty day. There wasn’t a breeze, either.

The herd began to move toward the starting line, here it was, my 50th marathon!

I kept my heart rate at 140 or below the whole way. The heat caused it to rise a few times. I noticed the black flag warning of excessive heat at about mile 10. I then drank, grabbed a sponge at the aid stations and walked until it came back down to 140. Only a few steps, and back down it went. I wasn’t going to push it.

During the race I used a scoop of UCAN at mile 18, I had a strawberry and orange slice during the race that was handed out.

At about mile 11 I was running along and pretty soon Scott was at my side!  What a nice surprise!  He and Greg were running together. We gabbed for a while and then they were running too fast.; I looked at my HRM and told them to have a good race, I was staying at 140. That was my plan.

At mile 19 I began to look for Kim, it was so great to see her and Barry. Hugs. I was ready to move on. At mile 22 I stopped to say hello to our hosts, then up the hill I climbed, onto the finish line.

I was getting warm. It was toasty. I saw the 445 pace time pass me, I was ok with that. My first marathon and slowest marathon was 459. I felt that this 50th marathon would probably be about the same. I was happy with that. I only wanted to finish healthy. My feet didn’t hurt at all, nothing hurt. I was in a good place, albeit it a bit warm.

I thought about the 18 years that have passed since I first ran this marathon. I thought about my family, the friends that I have made, the sobriety I have kept, all of the lift changes…running has been a constant.

I am truly blessed. I crossed the finish line with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. 4:50.  I felt fantastic! 

          51K Birthday Run for 51 Years!!        

 I watched the border collies play for a long time. I miss Topaz so much.

I know!  51!  How in the world did that happen? Time truly does go by way too quickly. I haven't yet realized that I turned 50 last  year. Crazy!

Last year at this time I was having foot surgery. I am so glad that is in the past!  My foot feels great. I have begun to feel little twitches of neuroma in my other foot, but it is very very minimal.

A fat ass run was scheduled for January 2 so I thought I'd run my birthday run at that time. The course was awesome. We ran at Elm Creek Singletrack in Maple Grove at the Elm Creek Park. What a fabulous trail. If you recall, I ran the Grizzle Run r there a while back during the summer which was a blast..the trails in the winter are just awesome!  The fat bikes come through and totally smooth out the snow, making the surface fabulous. I'll be back this next weekend to put in a few long runs.

A little frosty!

We began at 6 AM at the trailhead. Many were running the 11 mile route, a few were running the 50K, I was making up my 51K.

I ran the first few miles with Therese. We caught up with one another and then I had to make a pit stop. I didn't run with anyone else the remainder of the 7 hours!  We were pretty spread apart and I never really saw anyone else.  

The weather was perfect. 10F, sunny, nice snow packed trails. Lovely. After the first 11 mile loop my water hose was becoming solid. I stopped off at my car and heated it up until the water flowed through. I hopped out of my car and there was Shelley!  What a coincidence. She was out running 7 miles and we just happened to be in the lot at the same time. Fun!

I headed out for loop 2. I came across a pile of gels. There were unopen, 8 of them strewn about the trail. I kind of nudged them off of the trail and placed them all in a neat circle. I hoped that someone would claim them as their own as they came through again. I didn't see them on loop 3. As I was running along I could hear dogs barking. It was the sound of dogs barking while having fun, not in distress. I took a detour and ran toward the barking. Sure enough, I came up on Elm Creek Dog Park!  It was great. Border Collies playing frisbee, Goldens' playing fetch. I just stood there with tears in my eyes, thinking of how much I missed Topaz.

I jogged back to the trail and finished up loop 3. I just felt so grateful to be able to run again. To be able to enjoy the woods, the snow, to be pain free. It was really a great 33 miles. My feet didn't hurt me, I  just had a real blast. What a magical day.
          ICEBOX 480        

Icebox 480.  I hadn’t run the Icebox 480 before.  A timed race, of 480 minutes (8 hours). 2  years ago I had a broken ankle and last year I had an evil morton’s neuroma removal.  I was so glad to give it a try this year!

The course is a single- track mountain biking trail – lots of hills – in the woods of Western Wisconsin on the Whitetail Ridge which consists of a  loop of 7 or so miles-which is run as many times as possible, until  the 8 hour limit expires. I love loops. I love a drop bag at the start/finish. Easy peasy fun o rama!

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day!  I arrived to the course about 45 minutes before race time. I wasn’t sure who was going to be running as  there wasn’t a list of entrants on the website. I was so happy to see Robyn and her mother as I pulled up in  back of them.

I walked a few steps and saw Kevin, a few more steps to the start and there was Jim, Matt and Zach!  It was so good to see them again. It was going to be a party on the trail! We kidded around about ‘way back in the day’  and that we were ‘old school ultra runners.’ I guess so.

As I was waiting in the line for the bathroom I saw Duke!! No way! I haven’t seen him in years. When he told me that Eve was here, too, I was so excited!! Eve had an ice house set up near the start/finish to help crew for Duke. We squeeled in delight and hugged and laughed!! Man I’ve missed these two!

I placed my drop bag on the tarp and packed up some gels, music and a water bottle to carry. We were about to begin so I lined up near the back. Off we went!

The course was really great. Woods, lots of hills-constant up and down. There were two aid stations set up plus the start / finish. Awesome. I ran a comfortable pace, no goal other than to stay healthy and to have FUN!  That was the order of the day.

I had an absolute blast.  The first loop I ran alone, just taking in the sights. I was warming up so made a mental note to drop my long sleeved shirt at the start / finish. I removed my gloves,  ate a gel every 30 minutes and just moved along, enjoying the woods.

At the start/ finish I dropped off some clothing and noticed that Jenny brought her new puppy, Jasper!  OMG, I kissed him and held him and let him chew on me and let him lick my happy tears!  He is just a little ball of love fuzz. As I ran out of the start/finish I had Topaz on my mind and just began to gasp and bawl. I just miss him so much. I know that I am lucky to have had him in my life for 14 years and I know that those years were well worth the feelings of sadness I have now..but I still miss him and cry and am mourning him.  

Somewhere during this loop I ran into Janet. Janet finished the Gnarly Bandit last year so our conversations during the next loop centered around that. She was now training for HURT and looking to run without becoming dehydrated. It was fun to run a loop with her.

Back into the start/finish. More hugs and kisses to Jasper. I carried him around a bit and just loved on him. 

I just really had a lot of fun. I spent the next 20 miles alone, just reveling in my thoughts, prayers and meditations. I never felt tired or grumpy or like I wanted the race to end. I just ran and ran, happy in my surroundings and thoughts. I never even played any music.

Before I knew it 7.50 hours had passed. I came into the start finish and was instructed to run the out and back mile for the duration until 8 hours had passed.  As I was running back and forth I saw John and Bill cheering us on. What a great time!  At the end of 8 hours I had run 36 miles. I was thrilled.

Wow, I didn’t want to leave the party. I helped to clean up and tear down the tents.  I cuddled up and carried Jasper around for a long time, played with him and had him follow me around. He helped to hear my heart a little bit. What a love bug.  After visiting  with Duke and Eve, Bill, John, Jim, Matt and Zac for a very long time, I watched them all leave and decided I’d better do the same.

I will certainly run this again next year. I drove home with a big fat smile on my face!

          Run On!        

…and in the 4th month…she RAN.  RAN for REALZZZ!

Yeah, what a long recovery! It seems to be my latest pattern..a pattern which I need to break. I heal, I train hard, I run a couple of 100 mile races..and I heal a few months. So not cool.

As I’ve posted, I had morton’s neuroma excise on January 9.  I healed quite well from that but each time I ran after receiving a full release of activity from my surgeon, my knee swelled up like a melon!  The pain!  It felt like a grinding of bone deep in my knee. After the swelling would go down I’d try it again. Same thing. 

A few years ago while crossfitting a few times a week and running long distance I began to have some knee problems. After an MRI I learned my knee is bone on bone.
After a week off the pain subsided. It hadn’t really hurt since.

After surgery I purchased a pair of Altra’s as they are advertised to have a wide toe box.  I’ve been wearing Inov-8s since McNaughton 100, 2004, when I received a sponsorship from them. I am fortunate to still have this sponsorship. I receive a dozen pair a year.  Well, every once in a while I stray and have bad results.  (Hoka OneOne 2013 when I broke my ankle). I had been wearing the Altra’s since surgery.  For some reason, last Monday I pulled out my trusty Inov-8s that I finished Superior 100 in. I went out to Lake Maria with Topaz and what do you know? I began to jog, braced for the knee pain..and ..nothing!  No pain!  I couldn’t believe it. I laughed out loud, I smiled like a crazy woman. Topaz grinned from ear to ear!  I ran. I didn’t hurt. I ran for 2 hours in the beautiful woods on the soft trail. It was fabulous. I thanked God. I have been praying for this for months. God works in amazing ways. In so many ways in my life right now.

Since Monday I have been running each day. No pain. No swelling. It’s incredible.

I won’t be running The Gnarly Bandit as I had planned. I won’t be running Zumbro 100 next Friday. There is always next year!  I will be at Zumbro as Aid Station Captain for Aid Station Sand Coulee 2/3 all weekend. I’m looking forward to it, to giving back to the sport that I love.  If you will be down there be sure to say Hello!!

Boy, February blew by in a blast! Troy is coming home from U of M for the weekend to celebrate his 19th, or 4.75th birthday!  My Leap Year baby. I’m looking forward a weekend with the family. We’ll spend time in St Cloud with Tyler, tomorrow.

Thought I’d post an update on the Morton’s Neuroma surgery.  My foot is healing very  well. I have no more pain-a bit of swelling when I over-do it. I am able to run/jog a few miles before I can feel that it has had enough. I’m good with that. Eventually I’ll add more miles.

Last week while running I noticed that my knee began to swell and there was quite a bit of pain. WTH? I kept running, figuring it would go away. Yeah, well it didn’t. It swelled more. I’ve been icing and massaging, trying to get it to go down. Whatever.

I’ve been back in the gym the past two weeks now that I can place full weight on my foot. I need to do SOMETHING to lessen my anxiety/depression. I know that running served that cause in the past and am finding other ways to alleviate the symptoms. I find myself wondering if booze served that cause in the past? I suppose so.  Lifting is certainly helping. I did an 8 week CrossFit bootcamp which was a lot of fun. Now I’m lifting heavy shit again. I love it.

So it goes. Living each day the best I can. Life is GOOD!

Hysterectomy Recovery For Runners: the phrase that is most searched that reaches my blog.  I thought I'd take the time to complete a follow up on my hysterectomy related to running.

It’s been 4 years since my radical complete hysterectomy. Time has really moved along!  I had it all removed vaginally: the  uterus, the fallopian tubes, the ovaries, the cervix. I had surgery at Mayo in Rochester after my mother, grandmother and aunts were diagnosed with ovarian cancer and cervical cancer.  I had been having a vaginal ultrasound and CA125 (blood test) every 6 months since my Mother’s diagnosis, 9  years ago. Once the tumors on my ovaries began to grow and my CA125 began to increase, it was time to go under the knife.

First of all, there is SO MUCH MISINFORMATION regarding running and hysterectomy!  Who writes that shit? I was truly scared that I wouldn’t run again after all of the garbage I read. I even read from multiple sources that women NEED high levels of estrogen to run. Why? How? What? Ridiculous!

After I had decided to have the hysterectomy I began to look up articles relating to women, hysterectomy and ultra running. There isn’t much out there. I found a site called Hystersisters that had a few running articles available from women but most were dismal, depressing and had the ‘why me’ syndrome. Give me a break.

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So, yes, I do run. I run many miles. I love running now just as much as I did prior to hysterectomy.  If you are here researching running and hysterectomy let me tell you that YOU WILL RUN again!  Do not fear that you will have to sit on the couch and become inactive other than the bon bons to the mouth syndrome. Not so. There are changes, however.

I am 50 now. I had my surgery at 46. I hadn’t even started menopause and I believe that banging full force into menopause via hysterectomy is more difficult on one that mellowing up to it…naturally experiencing  a reduction of hormones. I began hot flashes while in the hospital, the day after the surgery. They are still constant and very intense but hey, I can live with them. I no longer change my sheets during the middle of the night..I just go back to sleep in a pile of wet sheets. I became very tired of changing sheets every night. Forget it!

Due to the constant hot flashes I now keep the house at 67F. I’m never cold. I used to keep the house at 72F. No thanks! 

At work I always froze. FROZE!  I wore multiple layers and never removed them. I wore lots of fleece. Now I wear 2 layers and always remove one during the day.

I run with many zippers! I sometimes feel like a hot sausage running down the trail. Zippers allow me to let the steam escape and cool down. Whew! Then I get cold and zip back up.

After the hysterectomy I incurred injury. I experienced a double-whammy. While recovering from hysterectomy I laid upon the couch, looking at my iPhone and iPad, I watched TV with my neck to my chin..I guess. Apparently that movement caused stress upon my spine. I didn’t know it until July, but I herniated two discs in my upper spine-neck at this time.  Painful as hell.

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I began to walk slowly in the week  following surgery and by week  two I was walking 4-5 miles each day. Really!

At 6 weeks my surgeon released my restrictions and told me to run freely!  I did!  I was feeling fabulous and began to train for a March half marathon. It went great-other than a bit of dizziness. 

click on Get Luck Half Marathon for the report

After a few months I was feeling a numbness in my right arm. I thought it was due to reaching for the phone at work but eventually was in so much fricken pain I couldn’t run. That is when I learned I had herniated discs. Ugh!

That recovery sucked big time – 4 months or so, but eventually all was well in my world and I was running hundreds again and completely forgot about the herniated discs that I had.

Fast forward a few years and I roll my ankle at Eugene Curnow Trail Marathon. Fractured Ankle.  Superior 100 a few months later. Broken Ankle.Same Ankle. I didn't let it heal.

While recovering from the broken ankle I became depressed.  My mom had passed away from ovarian cancer, my nest was going to become empty soon as Troy would be leaving for college, I was gaining weight with the inactivity. I went to my doctor who I've had since 1991 and decided to go on an antidepressant. They help.

After the ankle healed I went off the antidepressant and continued with my running goals. I thoroughly enjoyed last year. I had a great year. Ran a few marathons, 50Ks, 50 milers and two hundreds. Love that. The depression lifted.

Then Morton’s Neuroma  reared its ugly head.  I found myself depressed, went back on the anti depressant and am now healing. Thank goodness! Now, men have broken ankles and neuroma and this probably isn’t all due to hysterectomy. It’s just ironic that I have rolled ankles before but never broke one!  I had never worn Hokas with a roll though, before, either.  These injuries are probably due to overuse, age, hysterectomy, a bit of everything. 

But why aren't there many women in their 50s and 60s running 100s? That's my big question. I don't understand. In our 50s our children are grown and gone..I would think we have more time to spend to train and travel. Wouldn't it be a great time to run ultras?

After receiving the blood work, blood pressure, cholesterol counts and scale weight at the clinic I had a long conversation with my awesome doctor and we knew what I needed to do to change those results. We went through all of my data. We spoke of what is different now from when I had my healthiest test results. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, all runs rampant in my family. My numbers were best while I was eating a vegan diet 2008-2010. Interestingly enough I ran all my PRS from 50K to 100 mile during that time.

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Just  know, you will run again after hysterectomy. It doesn’t have to have any bearing upon your running at all. Don’t use it as a reason NOT to have hysterectomy. Hysterectomy will affect other areas of your life- you may experience some depression, some weight gain, some injuries, some hot flashes, some memory loss..or you may not..but it doesn’t have to change anything  about your running! You will run again!

If you have ANY questions relating to running and hysterectomy or anything else, please ask! Drop me a comment, let me know how you are dealing with hysterectomy and running or what your fears may be.

          Recovery from removal of Morton's Neuroma        


I had surgery for removal of Morton’s Neuroma on January 9. It was a pretty painful recovery for the first few days, but nothing like walking around with a tennis ball under my foot prior to surgery. I experienced quite a bit of burning, swelling and immobility. I sat in the recliner with ice on my leg to cool the blood going into my foot and kept my foot raised for the first few days. I took a few pain killers those first few days but then was ok with Advil.

My surgeon restricted work, driving and activity for the first week. She told me that if I over-did it my foot would let me know. Last Sunday I over-did it.  I went to WalMart before Church and then to my sister’s home to visit her new puppy. My foot burned all night long. I couldn’t imagine having the stitches taken out the next day and going without my surgical shoe.

Yesterday I drove Troy back to the U of M after his 5 week Winter Break at home. I then drove myself to my surgeon. She removed all of the dressings, pulled out the stitches and told me I could run next week!  I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that I would be wearing my Inov-8s home. Yup. I slid into the shoe and walked around a bit.  Amazing. She wrote me a medical note for work releasing me of all restrictions, work and otherwise. Woot!

After I arrived home I told Topaz we’d go for a slow walk.  We walked up and down the driveway a few times. It never felt so great!

My foot looks ugly and sore..but it is getting better each and every day. Yippee!

          John Tamny Joins FreedomWorks' New Center for Economic Freedom        

FreedomWorks today announced that John Tamny will join FreedomWorks and serve as the director of the organization’s Center for Economic Freedom.

The Center for Economic Freedom will have a special focus on promoting policies that get government out of the way and allow Americans to keep more of what they earn, while highlighting the dangers of overregulation and protectionism.

John Tamny will lead the Center for Economic Freedom. John has been the political economy editor at Forbes and the managing editor at RealClearMarkets since 2002. He is an author of two books related to his specialization in economics: Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You about Economics (Regnery Publishing, 2015) and Who Needs the Fed?: What Taylor Swift, Uber, and Robots Tell Us About Money, Credit, and Why We Should Abolish America's Central Bank (Encounter Books, 2016).

Among other projects, John will begin his time at the Center for Economic Freedom with a weekly Facebook Live called “Not Fake News” to highlight the very real facts about what our federal and state governments are doing to slow our economy and dampen American entrepreneurship.

“John is a brilliant mind and seasoned expert in his field, and we are excited to have him working with us to promote economic freedom,” said FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon. “He is a great addition to our already stellar team, helping us to spread our message for free markets and limited government even further.”

John Tamny said, “FreedomWorks expertly enhances the terms of the U.S. policy discussion, and in doing so is constantly changing the course of policy in Washington for the better. I'm thrilled to add my voice to an organization that is on any short list of Washington's most influential.”

“In the coming years, I'll be publishing various books and hundreds of opinion pieces meant to expand FreedomWorks' already substantial voice. The fight for economic freedom is of singular importance, and I'm excited to be a part of an organization that will continue to advance these freedoms,” Tamny added.

          IGGY POP - O PADRINHO DO PUNK ROCK        
Nº73 MOTO REPORT Janeiro 2008

James Newell Osterberg Jr., actualmente com 60 anos de idade, assistiu em 1967 a um concerto dos The Doors, na Universidade do Michigan, que o haveria de influenciar para o resto da vida. Em vez de copiar a atitude de Jim Morrison em palco, optou por fazer desse o seu ponto de partida, exagerando-o e distorcendo-o até ao limite.

Iggy Pop é um cantor rock e, ocasionalmente, também actor.
Começou a sua carreira musical como baterista em diversas bandas do ensino secundário em Ann Arbor, no Michigan. Uma dessas bandas foram os “The Iguanas”, donde terá adaptado o seu pseudónimo Iggy. Depois de explorar bandas locais de blues, como os Prime Movers, acabou por sair da Universidade do Michigan e mudou-se para Chicago para aprender mais acerca desse estilo musical. Inspirado pela onda do Chicago Blues, assim como pelas bandas “The Sonics e The MC5, formou os Psychedelic Stooges, passando nessa altura a ser denominado de Iggy Stooge.

As suas performances ao vivo sempre foram míticas e… caóticas. Aos seus movimentos frenéticos em palco juntam-se outras exibições de cariz mais radical como sejam vomitar, despir-se, mutilar-se com objectos cortantes e ainda o bem conhecido stage-diving (o mergulho do palco para a multidão do qual é, em abono da verdade, o seu inventor).

Nesta fase, os problemas de Iggy Pop com as drogas agudizaram-se. A sua dependência de heroína terá sido inclusivamente o motivo de separação da banda logo após a saída do segundo disco (agora com o nome abreviado para The Stooges). Para mais, as vendas até à data haviam sido fraquíssimas, segundo os critérios da Elektra Records.

David Bowie juntou-se ao colectivo para ajudar a produzir o terceiro álbum do grupo. Contudo, com a banda absolutamente instável devido ao álcool e às drogas, o seu talento acabou por não sobressair. A dada altura, neste período, durante um concerto, a banda envolveu-se em confrontos físicos com um grupo de bikers (documentado no registo ao vivo Metallic KO), e a sua carreira foi então suspensa por alguns anos.

Em 1975 Iggy Pop falhou, pela primeira vez, em superar a sua adiçãodependência, já que esteve internado no Instituto Neuropsiquiátrico da Universidade da Califórnia em Los Angels, onde David Bowie – que era uma das suas visitas regulares – acabou por, nalgumas ocasiões, lhe entregar precisamente… mais droga. Em 1976 deu entrada numa clínica psiquiátrica em Berlim para uma tentativa de se reabilitar de vez dos vícios de que padecia. David Bowie radicou-se também em Berlim, por essa altura, e terá continuado a ser uma das poucas visitas de Iggy Pop na clínica.

Em 1977 Iggy Pop lançou dois álbuns em nome próprio. São trabalhos basilares da sua carreira a solo, e contam com a intensa intervenção de David Bowie na produção, tendo também tocado teclados ao vivo. Temas como “The Passenger” e “China Girl” (este último mais popularizado por Bowie alguns anos depois) são fruto deste período de trabalho em parceria. Pop haveria de contribuir, também nesse ano, com coros e vocalizações incidentais para o álbum Low do seu amigo e produtor britânico.

Entre 1979 e 1981, deu-se o lançamento de New Values, Soldier e Party, sendo que o primeiro deles conta com a participação do guitarrista dos The Stooges, Scott Thurston. Os dois últimos trabalhos foram ambos fracassos comerciais. Por seu turno, a toxicodependência de Iggy Pop tinha abrandado, mas não desaparecido.

No decurso da década de oitenta havia ainda de trabalhar com Steve Jones (ex-guitarrista dos Sex Pistols), com quem fez uma versão bem sucedida do tema “Wild One (Real Wild Child)”, original de Johnny O’Keefe, editado em 1959.

Os anos noventa trouxeram sete trabalhos em nome próprio (quatro originais, um ao vivo, e duas compilações) e um disco com os The Stooges. Esta é também a década onde se deram as principais incursões no cinema, quer por via da representação, quer por via das bandas sonoras, como foi o caso de Trainspotting onde “Lust for Life”, tema-título de 1977, foi incluído.

Já em pleno século XXI, Pop mantém-se pleno de actividade e criatividade, interagindo em várias ocasiões com diversos artistas, ora como convidado, ora como anfitrião, como sejam os casos de Madonna e Green Day, respectivamente.

Iggy Pop é, ou foi, ao longo do tempo, influência artística para muitos compositores. Desde os Joy Division aos Nine Inch Nails, ou de Mark E. Smith a Henry Rollins. Nick Cave e Jack White mencionaram ambos que Fun House, dos The Stooges, terá sido dos melhores álbuns rock de sempre. Já os Red Hot Chili Peppers fizeram referência a Iggy na sua canção “Coffe Shop”. Kurt Cobain, fã confesso dos The Stooges, referiu que Raw Power era o seu disco favorito da banda.

The Passenger é um filme biográfico sobre a juventude de Iggy Pop e o início dos The Stooges que está neste momento a ser produzido, pelo que chegará previsivelmente às salas de cinema durante 2008. Elijah Wood (o Frodo de O Senhor dos Anéis) encarnará a personagem do punk-rocker, tendo sido obrigado a perder uns quilitos para que o papel lhe assentasse que nem uma luva. Aguardemos.
Com os The Stooges:
1969 - The Stooges
1970 - Fun House
1973 - Raw Power
1977 - Metallic K.O.
1995 - Open Up and Bleed
2007 - The Weirdness
A solo, em estúdio:
1977 - The Idiot
1977 - Lust for Life
1979 - New Values
1980 - Soldier
1981 - Party
1982 - Zombie Birdhouse
1986 - Blah Blah Blah
1988 - Instinct
1990 - Brick by Brick
1993 - American Caesar
1996 - Naughty Little Doggie
1999 - Avenue B
2001 - Beat 'Em Up
2003 - Skull Ring
A solo, ao vivo:
1978 - TV Eye Live 1977
1994 - Berlin 91
1996 - Best Of...Live
1996 - Pop Music
1996 - Nude & Rude: The Best of Iggy Pop
2005 - A Million in Prizes: The Anthology

«Se penso na minha pila? A toda a hora.»

in Rolling Stone
Ora, quem diz a verdade não merece castigo!

Imperdível no You Tube:
Uma entrevista desconcertante, onde Iggy Pop se apresenta em estúdio visivelmente alterado, mostrando o quão genial ele é a inventar desculpas esfarrapadas para as maleitas físicas que vai exibindo. Sem complexos e sem comentários…
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© General Moto, by Hélder Dias da Silva 2008

          Injustiça Fisiológica        
E segurou sua mão até adormecer E dormentes ficaram: Eles e as mãos Até que não mais soubessem se laçavam-se ou não as mãos ou se seriam elas parte de seu próprio ser ~ o ~ o ~ Ao terminar o pequeno verso, lembrou imediatamente de suas aulas de neurofisiologia. Lembrou da foto que o […]
A serotonina é, entre outras coisas, um neurotransmissor. Isso quer dizer que células do sistema nervoso chamadas de neurônios a utilizam para transmitir informações. O papel da serotonina em quadros depressivos tem sido estudado há décadas e, ainda assim, é pouco conhecido. A ideia de que a redução da serotonina, bem como de outros neurotransmissores chamados de monoaminas, nos […]
          By: DickF        
Don, Think about it. First, if the speculator loses money the market proves him wrong and so others see that the market cannot go any higher or lower; the boundry is set. Second, for every speculator in one direction there must be a speculator in the other direction. One's loss is the others gain and once again the market defines boundries. Speculators only distort the market when the government and/or central planners prop them up or take them down destroying their arbitrage function. One of the most serious failures in economic education today is the failure to teach the important role of the entrepreneur and the speculator. They are usually taught as evil elements of the system because they seek to make a profit, but in truth their profit is our gain because they bring market disequilibrium back into balance. This is a function that the government can never do. The government and the central planners only create disequilibrium because by definition their intervention goes against the wishes of the consumer. One of the most serious problems contributing to the Great Depression was the government destroying the role of the entrepreneur and speculator.
          Internet Marketing Online - Marketing Systems        
By Brian McCoy

You go on the net today and you come across all of these marketing systems which promise to give you a lot of benefits plus a life that you have always dreamed of, without having to put in any effort at all. They make it seem as simple as that. However, only those people who are logical and have a lot of common sense know that this is nothing but total hype. Only those who are reasonable enough would know better than to go in for such a system which is only full of promises but hardly fulfills any. To those who are trying their best to make a living online, the truth hardly gets into their head. They work for sure, but for what? Hardly a penny! They get to invest so much only to start working and work for nearly ages only to get back the money they invested! So is it really worth all the money and hard work you put in?

Well definitely all the fancy presentations and graphics they show on the website look really cool and for an innocent person who is just trying to earn some money would obviously be tempted by all of this. For people who have had experience in marketing services and products, it is clear that it is all stuffed up with so much hype and nothing they actually show on the website is true. All of the information they provide is just too good to actually be true.

A marketing system which is actually worth it will definitely be automated and generally has the income streams attached to it. A good marketing system would already be having an integrated capture form lead that builds contact lists that can be easily accessed.

The thing is, you can definitely make some money through internet marketing online but you have to be focused and patient as this requires a lot of determination and effort to be put in.

To learn more about Internet Marketing, visit Brian's Big Ticket To Wealth website.

Author: Brian McCoy is a six figure earner and one of the top income earners in the home business industry. Brian works with entrepreneurs around the world. He devotes the time, energy, and effort into his team and works with them to ensure their success.

Brian McCoy - EzineArticles Expert Author

          By: Life is too short (a tribute to Scott Dinsmore) | Phoenix Zen        
[…] in person, but I’ll never forget the day in December 2012 when I received an email about his TEDx talk. I was an utter newbie to the entrepreneur world at the time (only 6 weeks in), and Scott’s TEDx […]
          By: Life is too short (a tribute to Scott Dinsmore) - Phoenix Zen        
[…] in person, but I’ll never forget the day in December 2012 when I received an email about his TEDx talk. I was an utter newbie to the entrepreneur world at the time (only 6 weeks in), and Scott’s TEDx […]
          By: How to Make Money as an Entrepreneur        
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          By: 3 Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires - Entrepreneuro        
[…] powerful and effective strategies for building a business. Scott Dinsmore summed it up best in his TEDx talk; your mindset switches from “how can I make this happen?” to “how can I […]
          Noglu by Mathieu Lehanneur        

Noglu by Mathieu Lehanneur

NOGLU, the boutique restaurant chain with a ‘gourmet gluten-free’ ethos, will open the doors to its flagship café-restaurant-pâtisserie designed by Mathieu Lehanneur this week. Located on the chic rue de Grenelle in Paris’s 7th arrondissement, the new NOGLU space sits at the heart of an area renowned for its authentic specialist food shops serving the […]
          Plea for Help        
I was asked to post about this urgent call for help:
Dear Friend:

My, neighbor, Zev Wolff, a 5-year-old boy, needs your help now.

This beautiful and bright child has been battling a rare form of pediatric cancer known as Neuroblastoma since he was 3. Following nine months of intensive treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital (MSKH), Zev was in remission. Fourteen months later, he relapsed. Zev has had to undergo major surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; nearly a year later, Zev's scans look good.

Unfortunately, Neuroblastoma has an extremely high rate of relapse.

Zev needs another drug to stay in complete remission. His little body is fighting the drug 3F8 with which he's currently being treated. Currently, a new is being developed. The improved drug could help cure Zev and 300 other children with this disease. But the new drug needs to be manufactured, at a cost of almost five million dollars.

Researchers have developed techniques that can be used to make antibodies like 3F8 more human-like which will be more effective and better tolerated by patients. A portion of the work will be carried out at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Cancer Center, and part contracted to a small pharmaceutical company

Large pharmaceutical companies do not see the profit in healing only a few hundred children annually. We are appealing to you to leverage your influence, relationships and support to drive the humanization of 3F8 to benefit the several hundred children, like Zev, who fall victim to Neuroblastoma every year. When this antibody is better tolerated and more effective, and when it can be manufactured on a scale that is economical, the lives of more children will be saved from this deadly cancer.

Helen and Ranan Wolff, Zev’s parents are grateful to be a part of this community. Time and time again you have shown your generosity to the Wolff family. The meals, babysitting, blood donations, words of support.

Now I am asking for your generosity again.

Please, open your hearts to Zev Wolff. Zev has come so far, he's been so brave and so strong.

Please contact Dr. Asher Mansdorf at for more information on how you can help.
Please do anything you can to help.
          Hélène Rochas: O Último Adeus da Diva de Rochas Femme/ Hélène Rochas: The Last Farewell of Femme Rochas' Diva        

Hélène Rochas by Andy Warhol. Always a fine diva!

Foi anunciada este fim de semana o falecimento de um dos ícones da moda, beleza e elegância Parisiense e mundial: Hélène Rochas, de 84 anos, ex-modelo e empresária da Maison Rochas, símbolo master do luxo couture na década de 60 e uma das marcas mais atemporais no mundo da perfumaria e da moda. Madame Rochas foi a esposa de Marcel Rochas, fundador da maison e um dos estilistas mais influentes nos anos de pós guerra, que vestiu divas do Cinema Clássico Hollywoodiano como Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford e Katharine Hepburn. A morte de Hélène foi divulgada com discrição e espera pela família já que seu último adeus foi em 06 de Agosto.

É com pesar que recebemos a morte de Hélène, a esposa amada e empreendedora do renomado estilista, que foi eternalizada no quadro acima de Andy Warhol em 1975, foi a musa inspiradora para a criação do maravilhoso perfume Rochas Femme em 1943 e uma das mulheres mais elegantes, respeitadas e influentes da moda. Rochas sempre será lembrada quando recordamos do casal Hélène e Marcel Rochas porque, acima de tudo, o amor pela perfumaria e pela moda os uniu, logo, foi natural a criaçao de um perfume emblemático que evocasse o espírito feminino de Rochas e fosse lembrado como a declaração de amor de um homem para uma mulher. Sua partida traz à memória o quanto ela era apaixonada por perfumes, o quanto mereceu ser a diva de Femme, o quanto ela foi corajosa ao dirigir a empresa após a morte do seu marido em 1955 e vendê-la para outro grupo empresarial nos anos 70. Ao se apaixonar e casar com Hélène, Marcel Rochas disse "vou criar um perfume para você", um perfume Femme, que representa o espírito da mulher da marca, mulheres à frente do seu tempo, por isso Hélène citava que esta magnífica fragrância era como uma música de vanguarda.

Hélène Rochas é um Ã­cone fashion, assim como é Coco Chanel. Mulheres raras, inspiradoras e perfumadas como elas nunca serão esquecidas, tornam-se eternas através de suas fragrâncias, de suas atitudes e experiências de vida. Ao sentir Femme e seu poder de elegante sedução, lá estará a musa Rochas, o perfume criado para ela pelo master Edmond Roudnitska em parceria com Marcel Rochas e Albert Grosse, com frasco luxuoso e exclusivo de Marc Lalique, e posteriormente, em 1989 revisitado por Olivier Cresp. Hélène Rochas será sempre lembrada como a mulher que construiu um império de beleza e glamour, sempre será a perfumada Femme Rochas, a memorável MaDame Rochas.

por Cristiane Gonçalves

English Version

This weekend it was announced the death of the fashion icon Hélène Rochas, 84 years, ex-top model and business woman of Rochas Maison,  which was the master symbol  of the luxurious couture in the decade of 60 and one of the most timeless brands in the world of Fashion and Perfumery. Madame Rochas was the wife of Marcel Rochas, the founder of the maison and one of the most influential fashion designers in the post war times, who designed for great divas of the Classical Hollywood Cinema such as Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford and Katharine Hepburn. The death of Hélène was published in a discrete and long waiting way because she died on August, 6th.

We regret to have this painful new about Hélène's farewell, the beloved and entrepreneur wife of Monsieur Rochas. She was eternalized in the painting of Andy Warhol in 1975 (above), was the inspiring muse for the creation of the wonderful Rochas Femme perfume in 1943 and one of the most elegant, respected and influential woman in the Fashion and in the Parisienne scène. Rochas Maison will always be remembered when we remind of the couple Hélène and Marcel Rochas, because, above all, the love for Perfumery and Fashion joined them, thus, it was natural the creation of an emblematic perfume that would evoke the feminine spirit of Rochas, besides, this fragrance could represent the love declaration of a man to a woman. Her farewell brings to the memory how she was passionate for perfumes, how she deserved to be the diva for Femme, how she was brave in directing Rochas Maison after the death of her husband in 1955 and, later, sell the company for other business owner in 70's. When Marcel fell in love and get married to Hélène, he said "I am going to create a perfume for you", a perfume Femme that represents the spirit of the house, and women who are ahead  their times, then it is possible to understand why Hélène said that this delightful fragrance was like an avant garde music.

Hélène Rochas is a Fashion icon as well as Coco Chanel is. Rare, inspiring and fragrant women are never forgotten, they become eternal through their fragrances, attitudes and life experiences. When Femme is smelt with its power of elegant seduction, Rochas muse will be there, this timeless scent created to her by the master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska in partnership with his clients Marcel Rochas and Albert Grosse, the scent of magnificient beauty through its luxury and exclusive flacon designed by Marc Lalique, and later, revisited by perfumer Olivier Cresp. Hélène Rochas will always be remembered like the woman that built an Empire of beauty and glamour, she will always be the fragrant Femme Rochas, the memorable MaDame Rochas.

By Cristiane Gonçalves

          Women Entrepreneurs        
5FM — Ahead of Women's Day, we chatted to ladies who've made their mark as entrepreneurs in their respective industries. Lebo Leshabane (CEO of IX Engineers), Caroline Ravenall (Entrepreneurial Coach and author), and Janine Basel (Girl Boss Hustle, CEO Akro) Captial
          Mark Sham (Suits & Sneakers)        
5FM — An entrepreneur and aspiring story teller, Mark Sham is the founder and Suits & Sneakers. On 5Talks we'll be chatting about the importance of self-development and how to remain relevant in an unpredictable workplace by unlocking their entrepreneurial spirit. Though a huge advocate for formal education, Sham claims his success is not a by-product of the classroom or a textbook, but of experience and informal learning.
          Ezlyn Barends (DreamGirlsSA)        
5FM — Founder of the Dad Fund, through this organisation, Ezlyn created the DreamGirls International Outreach and Mentoring Programme in South Africa. Described as a sisterhood of young female professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders who actively mentor and guide teen girls in underprivileged communities to be successful in their pursuit of higher education and in life in general. The society focuses on encouraging young girls to attend universities and colleges as a means to be able to contribute positively and meaningfully to society.
          Young App Developers Presented 2015 Appreneur Scholar Award by Living in Digital Times        

Brooke Martin and Zach Burmeister will be Honored for their Mobile App Creations at 2015 International CES®

(PRWeb January 08, 2015)

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          Kay Family Foundation and Living in Digital Times Announce Student App-reneur Scholarship Awards at 2014 International CES® Mobile Apps Showdown        

Inaugural Awards to Honor Outstanding Achievement in App Creation by High School, College and Graduate School Students

(PRWeb December 05, 2013)

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Exhibition sexuelle au rayon des fournitures scolairesL'homme agissait dans les allées d’un magasin du centre commercial Grand-Var de La Valette. Dans le Var, un homme a été condamné mercredi après avoir baissé sa braguette et sorti son sexe qu'il dissimulait ensuite dans le sac qu'il tenait devant lui dans les rayons réservés aux fournitures scolaires d'un centre commercial. Un homme de 28 ans a été condamné mercredi à huit mois de prison ferme pour exhibition sexuelle, révèle Var Matin. Au rayon fournitures scolaires d’un magasin du centre commercial Grand-Var de La Valette, l’individu baissait sa braguette et dissimulait son sexe dans un sac placé devant lui. Rapidement, il a été confondu par des images de vidéo-surveillance et interpellé.En état de récidive Il agissait en état de récidive puisqu'il avait déjà été condamné à quatre mois de prison avec sursis pour des faits du même genre en mars dernier dans un magasin Fnac. Un an avait initialement été requis par le parquet, dont six mois de prison ferme avec mandat de dépôt. Il lui sera également interdit d’exercer une activité professionnelle qui implique un contact avec des mineurs. L'homme va ainsi devoir quitter son emploi de barman dans une structure de loisirs pour enfants.
(période critique septennale des 28 ans - rythmes courts à voir dans les deux cas)
Adam venait d'apprendre qu'il avait battu son cancer et s'est offert une petite sortie avec des amis pour fêter ça: la soirée a tourné au drame Quelques jours après avoir appris qu’il était venu à bout de son cancer, le Britannique Adam Fenton, 31 ans, avait enfin retrouvé un peu de force et s’est offert une petite sortie avec des copains, comme il n’en avait plus fait depuis des mois. Mais cette soirée a tourné au drame. Père de deux enfants, Adam, 31 ans, a appris il y a neuf mois qu’il était atteint d’un cancer qui le touchait au niveau du cœur, des poumons, mais également des ganglions lymphatiques : « Nous pensions que nous allions le perdre », a expliqué Rebecca, sa femme, au Mirror. « Et c’était un miracle qu’il soit toujours vivant ». Car Adam a bel et bien survécu après plusieurs mois de traitement intensif… « Et ce cancer nous a tous rapprochés. Nous ne pensions pas qu’il arriverait à s’en sortir, mais il l’a fait. C’était la fête », ajoute Rebecca. Après toutes ces épreuves, et avant de recommencer à travailler, Adam avait d’ailleurs trouvé la force de s’offrir une petite soirée entre amis, au café, pour fêter sa « victoire » : « Ce n’était que quelques verres. C’était la première fois depuis longtemps qu’il sortait », explique Rebecca. Mais cette soirée, qui devait être synonyme de nouveau départ, a tourné au drame. Le lendemain matin, le corps d’Adam était en effet retrouvé sans vie en bas d’une falaise. Plusieurs jours après les faits, la police tente toujours de déterminer ce qu’il s’est passé. Selon ses amis, Adam a soudain disparu durant la soirée et ils ont alors pensé qu’il était rentré chez lui. Mais le lendemain, un promeneur a retrouvé son corps… « Ce qu’il s’est passé reste un mystère », explique Rebecca, après avoir perdu l’homme de sa vie. Elle exclut la thèse du suicide : « Il connaissait l’endroit… Je ne crois qu’il ait fait ça exprès. Il n’avait pas de raison de le faire. Il avait ses enfants, sa famille et tout pour être heureux ». Adam laisse derrière lui une compagne et deux fillettes. Il allait se marier dans quelques mois. Avec leurs filles, le couple venait de choisir quelle chanson il allait passer pour leur mariage. Celle-ci sera finalement diffusée à son enterrement…
(rythmes courts à voir)
Il tue son fils qui avait découvert ses photos compromettantes Un père de famille du Colorado aurait tué son fils de 13 ans après que celui-ci eut découvert des photographies compromettantes. Mark Redwine, 55 ans, a été arrêté vendredi dernier et accusé du meurtre au deuxième degré de son fils Dylan qui avait disparu en novembre 2012. Dans une entrevue accordée à ABC7, le frère de l’adolescent a fait savoir mercredi que lui aussi avait vu ces photos. «Sur ces images, on peut voir notre père habillé en femme et maquillé. Il porte une protection urinaire. Sur certaines photos, on le voit en train manger ses excréments. C’était dégoûtant. Nous ne pouvions croire ce que nous voyions», a confié Cory Redwin Mark Redwine, 55 ans, a été arrêté vendredi dernier et accusé du meurtre au deuxième degré de son fils Dylan qui avait disparu en novembre 2012 Selon le bureau du procureur du comté de La Plata, Mark et Dylan Redwine entretenaient des relations plutôt houleuses. Le père de famille avait toujours été soupçonné d’avoir participé à la disparition de son fils puisque c’est chez lui que Dylan avait été vu pour la dernière fois le 18 novembre 2012. L’adolescent faisait alors l’objet d’une bataille juridique entre ses parents qui étaient en train de se séparer. Des restes du garçon avaient été découverts en 2013 et en 2015 par des randonneurs à quelques kilomètres du domicile de son père. Une autopsie avait montré qu’il avait été battu avant de mourir. Mark Redwine a toujours nié avoir tué son fils et a même multiplié les entrevues à la télévision pour clamer qu’il n’aurait «jamais» fait de mal à Dylan. Du sang a cependant été retrouvé dans le salon du père de famille et des chiens renifleurs ont indiqué aux enquêteurs qu’un cadavre avait été transporté dans son camion. «Je pense que Dylan a voulu confronter Mark sur notre découverte, mais aussi sur certains points de leur relation. Mark est quelqu’un de dérangé, mais qui sait très bien ce qu’il fait», a conclut le frère de la victime. Source : TVA Nouvelles le 26 juillet 2017
 Dylan went missing after he was last seen on November 18, 2012
Dylan Redwine went missing on Nov. 19, 2012
la situation du père indique effectivement l'entrée dans un épisode triple critique fort :
18/19 novembre 2012 (24/08/1961)
Ve 16
Sa 17
Di 18
Lu 19 P(17)
Ma 20 P(18)
Me 21 P(19)
Je 22 E(15)
Ve 23 I(9)

          LA NEURÓBICA.        
          Comment on Sansar Creator Beta: personal thoughts by Yummy        
When I read the list of negatives about Sansar, it highlights, to me, not so much of what Sansar is lacking but more to the point of how much SL has accomplished and that it took 14 years to create all that we tend to now take for granted and expect. Sansar has an advantage of being able to draw on the algorithms of SL's hidden internal codings that are not apparent to the non-initiated. I transitioned from a desktop user to an HMD user yesterday. I have totally changed my mind about the VR experience. I was in the dark and was unfairly judging Sansar, in my own mind, based on a desktop experience alone. I underestimated the impact of the VR element. I am impressed, not because of how much more alive Sansar became because of it. It was because of what other applications have done with VR. I see the potential now. Its further off in time for Sansar to impact the way others have hit me but we are headed there and I think there exists an unstoppable push forward by sheer will of the believers hopefuls and entrepreneurs. One thing I realized about the concept of 'Experience' is that an Experience does not have to be something long in terms of time like say a movie or book or entertainment show. It does not have to be a museum tour. It can be something only a few seconds long, not unlike a shortened version of a TV commercial, as long as its impact-ful. That point in itself has shifted my paradigm. How long is a shared joke we tell each other? Short but impact-ful as it makes us laugh is often a small highlight of our day. It can be a minute long personal sharing of emotions to something akin to a VR version of a viral YouTube video. I did get a tiny bit nauseous so I will be limiting my VRing to shorter spurts of immersion spread out thru-out the day. I will also invest in Dramamine to see if that can help offset my slight bouts of dizziness. I don't see VR being, for me,like SL where I am in it for hours at a time but that may change over the years as greater minds find ways to counter-act the ill affects of long-term sea-sick/vertigo-type side affects thru advances in technology. O maybe we will just adapt over time, not unlike when we 1st learned to use a new gadget called a mouse for hours on end. I get the sentiment of the bad press from what some feel was a pre-mature release. Easy for me to judge in my safe bubble. Not sure that if I had special interests to answer to that I had to try an back up promises made of when something would be made available to the public... if i would have acted differently. Not sure what that pressure is like. They could have continued to do incremental roll-outs but I suspect the value of that was of diminishing returns. I think they weighed the affects of negative reactions to the positive gains of exposing the platform to the potential group of users who might not want to bother with the hurdle of the 'process of 'applying to be a creator' but who might have immense hidden talents and interest. Right now its a 'creators platform'. That is a hard POV to maintain coming from an SL user perspective. Creators see potential of tool development. Consumers see lack-of-comfort.
          Firma používa neurčité obaly, vytvorila nádejnú antiznačku        
Nový americký e-shop Brandless nepredáva nič, čo by sa nedalo nájsť v iných kamenných či internetových obchodoch. Od potravín cez čistiace prostriedky, kozmetiku a sladkosti až po kancelárske potreby. Zakladatelia webu napriek tomu pred spustením získali od investorov 50-miliónové „štartovné“. Presvedčil ich obchodný model a koncept.
          Sewing for my Mental Well-being        

I went home to Australia for a short visit and noticed that the television network ABC (the Australian BBC) was really promoting Mental Health week. This made me super excited! Mental Health has unfortunately taken the back seat when it has come to Health, so to see it in the lime light was marvelous. I have worked in the area of mental health for many years now and I work in a holistic sense.... so what has this all got to do with sewing? Read on!

'Why is sewing good for my mental health?'

1. Beat Depression and Burn out. 
In this fast paced world, where many people live and breathe their 9-5 job, it is easy to get burnt out and experience depression. Having something else to come home to can provide some relief. I find that when I am having a difficult period at work, I know that I can shift my focus to my creative projects at home

2. Supportive Sewing Community

You are apart of a fantastic supportive community who are truly passionate about creating! They can brighten your day!

2. Develop patience, resilience and  persistence
Patience - Sewing can force you to slow down and take your time, so in a sense it can help to calm you. 
Resilience - We all have those projects which seem to go all wrong, so you need to be resilient to get through it. Bounce Back and persist!

3. Learn new skills and create new neural pathways!
Learning new skills is good for healthy brain development. Create those new pathways!

4. Experience Flow
I experience moments of flow when exercising and when I sew (or design or print). Flow is when someone experiences total immersion in an activity. For me it is intrinsically rewarding and I experience a feeling of serenity. Here is a good article on flow

5. Pride and satisfaction 
There is always an element of pride and satisfaction when you complete and wear a garment. My proudest sewing moment was on my wedding day when I designed and sewed many outfits for the occasion:)

6. Unleashing creativity.
Unleashing your creativity can be a great outlet for your emotions and it can make you happy!

Martin Seligman specilises in positive psychology and discusses creativity and mental health. So check out some of his work for more info!

Have you noticed the link between positive mental health and sewing?


Título original
107 min.
Estados Unidos Estados Unidos
Christopher Nolan
Hans Zimmer
Hoyte Van Hoytema
, , , , ,, , , , ,, , , , 
Coproducción Estados Unidos-Reino Unido-Francia-Países Bajos (Holanda); Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy / Dombey Street Productions / Kaap Holland Film / Canal+ / Ciné+ / RatPac-Dune Entertainment
BélicoDrama | II Guerra MundialSupervivenciaHistóricoBasado en hechos reales

Año 1940, en plena II Guerra Mundial. En las playas de Dunkerque, cientos de miles de soldados de las tropas británicas y francesas se encuentran rodeadas por el avance del ejército alemán, que ha invadido Francia. Atrapados en la playa, con el mar cortándoles el paso, las tropas se enfrentan a una situación angustiosa que empeora a medida que el enemigo se acerca.

.....No hay pasado ni futuro en Dunkirk: no conocemos la historia -y en muchos casos- los nombres de los soldados protagonistas y, cuando termina la película, no hay un letrero que nos indique lo que sucedió después. Simple y sencillamente es un evento que ocurrió para estas personas, un momento de tensión pura, uno que para los soldados en tierra duró una semana, para los civiles en el mar un día y para los aviones una hora.
Dunkirk logra combinar con una clase y estilo sin precedentes el lenguaje cinematográfico de clásicos bélicos que van desde la aparentemente sencillez del cine mudo de El acorazado Potemkin, la acción de Rescatando al soldado Ryan, hasta la belleza dentro de un escenario hostil de una de las películas favoritas de Christopher Nolan: La delgada línea roja de Terrence Mallick. Y es que una de las virtudes del cine de Nolan es su capacidad de tomar esas películas que lo han influenciado y no hacer una copia u “homenaje”, son eso, simplemente inspiración. En la práctica, Dunkirk es totalmente opuesta a La delgada línea roja. En la obra de Mallick sus soldados filosofan sobre la guerra en un constante diálogo consigo mismos a través de la voz en off, ven al enemigo a la cara, lo retan, se burlan, conviven con la gente del lugar y en algunos casos conocemos su vida pasada. Aquí no existe un momento donde algún soldado hable sobre lo que dejó atrás o si tienen familia que los espere al otro lado. Simple y sencillamente están ahí, en un momento, tratando de escapar, tratando de sobrevivir… no hay tiempo de pensar en el pasado o en el futuro.
De igual forma, ambas cintas van más allá a ser tan sólo una “película de guerra”. Mientras La delgada línea roja -opacada en su momento por Rescatando al soldado Ryan- resultaba a su vez un estudio sobre el hombre y sus islas personales, Dunkirk no sólo es sobre la percepción del tiempo en momentos de crisis, sino la percepción -normalmente errónea- que tenemos de nosotros mismos frente a los demás, muchas veces solemos ser nuestros propios enemigos.
Dentro de los apartados técnicos, la película funciona como reloj suizo. Christopher Nolan, el proponente número uno de la tecnología IMAX, logra una cinta única que explota el formato como ninguna otra. La fotografía de Hoyte Van Hoytema nuevamente vuelve a mostrar la sutileza con la que explora escenarios a gran escala y a la vez nos enfrenta con esos close-ups claustrofóbicos.
Nuevamente el score de Hans Zimmer juega un papel sumamente importante dentro de la narrativa de Dunkirk, con el reloj marcando los segundos y el efecto auditivo del tono Sheppard, donde se crea la ilusión de un eterno in crescendo que provoca tensión y genera un suspenso aún mayor. Es un trabajo que recuerda también a la dupla Alfonso Cuarón-Steven Price en Gravity. Sería interesante descubrir si funciona sin el score, así como fue el experimento que hizo Cuarón para su película en la Deluxe Edition en Blu-ray.
Uno de los momentos decisivos en la historia de la Segunda Guerra Mundial fue correctamente llevado a la pantalla grande por Christopher Nolan. El realizador nunca pierde su estilo y fija con maestría un vocabulario visual en torno al uso y percepción del tiempo. Dunkirk nos transporta a un momento, a un lugar, a tres puntos de vista. Cada uno con su emergencia y a su propio su trepidante ritmo. No vemos al enemigo porque aquí la amenaza, más que llevar un rostro, lleva un segundero que juega con tortura a todos los afectados… un tiempo a la vez.(PREMIERE).

Hay una imagen en 'Dunkerque' que rima con otra inmortalizada por la reciente 'Su mejor historia' (Lone Scherfig, 2016): una playa atestada de soldados a la espera de evacuación, que, en el trabajo de Scherfig (aguda reflexión sobre los usos de la propaganda y la necesidad de privilegiar la leyenda sobre el hecho), adoptaba la forma de un vidrio pintado, y que Christopher Nolan esculpe en la apabullante fisicidad de una experiencia cinematográfica inmersiva y sensorial. Que dos películas hayan coincidido en rememorar esa histórica retirada como heroica gesta de supervivencia y triunfo de la acción colectiva de una comunidad (británica) también invita a reflexionar sobre la pervivencia de la propaganda en tiempos de paz: ¿es Dunkerque, por lo que tiene de celebración de los lazos de una domesticidad solidaria consigo misma, el mito a invocar por los británicos a medida de los tiempos del Brexit?
Sofisticado juego temporal
'Dunkerque' supone, al mismo tiempo, una reafirmación de las esencias nolanianas y un radical desvío de lo que, con el tiempo, ha ido erigiéndose en uno de los más fastidiosos factores de sobrepeso de su poética. Por un lado, la película se articula en forma de sofisticado juego estructural con un uso del tiempo que podría entenderse como la respuesta realista a las piruetas oníricas de 'Origen' (2010): tres puntos de vista (por tierra, mar y aire), atrapados en respectivas franjas temporales (una semana, un día, una hora), pero armonizados en un montaje paralelo que, muy ocasionalmente, proporciona gratificantes golpes de efecto narrativos (los relacionados con el personaje de Cillian Murphy) y acaba tendiendo a una contraproducente confusión. Se intuye que el propósito del juego (que culmina en la dilatación de un aterrizaje equiparable a la célebre caída de coche ralentizada en 'Origen') es el de igualar tres experiencias y temporalidades distintas en el idioma común de una misma intensidad regida por el imperativo de supervivencia.
Renuncia a la pompa
Por otro lado, Nolan hace aquí una explícita renuncia a la pompa y al verbo (aunque se le escape alguna sonrojante, por lo enfática, línea de diálogo sobre la supervivencia), para abocarse a un espectáculo puramente visual. Algunos momentos (todo el prólogo dominado por Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard y una camilla) alcanzan una incuestionable fuerza, pero cabe preguntarse si todas las imágenes de Nolan, sin el espectacular diseño de sonido y sin la banda sonora de Hans Zimmer, poseerían la suficiente elocuencia expresiva como para defenderse por sí solas.(FOTOGRAMAS).

......Dunkerque es la historia de una derrota. De cómo los perdedores, especialmente ellos, son más héroes que nadie. Un retrato de soldados en fuga que no duda en mostrar lo peor del ser humano pero sin perderse en discursos moralistas estériles. La acción, brutal y espectacular, se concentra tanto en los gestos íntimos -un joven sosteniendo en brazos a su amigo herido- como en grandiosas escenas de carácter operístico -cuando el destructor se hunde víctima de un torpedo-. Para Nolan todo forma parte desde la misma intensidad emocional. Por eso ni siquiera parecen importar los actores -fijarse en Tom Hardy, que no se quita la máscara de aviador en prácticamente toda la película-, mucho menos las palabras. Porque esta es una película donde el valor semántico es absoluto. La construcción del relato prevalece por encima del mismo relato. Tanto es así que más que una película de guerra, Dunkerque podría ser una película sobre el propio cine y su importancia. Gracias Nolan, por todo ello.(SENSACINE).
          [Topper’s Interview] Gaurav Gupta (CSE-2013/AIR-117): IIT Kanpur, History Optional, Technopreneur        

Candidate Profile Education Introduction Electronic Vs Paper material Tempo and style Struggle of a Senior player Working professional Prelims (CSAT) General studies Prelims (CSAT) Aptitude Prelim accuracy Mains: Compulsory language paper Mains: Essay General Studies (Mains) paper 1 General studies (Mains) paper 2 General studies (Mains) Paper 3 General Studies 4: Ethics, Integrity, aptitude GS4 […]

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          EQUIPMENT FINANCING        
Equipment financing

Equipment financing
Setting up or extending an established company can be an overwhelming experience.  In determining the right route you will require to pre-plan what sort of equipment to purchase but more essentially how to pay for it. Will you be able pay money or will development Equipment financing be required? Is it wiser to buy new equipment or will renovated or utilized equipment is a greater worth.
Not able to pay out cash is quite normal and generally the need to search out for an equipment finance company is the finest option. In searching for Equipment financing you will want to have a crystal clear understanding of what your business requires in the way of tools and equipment and how your cash flow will enable you to purchase it.

equipmentment financing
Figure out the Kind of Equipment You Require
Your equipment finance firm will require knowing specifically what type of equipment you plan to purchase, as they'll customize the fund terms to match up the requirement. Different kinds of equipment will have distinct kinds of financing. For instance, if you are planning to update your computer system the finance company may offer you short term funding as computer system equipment gets outdated in a small amount of time. The purchase of a heavy vehicle like truck may possibly have a considerably longer lifespan and be able for lengthier term financing.
Think about Used or Renovated Equipment
As soon as you determine how much equipment to buy, the brand-name you want, how much your funds can support, etc., you'll then need to make a decision if buying new or used equipment is the perfect path to follow.
Renovated or utilized equipment could possibly be an excellent option, particularly if the main use is to be used as a support to your current equipment and not put into use on a regular basis.

Equipment finance
Don't assume all Financing Organizations are similar
Since you know, what you need and have determined between renovated or new it is time to start exploring financing organizations. A great place to begin with is the standard bank that preserves your business bank checking account. But they might not provide the most appealing funding solutions it may provide a good contrast to an organization that is an equipment finance expert. Simply because it is all that they do, an Equipment financing organization will be more experienced than a traditional bank with respect to your particular business and equipment demands. Search for a organization that preserves its own underwriting department since these organizations are more able to answer to your inquire for Equipment financingfaster than if they had to send the application out of the department for evaluation. The final result will be you have your financing faster and shipping of your new equipment won't be deferred due to funding.
key of finance
If you aren't in a position to buy new or renovated equipment a different option usually provided by Equipment financingorganizations is equipment renting. This is a good option for a temporary business, someone only getting started or where tax advantages come into play. They have the practical experience and understanding to assist you in financial judgments that are correct for you.

          Easy, eh? Tales of cheating on campus        
Easy, eh? Tales of cheating on campus
  David Graham* was pulling all-nighters for his entrepreneurship class at Ryerson University. He was exhaustively working on group projects, so when a paper worth 5 per cent was assigned, he decided to copy information off a company website. “I was scared about handing it in. I had never plagiarized before,” he says. “I didn’t know what the chances of […]

           A hipotalamikus neuronális energiaszint szabályozásának vizsgálata: Az NTPDázok, mint lehetséges energia-regulátorok szerepe a pozitív gonadotropin feedback során. = Regulation of neuronal energy levels in the hypothalamus: NTPDases as possible energy regulators of the positive gonadotrophin feedback.         
Zsarnovszky, Attila and Frenyó, Vilmos László and Győrffy, Andrea and Kiss, Dávid Sándor and Scalise, Johnson, Trudy and Tóth, István (2012) A hipotalamikus neuronális energiaszint szabályozásának vizsgálata: Az NTPDázok, mint lehetséges energia-regulátorok szerepe a pozitív gonadotropin feedback során. = Regulation of neuronal energy levels in the hypothalamus: NTPDases as possible energy regulators of the positive gonadotrophin feedback. Project Report. OTKA.
          Concours Vise dans le mille : 50 000 $ en prix à gagner        
Le concours Vise dans le mille est officiellement lancé! Le 22 mars prochain, 50 000 $ en prix seront attribués aux projets entrepreneuriaux les plus créatifs, novateurs et originaux. La présidence d’honneur de la deuxième édition du concours sera assurée par M. Alain Lemieux, président-directeur général de l’entreprise trifluvienne Epsilia. Lancé l’an dernier par la Zone entrepreneuriale, le concours compte maintenant sur l’appui d’IDE Trois-Rivières, du Fonds communautaire d’emprunt de la Mauricie et des établissements d’enseignement de la région ; le Cégep de Trois-Rivières, l’Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, le Collège Laflèche et la Commission scolaire du Chemin-du-Roy. Ces organisations ont le désir commun de développer et de soutenir l’entrepreneuriat à Trois-Rivières. Catégories Nouvelle entreprise : Entrepreneurs ayant démarré dans l’année 2016 ou n’ayant pas réalisé de ventes avant le 1er janvier 2016.30 000 $ en  bourses  et  une  campagne  publicitaire  à  TC  Média,  une campagne publicitaire à Énergie 102,3 et un accompagnement entrepreneurial professionnel. Prédémarrage : Promoteurs ayant l’intention de démarrer une entreprise avant le 31 décembre 2017.10 000 $ en bourses Idée d’affaires : Étudiants ayant une idée entrepreneuriale à développer3 000 $ en bourses Pour être admissible, le projet doit se concrétiser sur le territoire de la ville de Trois-Rivières. Les gens intéressés à s’inscrire peuvent le faire jusqu’au 23 février via le  
          L’entrepreneuriat au Cégep de Trois-Rivières : faire le point, consolider et… se développer!        
Depuis 2013, le développement de l’entrepreneuriat éducatif et de l’accompagnement des jeunes entrepreneurs fait partie des priorités au Cégep de Trois-Rivières. Deux séries de raisons nous y ont poussés : celles qui sont relatives aux bénéfices pédagogiques de l’activité entrepreneuriale et celles qui concernent notre mission complémentaire régionale. De nombreuses réalisations en témoignent, mais la création de La Zone entrepreneuriale en a certainement été le point d’orgue, en avril 2015. D’autres initiatives ponctuent ce parcours : la création de la démarche de codéveloppement pour entrepreneurs,l’entreprise école Vision C3R, les Happenings entrepreneuriaux, le cours complémentaire en entrepreneuriat (en modehybride) offert chaque session, l’élaboration d’un parcours entrepreneurial, le projet de Centre d’innovation des systèmes, avec le partenariat d’IDE, la participation au colloque d’Agadir, le CIFEPME, les écoles entrepreneuriales en Tunisie et en Martinique, notre participation au colloque de Collèges et instituts Canada, etc. Certes les derniers mois ont été ponctués de difficultés et les compressions budgétaires récentes, de même que le démantèlement de certaines structures régionales (la CRÉ par exemple) ont créé un contexte peu favorable. Face à ces obstacles ne devons-nous pas nous-mêmes faire preuve d’initiative entrepreneuriale? C’est du moins l’attitude que j’ai pu observer parmi les membres de la Table de concertation pour la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat et chez d’autres intervenants du cégep. Si elle était souvent remise en question au début, notre place dans le dispositif de développement de l’entrepreneuriat dans la région n’est plus contestée. Avec la création de la Zone, nous sommes désormais des acteurs incontournables et chacun a compris que notre ambition est centrée sur notre communauté étudiante, nos partenaires et les entreprises que nous souhaitons desservir. 2016 sera une année riche en événements : aboutissements souhaités de nos efforts afin de consolider le financement de […]
          Trois-Rivières parmi les 10 villes canadiennes les mieux cotées (catégorie grandes villes) pour ses politiques entrepreneuriales selon la FCEI        
La Fédération canadienne de l’entreprise indépendante (FCEI) publiait cette semaine un rapport présentant les résultats d’une analyse dans laquelle elle a évalué, à l’aide d’indicateurs précis, la façon dont 121 villes et régions économiques du Canada génèrent et favorisent l’entrepreneuriat. Trois-Rivières se glisse dans le top 10 pour ses politiques entrepreneuriales dans la catégorie des grandes villes. Selon Martine Hébert, vice-présidente principale et porte-parole nationale de la FCEI, il est encourageant de voir que certaines villes « semblent déployer des efforts soutenus pour mettre en place un climat fiscal et réglementaire favorable aux PME et à l’entrepreneuriat au sein de leur collectivité. C’est l’un des éléments clés pour contribuer à la création d’emplois et au développement économique des régions ». Voir le communiqué de la FCEI
          Entreprendre dans les collèges : une voie d’avenir!        
Le premier symposium canadien « Les collèges et les instituts favorisent l’entrepreneuriat », tenu au Cégep Garneau du 8 au 10 mars, a été un succès. Près de 150 participants provenant de 28 collèges étaient présents, dont le quart provenant du Québec, de même qu’une douzaine d’entreprises, plusieurs organisations et représentants de gouvernements et une présence autochtone remarquée. Ce symposium bilingue a permis de dégager de nombreuses pistes de développement pour les collèges et cégeps désireux de promouvoir l’entrepreneuriat éducatif. Organisée par le Cégep Garneau, indéniablement un « leader » dans le domaine, en collaboration avec Collèges et Instituts Canada (CICan), la rencontre a permis de partager dans les deux langues, avec traduction simultanée, sur la contribution des collèges au développement de l’entrepreneuriat étudiant et au développement économique de leurs communautés respectives. Très bien organisé, l’évènement fut entièrement diffusé sur le Web. Il a porté sur différents thèmes : le succès entrepreneurial, l’entrepreneuriat social, les entreprises d’entrainement, les incubateurs d’entreprises étudiantes, l’investissement dans les jeunes entreprises, l’entrepreneuriat des autochtones et plusieurs autres sujets semblables. Denise Trudeau, directrice générale du Cégep Garneau, a prononcé un discours ambitieux, présentant ses divers projets comme Garneau au travail, ses entreprises d’entrainement pédagogique et son Espace Entreprendre, un investissement de 3 millions de dollars, qu’elle souhaite consentir avec l’appui d’entreprises et de divers bailleurs de fonds de Québec. Pour sa part, l’inspirante PDG de CICan, Denise Amyot, a insisté sur la contribution des collèges et instituts au développement des compétences pour les jeunes et les adultes, dans le contexte d’un pays qui doit renouveler sa main d’œuvre et a besoin d’initiatives entrepreneuriales pour favoriser l’innovation. Le Cégep de Trois-Rivières a été très présent à ce symposium avec la participation de membres du personnel et de […]
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – Vers le 13e Congrès international francophone en entrepreneuriat et PME à Trois-Rivières en 2016        
Après quelques discussions avec les dirigeants de l’Institut des PME de l’UQTR, il est apparu clairement que l’IFCE peut jouer un rôle spécifique et déterminant dans le déploiement du dispositif entrepreneurial éducatif dans la région de Trois-Rivières. En effet, à l’instar de la recherche collégiale qui possède généralement un caractère appliqué, l’IFCE et la Table de concertation pour la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat peuvent constituer un pont entre le parcours entrepreneurial des étudiants et le monde des entreprises. D’une part nous avons des diplômés, ayant poursuivi ou non le parcours ou le cours complémentaire, mais qui sont intéressés par l’entrepreneuriat : ils veulent être leur propre patron, faire preuve d’initiative ou constituer une coopérative de travail ou une entreprise d’économie sociale. D’autre part, nous avons des incubateurs d’entreprises, comme ceux d’IDE, des organismes comme la Jeune Chambre ou la CCITR, Femmessor ou le Fonds communautaire d’emprunt, etc. À mon avis, l’IFCE se situe entre les deux. Il constitue un pont entre l’enseignement et les entrepreneurs. Dans le même esprit, il nous serait possible de nous associer avec l’Institut des PME de l’UQTR pour organiser le 13e Congrès en partenariat. La partie scientifique traditionnelle serait assumée par l’Institut des PME et une nouvelle partie éducative et appliquée serait assumée par nous. Nous pourrions ainsi pendant une journée, exposer des initiatives éducatives, d’accompagnements divers, en lien avec nos partenaires à l’IFCE. N’est-ce pas un projet emballant de poursuivre notre lancée en matière d’entrepreneuriat international? Ces questions seront abordées dans les mois à venir. Raymond-Robert Tremblay Directeur général, novembre 2014  
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – La planification de la sortie entrepreneuriale des dirigeants de PME : mythe ou réalité?        
Résumé d’atelier : Marie-Josée Drapeau, Université Laval, Canada Pourquoi les dirigeants de petites entreprises sont-ils encore confus quant au processus de transmission d’entreprise? Se pourrait-il que les processus proposés ne soient pas adaptés à leur contexte et réalité? La planification formelle du transfert d’entreprise, est-elle l’outil idéal à considérer? Autant de questions que cette recherche tente d’explorer. Plusieurs études confirment l’urgence de la planification de la relève dans les PME. Par exemple, les PME n’ayant pas de plan de relève 51 % (FCEI, 2011), 58% (BMO, 2012). En outre, 48% pensent vendre leur entreprise d’ici 5 ans (FCEI, 2011). La PME possède des caractéristiques qui lui sont propres.  Elle a une structure souple et simple. Elle est le reflet de la personnalité et des valeurs de L’entrepreneur. La stratégie à moyen et long terme est influencée par les intérêts de l’entrepreneur (Julien et Marchesnay, 2001). La PME dépend en grande partie de la vision d’un seul individu (intuitif) en opposition avec la grande entreprise qui planifie plus. «Plusieurs entrepreneurs sont méfiants envers la planification formelle. Ils peuvent voir le plan écrit comme restrictif et sentir que cela réduit leur marge de manœuvre. Ils peuvent être préoccupés du fait qu’en définissant les actions futures cela limite leurs options» (traduction libre de P.A. Wickam, 2004). Les résistances à la planification du transfert peuvent provenir du dirigeant, de la relation entre le dirigeant et le repreneur, de l’entreprise et de l’environnement (Handler et Kram, 1998). Également, les dirigeants affirment que ce serait le manque d’appui et le manque de connaissances dans le domaine qui freineraient les petites entreprises à implanter un processus de relève formel. D’autres auteurs suggèrent que la personnalité du dirigeant constituerait le premier facteur explicatif du […]
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – L’entrepreneur, caractéristiques et processus        
Ines Gabarret (EDC Paris Business School) et Benjamin Vedel (université de Lille) nous ont entretenus des dimensions de la motivation en entrepreneuriat social. Ils ont mis en évidence le fait que certains entrepreneurs sont en mesure de combiner la recherche de la profitabilité avec un impact social positif. Les entreprises sociales qui réussissent combinent les motivations dites d’opportunité et de volonté. Ils sont en fait animés de motivations très complexes. Certains croient que l’entrepreneuriat social peut entraîner une transformation du système capitaliste. S’il ne le fait pas, il joue tout de même le rôle de système compensatoire. Amélie Jacquemin et Xavier Lesage (ESSCA) ont comparé le processus d’effectuation entre entrepreneurs novices et entrepreneurs expérimentés. Le but de cette recherche est d’identifier les types d’accompagnement qui permettent un transfert fluide de l’expérience. Leur problématique les amène à examiner le processus expérientiel des pics d’émotions négatives, ce qu’ils appellent l’ascenseur émotionnel. Ces contextes sont loin de l’entrepreneur héroïque, mais mettent en évidence les caractéristiques de la pratique réelle. Plus particulièrement, ils se demandent comment surmonter ses pics et relancer l’engagement. En effet, le doute entrepreneurial prend plusieurs formes : craintes face au risque, incertitude et ambiguïté. Dans la majorité des cas, on observe un écart très important entre les attentes fantasmées et les réalités expérimentées. L’effectuation est un concept qui permet de penser l’enchâssement social dans un contexte d’incertitude. L’entrepreneur a tout intérêt à développer sa flexibilité et sa tolérance aux pertes. À l’issue de toutes ces démarches, il doit apprendre à revenir à la quête de sens qui est à l’origine de son engagement. Dans un dernier atelier, les chercheurs Cynthian Ann Sheehan et Étienne St-Jean ont déploré l’absence d’études systématiques sur la santé des entrepreneurs. […]
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – Les perceptions des dirigeants de PME en matière de cession – transmission – Une intention plus contrainte qu’attractive?        
Résumé d’atelier : Frédérique Grazzini, Jean-Pierre Boissin et Anne-Laure Albanet, CERAG-IAE Université de Grenoble, France Cette recherche place les dirigeants cédants en 4 classes soit : le dirigeant sociétal (souhaite une pérennité de leur entreprise, 50 %), l’entrepreneur en série (veut réaliser une transaction financière intéressante pour 21 %), l’entrepreneur en échec (19 %, une voie pour quitter le métier d’entrepreneur qui implique trop de stress, trop de responsabilités, etc.) et finalement le dirigeant en attente de changement (15 %, mettre fin à un projet professionnel décevant, ils sont peut-être prêts à reprendre une autre entreprise ou agir en salarié). Soulignons que le taux d’intention de cession est particulièrement élevé (78 %) par rapport au taux d’attractivité (près de 60 %). Dans le cas de cette étude, l’intention de cession de l’entreprise est fortement contrainte par plusieurs aspects. Au-delà des différences de profils de cédants que cette recherche évoque, 65 % des dirigeants interrogés estiment qu’une formation à la cession est indispensable. En grande majorité les cédants considèrent qu’ils ont des lacunes concernant leurs capacités à réaliser les tâches spécifiques à la cession d’entreprise. Afin de pallier cela, la formation des jeunes ne devrait-elle pas inclure des aspects touchant le transfert d’entreprises? L’expérience de l’entrepreneur est confirmée comme étant une variable qui a un impact sur sa capacité à céder son entreprise. Dansl’esprit, « dis-moi quel dirigeant tu as été, je te dirai quel cédant tu seras », cette recherche offre une comparaison avec Marchesnay (1998). Le pouvoir public doit agir afin de faciliter les transmissions d’entreprise en tenant compte des différents profils d’entrepreneurs faisant face aux cessions d’entreprises. La disparition éventuelle de ce tissu de TPE peut très bien intervenir faute de transmission et aurait des conséquences irréversibles dans les écosystèmes. André Lamoureux Conseiller pédagogique, […]
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – Des tables rondes animées : du bricolage entrepreneurial aux approches critiques        
Les tables rondes ont un caractère fort différent de celui des ateliers. En principe, on doit y débattre et faire participer l’auditoire. Ces qualités se sont retrouvées de façon assez variable dans les tables rondes auxquelles j’ai assisté. Table ronde 2 : Bricolage entrepreneurial La deuxième table ronde portait sur le thème du bricolage entrepreneurial, en le distinguant de l’approche habituelle. Voici comment cette réflexion était présentée dans le programme : « La recherche récente voit émerger un certain nombre de courants alternatifs aux approches mainstream de l’entrepreneuriat. C’est ainsi que l’on voit se développer des travaux sur l’effectuation, le bricolage, la sérendipité ou encore l’improvisation, pour décrire les comportements entrepreneuriaux. Ces concepts, proches de la réalité des dirigeants de petite entreprise, interrogent ainsi la vision classique de l’entrepreneur saisisseur d’opportunités et visionnaire à la fois. » Le débat a surtout porté sur les distinctions théoriques entre chacune de ces variantes de l’improvisation dont tout entrepreneur doit savoir faire preuve dans la conduite des activités quotidiennes de son entreprise. Avec un franc-parler apprécié, Pierre-André Julien a invité les jeunes chercheurs à examiner des aspects précis du processus entrepreneurial, de manière empirique, plutôt que de mener des études sur des concepts pas aussi nouveaux qu’ils le prétendent! Après 40 ans de travaux de recherche et une renommée internationale, monsieur Julien peut certes s’autoriser à reprendre ses jeunes collègues.   Table ronde 3 : Identité et perspectives de la recherche francophone en entrepreneuriat et PME La troisième table ronde portait sur l’identité et les perspectives de la recherche francophone en entrepreneuriat et PME. Une comparaison entre les publications dans les revues savantes francophones et anglophones nous a permis d’observer l’émergence de nouveaux thèmes comme l’entrepreneuriat féminin et l’entrepreneuriat international. On […]
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – Construction d’un «satisfactomètre» entrepreneurial à partir des événements affectifs du dirigeant de PME        
Résumé d’atelier : Thomas Lechat, Doctorant à l’Université de Montpellier 1 (Labex Entreprendre).  Olivier Torres, Professeur à l’Université de Montpellier 1 (Labex Entreprendre) Messieurs Lechat et Torres ont orienté leur recherche principalement sur la composante émotionnelle de la satisfaction des dirigeants d’entreprises.  À dix reprises au cours d’une année, 357 dirigeants ont été sondés et ont identifié l’événement qui les a le plus marqué positivement au cours du mois. Les résultats ont permis de classer ces événements autour de 28 catégories. Les événements offrant le plus de satisfaction sont : la satisfaction du client la formation du dirigeant l’agrandissement des locaux de l’entreprise le déménagement de l’entreprise dans de nouveaux locaux la création d’une nouvelle entreprise la bonne entente avec les partenaires de toutes natures de l’entreprise les vacances du dirigeant le bon climat de travail dans l’entreprise En conclusion, comment, à titre de praticien ou de pédagogue, pouvons-nous réutiliser ces informations dans notre pratique? André Lamoureux Conseiller pédagogique, novembre 2014
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – Culture et PME        
Il semble évident à la plupart des chercheurs que l’entrepreneuriat dépend en partie de la culture dans laquelle il se développe. Il y a tout d’abord le défi de la gestion de la diversité culturelle. On doit également tenir compte de la culture propre à chaque secteur d’entreprise et dans certains cas aux cultures d’entreprise elle-même. Il s’agit d’une question négligée selon Rachid Harmel (HEC). Il faut analyser le contexte multiculturel du marché du travail et adopter une approche multi niveaux impliquant trois dimensions: la culture nationale, la culture professionnelle, les sous-cultures organisationnelles. Il faut apprendre à gérer la complexité des interactions quotidiennes en effectuant des opérations d’intégration et de différenciation à chacun des niveaux. Pour leur part, Josée Saint-Pierre et son équipe (UQTR) ont mis en évidence l’influence de la culture entrepreneuriale régionale et de la culture d’innovation sur le développement des PME. En particulier, certains traits cognitifs comme les intentions, les valeurs, les motivations et les perceptions – composant ensemble la culture entrepreneuriale – sont en mesure de dynamiser plus ou moins l’esprit d’entreprise, et de mobiliser plus au moins l’esprit d’entreprendre. Une région se définit par les déterminants de sa culture propre et de sa culture d’innovation. Par exemple, la Gaspésie est une région qui peut être considérée en retard par sa culture entrepreneuriale, mais en avance dans le domaine de l’innovation, et manifestant plus d’ouverture interrégionale. En terminant cette chronique, notons que pour Farida Abbas-Merzouk (Algérie) même si l’agence entrepreneuriale algérienne déclare avoir appuyé 250 000 nouvelles PME ces dernières années, seulement 18 % bénéficient de programmes d’État. Malheureusement le climat d’affaires est négatif puisque l’Algérie se place au 152e rang sur les 185 pays répertoriés en cette matière. En effet […]
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – Marche ou crève! Étude des chemins d’influence de l’Anxiété face à l’avenir et du « Coping » sur la formation de l’intention entrepreneuriale        
Résumé d’atelier : Adnade Maâlaoui, ESG Management School, France Les résultats d’une étude menée sur un échantillon de plus de 1800 jeunes en Tunisie, démontrent que les stratégies d’adaptation développées par les 18-30 ans pour faire face à l’anxiété (face à l’avenir) sont la religion, la consommation de produits illicites et le soutien de la famille. Il apparait également que l’anxiété a un effet direct et significatif sur ces stratégies d’adaptation, mais pas sur l’intention entrepreneuriale. Par ailleurs, les stratégies d’adaptation ont une influence directe et significative sur les antécédents (Ajzen, 1991) de l’intention entrepreneuriale. En d’autres mots, le fait de faire appel à l’une ou l’autre des stratégies d’adaptation face à un état de chose, influence ces personnes quant à leur attitudes face à l’entrepreneuriat, la norme subjective et comment ils se perçoivent compétents pour entreprendre. L’intention d’entreprendre est impactée puisque les personnes ont une lunette différente lorsqu’ils sont en situation d’anxiété et qu’ils font appel à l’une ou l’autre des stratégies d’adaptation. André Lamoureux Conseiller pédagogique, novembre 2014    
          Les chroniques d’Agadir en entrepreneuriat – Présentation générale du Congrès international francophone en entrepreneuriat et PME        
L’association internationale de recherche en entrepreneuriat et PME (AIREPME) a été créée pour permettre aux chercheurs francophones en entrepreneuriat d’avoir un point de référence commun. Ce 12e congrès biennal représente un achèvement pour la première génération de chercheurs. La revue associée se nomme la Revue internationale PME. Voici un extrait de sa présentation : Depuis 1988, la revue internationale PME vise à promouvoir la diffusion en langue française de recherches concernant les PME et l’entrepreneuriat. Elle accueille des contributions de haut niveau scientifique, à la fois théoriques et empiriques, se situant dans les domaines des sciences de la gestion et de l’économie, mais également de champs voisins qui s’intéressent aussi aux questions touchant aux PME et à l’entrepreneuriat (géographie, sociologie, psychologie, etc.) Malgré l’existence de cette revue, il faut souligner que les chercheurs reconnus publient généralement dans des revues savantes anglophones renommées. Le thème du Congrès reflète bien la diversité de cette association de recherche scientifique, surtout animée par des professeurs d’université et leurs doctorants : « Diversité des cultures en entrepreneuriat et PME». On remarque toutefois quelques intervenants et entrepreneurs parmi les participants. Très peu des travaux concernés trouvent une application évidente, la plupart des recherches ayant ce caractère très théorique propre aux champs de recherche universitaires. Nous avons malgré tout tenté de retenir quelques enseignements de nature à éclairer l’entrepreneuriat éducatif ou l’intervention en entrepreneuriat. Raymond-Robert Tremblay Directeur général, novembre 2014
          Le parcours entrepreneurial: une opportunité pour les étudiants        
Fort de son expertise et de sa longue expérience en entrepreneuriat et préoccupé par le développement de la culture entrepreneuriale, le Collège a intégré à son Plan stratégique 2010-2016, sa volonté d’offrir aux étudiants des services en entrepreneuriat. En 2012, une Table de concertation pour la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat présidée par M. Raymond-Robert Tremblay était créée. De celle-ci ont émergé plusieurs idées dont la mise sur pied d’un comité chargé de procéder à la création d’un parcours entrepreneurial. Le parcours, tel que développé, se veut flexible, à vitesse et intensité variables, afin d’offrir aux étudiants un cadre d’activités adapté à leur réalité et aussi, afin d’accroître le nombre de personnes ayant le désir d’entreprendre au sens large du terme, et ce, quel que soit leur domaine d’études ou l’emploi qu’il vise. Ressources: Projet de Parcours entrepreneurial L’article du Nouvelliste L’article du site Web du cégep
          Le plaisir d’entreprendre !        
Les personnes qui possèdent un iPad peuvent télécharger ce livre électronique. on y retrouve un douzaine de témoignages d’entrepreneurs inspirants, dont l’un a été un panéliste lors du dévoilement de l’indice entrepreneurial à Trois-Rivières, le 7 mai dernier: Dominique Brown de Chocolats favoris. «Être visionnaire, ça marche pour inventer de nouveaux produits et stratégies, mais ça marche aussi dans l’autre sens. Tu peux être visionnaire et voir le train arriver; être le seul à le voir arriver.» dit-il!
          Dupnock, Piper, and Buse Win Best Paper in Session        
Lisa Dupnock and Nicole Buse, Hospitality Management, presented their research paper (cowritten by David Piper) “What is Your Organization Looking For in New Hires? Results Driven, Maximum Effort, or Desires of Work Life Balance” at the Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International conference in November 2014.
          Evening with Entrepreneurs        
Wednesday / October 18, 2017 / 6:30 p.m.
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David Friend Recital Hall
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This annual event features a panel of successful music business entrepreneurs.


          Actoria sur Bfm : 4 nouvelles erreurs à éviter pour réussir sa transmission        

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          Comment trouver un bon repreneur (Webinar)        

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InsFire is a series of quotes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers with potential, who are stuck in dead-end jobs. But most importantly, it is to give a little inspirational nudge to young entrepreneurs on their grueling but worthy journeys to make a difference in the world. Swing by our website to know how we can help … Continue reading Think A-Team – InsFire #0060
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InsFire is a series of quotes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers with potential, who are stuck in dead-end jobs. But most importantly, it is to give a little inspirational nudge to young entrepreneurs on their grueling but worthy journeys to make a difference in the world. Swing by our website to know how we can help … Continue reading Think A-Team – InsFire #0059
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InsFire is a series of quotes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers with potential, who are stuck in dead-end jobs. But most importantly, it is to give a little inspirational nudge to young entrepreneurs on their grueling but worthy journeys to make a difference in the world. Swing by our website to know how we can help … Continue reading Think A-Team – InsFire #0058
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InsFire is a series of quotes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers with potential, who are stuck in dead-end jobs. But most importantly, it is to give a little inspirational nudge to young entrepreneurs on their grueling but worthy journeys to make a difference in the world. Swing by our website to know how we can help … Continue reading Think A-Team – InsFire #0057
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InsFire is a series of quotes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers with potential, who are stuck in dead-end jobs. But most importantly, it is to give a little inspirational nudge to young entrepreneurs on their grueling but worthy journeys to make a difference in the world. Swing by our website to know how we can help … Continue reading Think A-Team – InsFire #0056
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InsFire is a series of quotes to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers with potential, who are stuck in dead-end jobs. But most importantly, it is to give a little inspirational nudge to young entrepreneurs on their grueling but worthy journeys to make a difference in the world. Swing by our website to know how we can help … Continue reading Think A-Team – InsFire #0055
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          Mais jusqu'où ça va aller toutes ces conneries ? PART TWO        

Période d'hibernation, fruit sans aucun doute d'une certaine lassitude.

Bis repetita.

Après le problème générationnel et sociétal du téléphone portable qui est à la fois une bénédiction et une malédiction, j'appelle la dernière connerie MONUMENTALE balancée par la FCPE. J'ai envie de citer cet être supérieur qu'est Pierre Bénichou ♥ dans l'excellent podcast du 14 mars de l'émission "On va s'gêner" :


"y a pas plus con que les fédérations des parents d'élèves. C'est les instituteurs le sel de la terre. Faites confiance aux enseignants. Vous êtes à l'école. Laissez faire les gens qui s'occupent de l'école".

La FCPE (Fédération des Conseils de Parents d'Élèves) et l'ICEM (Institut Coopératif de l'École Moderne) sont les fers de lance d'une nouvelle campagne qui commencera le 26 mars. Campagne qui s'intitule "Ce soir, pas de devoirs !".

Le concept : Bouhhhh les devoirs, c'est trop des trucs de Satan qui pointent du doigt les inégalités alors on va lancer la quinzaine SANS devoirs pour que tout le monde se rende compte que la galaxie est bien plus merveilleuse sans travail à faire le soir.

Et même qu'il y a un blog édifiant mis en place :

C'EST JUSTE ÉNORME. ÉNORME. Les mots me manquent pour dénoncer une telle ignominie.

Extraits aussi croustillants qu'un Sundy :

"Nous dénonçons depuis longtemps la persistance des devoirs à la maison, dont personne n'a jamais prouvé l'utilité et qui ne font qu’accentuer les inégalités entre les enfants selon qu’ils peuvent ou non bénéficier d’aide à la maison."
→ euh... comment ça PERSONNE n'a jamais prouvé l'UTILITÉ du travail à la maison ? Qu'est-ce que c'est que ces conneries ?! Les devoirs, c'est méga important et utile bordel. Alors, si ça n'est pas encore clair pour tout le monde : Les devoirs permettent de vérifier que l'on sait faire tout seul ce que l'on a fait ensemble, en classe. Les devoirs permettent de rebrasser, répéter, refaire... afin d'assimiler au mieux les connaissances. Quant à cette PUTAIN d'inégalité concernant l'aide à la maison. Mais quand est-ce que les parents vont comprendre qu'on s'en BRANLE de leur savoir et leurs connaissances ? En primaire ou au collège, on ne demande pas aux parents de ré-expliquer au gamin. Si le gamin ne parvient pas à faire ses devoirs, ça signifie qu'il y a quelque chose qui n'a pas été compris pendant le cours et qu'il doit absolument en parler à l'enseignant.

Ce qu'on demande aux parents :

  • s'intéresser à la scolarité de leur enfant : poser des questions sur la journée, sur ce qu'il a appris de nouveau.
  • vérifier très régulièrement (aka chaque jour pour les gamins les plus petits, les plus distraits, les plus perturbateurs...) l'agenda, le carnet de liaison, les classeurs et les cahiers du gamin.
  • encourager son enfant à faire de son mieux, à s'appliquer, à être perfectionniste. Le valoriser lorsque les résultats sont satisfaisants. Discuter avec lui voire sévir lors de problèmes de comportement ou d'une baisse significative des résultats.
  • renvoyer une image positive de l'école, de la connaissance, du savoir (aka ne pas répéter à longueur de temps "ta maîtresse, c'est rien qu'une connasse").
  • surveiller les devoirs, faire réciter les leçons MAIS en aucun cas les faire à leur place.

"Nous rejetons cette forme de « sous-traitance pédagogique Â» aux familles, qui, en outre, est cause de conflits quasi quotidiens entre parents et enfants. Le rôle des parents dans la coéducation n’est pas de chercher à reproduire (mal) ce que font les enseignants."
→ ça tombe bien, ça n'est pas ce qu'on leur demande BORDEL. Et puisqu'on parle de coéducation, ça serait sympatoche de ne donc pas sabrer le boulot de l'enseignant.

"C’est d’ailleurs la raison pour laquelle ils sont proscrits en primaire par une circulaire de 1956. De deux choses l’une : soit les élèves ont compris la leçon et réussi les exercices en classe, et on leur fait perdre leur temps, en les empêchant de lire par exemple. Soit ce n’est pas le cas et ce n’est pas à la maison, hors de la présence de l’enseignant, qu’ils pourront y arriver mieux !"
→ Je meurs. EN LES EMPÊCHANT DE LIRE. Mais qui est le guignol qui a osé écrire ça ??? "en les empêchant de passer 3 heures d'affilée sur Facebook ou sur la PS3" serait bien plus pertinent. Les devoirs n'empêchent pas les loisirs, faut arrêter de considérer des leçons à revoir et des exercices d'application comme une nouvelle forme d'esclavage des temps modernes. Dans les années 80 et 90, on avait bien plus de devoirs que maintenant et ça ne m'a jamais empêchée de lire Picsou Magazine, Stendhal, Jeune&Jolie ou la Bicyclette Bleue.
Et si l'élève n'a pas compris la leçon, encore une fois, le premier réflexe est de dire "minute papillon, j'entrave que dalle là, est-ce qu'on pourrait répéter siouplé ?!". Et attention, si le gamin n'a pas bien compris... c'est aussi peut-être parce qu'il n'a pas bien écouté probablement trop occupé à envoyer des sms.

"Il faut que les enfants montrent à la maison ce qu’ils ont fait en classe, pas qu’ils montrent en classe ce qu’ils ont fait à la maison."
→ Euh... bah si. Idéalement, il faut faire les deux mon capitaine Flam. C'est comme ça qu'on crée un vrai lien entre école et maison.
J'ai l'impression d'enfoncer des portes ouvertes que certains essayent de refermer et de cadenasser.

Les commentaires sous le blog sont HALLUCINANTS. Ça donne vraiment l'impression que les pauvre loupiots passent leur week-end à bosser, potasser, faire des recherches avec leurs parents, victimes eux aussi de la cruauté des enseignants qui délèguent leur enseignement en faisant faire aux parents ce qu'ils n'ont pas eu le temps de faire en classe.

Alors, il existe sans doute des profs qui donnent bien trop de boulot à la maison au détriment du temps de repos nécessaire à l'élève mais enfin, faut pas déconner ! Il s'agit d'une minorité d'enseignants avec lesquels il faut discuter.

Autre raison pour laquelle les devoirs ça pue autant qu'un slibard porté non-stop 15 jours en période de gastro : tous les enfants n'ont pas, à la maison, une chambre, un bureau, un endroit pour travailler au calme. Les conditions familiales ne sont pas les mêmes partout.
→ C'est pour ça que MAGIE, il existe dans quasi TOUS les bahuts, des études du soir où l'élève, après avoir pris un petit goûter, fait ses devoirs avec la possibilité de demander de l'aide à un enseignant. Ainsi lorsqu'il rentre chez lui, l'intégralité ou le plus gros des devoirs est fait.
La FCPE propose que le temps scolaire englobe des séances consacrées aux devoirs. YOUHOUUUUU, vous n'avez JAMAIS entendu parler de l'ATP ? C'est-à-dire, l'Aide au Travail Personnalisé ? C'est-à-dire, une heure pendant laquelle les élèves peuvent s'avancer dans leurs devoirs, toujours sous la surveillance et avec l'aide d'un enseignant ou d'un assistant pédagogique ? Et, je ne voudrais pas pinailler mais... La FCPE ou l'ICEM dénoncent déjà les journées scolaires surchargées... on va sacrifier quoi exactement comme cours si on veut ajouter plus de temps pour que les devoirs soient faits au sein de l'établissement ?!

Pourquoi les devoirs c'est trop choupi ?
Il faut bien évidemment qu'il y ait un équilibre. Par exemple, je ne donne jamais du jour au lendemain beaucoup de devoirs sachant qu'avec le ramassage scolaire, certains élèves ne rentrent pas chez eux avant 18h/18h30. Je ne suis pas qu'une chienne nazie tortionnaire. Les évaluations sont données une semaine à l'avance, en général, les élèves ont du temps pour s'organiser, s'avancer... (encore faut-il qu'ils aient l'idée de s'avancer et de ne pas travailler uniquement dans l'urgence...)

  • Les devoirs c'est trop choupi parce que ça permet d'encourager l'autonomie et de responsabiliser l'élève. Ça permet de le confronter à la notion d'échéance. Les devoirs sont l'application, seul, de ce qui a été vu ensemble. Les devoirs permettent de vérifier que seul face à sa leçon et aux exos, on n'est pas perdu.
  • Les devoirs c'est trop choupi parce que ça permet de faire travailler la mémoire. Le par coeur n'est pas un truc de Satan quoiqu'en disent certains didacticiens. Et apprendre, c'est comprendre... et c'est aussi répéter, s'entraîner... et ça ne peut pas se faire uniquement en cours avec l'enseignant et les camarades. L'apprentissage est quelque chose de personnel. Il faut en connaître les clés, les méthodes, les trucs et astuces et BAM, on apprend, on fait travailler ses neurones, sa mémoire... on travaille SEUL.
  • Les devoirs ne sont pas, comme le sous-entendent les sombres ignorants qui ont pondu ces inepties, composés de notions nouvelles qui n'ont pas été étudiées en classe et qui mettent l'élève dans une situation d'échec, d'inconfort voire de conflits avec sa famille.
  • Les devoirs ça contribue à insuffler à l'élève la notion d'effort qui est indispensable à leur vie future. Au lycée aussi, on va finir par interdire les devoirs ?! Nan parce qu'après n'avoir rien branlé à la maison en primaire et au collège, ça va lui faire tout drôle à l'élève de trimer en Seconde où les profs expliquent que selon les jours, les élèves ont jusqu'à deux heures de travail quotidien à assurer après la journée de cours. Et ouais, MAGIE, réfléchir, travailler, apprendre, c'est fatigant et ouais, parfois, ça empêche d'aller jouer à la Wii. Mais, les devoirs ne sont pas non plus un Styx à traverser... les devoirs n'empêchent pas d'aller au cours de piano, d'aller au cours de danse, au match de foot... les devoirs n'empêchent pas de mater PBLV ou de poster des vidéos de Christophe Maé sur son mur.
  • Les devoirs c'est choupi parce que ça amène un peu de culture dans des foyers où malheureusement elle est inexistante, voire rejetée...

Ce qu'il faut surtout travailler, c'est la méthodologie. Éduquer parents et enfants sur la meilleure manière d'aborder les devoirs. C'est pourquoi, chaque année, je donne un document step-by-step dans lequel je détaille comment organiser le temps de travail pour apprendre efficacement et les clés pour faire travailler la mémoire sur le long-terme.
Et puis, clamer que les devoirs empêchent l'épanouissement familial, les sorties culturelles, les week-ends au ski... Laissez-moi me rouler par terre en versant des larmes de consternation... Dans certains bahuts (dont le mien), le niveau socio-culturel est tellement bas que les seules sorties culturelles dont peuvent profiter les élèves sont offertes par l'établissement...

Les devoirs font aussi partie de la construction des apprentissages des élèves, ça me paraît tellement dingue de devoir se justifier là-dessus...

Bref, le 26 mars, toi aussi, file des devoirs à tes élèves ♥ et envoie un gros FUCK poli et constructif à tous ces gens qui essayent de défoncer tous les piliers de l'école.

          Journée biatch ♥        

Mercredi 11 janvier, j'ai pris mon GPS, ma boussole, ma trousse de survie, des barres de céréales, des Rangers Isotoner (solides MAIS douces pour les petons) et mon sac à main Gérard Darel.

Tu l'as deviné.

Je suis allée faire les soldes.


Si vous avez manqué le début (prendre la voix de Télé7Jours) :
Grâce à Poulette Nela et ses choupi clients (NAN Poulette n'est pas pute, elle est commiounity manadjeuse), j'ai chopé ZE super plan de ce début 2012.

Poulette Nela : "Dis-donc Sa Majesté, ça te dirait pas de claquer de la thune à nos frais pour les soldes ?"

Princesse Soso : "Est-ce que le Pape est nazi catholique ?"

Poulette Nela : "En plus, fayot sur le cassoulet, tu peux embarquer une lectrice avec toi dans ton épopée comme ça tu pourras racoler sur ton blog et raconter ensuite comment c'était une journée trop de la balle !"

Princesse Soso : "Putain, tu me fais couiner Poulette !"

BAM Seigneur &Maître tire une nana et BAM la super veinarde est donc Elise qui s'est quand même tapée 1h30 de route pour venir couiner avec moi.

Nous avons rendez-vous à 9h au point d'accueil du centre Saint Sever.

J'avais oublié les embouteillages de Rouen le matin ♥


Je suis à l'heure. Youpi. Elise est déjà là. Re-youpi. Le couinement semble être notre signe de reconnaissance.


Nous sommes accueillies par Martine, une adorable dame qui nous explique tout ce qu'il y a savoir aka "on vous file de la thune et vous la claquez comme vous voulez" (un chouette concept) et elle nous file un badge V.I.P (je meurs à la fois de honte et d'extase), nos cartes Visa à dégainer dans toutes les boutiques du centre et un petit ticket rose pour pouvoir prendre un p'tit déj' tranquillou bilou.


Ambiance matin de Noël. On ne sait pas quel cadeau déballer en premier.

Surtout que pour couronner le couinement, plusieurs magasins sont ouverts uniquement pour nous, 1/2 heure avant le rush :-)

On se promène, on sourit comme des abruties en se disant que c'est quand même trop chouette cette histoire.

Je suis également rassurée car Elise :

  • n'est pas une pouffiasse matérialiste qui m'ignore, la bave aux lèvres à l'idée de dépenser le P.I.B du Bangladesh chez Yves Rocher
  • n'est pas hystérique à me toucher les cheveux avant de m'arracher une mèche qu'elle mettra ensuite dans son album "ces blogueuses que je vénère avant de les dépecer"
  • est drôle, sympa, souriante, bavarde et en plus, elle m'a apporté des cadeaux ♥ (les gens qui me font des cadeaux sont forcément des gens bien) (sauf ma saloperie de tante et ma grand-mère-méchante qui m'avaient offert pour mes 10 ans un manteau bleu roi avec une capuche en fourrure moche et surtout une doublure en satin vert fluo)

H&M, Sephora, Okaïdi, Camaïeu, San Marina, Promod, Du Bruit dans la Cuisine, 1...2...3, Morgan, Darjeeling, Etam, Le Loft... Les heures passent à une vitesse folle, on papote comme deux vieilles copines et une de ses amies Linda nous rejoint... Linda que j'avais déjà vue à un Beauty Seminar de Sonia (it's a small world after all)


C'est assez jouissif de tendre une carte Visa en sachant que RIEN ne sera débité sur mon compte ♥
J'ai l'impression d'être dans une série, genre "The Big BANK Theory" où par un curieux hasard teinté de magie, le shopping serait devenu un truc qui ne fait pas péter la veine sur le front de ton banquier et où je prendrais un verre avec Sheldon et Howard ♥


Au départ, j'étais censée passer la matinée à couiner avec Elise, puis j'étais censée retrouver mon frère et mon Seigneur & Maître (pour lesquels le mot "soldes" évoque un petit camp de vacances près de Buchenwald) pour déjeuner. Lorsque j'ai regardé ma montre, je me suis aperçue qu'il était 14h48 :-|

Le moment le plus triste de la journée :
Elise, Linda et moi avons plusieurs points communs :
♥ on biatch comme des putes
♥ on aime bien les trucs Kawaï
♥ on est capable de faire Paris-Roubaix à cloche-pied pour manger des sushi
La faim au ventre, la bave aux lèvres et la main endolorie à force de porter une foultitude de paquets, nous nous précipitons vers le Sushi Bar du centre Saint Sever... pour découvrir qu'il ne sert que jusqu'à 14h30. DAMNED.
Fin du moment le plus triste de la journée.

C'était trop génial de la mort comme journée. Élise était ravie de ce moment de détente (elle a un petit bout de chou de deux mois) et je suis vraiment fan que mon Seigneur & Maître m'ait encouragée à ouvrir cet espace virtuel de biatchage, source d'opportunités qui déchirent ♥

Le moment jesuisunepute de la journée :
TOUS les commerçants nous ont accueillies avec le sourire, se montrant joyeux et disponibles malgré la journée speed à base de gens qui courent partout à la recherche du produit de leurs rêves, soldé à 80%.
Tous... Sauf dans un seul magasin où une nana s'est montrée franchement désagréable. Dans un magasin que j'adooooore et que je recommande grave, car mis à part cette nana, toutes les autres vendeuses étaient polies et charmantes.
Du Bruit dans La Cuisine : le magasin de la mort qui tue pour toute personne qui aime tous les trucs rigolos comme des petits sucres Barbe à Papa en forme de petits noeuds trop mignons, des moutardes aromatisées aux cèpes, des Blenders rose bonbon qui te promettent des smoothies de folie, de la vaisselle méga choupi ou design... Bref, une très belle boutique où j'ai pu acheter tout plein de trucs pour moi et pour faire des cadeaux (car je suis généreuse) (en plus d'être merveilleuse) (et modeste).
Tout commence lorsque je choisis une huile parfumée à la truffe blanche, je la mets dans mon panier, je compte l'acheter et je la fais sentir à Elise qui couine olfactivement. La nana du magasin me regarde comme si j'avais écorché un chaton avec un économe.
Princesse Soso : (souriante et polie) "Ne vous inquiétez pas, je l'achète tout de suite, je voulais juste la faire sentir à mon amie"
La-nana-pas-sympa : (sèche et désagréable) "Peu importe. Vous devez me demander l'autorisation"
Princesse Soso : (souriante et polie même si un peu étonnée) "Désolée, je ne voulais pas vous inquiéter, comme je l'achète tout de suite, je ne pensais pas que ça poserait problème"
La-nana-pas-sympa me regarde comme si j'étais en train de lui annoncer que j'allais me foutre à poil dans le magasin et chanter du Sabine Paturel.

Entre temps, je rencontre les assiettes à dessert de ma vie.


Lorsque j'arrive à la caisse, la-nana-pas-sympa me dit que désolée sa caisse est fermée, je dois passer à côté... avant d'encaisser la cliente derrière moi :-|
Je tends ma carte Visa "VIP" à l'autre vendeuse souriante et aimable lorsque la-nana-pas-sympa lui dit "ah nan, tu la prends pas. Désolée mademoiselle, on ne prend pas ce genre de cartes. Notre magasin n'est pas partenaire".
Ah bah v'là aut'chose... sachant que Martine, à l'accueil, nous avait bien dit que tous les magasins du centre étaient partenaires de l'opération... J'insiste un peu, expliquant de quoi il s'agit et compte-tenu du ton peu aimable avec lequel on me répond, j'en profite pour ajouter que je suis blogueuse et que je dois rédiger un article pour notamment parler de l'ACCUEIL dans les différentes boutiques...
Les autres vendeuses prennent ma défense disant à la-nana-pas-sympa que si, si on la prend cette carte, c'est un truc spécial, aucun souci mademoiselle !
La-nana-pas-sympa grommelle un truc et me regarde encore et toujours comme si j'avais une bite collée sur le front.
Tout en payant, je dis à l'une des vendeuses que je souhaiterais prendre quelques photos du magasin pour illustrer mon article car cette boutique fait partie de mes préférées du centre commercial. Alors que la vendeuse polie et charmante acquiesce en souriant, la-nana-pas-sympa me regarde comme si j'étais en train de proposer une partouze avec des licornes et des limaces.
La-nana-pas-sympa : "Ah nan, impossible. Il faut une autorisation spéciale. Vous n'avez pas le droit de prendre la moindre photo. Désolée pour vous"
Princesse Soso : "Ah bah non... désolée pour VOUS. Cela vous aurait fait de la pub gratuite... et entre parenthèses, je me trouve bien aimable de vous demander l'autorisation, car concrètement avec mon iPhone, j'aurais pu prendre 12 000 photos sans que vous vous en rendiez compte..."
La-nana-pas-sympa m'a regardée comme si je venais de chier sur les Thermomix et nous sommes parties comme des reines en disant chaleureusement au revoir aux vendeuses sympa qui regardaient leur collègue comme si elle s'était montrée particulièrement sèche et injuste envers une cliente qui venait de claquer un max de thunes dans leur magasin.

Mis à part ce petit incident qui nous a finalement fait plus marrer qu'autre chose et qui fut, une source inépuisable de biatchage, nous avons vraiment adoré l'ambiance de cette journée, une petite parenthèse futile, une effervescence vraiment grisante et agréable.

Le moment mavieestunépisodede24heureschrono de la journée :
Au moment de regagner ma voiture, je m'aperçois avec effroi que :

  • la machine du parking ne prend pas la carte bleue (ROSE pour moi, en l'occurence)
  • dans mon porte-monnaie j'ai 67 cts d'euro, un trombone et un petit bouton noir là depuis des années (on ne sait jamais, une urgence "couture" est si vite arrivée) (je rappelle au passage que je ne sais pas coudre) (mais bon, ça n'est pas parce qu'on ne sait pas coudre, qu'on n'a pas le droit d'être bien préparée)
  • j'ai drôlement envie de faire pipi (le drame de ma vie) (à égalité avec la disparition aussi soudaine que douloureuse des petits cookies moelleux de Belin)

Mon intuition féminine ainsi qu'un petit panneau m'indique qu'il y a une borne d'accueil parking avec des humains qui pourront m'aider. Je prends ma voiture, me gare à l'arrache sur une place "Senior" en mettant mes warning et je cours vers la petite borne d'accueil parking avec des humains qui pourront m'aider et m'indiquer les chiottes les plus proches.
Princesse Soso : "Bonjour ! je-suis-garée-à-l'arrache-sur-une-place-senior-qui-est-si-j'ai-bien-compris-une-sous-place-pour-handicapés-et-j'ai-honte-d'être-dessus-vu-que-je-fais-chier-tout-le-monde-avec-mon-discours-sur-comment-c'est-mal-de-se-garer-impunément-sur-une-place-pour-handicapés-je-n'ai-pas-de-liquide-et-je-veux-me-tirer-car-mon-S&M-m'attend-depuis-des-heures"
L'humaine censée m'aider :" "Aucun souci. Vous pouvez payer par chèque"
Princesse Soso : "BORDEL mon chéquier est vide, contrairement à ma vessie... Vous prenez la carte bleue bien sûr ?!"
L'humaine qui m'aide de moins en moins : "Ah non, désolée. Chèque ou espèces."
Princesse Soso : "Mais on est en 2012, on peut payer en carte bleue partout !!!"
L'humaine qui tente de m'aider : "Vous trouverez un distributeur au niveau 0, près des cinémas"

Vous me croyez si je vous dis que le distributeur en question était MOMENTANÉMENT INDISPONIBLE ? :-|

Tout est bien qui finit bien. Je suis parvenue à sortir du parking (au prix d'efforts que la décence et l'ennui m'empêchent de vous énumérer ici) et j'ai retrouvé un Seigneur & Maître amusé qui avait gagné un pari avec lui-même (apparemment, ma phrase "T'inquiète, je reviens vers 12/13h" avait été perçue comme "Je reviendrai plutôt vers 17h") (mon mec est relativement visionnaire).

Bref, j'ai passé une super journée, j'ai rencontré une super nana et j'ai les assiettes à dessert les plus choupi du monde qui se rangent dans la boîte la plus choupi du monde (boîte qui sera recyclée en boîte à maquillage, voire boîte à couture) (même si je rappelle, au passage, que je sais absolument pas coudre) (même un bouton) (oui je sais, c'est quand même malheureux)

          Pitié, en mai 2012, faut pas que sarko-mence...        

Je ne peux pas résister, je m'engouffre dans la brèche... et je viens gueuler comme une pute un putois en ce week-end où la tempête dehors fait écho à ce qu'il se déroule en mon for Boyard intérieur...

Semaine riche pour l'éducation nationale... Entre Dukan et ses idées qui sont aussi brillantes que le carnet de notes d'un candidat des Anges de la Télé-Réalité et entre cette prime spéciale E-CLAIR promise depuis des mois et dont on n'a toujours pas vu la couleur, j'ai l'impression qu'on se fout bien de notre gueule en ce moment.

Genièvre sur la choucroute, lors d'une petite intervention au Futuroscope de Poitiers (là où il y a ce super restau ambiance cuisine moléculaire "Le Cristal") Sarkozy nous a balancé dans la tronche : "Je veux le dire comme je le pense : imaginer la recréation de postes dans l'Education nationale, c'est irresponsable, compte tenu de la situation financière de notre pays".


Et histoire de vraiment bien créer la polémique dont découleront des dissensions ambiance "ouhhh mais il est fou ce SALE MEC" (prendre la voix de François Hollande qui n'a JAMAIS été rudoyé par l'UMP, même quand Luc Châtel a dit qu'il n'était qu'un Babar qui endormait les enfants) slash "Les profs, ces feignasses qui refusent tout changement", il a proposé que les enseignants acceptent d'être plus présents dans les établissements.


Alors OK, c'est la crise.

Alors OK, faut que chacun mette du sien pour ne pas que la France devienne un bidonville où cannibalisme et scorbut seraient les deux mamelles de la naFion.

Alors OK, y a dans le tas, des profs feignasses qui en foutent pas lourd et qui pourraient se sortir un peu les doigts du cul afin que l'opprobre ne soit pas constamment jetée sur cette belle corporaFion.


Des compromis, des sacrifices... les profs ne font QUE ça depuis de nombreuses années. Les effectifs de plus en plus lourds, l'hétérogénéité qui se creuse de plus en plus avec le collège unique qui demande des AALC (Aménagement À La Con) et avec une certaine génération mutante qui a un léger problème de curiosité intellectuelle et de concentraFion.

La création de postes est VITALE sinon l'école va devenir une vaste garderie où quelques élèves parviendront à choper des bribes d'informations.
Et je ne déconne pas.

Je meurs de Sarko qui dit que ouais, faut modifier les modalités du collège unique histoire d'en niquer les quelques dysfonctionnements : "assumer la diversité des parcours en 4e et 3e, il n'est pas normal que le collège actuel prépare exclusivement à l'enseignement général".

Ouais, bah si on va par là Nico, y a d'autres trucs qui ne sont pas normaux hein.

Effectivement, il faut repenser l'orientation, valoriser les filières professionnelles et tutti quanti mais pour ça, faudrait commencer par, à la base, pas trop dégoûter de l'école les gamins qui pour des raisons diverses et variées (problèmes cognitifs, paresse congénitale, parents négligents, lenteur innée...) se retrouvent à la ramasse, ne se sentent pas suffisamment encadrés et encouragés... Pour ça, pas de secret... puisqu'on peut difficilement ré-éduquer les parents, il faut des classes ADAPTÉES aux différents profils. Ça ne veut pas dire faire des groupes de niveaux de folie (élitisme vs. ghetto). Juste ajouter un peu d'homogénéité dans cette hétérogénéité chaotique. La pédagogie différenciée (aka proposer différentes activités autour d'un même projet/but, au sein d'une même classe en prenant en compte les besoins et difficultés de chacun) c'est choupi à condition d'avoir un groupe plus réduit histoire de ne pas brasser de l'air pour rien en courant entre chaque groupe pour vérifier que tout est compris et que tout le monde est plus ou moins en train de bosser.

Quant à ce merveilleux concept de faire bosser davantage les enseignants...


Cette année, j'ai 7 classes, deux heures supp' dont je ne veux pas (y en a une t'as pas le choix et l'autre bah ça foutait trop la merde de la refuser, la culpabilité toussa toussa), et un atelier d'une heure le soir. Je suis 21 heures par semaine devant les élèves. Ouais SEULEMENT 21 heures.
Et encore une fois par pitié, ne réduisez pas le boulot des profs juste au taux horaire de présence devant les monstres apprenants. Et n'imaginez pas que les profs font sans cesse les mêmes cours, ne se renouvelant que tous les 8 ans en moyenne.
Préparations de cours, corrections, rendez-vous avec les élèves, leurs parents, réunions avec l'administration, avec les collègues, avec les écoles primaires, avec les lycées partenaires, avec le médecin scolaire, le conseiller d'orientation...

Je suis au bahut les lundis et vendredis de 7h40 à 17h10, les mardis de 7h40 à 15h10 et les jeudis de 7h40 à 18h30.

Je ne vois pas très bien comment je pourrais être plus présente dans l'établissement (ah si, je pourrais venir le mercredi mais du coup ça m'empêcherait de (re)voir les diffusions d'"Une Famille Formidable") (genre le truc impossible à envisager) (Jacques et Catherine Beaumont quoi) (qui m'ont, par ailleurs, je ne vous le cache pas, un peu déçue avec la pub pour une convention obsèques) (mais je les aime quand même hein)

Sachant que lorsque je ne suis pas en train de dire à Jordan que les adjectifs sont invariables ou à Mendy qu'elle ferait mieux de venir au tableau sans chouiner à moins qu'elle n'ait envie d'écoper du combo mot + punition, un duo qui fait toujours son petit effet, je ne suis malheureusement pas en train de me faire masser dans le SPA du collège.

Lorsque j'ai une heure de trou, je suis au choix :

  • en train de maudire la photocopieuse qui laisse une bande noire sur les polycopiés.
  • en train de créer et d'imprimer des feuilles d'activités, des exercices, des évals...
  • en train d'expliquer à Kévyan que dire à Esteban "sale bâtard de sa race de pute tellement t'es laid, tu ressembles à un mort, je vais te crever sale enculé" n'est pas une preuve d'amitié taillée dans le roc.
  • en train de parler du PAI ou PPS d'élèves dyslexiques/dyscalculiques/dyspraxiques/hyperactifs/semi-aveugles/semi-sourds/avec un retard mental avéré mais-plutôt-crever-que-de-lui-trouver-une-classe-adaptée-hein-de-toute-façon-y-a-pas-de-place-on-va-se-débrouiller-même-s'il-bave.
  • en train de téléphoner ou de rencontrer des parents pour les féliciter/les conseiller/les informer...
  • en train de monter une vidéo avec Adobe Premiere avec des fondus enchaînés et des effets trop de la balle où les élèves diront "waaaah trop beau madame".
  • en train de fignoler un diaporama powerpoint à base de trucs cools qui font "CHDiiiiiiiNG" quand on clique dessus.
  • en train de coller des stickers sur de chouettes copies qui transpirent l'effort et la bonne volonté.
  • en train de remplir le cahier de textes en ligne de mes 7 classes.
  • en train d'organiser un voyage ou une sortie pour les 5èmes.
  • en train de compter combien de photocopies je dois faire pour la 4èmeD à 25 élèves, sachant qu'il y a 4 images par feuille et qu'il ne faut pas que j'oublie d'agrandir l'image pour Donovan qui a de gros problèmes de vue.
  • en train d'écouter les productions orales des élèves sur mon iPhone, des écouteurs dans les oreilles et un stylo rose pailleté dans la main, les yeux vissés sur ma grille d'évaluation.
  • en train de reporter des notes et cocher moulte cases concernant les compétences, le socle commun et autres trucs relativement chronophages et chiants et inutiles.

Rappelons à toutes fins utiles que j'ai un atelier ciné le jeudi soir avec les 3èmes et que lorsque je rentre dans mon home sweet home, je ne balance pas mon cartable en hurlant de joie avant de sortir boire un Black Mojito au Plaza Athénée... Je termine de faire ce que les heures de trou n'ont pas pu combler.

À écouter Sarko et tous les gens qui ignorent plus ou moins ostensiblement ce qu'est le quotidien d'un prof consciencieux, les profs ont quand même vachement de temps pour faire des trucs d'auto-entrepreneur et pour s'investir encore davantage dans leur entreprise bahut. Cette image de feignasse toujours en vacances semble indélébile.

Moi, j'ai juste le temps de mettre du vernis, d'assouvir mon besoin d'écrire, de poker mes amis sur Facebook, de mater la saison 5 de TBBT et de faire des trucs de la vie sociale et sentimentale et un peu culturelle aussi, mais pas autant que je le souhaiterais.
Et quand je fais l'énorme connerie de lire les commentaires des lecteurs de journaux en ligne... j'ai juste envie de prendre un hygiaphone et de hurler qu'ON BOSSE DÉJÀ À MORT et qu'on a bien plus la pression qu'il y a 20 ou 30 ans. Les profs ont bien plus de missions et de responsabilités le tout sans être davantage payés. Qu'on nous paye déjà tout le boulot que nous faisons bénévolement et après on pourra éventuellement demander aux volontaires d'en faire plus.

En tant que nullipare, je n'ai que mon cul à torcher et j'ai du mal à imaginer comment je vais parvenir un de ces 4, à gérer l'organisation que demande mon taf et l'organisation que demande un mouflet.

Alors, Monsieur Sarkozy, une fois n'est pas coutume, ça serait bien aimable de se renseigner avant de l'ouvrir.

Prenez donc conseil auprès de votre ministre de l'éducation nationale qui... ah... qui n'a jamais enseigné donc.


          Histoire de bien commencer l'année (Y a du cadal ♥)        

Ça y est, 2011 se carapate pour laisser place à 2012 l'année de la partouze.


Merci à Vieux Félin pour cette MERVEILLEUSE image ♥

C'est l'heure des bilans et des bonnes résolutions...


Je n’ai certes pas ENCORE réussi à:

  • finir Mémoires d'Hadrien de Marguerite Yourcenar (bouquin étudié en prépa qui m'a rendue totalement narcoleptique et que j'ai essayé de relire maintes fois mettant mon profond ennui sur le compte d'une certaine immaturité littéraire) (bon bah, au bout de 10 ans, je suis formelle : ce livre me fait profondément chier) (genre tu espères une petite scène de cul entre Hadrien et Antinoüs... et BAM, tout ce qui t'indique que les deux gaillards ont dû jouer à "qui-tire-qui", c'est une phrase de quatre mots : "une intimité s'ébaucha" :-| ) (Du coup, entre deux chapitres où Hadrien chouinait car son beau Bithynien s'était noyé dans le Nil, je relisais honteusement la trilogie de Régine Desforges avec Léa et François aka ce "Gone With The Wind" sous les bombes de la seconde guerre mondiale)
  • devenir le 6ème membre de Radiohead et créer un collectif avec Sigur Rós
  • aller à New York avec toi toutes les nuits déconner
  • ne pas pleurer à chaudes larmes pendant 2 heures en re-re-revoyant Zabou Breitman respirer le souffle de Jacques Gamblin en dégonflant le petit coussin bleu... l'une de mes plus grandes émotions viscérales au cinéma
  • boire une coupe de Cristal Roederer avec Pierre Bénichou
  • convaincre les parents de Miguelito de couper la queue de rat de leur fils qui n'est pas sans rappeler un joueur de foot allemand en 1982
  • décider une bonne fois pour toutes si je préfère Sheldon ou Howard
  • trouver le moyen de ressusciter Philippe Noiret, Jean Yanne, Pierre Desproges et Jacqueline Maillan
  • manipuler sans gerber de la crépine de porc


cette année ne fut pas tout à fait vaine, car je suis parvenue à :

  • revoir TOUS les épisodes de "Madame est servie"
  • gagner le Prix des Internautes du magazine ELLE (maintenant, j'attends une interview et qu'on me propose une rubrique qui me rendra riche et adulée) (si vous n'avez pas lu l'interview de Gaspard Proust dans le dernier ELLE, précipitez-vous chez votre marchand de journaux et délectez-vous de son délicieux cynisme)
  • impressionner les foules en chantant PAR COEUR des pièces majeures de l'oeuvre de "Soldat Louis" telles que "Les p'tites du bout du monde" ou "Martiniquaise"
  • rendre mon Seigneur et Maître heureux et toujours aussi amoureux (de MOI hein, pas de Lucy Liu)
  • apparaître de dos dans le DVD du spectacle de Stéphane Guillon (je suis au 7ème rang à côté d'un mec génial qui a une chemise blanche et une grosse bite)
  • regarder 9 fois d'affilée la pub Dior Homme avec Jude Law en couinant quand il fait "ouh ouh" dans le téléphone
  • rencontrer des gens formidables avec une mention toute particulière à un grand NIAIS qui a un PETIT COPAIN très gentil
  • goûter de la truffe blanche d'Alba et avoir un orgasme au niveau des papilles
  • redonner le goût d'apprendre une langue étrangère à des élèves démotivés et découragés

Et histoire de bien commencer la dernière ligne droite avant la fin du monde, j'ai un truc trop de la balle à partager avec vous...

Poulette m'a écrit pour me dire :
1. Joyeux Noël toussa toussa (Poulette est sympa et polie en plus d'être incroyablement BONNE. Mais genre bonne dans le style "grande brune fatale et mystérieuse mais accessible avec ce jenesaisquoi de sulfureux")
2. "Dis-donc, t'as pas envie de faire plaisir à tes lecteurs ?" (Poulette est sympa, polie, incroyablement bonne dans le style "grande brune fatale et mystérieuse mais accessible avec ce jenesaisquoi de sulfureux" ET altruiste)

Le pitch : Poulette vous propose de passer une matinée en ma compagnie le mercredi 11 janvier (premier jour des soldes) dans un centre commercial avec en cadeau un bon d'achat de 100 euros à dépenser dans les boutiques partenaires de l'opération.
Plusieurs villes participent à cet évènement et j'ai choisi celle de Rouen pour trois raisons :

  • Mon frère habite cette ville donc je pourrai le voir pour prendre un café ensuite
  • Mon frère habite cette ville donc je pourrai le voir pour prendre un café ensuite
  • Mon frère habite cette ville donc je pourrai le voir pour prendre un café ensuite

À 9h, des boutiques seront ouvertes ex-eu-près pour l'heureuse gagnante et votre serviteur, et armées de nos chèques-cadeaux, nous pourrons casualement déambuler en hurlant comme des hyènes dans le centre commercial.


Certaines vont dire "NAN MAIS WTF, j'habite Strasbourg, c'est coton d'aller jusqu'à Rouen :-/ "
Ce à quoi, je répondrai : "pas faux".
Crevette sur la paëlla (OUI je compte recycler cette merveilleuse expression dans tous mes articles) (expression prêtée par Élodie ;-) ), même si vous n'êtes pas sélectionnées, vous pouvez tenter votre chance pour être accueillies en VIP (genre tapis rouge et shopping privilège avant le rush du grand public) (n'oubliez pas vos lunettes de soleil à la Jackie Onassis) avec un bon d'achat de 60 euros dans l'un des onze centres commerciaux partenaires de l'évènement grâce à un jeu sur Facebook.

Voici les liens pour accéder à la page Facebook des différents centres commerciaux :

- Paris, Forum des Halles, cliquez ici.

- Paris, La Défense, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial de Rosny, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial Parly dans le 78, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial de Vélizy, dans le 78, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial Carré Sénart, dans le 77, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial de la Part-Dieu à Lyon, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial Euralille, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial Rivetoile à Strasbourg, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial Saint Sever de Rouen, cliquez ici.

- Centre commercial Docks Vauban au Havre, cliquez ici.

Comment gagner la joie immense de passer un moment biatch avec Princesse Soso ET SURTOUT CHOPER 100 EUROS POUR LES SOLDES ?

1. Assure-toi que tu es dispo le mercredi 11 janvier et que tu peux être à 9h précises au centre commercial Saint Sever de Rouen.
2. Écris un petit commentaire ici pour me dire pourquoi c'est TOI qu'il faut choisir genre parce que tu es trop sympa et que tu kiffes Pierre Bénichou et le Gini.
3. Croise les doigts pour avoir de la chance car Seigneur et Maître tirera la gagnante... au sort.

Le délai est court puisque l'évènement est tout proche... Tu as jusqu'au samedi 7 janvier 23h59 pour participer :-)


          Le jour où je fus d'accord avec Natacha Polony        

Jusqu'à l'émission de Laurent Ruquier, je ne connaissais pas grand chose de Natacha Polony mis à part des articles dans Marianne que je ne lisais pas ou très peu parce qu'à l'époque :

  • Je vivais en Angleterre... donc je me gavais de culture anglophone : de Marian Keyes à Francis Bacon, de Trisha Goodard à Eastenders en passant par les peintures de Turner, les merveilleuses cartes et papier-cadeau de chez Clinton's, les bath bombs de Lush, les fish & chips, TOUT Jane Austen, mes premiers sushi chez Yo ! Sushi, l'humour de Graham Norton ou Stephen Fry, Harry Potter encore et encore, les Bacardi Breezers (surtout ceux à l'ananas, à la pastèque et au pamplemousse), respirer Londres (et tousser), les take-away du vendredi soir avec Joolz ma coloc' (Fried Rice Noodles Singapore Style ♥ ou les Crispy Pancake Duck ♥)


  • Je préparais mon mémoire sur Shakespeare, ses constantes allusions de cul et sa guerre des sexes adaptée au cinéma... donc je passais mon temps à consulter des archives poussiéreuses dans des bibliothèques hyper classes de Stratford-Upon-Avon tout en relisant jour et nuit les pièces avec un stabilo dans une main et un thé à la bergamote dans l'autre (et aussi des Oreos)
  • Je galérais entre l'Amant anglais et Victor Newman tout en gérant le harcèlement d'un élève du lycée où j'étais assistante qui mettait des mots flippants sur mon pare-brise genre "I LOVE YOU. YOU BELONG TO ME"
  • Je passais mon CAPES à base de Tennessee Williams ♥ et de Joseph Conrad (*BAILLER* + *VOMIR*) donc je bossais tout le temps en essayant de garder un semblant de vie sociale (aka picoler avec mes potes et voir grandir mon filleuldamour)

Et puis, il y a quelques semaines, Sabine a parlé du blog de Natacha Polony et de son billet apparemment controversé sur lequel ont craché bon nombre d'enseignants, puis des lecteurs m'ont également envoyé le lien de l'article me demandant de réagir et de donner mon avis.

Vous pouvez lire son billet ici et je vous encourage chaudement à le dévorer en opinant du chef.

À la base, je ne traîne pas trop sur le Figaro... journal éloigné de mes convictions politiques et surtout j'évite soigneusement de lire les commentaires (que ce soit du Figaro ou d'autres journaux d'ailleurs) des lecteurs sur le web qui sont un mix d'intolérance, de connerie monumentale, de vindicte gratuite et de xénophobie.
J'ai tout de même lu avec intérêt et un verre de Gini ce billet, et au fil des lignes, j'ai commencé à écarquiller les yeux façon lori.

Comment, je suis 100% d'accord avec TOUT ce qui est écrit dans ce putain d'excellent billet.

Nat' résume parfaitement et de manière éloquente et pas pédante toute ma pensée et ma vision de l'école.
Mais genre, à fond quoi.
Tout ce qu'elle a écrit, je l'ai moi-même exprimé ici (mais avec beaucoup plus de "sa mère la pute qui suce les bites par paquets de douze" et de "putain de sa race").

Extraits de phrases-choc :

  • "Le portrait d’une école qui n’a plus qu’une ambition : “fabriquer de la bonne employabilité".
  • "Une société en cours de décivilisation “où chacun fonctionne comme une sorte de structure solitaire qui exige des autres mais qui jamais ne se sent redevable".
  • "Des réformes qui transformaient l’enseignement de la littérature en une démarche utilitariste visant à instrumentaliser le patrimoine culturel et littéraire pour en garder uniquement les notions d’argumentation, de négociation, etc... considérées comme utiles au monde du travail. Désormais, on devait étudier les textes pour en tirer de la matière à débat".
  • "j’ai pu constater ce qu’était le niveau d’un bachelier français moyen : il suffit de regarder les consignes de corrections au bac pour comprendre : l’orthographe ne doit pas retirer plus de deux points, si bien que lorsque les phrases ne sont pas en français, ce n’est pas grave. D’autant que cela fait des années qu’on répète aux enseignants que l’orthographe est la science des imbéciles."
  • Sa vision de la méthode globale (une hérésie nuisible), son opinion sur la notion de classement, sur la lecture ou sur le manque de respect des élèves...

J'ai beaucoup de mal à comprendre les enseignants qui ne partagent pas cette vision et qui hurlent qu'elle n'est qu'une sale réac et que bouhhhh comment c'est trop caca-boudin avec des arguments aussi solides qu'une maison construite par Numérobis et Amobonfis son rival.

"Natacha ou la nostalgie de l'autoritarisme"
=> Je dis NON et NON les p'tits loups. Je suis fatiguée, lassée, usée par ce nouvel amalgame qui consiste à confondre "autorité" et "autoritarisme". S'il y a quarante ans, un instit' avait le pouvoir (voire le devoir) de faire régner dans sa classe un silence basé sur la crainte de s'en prendre une dans la gueule ; à présent, certains osent à peine mettre un mot dans le carnet d'un élève redoutant les conséquences d'un tel geste...
Énorme manque d'équilibre entre une génération qui avait peur de se prendre une règle en fer sur le bout des doigts et une génération que l'on couve et surcouve, fustigeant toute tentative d'inculquer respect et rigueur... Bien évidemment, il ne faut pas tomber dans une généralisation excessive. Il y a quarante ans, tous les profs n'étaient pas des tortionnaires, ravis de pouvoir filer une mandale à un élève insolent... et de nos jours, tous les parents d'élèves ne sont pas de sombres abrutis couvrant leur enfant à la moindre bévue.
Néanmoins, je ne peux que constater le manque de soutien dans les hautes sphères et dans les familles quant à l'attitude et au manque de travail de beaucoup, beaucoup d'élèves. Un élève qui ne fait jamais ses devoirs. Un élève qui rend copie blanche à chaque éval'. Un élève qui monopolise constamment le temps de parole en classe et tente de négocier et de nuancer la moindre remarque/critique de son prof. L'élève, ce mini-adulte qui doit pouvoir s'exprimer même si effectivement il n'a rien à dire...
En 2011, un prof a du mal à confisquer un objet non approprié à son cours (portable, console de jeux, magazine de foot, miroir...) sans s'attirer les foudres des familles, voire de sa hiérarchie. En 2011, un prof a du mal à mettre en retenue des élèves relativement récalcitrants puisque personne dans sa famille ne veut venir le chercher car ça fait trop chier de devoir retourner au bahut à 18h. En 2011, un prof est obligé de se justifier à genoux lorsqu'il donne une punition. Il existe des profs injustes qui auraient tendance à imposer leur volonté de puissance (Nietzsche forever) mais ne nous leurrons pas, la majorité des enseignants est plutôt honnête et bienveillante et lorsqu'un prof écrit un mot dans le carnet pour expliquer à la famille de Bryanna, que pour la troisième fois consécutive, elle n'a pas fait ses devoirs et que sa propension à bavarder constamment tout en se recoiffant devient un tantinet insupportable, il s'attend au pire à une simple signature de la famille, indiquant qu'elle a pris connaissance des remontrances de l'enseignant... au mieux, à une petite réponse du style "Merci de nous avoir prévenus. Comptez sur notre soutien et notre vigilance afin que ce genre d'incident ne se reproduise pas". Mais dans bien des familles, au mieux, le mot est signé en quatrième vitesse et ne donne lieu à AUCUNE discussion entre parents et enfants ou alors juste un "bon faut travailler Bryanna hein" et au pire, une petite réponse vient augmenter la tension artérielle de l'enseignant qui sera ravi d'apprendre qu'il devrait se mêler de ce qui le regarde et qu'il faut arrêter de punir Bryanna pour n'importe quoi.

J'aime à répéter à chaque parent et à chacun de mes élèves, qu'à partir de l'instant où il franchit les grilles de l'établissement, un enfant devient un élève. C'est-à-dire qu'il ne dépend plus des règles de la maison mais de celles de l'établissement. Et c'est là où le bât blesse malheureusement. Si à la maison, le mot d'ordre est "vas-y mon loupiot, agis selon TON rythme et TES envies", il y a fort à parier que ça va lui faire tout bizarre à l'école quand on va essayer de lui faire comprendre la notion de contrainte et de compromis, mamelles de la vie en collectivité.
Il y a quelques semaines, j'ai reçu la famille de Kélyan. La veille, Kélyan s'était fritté avec Enzo qui avait accusé sa mère d'accomplir des actes buccaux à tout va. Les termes "bâtard" et "va manger tes morts sale connard" avaient été prononcés de toute part (Rappelons que Kélyan et Enzo ont 11 ans et qu'il est toujours appréciable de constater qu'aux âmes bien nées, la violence verbale, à l'instar de la valeur, n'attend pas le nombre des années). Kélyan s'est alors jeté sur Enzo et l'a bourriné de coups de poing. Y a pas à tortiller, l'arcade sourcilière, ça saigne vachement quand même. Enzo s'en est sorti avec un beau cocard et tous deux ont été exclus quelques jours.
La famille de Kélyan a immédiatement hurlé à l'injustice car c'était Enzo qui avait commencé et Kélyan n'avait fait qu'appliquer l'un des principes fondateurs de sa famille : SE VENGER.

La maman de Kélyan : "On a toujours dit à Kélyan qu'il doit se défendre. Si on l'insulte, si on le tape, il doit rendre les insultes et les coups. C'est une question d'honneur"
Princesse Soso : "Le souci c'est que nous avons des règles différentes à l'école. Nous passons notre temps à expliquer aux élèves que toute violence verbale ou physique est proscrite. Lorsqu'un élève se fait insulter ou est en passe de se faire frapper, nous l'encourageons à s'éloigner le plus vite possible afin de prévenir un adulte. J'ajoute qu'il y a une différence entre se défendre et rendre les coups... Nous avons une tolérance pour un élève qui, pour éviter un coup, va repousser son camarade... mais, en revanche, il ne doit pas, à son tour, se montrer violent et attaquer"
Le papa de Kélyan : "Mon fils n'est pas une chiffe molle qui va chialer et cafter auprès des profs. Il règle le problème tout seul. Enzo méritait les coups. C'est une question d'honneur"
Princesse Soso : "Votre fils est avant tout un élève au sein du collège et il doit se conformer au règlement qui stipule clairement la conduite à adopter en cas de conflit avec un autre élève. Kélyan devait s'éloigner d'Enzo et prévenir un adulte des insultes qu'il subissait. Des sanctions auraient été prises uniquement à l'encontre d'Enzo et Kélyan ne serait pas actuellement exclu, considéré lui-aussi comme fautif"
La maman de Kélyan : "Mais il n'a fait que se défendre ! Il n'allait pas laisser ce sale petit vaurien m'insulter et me traiter de pute !"
Princesse Soso : "Mais Kélyan ne s'est pas défendu, il s'est vengé. Cela n'a RIEN à voir. Je comprends tout à fait que Kélyan se soit énervé, le souci est qu'il a perdu le contrôle et qu'il a cédé à ses pulsions. Il a fait une erreur et est puni en conséquence. Je comprends qu'il ait fait cette erreur, l'important est qu'il admette qu'on ne peut pas agir ainsi au collège. Le vieil adage "on ne résout rien par la violence" est totalement en adéquation avec les règles de l'établissement. Kélyan s'est acharné sur Enzo, il ne s'est pas contrôlé et raisonné. Ce genre d'incident peut arriver mais ne doit pas se reproduire"
Le papa de Kélyan : "Comme je dis toujours, si la violence ne résout rien c'est que tu n'as pas cogné assez fort !" (rires gras)
La maman de Kélyan : "Chez nous, on se venge quand on nous a fait un sale coup. C'est comme ça. Et Kélyan, il suit d'abord les règles de sa famille. C'est à l'école d'accepter des élèves qui ont une éducation différente"
Princesse Soso : "Absolument pas. C'est aux familles de s'adapter aux règles de l'école. C'est comme si vous me disiez que c'est la société qui doit s'adapter aux hors-la-loi..."
La maman de Kélyan : "Vous traitez Kélyan de hors-la-loi ???"
Le papa de Kélyan : "Ouais parce qu'on peut très bien immédiatement retirer Kélyan du collège hein !"
Princesse Soso : "Vous commencez sévèrement à me courir sur le haricot tous les deux À mon avis, vous allez avoir du mal à trouver un établissement scolaire qui prône la vendetta et tolère la violence... Kélyan n'a pas respecté les règles, il est puni. Idem pour Enzo. Il n'y a strictement rien à négocier. Kélyan doit apprendre à se contrôler lorsqu'il a envie de frapper. Le souci, c'est que si à la maison, vous l'encouragez à avoir recours à la violence, on n'est pas sorti de l'auberge..."
Le papa de Kélyan : "C'est comme ça dans notre famille et on ne va pas changer pour vous faire plaisir"
Princesse Soso : "Alors, je pense que nous n'avons plus rien de constructif à nous dire et cet entretien est à présent terminé"

La famille de Kélyan n'est malheureusement pas un cas isolé et il est de moins en moins rare de voir des parents encourager leur progéniture à appliquer la loi du Talion.

"Natacha ou le rigorisme injuste et traumatisant"
=> En défendant la notion de classement, Natacha s'en prend plein la tronche... Le classement stigmatise, traumatise, met en lumière les clivages et décourage... Tous les élèves sont égaux et il est tout simplement anti-pédagogique de vouloir en faire briller certains tandis que d'autres demeurent dans une obscurité, symbole d'ignorance et de retard. La société est suffisamment encline à exacerber les inégalités, inutile d'appliquer cette même injustice à l'école.
On prend le problème à l'envers. Le classement encourage, motive, galvanise également. Il n'est pas uniquement source d'échec et de larmes.
Il ne faut pas oublier que 95% des élèves travaillent pour tout SAUF pour eux :

  • Ils travaillent pour faire plaisir à leur famille.
  • Ils travaillent pour ne pas se faire engueuler.
  • Ils travaillent parce que c'est comme ça et pas autrement. Ils n'ont pas véritablement le choix de par leur éducation voire un certain endoctrinement.
  • Ils travaillent pour avoir une Wii et une PS3.
  • Ils travaillent parce qu'ils aiment bien le prof.

Je me souviens très bien que mon instit' de CE1 nous répétait constamment : "Vous ne l'avez pas encore compris et/ou accepté... mais n'oubliez jamais que c'est pour VOUS que vous travaillez". La bonne blague. La petite fille de 6 ans que j'étais travaillait parce que c'était sympa d'apprendre des trucs et en plus ça faisait drôlement sourire papa, maman, mamie ou papy lorsque je ramenais des 10/10, des bons points et des images.
La carotte, la récompense ne sont pas de vilains mots au sein d'une classe. Autant je suis la première à hurler lorsque j'entends des élèves réclamer un SALAIRE ("ouais les profs sont payés pour venir au collège, on devrait être payé aussi"), autant je ne suis pas réfractaire à un système de récompense ponctuel destiné à encourager et faire plaisir. Apprendre pour apprendre c'est terriblement difficile à assimiler... alors de temps en temps, il n'est pas nuisible d'insérer la notion de cadeau afin de féliciter un élève pour ses progrès et ses résultats.
Mettre un sticker pailleté sur de bonnes copies, offrir des babioles pour Noël aux élèves méritants... de petits gestes qui sont une sorte de MERCI. Merci pour ta bonne volonté. Merci de jouer le jeu. Merci de venir dans mon cours dans le but de travailler. Merci de grandir et d'évoluer dans le bon sens.
Un peu de gratitude mêlée à un soupçon de démagogie : la clé du succès ?
Si l'on écoute certains enseignants, certains parents et certains soit-disant spécialistes de l'enfance et de l'éducation, le système de récompense est louable s'il est appliqué à TOUS les élèves. Sous-entendu, hors de question que dans une classe de 26, 11 élèves aient un chouette cadeau, 7 aient un petit cadeau et 8 n'aient rien du tout. C'est-trop-pas-zuste (Caliméro forever).
Et bien non.
Faut quand même pas déconner. Cindy a 17 de moyenne parce qu'elle a des facilités et qu'elle bosse, Lorenzo a 13 de moyenne en cravachant grave parce qu'il a de sacrées difficultés, Perrine a 12 de moyenne en foutant strictement que dalle mais comme elle a de grosses facilités, elle sauve les meubles, Lucas a 5 de moyenne en branlant strictement que tchi... et faudrait tous les récompenser de la même manière ???

Eh, on n'est pas à l'École des fans là, les p'tits loups !

Le classement ou la récompense au mérite permet de faire comprendre à un élève que ses efforts portent leurs fruits et peuvent être source de satisfaction, de plaisir et de reconnaissance. Cela évite que les élèves paresseux s'enlisent dans une passivité apathique "puisque de toute façon, on a tous le même cadeau à la fin".

Pour Noël, les élèves méritants ("méritants" ne signifie pas forcément avoir 19,2/20... Les élèves méritants font de leur mieux, sont volontaires et agréables, ils viennent en classe pour progresser, ils sont polis, respectueux et aident à instaurer une bonne ambiance de travail) ont le droit de participer à des quiz qui leur permettent de gagner une petite surprise (un porte-clé, un petit bijou, un petit parfum, des stickers, un petit bouquin, des règles ou des stylos avec écrit dessus "Happy Christmas from your teacher" ou "Very good work ! Well done !"... etc.). Les élèves qui se sont récoltés des mots ou des punitions pour leur manque de travail ou pour leur attitude inconvenante se voient immédiatement exclus de ce bonus. Ça me semble normal et logique. Genre je ne vais quand même pas filer un porte-clé phosphorescent que j'ai acquis avec mes propres deniers à Johnny qui refuse de venir au tableau pour corriger un exo, qui a 01/20 de moyenne en anglais et qui ne fait jamais ses devoirs..
On cherche constamment à encourager les plus faibles. OK... mais c'est choupi aussi d'encourager les plus forts. Ce n'est pas de l'élitisme, c'est un juste retour des choses.

Cela fait également écho à l'idée qu'il faut supprimer les notes afin que la coopération prenne le pas sur la compétition.
Encore une fois, on prend le problème à l'envers. La compétition peut être saine et source d'émulation. La compétition n'est pas uniquement faite pour humilier les plus faibles... Ce qu'il faut supprimer, ce ne sont pas les notes bien évidemment, mais le collège unique, source d'inégalités et d'humiliation. Lorsqu'un enfant a de mauvais résultats, il faut comprendre pourquoi. Il n'a pas appris ? il n'a pas compris ? A-t-il la possibilité de travailler sereinement à la maison ? Est-il encadré, encouragé par sa famille ? Autant de questions auxquelles il est parfois difficile de trouver des réponses...

Ahh la "coopération"... le nouveau terme didactique à la mode. Les élèves doivent travailler en équipe afin justement de ne plus entretenir une compétition individuelle... Le travail en îlots tel qu'il est présenté par Marie Rivoire (qui a écrit un guide à ce sujet) est une idée judicieuse mais selon moi, absolument pas applicable à TOUTES les séances de cours. C'est top à doses homéopathiques. Il faut impérativement qu'un élève apprenne à travailler SEUL, à se concentrer et à se retrouver avec lui-même pour affronter, élucider, comprendre, analyser, déduire... Et encore une fois, je rejoins Natacha quant à sa théorie sur le problème de la lecture... Une écrasante majorité d'élèves, même d'excellents élèves, n'aime pas lire. C'est chiant. C'est long. C'est difficile. Et ouais... à force d'activités ludiques et surtout courtes, à force de coopération... les élèves ne sont pas préparés à affronter la lecture, cet exercice solitaire qui demande une construction mentale et une concentration qui ne s'acquièrent pas en un coup de baguette magique. Avant de travailler à plusieurs, il faut savoir travailler seul... C'est d'une logique implacable.


Je ne m'étendrai pas sur le problème de l'orthographe, sur la langue malmenée, écorchée, humiliée par une paresse et un mépris qui me sont écoeurants.
De très bons élèves ne parviennent pas à écrire sans erreur et confondent "c'est" et "sait"... "et" et "est"... "ça" et "sa"... La phonétique prend le pas sur les règles. On écrit pour communiquer et plus pour célébrer une langue parfois ardue et alambiquée mais aussi symbole d'une délicieuse rigueur salvatrice qui permet de développer mémoire et agilité intellectuelle...

Il est vraiment temps que l'école 2.0 arrive.
Une école de l'équilibre avec un cadre et une autorité juste qui n'exclut pas une certaine décontraction. Une école où apprendre n'est pas une simple obligation ou une contrainte mais une source de plaisir et d'épanouissement. Une école qui développe l'esprit, une école qui nivelle par le haut. Une école qui se sert de son passé, non pas pour l'anéantir mais pour en extraire les vertus afin de faire de l'école du XXIème siècle un lieu d'apprentissage où chacun a sa chance, où chacun est en sécurité, où chacun a la possibilité de progresser, où chacun doit jouer le jeu...

Vous n'êtes pas d'accord avec ça ? Vous pensez que c'est irréalisable ?

Bienvenue en dystopie, alors.

          8 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Me        

When tapped to share “8 things you probably didn’t know about” James Farrar he noted that blogging is quite the “exhibitionist” activity. Much of my blogging experience these past years has been more in audience capacity; a vicarious blog explorer, rather than an active onstage character. Vicarious means I observe certain events by “imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experiences of another”.

Others’ blogs expose me to great examples of: storytelling, journalism, innovation and when done expertly well, art. While exploring, I’m often wondering what it would be like to write as prolifically or as creatively or as knowledgeably as the bloggers whose contents I follow. Fair, although hardly shy, I do feel a bit the wallflower while the nimble waltz me by with dizzyingly and dazzlingly clever insights, observations, perceptions and opinions.

I’ve imagined what I would write on the off-chance that someone might tag me for the “8 things you probably don’t know about me” meme. But I was caught off guard (gobsmacked as the brits would say) when I happened upon my name in James’ blog: the Wisdom of Clouds. It’s like someone asked the ungainly girl at the school party to dance to be nice. Thanks James.

Eight is a lot. I’ll start chronologically.

1. When I was 4, my sister was born on my birthday. For years afterwards I assumed that all families had that same arrangement, meaning siblings who were not twins also shared a common birthday. The realization that my belief system was faulty was very traumatic.

2. When I was about 8 years old, I separated from my parents while on board the Sternwheeler (steamboat) called the "The American". We were visiting an ill-fated and short-lived amusement park in the Bronx (New York) called: Freedomland U.S.A. There is a certain irony to all this. The year was 1960 and the civil rights movement was coming into its own with the Greensboro Four staging a peaceful sit-in at Woolworth’s in North Carolina, breaking down the segregation walls in the south. Back on the steamboat, my parents found me quickly. I was staging my own sit-in of sorts, in the steamship’s bandstand. There they found me sitting entranced on a trumpet player’s lap. His name: Louie Armstrong. I’ve always loved his voice and music.

3. When I was 10 I decided to have a “penny fair” and created an amusement park in my yard. I gathered $5.57 cents from all of our neighborhood children (a great many pennies). Although rather pleased with my entrepreneurial success, I wound up donating the money to a school for mentally handicapped children. The principal sent me and the neighborhood children a very nice thank you letter.

4. When I was 16 I discovered that although my sister and I shared the same birth date, it wasn’t the one recorded in our birth certificates. My mom had changed them both by a few days to give us the opportunity of starting kindergarten early. I think it was a shocking revelation that documents could be misleading or doctored.

5. At 20 I took a road trip across the US. It was the summer of ’74 and in California, after a day of many driving mishaps; I got pulled over by the police. I had gotten a ticket earlier that day for speeding on the freeway. While paying my speeding ticket, I parked in a no-parking zone. I then proceeded to run a stop sign. It was a bad-hair driving day.When I saw the flashing lights in the rear-view mirror I was baffled. Couldn’t think of a single additional infraction I might have committed other than the fact that our car was a real jalopy with only one workable door, totally dust-covered and we (my future husband and I) looked a bit like ’70’s hippies after our 6 weeks on the road. I roll down my window (I’m the driver) and ask: “yes officer?”, failing to notice the growing number of squad cars accumulating behind us. The policeman looks oddly tense. “Did you hear about the bank robbery?”, says he. “Oh sure”, says I., “I’m Bonnie and this” (pointing to my future husband) “is Clyde”. The policemen weren’t particularly amused as they pulled me out of the car thinking I was the fugitive kidnapped newspaper heiress turned militant, Patty Hearst .

6. I studied theater directing in the Tel Aviv University drama department. In 1979 I turned down an invitation by the national theater to assistant direct and work with theater luminary Joseph Chaiken on “The Dybbuk”. What we do for love. I was expecting my first child.

7. In the early eighties, before “Glastnost” and the subsequent transparency policies of Gorbachev, I went on a small mission to meet with prisoners of conscience and human rights activists in a number of cities in the Ukraine and found myself and travel partner “interviewed” by the KGB concerning our activities in each city. I think I’m a “persona non grata” in the former Soviet Union.

8. In the middle nineties started a grassroots movement of citizens concerned about environmental hazards and the rights of local residents and was invited to speak in the Israeli Parliament, together with my Bedouin neighbors.

Now, grannimari is quietly and sedately working as an online community evangelist for the Business Process Expert Community. And looking to the community members who inspire and challenge her thinking. In that spirit of letting no good deed go unpunished, I’ll tag: Jim Spath , Eddy De Clercq , Jen Robinson, Thomas Ritter, Dick Hirsch and Ram Tiwari

          Nestle Waters repozycjonowało wodę Aquarel na francuskim rynku        
Nestele Waters dokonało repozycjonowania paneuropejskiej marki wody Aquarel na francuskim rynku wody butelkowanej, kierując ją do dzieci w wieku od 6 miesięcy do 3 lat.
          Neurônio Em 3D        

WaLLDesK - Papel de Parede PC

La depresión se ha convertido en un gran problema en el mundo, principalmente en Occidente.

Uno de los aspectos más preocupantes es el incremento de este mal en personas jóvenes, incluso antes de la adolescencia. Aunque afecta a todos por igual, los dos extremos de la vida son los que más sufren (niños, en donde se observan marcados cambios de comportamiento, y ancianos).

La incidencia de la depresión continúa aumentando, junto con problemas de ansiedad, insomnio, suicidios y violencia. Una cantidad cada vez mayor de estudios indican que todo esto se debe en parte a nuestra dieta.

La mayoría de estos estudios han determinado que al administrar aceites omega-3 (N-3) a través de la dieta ó suplementos, los niveles de depresión y el riesgo de padecerla se reducen significativamente. Incluso estudios llevados a cabo en animales, usando pruebas especiales para determinar depresión, han confirmado estos hallazgos.

Los aceites omega-3, los cuales son altamente anti-inflamatorios, están presentes en grandes cantidades en el pescado y ciertos tipos de nueces, y en la linaza. Aves de corral criadas de manera libre (no con granos ó piensos) y ciertos animales de granja a los cuales se les permite pastar, poseen más cantidad de aceite omega-3 en sus carnes. Lo mismo ocurre con los huevos de las aves.

La inflamación crónica se ha relacionado con la depresión. Las citocinas inflamatorias son capaces de activar la inflamación en el cerebro, ocasionando la liberación de químicos que en exceso son tóxicos (por ejemplo, glutamato) y alterando los neurotransmisores. Se sabe que los pacientes que reciben interferon (una citocina) como tratamiento para varias patologías, pueden sufrir depresión como efecto secundario al mismo.

El problema con las dietas occidentales es que la relación entre aceites N-6 y los aceites N-3 se encuentra completamente alterada. Los aceites N-6 (aceites vegetales, girasol, maiz, canola, soya) se ingieren en cantidades industriales, y a la vez, el consumo de los aceites N-3 es muy bajo.

También se ha determinado que no es suficiente con añadir más aceites N-3 a la dieta. Es crítica la reducción en el consumo de los aceites N-6 (los cuales se saben estimulan la inflamación).

Vale la pena acotar que ciertos aceites dentro de la categoría N-6 son esenciales, debemos consumirlos para mantener una buena salud. Pero hay que mantener un equilibrio, idealmente en una proporción 1:1 con los aceites N-3.
Actualmente, esa relación está tan alterada que puede llegar a ser 45:1. Es una sobrecarga increíble para nuestro organismo, desde todo punto de vista, incluso a nivel celular: las membranas celulares requieren de ambos aceites, pero proporcionalmente.

Durante el embarazo, es sumamente importante el consumo de estos aceites N-3.

El cerebro del feto absorbe gran cantidad de aceites omega-3 de la madre, críticos para su desarrollo. Esto ocurre principalmente en el tercer trimestre del embarazo, cuando el cerebro fetal tiene su mayor crecimiento. Pero el consumo de estos aceites deben mantenerse en cantidades ideales a lo largo de todo el embarazo.

En embarazadas, el consumo de pescado es muy importante, pero hay que tener cuidado con el tipo de pescado que se ingiere, debido a que los niveles de mercurio que pueden estar presentes, varían según el pez. Mientras más grande, mayor riesgo de ingerir mercurio. Consulte con su profesional de salud de confianza al respecto. Pero no deje de ingerir una fuente de proteínas y aceites tan esencial como ésta.

La lactancia materna es sumamente importante porque de esta forma también se le suministra al bebé gran cantidad de aceites omega-3 (dependiendo de la dieta de la madre), entre muchas otras vitaminas y defensas contra enfermedades.

Las membranas de las neuronas cerebrales están compuestas en un 25% de aceites N-3, principalmente el componente DHA. El cerebro del bebé continúa su desarrollo aun mucho después de nacido. De allí la importancia de continuar la lactancia al menos por 6 meses ó un año. En niños cuyas madres tenían niveles bajos de aceites omega-3, se han observado problemas de comportamiento, aprendizaje y de lenguaje.

Se ha relacionado la reducción en los aceites omega-3 en la madre luego de dar a luz, con la depresión post-parto. Se ha demostrado que la madre sufre de una marcada reducción de aceites omega-3 al final del embarazo (que coincide con el desarrollo acelerado del cerebro del bebé en útero). Esto reduce a su vez sus niveles de dopamina y serotonina, lo que la puede conducir a una depresión mayor ó incluso violencia.

Algunos profesionales recomiendan a las embarazadas ó madres lactantes ingerir 500 a 1000 mg de DHA al día. Consulte con su profesional de Salud de confianza.

DHA es parte de los aceites omega-3, pero a diferencia de la fracción EPA, no tiene efecto ó muy poco sobre la coagulación sanguínea. (la fracción EPA es buena para prevenir coágulos sanguíneos, los cuales son un efecto secundario de algunos tipos de anticonceptivos orales).

Nota: El aceite de linaza no se debe suministrar a bebés ó niños pequeños. Ellos aun no poseen las enzimas necesarias para transformar el ácido alfa linolénico de la linaza en DHA y EPA (lo mismo ocurre en ancianos).

Nota adicional: Ya que hablamos de depresión: muchos estudios han relacionado los cambios estacionales con episodios de depresión (otoño, invierno, las estaciones frías y con menos Sol).
Podemos pensar que es probablemente la deficiencia de vitamina D en esos meses lo que ocasiona estos episodios depresivos. He aqui otra razón más por la que el Sol es tan importante en nuestra vida. La exposición al mismo, con moderación, es vital para nuestra Salud.

          Jugos de vegetales, excelente fuente de vitaminas, minerales y antioxidantes.        

Jugos de vegetales, excelente fuente de vitaminas, minerales y antioxidantes.
Los jugos, de frutas o verduras, pueden ser una excelente barrera para prevenir los embates del mal de Alzheimer, plantea un estudio publicado hace unos días por la revista "The American Journal of Medicine".
Una persona que consuma tres o más vasos de jugo a la semana tiene un 76 por ciento menos de posibilidades de desarrollar la enfermedad que la que toma un solo vaso en ese mismo período, según los científicos del Centro Médico de la Universidad de Vanderbilt (Tennessee).
El mal de Alzheimer es una enfermedad neurológica, progresiva e incurable que afecta principalmente a los mayores de 65 años.
Sus primeros síntomas de pérdida de memoria degeneran en demencia y en la muerte.
Las conclusiones sobre las bondades de los jugos fueron extraídas de un estudio realizado a 1.836 personas el cual incluyó un análisis de sus respectivas dietas, así como de las funciones intelectuales cada dos años por un período de diez.
Después de considerar factores como el consumo de tabaco, la educación, la actividad física y el consumo de calorías, los científicos descubrieron que quienes bebían jugos de vegetales tres o más veces a la semana tenían un 76 por ciento menos de posibilidades de desarrollar la enfermedad que los que tomaban un solo vaso.
Ese beneficio parecía aumentar en los sujetos que tenían un marcador genético vinculado a la enfermedad. (Apo E4)
Originalmente los científicos pensaban que el alto consumo de vitaminas antioxidantes (las vitaminas C, E y el carotene) podrían tener un efecto neutralizador del Alzheimer.
Sin embargo, las últimas investigaciones clínicas han echado por tierra esa teoría. "Nuestra idea era que el componente básico no estaba en las vitaminas, creíamos que había algo más", señaló el profesor de medicina Qi Dai, que dirigió la investigación.
Según el científico, la clave podía estar en otro tipo de antioxidantes químicos llamados polifenoles que abundan en los tés, los jugos y los vinos.
La mayoría de los polifenoles puede encontrarse en la piel o cáscara de las verduras y frutas y los últimos estudios en animales han señalado que neutralizan la decadencia intelectual y física típica del envejecimiento.
Dai manifestó que el próximo paso ahora es analizar la sangre de las personas que intervinieron en el estudio para determinar su nivel de polifenoles en relación con su menor declinación intelectual.
"Esto proporcionaría una mayor prueba de la función que desempeñan contra el riesgo de Alzheimer. También podría ayudar a determinar cuáles son los jugos más beneficiosos", señaló.
No obstante, el científico advirtió de que aunque los resultados de su estudio sean promisorios, "es importante que el público en general no se precipite a considerar que el jugo de vegetales es una medida para prevenir la enfermedad".

Personalmente pienso que el jugo de vegetales es una excelente fuente de antioxidantes, al igual que los jugos de frutas, con la ventaja de que los primeros no poseen demasiadas calorías y azúcares.
Los jugos de frutas son igualmente beneficiosos, pero no debemos abusar de ellos ya que la cantidad de azúcar que poseen es considerable.
Lo mismo ocurre con el vino. Si bien es cierto que contiene resveratrol (el cual podemos obtener también del jugo de uvas negras y particularmente de las semillas de la uva negra), debemos tener en cuenta que el vino contiene etanol, el cual en exceso es perjudicial para nuestro organismo, principalmente nuestro sistema nervioso e hígado, no tanto por el etanol (alcohol) en si, sino por sus metabolitos intermediarios que se producen en nuestro organismo que Si son altamente tóxicos.

Moderación es la clave.

          La Soya: Realmente Saludable o No?        

La Soya bajo la Lupa

A la luz de artículos científicos y otros artículos sobre los efectos de las isoflavonas y estudios realizados en lactantes y niños, hay opiniones encontradas sobre el uso de la soya y la leche de soya como alimento dentro de la dieta y sus beneficios.

Es importante conocerlos, analizarlos y estar muy bien informado para tomar las decisiones correctas sobre la inclusión o no de estos alimentos a nuestra dieta.

Artículo: Fórmulas Infantiles a Base de Soja: hay motivos para preocuparse

Documento Informativo de la Comisión de Alimentos del Reino Unido.

Autores: Sue Dibb y Dr Mike Fitzpatrick. Abril de 1999.

¿Puede la soja causar trastornos de la glándula tiroides en los seres humanos?

Se ha demostrado que la soya afecta las funciones de la glándula tiroides en los seres humanos.

Un estudio realizado por investigadores japoneses concluyó que la ingestión de una cantidad moderada de soja por parte de pacientes adultos podía causar el agrandamiento de la glándula tiroides y suprimir la función de ésta.

Estos investigadores estudiaron los efectos al suministrar 30 gr diarios de soja en encurtido sobre la función de la glándula tiroides.

Durante la investigación, se informó que la ingestión de iodo (en algas marinas) fue normal en todos los pacientes. Los investigadores observaron un aumento significativo en los niveles de TSH en un grupo de 20 adultos alimentados con soja durante 1 mes (grupo I) y en un grupo de 17 adultos alimentados con soja durante 3 meses (grupo 2).

Nota: un aumento de la TSH, puede deberse a un desbalance en las hormonas tiroideas (mientras más alta la TSH, más posibilidad de sufrir de Hipotiroidismo).

En dos de los pacientes, los niveles de TSH aumentaron dramáticamente, de aproximadamente 1 micro-U/mL hasta 6.5 o 7.5 micro-U/mL. No se presentaron cambios significativos en los niveles de iodo inorgánico, T3 o T4 en ninguno de los grupos, pero hubo un aumento significativo en el F T3 y en el F T4 de los pacientes del grupo 2 después de dejar de consumir soja.

Se apreció un bocio no bien definido e hipotiroidismo en tres de los pacientes del grupo 1 y en ocho de los pacientes del grupo 2.Los pacientes del grupo 2 también presentaron sintomas asociados con el hipotiroidismo: estreñimiento (53% de los pacientes), fatiga (53% de los pacientes) y letargo (41% de los pacientes). El bocio en los 11 pacientes era un bocio no bien definido que se encontraba entre los rangos 1 y 11 de agrandamiento. Uno de los pacientes del grupo 1 desarrolló tiroiditis subaguda. El tamaño del bocio se redujo en nueve de los pacientes después de 1 mes sin consumir soja pero persistió en dos de los pacientes. Se necesitaron 6 meses de tratamiento con T4 para que se redujera el tamaño del bocio en estos paclentes.

El hipotiroidismo subclinico se define como la combinación de un TSH moderadamente elevado con un T4 libre normal, una condición que se esta volviendo común y que eventualmente puede evolucionar hacia un evidente hipotiroidismo, especialmente en aquellas personas con anticuerpos antitiroides.

El hipotiroidismo subclinico se define como un estado asintomatico en el cual la reducción de la secreción de las hormonas de la tiroides se compensa mediante un aumento en la producción de TSH para mantener un status clinicamente eutiroideo.

Esta condición es de la mayor importancia y su prevalencia parece estar aumentando.

Factores de la dietas pueden jugar un papel importante en el desarrollo de esta condición. Una alta ingestión de un compuesto bociógeno puede aumentar la secreción de TSH y el aumento en esta secreción, está también relacionado con el creciente riesgo de cáncer en la tiroides.

Vale la pena notar que en los Estados Unidos de América la frecuencia del mal funcionamiento de la tiroides en las personas menores de 45 años se ha duplicado desde 1985.

La soja y el cáncer de mama

Las personas que estén consumiendo soja o suplementos de isoflavona con la esperanza de reducir el riesgo de contraer cáncer deben pensarlo dos veces. Mientras los consumidores y los profesionales de la salud están siendo bombardeados con publicidad de la industria, que exalta las propiedades anticancerígenas de las isoflavonas de la soja, muchos investigadores del cáncer están diciendo justo lo opuesto; que el consumo de las isoflavonas de la soja puede aumentar el riesgo de contraer cáncer.

Por ejemplo, las mujeres posmenopáusicas que consuman isoflavonas de la soja como Terapia de Reemplazo Hormonal (TRH) natural, tienen mayor riesgo de desarrollar cáncer de mama.

En 1996 el Doctor Nicholas Petrakis de la Universidad de California en San Francisco, informó que “el consumo prolongado de proteína aislada de soja tiene un efecto estimulante en los senos de las mujeres premenopáusicas, caracterizado por un aumento en la secreción de los fluidos del pecho, la aparición de células epiteliales hiperfísticas y niveles elevados de estradiol.

Estos hallazgos sugieren un estimulo estrógenico desde las isoflavonas genistein y la daidzein contenidas en el aislado de la proteína de soja”.

El doctor Craig Dees del Laboratorio Nacional de Oak Ridge ha encontrado que las isoflavonas de la soja hacen que se reproduzcan las células cancerosas del pecho. Informó que: “bajas concentraciones de genistein pueden estimular a que las células MC-7 entren en el ciclo celular”. El Dr. Dees concluyó “que las mujeres no deben consumir ciertos alimentos (por ejemplo productos derivados de la soja) para prevenir el cáncer de mama”.

El Doctor William Helferich de la Universidad de Illinois apoya la tesis de tomar precauciones acerca del consumo de soja para prevenir el cáncer de mama.Recientemente declaró que; “existe la probabilidad de que el genistein en la dieta estimule el crecimiento de tumores dependientes del estrógeno en los humanos con bajos niveles de estrógeno endógeno circulando, tales como los encontrados en las mujeres que posmenopáusicas” .

¿Cuánta soja se puede consumir sin riesgo?

Las observaciones realizadas por el estudio de la Clínica de Tiroides Ishizuki indican efectos bociógenicos importantes en pacientes alimentados con 30 gr de soja al día. Basándonos en las concentraciones de isoflavonas encontradas en la soja japonesa (38), 30 gr de soja pueden contribuir hasta con un total de 23 mg del genistein y 10 mg del daidzein.

Para un adulto que pese 70 kg. esto sería igual a la ingestión de 0.33 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein y 0.14 mg/kg de peso corporal de daidzein por día.

Esta cantidad de consumo de isoflavona es aproximadamente TRES VECES más alta que la cantidad consumida en el Japón, la cual es de 0.08 a 0.13 mg/kg de peso corporal del genistein total por día para un adulto que pese 70 kgs. Para los lactantes alimentados con fórmulas a base de soja, la exposición a las isoflavonas es mucho mayor que la de cualquier otro grupo de la población.

Los lactantes menores de 6 meses que sean alimentados iniciamente con fórmulas de soja tienen una ingestión de hasta 5.4 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein y 2.3 mg/kg de peso corporal de daidzein por día. Por esta razón, los lactantes alimentados con fórmulas de soja estan expuestos a niveles aproximadamente 16 veces mas altos de isoflavonas que los pacientes del estudio Ishizuki.

Las concentraciones de isoflavonas encontradas en productos disponibles en Nueva Zelandia indican que una dieta de 500 g de leche de soja más 200 g de queso de soja por día, podría dar como resultado la ingestión de hasta un total de 135 mg de genistein y de 80 g de daidzein. Para un adulto que pese 70 kg., esto equivale a la ingestión de 1.9 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein y de 1.1 mg/kg de peso corporal de daidzein por día.

Este grado de exposición a las isoflavonas es más de cinco veces la exposición de los pacientes en la investigación de Ishizuki y otros.

Los usuarios de los suplementos de isoflavona pueden consumir hasta 40 mg de genistein por día. Para un adulto que pese 70 kg. esto es equivalente a 0.57 mg/kg de peso corporal de genistein por día lo cual es 1.7 veces más que la cantidad que se ha comprobado que causa efectos bociógenicos. Por lo tanto los lactantes alimentados con fórmulas de soja, los consumidores de grandes cantidades de soja y los usuarios de suplementos de isoflavona pueden presentar los sintomas de hipotiroidismo sin sospechar una conexión con la dieta.

Desafortunadamente existen pocos datos acerca de qué constituye un nivel apropiado de ingestión de soja, aunque parece ser que los consumidores en los paises occidentales ahora pueden estar consumiendo mayores cantidades de soja que la consumida como parte de una dieta tradicional asiatica.

Los consumidores de soja deben ser cautelosos y no exceder el consumo de más de 40 g de isoflavonas de soja por día. Se han observado desordenes de la tiroides y otros efectos biológicos en dosis iguales o por encima de este nivel.

Aproximadamente, se pueden encontrar 40 mg de isoflavonas en: Poroto de soja y harina de soja 12-25 g (0.4-0.9 oz) Soja molida 20 g (0.7 oz) Queso de soja (tofu) 70-130 g (2.5-4.6 oz) Leche de soja 200-300 g (7.1-10.6 oz) Brotes de soja 100 g (3.5 oz) ¿Por qué no se difunde esta información? La gente tiene el derecho a saber exactamente qué está comiendo y como está alimentando a sus hijos. ¿,Por qué las agencias gubernamentales se resisten informar al público?

En junio de 1998, el Doctor Mike Fitzpatrick se reunió con el personal del DHS de California para expresar su preocupación acerca de la soja y en particular las fórmulas a base de soja. Recibió una respuesta por escrito de la toxicóloga del DHS, Doctora Susan Loscutoff, quien aflrmó:

“Estoy de acuerdo en que los altos niveles de isoflavinas en las fórmulas para alimentar a los lactantes son motivo de preocupación.” “No estoy de acuerdo en que los padres tengan el derecho a saber que las fórmulas a base de soja contienen isoflavonas y la clase de toxicidad que las isoflavonas puedan causar en los lactantes, ya que los padres no sabrian como interpretar esa información.”

Esta es la tipica respuesta de las agencias que temen represalias de las industrias de la soja si llegaran a alertar al público acerca de los peligros potenciales para la salud con relación a las isoflavonas de la soja.Qué puedo hacer? Envíe esta información a los profesionales de la salud y a sus amigos. Escríbale al Departamento de Salud Estatal solicitando información acerca de los riesgos asociados con el consumo de isoflavonas


File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Dr Mike Fitzpatrick & Sue Dibb. ADDENDUM: APRIL 1999. What about the traditional use of use soy in infant feeding? Soy was not used in infant feeding in ...

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Health effects of soy protein and isoflavones in humans.Xiao CW

....."Some studies have documented potential safety concerns on increased consumption of soy products. Impacts of soy products on thyroid and reproductive functions as well as on certain types of carcinogenesis require further study in this context. Overall, existing data are inconsistent or inadequate in supporting most of the suggested health benefits of consuming soy protein or ISF."

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....."while we observed that the serum concentration of triiodothyronine (T3) in dams decreased, the result was a tendency, not a significant decrease. Our study suggested that maternal ingestion of genistein might have not induced serious adverse effects on dams, fetuses, infants or offspring during growth. However, the results indicated in many papers suggest the necessity of further study on the safety of genistein."PMID: 16967761

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Risks and benefits of soy phytoestrogens in cardiovascular diseases, cancer, climacteric symptoms and osteoporosis.

Sirtori CR..

........Disturbing data have been reported on potential negative effects of soy isoflavones on cognitive function in the aged, particularly relating to tofu intake. Recent studies have finally indicated a potential role for soy isoflavones in inducing chromosomal changes in cells exposed in vitro and potentiating chemical carcinogens. These findings may not, however, be extrapolated to clinical conditions. Available data do not appear to unequivocally support beneficial effects of soy isoflavones, and warn against their wide use, in the absence of satisfactory clinical findings.

Circulation. 2006 Feb 21;113(7):1034-44. Epub 2006 Jan 17.

Soy protein, isoflavones, and cardiovascular health: an American Heart Association Science Advisory for professionals from the Nutrition Committee.

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......The efficacy and safety of soy isoflavones for preventing or treating cancer of the breast, endometrium, and prostate are not established; evidence from clinical trials is meager and cautionary with regard to a possible adverse effect. For this reason, use of isoflavone supplements in food or pills is not recommended...

Aún no hay consenso acerca de los beneficios del consumo de la soya y sus productos. Hay muchas variables en juego. Puede que la soya sea beneficiosa para ciertas subpoblaciones y nocivas para otras. Esto queda aún por determinarse.El consejo es moderación en la ingesta para aquellas personas que actualmente la consumen. Yo particularmente, no la consumo, en ninguna de sus formas, sea aceite, leche, tofu, lo que sea. Pero esa es mi decisión personal. Lo importante es tener el conocimiento de lo que científicamente se dice actualmente, para posteriormente poder hacer una elección informada.

          Efectos Antidepresivos de los Aceites Omega-3 (N-3)        

La depresión se ha convertido en un gran problema en el mundo, principalmente en Occidente.

Uno de los aspectos más preocupantes es el incremento de este mal en personas jóvenes, incluso antes de la adolescencia. Aunque afecta a todos por igual, los dos extremos de la vida son los que más sufren (niños, en donde se observan marcados cambios de comportamiento, y ancianos).

La incidencia de la depresión continúa aumentando, junto con problemas de ansiedad, insomnio, suicidios y violencia. Una cantidad cada vez mayor de estudios indican que todo esto se debe en parte a nuestra dieta.

La mayoría de estos estudios han determinado que al administrar aceites omega-3 (N-3) a través de la dieta ó suplementos, los niveles de depresión y el riesgo de padecerla se reducen significativamente. Incluso estudios llevados a cabo en animales, usando pruebas especiales para determinar depresión, han confirmado estos hallazgos.

Los aceites omega-3, los cuales son altamente anti-inflamatorios, están presentes en grandes cantidades en el pescado y ciertos tipos de nueces, y en la linaza. Aves de corral criadas de manera libre (no con granos ó piensos) y ciertos animales de granja a los cuales se les permite pastar, poseen más cantidad de aceite omega-3 en sus carnes. Lo mismo ocurre con los huevos de las aves.

La inflamación crónica se ha relacionado con la depresión. Las citocinas inflamatorias son capaces de activar la inflamación en el cerebro, ocasionando la liberación de químicos que en exceso son tóxicos (por ejemplo, glutamato) y alterando los neurotransmisores. Se sabe que los pacientes que reciben interferon (una citocina) como tratamiento para varias patologías, pueden sufrir depresión como efecto secundario al mismo.

El problema con las dietas occidentales es que la relación entre aceites N-6 y los aceites N-3 se encuentra completamente alterada. Los aceites N-6 (aceites vegetales, girasol, maiz, canola, soya) se ingieren en cantidades industriales, y a la vez, el consumo de los aceites N-3 es muy bajo. También se ha determinado que no es suficiente con añadir más aceites N-3 a la dieta. Es crítica la reducción en el consumo de los aceites N-6 (los cuales se saben estimulan la inflamación). Vale la pena acotar que ciertos aceites dentro de la categoría N-6 son esenciales, debemos consumirlos para mantener una buena salud. Pero hay que mantener un equilibrio, idealmente en una proporción 1:1 con los aceites N-3. Actualmente, esa relación está tan alterada que puede llegar a ser 45:1. Es una sobrecarga increíble para nuestro organismo, desde todo punto de vista, incluso a nivel celular: las membranas celulares requieren de ambos aceites, pero proporcionalmente.

Durante el embarazo, es sumamente importante el consumo de estos aceites N-3. El cerebro del feto absorbe gran cantidad de aceites omega-3 de la madre, críticos para su desarrollo. Esto ocurre principalmente en el tercer trimestre del embarazo, cuando el cerebro fetal tiene su mayor crecimiento. Pero el consumo de estos aceites deben mantenerse en cantidades ideales a lo largo de todo el embarazo.

En embarazadas, el consumo de pescado es muy importante, pero hay que tener cuidado con el tipo de pescado que se ingiere, debido a que los niveles de mercurio que pueden estar presentes, varían según el pez. Mientras más grande, mayor riesgo de ingerir mercurio. Consulte con su profesional de salud de confianza al respecto. Pero no deje de ingerir una fuente de proteínas y aceites tan esencial como ésta.

La lactancia materna es sumamente importante porque de esta forma también se le suministra al bebé gran cantidad de aceites omega-3 (dependiendo de la dieta de la madre), entre muchas otras vitaminas y defensas contra enfermedades.

Las membranas de las neuronas cerebrales están compuestas en un 25% de aceites N-3, principalmente el componente DHA. El cerebro del bebé continúa su desarrollo aun mucho después de nacido. De allí la importancia de continuar la lactancia al menos por 6 meses ó un año. En niños cuyas madres tenían niveles bajos de aceites omega-3, se han observado problemas de comportamiento, aprendizaje y de lenguaje.

Se ha relacionado la reducción en los aceites omega-3 en la madre luego de dar a luz, con la depresión post-parto.

Se ha demostrado que la madre sufre de una marcada reducción de aceites omega-3 al final del embarazo (que coincide con el desarrollo acelerado del cerebro del bebé en útero). Esto reduce a su vez sus niveles de dopamina y serotonina, lo que la puede conducir a una depresión mayor ó incluso violencia.

Algunos profesionales recomiendan a las embarazadas ó madres lactantes ingerir 500 a 1000 mg de DHA al día. Consulte con su profesional de Salud de confianza. DHA es parte de los aceites omega-3, pero a diferencia de la fracción EPA, no tiene efecto ó muy poco sobre la coagulación sanguínea. (la fracción EPA es buena para prevenir coágulos sanguíneos, los cuales son un efecto secundario de algunos tipos de anticonceptivos orales).

Nota: El aceite de linaza no se debe suministrar a bebés ó niños pequeños. Ellos aun no poseen las enzimas necesarias para transformar el ácido alfa linolénico de la linaza en DHA y EPA (lo mismo ocurre en ancianos).

          Qué es la Homocisteína?        

¿Qué es la homocisteína?

Homocisteína: Aminoácido (uno de los componentes fundamentales de las proteínas) normalmente presente en la sangre en pequeñas cantidades.

El exceso de homocisteína en la sangre puede favorecer la acumulación de placa grasa en las arterias. La homocisteína es producida por la digestión de proteínas.

Aunque nuestro organismo requiere concentraciones normales de homocisteína para formar y mantener los tejidos, las concentraciones excesivas pueden asociarse con cardiopatías y apoplejías.

Los niveles elevados de homocisteína en sangre se han identificado recientemente como factor de riesgo de vasculopatías coronarias, periféricas y cerebrales, entre otras patologías (incluyendo Alzheimer).

¿Cómo incrementa la homocisteína el riesgo de cardiopatía isquémica y de apoplejía? Las concentraciones elevadas de homocisteína pueden contribuir a la lesión de las paredes arteriales producida por el colesterol y otras sustancias. Es más probable que las arterias dañadas por este proceso se estrechen o cierren por completo.

¿Cómo regula el organismo la concentración de homocisteína?

En circunstancias normales, el exceso de homocisteína se elimina rápidamente. Con la ayuda de las vitaminas esenciales, el hígado transforma la homocisteína en aminoácidos que el organismo puede utilizar o descomponer para su excreción.

Un proceso muy importante en el que participa el ácido fólico es la formación de metionina a partir de la homocisteína, un proceso en el que se utiliza como cofactor la vitamina B12.

Es fundamental la suplementación de la dieta con los cofactores vitamínicos que participan en la rutas metabólicas de estos aminoácidos azufrados (homocisteína y metionia): la vitamina B6 o piridoxima y la vitamina B12 o cianocobalamina.

¿Qué efecto tiene la homocisteína en comparación con otros factores de riesgo cardiovasculares?

Se estima que las concentraciones elevadas de homocisteína pueden incrementar el riesgo de cardiopatías al mismo nivel que el tabaquismo y el colesterol.

¿Debería determinar mi concentración de homocisteína?

Este tema debería consultarlo con su médico. Los autores de la "American Heart Association's Science Advisory" (Consejos científicos de la Asociación Americana del Corazón) sugieren que las determinaciones de homocisteína deben realizarse en pacientes con una historia personal o familiar de cardiopatía.

¿Cómo puedo saber la concentración de homocisteína?

Existen análisis sanguíneos para ello.

Si tengo una concentración de homocisteína elevada, ¿cómo pudo producirse?

Las concentraciones elevadas de homocisteína pueden ser el resultado de una deficiencia de determinadas vitaminas esenciales. Además, muchas personas tienen un leve defecto genético en el metabolismo de la homocisteína. Las personas con esta anomalía relativamente frecuente requieren una dieta que satisfaga o exceda todas las recomendaciones sobre la ingestión de ácido fólico, vitamina B6 y vitamina B12.

¿Puedo controlar mi concentración de homocisteína?

En la mayoría de los casos, las concentraciones elevadas de homocisteína son fáciles de controlar. Sólo tiene que asegurarse de llevar una dieta equilibrada que incluya verduras de hoja verde, cítricos, legumbres, pescado, semillas y cereales. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre su dieta, consulte con su médico.

Niveles de homocisteína: Normal: entre 5 µmol/L y 15 µmol/L. Moderado: entre 16 µmol/L y 30 µmol/L. Intermedio: entre 31 µmol/L y 100 µmol/L. Severo: > 100 µmol/L.

Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi. 2008 Apr 8;88(14):990-3.

Zhang Y et al

Detrimental effects of homocysteine on insulin release and apoptosis of pancreatic beta cells

PMID: 18756974

Ann Clin Biochem. 2008 Sep;45(Pt 5):476-80.

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Homocysteine enhances LDL fatty acid peroxidation, promoting microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetes.

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Homocysteine, the cholesterol of the 21st century.Impact of hyperhomocysteinemia on patency and amputation-free survival after intervention for critical limb ischemia.

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Homocysteine decreases blood flow to the brain due to vascular resistance in carotid artery.

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Cardiovascular disease--the silent killer in rheumatoid arthritis.

Kumar N, Armstrong DJ.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a multisystem disease with high rates of morbidity and mortality. In recent years, there has been increasing focus on the growing rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in RA, over and above expected levels allowing for 'traditional' risk factors. In this paper the impact of CVD in RA, the relative contributions of traditional risk factors and novel risk factors (including homocysteine, oxidised low-density lipoprotein, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein and leptin), and the need to address cardiovascular risk in the fight against premature death from coronary artery and stroke disease in RA are discussed.

PMID: 18724604


          ä¸å®šæœŸML&NLPå ±#4        



  • [1701.07875] Wasserstein GAN
    • GANを含む生成系のタスクは難しいことが知られているが、学習時に使う距離をWasserstein距離というものを使うと学習が安定したという話




AWS Athenaを使って 30TBのWeb行動ログ集計を試みた from Tetsutaro Watanabe




Kaggle Tokyo Meetup #2




機械学習のための連続最適化 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

機械学習のための連続最適化 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

関係データ学習 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

関係データ学習 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

          ä¸å®šæœŸML&NLPå ±#3        



  • [1701.00160] NIPS 2016 Tutorial: Generative Adversarial Networks
    • 最近流行りのGANのNIPSでのチュートリアル論文(資料)
  • [1612.08220] Understanding Neural Networks through Representation Erasure
    • 深層学習の解釈性に関する研究。線形モデルのように重みの絶対値だけでは重要度が分からないので、重みが全部入っているときとある次元dの重みを0にしたとき(erase)の負の対数尤度の差を見ることで、ある次元dの重要度をはかろうというアプローチのようだ





「HOME'Sデータセット」を活用した不動産物件画像への深層学習の適用の取り組み from Yoji Kiyota

WebDB Formでの発表資料。深層学習を使った間取りの生成、物件画像の分類(玄関、居間、キッチン、トイレなどの分類)など。不動産物件のデータセットの提供もあって熱い。



深層リカレントニューラルネットワークを用いた日本語述語項構造解析 from Hiroki Ouchi

NL20161222invited from Tetsuya Sakai


第8回入力メソッドワークショップ (IM 2016)



機械学習のための連続最適化 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

機械学習のための連続最適化 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

関係データ学習 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

関係データ学習 (機械学習プロフェッショナルシリーズ)

          ä¸å®šæœŸML&NLPå ±#1        











(2) [NLC] ゲーミフィケーションを利用した効率的な対話ログ収集の試み
○叶内 晨・小町 守(首都大東京)


(5) [NL] 雑談対話システムの話題遷移における自然性の自動評価
○豊嶋章宏(NAIST)・杉山弘晃(NTT)・吉野幸一郎・中村 哲(NAIST)

(20) [NL] 14:30 – 15:00
○松尾潤樹・小町 守(首都大)・須藤克仁(NTT)


(15) [NL] 17:25 – 17:55
単語分かち書き用辞書生成システム NEologd の運用 — 文書分類を例にして —
○佐藤敏紀・橋本泰一(LINE)・奥村 学(東工大)




馬場 雪乃 先生(京都大学)
中澤 敏明 先生 (JST)
Universal Dependencies
金山 博 先生(日本IBM東京基礎研究所)
田中 貴秋 先生(NTTコミュニケーション科学基礎研究所)
西村 義樹 先生(東京大学)

ニューラル機械翻訳とUniversal Dependenciesが特に気になっている。




このエントリはDeep Learning Advent Calendar 2016 5日目のエントリです。EMNLP2016に出ていたHow Transferable are Neural Networks in NLP Applications?を読んだので、それについて書きます。


画像方面では、あるタスク(source side)で学習させた深層学習の結果を、別データセット(target side)でソフトマックス層だけ再学習させる転移学習(Transfer Learning)がうまくいっていると報告されています。


  • 再学習の手間が減る
  • source sideのおかげで、target sideで学習させるデータ量も少なめでもよい精度を出る(ことが期待できる)
  • 深層学習で問題になりやすい過学習の問題を回避しやすくなる

などのメリットがありそうです。深層学習が登場する以前から、自然言語処理の分野でも転移学習の研究はされていましたが(EasyAdapt、instance weighting、structural correspondence learningなどが有名。余談だが、特にEasyAdaptはむかつくほど簡単なのにうまく行く)、深層学習の場合では、うまくいったと報告している論文もあれば、あまり精度は向上しなかったと報告している論文もあります。




データセットは全部で6つ実験していますが、大きく分けるとSentence classificationのタスクとSentence-pair classificationのタスクに分かれます。それぞれのタスクにおいて、あまり難しいネットワーク構造は出てきません。

Sentence classificationのタスク


  • 文がpositiveかnegativeかを分類させるタスク(IMDB、MR)
  • 文が場所、時間、数など(6種類)のどれについて聞いているかを分類させるタスク(QC)

の2つです。IMDB => MRで転移学習させる際は意味的に似たタスクを解かせていることになりますが、IMDB => QCだと意味的に大分違うタスクを解かせていることになります。



Sentence-pair classificationのタスク


  • 文のペアのentailmentを認識させるタスク(SNIL、SICK)
  • 2つの文が同じ意味を持つかどうかを当てるタスク(MSRP)




これも大きくわけで2つ用意しています。まず1つ目は転移学習の一般的な方法でsource sideで学習した結果をtarget sideで使うという方法(INIT)。今回の実験の場合はsource sideで学習したものをtarget sideの初期値として利用するというものです、それだけ。2つ目は転移学習というよりはマルチタスク学習として解く方法(MULT)。目的関数をそれぞれのタスクの線形和でつないだものを一度に学習させます。




  • 自然言語処理の深層学習で転移学習がうまく行くかどうかはタスクが意味的にどれくらい似ているかにかなり依存する
    • 似ていないタスクだとかえって下がることもある
  • 出力層はほとんど転移できないものだと思っておいてよい。一方、単語の埋め込み層は意味的に異なるタスクであってもそこそこ転移がうまくいきやすい
  • MULTとINITの組み合わせはそんなによくならなかった


深層学習 Deep Learning (監修:人工知能学会)

深層学習 Deep Learning (監修:人工知能学会)

  • 作者: 麻生英樹,安田宗樹,前田新一,岡野原大輔,岡谷貴之,久保陽太郎,ボレガラダヌシカ,人工知能学会,神嶌敏弘
  • 出版社/メーカー: 近代科学社
  • 発売日: 2015/11/05
  • メディア: 単行本
  • この商品を含むブログ (1件) を見る

          La pré-commande de Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 accueille Usain Bolt        

Konami confirme le bonus de pré-commande de Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 inclura le champion olympique aux huit médailles Usain Bolt comme personnage du jeu. L’annonce a été rendue publique via un post twitter disant : « Jouez @usainbolt dans #PES2018 en pré-commandant.«  Play as @usainbolt in #PES2018 when you pre-order!⚡️😏 — Pro Evolution Soccer (@officialpes) August 2, 2017 Au cas où vous vous posez la question, pourquoi ce changement brusque de sprinter à joueur de football ? Bolt va en fait prendre sa retraite après le Championnat du Monde d’Athlétisme de Londres, et il pense effectivement à se tourner vers le football. Han-Joachim Watzke PDG de Borussia Dortmund a confirmé que Bolt s’entraînera avec le club Bundesliga. Bolt a exprimé sa gratitude en déclarant que « c’est un grand honneur d’en faire partie et de contribuer à son succès ». Quand l’opportunité s’est présentée d’être un joueur dans PES 2018, c’était trop beau pour être vrai. J’adore le football et j’ai joué à PES depuis aussi longtemps que je peux me souvenir, c’est le meilleur jeu de football qui soit, et c’est un grand honneur d’y participer ainsi qu’à son succès. Avoir mon visage et mes mouvements scannés pour être utilisés dans le jeu a été un processus fascinant et j’espère que ceux qui ont pré-commandé le jeu se serviront à fond de ma vitesse et de mon talent. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, ou PES 2018, sera lancé le 12 septembre 2017 pour PC, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One.

Cet article La pré-commande de Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 accueille Usain Bolt est apparu en premier sur - Comparateur de prix de jeux vidéo en Clé CD.

          Une possibilité pour une franchise de Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice        

Une franchise de Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice de Ninja Theory pourrait être une éventualité. Lors d’un récent interview à WCCFTech, le Cofondateur et Directeur Créatif de Ninja Theory Tameem Antoniades y a fait allusion. On a demandé à Antoniades, si le jeu a le potentiel pour une franchise avec de multiples titres ou si un jeu reconnu permet d’en créer une nouvelle version, serait-ce une possibilité ? Il a répondu d’un « ne jamais dire jamais.«  Bien que l’équipe de Hellblade soit petite, Ninja Theory rassemble environ 100 personnes et nous réalisons un mélange de jeux incluant le travail avec les éditeurs. Un bon équilibre de jeux franchisés connus et de nouvelles franchises est ce que nous souhaitons. Hellblade pourrait-il devenir une franchise ? Il ne faut jamais dire jamais. J’espère que ce sera un succès afin que nous puissions au moins avoir ce choix à faire. Le jeu aborde un thème très intéressant, et il tourne autour de la psychose. Vous incarnerez Senua, une Guerrière Celte atteinte de psychose. Elle part pour un voyage à la recherche de l’âme de son amoureux mort. En fait, lors de la sortie du jeu, on trouvera un documentaire vidéo de 25 minutes intitulé : Hellblade : La Psychose de Senua. Pour rendre l’expérience du jeu réelle, Ninja Theory a collaboré avec des neuroscientifiques ainsi qu’avec des personnes souffrant de psychose. Regardez la bande-annonce de Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice ci-dessous : Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice sort aujourd’hui, le 8 août 2017 sur PC et PlayStation 4.

Cet article Une possibilité pour une franchise de Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice est apparu en premier sur - Comparateur de prix de jeux vidéo en Clé CD.

          Sorties de jeux d’août 2017        

Sorties de jeux d’août 2017 À la recherche de nouveaux jeux pour jouer ce mois d’août ? Consultez nos Sorties de Jeux d’août 2017 ! Lesquels de ces jeux vous intéressent ? Dites-nous le dans les commentaires plus bas ! Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Date de sortie : 8 août 2017 Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice est le nouveau jeu des réalisateurs de Devil May Cry. Il vous laisse suivre la protagoniste féminine Senua qui souffre de divers troubles mentaux. Senua est une guerrière celte, et elle est dans une quête pour combattre pour l’âme de son amoureux décédé. Les développeurs ont travaillé avec des neuroscientifiques et des personnes ayant vécu une psychose afin de créer un jeu qui vous fait plonger profondément dans l’esprit de quelqu’un souffrant de maladie mentale. Sudden Strike 4 Date de sortie : 11 août 2017 Sudden Strike est de retour cette année avec Sudden Strike 4 ! Ce jeu de stratégie en temps réel promet un gameplay réaliste comprenant profondeur tactique et décor historique. Il propose aussi plus de 20 missions dans trois campagnes, plus de 100 unités authentiques, un mode multijoueur, et le support des mods grâce à Steam Workshop. Sonic Mania Date de sortie : 15 août 2017 Une toute nouvelle aventure vous attend dans Sonic Mania ! La plateforme 2D adorée est de retour, et vous pourrez sûrement éprouver de la nostalgie avec ses toutes nouvelles Zones et ses classiques réinventés ! Incarnez Sonic, Knuckles et Tails et avancez d’un niveau après l’autre ! En progressant, vous rencontrerez des surprises intéressantes et de puissants chefs tout au long de chemins et de secrets jamais vus auparavant ! Agents of Mayhem Date de sortie : 18 août 2017 Agents of Mayhem est un jeu d’action et d’aventure en monde ouvert qui se passe dans l’univers de Saint Row. Il vous permet de jouer trois des douze agents jouables. Chacun des agents a son propre look distinctif, sa personnalité, ses aptitudes, et ses armes. Ces agents doivent accomplir des missions dans une version futuriste de Séoul contre une organisation malfaisante appelée LEGION, et son mystérieux leader Morningstar. F1 2017 Date de sortie : 25 août 2017 Ressentez l’excitation de la victoire au Championnat du Monde 2017 dans F1 2017 ! La version de cette année de la franchise du jeu vidéo F1 comprend des voitures classiques de légende avec d’autres caractéristiques impressionnantes comme un Mode Carrière de 10 ans, le nouveau mode Championnats, et encore d’autres choses ! XCOM 2 War of the Chosen Date de sortie : 29 août 2017 War of the Chosen est l’extension du très apprécié jeu de stratégie XCOM 2 de 2016. Cette extension apporte de nouvelles factions et des classes de héros (Reapers, Skirmishers et Templars), de nouveaux ennemis (Le Chosen), et de nouvelles menaces, décors, et objectifs de mission. Ark Survival Evolved Date de sortie : 29 août 2017 Ark Survival Evolved est enfin officiellement lancé après avoir été en Accès Anticipé depuis 2015. Apprenez à dresser, entraîner, élever,...

Cet article Sorties de jeux d’août 2017 est apparu en premier sur - Comparateur de prix de jeux vidéo en Clé CD.

          When Owners in an LLC Are Personally Liable        
Entrepreneurs and business owners often elect to create a formal business entity, such as a limited liability company (“LLC”), to shield themselves from personal liability.  In other words, they create such an entity to ensure that if an adverse court … Continue reading
          Neurociencia de las Decisiones        
¿Cómo y por qué tomamos las decisiones que tomamos? Esta pregunta, hasta no hace mucho, pertenecía más al campo de la metafísica que al de las ciencias experimentales. Por decirlo de otra manera, era más posible encontrarla en el temario … Sigue leyendo
          Kenny’s East Coast Pizza First Anniversary        
Kenny Bowers certainly knows how to throw a birthday party, but instead of getting gifts, the chef/entrepreneur will give FREE PIZZA to every table on Monday, August 14 in honor of the first anniversary of Kenny’s East Coast Pizza. Each table that day will receive a 14” cheese pizza completely free during both lunch and [...]
          25.03.2013 07:46:27 RussianNeuroMancer
          Comment on Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? by danielle        
Thank you! ~ Namaste
          Localisation and Profiles: Programmatically changing the user's preferred culture.        

A while ago I wrote a post on how to use Localisation in ASP.NET using resource files etc. We'll since then I been asked about how to change the user's culture programmatically by clicking a button or similar.

In that previous article I described how culture selection is based on browser preferences and HTTP language headers. While this is pretty good, there are many scenarios where this could be improved. Say you are travelling overseas and are accessing your appl remotely from someone's elses machine, if the culture of that browser is set to Japanese, then your application might not be readable to you. You might not be able to change your language preferences either because that might not be available in a controlled environment.

What options do we have?

In general, to get manage the user's preferences we have:

  • Use the browser settings ( not that great as described above but good enough for 80% of the time)
  • When a user registers of first uses your application, they can choose language of choice and then save this in the database for later retrieval
  • Persist the above choice in Session state or Cookies.
  • Use ASP.NET Profiles.
  • Let the users choose this in the application. ( buttons. ddls etc ) 

In ASP.NET is very straightforward to select the preferred culture based on the user's browser settings, you can do it at page level like I did in in my prev post but you can also set it up for all your pages in the web.config file saving you the pain of adding the attribute to all your pages throughout your application.

        <globalization culture="auto" uiCulture="auto" fileEncoding="utf-8" requestEncoding="utf-8" 
            responseEncoding="utf-8" />
What if I want to save the user settings after they register/access the app for the first time?

Think about the options you have to persist the preferred culture: Session: Session is not the best for many reasons, most importantly Session is not there forever, for example by default ASP.NET assumes that the user left the site after no requests have been made for 20 mins ,  your user might get up to get a cup of tea and his Session might expire, therefore when she gets back she might not have the application in her culture of choice. Also, you might not be able to access the Session object when you want to access the user's preferences. So I wouldn't use Session myself.

What about Cookies?

Cookies are more favourable if all you want is to persist a simple user' preference like the culture or their favourite colour I think, it will get hard pretty quickly if you where storing more than just their colour and horoscope preferences.

For example in Global.asax you could implement the Application_BeginRequest event and read the cookie there and setup your CurrentThread to the value stored in the cookie that you created after the user made the choice etc.

void Application_BeginRequest(Object sender, EventArgs args)
    HttpCookie myPreferencesCookie = (HttpCookie)Request.Cookies["Culture"];
    // check for null etc etc
    string culture = myPreferencesCookie.Value;
    System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = 
         new System.Globalization.CultureInfo(culture);
    System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = 

But I think it will get complicated very quickly and I don't think is the best way. Much better I think is ASP.NET's Profile

The Profile objects is strongly typed and persisted, and you can even implement your own ProfileProvider!

The easiest way to create a Profile is by creating some properties in the your root web.config. Just like the Resource files, ASP.NET compiles the Profile's propertied dynamically and then you have this strongly typed profile assets.

      <add name="MyFavouriteNumber" allowAnonymous="true"/>
      <group name="Preferences">
        <add name="Culture" allowAnonymous="true" />
        <add name="Color" allowAnonymous="true"  />

Note the attributes, name is very simple, but note alllowAnonymous: This allows anonymous users to read/write properties, you have to set it explicitly because by default, this is set to false. ASP.NET cannot know which user has which profile unless the user is authenticated. So to use this anonymous feauture you have to enable anonymous indentification in your web.config too. More details in MSDN here.

All I did what this...

<anonymousIdentification  enabled="true" />

You can also set defaultvalues, type, readonly attributes to your profile entries too.

Also I defined what is called 'Profile Groups', that lets you organise the properties better and into more logical groups. Then in your app the intellisense will pick it up beautifully! ( Profile.Preferences.Culture )

So far so good, we can store it in the Profile Object but using Profile is a bit of a problem in the same league as the Sesssion Object: Can we access Profile in Global.asax BeginRequest()? Nop, we can't, the only way is to write some code to access the data store where you are persisting the user's preferences. The reason this is the case is that just like Session, Profile is not initialised until Session is ready to roll.

Getting started with a solution to the problem

So far we know we don't want to use Session, we don't want to use Cookies and that Profile is good but we can't really use it straight out of the box.

Question I had was, how can I localise pages based on the choices the user made? and what if the user wants to change back and forth this setting for say language preferences. Anyway, I started easy, lets give them a UI so they can change languages for example.

I created a MasterPage and added some big, impossible to miss flags that can be associated to languages and cultures as shown below. The plan is that by clicking on the flag, the culture associated with the flags will be the Thread.Culture that the page will be running under.


Simple code too..just a few asp:Images..

<asp:ImageButton CommandName="es-UY" OnCommand="Flag_ClickedCommand" AlternateText="Spanish"
       CssClass="Flag" ImageUrl="~/Profile/FlagsImages/uy.gif" ID="imgUruguay" runat="server"
<asp:ImageButton CommandName="zh-CN" OnCommand="Flag_ClickedCommand" AlternateText="Chinese"
       CssClass="Flag" ImageUrl="~/Profile/FlagsImages/cn.gif" ID="ImageButton2" runat="server"
<asp:ImageButton CommandName="en-AU" OnCommand="Flag_ClickedCommand" AlternateText="English"
       CssClass="Flag" ImageUrl="~/Profile/FlagsImages/au.gif" ID="ImageButton1" runat="server"

OK, note that I have setup an EventHandler for the OnCommand event, when this fires, Flag_ClickedCommand will be called and then culture that that particular flag represents will be passed on as CommandName.

protected void Flag_ClickedCommand(Object sender, CommandEventArgs args)
      if (!args.CommandName.IsValidCulture()) return;        
       Profile.Preferences.Culture = args.CommandName;

Note what I set the Profile.Preferences.Culture to the command name passed on from the ImageButton, but this could well be a simple button or a dropdownlist value etc. I redirect the page to itself since if the user clicks on a flag, they'll expect the changes to take change immendiately! ( I would!)

I created an extension method for strings to check if the culture passed along was valid too. Not relevant to this post but since they are very neat I'll copy it here too. :-)

public static bool IsValidCulture(this string cult)
     if (Constants.ChineseCulture == cult
              || Constants.EnglishCulture == cult
              || Constants.SpanishCulture == cult)
         return true;
     return false;    

Setting the Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture to your preferred culture

What we now want to do is for a page to load and pick the user's preferred culture.

I noted that you can override the InitializeCulture() method solely to intialise the page's culture. This function gets called very early in the page life cycle, well before and controls are created, meaning that if you want to get some values from controls, you must get them directly from the request using Form!

protected override void InitializeCulture()
    string culture = Profile.Preferences.Culture;
    if (!culture.IsEmpty())
        Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo(culture);
        Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(culture);

Unfortunately you have to override this function for every page, not very practical if you have a zillion pages. Next best is to provide a base common class and then inherit from this class so all your webforms can benefit and you don't have to implement the above in every form. This works fine!

Note that the Thread culture is only set for the current page and will not affect your "other" pages, initially I thought that the CurrentThread's culture will be set to the new values and we'll all happy. But then I also thought what If a user has a different entry point to the application, so the need for all your pages to be able to read and set the user's fav culture.

public partial class LocalisationBase : System.Web.UI.Page
    protected override void InitializeCulture()
        ProfileCommon common = HttpContext.Current.Profile as ProfileCommon;
        string culture = common.Preferences.Culture;

        if (!culture.IsEmpty())
            Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new CultureInfo(culture);
            Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture = CultureInfo.CreateSpecificCulture(culture);
So base class it was and all my other pages inherited from this..
public partial class Profile_Default : LocalisationBase
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

Now lets have a look at my initial UI that I wanted to localise and see if this works.


Just a simple form with some dates, numbers and a calendar what we hope we can localise and so the right names and formatting appear for the right culture setting. For the form labels I used resource files just like in my previous post. I have three resource files, one for english, one for spanish and one for mandarin.

The currency is interesting. All I have is a number where I call ToString("c")

private void FillPersonalisedMoney()
    lblMoney.Text = (500.23D).ToString("c");

Now when the user click on the Chinese flag...then the Chinese version of the page will render, dates will be rendered accordingly and the calendar will be in Chinese too..


And in Spanish too...


Clicking on Employee Details will take you to a page that also inherits from LocalisationBase and where Employees from ubiquitous Northwind will be displayed with to their likely annoyance, their date of birth, nicely formatted according to the culture of choice!



And there you have it.

In conclusion I used the native Profile ASP.NET objects, you can implement your own Provider or you can use SQLProfileProvider that ASP.NET offers, either way I honestly think that these guys offer you much more flexibility and power when you want to customize your apps according to user's preferences.

Au revoir!


#Must read for any localisation entrepreneurs

# ASP.NET 2.0 Localization (MSDN Article)


          [urls] Measuring the ROI of Software Process Improvement        
Saturday, September 18, 2004
Dateline: China
The following is a sampling of my top ten "urls" for the past couple/few weeks.  By signing up with Furl (it's free), anyone can subscribe to an e-mail feed of ALL my urls (about 100-250 per week) -- AND limit by subject (e.g., ITO) and/or rating (e.g., articles rated "Very Good" or "Excellent").  It's also possible to receive new urls as an RSS feed.
All of the top ten are PDFsClick on the link to read the abstract for each paper.
Note: Off to California for a couple of weeks.  Probably no new, original postings until after the October national holiday in China.  (I get a three week break from writing for this blog, but I'll still be writing columns for the AlwaysOn Network.)
Top Honors:
Measuring the ROI of Software Process Improvement (relatively speaking, very popular among Furl viewers; highly accessible article with a lot of substance and pointers)
Other best new selections (in order of popularity as determined by Furl views, then alphabetically):
A Framework for Off-The-Shelf Software Component Development and Maintenance Processes (this was THE most popular paper, although I liked the ROI article better; superb info, good guidelines, lots of food for thought)
Agent-Based e-Supply Chain Decision Support (not as geeky as it sounds; lead author is with Carnegie Mellon's e-Supply Chain Management Laboratory & Institute for e-Commerce)
B2B E-Commerce Stages of Growth: the Strategic Imperatives (a look at some case studies; provides some insights into B2B adoption and diffusion)
Creating an Open Agent Environment for Context-Aware M-Commerce (from the Mobile Commerce Laboratory at Carnegie Mellon <no, this isn't necessarily CMU week>; I have a lot of doubts about this stuff, but it's worth firing a few neurons and giving it a spin)
Development and Evaluation of Software Process Improvement Methods (Dissertation, 190 pp.) (superb overviews sprinkled with case studies; it was tough to choose between this dissertation and the ROI paper for top honors)
Deriving a Diffusion Framework for Web-Based Shopping Systems (a bit of a technical flavor, but not too technical; puts e-shopping in a broader perspective, e.g., relative to EDI)
* Exploring Defect Causes in Products Developed by Virtual Teams (to all SIs developing a GDM - global delivery model - READ THIS!!; perhaps the most important paper among my top ten)
* Intelligent Support for Software Release Planning (a corporate technical paper describing a very useful software development management tool; see also the Release Planner (tm) home page)
And my PERSONAL favorite:
> The Banality of Google (good for some laughs)
and many, many more ...
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          [news] Excerpt from a McKinsey Paper on IT Spending Trends        
Monday, August 9, 2004
Dateline: China
I recently urled the abstract for this paper, but CNET and McKinsey were kind enough to post the full-text of the paper on the CNET news site (which downloads at glacial speed, at least from China).  Now that the article from the current issue of The McKinsey Quarterly is in the public domain, I'd like to include an excerpt in this posting.  (Bolded and colored notations are MY emphasis.)
"Although IT customers also want to improve their software, they are wary of big-bang packaged applications--purchases that are just now rolling off accrual budgets.  This time around, CIOs are shunning expensive panaceas, especially large-scale customer relationship management (CRM) systems.  Many tech executives lost face (or jobs) when the promised benefits didn't materialize, often because the technology demanded difficult-to-realize changes in processes and in employee behavior.  Even worse than buying packaged applications, CIOs told us, was buying applications and then customizing them, for this strategy made it necessary to reinvest in customization with each subsequent upgrade.  CIOs now favor narrower, more-targeted, less-ambitious improvements that mitigate the risk of organizational rejection.  Custom software that closely adheres to a company's existing processes (and therefore requires little or no process change) is popular, and so is software developed for a specific industry.  Meanwhile, integration--a higher priority now than it was during the boom--is generating demand for enterprise application integration (EAI) technologies.  Web services are gaining traction faster than anticipated, especially in small telecom and other companies at the forefront of IT innovation.  Of the CIOs we interviewed, 8 percent said that Web services were their primary integration strategy.  Despite these inroads, most companies are still at the experimental stage with this technology, which demands advanced skills and a high degree of commitment from the IT organization.  Others are choosing a different path:  Roughly half of the CIOs we spoke with have been (or are thinking about) investing in integration broker software, often combined with Web services.  Adoption is strongest among telecommunications and financial-services companies, whose technical complexity makes the software especially attractive.  The third-party services market could feel the pinch, however.  Many companies, spurred by lower IT salaries after the economic slowdown, hired talent and brought IT development in-house.  These new hires often support and develop the more-customized applications that today's IT budgets favor.  But this move could boomerang on companies in the future:  The absence of vendor support could reduce economies of scale and push up costs.  Offshoring in less-expensive labor markets could, of course, offset them."
ADDENDUM: Seeing Beyond "Traditional" Market Research ...
I've already received a few messages regarding my "Seeing Beyond" posting.
One of the questions was very simple to answer.  The question:  Can you name a few ISVs in China which could develop a hosted version of their packaged software?  Certainly.  Simple answer:  Bamboo, KingdeeUFSoft (all three are in the ERP space).
A reader also asked me about Fisher-Pry, having heard of this technique but not really familiar with it.  In simple terms, Fisher-Pry functions best as a substitution model.  I'm not thrilled about using it to predict end of life and market size issues per seWhere I find it useful -- EXTREMELY USEFUL -- is in determining when a NEW technology is likely to EMERGE.  I then put on my Geoffrey Moore glasses to look at the technology from a chasm crossing perspective.  And, if I'm really interested, I'll put on my Ed Roberts and Gordon Bell glasses -- and will evaluate the technology using other techniques as well.  But Fisher-Pry itself is extremely simple to use and a Geoffrey Moore analysis is also a no-brainer.  (Ed Roberts' -- and I'm the unofficial president of the Ed Roberts fan club -- various approaches to evaluating new markets and technologies requires me to fire a lot more neurons than Moore's approach.)  To me, Fisher-Pry is all about inflection points and EMERGING marketsTo see an application of Fisher-Pry, read an A.T. Kearney report on wireless futures at (and it's an excellent report, too).  See also a recent evaluation of the remote sensing market at .  For a brief review of Fisher-Pry and a couple of related techniques for technology trend analysis, see .
Finally, another reader questioned whether MIT's Innovation Futures market was doomed to focus on short(er)-term "bets."  My answer is that MIT may need to repackage Innovation Futures for addressing long(er)-term issues.  Many of us in America can remember playing the stock market in one of our classes.  For me, it was in my eighth grade government class.  We had to pick stocks and trade them through the course of the year.  Unfortunately, the very nature of this learning experience put a premium on trading versus investing.  In other words, picking stocks which might be solid over a three-plus year time horizon simply wouldn't work; it was much better to "gamble" on high Beta (i.e., higher volatility) issues.  Innovation Futures suffers from the same "need" to determine winners and losers on a relatively timely basis.  Probably time horizons of three or more years won't suffice, at least not from a "gamblers" perspective (sans venture capitalists).
I'd like to see their system changed to allow different types of "players" and "traders," namely the crop I had suggested in my last posting, but also another class of "all others."  Think of this as an experiment in social computing among technophiles, not online gambling.  In some ways, it could reveal the type of knowledge that is found in the blogosphere.
David Scott Lewis
President & Principal Analyst
IT E-Strategies, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA & Qingdao, China (current blog postings optimized for MSIE6.x) (access to blog content archives in China) (current blog postings for viewing in other browsers and for access to blog content archives in the US & ROW)

          Ingénieur(e) DevOps intégration continue JENKINS/ANSIBLE - DAVIDSON CONSULTING - Boulogne-billancourt        
Au sein de l'équipe industrialisation et architecture, vous aurez pour missions : La maintenance et la mise en place des playbook Ansible « Automatiser les livraisons » L'installation et la maintenance des outils de l'intégration continue et du déploiement continu L'installation et la configuration des EC2/AMI (AWS) L'installation et la configuration des conteneurs (DOCKER) L'administration système linux Le développement de scripts shell La gestion des...
          EFactor mobile strategy event: an app for your business?        
Yesterday I participated in a panel discussion on Mobile Strategy at an event organised by EFactor – the world’s largest network for entrepreneurs. The attendees were mostly independent entrepreneurs and SME business leaders. Despite my years as brand director for Commodore International Corp. I’m not a mobile specialist. So I was there to help us explore [...]
          I was supposed to write about Apple’s new show ‘Planet of the Apps,’ Instead, I wrote about @GaryVee        

This post started as a review of the new show on Apple Music, “Planet of the Apps.” I realized the world didn’t need another announcement or review of the show. What I will say is this, any show that aims to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and also transform them into budding businesses that change the world is important. The show features Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve had the privilege of working with this crew (except...

The post I was supposed to write about Apple’s new show ‘Planet of the Apps,’ Instead, I wrote about @GaryVee appeared first on Brian Solis.

          (re)Découvrez le Lepidothyris Riopa fernandi        

Le Scinque à flancs rouges, le plus beau des sauriens

Beaucoup considèrent le Lepidothyris Riopa fernandi comme l’un des plus beaux lézards d’Afrique. Effectivement, le scinque à flancs rouges est unique en son genre grâce à son habit vermillon.

Description du Riopa fernandi

Le saurien possède un corps allongé monté sur de petites pattes. Malgré leur taille, ces dernières ne sont pas moins solides et puissantes. L’impression de puissance est renforcée par la morphologie particulière de la tête qui sert d’extrémité à un cou assez trapu. La figure est large, mais pas très longue. Elle est aussi caractérisée par un museau arrondi et d’énormes yeux ronds très sombres. Les organes oculaires sont protégés par des paupières mobiles. La partie inférieure de cette dernière est écailleuse et transparente. La langue du lézard se veut fourchue, épaisse et sombre.

Le Riopa fernandi adulte peut atteindre au maximum les 35 cm. Sa queue est assez singulière. L’animal est robuste et possède une forte musculature. Mais son appendice ne possède pas cette résistance. Large à la base et mince au bout, il se brise facilement lorsque l’animal est manipulé sans précaution.

A quoi ressemble ce plus beau des sauriens ?

L’apparence du Riopa fernandi est caractérisée par une forte teneur en rouge. On retrouve la couleur essentiellement sur les flancs. On observe aussi la présence de pigmentations blanches, jaunes et orange sur les côtés. Le dos affiche une teinte entre le marron et le rouge ; parfois, on voit une nuance jaunâtre. Le scinque a un abdomen tout blanc parsemé par de petites tâches grises. Propres à la famille des scinques, les écailles du Riopa fernandi sont carénées, lisses et très brillantes.

Riopa fernandi savannah

Où vit le Scinque à flancs rouges en milieu naturel ?

Le reptile est caractéristique de la partie Ouest du continent africain. Il occupe tout le périmètre du Golfe de Guinée, de la Sierra Leone au Gabon. Il est possible de le retrouver en Afrique orientale, au Kenya plus précisément. Et il déserte complètement la partie centrale du territoire africain.

 Quel habitat est fait pour lui ?

Quand il ne vit pas en captivité, le scinque vit dans les forêts tropicales. Il apprécie surtout les endroits humides riches en végétation. Le reptile est normalement très actif pendant la journée. Mais il lui arrive de sortir la nuit quand il y a une hausse importante de température. Le Riopa fernandi captif adopte parfois des habitudes étranges. Il peut attendre jusqu’au crépuscule pour sortir de sa cachette et partir en chasse.

Notre conseil : en terrarium, le scinque à flancs rouges a besoin d’espace. Il doit être placé dans un milieu dont la longueur fait plus du double de sa taille. Ainsi, pour un couple, le minimum est 70cm par 35cm avec une hauteur de 30cm.

Comment se comporte le lézard ?

En captivité, le Riopa fernandi est très farouche au début. Avec de la patience, il s’habitue vite à la présence humaine et devient docile. Surtout s’il parvient à associer celle-ci au nourrissage. En parlant de nourriture, le scinque à flanc rouge est assez vorace. Il mange aussi bien les insectes que les vers. Mais sa préférence va pour les limaces, les escargots et les lombrics. Ils doivent constamment boire pour prévenir de la déshydratation.

En ce qui concerne la reproduction, les Riopa fernandi n’ont pas vraiment de période. Quand il y a abondance de nourriture, ils sont enclins à l’accouplement.

Nous espérons que notre sujet d’aujourd’hui vous aidera à connaitre ce lézard. Si vous avez des questions, c’est avec plaisir que nous y répondrons.

Rendez-vous la semaine prochaine pour un nouvel article sur le monde des reptiles. Vous pouvez nous suivre sur notre page Facebook et sur notre Twitter.

Bien reptilement à vous tous,

La team Savannah

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          Terminology and Meanings of Early Illnesses        
This was posted on a email listing I belong to. I thought it was really interesting and really helpful, so I thought I would share it with you all. I don't know who created it or who to give credit for it to, so if anyone knows let me know.
Ablepsy - Blindness
Ague - Malarial fever
American plague - Yellow fever
Anasarca - Generalized massive edema
Aphonia - Laryngitis
Aphtha - Infant disease "thrush"
Apoplexy - Paralysis due to stroke
Asphicsia - Cyanotic and lack of oxygen
Asphycsia - Cyanotic and lack of oxygen
Atrophy - Wasting away or diminishing in size
Bad blood - Syphilis
Bilious fever - Typhoid, malaria, hepatitis or elevated temperature and bile emesis
Biliousness - Jaundice associated with liver disease
Black plague - Bubonic plague
Black fever - Acute infection with high temperature and dark red skin lesions and high mortality rate
Black pox - Black small pox
Black vomit - Vomiting old black blood due to ulcers or yellow fever
Blackwater fever - Dark urine associated with high temperature
Bladder in throat - Diphtheria (seen on death certificates)
Blood poisoning - Bacterial infection; septicemia
Bloody flux - Bloody stools
Bloody sweat - Sweating sickness
Bone shave - Sciatica
Brain fever - Meningitis
Breakbone - Dengue fever
Bright's disease - Chronic disease of kidneys
Bronze John - Yellow fever
Bule - Boil, tumor or swelling
Cachexy - Malnutrition
Cacogastric - Upset stomach
Cacospysy - Irregular pulse
Caduceus - Subject to falling sickness or epilepsy
Camp fever - Typhus; aka camp diarrhea
Canine madness - Rabies; hydrophobia
Canker - Ulceration of mouth or lips; or herpes simplex
Catalepsy - Seizures/trances
Catarrhal - Nose and throat discharge from cold or allergy
Cerebritis - Inflammation of cerebrum; or lead poisoning
Chilblain - Swelling of extremities caused by exposure to cold
Child bed fever - Infection following birth of a child
Chin cough - Whooping cough
Chlorosis - Iron deficiency anemia
Cholera - Acute, severe, contagious diarrhea with intestinal lining sloughing
Cholera morbus - Characterized by nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, elevated temperature, etc.; could also be appendicitis
Cholecystitus - Inflammation of the gall bladder
Cholelithiasis - Gall stones
Chorea - Disease characterized by convulsions, contortions and dancing
Cold plague - Ague which is characterized by chills
Colic - Abdominal pain and cramping
Congestive chills - Malaria
Consumption - Tuberculosis
Congestion - Any collection of fluid in an organ, like the lungs
Congestive chills - Malaria with diarrhea
Congestive fever - Malaria
Corruption - Infection
Coryza - A cold
Costiveness - Constipation
Cramp colic - Appendicitis
Crop sickness - Overextended stomach
Croup - Laryngitis, diphtheria or strep throat
Cyanosis - Dark skin color from lack of oxygen in blood
Cynanche - Diseases of throat
Cystitis - Inflammation of the bladder
Day fever - Fever lasting one day; sweating sickness
Debility - Lack of movement or staying in bed
Decrepitude - Feebleness due to old age
Delirium tremens - Hallucinations due to alcoholism
Dengue - Infectious fever endemic to East Africa
Dentition - Cutting of teeth
Deplumation - Tumor of the eyelids which causes hair loss
Diary fever - A fever that lasts more than one day
Diptheria - Contagious disease of the throat
Distemper - Usually animal disease with malaise, discharge from nose and throat and anorexia
Dock fever - Yellow fever
Dropsy - Edema (swelling), often caused by kidney or heart disease
Dropsy of the brain - Encephalitis
Dry bellyache - Lead poisoning
Dyscrasy - An abnormal body condition
Dysentery - Inflammation of the colon with frequent passage of mucous and blood
Dysorexy - Reduced appetite
Dyspepsia - Indigestion and heartburn; heart attack symptoms
Dysury - Difficulty in urination
Eclampsy - Symptoms fo epilepsy; convulsions during labor
Ecstasy - A form of catalepsy characterized by loss of reason
Edema - Nephrosis; swelling of tissues
Edema of lungs - Congestive heart failure; a form of dropsy
Eel thing - Erysipelas
Elephantiasis - A form of leprosy
Encephalitis - Swelling of the brain; aka sleeping sickness
Enteric fever - Typhoid fever
Enteritis - Inflammation of the bowels
Enterocolitis - Inflammation of the intestines
Epitaxis - Nose bleed
Erysipelas - Contagious skin disease due to Streptococci with vesiculas and bulbous lesions
Extravasted blood - Rupture of a blood vessel
Falling sickness - Epilepsy
Fatty liver - Cirrhosis of liver
Fits - Sudden attack or seizure of muscle activity
Flux - An excessive flow or discharge of fluid like hemorrhage or diarrhea
Flux of humour - Circulation
French pox - Syphilis
Gathering - A collection of pus
Glandular fever - Mononucleosis
Great pox - Syphilis
Green fever - Anemia
Grippe/grip - Influenza-like symptoms
Grocer's itch - Skin disease cause by mites in sugar or flour
Heart sickness - Condition caused by loss of salt from body
Heat stroke - Body temperature elevates because of surrounding environment temperature and body does not perspire to reduce temperature
Hectical complaint - Recurrent fever
Hematemesis - Vomiting blood
Hematuria - Bloody urine
Hemiplegy - Paralysis of one side of the body
Hip gout - Osteomylitis
Horrors - Delirium tremers
Hydrocephalus - - Enlarged head; water on the brain
Hydropericardium - Heart dropsy
Hydrophobia - Rabies
Hydrothroax - Dropsy in chest
Hypertrophic - Enlargement of an organ, like the heart
Impetigo - Contagious skin disease characterized by pustules
Inanition - Physical condition resulting from lack of food
Infantile paralysis - Polio
Intestinal colic - Abdominal pain due to improper diet
Jail fever - Typhus
Jaundice - Condition cause by blockage of intestines
King's evil - Tuberculosis of neck and lymph glands
Kruchhusten - Whooping cough
Lagrippe - Influenza
Lockjaw - Tetanus or infectious disease affecting the muscles of the neck and jaw; untreated, it is fatal in eight (8) days
Long sickness - Tuberculosis
Lues disease - Syphilis
Lues venera - Venereal disease
Lumbago - Back pain
Lung fever - Pneumonia
Lung sickness - Tuberculosis
Lying in - Time of delivery of an infant
Malignant sore throat - Diphtheria
Mania - Insanity
Marasmus - Progressive wasting away of the body, like malnutrition
Membranous croup - Diphtheria
Meningitis - Inflations of brain or spinal cord
Metritis - Inflammation of uterus or purulent vaginal discharge
Miasma - Poisonous vapors thought to infect the air
Milk fever - Disease from drinking contaminated milk, like undulant fever or brucellosis
Milk leg - Post partum thrombophlebitis
Milk sickness - Disease from milk of cattle which had eaten poisonous weeds
Mormal - Gangrene
Morphew - Scurvy blisters on the body
Mortification - Gangrene of necrotic tissue
Myelitis - Inflammation of the spine
Myocarditis - Inflammation of heart muscles
Necrosis - Mortification of bones or tissue
Nephrosis - Kidney degeneration
Nephritis - Inflammation of kidneys
Nervous prostration - Extreme exhaustion from inability to control physical and mental activities
Neuralgia - Described as discomfort, such as "headache" was neuralgia in head
Nostalgia - Homesickness
Palsy - Paralysis or uncontrolled movement of controlled muscles
Paroxysm - Convulsion
Pemphigus - Skin disease of watery blisters
Pericarditis - Inflammation of the heart
Peripneumonia - Inflammation of the lungs
Peritonitis - Inflammation of the abdominal area
Petechial fever - Fever characterized by skin spotting
Phthiriasis - Chronic wasting away or a name for tuberculosis
Plague - An acute febrile highly infectious disease with a high fatality rate
Pleurisy - Any pain in the chest area with each breath
Podagra - Gout
Poliomyelitis - Polio; Potter's asthma
Pott's disease - Tuberculosis of the spine
Puerperal exhaustion - Death due to childbirth
Puerperal fever - Elevated temperature after giving birth to an infant
Puking fever - Milk sickness
Putrid fever - Diphtheria
Quinsy - Tonsillitis
Remitting fever - Malaria
Rheumatism - Any disorder associated with pain in joints
Rickets - Disease of skeletal system
Rose cold - Hay fever or nasal symptoms of an allergy
Rotanny fever - (Child's disease) ???
Rubeola - German measles
Sanguineous crust - Scab
Scarlatina - Scarlet fever
Scarlet fever - A disease characterized by a red rash
Scarlet rash - Roseola
Sciatica - Rheumatism in the hips
Scirrhus - Cancerous tumors
Scotomy - Dizziness, nausea and dimness of sight
Scrivener's palsy - Writer's cramp
Screws - Rheumatism
Scrofula - Tuberculosis of neck lymph glands; progresses slowly with abscesses and pistulas develop; young person's disease
Scrumpox - Skin disease; impetigo
Scurvy - Lack of Vitamin C; symptoms of weakness, spongy gums and hemorrhages under the skin
Septicemia - Blood poisoning
Shakes - Delirium tremens
Shaking - Chills; ague
Ship fever - Typhus
Siriasis - Inflammation of the brain due to sun exposure
Sloes - Milk sickness
Small pox - Contagious disease with fever and blisters
Softing of brain - Result of stroke or hemmorhage in the brain, with an end result of the tissue softening in that area
Sore throat - distemper Diphtheria or quinsy
Spanish influenza - Epidemic influenza
Spasms - Sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle or group of muscles, like a convulsion
Spina bifida - Deformity of spine
Spotted fever - Either typhus or meningitis
Sprue - Tropical disease characterized by intestinal disorders and sore throat
St. Anthony's fire - Also erysipelas, but named so because of affected skin areas being bright red in appearance
St. Vitas dance - Ceaseless occurance of rapid complex jerking movements performed involuntarily
Stomatitis - Inflammation of the mouth
Stranger's fever - Yellow fever
Strangery - Rupture
Sudor anglicus - Sweating sickness
Summer complaint - Diarrhea, usually in infants, caused by spoiled milk
Sunstroke - Uncontrolled elevation of body temperature due to environment heat; lack of sodium in the body is a predisposing cause
Swamp sickness - - Could be malaria, typhoid or encephalitis
Sweating sickness - - Infectious and fatal disease common to the UK in the 15th century
Tetanus - Infectious disease characterized by high fever, headache and dizziness
Thrombosis - Blood clot inside blood vessel
Thrush - Childhood disease characterized by spots on mouth, lips and throat
Tick fever - Rocky Mountain spotted fever
Toxemia of pregnancy - Eclampsia
Trench mouth - Painful ulcers found along gum line; caused by poor nutrition and poor hygiene
Tussis convulsiva - Whooping cough
Typhus - Infectious fever characterized by high fever, headache and dizziness
Variola - Smallpox
Venesection - Bleeding
Viper's dance - St. Vitus dance
Yellowjacket - Yellow fever

          St. Mary’s offers free consulting for small businesses and nonprofits        
Need help for your small business or nonprofit? St. Mary’s University is offering free help. The Small Business Institute in the Greehey School of Business is accepting both small and nonprofit business clients for the spring 2016 semester. The institute offers in-depth consulting services in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, information technology, international business
          Workshop for entrepreneurs set        
Thinking of launching your own business? Goodwill Industries of San Antonio wants to help. Goodwill will hold a free three-day workshop aimed at those wishing to become entrepreneurs to start at noon Friday, Aug. 21 and end the evening of Sunday, Aug. 23. Aug. 10 is deadline to apply for the workshop, which will be limited
          College Briefs Feb. 3        
Gerontology Institute to host speaker on hospice care issues Richard Payne, a neurologist and palliative medicine physician, will be speaking at 7 p.m.
          51) Which one of the following statements concerning production and staffing plans is best? A. A master production schedule is a projected statement of income, costs, and profits. B. Aggregation can be performed along three dimensions: product families, labor, and time. C. Production plans are based primarily on information from the master production plan. D. A staffing plan is the intermediate link between the business plan and the master production schedule.         

BUS/475 Guide 4

1) The cost principle requires that when assets are acquired, they be recorded at __________.
A.   list price B.   selling price C.   exchange price paid D.   appraisal value
2) "Generally accepted" in the phrase generally accepted accounting principles means that the principles __________.
A.   have been approved for use by the managements of business firms
B.   have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service C.   have substantial authoritative support D.   are proven theories of accounting
3) The standards and rules that are recognized as a general guide for financial reporting are called __________.
A.   standards of financial reporting B.   operating guidelines C.   generally accepted accounting principles D.   generally accepted accounting standards
4) Sam's Used Cars uses the specific identification method of costing inventory. During March, Sam purchased three cars for $6,000, $7,500, and $9,750, respectively. During March, two cars are sold for $9,000 each. Sam determines that at March 31, the $9,750 car is still on hand. What is Sam’s gross profit for March?
A.   $8,250
B.   $750 C.   $4,500
D.   $5,250
5) Hess, Inc. sells a single product with a contribution margin of $12 per unit and fixed costs of $74,400 and sales for the current year of $100,000. How much is Hess’s break even point?
A.   2,133 units
B.   6,200 units
C.   $25,600 D.   4,600 units
6) As Plant Controller, you are trying to determine which costs over which you have the most control on a day to day basis. Your goal is to achieve better profitability. The Plant Operations Manager suggests that overhead is the easiest area to directly reduce costs. Which of the following items would be classified as manufacturing overhead?
A.   The western division’s vice president’s salary
B.   Cost of landscaping the corporate office C.   General corporate liability insurance D.   Factory janitor
7) What is the preparation of reports for each level of responsibility in the company’s organization chart called?
A.   Master budgeting analysis
B.   Exception reporting C.   Responsibility reporting
D.   Static reporting
8) Disney’s variable costs are 30% of sales. The company is contemplating an advertising campaign that will cost $22,000. If sales are expected to increase $40,000, by how much will the company's net income increase?
A.   $6,000 B.   $12,000
C.   $28,000
D.   $18,000
9) The cost of an asset and its fair market value are __________.
A.   never the same B.   irrelevant when the asset is used by the business in its operations
C.   the same on the date of acquisition D.   the same when the asset is sold
10) Which one of the following is a product cost?
A.   Indirect labor B.   Sales person’s salaries
C.   Advertising costs D.   Office salaries
11) What exists when budgeted costs exceed actual results?
A.   A budgeting error B.   An unfavorable difference
C.   An excess profit D.   A favorable difference
12) The income statement and balance sheet columns of Pine Company's worksheet reflects the following totals:
                        Income Statement                  Balance Sheet
            Dr.       Cr.                   Dr.       Cr.
Totals              $58,000           $48,000                       $34,000           $44,000

Closing entries are necessary for __________.
A.   permanent accounts only B.   both permanent and temporary accounts
C.   permanent or real accounts only D.   temporary accounts only
13) Managerial accounting __________.
A.   is concerned with costing products B.   pertains to the entity as a whole and is highly aggregated
C.   places emphasis on special-purpose information D.   is governed by generally accepted accounting principles
14) H55 Company sells two products, beer and wine. Beer has a 10 percent profit margin and wine has a 12 percent profit margin. Beer has a 27 percent contribution margin and wine has a 25 percent contribution margin. If other factors are equal, which product should H55 push to customers?
A.   Beer B.   Selling either results in the same additional income for the company
C.   It should sell an equal quantity of both D.   Wine
15) Lekeisha's income exceeds her expenditures. Lekeisha is a __________.
A.   saver who demands money from the financial system B.   borrower who demands money from the financial system
C.   borrower who supplies money to the financial system D.   saver who supplies money to the financial system
16) Maurice receives $100 as a birthday gift. In deciding how to spend the money, he narrows his options down to four choices: Option A, Option B, Option C, and Option D. Each option costs $100. Finally he decides on Option B. The opportunity cost of this decision is __________.
A.   the value to Maurice of the option he would have chosen had Option B not been available
B.   $100 C.   $300 D.   the value to Maurice of Options A, C and D combined
17) A production possibilities frontier will be a straight line if __________.
A.   the economy is producing efficiently B.   the economy is engaged in trade with at least one other economy C.   increasing the production of one good by x units entails no opportunity cost in terms of the other good
D.   increasing the production of one good by x units entails a constant opportunity cost in terms of the other good
18) In economics, the cost of something is __________.
A.   what you give up to get it B.   often impossible to quantify, even in principle C.   the dollar amount of obtaining it D.   always measured in units of time given up to get it
19) A tax on an imported good is called a __________.
A.   supply tax
B.   trade tax C.   quota D.   tariff
20) Which of the following statements about GDP is correct?
A.   GDP is to a nation’s economy as household income is to a household. B.   GDP increases if the total population increases. C.   GDP measures two things at once: the total income of everyone in the economy and the unemployment rate.
D.   Money continuously flows from households to government and then back to households, and GDP measures this flow of money.
21) In computing GDP, market prices are used to value final goods and services because __________.
A.   if market prices are out of line with how people value goods, the government sets price ceilings and price floors
B.   Market prices are not used in computing GDP C.   market prices reflect the values of goods and services D.   market prices do not change much over time, so it is easy to make comparisons between years

22) Which of the following statements about GDP is correct?
A.   Nominal GDP values production at market prices, whereas real GDP values production at the cost of the resources used in the production process.
B.   Nominal GDP consistently underestimates the value of production, whereas real GDP consistently overestimates the value of production.
C.   Nominal GDP values production at current prices, whereas real GDP values production at constant prices.
D.   Nominal GDP values production at constant prices, whereas real GDP values production at current prices.
23) Which of the following is not correct?
A.   The U.S. debt per-person is large compared with average lifetime income.
B.   In 2005, the U.S. government had a deficit. C.   A potential cost of deficits is that they reduce national saving, thereby reducing growth of the capital stock and output growth.
D.   Deficits give people the opportunity to consume at the expense of their children, but they do not require them to do so.
24) The part of the balance of payments account that lists all long-term flows of payments is called the:
A.   balance of trade. B.   financial and capital account.
C.   government financial account.
D.   current account.
25) Edward Prescott and Finn Kydland won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2004. One of their contributions was to argue that if a central bank could convince people to expect zero inflation, then the Fed would be tempted to raise output by increasing inflation. This possibility is known as __________.
A.   the sacrifice ratio dilemma B.   the monetary policy reaction lag
C.   the time inconsistency of policy
D.   inflation targeting
26) In general, the longest lag for __________.
A.   fiscal policy is the time it takes to change policy, while for monetary policy the longest lag is the time it takes for policy to affect aggregate demand
B.   both fiscal and monetary policy is the time it takes for policy to affect aggregate demand
C.   monetary policy is the time it takes to change policy, while for fiscal policy the longest lag is the time it takes for policy to affect aggregate demand
D.   both fiscal and monetary policy is the time it takes to change policy
27) Consider two items that might be included in GDP: (1) The estimated rental value of owner-occupied housing; and (2) purchases of newly-constructed homes. How are these two items accounted for when GDP is calculated?
A.   Only item (2) is included in GDP and it is included in the investment component.
B.   Item (1) is included in the consumption component, while item (2) is included in the investment component.
C.   Item (1) is included in the investment component, while item (2) is included in the consumption component.
D.   Both item (1) and item (2) are included in the consumption component of GDP.

28) Managers will utilize __________ skills with increasing frequency as they rise within an organization.
A.   Professional B.   Interpersonal and communication
C.   Technical D.   Professional E.   Conceptual and decision
29) Which of these represent skills that managers need?
A.   Interpersonal, quantitative, and professional B.   Technical, interpersonal & communication and conceptual & decision making
C.   Professional, technical and interpersonal & communication D.   Conceptual & decision making, professional and technical E.   Interpersonal & communication, conceptual & decision making and professional
30) Building a dynamic organization is another way of describing which function of management?
A.   Staffing B.   Organizing
C.   Leading D.   Controlling
E.   Planning
31) Your roommate is interested in starting a business and everybody has been giving him different information about being an entrepreneur. Since you have been studying about entrepreneurship and new ventures, which of these would you tell him is true?
A.   Anyone can start a business B.   All entrepreneurs need venture capital in order to get started C.   Successful entrepreneurs take very careful, calculated risks D.   Entrepreneurs are their own bosses and completely independent
E.   Money should not be considered a start-up ingredient
32) The term used to refer to all kinds of differences including religious affiliation, age, disability status, economic class and lifestyle in addition to gender, race, ethnicity and nationality is:
A.   Diversity B.   Managerial ethics
C.   Recruiting D.   Employment E.   Selection
33) A manager's ability to stimulate people to be high performers is referred to as:
A.   Planning B.   Supervising
C.   Controlling
D.   Organizing E.   Leading
34) A series of quality standards developed by a committee working under the International Organization for Standardization to improve total quality in all businesses for the benefit of both producers and consumers is:
A.   Total quality management B.   Customer-based integration C.   Computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM)
D.   Just-in-time control (JIT)
E.   ISO 9000
35) Japanese manufacturers' kaizen (continuous improvement) programs enable them to maintain:
A.   A strategic alliance B.   A homogeneous workforce C.   Positive working relationships with all employees
D.   A Learning advantage over their competition E.   Larger, faster facilities
36) Listening to employee suggestions, gaining support for organizational objectives and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork are all considered:
A.   Technical skills B.   Conceptual C.   Professional skills D.   Interpersonal/communication skills
E.   Diagnostic skills
37) The basic components of an effective sexual harassment policy include the following EXCEPT:
A.   To develop an organization wide policy on sexual harassment B.   To establish a means for ongoing training C.   To act immediately when employees complain of sexual harassment
D.   To establish a performance appraisal system E.   To establish a formal complaint procedure
38) Teams that operate separately from the regular work structure and exist temporarily are known as:
A.   Management teams B.   Transnational teams
C.   Self-managed teams
D.   Parallel teams E.   Self-designing teams
39) The Aquatic Center, Inc. periodically reviews the goals of the company. During the process, The Aquatic Center managers analyze their current strategies as compared to their competitors, determine goals that they will pursue and decide upon specific actions for each area of the company to take in pursuit of these goals. The Aquatic Center managers have been engaged in the management function of:
A.   Goal Coordination
B.   Controlling C.   Organizing D.   Staffing E.   Planning
40) As related to managing of human resources, diversity refers to:
A.   Differences in demographics (such as age, race, gender, disability status, lifestyle, veteran status, educational level, etc.)
B.   Differences in pay methods (such as hourly, salaried, overtime, hazard-pay, commissioned, etc.)
C.   Differences in employee benefit plans (such as pensions, insurance, vacations, memberships, etc.)
D.   Differences in retention strategies (such as training, hiring, incentives, etc) E.   Differences in recruiting methods (such as newspapers, schools, flyers, magazines, agencies, etc.)
41) __________ is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals.
A.   Controlling B.   Decision making
C.   Planning D.   Supervising E.   Management
42) Twelve randomly-chosen students were asked how many times they had missed class during a certain semester, with this result: 2, 1, 5, 1, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1, 5, 18.
For this sample, the median is _____.
A.   3 B.   3.5
C.   2.5
D.   2
43) Use the following table to answer question:
 P(S | W) is approximately _____.
A.   .40
B.   .30
C.   .12
D.   .58
44) Use the following table to answer question:
 P(M  A) is approximately _____.
A.   .50 B.   .625
C.   .125
D.   .25
45) Dullco Manufacturing claims that its alkaline batteries last forty hours on average in a certain type of portable CD player. Tests on a random sample of 18 batteries showed a mean battery life of 37.8 hours with a standard deviation of 5.4 hours.
In determining the p-value for reporting the study's findings, which of the following is true?
A.   The p-value is equal to .05. B.   The p-value is greater than .05. C.   The p-value cannot be determined without specifying  . D.   The p-value is less than .05.
46) William used a sample of 68 U.S. cities to estimate the relationship between Crime (annual property crimes per 100,000 persons) and Income (median income per capita). His estimated regression equation was Crime = 428 + .050 Income.
Which outcomes would be likely in a bivariate regression on 45 randomly chosen U.S. cities in 2005 with
Y = number of robberies in each city (thousands of robberies) and
X = size of police force in each city (thousands of police)?
A.   High R2 (due to city size). B.   Positive slope (due to city size).
C.   No correlation. D.   Autocorrelation.
47) Twelve randomly-chosen students were asked how many times they had missed class during a certain semester, with this result: 2, 1, 5, 1, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1, 5, 18.
For this sample, which measure of central tendency is least representative of the “typical” student?
A.   Midrange
B.   Mean C.   Mode D.   Median
48) Likely reasons for inaccurate control limits would include which of the following?
A.   Process variation was not zero, as expected. B.   The engineering parameter for variance is unknown.
C.   There was insufficient preliminary sampling. D.   The engineers were underpaid for their work.
49) You are faced with a linear programming objective function of:
Max P = $20X + $30Y
and constraints of:
3X + 4Y = 24 (Constraint A)
5X – Y = 18 (Constraint B)
You discover that the shadow price for Constraint A is 7.5 and the shadow price for Constraint B is 0. Which of these statements is TRUE?
A.   The most you would want to pay for an additional unit of A would be $7.50.
B.   You can change quantities of X and Y at no cost for Constraint B. C.   For every additional unit of the objective function you create, the price of A rises by $7.50.
D.   For every additional unit of the objective function you create, you lose 0 units of B.
50) A project has three paths. A–B–C has a length of 25 days. A–D–C has a length of 15 days. Finally, A–E–C has a length of 20 days. Which one of the following statements is TRUE?
A.   The expected duration of this project is 25 + 15 + 20 = 60 days.
B.   A–D–C is the critical path. C.   The expected duration of this project is 25 days. D.   A–B–C has the most slack.
51) Which one of the following statements concerning production and staffing plans is best?
A.   A master production schedule is a projected statement of income, costs, and profits.
B.   Aggregation can be performed along three dimensions: product families, labor, and time.
C.   Production plans are based primarily on information from the master production plan.
D.   A staffing plan is the intermediate link between the business plan and the master production schedule.
52) While glancing over the sensitivity report, you note that the stitching labor has a shadow price of $10 and a lower limit of 24 hours with an upper limit of 36 hours. If your original right hand value for stitching labor was 30 hours, you know that:
A.   you would lose $80 if one of your workers missed an entire 8 hour shift. B.   the next worker that offers to work an extra 8 hours should receive at least $80.
C.   you would be willing pay up to $60 for someone to work another 6 hours.
D.   you can send someone home 6 hours early and still pay them the $60 they would have earned while on the clock.

53) The costs of delivering products in the _____ channel are much higher than delivering products in the _____ channel.
A.   physical, digital B.   e-commerce, digital
C.   physical, financial D.   digital, e-commerce
E.   digital, physical
54) When customers access a Web site and make purchases, they generate __________.
A.   Tracking cookies B.   Web data C.   Information D.   Clickstream data
E.   Hyperlink data
55) _____ is the integration of economic, social, cultural, and ecological facets of life, enabled by information.
A.   regionalization B.   globalization C.   nationalization D.   business environment
56) Various organizations that promote fair and responsible use of information systems often develop __________.
A.   a code of ethics B.   responsibility charters
C.   a strategic plan D.   a mission statement E.   a goals outline
57) What is _____ is not necessarily _____.
A.   Illegal, unethical B.   Unethical, legal C.   Ethical, illegal D.   Unethical, illegal
E.   Ethical, legal
58) _____ provides users with a view of what is happening, where _____ addresses why it is happening.
A.   Multidimensional data analysis, structured query language
B.   Multidimensional data analysis, neural networks C.   Data mining, multidimensional data analysis D.   Data mining, expert system E.   Multidimensional data analysis, data mining
59) Computer support is greatest for which of the following problems?
A.   Semistructured and strategic planning B.   Semistructured and management control
C.   Unstructured and operational control D.   Structured and operational control E.   Structured and management control
60) The management cockpit best exemplifies which type of system?
A.   Decision support system B.   Functional area information system
C.   Expert system D.   Digital dashboard E.   Group decision support system
61) _____ is the efficient and effective execution of specific tasks.
A.   Operational control
B.   Expertise C.   Management control
D.   Strategic planning E.   Wisdom
62) Geocoding is __________.
A.   accessing geographical information B.   integrating maps with spatially oriented databases and other databases
C.   integrating organizational transactions with spatially oriented databases D.   programming spatially oriented databases E.   encrypting spatial information
63) At 8% compounded annually, how long will it take $750 to double?
A.   48 months
B.   6.5 years C.   9 years D.   12 years
64) Which of the following represents an attempt to measure the earnings of the firm’s operations over a given time period?
A.   Cash flow statement
B.   Balance sheet C.   Income statement D.   Quarterly statement
65) A machine costs $1,000, has a three-year life, and has an estimated salvage value of $100. It will generate after-tax annual cash flows (ACF) of $600 a year, starting next year. If your required rate of return for the project is 10%, what is the NPV of this investment? (Round your answerwer to the nearest $10.)
A.   $570 B.   $490 C.   $900 D.   -$150
66) Disadvantages of using current liabilities as opposed to long-term debt include:
A.   higher cash flow exposure B.   greater risk of illiquidity, and uncertainty of interest costs
C.   decreased risk of liquidity D.   certainty of interest costs E.   uncertainty of future liabilities
67) Petrified Forest Skin Care, Inc. pays an annual perpetual dividend of $1.70 per share. If the stock is currently selling for $21.25 per share, what is the expected rate of return on this stock?
A.   12.5% B.   36.13%
C.   8.0% D.   13.6%
68) Which of the following is most consistent with the hedging principle in working capital management?
A.   Fixed assets should be financed with short-term notes payable. B.   Inventory should be financed with preferred stock. C.   Accounts receivable should be financed with short-term lines of credit.
D.   Borrow on a floating rate basis to finance investments in permanent assets.
69) An increase in future value can be caused by an increase in the __________.
A.   original amount invested B.   annual interest rate and number of compounding periods
C.   rate of return D.   dividends paid E.   starting value
70) If the quote for a forward exchange contract is greater than the computed price, the forward contract is:
A.   at equilibrium.
B.   undervalued. C.   a good buy. D.   overvalued.
71) Your company is considering an investment in a project which would require an initial outlay of $300,000 and produce expected cash flows in Years 1 through 5 of $87,385 per year. You have determined that the current after-tax cost of the firm’s capital (required rate of return) for each source of financing is as follows:
Cost of debt     8%
Cost of preferred stock           12%
Cost of common stock            16%
Long-term debt currently makes up 20% of the capital structure, preferred stock 10%, and common stock 70%. What is the net present value of this project?
A.   $1,568
B.   $871 C.   $1,241
D.   $463
72) Suppose you determine that the NPV of a project is $1,525,855. What does that mean?
A.   The project’s IRR would have to be less that the firm’s discount rate. B.   The project would add value to the firm. C.   Under all conditions, the project’s payback would be less than the profitability index.
D.   In all cases, investing in this project would be better than investing in a project that has an NPV of $850,000.
73) The common stockholders are most concerned with:
A.   the spread between the return generated on new investments and the investor’s required rate of return.
B.   the size of the firm’s beginning earnings per share. C.   the risk of the investment. D.   the percentage of profits retained.
74) PepsiCo calculates unlevered betas for each peer group in order to:
A.   eliminate different financial risks.
B.   eliminate competitive factors. C.   eliminate judgment factors. D.   eliminate different business risks.
75) Which of the following best represents operating income?
A.   Income from discontinued operations
B.   Earnings before interest and taxes C.   Income from capital gains D.   Income after financing activities
76) In comparison to the buying of final consumers, the purchasing of organizational buyers:
A.   is even less predictable. B.   leans basically toward economy, quality, and dependability.
C.   is always emotional. D.   is strictly economic and not at all emotional. E.   is always based on competitive bids from multiple suppliers.
77) The basic objective of the U.S. market-directed economic system is to:
A.   achieve an annual growth rate of at least 10 percent. B.   provide each person with an equal share of the economic output.
C.   make the most efficient use of the country's resources. D.   minimize inflation. E.   satisfy consumer needs as they--the consumers--see them.
78) Comparing GDP for foreign countries can help a marketing manager evaluate potential markets if the manager remembers that:
A.   GDP measures show people's tendency to buy particular products. B.   income tends to be evenly distributed among consumers in most countries. C.   GDP estimates may not be very accurate for very different cultures and economies.
D.   Other countries most likely don’t use the US Dollar as their primary currency.
E.   GDP measures show the degree of competition in a market.
79) A firm's "marketing mix" decision areas would NOT include:
A.   Promotion.
B.   People. C.   Price. D.   Place. E.   Product.
80) __________ is a marketing management aid which refers to how customers think about proposed and/or present brands in a market.
A.   Brand familiarity B.   Positioning
C.   Market scanning D.   Customer relationship management (CRM)
E.   Market segmentation
81) The "four Ps" of a marketing mix are:
A.   Production, Personnel, Price, and Physical Distribution
B.   Promotion, Production, Price, and People C.   Potential customers, Product, Price, and Personal Selling
D.   Product, Price, Promotion, and Profit E.   Product, Place, Promotion, and Price
82) When evaluating macro-marketing:
A.   the evaluation is necessarily subjective. B.   the best approach is to consider the profit generated by individual firms within the overall system.
C.   one must determine how efficiently the society's resources are used. D.   one must consider the society’s role in the marketing system. E.   one must consider each individual firm's role in the marketing system.
83) A cluster analysis of the "toothpaste market" would probably show that:
A.   the broad product-market can be served effectively with one marketing mix.
B.   most consu
          52) While glancing over the sensitivity report, you note that the stitching labor has a shadow price of $10 and a lower limit of 24 hours with an upper limit of 36 hours. If your original right hand value for stitching labor was 30 hours, you know that: A. you would lose $80 if one of your workers missed an entire 8 hour shift. B. the next worker that offers to work an extra 8 hours should receive at least $80. C. you would be willing pay up to $60 for someone to work another 6 hours. D.