Anonymous: ISIS threatening attacks in US, elsewhere Sunday        
(NEWSER) – According to hacking group Anonymous, the Islamic State has made credible threats against events in multiple countries—including the US—set to take place Sunday, the Hill reports. Anonymous issued a statement Saturday in which it identified “confirmed” risks or possible risks at events in the US, Paris, Indonesia, Italy, and Lebanon. “The goal is […]
          Accelerate Live! talk: Health-generating buildings, Marcene Kinney, Angela Mazzi, GBBN Architects        
Architects Marcene Kinney and Angela Mazzi share design hacks pinpointing specific aspects of the built environment that affect behavior, well-being, and performance.


During the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed an evolution in building design, from high-performance and energy-efficient buildings, to sustainable and green buildings, and now to spaces that enhance performance and promote wellness and health. 

In this 15-minute talk at BD+C’s Accelerate Live! conference (May 11, 2017, Chicago), Marcene Kinney and Angela Mazzi from Cincinnati-based GBBN Architects talk about their work in behavior change and health-generating design.

Their predictive outcome modeling helps clients make strategic design investments that enhance user and building performance, while minimizing behaviors that can lead to more negative outcomes, such as injuries, poor health, or mistakes.

They also share design hacks pinpointing specific aspects of the built environment that affect behavior, well-being, and performance to help clients get more success out of their spaces.


As Principal and Market Director at GBBN Architects, Marcene Kinney, AIA, LEED AP, leads her team's exploration and focus to do more than merely solve functional architectural problems for clients. Her applied research details fives types of space and their physical attributes that contribute to socialization and gathering patterns within spaces. She has dedicated 17 years exploring how space facilitates social interaction and builds community within the educational environment. Kinney has presented her research-based design work to American Institute of Architecture and Society of College and University Planning audiences and is the recent recipient of an AIA design award for work completed at Northern Kentucky University. Perhaps most important are the satisfaction survey reports by her clients who are reporting increased engagement and retention from their customers.

Angela Mazzi, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, is a Senior Associate and Medical Planner at GBBN Architects, where she focuses on enhancing quality of life through built environments—connecting great design with user needs. Her background in design, business management, and research on socio-cultural contexts provides a unique perspective on how culture is reflected in architecture and user experience. Mazzi serves on the Board of Regents for the American College of Healthcare Architects (ACHA), the Board of AIA Cincinnati, the Advisory Committee for the Institute for Patient-Centered Design, and was an Advisory Board member for Arizona State University's Healthcare Design Program in its initial years. Her research linking wellness to design has been published in many healthcare journals and been presented at both national and international conferences.



          'We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war.' - Sidney Drell (no replies)        
'..My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

'The harsh rhetoric on both sides increases the danger of miscalculations and mistakes, as do other factors. Close encounters between the military aircraft of the United States and Russia have become routine, creating the potential for an unintended conflict. Many of the nuclear-weapon systems on both sides are aging and obsolete. The personnel who operate those systems often suffer from poor morale and poor training. None of their senior officers has firsthand experience making decisions during an actual nuclear crisis. And today’s command-and-control systems must contend with threats that barely existed during the Cold War: malware, spyware, worms, bugs, viruses, corrupted firmware, logic bombs, Trojan horses, and all the other modern tools of cyber warfare. The greatest danger is posed not by any technological innovation but by a dilemma that has haunted nuclear strategy since the first detonation of an atomic bomb: How do you prevent a nuclear attack while preserving the ability to launch one?


..the Cuban Missile Crisis, when a series of misperceptions, miscalculations, and command-and-control problems almost started an accidental nuclear war—despite the determination of both John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev to avoid one. In perhaps the most dangerous incident, the captain of a Soviet submarine mistakenly believed that his vessel was under attack by U.S. warships and ordered the firing of a torpedo armed with a nuclear warhead. His order was blocked by a fellow officer. Had the torpedo been fired, the United States would have retaliated with nuclear weapons. At the height of the crisis, while leaving the White House on a beautiful fall evening, McNamara had a strong feeling of dread—and for good reason: “I feared I might never live to see another Saturday night.”


The personnel who command, operate, and maintain the Minuteman III have also become grounds for concern. In 2013, the two-star general in charge of the entire Minuteman force was removed from duty after going on a drunken bender during a visit to Russia, behaving inappropriately with young Russian women, asking repeatedly if he could sing with a Beatles cover band at a Mexican restaurant in Moscow, and insulting his military hosts. The following year, almost a hundred Minuteman launch officers were disciplined for cheating on their proficiency exams. In 2015, three launch officers at Malmstrom Air Force Base, in Montana, were dismissed for using illegal drugs, including ecstasy, cocaine, and amphetamines. That same year, a launch officer at Minot Air Force Base, in North Dakota, was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison for heading a violent street gang, distributing drugs, sexually assaulting a girl under the age of sixteen, and using psilocybin, a powerful hallucinogen. As the job title implies, launch officers are entrusted with the keys for launching intercontinental ballistic missiles.


..A recent memoir, “Uncommon Cause,” written by General George Lee Butler, reveals that the Pentagon was not telling the truth. Butler was the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, responsible for all of America’s nuclear weapons, during the Administration of President George H. W. Bush.

According to Butler and Franklin Miller, a former director of strategic-forces policy at the Pentagon, launch-on-warning was an essential part of the Single Integrated Operational Plan (siop), the nation’s nuclear-war plan. Land-based missiles like the Minuteman III were aimed at some of the most important targets in the Soviet Union, including its anti-aircraft sites. If the Minuteman missiles were destroyed before liftoff, the siop would go awry, and American bombers might be shot down before reaching their targets. In order to prevail in a nuclear war, the siop had become dependent on getting Minuteman missiles off the ground immediately. Butler’s immersion in the details of the nuclear command-and-control system left him dismayed. “With the possible exception of the Soviet nuclear war plan, [the siop] was the single most absurd and irresponsible document I had ever reviewed in my life,” Butler concluded. “We escaped the Cold War without a nuclear holocaust by some combination of skill, luck, and divine intervention, and I suspect the latter in greatest proportion.” The siop called for the destruction of twelve thousand targets within the Soviet Union. Moscow would be struck by four hundred nuclear weapons; Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine, by about forty.

After the end of the Cold War, a Russian surprise attack became extremely unlikely. Nevertheless, hundreds of Minuteman III missiles remained on alert. The Cold War strategy endured because, in theory, it deterred a Russian attack on the missiles. McNamara called the policy “insane,” arguing that “there’s no military requirement for it.” George W. Bush, while running for President in 2000, criticized launch-on-warning, citing the “unacceptable risks of accidental or unauthorized launch.” Barack Obama, while running for President in 2008, promised to take Minuteman missiles off alert, warning that policies like launch-on-warning “increase the risk of catastrophic accidents or miscalculation.” Twenty scientists who have won the Nobel Prize, as well as the Union of Concerned Scientists, have expressed strong opposition to retaining a launch-on-warning capability. It has also been opposed by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State George Shultz, and former Senator Sam Nunn. And yet the Minuteman III missiles still sit in their silos today, armed with warheads, ready to go.

William J. Perry, who served as Secretary of Defense during the Clinton Administration, not only opposes keeping Minuteman III missiles on alert but advocates getting rid of them entirely. “These missiles are some of the most dangerous weapons in the world,” Perry wrote in the Times, this September. For many reasons, he thinks the risk of a nuclear catastrophe is greater today than it was during the Cold War. While serving as an Under-Secretary of Defense in 1980, Perry also received a late-night call about an impending Soviet attack, a false alarm that still haunts him. “A catastrophic nuclear war could have started by accident.”

Bruce Blair, a former Minuteman launch officer, heads the anti-nuclear group Global Zero, teaches at Princeton University, and campaigns against a launch-on-warning policy. Blair has described the stresses that the warning of a Russian attack would put on America’s command-and-control system. American early-warning satellites would detect Russian missiles within three minutes of their launch. Officers at norad would confer for an additional three minutes, checking sensors to decide if an attack was actually occurring. The Integrated Tactical Warning/Attack System collects data from at least two independent information sources, relying on different physical principles, such as ground-based radar and satellite-based infrared sensors. If the norad officials thought that the warning was legitimate, the President of the United States would be contacted. He or she would remove the Black Book from a briefcase carried by a military aide. The Black Book describes nuclear retaliatory options, presented in cartoon-like illustrations that can be quickly understood.


Although the Air Force publicly dismissed the threat of a cyberattack on the nuclear command-and-control system, the incident raised alarm within the Pentagon about the system’s vulnerability. A malfunction that occurred by accident might also be caused deliberately. Those concerns were reinforced by a Defense Science Board report in January, 2013. It found that the Pentagon’s computer networks had been “built on inherently insecure architectures that are composed of, and increasingly using, foreign parts.” Red teams employed by the board were able to disrupt Pentagon systems with “relative ease,” using tools available on the Internet. “The complexity of modern software and hardware makes it difficult, if not impossible, to develop components without flaws or to detect malicious insertions,” the report concluded.

In a recent paper for the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, Andrew Futter, an associate professor at the University of Leicester, suggested that a nuclear command-and-control system might be hacked to gather intelligence about the system, to shut down the system, to spoof it, mislead it, or cause it to take some sort of action—like launching a missile. And, he wrote, there are a variety of ways it might be done.


Strict precautions have been taken to thwart a cyberattack on the U.S. nuclear command-and-control system. Every line of nuclear code has been scrutinized for errors and bugs. The system is “air-gapped,” meaning that its networks are closed: someone can’t just go onto the Internet and tap into a computer at a Minuteman III control center. At least, that’s the theory. Russia, China, and North Korea have sophisticated cyber-warfare programs and techniques. General James Cartwright—the former head of the U.S. Strategic Command who recently pleaded guilty to leaking information about Stuxnet—thinks that it’s reasonable to believe the system has already been penetrated. “You’ve either been hacked, and you’re not admitting it, or you’re being hacked and don’t know it,” Cartwright said last year.

If communications between Minuteman control centers and their missiles are interrupted, the missiles can still be launched by ultra-high-frequency radio signals transmitted by special military aircraft. The ability to launch missiles by radio serves as a backup to the control centers—and also creates an entry point into the network that could be exploited in a cyberattack. The messages sent within the nuclear command-and-control system are highly encrypted. Launch codes are split in two, and no single person is allowed to know both parts. But the complete code is stored in computers—where it could be obtained or corrupted by an insider.

Some of America’s most secret secrets were recently hacked and stolen by a couple of private contractors working inside the N.S.A., Edward Snowden and Harold T. Martin III, both employees of Booz Allen Hamilton. The N.S.A. is responsible for generating and encrypting the nuclear launch codes. And the security of the nuclear command-and-control system is being assured not only by government officials but also by the employees of private firms, including software engineers who work for Boeing, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Lord Des Browne, a former U.K. Minister of Defense, is concerned that even ballistic-missile submarines may be compromised by malware. Browne is now the vice-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, a nonprofit seeking to reduce the danger posed by weapons of mass destruction, where he heads a task force examining the risk of cyberattacks on nuclear command-and-control systems. Browne thinks that the cyber threat is being cavalierly dismissed by many in power. The Royal Navy’s decision to save money by using Windows for Submarines, a version of Windows XP, as the operating system for its ballistic-missile subs seems especially shortsighted. Windows XP was discontinued six years ago, and Microsoft warned that any computer running it after April, 2014, “should not be considered protected as there will be no security updates.” Each of the U.K. subs has eight missiles carrying a total of forty nuclear weapons. “It is shocking to think that my home computer is probably running a newer version of Windows than the U.K.’s military submarines,” Brown said.In 2013, General C. Robert Kehler, the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the risk of cyberattacks on the nuclear command-and-control system. He expressed confidence that the U.S. system was secure. When Senator Bill Nelson asked if somebody could hack into the Russian or Chinese systems and launch a ballistic missile carrying a nuclear warhead, Kehler replied, “Senator, I don’t know . . . I do not know.”

After the debacle of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union became much more reluctant to provoke a nuclear confrontation with the United States. Its politburo was a committee of conservative old men. Russia’s leadership is quite different today. The current mix of nationalism, xenophobia, and vehement anti-Americanism in Moscow is a far cry from the more staid and secular ideology guiding the Soviet Union in the nineteen-eighties. During the past few years, threats about the use of nuclear weapons have become commonplace in Moscow. Dmitry Kiselyov, a popular newscaster and the Kremlin’s leading propagandist, reminded viewers in 2014 that Russia is “the only country in the world capable of turning the U.S.A. into radioactive dust.” The Kremlin has acknowledged the development of a nuclear torpedo that can travel more than six thousand miles underwater before devastating a coastal city. It has also boasted about a fearsome new missile design. Nicknamed “Satan 2” and deployed with up to sixteen nuclear warheads, the missile will be “capable of wiping out parts of the earth the size of Texas or France,” an official news agency claimed.


Russia’s greatest strategic vulnerability is the lack of a sophisticated and effective early-warning system. The Soviet Union had almost a dozen satellites in orbit that could detect a large-scale American attack. The system began to deteriorate in 1996, when an early-warning satellite had to be retired. Others soon fell out of orbit, and Russia’s last functional early-warning satellite went out of service two years ago. Until a new network of satellites can be placed in orbit, the country must depend on ground-based radar units. Unlike the United States, Russia no longer has two separate means of validating an attack warning. At best, the radar units can spot warheads only minutes before they land. Pavel Podvig, a senior fellow at the U.N. Institute for Disarmament Research, believes that Russia does not have a launch-on-warning policy—because its early-warning system is so limited.

For the past nine years, I’ve been immersed in the minutiae of nuclear command and control, trying to understand the actual level of risk. Of all the people whom I’ve met in the nuclear realm, Sidney Drell was one of the most brilliant and impressive. Drell died this week, at the age of ninety. A theoretical physicist with expertise in quantum field theory and quantum chromodynamics, he was for many years the deputy director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator and received the National Medal of Science from Obama, in 2013. Drell was one of the founding members of jason—a group of civilian scientists that advises the government on important technological matters—and for fifty-six years possessed a Q clearance, granting him access to the highest level of classified information. Drell participated in top-secret discussions about nuclear strategy for decades, headed a panel that investigated nuclear-weapon safety for the U.S. Congress in 1990, and worked on technical issues for jason until the end of his life. A few months ago, when I asked for his opinion about launch-on-warning, Drell said, “It’s insane, the worst thing I can think of. You can’t have a worse idea.”

Drell was an undergraduate at Princeton University when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed. Given all the close calls and mistakes in the seventy-one years since then, he considered it a miracle that no other cities have been destroyed by a nuclear weapon—“it is so far beyond my normal optimism.” The prospect of a new cold war—and the return of military strategies that advocate using nuclear weapons on the battlefield—deeply unnerved him. Once the first nuclear weapon detonates, nothing might prevent the conflict from spiralling out of control. “We have no experience in stopping a nuclear war,” he said.


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin confront a stark choice: begin another nuclear-arms race or reduce the threat of nuclear war. Trump now has a unique opportunity to pursue the latter, despite the bluster and posturing on both sides. His admiration for Putin, regardless of its merits, could provide the basis for meaningful discussions about how to minimize nuclear risks. Last year, General James Mattis, the former Marine chosen by Trump to serve as Secretary of Defense, called for a fundamental reappraisal of American nuclear strategy and questioned the need for land-based missiles. During Senate testimony, Mattis suggested that getting rid of such missiles would “reduce the false-alarm danger.” Contrary to expectations, Republican Presidents have proved much more successful than their Democratic counterparts at nuclear disarmament. President George H. W. Bush cut the size of the American arsenal in half, as did his son, President George W. Bush. And President Ronald Reagan came close to negotiating a treaty with the Soviet Union that would have completely abolished nuclear weapons.

Every technology embodies the values of the age in which it was created. When the atomic bomb was being developed in the mid-nineteen-forties, the destruction of cities and the deliberate targeting of civilians was just another military tactic. It was championed as a means to victory. The Geneva Conventions later classified those practices as war crimes—and yet nuclear weapons have no other real use. They threaten and endanger noncombatants for the sake of deterrence. Conventional weapons can now be employed to destroy every kind of military target, and twenty-first-century warfare puts an emphasis on precision strikes, cyberweapons, and minimizing civilian casualties. As a technology, nuclear weapons have become obsolete. What worries me most isn’t the possibility of a cyberattack, a technical glitch, or a misunderstanding starting a nuclear war sometime next week. My greatest concern is the lack of public awareness about this existential threat, the absence of a vigorous public debate about the nuclear-war plans of Russia and the United States, the silent consent to the roughly fifteen thousand nuclear weapons in the world. These machines have been carefully and ingeniously designed to kill us. Complacency increases the odds that, some day, they will. The “Titanic Effect” is a term used by software designers to explain how things can quietly go wrong in a complex technological system: the safer you assume the system to be, the more dangerous it is becoming.'

- Eric Schlosser, World War Three, By Mistake, December 23, 2016


The International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

          '..Russia .. cyberpower proved the perfect weapon .. political sabotage..' (no replies)        
' “We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends..


..The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon..


What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

'..the White House’s reluctance to respond forcefully meant the Russians have not paid a heavy price for their actions, a decision that could prove critical in deterring future cyberattacks.


..President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia moved beyond mere espionage to deliberately try to subvert American democracy and pick the winner of the presidential election.


..A low-cost, high-impact weapon that Russia had test-fired in elections from Ukraine to Europe was trained on the United States, with devastating effectiveness. For Russia, with an enfeebled economy and a nuclear arsenal it cannot use short of all-out war, cyberpower proved the perfect weapon: cheap, hard to see coming, hard to trace.


The United States had two decades of warning that Russia’s intelligence agencies were trying to break into America’s most sensitive computer networks. But the Russians have always managed to stay a step ahead.

Their first major attack was detected on Oct. 7, 1996, when a computer operator at the Colorado School of Mines discovered some nighttime computer activity he could not explain. The school had a major contract with the Navy, and the operator warned his contacts there. But as happened two decades later at the D.N.C., at first “everyone was unable to connect the dots,” said Thomas Rid, a scholar at King’s College in London who has studied the attack.

Investigators gave it a name — Moonlight Maze — and spent two years, often working day and night, tracing how it hopped from the Navy to the Department of Energy to the Air Force and NASA. In the end, they concluded that the total number of files stolen, if printed and stacked, would be taller than the Washington Monument.

Whole weapons designs were flowing out the door, and it was a first taste of what was to come: an escalating campaign of cyberattacks around the world.


The Russians were also quicker to turn their attacks to political purposes. A 2007 cyberattack on Estonia, a former Soviet republic that had joined NATO, sent a message that Russia could paralyze the country without invading it. The next year cyberattacks were used during Russia’s war with Georgia.


Mr. Obama was briefed regularly on all this, but he made a decision that many in the White House now regret: He did not name Russians publicly, or issue sanctions. There was always a reason: fear of escalating a cyberwar, and concern that the United States needed Russia’s cooperation in negotiations over Syria.

“We’d have all these circular meetings,” one senior State Department official said, “in which everyone agreed you had to push back at the Russians and push back hard. But it didn’t happen.”


Last year, the attacks became more aggressive. Russia hacked a major French television station, frying critical hardware. Around Christmas, it attacked part of the power grid in Ukraine, dropping a portion of the country into darkness, killing backup generators and taking control of generators. In retrospect, it was a warning shot.


..CrowdStrike’s nicknames for the two Russian hacking groups that the firm found at work inside the D.N.C. network. Cozy Bear — the group also known as the Dukes or A.P.T. 29, for “advanced persistent threat” — may or may not be associated with the F.S.B., the main successor to the Soviet-era K.G.B., but it is widely believed to be a Russian government operation. It made its first appearance in 2014, said Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike’s co-founder and chief technology officer.


Only in March 2016 did Fancy Bear show up — first penetrating the computers of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and then jumping to the D.N.C., investigators believe. Fancy Bear, sometimes called A.P.T. 28 and believed to be directed by the G.R.U., Russia’s military intelligence agency, is an older outfit, tracked by Western investigators for nearly a decade. It was Fancy Bear that got hold of Mr. Podesta’s email.


It was bad enough that Russian hackers had been spying inside the committee’s network for months. Now the public release of documents had turned a conventional espionage operation into something far more menacing: political sabotage, an unpredictable, uncontrollable menace for Democratic campaigns.


Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder and editor, has resisted the conclusion that his site became a pass-through for Russian hackers working for Mr. Putin’s government or that he was deliberately trying to undermine Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy. But the evidence on both counts appears compelling.


Mr. Putin, a student of martial arts, had turned two institutions at the core of American democracy — political campaigns and independent media — to his own ends. The media’s appetite for the hacked material, and its focus on the gossipy content instead of the Russian source, disturbed some of those whose personal emails were being reposted across the web.


In late 2014, hackers working for Kim Jong-un, the North’s young and unpredictable leader, had carried out a well-planned attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment intended to stop the Christmastime release of a comedy about a C.I.A. plot to kill Mr. Kim.

In that case, embarrassing emails had also been released. But the real damage was done to Sony’s own systems: More than 70 percent of its computers melted down when a particularly virulent form of malware was released. Within weeks, intelligence agencies traced the attack back to the North and its leadership. Mr. Obama called North Korea out in public, and issued some not-very-effective sanctions. The Chinese even cooperated, briefly cutting off the North’s internet connections.

As the first Situation Room meetings on the Russian hacking began in July, “it was clear that Russia was going to be a much more complicated case,” said one participant. The Russians clearly had a more sophisticated understanding of American politics, and they were masters of “kompromat,” their term for compromising information.


..code was put out in the open by the Russians as a warning: Retaliate for the D.N.C., and there are a lot more secrets, from the hackings of the State Department, the White House and the Pentagon, that might be spilled as well. One senior official compared it to the scene in “The Godfather” where the head of a favorite horse is left in a bed, as a warning.


As the year draws to a close, it now seems possible that there will be multiple investigations of the Russian hacking — the intelligence review Mr. Obama has ordered completed by Jan. 20, the day he leaves office, and one or more congressional inquiries. They will wrestle with, among other things, Mr. Putin’s motive.


Did he seek to mar the brand of American democracy, to forestall anti-Russian activism for both Russians and their neighbors? Or to weaken the next American president, since presumably Mr. Putin had no reason to doubt American forecasts that Mrs. Clinton would win easily? Or was it, as the C.I.A. concluded last month, a deliberate attempt to elect Mr. Trump?

In fact, the Russian hack-and-dox scheme accomplished all three goals.

What seems clear is that Russian hacking, given its success, is not going to stop. Two weeks ago, the German intelligence chief, Bruno Kahl, warned that Russia might target elections in Germany next year. “The perpetrators have an interest to delegitimize the democratic process as such,” Mr. Kahl said. Now, he added, “Europe is in the focus of these attempts of disturbance, and Germany to a particularly great extent.” '

- Eric Lipton, David E. Sanger and Scott Shane, The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S., December 13, 2016

Context '[Russia] may become a threat to the world. That is the worst thing that could happen to Russia.' - Yegor Gaidar

'..Russian strategy of hybrid influence and destabilization .. German Council on Foreign Relations.'

'German intelligence says Russia is trying to destabilize German society..' - '..war that Moscow is waging against the West..'

'[Putin is doing] anything that can and will expand Russian influence to U.S.S.R.-era levels of power.'

'..Zero tolerance for Russian intrusions .. Estonia .. policy of publicly naming or prosecuting spies..'

'..the Soviet Union was cut off from Western financial markets and was effectively under permanent sanctions..'

Muhibbuddin Al Insaniyah
| 14 Agustus 2010 | 11:48

Sejak dirilis pada tanggal 1 Agusus 2010, sudah dibanjiri dengan register-register baru yang semakin hari semakin melimpah. Dari banyaknya pengguna baru yang berbondong-bondong masuk, ternyata disinyalir oleh admin cybermoslem sendiri, ada sebuah “serangan rudal” dari “pesawat tak berawak” yang dikendalikan dari luar negeri, yang sengaja atau tidak memang hendak membuat rusuh suasana aksesing terhadap cybermoslem.

“…akhirnya CMnet lumpuh selama hampir semalaman (jum’at, 13 Agustus 2010). Setelah seharian di serang secara bertubi dengan sistem serangan ddos yang membuat jaringan kami menjadi sangat sibuk”, demikian menurut admin cybermoslem dalam blognya.

Serangan DoS (Denial of Service) adalah jenis serangan terhadap sebuah komputer atau server di dalam suatu jaringan internet dengan cara menghabiskan sumber (resource) yang dimiliki oleh komputer tersebut sampai komputer tersebut tidak dapat menjalankan fungsinya dengan benar sehingga secara tidak langsung mencegah pengguna lain untuk memperoleh akses layanan dari komputer yang diserang tersebut. Serangan DoS ini berlangsung satu lawan satu, satu penyerang melawan satu akun pengguna yang valid dan aktif, dengan penyerangnya menggunakan peralatan komputer yang canggih, serta dukungan host yang handal, sehingga target sasaran bisa kacau aksesingnya. Serangan DDoS ( Distribution DoS) merupakan serangan DoS yang “diselenggarakan” secara “rombongan” dan konspiratif menggunakan banyak komputer handal dan kuat, menyerang server sasaran, sehingga server “dipaksa” untuk tidak dapat memberikan pelayanan akses bagi pengguna.

Kondisi awal downtime sebenarnya sudah penulis rasakan dan terdeteksi oleh penulis pada sekitar lebih kurang jam 16.00 WIB, hari Jumat tanggal 13 Agutus 2010 kemarin, dan penulis seketika itu langsung memberikan sinyal “hati’hati” ke pihak admin bahwa ada “kemungkinan” upaya penyerangan oleh hacker ke server cybermoslem. Jawaban admin sangat sederhana, “Allah yang akan menolongnya“.

Situasi server lumpuh total terjadi semalaman dari mulai lebih kurang jam 19.30 WIB. Setelah sholat tarawih, penulis menutup akun di cybermoslem beberapa jam kemudian. Sebenarnya, pada Jum’at, 13 Agustus 2010, dari pagi sampai sore, akses ke masih stabil. Tetapi mulai malam sekitar jam 19.30 WIB lebih, pada saat pengguna dan saat sebagian besar member CMnet sedang sholat Tarawih. dan akses ke mulai ada kendala dan beberapa waktu kemudian lumpuh total.

Cybermoslem masih mampu tegak bertahan, tidak terjadi kehancuran dan kematian total, sehingga pada tanggal 14 Agustus 2010 sudah bisa normal kembali. Diperkirakan serangan akan berulang-ulang, tetapi Insya Allah, serangan DDoS dan serangan bentuk lainnya teramat berat dan kecil kemungkinan membunuh cybermoslem.

Memperhatikan berita di atas, penulis teringat serangan terhadap (jejaring sosial di Pakistan), yang sampai sekarang akhirnya web tersebut mengalami kelumpuhan dan tidak dapat diakses. Gambar di bawah ini adalah kondisi “bangkai” terakhir pada Sabtu, 14 Agutus 2010.

Kondisi "Bangkai" terakhir Adminnya masih berusaha hidup kembali. diciptakan oleh pemuda Pakistan, pada akhir Mei 2010 yang lalu, khusus untuk memberi alternatif bagi jejaring sosial mania di Pakistan dan penduduk dunia lainnya, setelah terjadinya “gempa bumi Facebook” yang menggemparkan dunia dengan munculnya halaman propaganda “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”.

Terlepas dari alasan apapun pendiriannya, seharusnya netter tidak menganggap bahwa hadirnya jejaring baru sebagai ancaman sehingga melakukan serangan-serangan terhadap server ataupun apapun yang berafiliasi ke jejaring tersebut. Melihat gambar millatfcebook di atas, sepertinya admin millatfacebook asalnya menggunakan server di wilayah Amerika Serikat. Letak server inilah yang akan memberikan kemudahan lalu lintas bagi penyerang.

Perbedaan dengan millatfacebook, cybermoslem memiliki server yang berada di Indonesia. Sehingga serangan-serangan apapun bisa diketahui sejak dini, kemudian menyiapkan pertahanan dan benteng yang handal dan kuat, agar serangan semacam DDoS tidak terulang kembali. Serangan apapun terhadap jejaring, bentengpertama dalam pertahanan di garda server. Jika servernya kuat dan handal, insya Allah semuanya lancar-lancar.

Serangan susulan bisa saja dan akan terjadi, tetapi dengan server berada di Indonesia, serangan tersebut tidak akan sampai melumpuhkan cybermoslem, sehingga bernasib sama seperti

Penulis tidak akan membuat andaian siapa yang menyerang. Tetapi yang jelas, adalah pihak yang dirugikan atau yang akan dirugikan. Siapa pihak yang dirugikan dengan adanya cybermoslem, penulis memberikan “gambaran kemungkinan” ciri-cirinya, sebagai berikut :

  1. Web jejaring sosial yang memegang mainstream di Indonesia, dengan jumlah pengguna sekarang inimencapai sekitar 500 juta di seluruh dunia. Jejaring ini merasa sudah memiliki Indonesia, sudah mendakwa menjadi penyantun melalui kerjasama dengan beberapa penyedia layanan telekomunikasi yaitu dengan penyediaan “akses gratis” bagi pelanggannya.
  2. Adanya serangan dari pihak yang tidak suka ada nama jejaring berlabel “Islam” atau “Moslem”menjadi populer, apalagi memiliki potensi mengalahkan mainstream yang sudah ada. Adanya cybermoslem, besar atau kecil akan mulai membersihkan label umat Islam yang sekarang ini seakan menjadi sarang teroris. Cybermoslem menjelaskan kepada dunia bahwa umat Islam juga sebenarnya mampu dan bisa menjadi pelopor bagipersahabatan dan dengan gaya hidup Teknologi Informasi, berbaur bersama semua orang dari berbagai negara, ras dan agama, dengan menjunjung nilai perdamaian dan kemanusiaan. Dengah kata lain, serangan terhadap cybermoslem ini, adalah serangan terhadap nilai kemanusiaan dalam diri cybermoslem, yang jelas-jelas bermaksud damai dan santun serta beradab membuka silaturrohim dan persahabatan bersama berbagai jenis umat manusia di bumi ini.

Penulis tidak menyebut bahwa penyerang adalah “musuh Islam” walaupun semua jejaring yang diserang adalah didirikan dan terutama untuk umat Islam. Mereka lebih cenderung sebagai uji coba ketahanan dan reaksi atas hadirnya cybermoslem yang menggemuruh.

Bagi kita orang Indonesia, kita wajib berbangga dengan kerja saudara kita Dola Indra Putra Agam, yng sudah sedemikian hebat membuat jejaring sosial sendiri, untuk dipersembahkan bagi bumi pertiwi Indonesia dan umat Islam dunia. Jejaring yang berkode Joomla ini bebas dipergunakan oleh siapapun.

Mempertimbangkan akan adanya serangan-serangan berikutnya, harapan penulis, melalui tulisan ini, nantinya ada tokoh nasional Indonesia, baik dari kalangan pemerintahan, maupun Non Government Organisation (NGO) bisa segera memberikan dukungan moral dan material bagi kelangsungan cybermoslem, jejaring kebanggaan Indonesia, sehingga cybermoslem bisa menjadi number one di Indonesia, mengalahkan jejaring produk import luar negeri.

sumber :

          Three days in Berlin (or improving the pim user experience)        

KDE Project:

Last weekend I've met with some of our old timer KDEPIM developers and some of the newer ones who are interested in KDEPIM or related technologies in the KDAB offices in Berlin.
Being a KDAB employee for a few years already (wow, time is passing quickly), the place was familiar, the people looked familiar. The foosball table was slightly familiar, although some players changed their dresses in order to spread confusion inside the visitor's heads. That is the only reason we've lost against locals with 5-0, 5-0.
Suprisingly enough, the table wasn't used that much. Why? Because people were busy either working and talking. What they talked about I don't know too much, as I focused on some issues I planned to fix, but others can testify that Volker did not sit too much in front of his computers, but was dragged from one place to another for various discussions.
Most of us started on Friday around noon. I won't tell too much about what others did, that is mostly their problem. Especially if they were on the other side of the room and I didn't saw their screens, I can't tell if they worked at all or not. They looked like they did though. ;) I can share some things about what some sitting nearby did. See later.
As recently I became the de-facto maintainer and bugfixer for mail filters, I worked mostly on them. Unfortunately the first attempt to fix a bug failed: a bug that bothers me, although it is not the most reported one. It is about mails not being filtered for a while after a resume from hibernation. It is hard to reproduce, and although I run into it, I couldn't reproduce reliably enough and in a way I can debug it. After fighting with it and realising it won't work, I gave up. See you next time.
Meantime we had some excellent food in an Indian restaurant, then when finally everybody arrived (almost everybody to be honest, plus even some more from KDAB who didn't sign up, but show up there), we were ready to start with presenting the kdepim and Akonadi architecture. Old time pimsters Volker Krause, Kevin Krammer and Tobias Koenig helped me with it, and sometimes saved me, as my knowledge in some area proved to be superficial. We ended up with a pretty impressive drawing on the whiteboard:
Hopefully for those being on site it was understandable.

Time passed, so we went out for dinner to a Greek restaurant at the corner. Nice place, third time being there, good food (seems Berlin has only good eating places). We even saw how Germany won over Ireland. Too bad Steveire (Stephen Kelly) was not there... We continued with some more talks and hacking, then everybody went to their sleeping places.
Some left earlier, some later waiting for remote developers to show up and discuss the patches (he didn't show up).

Day 2
Next day started around 9 o'clock for some. Later for others. I continued with the filter debugging and fixing. I looked at the bugreports and tried to come up with some bugs that are both would help the users and myself. I'm selfish, I want to fix the bugs I run into. ;) One problem that bothered me for a long time is that email content from online IMAP is downloaded even if no filter for IMAP requires it (but a filter for e.g POP3 needs the full content). Now this is fixed and those who use online imap could notice a great speedup in mail syncing (depending on their filter setup). Another often reported issue was duplicating the mails, especially after spam filtering. You've ended up with a mail in the spam folder and a mail in the original place. This could be combined with a conflict dialog shown up as well for that mail. This problem actually revealed a not-well handled case down inside the Akonadi stack that was created by a reordering of filter commands in the filtering code. For those who want technical details: if there was a move action (like "move mail to spam folder") followed by a modify action (like "mark as read"), the filter reordered this to "mark as read" followed by a move. Unfortunately this exposed two problems, (mostly, but not only) IMAP specific: on IMAP you can't modify a mail, instead you create a new one and delete the old. What happened here is that a filter changed the mail (run through bogofilter/spamassasin), then the "mark as read" action was executed, which uploaded the changes, including the changed mail to the IMAP server. This caused a new ID for the item on the IMAP server. The mail with the old ID was deleted. Then the filter agent performed a move, but he had only the *old* ID, before the modifications. The move - if performed between two different resources, like IMAP and local maildir - is technically a copy followed by a delete. The copy worked fine, but the delete didn't. It tried to delete the old mail again (which was gone), not the modified version. That's how you ended up with a duplicate.
The current solution is to reorder the filtering pipeline, so the move is performed before the flag modifications. The extra benefit is that the filtered message is not uploaded again just to be deleted the next second. Speedup, less network traffic, better user experience. This doesn't fix the main problem with Akonadi, but it is an acceptable workaround. The reordering is so far only in the master branch (KDE 4.10), but the relevant code will be backported to the 4.9 branch, so it will be in 4.9.3.
And speaking of conflicts, that was the next hot topic, and one of the often reported bugs. It was mostly caused by conflicting flag changes (read/spam/important/etc), either caused by KMail itself plus the filtering or just KMail. After some discussion we agreed, that reporting conflicts on flag changes doesn't make sense, so we should not bother the user. It is not data loss, and in worst case some flag is reset. In normal case nothing wrong happens, as Akonadi is able to merge two changes in the flags (or so claims Volker).
I have to admit that this fix was not completed at the sprint, I finished it today, as I noticed more code in KDEPIM that didn't disable conflict check on flag changes.
While doing the changes, I did quite some refactoring, cleaning up the code as much as I could do for the parts I touched. The code was originally deep inside KMail (as most of other code), got extracted from it for 4.8.0, and now we are at the stage that we can make the extracted code more cleaner, we can remove some things that doesn't make sense anymore now that the filtering is not inside KMail.
While reading the bug reports, I also run into one indicating that mails arriving to an MBOX account (like /var/spool/mail/username) are not filtered automatically. Sounds like an easy bug to fix and so was it. Now they are filtered.
Finally another annoying issue was fixed: there was no indication that filtering is ongoing. Now when this happens, you can see in the KMail's progress bar.
The net result of the above: faster filtering, less annoying and useless error dialogs for the users. And according to bugzilla, 31 bugs less (some were duplicates though). of the things that, well, so far I was always recommending for users to turn off. Slight detour here: what is Nepomuk and its relation to KMail? Nepomuk helps you to find data. It indexes all kind of data and with some queries you can find e.g every file where my name is mentioned, all email addresses from any file, etc. There is a process that goes through the akonadi data (emails, calendars, etc) and "feeds" to it for Nepomuk to be indexed. Then there are queries and code in KMail accessing Nepomuk: getting email addresses for composer's autocompletion, searching inside mail bodies, tagging your emails with custom tags, etc.
Unfortunately there are problems around it. One is that some queries ae processed quite slowly, that in turn slows down KMail, leading to poor user experience. E.g switching between mails, sending mails, etc. is slow. Or startup is slow or even blocked. I tried to fix the last part as I just run into it, but as this was my very first Nepomuk related patch, I'm not sure 100% succeeded. We found a problem with the Nepomuk API itself, and I informed Vishesh, the Nepomuk developer about it (even if I used non-blocking calls against Nepomuk, one call is blocking without question). He suggested something I might try later, although I'd be more happier if somebody with real Nepomuk knowledge could give a review of the pim Nepomuk usage.
Then there is the Akonadi feeder, that gives the data to Nepomuk. Something is not perfect there and the indexing causes a serious slowdown, where either itself or Nepomuk (actually its storage backend, virtuoso) starts to use the CPU *a lot*. This is the main reason I recommend to users to disable Nepomuk so far. We had Christian Mollekopf the author of the feeder in the sprint, and he worked on some optimizations. Hopefully this will improve the situation. Meantime we (and I) tried to convince Vishesh to use KMail, so he can see himself the problems our users face.

As a break we had another presentation, this time about KMail itself, what components make up KMail, how they are distributed. As far as I saw, this was less interesting to the audience, they rather looked at their computers and hacked on something. Luckily our KMail maintainer, Laurent Montel, is super active, but I wouldn't mind more contributors. Too bad he wasn't at the sprint.

We had a lunch at a nearby place, nothing extra, but the food was (again) good.

What did other do? Let's see what I can remember... Sune dreamed about crypto stuff and composite jobs. He worked on making some cryptographic code asynchronous and started to get faimiliar with kdepim code. I'd not say he picked up the easiest job.
Volker run around all the time, discussed various things like "spanish sync" with Alex Fiestas (see here), database backends with Martin, change recorder with David Faure (who remotely joined the meeting and got lost inside the change recorder code ... he has the solution now in his head, so be patient, we will end up with a better implementation for it that again speeds up Akonadi), job pipelines with me, and who knows what with others, as for a long time he just disappeared with a bunch of developers. They actually ended up in the lobby discussing "stuff". Milian Wolf, who is not (or not yet?) a KDEPIM developer, but mainly a KDevelop one, joined us and used massif to track down some ugly memory usage in KMail. And he did a good job in it. Previously KMail used more and more memory as you navigated between large folders (Alex mentioned some 2GB for him), while now it levels up at one point and doesn't increase. He might blog himself about, as he has also some nice graphs.
Then there were two guys from KDAB, who are old time pim developers (quiz: find their names in this blog), but they cooked something else, not related to KDEPIM, not related concretely to KDE, but to a lower level: to Qt. It is an amazingly cool stuff, but I don't want to give more details. Expect it to be presented a the Qt Developer Days, either in a talk or at the KDAB booth. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure it will be freely available what they did and KDE can enjoy it in the future.
I'm sorry that I don't remember what the rest did. In general I know that Martin Klapetek worked on the social network resources, Mark Gaiser, who recently started to work on KDEPIM stuff eagerly listened to our presentations and worked on a QML calendar application, Alex kept reporting bugs and discussed improvements with Volker, while John Layt, the "timezone KDE guy" worked on plasma calendar related issues.
As a KDE person Chani also joined us for a while, we quickly nominated her as the QML and Plasma person, so all questions related to them were immediately redirected to Chani. Jos Poortvilet was also supposed to join for some talks, but he could show up only on Sunday for personal reasons.
At the end of the day everybody was so busy, so instead of going out for eating, we just ordered some pizza. And most of us stood in the office well past midnight.

Day 3
Well, the above partially happened on Sunday. It was a shorter day for me, due to the late night standup before, and that I had to go to the airport after lunch. A lunch that wasn't exactly as planned. We went out for a Doner Kebab place that is supposed to be the best one in Berlin. It is just a small kiosk on the sidewalk in a street, but man, there was a big queue for it. On a Sunday! Locals says it is worse on weekdays. Even after almost an hour, we still had 10 persons in front of us, my departure time was approaching, so I gave up and instead bought some (quite good) chinese fast-food from a nearby place, then rushed to the airport.
A long journey awaited me with a 3 hour stopover in Munich, but luckily I had a power supply there and even some network (they offer 30 minutes/day/phone number), so I could continue on the work I started at the sprint. After flying and driving another 2.5 hours, I arrived late (or rather early) morning next day back home, and after sleept until around 10. Then I started to work again for KDAB, a work that is just as enjoyable as working for KDE. After all, the two communities has a serious overlap. ;)
That's from the sprint. If you'll be at the Qt Developer Days Europe, we might meet there. I'm looking forward for a good conference.

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But the power of the Internet also comes with great responsibility -- namely the need to keep information safe and secure. As a nonprofit, it can be difficult to keep up with online security, especially when terminology seems complicated. Yes, you might have heard of terms like “phishing” or “cookies,” but what do they mean?

Today, you can find the answers to your questions with our quick & easy to guide to online security terminology. In less than five minutes, you’ll be well on the way to helping keep your nonprofit safe on the Internet. 

Let’s get started! Here’s a quick guide to familiarize yourself with common lingo and learn how to distinguish terms that are friends vs foes in the online security realm. 


  • Advanced Fee Fraud (419 scams): A technique which tricks users into sending or paying money to fraudsters on the promise of receiving greater rewards afterwards. It is most commonly associated with Nigeria, and 419 is the section of the Nigerian legal code that covers this fraud.
  • Botnet: A network of computers that are infected with malicious software without users’ knowledge, used to send viruses and spam to other computers.
  • Malware: Malicious software with the purpose of infecting devices and systems, gathering personal information, gaining access to systems or disrupting the operations of the device or systems. Essentially, any software that maliciously alters or compromises the system or device.
  • Phishing / Social Engineering Attack: An attempt by hackers who pose as trustworthy individuals or businesses in order to get your personal information such as usernames, passwords, and financial information.
  • Trojans: Malicious programs posing as or bundled with legitimate ones, which are designed to compromise your system. They are usually installed on computers from opening attachments in scam emails or by visiting infected websites. The term comes from the Trojan Horse in Greek mythology.

How to avoid social engineering attacks


  • [Internet] Cookie: A piece of data from a visited website and stored in the user's web browser in order to remember information that the user has entered or engaged with such as items in a shopping basket on an e-commerce site.
  • Encryption: The process of encoding data, messages, or information, such that only authorized parties can read it.
  • Firewall: A security system used to block hackers, viruses, and other malicious threats to your computer. It does this by acting as a barrier, acting on predetermined rules, which allows trusted traffic but blocks untrusted or non-secure traffic. 
  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol): is the protocol for secure communications over a computer network used on the Internet. It essentially provides authentication of the website and the web servers associated with it. 
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS): TLS is a protocol that encrypts and delivers mail securely, both for inbound and outbound mail traffic. It helps prevent eavesdropping between mail servers – keeping your messages private while they're moving between email providers. 
  • Two Factor Authentication / Two Step Verification: A method of using an additional process to verify your identity online. It combines both ‘something you know’ (like a password) and ‘something you have’ (like your phone or security key) — similar to withdrawing money from an ATM/cash machine, where you need both your PIN and your bank card.

That’s a wrap for now! Pass on these tips to your nonprofit partners to stay safe and secure online, so you can focus on what matters most: changing the world. 


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          Besplatna haljina        

Za ovo ti ne treba proxy, ulogiraj se na Stardoll i odi u starplazu ili klikni na link ispod:
Klikni na zeleno jaje s lijeve strane i odvest će te na Uskršnju kampanju i to je to :)

Kao i ostali "uskršnji darovi" (topić, kapa, suknja i kasnije cipele) ovo je dostupno samo sljedeća 3 dana!!!!

          Î•ÎºÏ„ίναξη “μαύρων αγορών” στο dark web        

Αρκετά site διακίνησης παράνομων προϊόντων είδαν να αυξάνονται οι αγοραπωλησίες από επισκέπτες τους, μετά το κλείσιμο των AlphaBay και Hansa από τις διωκτικές αρχές.
Αυτό δείχνει έρευνα του BBC, σύμφωνα με την οποία την τελευταία εβδομάδα του Ιουλίου, σε εναλλακτικές “μαύρες αγορές” αυξήθηκε έως και κατά 28% ο αριθμός των αγγελιών.

Τα AlphaBay και Hansa τέθηκαν εκτός λειτουργίας το τελευταίο 10ήμερο του Ιουλίου, έπειτα από έρευνες που διεξήχθησαν από την Europol, το FBI, την αμερικανική Υπηρεσία Δίωξης Ναρκωτικών (DEA) και την ολλανδική αστυνομία. Μάλιστα, η ολλανδική αστυνομία εέχει πάρει υπό τον έλεγχό της το Hansa ένα μήνα νωρίτερα, διατηρώντας το σε λειτουργία για το υπόλοιπο χρονικό διάστημα, ώστε να παρακολουθήσει εν κρυπτώ τις εγκληματικές δραστηριότητες που διεξάγονταν μέσω της πλατφόρμας.

Πάντως, αν και ενισχύθηκαν ορισμένα από τα υπόλοιπα marketplaces, οι πωλήσεις μερικών προϊόντων παρουσιάζουν μείωση. “Υπάρχουν αποδείξεις ότι όταν κλείνει στο dark web ένα marketplace πώλησης παράνομων προϊόντων, τότε ένα μέρος των παράνομων δραστηριοτήτων μεταφέρεται σε άλλες online αγορές, που παραμένουν σε λειτουργία”, σημειώνει ο Elad Ben-Meir από την ισραηλινή εταιρεία κυβερνοασφάλειας Cyberint, η οποία πραγματοποίησε την έρευνα για λογαριασμό του BBC.

“Ωστόσο, υπάρχουν επίσης αποδείξεις ότι οι αλλεπάλληλες επιχειρήσεις των διεθνών διωκτικών αρχών έχουν ως αποτέλεσμα οι διακινητές παράνομων προϊόντων να εγκαταλείπουν τα σάιτ που πουλούν όπλα ή παιδική πορνογραφία”


           Δύο Chrome extensions μετατράπηκαν σε adware        

Τις τελευταίες 5 ημέρες, 2 λογαριασμοί developers του Google Chrome Web Store, έπεσαν θύματα παραβίασης μέσω επιθέσεων phishing, με αποτέλεσμα να προωθήσουν κακόβουλα updates στους χρήστες των extension του Chrome.

Τα επηρεαζόμενα extensions είναι το Web Developer και το Copy Fish και σύμφωνα με τους ισχυρισμούς των developers τους, οι "πειραγμένες" εκδόσεις απλά ΄σέρβιραν διαφημίσεις στα sites που επισκέπτονταν οι χρήστες τους.

Σύμφωνα με την A9t9 Software, δημιουργό του Copy Fish, ο λογαριασμός που διαχειρίζεται το extension στο Chrome Web Store δεν προστατευόταν με two-factor authentication (που δίνει δωρεάν η Google) και η παραβίαση του έγινε όταν ένας εργαζόμενος της έβαλε τα credentials σε phoney email που νόμιζε πως προερχόταν από την Google.

Από την πλευρά του ο Chris Pederick που αναπτύσει το Web Developer, δεν έδωσε λεπτομέρειες πέρα από το ότι και ο δικός του λογαριασμός έπεσε θύμα phishing.

          OpTurkeyBlackout: Διαρροή δεδομένων από το τουρκικό ναυτικό        

Για μεγάλη διαρροή δεδομένων από την Τουρκική Διοίκηση Ναυτικών Δυνάμεων μετά από επιχείρηση Ελλήνων hackers κάνει λόγο το
Σύμφωνα με το δημοσίευμα “στα πλαίσια της επιχείρησης #OpTurkeyBlackout συνεχίζονται με αμείωτους ρυθμούς οι επιθέσεις των Ελλήνων Anonymous.
Αυτή τη φορά σημειώθηκε μεγάλη διαροή δεδομένων από την Τουρκική Διοίκηση Ναυτικών Δυνάμεων. Οι Anonymous Greece ÎºÎ±Ï„άφεραν να αποσπάσουν μεγάλη βάση δεδομένων με στοιχεία και απόρρητες πληροφορίες από την Τουρκική Διοίκηση Ναυτικών Δυνάμεων.
Σε συνέχεια της πρόσφατης εξαγγελίας των Ελλήνων Anonymous Î³Î¹Î± την έναρξη της επιχείρησης OpTurkeyBlackout, οι διαδικτυακές επιθέσεις συνεχίζονται και οι hackers Ï‡Ï„υπούν διάτρητες τουρκικές ιστοσελίδες.
Η ακτιβιστική οργάνωση Anοnymous Greece ήδη ξεκίνησε το νέο κύμα μαζικών κυβερνοεπιθέσεων, εξαγγέλλοντας την επιχείρηση OpTurkeyBlackout.
Όπως ήδη έχουμε αναφέρει σε πρόσφατη δημοσίευση μας, η επιχείρηση #OpTurkeyBlackout ξεκίνησε στις 12/7/2017 και θα διαρκέσει έως τις 22/7/2017, έχοντας ως στόχο να προκαλέσει “Blackout” σε τουρκικές ιστοσελίδες και υποδομές.

          USA's 'Mr. Robot' Shouldn't Just Delay its Shooting Scene Out Of Respect for Roanoke, They Should Delete It        

USA’s 'Mr. Robot' did not air its season finale Wednesday night. Citing a need to be sensitive to the shooting that killed two journalists in Roanoke, the network aired a previous episode along with this statement to explain their decision:

          USA's Mr. Robot's Revolution will be Televised. But You Still Should Not Watch It.        

This week’s episode of USA’s Mr. Robot saw the computer-hacker, techno-geek drama finally get over its mid-season identity crisis, and get back to its obvious intended purpose: glorifying cyber revolution for the purpose of mass income redistribution.

          Comment on Episode 198- What’s Up With Licensed Games? by Uemei        
As a counterpoint to Todd's supposition that story games can do it better I submit that Mass Effect Apocalypse, Mass Effect the Story Game, and the aforementioned Mass Effect Fate are all three terrible fan adaptations of the IP, mostly due to the fact that the creators placed the system before the IP. The most disappointing part of the AW hacks is that Dungeon World is such a good adaptation of the AW engine to D&D that they had no real excuse for keeping it all same-y. Likewise each version of Cortex+ I've played bar Firefly, sorry PK, felt very well adapted to the TV shows and comics they were simulating. Additionally; and this is directed to mrm1138: Do yourself a favor and hang the DC M&M and track down copies of Smallville and Marvel Heroic. The only way you could make a better (read more complete) supers game would be if you hacked the life path system from Smallville into Marvel Heroic!
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Akeeba Backup

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          Ships fooled in GPS spoofing attack suggest Russian cyberweapon        
A hack that manipulated the location of 20 ships in the Black Sea may be the first use of GPS spoofing, a form of cyberwarfare capable of widespread disruption
          We can stop hacking and trolls, but it would ruin the internet        
A new way to run the internet would scupper ransomware and hacking, but its authoritarian backers could control everything we do online
          Hacking a US electronic voting booth takes less than 90 minutes        
At security conference DEF CON hackers proved it is possible to manipulate votes on the same voting machines used in US elections in the time it takes to watch a movie
          Phewww what a scorcher it's been!        

Yes, a whole week of a sunshine and high temperatures...

As well as the heat something else happened. My poor little donated laptop died on Tuesday. I had to go out first thing on Wednesday and replace it. Just what I didn't want to have to do as I'm going on holiday in two weeks time..

Anyway I have a new one now and I'm very lucky to be able to get another one.

Everything above is charity shopped. Trousers and white top both from assorted 1.00 rails; trousers are by George and the top is by F & F at Tesco. The sandals were charity shopped in Donegal last summer for 2 euros.

All jewellery charity shopped.

On Thursday Ann and I went out for the day. We went to Uxbridge as I had something to do in a little town near there called West Drayton. We had lunch out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

 I'm wearing white trousers from F&F; a no label green tunic and my lace top/waistcoat/vest - all charity shopped. I think the green top came from the 1.00 or 99p rail in Barnardo's in Ampthill; the other two items  came from the 1.00 rail in the Red Cross and the 3:16 charity shop. Red Mary Jane's from local shoe store; PJ Shoes.

Scarf charity shopped (1.00) from Stevenage charity shop.

Earrings; Christmas present from Ann years ago - I had a matching bracelet but it broke...necklace from local shop Simi and Lola. Only the bangles are charity shopped.

 Of course we looked in some chazzas and yes, I did buy a couple of things. I spent 3.50. I bought a brightly coloured and patterned pleated skirt for 1.50 in the Harlington Hospice shop in West Drayton and a new spotted cup (I had two and one broke) which cost 1.00. I also bought a pink Principles cardigan for 1.00 in the Thames Hospice shop in Uxbridge. The piece de resistance though was the 'Everything 5.00' shop where I bought this oversized striped linen tunic and wore it on Friday.

Being linen it creases like anything but I find it so cool in the sweltering temperatures we've been having lately. I'm not good in the heat; I wilt and my energy seeps away. Mind you, that could be old age!

Same trousers as yesterday and charity shopped Mary Jane's.

All jewellery charity shopped. The necklace has gone a little off centre...

I did the school run on Friday, did the food shopping, fitted in a 4 mile walk and went for my induction at the library. I'm taking on another volunteering activity at our local library. I start the week I come back from Ireland and will be doing a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon. Apparently, our main library, which is my local one, is becoming digitised from September. It will be staffed from 11 am to 4 pm and will be self service only outside of these hours. I'm really looking forward to starting but wonder how many people will have lost their jobs through the new changes. We are lucky to retain our library; there have been several attempts to close it but public protest has intervened.

You may be thinking I've been very muted in colour choices this week but never fear; I went for colour in a big way on Saturday when I went to see my son -  in temperatures of 28 degrees I might add!

Skirt; 1.50 West Drayton charity shop; M & S jacket from the Guild House in Bedford and the white top by Monsoon from a 1.00 rail somewhere...

Black sandals charity shopped two years ago but can't remember where or how much. I also got round to painting my toe nails at last!

All jewellery charity shopped.

On Sunday my youngest grandson was seven. We went to Milton Keynes to one of those 'eat all you can' places to celebrate. It was unbearably hot all day and I did very little. I am afraid I do not like high temperatures; about 23 or 24 degrees is what I can cope with. The flowers in the garden seem to like it though!

As I type this OH is in the garden watering the plants and talking to them...

Everything charity shopped except shoes and watch.

I've had this cardigan for years. The skirt is from the Red Cross shop last week; 1.99 and the white top is Land's End from a 1.00 rail somewhere.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Have you been enjoying our heatwave? Or is it cooler where you are?

I hope you have a fab week wherever you are!

          A trip to London and down memory lane...        
Last Wednesday, I walked with the Ramblers after a break of two weeks;  I was invigilating on the two previous Wednesdays. There are some evening walks coming up which I am looking forward to. I love evening walking. There's a special evening walk on the 21st June which will be the longest day of the year and it's starting at 8.30 pm - in the pub!

I changed into this outfit after walking 7.5 miles. I bought the scarf with pearls in a charity for 1.00; the top and trousers are also charity shopped. The scarf is to compensate for a low neckline; it was too warm to put a camisole under this top. All jewellery charity shopped.

The trousers from M&S have gone to the charity shop bag. They're too long and too big and do nothing for me even though they are cool and comfortable in the hotter weather. My new pink floral trousers  bought on a recent rummage in Stevenage and Hitchin are their replacement; one in and one out wherever possible...

These are my new (retail) shoes. They have a t strap which you can't see in this photo.

I walked again on Thursday - another 7 miles. It was a very warm day; 25 degrees by the time I finished.  I was trying to recce a new walk for the Ramblers Winter Programme. I tried a footpath I hadn't tried before but it took me nowhere. Not because it didn't lead anywhere but because the footpath was so overgrown I couldn't see where it was meant to take me. I walked around the perimeter of a huge field; climbed over a gate in a farmyard (naughty Veronica!) and found myself a few feet away from where I started!

Everything is charity shopped. The linen top is a French label but I can't remember where I found it; likewise the three quarter leggings.

Mary Jane's bought in a charity shop in Ely in May 2016.

Headscarf and all jewellery charity shopped. The earrings were one of  the three for a 1.00 I bought on last Saturday's rummage in Hitchin.

On Friday, I took my middle grandson to London for a day out. He wanted to go to the Houses of Parliament so we had a guided tour. This was taken on the tube to Westminster.

The  House of Commons terrace where you can take tea...

I look very rotund in this photo taken outside Westminster Abbey!

Tunic; charity shopped; trousers; Lidl last summer; Mary Jane's charity shopped; all jewellery charity shopped except earrings bought online. I bough the African print bag at a car boot sale a couple of weeks back.

We had a lovely day; we went to Canary Wharf (his choice); the Monument and then I took him on a tour of the area where I grew up and went to school i.e. Maida Vale/Paddington.

This is the first house I ever lived in; 144 Elgin Avenue, London W.9.  I was born in 1954. Mum and Dad rented one room in this rather posh house. I checked today's house prices on this street; a one bedroom flat for 785.000; three bedroom flat 999,900; a four bedroom flat over a million. These are flats not houses! It is absolutely incredible and to my mind, obscene.

When my brother Mark was due, Mum, Dad and I moved here:

I spent the next 13 years of my life in this 3 roomed basement flat with my parents and two brothers. We had no bathroom, an outside toilet; no central heating or hot water. I shared a room with my brothers until I was almost 15 years old; my parents slept on a sofa that converted to a bed all the years we lived here. Relatives from Ireland came and stayed - sometimes for months at a time until they got established and moved out.

Again, I checked the prices of properties in this street; a three bedroom maisonette; 1,395.000. A four bedroom house 1,800,000. My parents privately rented throughout the 1950s and 1960s; in the early 1960s Mum and Dad got the opportunity to buy the entire house above for a little over 700.00! My Dad didn't want a mortgage - he was a strictly cash up front person - so they declined the landlord's offer...

In 1969 having been on the housing list since I was born; Mum and Dad moved to a council maisonette in this house in Portnall Road, W9.

The top left hand window was my bedroom - the box room! We had a bathroom and indoor toilet; a separate living and dining room; Mum and Dad had their own bedroom and my brothers shared a bedroom. It was heaven to us.

I checked the prices on this street, too. A one bedroom flat; 500,000. Two bedroom maisonette; 699.000. Not as pricey as the other two streets but a whole house must sell for over 1,000,000. Astonishing - and still obscene. How on earth are ordinary working people ever going to afford to buy anywhere to live in London? The rents are also ridiculous; eldest grandson spends 70% of his earnings on rent.

This was my old school - Paddington and Maida Vale High School for Girls (PMVHS). It was situated in Elgin Ave near to the first house I ever lived in and it took me less than 10 minutes to walk to school.

I asked my grandson what he thought of where I grew up and his reply was - 'all the house you lived in are the same'. This was very true; all Victorian terraced houses. There was a huge house building boom in the Victorian era and many of us continue to live in and love these old houses.

On Saturday I went to see my son. Everything charity shopped except the shoes. Dress by Mantaray; jacket by M & S bought in Kettering for 4.00.

All jewellery charity shopped except watch.

Necklace bought in Derry for 2.50.

Woke up on Sunday to more terrible news.

Top; Store 21 sale; trousers; Primark, charity shopped 99p rail at Barnardo's, Great Denham. Orange shoes also charity shopped.

All jewellery charity shopped. Necklace bought at Oxfam in Newport Pagnell last summer for 2.50.

On Monday, I volunteered at the Red Cross shop. I do so enjoy working there. I have a laugh with colleagues; we sort a mountain of stuff and sometimes I find wonderful things. My special area of responsibility is the jewellery. I found a rather 'good' piece on Monday in some stock from another Red Cross shop - a gold bracelet with purple stones. I showed it to my colleague, as I could see it looked special. He has a jeweller's eye glass and it was marked 18 carat gold. He took it to a a local jeweller who buys gold and silver; who then confirmed it was gold -  and the purple stones were real amethysts. He gave us (Red Cross)  95.00 for it!

This was Monday's outfit. The green harem pants are from Next and I bought them on my first visit to the new Barnardo's in Great Denham last year. When I got them home the elastic in the waist was gone, so I never wore them at all last year. This year I had the idea of wearing a large elasticated belt I have around the waist of the trousers to hold them up - unfortunately you can see the belt outline  under my yellow patterned M & S charity shopped top! The jacket came from the Guild House and the Mary Jane's were charity shopped in Ely last year.

All jewellery charity shopped except earrings which were donated by my daughter.

On Tuesday I went to volunteer at the Food Bank and in the evening I had Poll Clerk Training for the election on Thursday.

Jewellery and tunic charity shopped. The tunic is from Red Cross 1.99. The earrings were bought in a shop in Bath on my 50th birthday with birthday money I was given by my family.

Navy trousers, Primarni; cardigan, Studio catalogue about four years ago and shoes local retail.

I invigilated for the Open University on Wednesday all day in Luton and on Thursday I poll clerked. My day started at the polling station at 6.15 am and I finished at 10.50 pm. There was a steady stream of people coming in to vote all day and it went surprisingly quickly, but I was really tired when I got home. Luckily the polling station is only across the road from my house!

The Chrome Book is holding up although there are more distractions on the screen in the form of coloured lines but hopefully it will last until I can afford to buy a new one.

I plan to chill out all weekend to compensate for my extremely busy week. I hope you all have a great weekend; the forecast is looking good...

          Green gloves and a blogger meet up!        
I'll get to the green gloves in a bit...

On Wednesday I led a Ramblers walk of 7 miles. It was a chilly, overcast day and we were cold at the start but soon warmed up. Everyone enjoyed the walk including me! It was the same walk that I did the first time I ever led a walk back in May 2016, but I reversed it and added on a short bit to the end. I've now led 3 walks for the Ramblers and want to find a new walk to lead for the Autumn programme.

Trousers are from the Tesco outlet shop, boots present from daughter this Christmas. Every thing else is charity shopped.

I went for a rummage on Thursday afternoon after the food shopping. I went to the Kempston charity shops as I hadn't been for a while. I got quite a few summer items for the grandsons and for myself some green earrings 75p; a white top 1.00; and finally an animal print blouse in brown; 2.49 in the Keech Hospice shop. A yellow  scoop neck top for 2.99 in the Cat's Protection League and last but not least, a turquoise bracelet and ring; 1.00 each from the Day Hospice shop. I didn't bother going to the Barnardo's shop as I was chazza'ed out by then.

I wonder if any of you know what this tree is? I saw it whilst collecting the youngest grandson from school - it's just around the corner and I thought it was so striking. Please let me know what it is as I haven't a clue!

I bought this necklace in a charity shop in Derry for 2.50. Top and shirt also charity shopped.

On Friday, I went walking by myself and it was a brilliant walk. The weather was pleasant; bright but windy. I saw my first swallows of the year and you know what that means don't you? It means summer's here! At last. Thank the Lord and pass the gravy. I'm sick of overcast skies and wind and cold...

Jeans from the 1.00 rail at Barnardo's Great Denham bought on a rummage with Linda; man's shirt £1.00 box Keech; cardigan 1.99 Red Cross shop. Boots; DDB.

All jewellery charity shopped.

Top by Wallis; charity shopped, Country Casuals jacket; charity shopped. Trousers; La Redoute sale and black brogues; Tesco outlet.

It was no longer summer on Saturday, in fact it was overcast and cold again.  But despite the weather I went to Rushden for a blogger meet up. It's the first one for me and it was with the very lovely Kelly of the Mother of Reinvention blog HERE.  Kelly's blog states she is a:

Plus-Sized Sewing Scientist with a Love of Corsets, Kittens & Cake! Vintage Seamstress, Novice Knitter and All-Round Crafty Type.

 It was a pleasure to meet Kelly.  She had moved to Rushden five weeks previously for a new job and luckily really likes her new town and neighbourhood. It was so nice to meet another blogger and I felt I had known Kelly for ages already through reading her blog

We started with a cup of tea and a chat and then went rummaging! We had a fab time and started by visiting the most excellent Salvation Army charity shop where Kelly's friend, Bill, joined us. Kelly found some lovely material - she loves to sew. She also found some great square plates with matching bowls, some cookie cutters and a cute pottery butter dish. I found some earrings for 50p, a lace skirt for 3.50, some wool for 50p and a boring, but useful, tupperware dish; also 50p. We went on to visit 4 other charity shops where I bought a large cake tin and that was it. Then in true blogger fashion we all decamped to Wetherspoons for a drink and some lunch!

Kelly and I plan to meet up again and next time we'll go to Kettering or Northampton - both good places for charity shopping.

I bought these beads at the Red Cross shop last Monday. Earrings from Sainsbury's; bangles and ring charity shopped.

On Sunday OH and I went to a car boot sale at Lidlington. We got there at about 11 am; we don't like early starts... I bought a lovely handmade vintage coat for £2.00 which I am so delighted with. I still have to steam it and then I'll post a photo.

We're off to a reunion of OH's ex battalion at the weekend - Barnsley here we come! I don't know Yorkshire very well at all so I'm curious to see what Barnsley and its environs look like. We might squeeze in a quick rummage. Anyway, I may wear the coat with a knee length dress; I'm still thinking about it.

Monday was volunteering at the Red Cross. By the time this photo was taken at about 8.30 in the evening my linen trousers were baggy at the knee and very creased - I'd just been on my hands and knees washing the kitchen floor!

Everything charity shopped except the shoes which are from a local shoe outlet called PJ shoes in Kempston.

Of course I couldn't leave the Red Cross without buying something...
I bought some books; some elbow length emerald green gloves; some brand new grey Mary Jane's with a little heel and a top. I don't know where on earth I might wear the green gloves but an occasion might present itself - who knows? It's always as well to be prepared!

Aren't they fabulous?

I went completely mad on Friday and swapped my winter wardrobe to my summer wardrobe; I'm now thinking I was a bit premature. It was cold on Saturday when I met up with Kelly - I was cold the whole day. Then Sunday was very pleasant but Monday was cold, grey and windy. Luckily, I only pack away the thickest of cardigans so I still have a few warm  ones in the wardrobe. Just as well as one was needed on Monday.

Tuesday was a warmer day but still cloudy and grey. I had a busy day running errands here, there and everywhere. My blanket is about half way done:

I want to have it finished by the time I next go to Ireland so I can start a new one whilst I'm there.

I went to town today without a jacket or coat and was warm in this outfit. Everything is charity shopped. Skirt is by Phase Eight; top by M&S, sea green cardigan; Per Una at M&S. Mary Jane's charity shopped in Ely almost a year ago.

All jewellery charity shopped. The ring was bought on my rummage in Kempston last Thursday and the necklace is from the Red Cross shop last Monday. Earrings are from Sainsbury's and have to be at least 7 or 8 years old...

I still haven't got round to steaming the coat but here it is:

This is the button detail on the sleeve. I love it. I think I might wear it on Saturday evening to the reunion - what do you think?

          10 Horror Comics        

There's more to horror than just movies. Another ever-growing segment of genre offerings is the world of comics. Mix some top notch story telling with spectacular artwork and you have yourself a good old fashioned scary tale.

Horror comics have been around for decades, so they are nothing new. Some are extremely well known and have already been optioned for some type of adaptation, such as "30 Days of Night" or the announced AMC series "The Walking Dead". Here today, I'll share with you 10 other horror comics that are out now and well worth your time!

Victorian Undead

I've blogged about "Victorian Undead" here recently and I just can't say this enough; Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies is just freaking sweet! The writing and artwork are both well done too, so be sure to check this one out.

Hack/Slash the Series

Cassie Hack is smart, sassy and a bit jaded, but that's what makes her fun. Following along as her and her hockey masked wearing friend Vlad chase down and eradicate supernatural serial killers is even more fun.

North 40

Writer Aaron Williams got his start on a little Dungeons and Dragons based web comic called "Nodwick". Simple RPG geek humor at its best. When Wildstorm announced that Williams would be penning a new creator owned comic, I myself figured it would be more of the same and moved on. Imagine my surprise as I turned the pages to find an epic struggle Lovecraftian good vs. evil?

Locke & Key

Joe Hill's "Locke & Key" is quite possibly one of the most captivating comics going right now. I tender hearted little ghost story with a bit, the books feel fantastical, creepy and a bit touching all at the same time. I just wish they would come out quicker!

Welcome to Hoxford

Ben Templesmith already wowed us with the likes of "30 Days of Night". Now he's back with his own story in "Welcome to Hoxfor", and he's come back with a bang. Featuring the artists customary jarring dark graphics, his writing gets showcased here as well and lives up to the art.


Every horror fan has at least seen a cover of "Creepy" comics. Long dormant, the classic horror book is back with a new slate of writers and artists and a whole host of old characters ready to haunt again. This is an anthology series, so the stories are quick and to the point and rather fun.

Sweet Tooth

Jeff Lemieres "Sweet Tooth" is a quirky bit of post-apocalyptic fiction that is actually fairly unique. Refreshing in this oft-visited sub-genre. All the while, the story itself is rather catching and the characters easy to side with. Sweet Tooth is as innocent as he looks on the cover; how can you not feel for the little guy?


We all know "Hellboy"; here are the further adventures of his top secret government agency, B.P.R.D. There are quite a few mini-series and one offs that come out under this title, but all of them are generally quirky, dark and fun. If you found your self craving more of the "Hellboy" world of occultist Nazi's and weird co-workers, then here is your fix.


"Daytripper" is a brand new book from the award winning duo Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. While this book is not really a straight up horror book, after two issues it proves to be a bit morbid and downright haunting.

Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash

Everybody wants to see a big screen rendition of the three bad asses of horror history. The chances of this matchup actually happening get slimmer ever year. This way, you at least get the fun stories and some general chaos as well as a good dose of Bruce Campbell quality one-liners as well.

          Adoptert Riddersporing        
Bilde lånt av "Mormor og de åtte bloggene" - (Hagelivet på Solbakkjen)

Joda. Jada. Du har helt rett...

Blomsterstjernen har vært helt elendig håpløs både når det gjelder haging og blogging den siste tiden. Bekymrede naboer har gjentatte ganger truet med å melde meg til plantevernet. Det mumles høylydt om at plantene vanskjøttes og at de nok ville fått det bedre på et plantehjem. Samtidig er Google rasende! De klarer rett og slett ikke fylle fredags-morgenene med internet-trafikk etter at Blomsterstjernen fikk fredagskollaps.

Blomsterstjernens stolte svulmende Riddersporebed pr juli 2013

Bare for å gjøre det hele komplett har samtlige av mine 137 gode gamle bloggvenner forlatt meg i harnisk. De burde ihvertfall det. Her på nyåret lovde jo Blomsterstjernen at han i 2013 skulle være MYYYYYYYYYYYYE flinkere til å besøke sine medhagebloggere. Hvor mange har han besøkt? Toppen to siden januar (og det var til og med i embets medføre)... Nei, han skulle skamme seg skulle han! For når man ikke får det helt til selv, så er det jo deilig å kunne leve livet gjennom andre?

Vel, delvis gjør han vel gjerne også det i disse dager. Blomsterstjernen fikk nemlig en gledens melding her forleden. Riddersporefrøene han loddet ut til bursdagen i fjor har tydeligvis gjort stor furore i andre sine hager! Fantastisk :) Kanskje det ikke er så dumt om plantevernet kommer og henter plantene mine allikevel? Så kan jeg heller beundre dem bak et skyhøyt piggtrådgjerde i en bugnende velfungerende hage, sperret for plantemishandlere? Det er uansett svært hyggelig å adoptere bort noen hjelpeløse smårollinger for deretter se dem bokstavelig talt blomstre opp i andre hjem.

Både Drømmeriet og Hagelivet på Solbakkjen kunne nemlig vise til storfangst allerede første sesong! Fantastiske dyp-blå riddersporer som snytt ut av hamsen på Blomsterstjernens tidligere stoltheter.

Selv katten på Drømmeriet ble stum av beundring! (Bildet er lånt av Drømmeriet)

At staudefrøene klarte å fremskape blomstrende blomster allerede første år viser vel bare at frøene må ha vært stappet av knusktørt krutt? Eventuelt må damene bak "så-bragden" være magikere? Min personlige erfaring er jo at staudefrø ofte trenger 2 år (minst) før de er tøffe nok til å by på litt farge i kjakene.

Mormors fostersønn i stram givakt - (Hagelivet på Solbakkjen)

Men oppskriften skal visstnok være lekende enkel. Jeg har nemlig klart Ã¥ hacke meg inn i hvelvene hos bÃ¥de Tone og Tone. 


Trikset er tydeligvis å så frøene innendørs allerede i november! Etter et døgn inne i varmen (slik at frøene trekker til seg fuktighet) settes hele plante-kassen ut til overvintring. Vinter, sno og sludd er visst som musikk i ørene på riddersporefrø! Kulden stratifiserer frem livsglede i frøene, og når våren kommer popper det (etter sigende) opp ridderspore-unger både her og der. Når de har fått vokse seg fete utover forsommeren er det bare til å prikle dem ut akkurat der både du (og brunsneglene) har lyst.

Om du er litt heldigere enn Blomsterstjernen er det ennÃ¥ ikke for sent Ã¥ høste inn sesongens rykende ferske frø fra akkurat din favorittplante. Men i Blomsterstjerneland fikk man derimot granat sjokk! For akkurat i det husfaren endelig fikk tilbake hagelysten hadde konemor typisk nok "ryddet" bort alle døde avblomstrede synsforstyrrende frøstengler. 

Men Blomsterstjernen bet tennene sammen og endevendte hele komposthaugen på jakt etter noe som ihvertfall kunne minne om ridder-levninger. Gleden var derfor stor da han helt i bunnen av dyngen fant noe som etter 74% sannsynlighet må være riddersporefrø....

Blomsterstjernen ble nemlig fryktelig motivert av å bevitne adoptivbarnas blålige glans. I 2014 skal hagen igjen få regjere (ikke Carl I. altså)! 50 kompostferske riddersporefrø ligger nå til tørk i kaffefilterposer klare for å danne 2014-sesongens frekkeste Riddersporebed. Med mindre det viser seg å være Skvallerkål-frø man plukket opp fra komposten...

Spenningen er jo halve spenningen! Ikke sant Alessandro Volta?

God helg til alle mine potensielt forlatte bloggvenner som smugtitter her allikevel,

Jeg lurer også VELDIG på om noen av Sommerfuglblomstene jeg adopterte bort i fjor overlevde første sesong? Noen som vet? Pappaen ville blitt stolt av å se karakterboken deres.

Title: Blackout Author: Marc Elsberg Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark, June 2017 Summary/Review:  One night the lights go out across Europe as the electrical grid collapses. An Italian hacker quickly realizes this is no accident, thus beginning a race to solve the attack before more lives are lost due to lack of fuel, food and heat. This […]
          â€œYouTuber” kelimesi Oxford tarafından resmi olarak kabul edildi        
Oxford Ä°ngilizce Sözlüğü (Oxford English Dictionary), YouTuber, hackathon ve Brexit‘in aralarında bulunduğu tam 500 yeni kelimeyi resmi olarak kabul ederek sözlükte yer verdi. YouTuber...
          Remove Blogger Labels Counter on a Blogspot Blog        
Until recently the only way to turn off, disable or remove the counter of the labels widget in Blogger was to use a Blogger hack. Luckily Blogger has now added a new feature so that Blogger webpublishers have a choice about whether to show or not show a post count next to the corresponding tag when using the Blogger labels widget.

How Do I Turn Off - Remove the Blogger Labels Counter?
If you already have a Blogger labels widget installed then Blogger shows a count of the number of posts with that label or tag next to each label by default. If you want to turn off the label counter you will need to disable it.

Removing the Blogger labels counter is easy and only takes a minute. Switching off the labels counter can be useful sometimes for instance when establishing a new blog where a limited number of posts may deter visitors.

Conversely you may find that your Blogger label counter has been disabled and you want to reinstate it. In this case you would navigate to Blogger and follow these steps except that you would reverse Step 4.
Blogger labels gadget showing the number of posts enabled Blogger labels gadget showing the counter of the number of posts disabled

  1. Log in to Blogger
  2. At the Dashboard go to Layout > Page Elements
  3. In the Blogger sidebar click on your labels gadget
  4. Uncheck the box marked Show Number of Posts Per Label
  5. Click on Save
  6. View your Blogger blog without the number of posts shown next to the labels tag

Turn Off Labels Counter in Blogger

Today you have learned how to turn off the Blogger (Blogspot) labels counter so that no count of the number of posts is shown next to the label. Disabling this feature only takes a minute and can be a useful feature for new blogs with few posts. If you are new to Blogger and blogging you can learn more useful tricks and tips for customizing your blog at Blogspot Blogger Guide. Watch out for more Blogger tutorials in this beginner basics series.

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Note 1: So you got a Nexus 4. Congratulations. You have an incredibly powerful device in your hands. This post is not N4 specific, so you can try several of these with any top-of-the-line Android device. N4 because all of these have been field-tested on mine. If you've got interesting apps/uses to share, shoot in the comments, I'd love to hear 'em. Otherwise, if 'Angry Birds' is all you've done, read on, you must. ;)

Note 2: I'm sure someone at Google is huge Guillermo Del Toro fan. Galaxy Nexus was code-named 'toro', Nexus 4 is code-named 'mako' (ref: Pacific Rim).

Part I: use mako

Part II: root mako

Part III: sudo mako

Part I: use mako

a) Lock screen

Widgets were always the strength of the Android ecosystem, and 4.2 Jelly Bean added the capability to add widgets on the lock-screen. There are several lock-screen widgets, but none standout like Roman Nurik's DashClock widget, which is beautiful, and isn't heavy on the battery. There are several extensions for this widget available in the store, so suit yourself.

b) Home screen

I use the Android stock launcher. What you see in the background is the Ice Galaxy Live Wallpaper. This fellow, Maxelus, makes beautiful wallpapers. Most of the widgets are created using Zooper Widgets, and the icon pack is Minimalist.

Nova Launcher is a popular choice for launcher replacement. It gives you a lot of options to customize just about everything. A shoutout to Buzz Launcher, which attempts to create a marketplace for out-of-the-box homescreens, which you can download and apply in a flash! Worth checking out if you are among the lazy ones.

Head here for some inspiration.

c) Computer-phone connectivity apps (Productivity)

Chrome to Phone - Send links from Chrome browser on desktop to your android phone.

Phone To Desktop - Send links from your android phone to Chrome browser on desktop.

Desktop Notifications - Get notifications from your phone on Chrome browser on desktop as desktop notifications.

AirDroid - Transfer files to/from phone to desktop over wi-fi. Send SMS, use phone camera as a webcam, manage contacts, apps, music et al, from your desktop.

TeamViewer - Remote control/remote desktop your computer from your phone over a data connection.

GOM Remote - Control GOM Player on your computer through a remote-like interface on your phone.

Unified Remote - Use your phone as a keyboard/mouse for your computer.

d) Travel apps

FlightTrack - Beautiful interface which shows flight path on a map. Gives schedule and gate information. Excellent, excellent app.

Currency - Offline currency conversion.

Google Maps / Google Translate - Their 'offline' mode is sweet! Download maps, and language packs for offline use! Very, very handy if you are planning a foreign holiday soon!

Triposo - Travel guide.

e) Special mention

SMS Backup+ (backs up SMS, call logs, and now WhatsApp messages to Gmail!),
Clean Master (clear system cache),
Battery Doctor (battery optimisation),
CamScanner (excellent app to get scanner level quality for documents through the phone camera),
TrueCaller (it's creepy how they get the unknown numbers right, but they do),
Light Manager (customise phone's LED notifications),
SphereShare (photosphere images sharing community),
TV Show Favs (track TV show episodes), and
Default App Manager (manage default apps for any phone action).

...and since you will install so many apps, it is easy to get lost. Enter: App Dialer, yep, an app to find apps installed on your phone!

Part II: root mako

Rooting gives you the ability to flash custom ROMs on your phone. I haven't flashed any custom ROMs yet, I am pretty happy with the stock ROM. But rooting allows you to make full backups of your phone, and some pretty nifty apps. Most of the methods of rooting Nexus 4 factory resets the phone, and guides are easily available if you google it.

The method I used doesn't factory reset the phone. (Motochopper method)

1: Get motochopper and the drivers from here.

2: Root. Yep, that simple. A full guide here (they even have a video!). The guide is for Galaxy S4, but it works just the same for Nexus 4 (I've done it!).

All the other methods unlocks bootloader first, and then applies root. Hence the factory reset.

Motochopper roots without unlocking the bootloader. Once you have achieved root, you can unlock your bootloader using BootUnlocker (yep, there's an app for that!). Android 4.3 update was announced today, so there's a decent chance you'll lose root after the update. You can use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper to preserve root during the OTA update.

Part III: sudo mako

Well... you have a rooted phone. What now?

ShareKM - My favorite root app's gotta be ShareKM. It's brilliant! It connects the phone to your computer over wi-fi/data/bluetooth. Slide the mouse pointer from the edge of the screen, and voila!, the mouse pointer jumps to your phone! You can now use your computer's keyboard to type on your phone, or copy text from one to the other. It's really neat, you should check it out if you have a rooted Android device. Video of this app in action embedded below:

OBackup - Nandroid Backup - Nandriod backup means a full image backup of your phone. So if you mess up something tinkering, you can always restore the phone exactly to how it was. OBackup does cloud backups and you can schedule your backups, which is pretty neat.

LMT - LMT enable features on stock Android that are typically available on custom ROMs, and is often the reason why people do install custom ROMs. It isn't avaialble on Google Play, but can be downloaded from here. A full review here, and video of the app in action below:

Spend time configuring your phone, it'll be worth it. Tinker. Enjoy.


          Marko Peljhan: «L’utopie matérialisée du Makrolab» (1/2)        
Entretien avec l’artiste slovène Marko Peljhan, à l’origine du Makrolab, ce medialab du futur, qui, depuis 1997, se pose partout dans le monde et accueille artistes, hackers, scientifiques. Première partie en climats tempérés. Ljubljana, correspondance Le 6 juin 2017, à Ljubljana, la galerie Kapelica accueillait la conférence internationale Earth Without Humans et présentait Somnium. Cette... Voir l'article
          EXCLUSIVE: Ray Romano Shows Off Darker Side (and Wild Hair) in Upcoming 'Get Shorty' Series        
The actor played Ray Barone for nine seasons on 'Everybody Loves Raymond,' and now he is stepping into Gene Hackman's role in the TV version of 'Get Shorty.'
          By: Alfonzo Peluso        
My programmer is trying to persuade me to move to .net from PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the costs. But he's tryiong none the less. I've been using WordPress on numerous websites for about a year and am concerned about switching to another platform. I have heard good things about Is there a way I can transfer all my wordpress posts into it? Any help would be really appreciated! <a href="" rel="nofollow">Hay Day Hack Android</a>


Once you are charged and convicted for an offence and is sentenced to a custodian sentence in prison, you will be put in the Court's lockup manned by SPF and Prison officers assisted by Certis Cisco Auxiliary officers.

You will then be transported to Changi Prison in the evening in handcuffs and shackles.

Cluster "B"

Once you are there, you will be temperorary housed in what they call cluster "D" or "Queenstown" (Note Queenstown is not referred at the location of the old prison there but as a name for remand prisoners)

You will be stripped searched, fingerprinted, etc. Your properties are then hand over for safekeeping until the day you are released.

You can be house here for a few days or up to a couple of months.

You are also give a plastic stripe that you wear at all times during your imprisonment. This will state your name, Prison number, length of imprisonment (LT = Long Term more than 1 year, ST = Short Term less than 1 year)

You are issued with 1 straw mattress, 2 blankets, 1 plastic container, 1 toothbrusth, 1 plastic spoon, 1 mug, 1 soap, 1 small towel.

You will house together with 2 others and up to 3 others prisoners of ideally the same race who had committed various crimes. You are house in a lock up which is smaller than a HDB room. You shit, urine, bathe and eat in this cell.

This is where you spend up to 23 hrs a day on weekdays or 48 hrs on weekends.

Editor's Note: 

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          why we care about what we wear        
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Why Can't a Smart Woman Love Fashion?
I had learned a lesson about Western culture: Women who wanted to be taken seriously were supposed to substantiate their seriousness with a studied indifference to appearance. For serious women writers in particular, it was better not to dress well at all, and if you did, then it was best to pretend that you had not put much thought into it. If you spoke of fashion, it had to be either with apology or with the slightest of sneers. The further your choices were from the mainstream, the better. The only circumstance under which caring about clothes was acceptable was when making a statement, creating an image of some sort to be edgy, eclectic, counterculture. It could not merely be about taking pleasure in clothes. ... I dress now thinking of what I like, what I think fits and flatters, what puts me in a good mood. I feel again myself—an idea that is no less true for being a bit hackneyed. I like to think of this, a little fancifully, as going back to my roots. I grew up, after all, in a world in which a woman's seriousness was not incompatible with an interest in appearance; if anything, an interest in appearance was expected of women who wanted to be taken seriously.
*Pacific Standard - What to Wear? *Avidly/LA Review of Books - Lady Professor Conference Fashions *Racialicious - Haute Couture In The 'Ivory Tower': "The spread presumes that when a professor walks into a classroom she is a blank slate, a model to be adorned in fine clothing and given an identity. The reality is that scholars of color, women, and other groups whose bodies are read as non-normative have never been able to check their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation at the door. As soon as we walk onto campus, our bodies are read in a certain (often troubling) manner by our students, our colleagues, and school administrators. Our professionalism and our intellectual competence are largely judged by how we style ourselves. Therefore, we are highly aware of how we adorn our bodies. And, like our foremothers and forefathers who innovated with American "street fashions," we, too, use our fashion sense to define ourselves, our professionalism, and our research and teaching agendas on our own terms." Tamara Shayne Kagel: The Feminist's Dilemma: Why We Can't Stop Caring About How We Look
I find myself constantly trapped in a world where I desperately want to be judged by my work but at the same time, I want other people to think I'm pretty. I'm permanently berating myself for caring about my appearance, because I am aware on a mental level that to care at all is to be superficial. But at the same time, I find myself squirming uncomfortably when I run into someone at the supermarket when I'm a sweaty, disheveled mess... This cognitive dissonance is a state that most modern women inhabit all the time, but refuse to acknowledge. Instead, we talk and write and judge like we live in a post-superficial world. [...] It's a rare breed of woman who truly doesn't care about her appearance, and there are some women who only care about their appearance. But most of us fall in the middle -- wanting to be appreciated and loved and valued for more than how we look, but unable to completely expunge all interest in our outward image. If this is where most of us live, shouldn't we be asking for acceptance to be in this middle space?... Isn't it normal to hope that the picture of you is not taken from a horrible angle the moment you wake up and at the same time be concerned with society's obsession about the ubiquitous worship of an unattainable ideal of the female form?
Sociological Images - The Balancing Act of Being Female; Or, Why We Have So Many Clothes (previously): "And, of course, all women are going to get it wrong sometimes because the boundaries are moving targets and in the eye of the beholder. What's cheeky in one setting or to one person is flirty in or to another. So women constantly risk getting it wrong, or getting it wrong to someone. So the consequences are always floating out there, worrying us, and sending us to the mall." *This Kind Choice - I Am Woman, Watch Me Shop? Part 1 – The Ever Changing Clothes *Part 2 – Appearance as Identity, A Double-Edged Sword *The Nation - For Women's Office Wear, Who's Making the Rules? *The Atlantic - No, It's Not Sexist to Describe Women Politicians' Clothes *Feministing - Learning to dress "professionally" in a white man's world Already Pretty: Why Caring About Your Appearance Is Valuable to Self-Care
In order to move through most peopled societies, we are required to wear clothing. Nudist colonies aside, we've all got to get dressed every day if we want to leave our homes for any reason... And in my opinion, since we've got to get dressed anyway, we might as well do it expressively and in ways that feel good. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Dress, grooming, and overall appearance constitute the first levels of information about ourselves that we offer to the observing world. They may not be the most important, but they are the first, which makes them worthy of effort and attention. ...I've already acknowledged that how you look isn't the most important thing about you... But thinking of your body as a brain-and-personality-holder strikes me as short-sighted. Consider this: Someone who focuses virtually all attention, care, and love on their body is generally considered to be vain. So why would focusing virtually all attention on your intellect, creativity, and personality be any less imbalanced? You're not a zombie – a body that moves through life without a functioning brain. But you're also not a brain in a jar – thinking and creating in the abstract alone. You have a body. As long as you are alive you will have a body. In fact, without your body, your intellect and creativity and personality wouldn't exist. Pitting your mind against your body is like cooking up a personal civil war.
Bridgette Raes - Are You a Devaluist and Don't Even Know It? (Guest Post): "Clothing is often seen as a superficial shell, and fashion a frivolous, flighty thing that gets in the way of the serious stuff. The real stuff. But I don't believe that. I don't believe we can neatly divorce the way we look from the way we live. I believe the way we look is a reflection of the way we live." Dress A Day - You Don't Have to Be Pretty: "You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your boyfriend/spouse/partner, not to your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked "female". I'm not saying that you SHOULDN'T be pretty if you want to. (You don't owe UN-prettiness to feminism, in other words.)" (responses to "The Princess Effect", previously on MeFi) *Washington Post - Being informed and fashionable is natural for women *Flavorwire - The Catch-22 of Women's Magazines *Kat Stoeffel - Finally, 'Serious' Women Are Standing Up for Fashion Magazines: "As long as we all need to get dressed each morning, clothing will be a communication tool... Men and women both choose how they deploy the language of fashion; but women, deprived of the suit-as-uniform, still face unique challenges in fashion fluency... Women's magazines — especially when they work with women like Clinton, Abramson, and Mastromonaco — offer other women a map for navigating style and other sexist minefields without compromising their intellectual integrity. For that, we should celebrate them. And if we want to level the playing field, we should start by posing the same "frivolous" questions of men." *Ms. Magazine - If the Clothes Fit: A Feminist Takes on Fashion: "If feminists ignore fashion, we are ceding our power to influence it. Fortunately, history has shown that feminists can, instead, harness fashion and use it for our own political purposes." *GirltalkHQ - Fashion Vs Feminism: Can You Like Both? We Break It Down *Greta Christina - Fashion is a Feminist Issue: "In fact, fashion and style are so much like a language, I'm always a bit baffled when people say things like, "I want to be judged on who I am, not on the clothes I wear." It's a bit like saying, "I want to be judged on who I am, not on the words that come out of my mouth." ...Fashion is a form of expression. A language of sorts. An art form, even. It's also one of the very few art forms/ languages/ forms of expression in which women have more freedom than men... And I don't think it's an accident that it's typically seen as shallow, trivial, and vain." Medium (Backlash Book Club) - And Another Question: What Ever Happened to Pantsuits?: "Faludi writes about fashion as if women were totally subservient to its dictates (and as if its dictates were unified), but, of course, most women—precisely because they are judged so much by their appearance—know how to manipulate, subvert, and use clothes. To some extent, they're tools, like hammers." The New Inquiry, Vol. 20 - Sept. 2013, "Off Brand" issue (link opens PDF file) "We are told we must be clothed, and then that our clothes are not good enough.That fashion is predicated on this cruelty—making luxury of necessity, and necessity of a luxury—makes it as morally questionable as the behavior of foodies. Fine: We accept this. But we are also told that we must be bodies and that our bodies are not good enough, and fashion (at least for those who fit into it) can provide an escape from the disappointment of our flesh. Some of us feel we were born into the wrong body; for that, fashion is the first corrective. For others, fashion is the first rebellion... In selecting appearances, we want not only to be seen but sometimes to be heard before we speak. Fashion can be a weapon of the silenced, even when it is seized and wielded by those who have always talked loudest." *Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa - Fashion for Feminists: How fashion and dress shape women's identities *Migrant Woman Magazine - Asalet Tulaz: I like being the colour of feminism *Buzzfeed - How Iran's Young Women Are Using Fashion To Influence Politics *Minh-Ha T. Pham - Why Fashion Should Stop Trying to be Diverse *À l'allure garçonnière - Fashion Blogging Culture: Demanding Substance Over Style *Tanisha C. Ford - You Betta Werk!: Professors Talk Style Politics: "Below are excerpts from some of the interviews I conducted with women professors of color. Together, these interviews illustrate that studies on fashion and adornment politics offer a powerful lens through which we can explore other important issues such as women's rights, motherhood and relationship status, pleasure and sexuality, and the politics of "respectability."" Alison Bancroft - How Fashion is Queer: "The feminine is as much of a minority interest in culture as it is anywhere else in life. The only exception to this is fashion. This is why fashion is a radical creative space where heterosexual gender binaries are irrelevant and queer is the default setting, and it is also why fashion is routinely denigrated and dismissed." Final Fashion - so, is fashion feminist?: "Why is the visual aspect of fashion so inextricably linked to feminism, and why is it worth considering how to dress like a feminist?" Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie previously on MeFi: the danger of a single story
          BRAIN Initiative        
President Obama recently announced a big new effort to map and understand the human brain. What are we trying to learn about our brains? One thing we will earn is how our brains are structured, "not this well-organized hierarchical control system where everything is in order." Another is how much of mental illness is shaped by experience and society, as opposed to chemical or structural factors. What do we already know about our brains? 12 Things We Know About How The Brain Works. And we know that unconcious processing improves decision-making. That brain structure may be linked to placebo response. And that unconcious brains can read and do math. We know a little bit more about how the brain responds to addiction. And we know that "genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms" in childhood can have permanent ill effects. We think that differences in our brain reflect political differences. But we know that a lot of pop neuroscience is bollocks. What could we do with new information? Could we reverse-engineer AI? Manipulate our brains, neuron-by-neuron? Make better soldiers? Or record dreams? Or activate neurons with light? Or make better, crowdsourced brain maps? Neurotechnology, Social Control, And Revolution
In our neuro-centric world-view, a person is equated to his brain. The neuro-discourse has penetrated all aspects of our lives from law to politics to literature to medicine to physics. As part of this neuro-revolution, huge military funding is supporting neuro-scientific research; a huge body of basic knowledge on memory, belief formation, cognition and sensory modalities has been gathered over years, with fieldslike social neuroscience, cultural neuroscience, neuroeconomics and neuromarketing has emerging to improve our lifestyle; neurotechnological know-how from wireless non invasive technologies to neuroelectronic interfaces is exponentially advancing; and neurotechnology business reports indicates the rapid increase in neurotechnological start ups and the willingness of bringing neurotechnological products to the market. In my opinion, all the aforementioned indicators indicate that neurotechnology can be potentially used to control social dynamics.

          Record oficializará "Rebelde" nesta quinta        

Será feita Hoje, dia 09 de setembro o anúncio oficial da Rede Record da próxima adaptação mexicana, "Rebelde".

No encontro, Walter Zagari - vice-presidente comercial da emissora - irá reunir-se com a imprensa para explicar como será o remake de Margareth Boury. 

Recentemente, foi adiada o folhetim para o ano que vêm, 2011.

          Record dará início ás gravações de "Rebelde"        

A Rede Record acaba de afirmar que até a última semana deste mês já terá dado início ás gravações de seu próximo remake, "Rebelde". 

Inicialmente, serão apenas gravados stock-shots. 

Sobre o elenco, a emissora promete: terá todo o casting definido no começo de outubro.
Vale a pena ressaltar que a novela foi adiada para 2011, graças aos recorrentes atrasos.

Com Informações do TELE Novelas
          Record poderá fazer novos testes para "Rebelde"        

Foi publicado neste blog na semana passada de que os testes para o remake de "Rebelde" na Rede Record teria sido encerrado. Na verdade, foi, porém, a emissora ainda não conseguiu fechar o grupo de protagonistas que irão compor a banda.

Foram escolhidos nove candidatos, mais nem todos agradaram. O que preocupa a emissora.

Já Marco Camargo, diretor musical, sugestionou que fizessem mais uma bateria de testes, porém, não há nenhuma confirmação de que possa ter.

Há possibilidades de um concurso no "Tudo é Possível", já que a emissora no início deste mês, anunciou que um dos selecionados será escolhido através de um concurso no programa de Ana Hickmann.


          Testes na Record        

Já na Record, estão rolando testes apenas para achar os protagonistas de “Rebelde”, coprodução com a Televisa. No mais, a ideia é aproveitar o elenco contratado para “Vivendo o Amor”, novela que foi para a gaveta.

Fonte:Controle Remoto
          Read our reviews: 17 must-have gadgets for summer ’17        

Odds are you’re addicted to gadgets. Well, at least one gadget. New research shows that the average American adult (18+) spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day (source: Hackernoon). It’s safe to say you fall into that mix and it’s thereby safe to assume, as we’ve already asserted, that you’re addicted to […]

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          How to Swim For Exercise without getting Broad Shoulders        

If you know me, then you know I’m all about feminine proportions. That means not having one are of the body much bigger than others (unless it’s butt and boobs) or having a physique that look […]

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          Can #GNO Dancing at the club count as your workout for the day?        

Everyone is always trying to make working out more fun and less like a mandatory chore of the worst kind – a la cleaning the bathroom. So, it’s understandable to want to skip the bikini body […]

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          Work your Butt without Swelling your Legs and Thighs        

If you have read any of my fitness books you now by now that I am not a fan of squats (especially weighted squats!). Before you assume I hate squats because I can’t do them […]

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          New Survey shows 40% Women want a thigh gap (Gasp!)        

In news that is not at all shocking to anyone not in denial and trying to push strong or fat is the new skinny rubbish, a survey done by the London research group OnePulse has found that […]

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          Tired of Yo-yo dieting? “The Easy Diet” book is your answer!        

Book #4, The Easy Diet – A foolproof guide to effortless and sustainable weight loss (241 pages) is finally here **Click the cover image to purchase the book now for $9.97!** Here’s the synopsis: Why […]

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          What’s her secret to that body? (Video)        

Have you ever seen someone on the street and wondered what their secret to having such a great body is? Well, wonder no more because I’m going to find out for you! Hear from real […]

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          How to Avoid Bulky Legs From Bike Riding (Video)        

So you have a bike and love riding it, but don’t love what it’s doing to your legs and thighs as much or the way your jeans aren’t fitting anymore?! You are not alone or […]

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          7 Ways You’re Using your Wearable Fitness Tracker All Wrong        

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          LiNK: Yahoo! è ufficialmente nelle mani di Verizon        

Da oggi Yahoo! ha cessato la sua attività indipendente. L'acquisizione da parte di Verizon si è infatti completata, con un costo di 4,5 miliardi di $, ribassato a seguito dei noti problemi di sicurezza per Yahoo! Mail occorsi alcuni mesi fa. Quanto rimasto del vecchio...

          La fine di Yahoo è ormai segnata e nel suo futuro c'è il nuovo nome Altaba        

"Do you Yahoo?" è stato il claim che ha accompagnato i primi spot pubblicitari dello storico motore di ricerca, nato ben prima di Google e basato su un'ampia directory di siti web compilata manualmente. Solo successivamente fu implementato l'algoritmo di ricerca che, per un...

          Finisce l'era di Yahoo!, acquisita da Verizon per essere incorporata in AOL        

Nulla è per sempre, specialmente sul web. Se negli ultimi anni i social network concorrenti di Facebook e Twitter hanno chiuso i battenti (Ping, Orkut, Beats Connect) o vivono di luce riflessa di altri servizi (qualcuno ha detto Google+?), la scure della fine di un percorso...

          Purple Rain        
Who remembers back in the late nineties/early noughties, when purple was the colour to deck out your room, adorn yourself and paint your nails in if you happened to be a girl aged nine to thirteen with a penchant for Mizz Magazine, lava lamps and wavy, silver-framed mirrors? It was cooler than liking the Barbie-reminiscent, childhood-connotative pink, yet still feminine enough to be girly without having the tomboyish reference of blue. I think my first style encounter with purple as a 'cool', I'm-not-a-kid-anymore colour, was when, aged nine, I persuaded my mum to buy me a sequin-covered, satiny pair of low strappy heels from Tammy Girl to wear at the school disco. The more my mum shook her head at the Spice Girl-esque shoes with their miniture heels and repeated that they were too old for a girl my age, the more I inevitably wanted them, until finally she gave in, making me possibly the happiest nine year old girl on the planet. I thought I would love those shoes forever.

After that, purple was officially my favourite colour. I proclaimed a strong dislike for baby pink, adorned my eyelids with cheap purple eyeshadow from Boots and became the height of cool (or so I thought) by wearing those hideous stretchy plastic neck chokers from Claire's Accessories (remember those, girls??) Like any other self respecting pre-teen my age, when I was eventually allowed to have my room decorated in a colour of my choice, I went to town with an entirely lilac and silver colour scheme (FYI- our house resembled a building site for most of my pre-teen years, when we lived in a tent in the back of our garden whilst the entire roof was taken off and put back on again, before moving back in and living with bare plastered walls and glassless windows covered in plastic sheeting for a considerable amount of time, so finally having an actual room with painted walls was kiiiind of a huge deal for me).

It was about the time I approached the age of fourteen, when I became a teenager overnight, that purple was suddenly no longer en-vouge. No longer content to listen to Dido CDs on my silver stereo whilst I crimped my hair and told ghost-stories to my friends on my purple, star-scattered duvet, I filled my days with reading melodramatic romance novels (The Thorn Birds, anyone?) watching hip-hop stars shake their bootys on MTV and lusting after miniscule items of fabric resembling clothing from stores like Clobber and Jane Norman (I know- the memory still haunts me today!) My desire to fit in and to become 'popular' and fanciable took over, and pink was suddenly acceptable again.  I adorned my planner with stereotypical-heartbroken-misunderstood-teen song lyrics, inked carefully in bubblegum pink gel pen, and drew felt-tipped coloured pictures of Disney Princesses to impress the popular girls (whose year eleven planners were covered in Disney Shop sticky-tape, printed with the pretty faces of Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella). I found a new relatability in the Disney princess films I'd watched as a child, suddenly able to fully appreciate the romance of being whisked into jasmine-scented night air on a magic carpet and into a diamond-studded sky by the handsome Aladdin. When I was sixteen, Barbie pink, Disney Princesses and girly memorabilia suddenly became cool again, whilst my sequin covered purple shoes were probably donated to a charity shop along with the purple dress with black lace overlay that I wore to celebrate the millennium. Having fully embraced my girly side again, I unashamedly sprayed my hair with magenta streaks, built up a collection of candy-coloured tops, skirts and dresses and lusted after boys in pink Hacket polos and pink-striped lacoste shirts. When I was finally allowed to re-decorate my room again, just before my GCSEs, the look was full-blown baby pink and black: think baby pink satin curtains edged with black beading and pink satin headboard embroidered with the outline of a black lace heart. Pink was in again, and I incorporated it into my makeup draw, pencil case, and of course, wardrobe. From the ages of fourteen to the age of around nineteen, I don't think I wore one single purple item.

Since then, purple has slowly began to filter back into my style radar, and these days, being someone who is no longer limited by the desire to fit in as I was in my adolescence, I find that there is space in my closet for anything which happens to be inspiring me at the current moment, weather or not it's 'in'. My re-introduction to purple has began slowly, with a sparkly vintage indigo slip here and a deep mauve, slightly shimmery Mac lipstick there (it's called Violetta, btw, and it's my new best friend.)

Just lately I've begun to be more and more inspired by the colour purple, and seduced by it's mystical, magical connotations. To me, as well as being the colour of my child-to-teen transition years, purple is the colour of night, mystery and magic. It's the colour of a star- filled, inky-dark night sky, a velvety smooth, gently rippling ocean and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's the colour of Dumbledore's moon-and-star covered cloak in the first Harry Potter book. What's more- for some reason- purple to me is also the colour that I feel best epitomizes the whole Harry Potter Series- that feeling of snuggling on the leather sofas on a humid day in our old playroom in summer whilst a thunderstorm rages against the rain-washed windows, that feeling of smelling the summer rain mixed with that distinctive, comforting musty smell of the pages of a book whilst reading about Hogwarts and Honeydukes and the Three Broomsticks- that magical, cosy feeling is inescapably and undeniably purple. And since I have been re-reading the entire Harry Potter Series almost every summer since I was eleven as a kind of tradition, I am currently starting again on The Prisoner of Azkaban, which is making me feel in a thoroughly purple mood indeed.

Purple also reminds me of violets, which I think are some of the most beautiful, vibrant-petaled flowers there are. Right now in our garden, an array of lovely, jewel-toned purple flowers have recently burst into bloom, and when you look outside at dusk, it's like this muted lush green backdrop, scattered with dots of bright, vivid, purple that just seem to glow ultra-violet, like gems in the dimness.          

These are all the things that are collectively inspiring me right now, and making me fall a little head over heels for the deep, mystical, night-sky shade. Not to mention that my uber-stylish friend Justine recently wore out a sparkly purple vintage top as a dress which I am a tiny bit obsessed with. As any readers of my previous posts will know, I have a major thing for vintage and also for anything sparkly, so if it's sparkly, vintage and purple, then you really can't get any better. Right now I love the idea of throwing on a sparkly, over-sized top/dress, teaming it with mega heels, tonnes of necklaces and long, wavy, free flowing hair. Here are some pictures that capture my current purple haze:

Our garden at dusk, taken by me just after the rain had fallen:

  There's nothing like getting stuck into Harry's magical world for some mystical fashion inspiration worthy of Professor Trelawny (I get so inspired reading about her many glittering necklaces and strings of beads draped over layered-up, spangled shawls as she gazes into a crystal ball).

From left: sparkly vintage top from Rokit, sheer lace purple blouse- gift from a vintage modeling shoot, purple dress, from a vintage shop in London

These pics are all from the modeling shoot I recently did- sadly none of the clothes are mine, but these potfits were two of my favourites!
Me wearing sparkly purple top, Rokit Vintage, Bomber jacket, Rokit Vintage, levis cut-offs, Rokit Vintage, booys, Topshop

Hop you all enjoyed the post...:-) xxxxxxxxxxx
          Wifi Password Hack v2.3.2 Latest        
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The Wi-Fi is used nowdays for devices such as PC, Video Console such as PS 2, Ps 3, Xbox 360, PS portable (except the E-1000 one) and any other console which have 3G or Wi-Fi connection toghether with laptops and smart and non-smart phones. Those devices can access the Wi-Fi by using the sho called hotspots, where free internet is ussually given by restaurants or Internet providers. You need to be within 100 m to receive the signal, and it can only be received outdoors. What you receive indoors is the signal of a neighbour’s router, not a hotspot one. Hotspots can have low signals (10-20 meters) to strong signals, which take a few kilometers.
Any device which has Wi-Fi connectivity can receive Internet signal from this hotspots. The interconected devices are called hang-outs and can be seen each other for distances of over several miles. Outdoor open public Wi-Fi technologies have been used properly with wifi mesh networks with Liverpool, London, and gennerally in the big cities from all the United Kngdom. Wi-Fi is a great way for companies to promote their businessess; it’s very clear that, if there are two restaurants with the same prices and services, but one have also Wi-Fi connectivity, the one with the Wi-Fi will win. And it is not too expensive to provide Wi-Fi, just connect the Internet cable to a router and let it flow. Enthusiasts or perhaps specialists who want to offer products and services or even to enhance company with selected parts at times offer no cost Wi-Fi gain access to. Also there are companies which, in exchage for space used by antena’s on the rooftop of the flat of blocks, gife free internet in that flat. The are radions risks but who cares when you have free Internet, right? I thought so!
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          What the Conservatives need to achieve this week in Manchester        
Cameron must convince the public that they do understand what he's on about really
People within a few yards of Whitehall understand that David Cameron is in control because they really get him. They see him everyday and think he looks just the ruddy part. The rest of us however have not the slightest idea what he's going on about. Cameron must carefully explain in words of no more than two syllables, very loudly, that just because people don't understand the Big Society, it doesn't mean it's not a super dooper idea. It's our fault we don't get it, not his.  

Cameron must blame the riots on people not getting married any more
The PM reacted incredibly well to the riots. He flew back off holiday, invented the word 'criminality' and cancelled all leave for the police officers he's about to sack. He must ensure that riots are perceived as society's problem, not the government's. People in society can't just go on living life differently and in a diverse manner. They need to get married, go to church more often and stop relying on the state to sort their problems out. If they've got no hope for their future, they need to stop blaming the government for their ills, and point the finger squarely at that single-Mum of theirs' who can't afford to keep them in education and Nike Air Max fussions.

Osborne must keep saying the word 'deficit' to scare people
The Chancellor needs to make people see that them losing their jobs, their homes and their pensions will somehow make things better for everybody in the long term and promote growth. Tell voters the next time they get their car repossessed to think of how massive that deficit is. At least that's one less car on the road so other commuters can get to 80mph quicker on the motorways on their way to their job that no longer exists. All this kind of thing supports growth, trust us.

Tell people their fuel price rises aren't our fault
Rather than admit that privatisation of our fuel service providers has led to bills spiralling out of control, blame it all on climate change. That's right, it's not because shareholders at British Gas or EDF want a nice Christmas bonus that your Great Aunt Mavis has hypothermia, it's because scaremongering environmentalists are making things up about natural resources.

Boris shouldn't talk about what he's achieved
With the London mayoral elections coming up next year it's important to show just how popular old Boz is with party members. If you see him wave at him, laugh at whatever he says but don't whatever you do, start talking about what he's achieved in the last three years. Ponderous silence doesn't play well to the media.

Tories shouldn't try and understand people from Hackney
They're not like you and me. Some of them even talk in funny, street lingo that just sounds like random noise. We shouldn't try and speak their language else we'll look as stupid as Richard Madeley did when he did that impression of Ali G. Don't waste time trying to understand these people, they're not likely to vote for you anyway. 

The above is in response to a tory diary piece on Conservative Home.

          How To Hack WhatsApp Without Rooting By Exactspy ?        

How To Hack WhatsApp Without Rooting By Exactspy ? It is exciting for everybody to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. Whatsapp is most illustrious social networking application that is employed by numerous folks. once WhatsApp has launched, then it suffered from tiny security choices. when typically, a user has several resources which may modify to induce […]

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          Tragedy in Beni: a crisis foretold?        

In August, at least 42 civilians were hacked to death with machetes in Beni, Eastern DR Congo. It was not the first time such violence has taken place, and it may not be the last. So how can the killing be stopped? Peace Direct has released a briefing on the situation in Congo.

The post Tragedy in Beni: a crisis foretold? appeared first on Peace Direct.

          JETSON TX2: Tensorflow-1.1.0のインストール        
JETSON TX2にtensorflow1.1.0をインストールしたときのメモ。JetsonHacksの”TensorFlow on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Development Kit […]

「我不是卓越的程序员,我只不过是一个有着卓越习惯的程序员。」技术大牛 Kent Beck 曾这样说过自己。 有人在 Hacker News 发起一个讨论,是哪些习惯成就了卓越的程序员?

优秀的程序员都有哪些习惯?,首发于文章 - 伯乐在线。

          varie (ed eventuali)        
Ieri sera, senza sapere cosa aspettarmi, sono andato a vedere .

Sono rimasto impressionato dalla storia, dall'enorme profondità dell'argomento, che nel film è espressa benissimo.
Vi consiglio di andare a vederlo, ma attenzione, non è il film da popcorn.

quel film, inaspettatamente, finisce sulle note di Ramshackle Day Parade - ... Joe mi insegue, ormai è una ossessione (ed immagino risalterà anche sul profilo di
E per la cronaca, son andato a vederlo una seconda volta, e credo andrei una terza e qualcuno volesse essere accompagnato... non mi era mai successo.

(E non credevo mi sarebbe mai potuto succedere di andare a vedere un film per 3 €, tornarci 15 giorni dopo (stesso cinema) e pagare 3,50 €)

PS: le elezioni si avvicinano e son sempre più sofferente e spaesato
          Carnival Adds Seafood Shack To 7 More Ships        
February 1, 2017 – Lobster lovers rejoice! Following the incredible success of the New England-inspired Seafood Shack eatery that debuted aboard Carnival Vista, the concept has been expanded to seven additional ships throughout the fleet. Located within the ships’ poolside Lido restaurants, the a la carte dining venue offers a variety of fresh-from-the-sea delicacies, including […]
          Sunday weddings and afternoon rides        

I admit I have been neglecting our Facebook page. I have failed to upload photos from recent events and I have been driving a lot lately. This has resulted in me not being in a position to take photos which is going to happen again today most likely with our Sunday wedding. No rest for the wicked is what they say.

We have found ourselves becoming busier and busier. Last year's tax returns showed our gross almost doubled from previous years. We have added new horses and new carriages to our fleet. Above pictured is our Carriage Machine Shop aka Bird in Hand Amish made 8 passenger wagonette.

The addition of this carriage is for a new service we will be offering come fall when it cools off a bit. We are going to be offering Sunday after church carriage rides starting here from our farm.The rides will meander down gravel and quiet country roads surrounding us. They will last longer than a typical city hack ride does and will offer something for those of you that are looking to just relax and kick back rather than playing chicken with cars in a busy downtown.

Your welcome to bring along snacks and refreshments to enjoy on the carriage, maybe bring a picnic basket! As you can see it has a top to shade you from the sun. Depending on the response we may be adding additional days and times to the rides. If you would like more information, or want to get on a list to be sent the dates, or make a reservation call me at (501) 232-4102

We are excited about this new service. For our old friends, new friends, and those we have not met yet! We hope to see you soon! :)
          Forever in their debt.         

    Prince and Pearl, Duke and Baron, Queen, and Bonnie and Clyde. 

   All seven of our carriage horses are amazing horses. They brave things that would have the average horse badly spooked. We routinely encounter all sorts of crazy things that very few horses would ever tolerate. Heavy traffic, loud motorcycles, and honking cars is the mild stuff. We have had everything from a carriage full of teen girls screaming at the top of their lungs, to mariachi bands, bagpipes, the massive gun fire on New Year's Eve, and even fireworks. Lots more of the typical stuff as well, screaming babies, hyper children, every sort of flapping plastic, and loud event commotion, is all just part of their "norm"  

   Unlike the hack or street carriage horse our special event carriage horses have to perform in a different environment at each job. Someplace they have never seen before and are unfamiliar with. Most people can't fully grasp the level of training much less the immense trust that these horses have in us and us with them to be able to perform under those circumstances, and do it calmly. Good commercial carriage horses have to have a naturally adaptable personality. The reliable ones always do. A large part of their fearlessness is due to the bond they have with their drivers and footmen. It is a mutual bond that is nothing short of divine. 

  This brings me to share with you a little about the human side of the equation. You see, the bond flows both ways. The connection a driver has with his/her horse is equally important. Being flight animals even the best horses can get a little rattled once in awhile and that is where our equine partners trust in his person comes in. A soothing tone of voice, a command given with authority does wonders to let that equine partner know that not only is he being given direction, hes safe because he is not alone. It's hard to describe to the non-horseman, but to those who are, it's as real a thing as the morning sun. Speaking of such things among their peers the horseman simply nods in understanding. 

  So you can probably imagine the deep love and appreciation the horseman/woman has for their horses. We keep each other safe and out of harm's way. We lean on each other for support when things get sideways. The trust that forms between a carriage driver and his/her horse goes far deeper than just affection for a beloved pet. It is a mutual respect like no other. The love and admiration we grow to feel for our horses is immense. Carriage drivers thank God every day for their brave and wonderful horses, and cannot help but to feel forever in their debt.  

          Vogue Nippon May 2010 | Raquel Zimmermann by Inez & Vinoodh        

          No Magazine | Kaya Scodelario by Cameron Smith        

          Numéro #110 | Frida Gustavsson by Miguel Reveriego        


          Vogue UK April 2010 | Clemence Poesy by Kai Z Feng        

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right click + view picture (or open in a new tab) for bigger

Clemence is so so gorgeous. Not even funny/fair.


          Matias Troncoso        

right click + view image for bigger

His website

          Vogue Paris February 2010 | Daria Werbowy & Co. by Inez & Vinoodh        







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          Spur Magazine | Freja Beha Erichsen        

          Sunday Times Style Magazine | Abbey Lee Kershaw by Ben Hassett        

          Chanel SS 10 by Karl Lagerfeld        

via chanellatinlover

I freaking love this. Karl is not the most amazing photographer there ever was, but these are gorgeous. IDC haters gonna hate. All hail the kaiser. By the way, all photos I post are bigger if you save them or open them in a new tab~

          Vogue Italia March 2010 | Lara Stone by Paolo Roversi        

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I'm watching Alice in Wonderland today, I hope it's not a let down tbh.


          Interview March 2010 | Ann Kenny and Tura Kenny by Mark Segal        


          Até logo/ See you!        

Perfumados leitores,

Há um certo tempo minha vida se tornou uma espiral de responsabilidades cada vez mais frequentes, fruto de recompensas e desafios com relação à minha carreira e vida pessoal. Se por um lado, isso é muito compensador. Por outro lado, atualmente tive que fazer escolhas. Uma delas é dizer, de forma oficial, até logo!
Confesso que não consigo fazer as coisas de qualquer jeito e tudo tem que ter tempo e qualidade, principalmente com relação ao Perfume da Rosa Negra, um espaço virtual apaixonante sobre perfumaria que me proporcionou conhecer muita gente apaixonada por perfume e muita gente que é referência em Perfumaria , que respeitou o meu conhecimento e minha paixão, além de ter me proporcionado projetos de muito valor.
Sou grata aos leitores e a todas as pessoas que acreditaram em mim. Também agradeço a Deus o tempo a que me dediquei intensamente ao Perfume da Rosa Negra.  Fiz tudo isso com muito amor. Tive muitas alegrias mas também muitas decepções e tudo isso faz parte da jornada. A experiência foi sempre divina, a cada perfume e tudo está guardado: cada sentimento com relação às fragrancias e, cada sensação Ãºnica através do olfato que eternaliza os momentos perfumados na alma. O melhor de tudo é que, onde coloquei a minha marca, as pessoas passaram a conhecer mais sobre as fragrancias e o valor disso é imensurável.
Não retorno tão logo e, por estranho que pareça, digo um até logo feliz.  Sei que não serei a primeira blogueira de fragrancias que se afasta por um tempo. Muita gente boa, de excepcional talento em perfumaria, também disse adeus por um período. Durante esse tempo, além de todas as novas jornadas, quero repensar a própria perfumaria. O Perfume da Rosa Negra não deixa de existir. Como diria Flaubert, Perfume da Rosa Negra c'est moi. Eu sou Rosa Negra e ela vai exalar um perfume em outros cantos desse mundo.
Despeço-me feliz. Preciso levar algumas responsabilidades e projetos adiante, dentre eles está a perfumaria. Certamente eu voltarei e o blog só será a extensão de algo muito maior porque a perfumaria está no meu DNA. Voltarei com mais força e com ideias grandiosas que há muito tempo estão na minha mente e que só essa bela Arte merece.
Enquanto isso, deixo-lhes o meu legado perfumado , de coração!
Sigam cheirosos!
Abraços perfumados,
Cris Rosa Negra
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Russian Portuguese Japanese Korean Arabic Chinese Simplified
By Ferramentas Blog
          A Thug, a Lady, and Casings        
I fought with a thug last night. But he was different than all the rest. He was hunting for me.

The night was busy. I jumped from one location to another breaking up crimes. Pimps beating there girls, punks robbing anyone they happened to come across. The gang wars I didn?t get involved with, I figured it would be better if they got rid of on another. Then I came across the well dressed lady in a bad part of town. She looked like an exec from a big time firm, and she was being assaulted. The punk had been slamming his meat fists into her face for a few moments before I was able to get down to the street. And when I did, he turned to me and smiled a missing tooth grin, before saying, "It?s about time you showed up." I was set up, so I expected the blow that was coming my way, letting it hit me in the jaw I went with the punch and rolled out of the way far enough the punk couldn?t get another punch off without having to take a few steps in my direction. The lady was staggering to her feet with the help of the wall propping her up, her once pretty face was starting to puff from the beating, but she was still an unknown piece of the puzzle. I couldn?t look into her eyes to see what side she was on; I was busy with the thug.

The punk was just about on me, he was big, very big, and slow. I fainted left, then dove right and swept his feet out from under him. He fell on his back with a loud thud. I straddled him, and grabbed his collar with my left hand and started beating his face like it was a whack-a-mole at an arcade. Something caught my ear, and I stopped beating the punk. He was laughing. I shook him, till his eyes opened and I gazed into his soul. He laughed even harder, ?that won?t work with me, I don?t have a soul.? The punk knew my secret. I let him drop to the ground and walked toward the lady. She looked up at me with a crooked smile, "My boss will be pleased, we learned more about you tonight."

I walked up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders, "Who do you work for?" I said shacking her furiously. She only laughed, when the sound of gun fire forced me to drop to the ground a second shot came on the heels of the first, followed by the dull plop of the bullet hitting flesh, I looked up to see the tiny hole in her forehead and blood spattered graffiti on the wall behind. She rested against the wall for a second before her lifeless body slid to the ground.

The thug was starting to get up when another shot echoed in the night and he fell to the ground.

I dashed into a shadow and looked for any movement that might give away the shooter. Nothing broke the still of the night. I ran across the parking lot toward the place I thought the shots had come from. Sirens were wailing in the distance and I knew I only had a moment before the place would be crawling with police. I put on thermal vision goggles and scanned the area. In a planter box along the street I saw two faint heat signatures glowing. I ran over to the box and looked close. Two casing had fallen onto the dirt and momentarily heated the ground. The casings were gone. Only two casings? I had heard three shots. One shot caused me to drop and then one each for the lady and thug. I focused and thought. The first shot had come from the left of where the last two shots came from. I ran that way and found a small park like area with trees, and grass and bushes. I scanned the area but no heat signatures registered. Suddenly a blue glow caught my eye, something below ambient temperature. I went to it, and their in the grass was the heat impression of a casing, except this impression was cold, very cold. I looked at the scale on the side of the display. Minus one hundred degrees, dry ice has a surface temperature of minus one hundred and nine. What was this?

Suddenly my nightly haunts, protecting the innocent from the criminals of this city had become something more. I was now a target. But who was after me?

I had rattled the criminal element enough that they finally sent someone out. I was interested; the nights were becoming much more exciting.
          Piers Morgan seeks apology over phone hacking claim        
Former British tabloid editor Piers Morgan has demanded an apology from a lawmaker who made claims about him admitting to phone hacking, at the London hearing which quizzed Rupert Murdoch. In an angry on-air exchange, Morgan, who is now a celebrity interviewer for US television news network CNN, cha...
          White House dragging its feet on wiretapping rules        
Citing the need to protect intellectual property and consumer information like the emails that were leaked in this week’s massive Epsilon hack, the Senate Judiciary Committee called a hearing Wednesday to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Committee member Sen. Sheldon Whitehous...
          Salted Password Hashing        
CrackStation: Salted Password Hashing
"The most important aspect of a user account system is how user passwords are protected. User account databases are hacked frequently, so you absolutely must do something to protect your users' passwords if your website is ever breached. The best way to protect passwords is to employ salted password hashing. This page will explain how to do it properly."
Via @SGgrc
          Driving a Tesla Model S in winter conditions        

Tesla owner Rob S. has posted on about his experience driving his standard Tesla Model S (no AWD) in winter conditions. Rob lives in Boston, which got whacked with a massive winter storm recently. But that didn’t stop Rob from getting around town in his car. Much of that he puts down to having the ...

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          Sephora Money Hacks        
Whether you shop at Sephora or not, you can’t deny a good steal when you find one!  Getting new makeup is always fun, but getting the same makeup at a cheaper price?  Even better!  I recently discovered several different money hacks you can use for yourself at Sephora.  Here they are so you can get […]
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          Gmail Account is Taken Over by Hacker        
Becarefull if you are using email Gmail Account. Your email can be taken over by hacker easily. The thief then change the phone number and email address for recovery and change the password so we cannot log in. Of course we can use “Forgot Password” to recover our email and then fill the new password […]
          Hacked By Unknown        
Hacked By Not Matter who am i ~ i am white Hat Hacker please update your wordpress

Kirana is back. Amboi...berdebu nya rumah Kirana ni. Aritu blog ni tak dapat masuk, ntah tak tau apa plak problemnya. Pastu email asyik kena hacked je...

Kirana akan cuba2 utk aktif kan balit blog ni. Alahai...rindunya dgn kawan2 blogger yg lain.

Cuma arini, Kirana busy skit belah petang nanti. Pagi ni masih lagi lepak2 minum kopi dan cari ilham. Tapi..mana plak peginya ilham ni tak muncul2. Jenuh Kirana asyik refill kopi.

Arini Kirana tak leh pakai jubah abaya munge2 sbb tugasan arini ekstrem skit. Dgn cuaca yg panas ni, stress lebih jdinya. Kirana pakai baju koperat je...pakai seluar slek itam cikit...ala2 nak gi ke pusat penamaan calon undi plak.

Jgn tanya Kirana undi parti apa...undi itu rahsia. Eehhhh...pasal cerita ttg undi plak. Kirana mana minat politik ni...pening!

Setakat ni dulu ye...Kirana nak standby peralatan utk tugasan petang ni. Ehhh...nak abis kn kopi jap...tata titi tutu!

          Trump and Putin hold “robust” two-and-a-quarter hours discussions and shake hands        

The US and Russian presidents held their first face-to-face talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit in the German city of Hamburg Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin discussed on Friday the alleged Russian hacking of last year's US presidential election during their first meeting. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described the exchanges as “robust”, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Mr Trump had accepted Putin's assertions that his country was not responsible.

          Comment on Pokémon Wonder Trade — A Hacked Virus Appears! by Pokemon X Wonder Trade Hack – Mary J Greer        
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          é€šé”人驛站 Blogger Platform Blog Hack Part II        
Blog Hack
這篇文章說明Blogger 平台上「通達人驛站」Prudentman Blog Hack 的過程,包括以下幾個類別:
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          Crazy Donald and Chinese nukes: Pence compromise vs. greater risk of H-bombed D.C.        
Thank you, Sarah Palin. Friday you reminded us what a whack job The Donald is, even if your language was more indirect. Here he’d led you to believe he was a constitutional conservative. But now he’s bragged about a plan for Indiana to pay $7 million in incentives over a decade to keep a Carrier […]
          Lights out: GOP stays in the house        
There is a story buzzing around the internet, but hardly any news media outlets are covering it. Pelosi turns the lights out on the GOP after the GOP stayed in the house and refused to go on the 5 week vacation without proposing an energy vote. I can't find a video of this anywhere, however I turned on CSPAN last night and there was some footage before the democrats left the house. John Boehner was quite adamant about a vote on energy regulation, but democrats kept putting it off saying it would stop votes on other important bills, not energy regulation.

You can see the article here about what happened:

I was impressed with the veracity in which the GOP finally went after the dems in the final hours of the day on Friday. It's historic. First, when a vote came to adjourn, the 50+ members of the GOP stayed. Then, Pelosi turned off the microphone; then the lights, then one of the GOP members somehow got the microphone back on, Pelosi turned it back off again.

The GOP stayed for 5 hours talking about energy crisis and they are fed up. It's about time as the American public has been outraged about this issue for six months.

The dems better listen, otherwise they are going to get wiped out. This issue crosses all party line barriers, and even many environmentalists are saying lets get energy independent with our own oil, wind and start using some natural gas too. You should see if you are interested in that particular plan. It's quite good and will take time to implement, but a step in the right direction.

Well, enough about this for now. Hopefully we get some real energy changes over the next few years, my gas bill is killing me now. . . any extra income I had goes in the fuel tank. Forget about saving any money or putting money into the property right now.

I hope you all contact your congressman or senator and tell them how you feel. They are actually listening right now and know a revolt is in the works. The government can only ignore it's people for so long. I am surprized some nut-job hasn't gone out and whacked some of the liberal leadership in congress/senate who want to keep us dependent, want to raise our taxes, want us to just become Europe. Hey, at least it'd be a start. LOL BTW, congressional approval rating is less than 10%. Even Bush's approval rating is near 30%.

          HASTA EL ÚLTIMO HOMBRE        

Japón, 1945. Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield), un hombre contrario a la violencia, se alista en el ejército de EEUU para servir como médico de guerra en plena II Guerra Mundial. Tras luchar contra todo el estamento militar y enfrentarse a un juicio de guerra por su negativa a coger un rifle, consigue su objetivo y es enviado a servir como médico al frente japonés. A pesar de ser recibido con recelo por todo el batallón durante la salvaje toma de Okinawa, Desmond demuestra su valor salvando a 75 hombres heridos consiguiendo el respeto de los soldados.

Llevaba mucho tiempo Mel Gibson sin dirigir, pero ha vuelto fuerte con una buena película sobre un objetor de conciencia condecorado en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. La película funciona muy muy bien, sobre todo cuando llega a la parte bélica, la trama es la de cualquier biopic, pero Gibson le da aquí su toque, rodando impresionantemente la batalla de Hacksaw Ridge, sin duda una de las mejores escenas de guerra de lo que llevamos de siglo. Cruda, como le gusta a Gibson, sucia, y sin cortarse un pelo. Y realmente es interesante es que se trate de una batalla cuando la guerra ya estaba prácticamente ganada, ante la feroz resistencia de los japoneses (antes de tirar la bomba H). Andrew Garfield está muy convincente en su papel de Doss, un chico muy religioso convencido de sus ideas y que a pesar de estar en contra de matar y de las armas, se alista. Puede que ese sea uno de sus puntos flacos, y es que el protagonista es el típico protagonista que lleva al mundo en su contra, es perfecto y no tiene defectos y que tuvo una infancia difícil. Mención aparte para Hugo Weaving haciendo del padre, con una interpretación fabulosa en las pocas escenas que tiene, en la primera parte de la película, antes de las escenas bélicas....(Diego95.Almoradí).

Una película asombrosa, que vuelve a demostrar que Mel Gibson es un cineasta genial, capaz de elevar una historia interesante a la categoría de obra maestra fílmica sin paliativos, verdaderamente él cumple con la regla de las 3 "E", que dice haber escuchado y tener en cuenta: un film debe ser Entretenido, debe mostrar una vertiente Educativa, y, ya es lo máximo, debe Elevar el espíritu del espectador, divisas tenidas muy en cuenta en Hasta el último hombre......(DE CINE 21).

Una de las mejores películas bélicas sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
Al nivel de las grandes: Salvar al soldado Ryan, La delgada línea roja, Cartas desde Iwo Jima, La colina de la hamburguesa, La colina de los héroes, La colina de los diablos de acero, Ataque, la serie Hermanos de sangre… Estas son las claves que pueden servir para hacerse una idea de cómo y por donde respira el último trabajo de Mel Gibson como director, una de sus mejores películas, mejor que la serie Las banderas de nuestros padres, The Pacific o Windtalkers y al nivel de otra joya del género bélico, o por aclararlo más, antibelicista, Senderos de gloria, de Kubrick.
Es también una de las miradas más brutales del cine a la guerra, sin adornos ni componendas para edulcorar las imágenes que representan el infierno de la muerte. Cada muerto y cada herido deja su huella en el espectador, que se ve totalmente envuelto en el huracán de violencia en algunas de las mejores escenas de acción que ha rodado el cine. Eso sí, acción con contenido, no acción por la mera acción o como adorno principal de la función. Detrás de las secuencias bélicas propiamente dichas, lo que oculta Hasta el último hombre es una apuesta muy actual por la vida frente a la muerte, una clara reflexión sobre las culturas de vida frente a las culturas y rituales de muerte, lo cual, con los tiempos de guerra contra el terrorismo en los que vivimos, resulta plenamente actual y va más allá del contexto histórico en el que se desarrolla este largometraje que por otra parte se basa en una historia real.....(ACCIÓN DE CINE9.

En su ansia de convertir su filmografía en autobiografía camuflada, Mel Gibson firma su enésimo acto de expiación con el biopic de un mártir incomprendido que demuestra su valor ante todos los descreídos que disfrutaron humillándole. Desmond Doss es otro Cristo que crucificar en la obra gibsoniana, y un álter ego que permite que Mad Max se levante y ande cuando nadie creía en su resurrección. En 'Hasta el último hombre' conviven dos películas que no siempre se entienden entre sí: la odisea elegíaca, de espíritu eastwoodiano, que precede a la batalla, y la batalla en sí misma, que aspira a ser el film bélico más violento jamás contado. Gibson parece sentirse más cómodo en la visceralidad de la guerra que en el aliento neoclásico que despide el melifluo carisma de Andrew Garfield en su puesta de largo como objetor de conciencia. Lo que quedará para la Historia es un fragmento de cine puro, guerra cruenta que haría las delicias de Sam Fuller, donde Gibson se hace paradoja: el pacifista más sangriento del mainstream yanqui.(FOTOGRAMAS).
          Comment on Microsoft Patches Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Against Wannacry by As WannaCrypt Recovery Continues, Analysts Back Microsoft's Leader - InfoSecHotSpot        
[…] Brokers released the attack vulnerability that ransom-ware hackers exploited.” In addition, Microsoft also took the very unique step of recently releasing security updates to address the vulnerability for Windows XP and Server 2003, even though they are both years past […]
          Step 13: Attaching the Hub and Flywheel        
Description: Attaching the hub, bushing and flywheel to the electric engine.

Tools Needed: Allen ratchets, torque wrench, red loctite.

Estimated Time: 2-3 Hours (Once you have the parts).

Caveats: Could not do it as presented in EA manual, so I'll discuss what I had to do.

Purpose of this step: The flywheel attaches to the engine and will interface with the clutch as it did with the gas engine. The Serrated edge was only for the starter, so that is no longer necessary (Some people have had it lathed off to decrease overall flywheel weight and make the engine more efficient. I didn't bother).

As noted, the motor key was a bit too long, so I needed to hacksaw it down so it would be flush on the end of the motor shaft and not hanging over. This was imprecise on my part, but I don't think it needed to be perfect.
The motor key sits in the groove and I need to put the hub and bushing on over the motor key.

First, here is the hub. This baby is one of the reasons that ElectroAutomotive has a bit of a monopoly on the electric car conversion set up. You need a specially designed hub to mimic the old interface between the engine and transmission. It is different for every car and EA has a "library" full of different designs for different cars that Mike designs with a CAD and a digital camera.

This "bushing" fits inside the hub and then both fit around the engine shaft, then the flywheel attaches to that. Note the groove in the hub where the motor key fits.

The next part required me to stray from the EA instructions. They tell you to put the hub and bushing on just tight enough to allow it to slide on the motor shaft and temporarily place on the flywheel so you can set the proper length, then pull the flywheel back off and tighten the hub/bushing fully on the shaft, before putting the flywheel back on. At least in my case, this couldn't be done. The hub fits too snug in the flywheel and if I try to slide out the flywheel, the semiattached hub/bushing come right out with it (WD40 was no help). I thought this was going to be too much of an obstacle, but I believe I found a way around it. I figured out how far into the the hub the flywheel goes, then I added that distance (in my case it was .230 inches) to the 1.790" recommended. I tightened the hub/bushing loosely onto the shaft so that it could still slide and held the flywheel just flush with the hub (not inserted). Then I slid the the hub until the total distance was 1.790 + .230 = 2.020".
At that point, I tightened the hub/bushing all the way (this is an allen wrench procedure on five provided little bolts) so it wouldn't move on the shaft. For the record, tightening the hub pulls it back in from 1.790" to 1.769" according to EA. Then it's time to add the flywheel. But before that, I took the time for a little prayer to the flywheel gods.
As far as I can determine (and I'm willing to be corrected on this), it is good enough.
Of course, make sure when you put the flywheel on that the bolt holes line up with the ones on the hub. In order to get the flywheel all the way in, I had to screw all the flywheel bolts in tight, so I needed to use the flywheel lock. Again, this is different from the instructions, because I couldn't just slide the flywheel all the way in (also, don't forget the little washer plate that fits in the flywheel before you put on the bolts. Once I determined that the measurements were adequate (by my standards), I pulled each bolt out, one at a time, put red loctite on them and screwed them back in, then pulled the next bolt, etc.. The EA manual recommends tightenting the bolts to 80 foot pounds. I can't say that I was exact on that. I screwed them in about as tight as I could without rolling the engine off the crate. I think this is about as precise as an amateur like myself will be able to do this, so I hope it's good enough. Next up is the Clutch.

I posted a picture of my dog Whitman here in the past and my other dog, Finny got a little jealous, so here's Finny enjoying some girl talk:

Finny is a Westhighland White Terrier (Westie). We got him when we were living in Seattle (much to the dismay of his brother). Finny is the quintessential terrier, in that he is a pain in the ass. I love the little guy, though.
          A little bit of progress...        
After hacksawing the motor key down to size, I was able to attach the flywheel to the electric motor today. I was going to go for the clutch, too, but decided to end the day on a successful note. I'll have pics up when I get the clutch on there.
ElectroAutomotive actually e-mailed me back yesterday, saying that they are sending out a new motor mount adapted to the Warp9 dual shaft engine. They said they were sending it out next week (I wish they said they had already sent it, as a bird in the hand is far better than two in the bush with this project). They also claim that my battery boxes are coming in the next couple of weeks. I haven't gotten batteries yet and will hold off until the boxes arrive.
          California's Latest Power Plant: My House!        
Our solar panels are now up and running. So far we have generated more electricity than we use, indicated by our digital meter going backwards.* I think that trend will definitely continue, at least until I get the electric car running. For some particulars, we generated 19 Kilowatt Hours yesterday, with a peak of 2,906 watts. It's starts up with a few hundred watts at about 8 AM and by 10:30 or 11:00 it is over 2,000. It peaks at about 2 in the afternoon and starts to decline from there. It should do even better in the summer with the longer days.
Interestingly, the wildfires in California put a haze over us here on the Central Coast today, even though we are 200 miles away. You could actually smell smoke.
Because of that, we generated a smaller maximum of 2,457 watts today (Compared to the previously noted 2,906 from yesterday). So assuming that yesterday was a clear day, I can create my own haze index for the amount of sun blockage: 2,457/2,906 = .845, so that's about a 85% of what we maxed on a clear day. That's a 15% loss in efficiency, which is quite significant and that's 200 miles away from the source of the fire. It gives you an idea of how smog must effect L.A.
Anyway this is like a new toy for me and I'll update with more factoids as they come. Hopefully, that will be the worst of the fires, but I'm not optimistic, as it is still warm and dry and the Santa Ana winds are expected for the next few days.
I wish I had a better car update. I hack-sawed my motor key to the proper length and I will try to attach the clutch and transmission to the motor this weekend. I'm stuck after that until I can get a motor mount from EA, who are again not returning my e-mails.
*For the record, California doesn't reimburse you if you make more energy than you use anymore, so consider it a donation to the grid...
          Bright Lights, Big Post        
Warning: This post is long. I won't apologize for it, but I don't expect you to read it. If you want, you could divide it up to before race day and after, though I think you'll miss the theme if you do. I don't even have it in the headline.
Enjoy. I guess.

My life feels like it began after I had kids.
This is a cliche turned on its head (you see what I did there?) because it's not meant to be a caption for "The Family Circus." My life feels that way because of the way it seems to be rushing by without me getting so much as a glimpse of it. Time flies when you're having fun. It flies even more when you're too busy to have it.
When Jayden was born six years ago, I began to notice that whole chunks out of the year just seemed to vanish. I distinctly remember three things. Finishing the 14ers, the first time I played online poker for money and Jayden's birth. The rest, even when Kate told me she was pregnant, is a smear. And then life seemed to get smooshed into globs of seasons without any kind of a calendar to mark it. It was hot, then cold, only we were inside most of the time, changing diapers and collapsing into bed. Vacations were the same every year, a trip to Kansas to see Kate's grandmother and my parents. We'd put the tree up at Christmas. Then we would take it down.
The girls were born a couple years later, and I'll be damned if I can recall much of anything in that first year. I remember being tired.
Time, by then, was indistinguishable. Songs I loved felt like they were released just weeks ago, and someone had to tell me it was a couple years ago. Metallica's "Death Magnetic," my favorite recent album, came out in 2008. That's a high school career ago.
My high school career, those four years in high school, still feel like 20 to me. I can tell you what albums came out then and what I was doing every month in my life. I can point out the grocery store that let us buy beer and the other that almost had us arrested. I know all the movies.
I was busy then, too, almost as busy as I am now. But I marked my life with moments. There were so many moments. There were moments in my life that I'll remember forever.
I love my kids dearly, but when you're a parent, at least in the first six years I've done it, I've found myself so bent on surviving them, and life, and all the crap that comes in between, that it's easy to forget to have moments.
There are a ton of milestones, but most of them are your kids', not your own, other than their births. And if you don't have anything to write down anything significant on the calendar, how do you know when it's time to turn the page?
Which is the longest lede you'll ever read from me, in perhaps the longest blog post I'll ever write.
Other than a few times in my life, say, Jayden's first day of Kindergarten or my first marathon, I had run out of moments. The #wpbt started to feel that way as well. Even those special trips sort of blurred together. And then I decided to run the Vegas Half Marathon.
Well, we did.
That's kind of the point.
• • • 
It's hard to explain what the #wpbt is to people, and so I treat it like Fight Club. You know the first rule of Fight Club, right? I followed it.
My life is so different back home. I don't drink much, play poker much or even stay up past 10 p.m. much. When I had a 40th birthday surprise party, I didn't get drunk, to the crushing disappointment of one of my best friends.
I also find it hard to explain to people why running has taken over my life. I hated it for so many years. I always thought it was because I had to shave my mountain climbing down to a nub after the kids were born, and I needed something to keep me motivated to stay active. But I've thought about this trip a lot the last few days, and I've come to two conclusions why both things mean a lot to me.
The first is the milestones.
The second is the people.
• • •
Sure, the roads were snowpacked Thursday morning, even icy in spots, but the thought of my plane being cancelled never occurred to me until I heard it announced over the loudspeaker in the small airport in Fort Collins.
Running's taught me more than anything else how to deal with adversity. Climbing laid the groundwork, but when you're running, adversity is only a few steps behind. Cramps, side stitches, unplanned trips to the bathroom, hunger, thirst, cold, heat, dogs, wild animals, your balance, your sense of direction, nausea, black ice, injuries, 5 a.m. wake-ups, bad food, your GPS, a leaky Gatorade bottle, other runners and even your very breath (really, especially that) all conspire to screw you over, probably when you least expect it.
Whatever running hasn't taught me how to handle, being a parent takes care of the rest, like dealing with puke and poop or a bad night's sleep.
So I can handle just about any situation, and I was handling it. I was handling it like a motherfucker as I shuffled back to my car, until I heard the message that another flight wouldn't be available until Friday evening.
I was going to miss half the fun after not being at #wpbt last year.
I was instantly, totally crushed.
I said so on Twitter.
Then I started getting tweets back.
I had to pull over my car to read and respond to all of them.
They were offers to get me on another one-way flight using their miles.
I can think on my feet when I'm a reporter, a runner or a climber, but in the rest of my life, I'm a planner. 
It took me a moment to gather my thoughts.
I didn't know how I'd get home, and I wasn't sure if I'd get a refund from this flight, and if I didn't, I'd have to suck it up and go Friday night. My head was swimming. Did I have time to get to Denver's airport? Could I still make it that Thursday night? Was it worth it? How much more money would it cost me?
A small voice whispered to me. This is like the race you are about to run.
I was home maybe five minutes. I called the airline and (woot!) and got a refund. I was packed, my bag was in the car, and I was ready to go.
April's offer was the best. With her 25,000 miles, she could get me off the ground at 3 p.m. 
Book it! I Tweeted, as I was on my way to the airport, in the car, with Christmas music blasting through the speakers. 
She did. 
First Class.
For $75.
It wasn't lost on me that this reminded me of two other times when people did something completely selfless and unexpected that required a sacrifice, and both those other times involved the same sense of community I got from climbing and get now from running. Once was just after the time a decade ago when I got trapped in a rock avalanche and barely escaped with my life. I was beaten up, bloodied and a bit broken, and I had a long way to go. Eight miles. A quarter-mile into the hike, someone offered me his hiking poles. I turned them down at first, until my Dad chased the guy down after I stumbled down the trail a couple times. I could not have made it without them. We returned them a week later.
The second was during my first marathon, and I was at mile 20 when I got hit by severe cramps. People gave me their bananas, pretzels and drinks. I made it across.
In both cases, these were adventures that people planned far in advance, and they brought that food and drink (and the poles) in case something bad happened to them. Instead, they risked their own well being to give them to me.
April took time out of her day and gave me a shitload of airline miles just so I could get there Thursday night and have dinner with some bloggers.
I bought her meal that night.
• • •
By now you're wondering why I decided to run the race. Or, most likely, you no longer care and have moved on to Angry Birds. I don't blame you.
Still with me? Wow.
A couple years ago (oh man, I'm REALLY trying your patience now, aren't I, I mean, how much exposition can one blog have), John, aka Bad Blood, wrote me, wondering how he could run a 10K in 48 minutes. It was for a bet. Rob, aka Gordon, aka um, G-Rob, was losing a bunch of weight, and Blood bet him some pounds against his time. 
I knew Blood a bit, mostly because we both liked music that scared most people, but I was happy to help because, well, I love talking about running, probably way too much. So I put him on a plan, taught him how to run speed work and tempo runs, and he crushed the race. It was really fun. So when he wanted to do a half marathon, I helped him with that, too, and it turned out to be really, really fun. He got hooked on the running, and I got hooked on the help. We stayed in touch throughout the years.
When Rock and Roll sent me an e-mail stating that the race would be held that night, I registered, not knowing, or caring, how it would work with #wpbt. I had a feeling John would want to do it too. He did.
Only he had a surprise. Others were interested too.
They were only interested at first. Brad, aka Otis, seemed especially nervous about it. I knew Brad a bit, too, as I had met him during a trip two years ago, while Steel Panther blasted in the background, and he was kind of a legend among the #wpbt, and he was a pretty darn good writer and was really supportive of my own writing, which, of course, meant a lot because I tend to write long, rambling sentences with a lot of commas.
So, OK. I wrote him an email, explaining that a half marathon really, truly, honestly wasn't as hard as it sounded. At least the training wasn't. You didn't have to run all day, every day, while whipping yourself like a monk. Really, for what you get out of the race, it's a pretty good deal.
John just told Brad to pull his head out of his ass and sign up.
I'm not sure what worked more.
G-Rob, fresh off losing 100 pounds, which would leave me weighing about as much as my 6-year-old, and Doc signed up as well. We had a group.
I volunteered to help right away just like I helped John. Part of me likes being the guru. But mostly I do it because I remembered when I first started running, and so many great runners, people who were destroying me in races, turning in times I never thought I'd run, helped me. They waited for me on group runs, talked to me about different ways to run and introduced me to the concept of runs having a purpose, not just strapping on shoes and getting out there. I remembered that, and I thought it was time to pay them back by (sigh, I hate this expression) paying it forward to others.
The e-mails among our group started back in the summer. They didn't stop until it was time for the race. They meant far more than I thought they would when they started.
• • •
No, I'm not breaking this into parts. Deal with it.
• • •
As excited as I was for the race, I felt conflicted when I got there Thursday night. I was eating with Astin, Heather, April, Dawn, Ryan and later Michelle.
(By the way, I liked how we sort of ditched the nicknames for the most part this year and called each other by our real names. I occasionally referred to them if I needed them or wanted them, aka Bad Blood is such a badass name that it fit before we headed out to the race. But for the most part people went by their actual names. It was time).
The food was fantastic, but I chose not to drink, and I worried about eating too much greasy or fried pickings. It was like that most of the weekend. Vegas is usually the one place I don't have to be on guard all the time, and yet I had to be. I focused on eating rice, pasta, breads, pancakes and fruit and not drinking, in addition to drinking a lot of water.
The race doesn't happen until you hit the starting line, but really, it begins a few days before, when you load your body with carbs, try not to eat anything that will screw with your stomach on race day and try to get rest. You also probably shouldn't drink a lot.
What helped was not only were my running partners following the same program, but many of the rest of us bloggers were too. This time seemed far mellower than any other. I even saw AlCan'tHang sober a few times. I preferred it that way. We're all older now, and it's nice to act like it a little bit. There were no wheelchair stories, and as disappointing as that was, acting like adults does mean sacrificing a little fun.
So Thursday and Friday were fun, but they involved poker (with Jordan and Carol, mostly, which was awesome). Then Otis came to town Friday afternoon. You all know the story by now. I'll let him tell the bulk of it. But his father died suddenly earlier that week.
I'd already written him off for the most part, though a part of me, selfishly, really wanted him there. We all did.
Otis/Brad had really embraced running, and I got as much joy out of coaching him than anyone I've ever helped. He was thankful, of course, but more than that, I could see what it did for him spiritually. I told him for weeks as he got on the program that running really would become enjoyable, and one day, after those many weeks, I got an email from him, explaining how he'd finally had that day. Running, the outdoors and mountain climbing are much more to me than a way to exercise, and finally Brad felt that way too.
I hoped he was going to go, but our group let him make that decision.
He sent us an email that he was coming when I was on my way to the airport.
We spent Friday night, after an appearance at the mellow blogger mixed game, at the Monte Carlo poker room. It's a run-down place, close to the opposite of the Aria poker room.
It was exactly what we needed.
John arrived late that night.
It was good to have our group together.
• • •
You won't find many details of the nights here. I"m not afraid to share them, of course, as they were fairly tame, especially by Vegas standards, but this post is long enough, and there were some special times that don't need to make the Internet. We had a wonderful pasta dinner Saturday, the night before the race, picked by Brad, where we reflected on our training and the guys surprised me by buying me dinner. I was so touched I forgot to say no.
The place was located next to the Palms, and we played a wild game (one of several that weekend, and those wild games meant me picking my spots while they splashed around a lot of chips), and I'll just say two words: Jose Canseco (the guy's kinda a whiner at the table).
That Saturday was especially mellow: We picked up our number for the race, played the tournament and cheered Brad's min-cash before we went to the runner's Expo that night and then dinner.
We got in fairly late but slept until 10 a.m. Sunday. After a pancake breakfast, we decided the best thing to do was play a little poker to take our mind off what we were facing.
I'd never run a night race before, especially not something as ardrous as a half. I grabbed a large Gatorade to drink over the afternoon with Brad. At the last second, he picked up a couple black pens.
When I sat at the poker table, I instantly pulled off two huge bluffs and was betting like a maniac. In other words, I was playing exactly like I usually DON'T play. What was going on? I didn't even realize what I was doing until someone whispered, "I'm gonna get this wild guy." I laughed to myself and snapped out of it.
I'm an aggressive runner, and just a few hours before the race, I was ready to tear it up. I was in running mode.
I switched that off for the moment and settled into my usual careful play, and soon enough, I looked over at Bad Blood, and he nodded at me. I smiled and my mind began to travel down a darkening tunnel. I love it when my brain does that on its own and I don't have to force it. It usually means I'm going to have a good race. Pain, nausea and weariness can't penetrate that zone.
We got up to go to our rooms. It was time to get ready.
• • •
Before the race almost makes racing worth it on its own. The anticipation is incredible if you let it be that way. If you don't let the nerves and doubts take over. Your stomach rumbles, your tapered legs tingle and your lips snarl.
I told the guys during our incredible dinner the night before that I go over in my head what Kansas' coach Bill Self said to his troops the night before the Final Four, when we eventually went on to win the title in 2008. It sounds cheesy, but when you're going through something like a long race, cheesy works. In this case it's a pretty simple statement, not a Gipper cheer.
"You can't hope good things happen tonight," he said. "You expect them to."
There are always things in a race you can't train for. Maybe there's stomach problems, weather, injuries, other runners and the crappy unknown, like a small piece of broken pavement that's just big enough to trip you. But what I've found, and really love, about running is if you do the training, it pays off in a race. It really rewards you with the time you put into it. Many sports aren't necessarily like that. Football and baseball rely too much on the circumstances. Even mountain climbing, my first love, isn't that way because the weather and the altitude play such huge roles in whether you make your goal or not.
So if you do the training, it's foolish to hope good things happen during a race. You should expect them to.
You may want to skip this next part. It's a race report and will include my thoughts on my time during the run. You may find this the most interesting part of the blog. But I doubt it.
• • • 
Brad and I were silent as we got dressed for the race, which I took as a good sign. It meant he was sure of what he was wearing, carrying and using for the race. That's the first step to keeping your nerves under control.
I was most worried about Brad. G-Rob seemed to be as self-assured about the race as he is about everything else in his life, including his hair. He wasn't cocky by any stretch, but he seemed to know he would run relatively slow but also that he would finish. Bad Blood looked sharp and was going to run well and fast, and I knew he knew how to focus (in fact, there was an outside chance he would beat me, I thought). Doc was exactly like G-Rob and had already run a half earlier that year.
But I not only expected Brad to be emotional before the race, I thought he might push it a little hard and let the moment overtake him. I was hoping he'd run an even, fun race where he didn't have to walk. Running an even race is harder than it sounds. I've rarely done it.
I had concerns about myself, too, namely whether my bitchy hamstring would hold up. I expected it to hurt. I just didn't want it to prevent me from running. I didn't know if the crowds would hold me back a bit. And I really wanted to PR, but a lot has to go right. We'd been up late every night even if we got a good night's sleep.
The bloggers wished us well, and OhCaptain took over photo, which was sweet, but I was already in a zone. I allowed one smile for Iggy, who shouted my old blogger name as we left. 
After the promised shuttles didn't deliver, we started walking to the starting line. I tried to look out for my runners as best I could, but I failed miserably as a coach in this spot. We were rushed, as were 25,000 other runners, it seemed, and so it was crowded, and I would like to blame the race officials for that, and I can and will, but ultimately it's up to you to get to the race in enough time. I barely got us there before the start, and Blood didn't even get to check his bag. 
All this robbed us somewhat of the electricity before a big race. It was still there, but a good portion of it went to worry and concern of us reaching the starting line. It's the one thing I still regret about the way things went.
I had planned a small speech for them for days, but I also had to pee, bad, and I saw some bushes to the side. It would be my only chance among the crowds. I pulled in my runners and said to them to not start too fast, have fun and remind themselves how thankful they should be before the start of the race to be there. Then I gave them a hug. It was too fast of a goodbye.
I dashed off to the bushes, hoping an officer wouldn't see me. 
I was now on my own. 
I entered corral 2 and was immediately thankful for it. Even the runners corral 3 were bunched together like cattle in the pens, but they let us spread out, and there weren't very many runners. I knew right away that I wouldn't get trapped behind a crowd, and that thought relaxed me.
I'll admit that I was annoyed at first when Mike McCready from Pearl Jam began to play our national anthem. I use the song as a final way to get focused before what's facing me. It helps remind ME how lucky I am to be at the line. But I shook off the irritation after the first few notes. I mean, look at where I was. I was in VEGAS, about to run the strip at NIGHT, and the guitarist from PEARL JAM, one of my favorite bands, was there, tearing it up. If I have one flaw, it's that sometimes, I forget to have fun. I told myself this, above all other things, would be really, really fun.
So when I crossed the line, and my chip beeped, and I was off, I held back that first mile, running at a conservative pace of 7:45. It would be the only mile that I didn't run by feel. I held back and held back, almost to frustration, because that's when I have my best races, when I let my body ease into it. 
I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it was, even better than I thought, to run the strip. Seeing the lights of Vegas in the middle of the strip makes you realize how overwhelming, and, yeah, beautiful in an obnoxious way, it all is. And the PEOPLE. There were so many people watching us and cheering for us like we were athletes, like we mattered. I've never had half that many spectators. Many people called for my Colorado shirt, and I loved it.
Iron Maiden wrote about the loneliness of the long distance runner because it IS lonely. You are there, in your head, with your doubts and your courage. Sometimes a little cheer goes a long way to quieting those fears, even from people you don't know.
And yet, a lot of people I DO know who where there.
I was silently thrilled, even flabbergasted, at how the #wpbt embraced the race. Not only did they volunteer to talk to us about it (which is dangerous since I might keep you for a while), they seemed generally interested in what we had to say. A good chunk of the group showed up for it, and though I didn't see them, I looked for them as the miles got tougher, and knowing they were probably out there helped in ways I can't explain. I love running, but I also know it's not a spectator sport. I would imagine watching a bunch of runners stream by is probably about as exciting as watching someone play live poker without the hole cards. But they showed up, shook our hands after, and Pauly even told me he had fun being out there. I wonder what he was on. I may want it next year. Drizz packed us beers! Beers!
Anyway, once I got to mile two and saw the Bellagio on my left, I threw off the shackles and decided to let my body tell me what I could run. I was looking for a pace that was just beyond comfortably hard. A half marathon is a long way, so I couldn't run completely balls out, like I do many times in a 5K, and yet it's still a race. I settled on a pace that left me breathing hard, but not gasping, and that got my legs moving, not straining. It would hurt, bad, to trip, but the motions felt relaxed yet quick. It's probably the same pace I would use if I were dashing away from a pack of zombies.
I looked at my watch. That pace was 7:15 per mile.
That's over 8 miles an hour if you're scoring at home.
Shit. Really?
I knew I'd run faster. The elevation in Vegas isn't sea level, but it's not 5,000 feet, either. And it's the flattest course I'll run, so I knew I wouldn't bonk on a hill. Still. It was a little scary to see that pace. I have run races too fast at first, and by the end, you're so miserable, you want to burn your shoes. My 10K split was the second-fastest 10K I've ever run. Even in this year, by far the greatest I've had running, I ran two 10Ks that weren't as fast.
Fuck it, I thought. I know I can finish. I know I can run below 1:45 (I ran 1:40 a month ago in Denver, which was a PR). I know that if I get back to mile 10, I"ll have the Vegas lights to lead me home.
I took a deep breath. And then I ran.
• • • 
By mile 7 and 8, as we darted through the darker areas of downtown Vegas, both in lighting and in humanity, I felt tired, and my chest tightened a bit, but I felt all right, mostly thanks to the incredible, 40-degree weather most of the night. The pace, regardless, was torrid for me and would put me close to a crash. I resolved to do what I could to avoid it. I ripped open a Powerbar gel and gulped it down and hoped for an aid station to take away the taste. I took a salt pill. I did find a station, got pissed when they didn't seem to have any sports drink and tried to focus on the next step. I needed that dark tunnel in my mind back. Arch Enemy came over the iPod. That's what I needed. "Battery low," it chirped at me. Oh please don't give out, I said to it.
I got caught up in a group as we swerved the corners, and I fought for space with some dude who refused to move over an inch so I wouldn't have to hop the curb. He gashed my wrist with an elbow and got an elbow in the ribs in return. I can be a polite runner, but if someone tries to cut me off, it's Braveheart time. I would never shove a runner - that's like ramming a car on the highway - but I will throw elbows. He got the message and backed off. 
It turns out I ran a 6:59 mile at this point. It would be my fastest. Things got harder after that. I managed to stay around 7:20 or so, which makes me happy, but probably the toughest thing about a half marathon is also the most obvious: You have to keep running, hard, after you've put on some serious miles. Even at mile 11, when I had the strip back and the bright lights, I knew I was fading. I also knew at this point that I had a shot at 1:37 and didn't want to blow it, and even a pace of, say, 8:30, an aggressive pace for two-thirds of the runners out there, would blow it. I was straining, and my legs felt like a stuffed animal being pulled in a fight between a brother and sister. The only good news was my hamstring wasn't bothering me any longer, which probably was because I was too tired to care.
I apologize I didn't see the bloggers cheering on the sideline. I was trying so hard not to see anything but the lights and the finish line. I was hurting by that point, just trying to hard to seal away 1:37 and knowing I could crash at any moment. I was floating around a 7:35-7:40 pace and was afraid I could not hold even that much longer.
And then I saw the finish line.
I stepped across.
I didn't celebrate when I finished. I bent over and slowly walked over to grab a foil wrap. I grabbed a water and a drink and tried to breathe. Everyone around me was dead, too, barely able to walk or breathe. It felt good to me to be with them. We WORKED. We nodded at each other or patted each other's shoulder on the way to the exit out of the chute. We'd worked against, and with, each other most of the way. I spent a little time at the trash can, with a coin flip's chance of puking, and then the nausea went away and then I felt a tap on my back. He was the guy I fought at the corner. 
Good run, he said. You too, I said.
I waited, far too long, for Blood but knew I'd missed him, and then later Otis and the others. I looked for the bloggers. I finally shivered so hard someone came over and asked me if I needed a doctor, and so I went inside Mandalay to warm up and catch the shuttle. I waited inside there, too, for a long time, but I finally rode the bus home.
I pressed my nose against the glass when I saw an In and Out Burger.
• • • 
I made it up to my room without seeing anyone, which was the plan since I needed to decompress, stretch and become myself again. After touching base via my phone with Blood and Brad, knowing the others wouldn't be far behind, I stripped off my sticky clothes and took a shower. The warm water felt like heaven. 
I was just about to leave the room, texting my running friends back home anxious to hear my time, when I heard the door open and Brad came through.
We hugged each other, unabashedly, and then Brad talked like one of my kids for 10 minutes straight. I knew exactly what he was feeling, but it was so rewarding to see it from someone else and know that I helped him get there. It's that crack-like, addicting feeling of accomplishment. Ultimately it's why we run. It was an emotional run for him, as I thought, but it also seemed to be a great, fun experience too.
And he ran the whole way.
I came back down and got warm greetings from Blood, who crushed the race, and many other bloggers, which felt great. I was almost embarrassed at how much everyone cared. 
We had to eat in the food court, and plans didn't exactly go like we had hoped, but they never do. We ate, played some table games (I broke my Pai Gow cherry; that game is fun) and then, finally, had a private poker game at the Monte Carlo. 
Brad called it an epilogue in an email to us. As usual, he found a great word for it. Though I like to think of that game, the race, really the whole weekend, as something else.
I think, for once, I've got an even better word than Brad for it.
I'm calling it a moment.


          Raw dadelkokosbollar        

Här kommer en variant på en chokladboll, en variant gjord på mesta dels dadlar och nötter. Ett nyttigare alternativ till den klassiska chokladbollen. Det går jättebra att byta ut nötterna mot någon annan nöt, lägga till kryddor som kardemumma, kanel osv. Supergott, enkelt och full av energi och nyttiga vitaminer!

  • 20 st färska dadlar
  • 2 tsk vaniljpulver (eller vaniljsocker)
  • 1/2 dl grovhackade cashewnötter
  • 1/2 dl grovhackade mandlar
  • 2 1/2 dl fiberhavregryn, alternativt vanliga havregryn
  • 4-5 msk kakao
  • 1 koppar espressokaffe
  • 1 nypa flingsalt

Mixa dadlarna tills det blir en slät smet. Rör i övriga ingredienser och blanda noga. Sedan är det bara att rulla i kokos eller pärlsocker så är de färdiga att ätas!

          Reparacion de electronica y celulares        
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Tv-pantallas-plasma-lcd-led-proyectores-modulares-minicomponentes-amplificadores-home theater-bluray-dvd-auto estereos-bafles amplificados-camaras de video-fotograficas digitales-computadoras:cpu-laptop-notebook-minilap-iad-tablets-formateos-actualizaciones-recuperacion contraseña-hackeos deredes-etc. Video juegos:xbox360-play 3-play 2-psp-pspsvita-wii:tres-luces-revalin-chips actualizaciones-jakeos-etc. Celulares:iphone 5- samsumg-galaxy s3 s4-lg android-black berry:3 4 flexeos-desbloqueos-software-actualizaciones-aplicaciones-activaciones-cambio de display-touch-flexores-centro decarga-logicas-carcasas-bocinas-microfonos-auriculares. Atizap
          Da li muskarac treba da brije svoje dlake na kurcu ili ne        
ZA JAKE DLAKE!!! Smile)))

          Greenland and the End of Exploration        

The roving celestial beasts of Lascaux’s Paleolithic hunting scenes and the scurvy-ridden, snow-blinding odyssey of Shackleton’s Antarctic survival may be distant in time and space, but the events and their retelling share a coeval impulse. Remote exploration and extreme risk are palpable vestiges of our intrepid and predatory ways, but that these acts inform our oldest tales about our place in the world seems almost unrecognized today. 

Among the "uses of adventure" in traditional societies--from Greek mythology, the Upanishads and ecstatic shamanism in Siberia to creation myths across the Americas--individual heroism and group survival often recur, followed by revelations of nature's secrets, the cosmos, and our own origins. Adventure is possibly the oldest, most persistent subject matter we share through our stories. This historical pairing of legendary feats and their retelling appears so intrinsic to our being that we're numb to its remarkable peculiarity.

In today's literary marketplace, daunting feats in wild nature hold little appeal. How did this reversal come about? We remain fascinated by secrets, yet contemporary writing (fact and fiction) revels in individual experience, where the inner lives of characters are explored as exotic landscapes, conjured or real. Besides this turn toward inner landscapes, narrative style is emphasized equally if not more than the tale recounted--Salinger, Hemingway, DF Wallace are pioneers of this mannered approach. 

A surfeit of grandiose Everest accounts surely helped dig this grave, but the bulk of adventure writing today is low-brow, unartful or vain, approaching kitsch. Few adventure writers escape the scorn of the high-brow critic--Thesiger, Mathiessen and Gretel Ehrlich are prominent exceptions. A random pick from my Africa shelves reveals Facing the Congo: A Modern-Day Journey into the Heart of Darkness by acclaimed travel writer Jeffrey Tayler. A literary expatriate attempts Conrad's famous voyage, this time in a dugout canoe. Instead he collides with Congo's surreal poverty and extreme destitution, recoils, then finds himself grander for the experience. Self-glorification and the voyeurism of disaster tourism disguised as adventure lit? Little surprise then that the genre feels spent of originality and nuance, resorting instead to spectacle, gimmick or humor. 

I've started a short survey of expedition writing in Greenland, beginning with Knud Rasmussen's canonical Across Arctic America (1924) through to Gretel Ehrlich's lyrical This Cold Heaven (2001). The series comprises an array of accounts that track the genre's high points in the post-Heroic Age of exploration. Epic exploration effectively died in Greenland, which had long served as a staging ground for attempts on the North Pole and elusive Northwest Passage. Once these prizes were claimed, their sponsors and celebrity explorers feted, exploration's Heroic Age ended with Peary's 1909 contested claim to the pole.

Undervalued and invisible to the prize seekers of the former era, in Greenland arose a new vision of exploration and the writing it produced. The new crop of adventurers was void of fame seekers, wealthy patrons seeking new lands in their name, nations stalking glory by funding high-risk/high-return expeditions.

Rasmussen was the first figure to break the lull of this hiatus, famously testing his hypothesis of the continuity of Inuit peoples from Greenland to Siberia over five years of dogsledding, inaugurating a new mode of inquiry and exploration into human origins. Thor Heyerdahl would try a similar approach in the South Pacific (Kon Tiki, 1947), sailing a balsa raft from Peru to Easter Island and demonstrating, he believed, that the culture behind the island's famous monoliths originated not in Polynesia but with Amerindians of South America.

Subsequent Greenland explorers like Jean Malaurie deepened this appreciation of indigenous peoples as terra nova, inspiring similar approaches in the Amazon (Levi-Strauss) and Congo (Colin Turnbull). Other notable Greenland travelers arrived by accident; their nearly fatal encounters with the island rewrote their artistic careers and legacy entirely (Rockwell Kent). More recent adventurers such as TM Kpomassie (An African in Greenland, 1977and Gretel Ehrlich are more lyrical and romantic than outright expeditionary, but chronicle the deep power of remote and hostile locales to ignite our imagination by testing our physical and psychological limits. In Greenland, art and the trials of endurance have a long synergy. The literature around these efforts avoids the clunky kitsch seen elsewhere, Congo and Everest being the two most obvious examples. 

I'll be shopping this one around, so stay tuned for the full article. 

          Google Scholar thinks my Hilbert Number is 1        
(I want to thank Lane Hemaspaandra for bringing this to my attention.)

When I google:

google scholar  William Gasarch

I get  this

(I wonder if what you get depends on who you are- I describe below what I get.)

The first entry on it is

Methods of  Mathematical Physics by Courant and Hilbert.

The first page page that Google brings up has all papers with Hilbert as a co-author except the book

Handbook of discrete and combinatorial mathematics edited by Rosen

I have a short article in that book.

The second page has the paper of Hilbert:

Uber die irreducible ganzer rationaler blah blah

which I have a connection to since Mark Villarino, Bill Gasarch, and Ken Regan have a paper explaining this paper in modern terms here. Could this have confused google scholar into thinking I am Hilbert? Seems unlikely.

In fact, the first two pages are all papers with Hilbert as an author. The third page has

Some connections between bounded query classes and non-uniform complexity by Amir, Beigel, Gasarch.

And after that the pages are a mix of Hilbert's papers and mine, though mostly his since he had so many more papers than I did.

This raises some questions

1) How did this happen? Did I hack google scholar? Many theorists at one time in their lives were excellent programmers- however, I am not one of them.

2) How common is it for google scholar to be this far wrong?

3) If I wanted to get this fixed who would I tell?  In the past whenever I've tried to tell a company something FOR THEIR OWN GOOD I get the same run-around as when I am trying to get information not on their website, so I have STOPPED even trying. Same here?

4) Should I want to get it fixed? I am proud to be affiliated with Hilbert!
          Hacker drohen HBO mit weiteren „Game of Thrones“-Leaks        
Der US-Sender HBO ärgert sich mal wieder über eine Vorab-Veröffentlichung von „Game of Thrones“. Hacker haben geheime Daten ins Netz gestellt, und sie haben offenbar noch einiges in petto.
          Ramai Yang TAK TAHU… Sebenarnya Pemilik Dan Pengasas “Hacks” dan “Sunquick” Seorang MUSLIM !!!        

Ramai Yang TAK TAHU… Sebenarnya Pemilik Dan Pengasas “Hacks” dan “Sunquick” Seorang MUSLIM !!!Sekirnya disebut nama Datuk Seri Barkath Ali Abu Backer, mungkin ramai yang terlopong mulut menggeleng-gelengkan kepada menyatakan tidak kenal pada pemilik nama tersebut. Namun jika kami sebut jenama “Hacks” dan “Sunquick”, kami yakin bahawa boleh dikatakan semua rakyat Malaysia tahu tentang gula-gula […]

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          iOS Mobile Device Management Protocol Can be Abused to Load Malware        

  Apple has worked hard to make it difficult to allow users to unwittingly install unauthorized and malicious apps onto their devices. Despite this, there is still one way in that attackers are still able to exploit: the mobile device management protocol. Researchers from Check Point Software Technologies will be demonstrating the hack as part […]

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This is an extremely awful list of places to learn hacking. Some of the sites don't come up, some of the forums on the sites haven't had postings in over a year. Could have done a way better job of finding resources for educational hacking
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          Webcam laser rangefinder        

This has been around for a while, but I thought it deserved some attention. [Todd] used a laser pointer, a webcam, some trig and (sigh) some windows development tools to create his own laser range finder. Given the position of the beam strike and that the camera is located at a right angle to the laser, calculating the distance is pretty simple. This could be handy if you’re building a bot for defcon…

…read more

George Steinbrenner:
1930 – It’s About Goddamned Time

You can tell a lot about the life a man lived by those who come forward to eulogize him. In the past 12 hours, Rickey has born witness to Bobby Knight, Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Jerry Jones, and other self-proclaimed pillars of STRENGTH and CAPITALISM sing the praise of the late Yankees owner. If possible, Nixon himself would've scurried out from under the woodshack to laud this man for those thoughtful campaign donations. Politics aside, the fact of the matter is that the imprint George Steinbrenner left on baseball has forever changed the game for the worse.

Steinbrenner’s defenders argue that his relentless acquisition of superstar players didn’t violate MLB’s free agency regulations and we should therefore just clamor down, because, hey, he’s allowed to do it. Well guess what? It also doesn’t say that you can’t grab 57 pieces of spicy yellowtail when you’re at the sushi buffet, but that still doesn’t make it an OK thing to do. Where’s the regard for the greater good? Now look what happens: Rickey’s stuck eating those disgusting salmon & cream cheese pieces of sushi because that’s all that’s left. Seriously: who puts cream cheese in sushi? What the fuck? (In this analogy, the salmon cream cheese sushi represents Oliver Perez).

Leveraging free agency for all it’s worth has cheapened baseball and undermined the balance of the game. Those who would proudly defend an unrepentant asshole like Steinbrenner’s right to act like an unrepentant asshole are also themselves… wait for it… Yep! Unrepentant assholes! They’re the same sort of people who cry foul when Con Ed remotely regulates air conditioners in times of peak energy demand because dwindling wattage be damned, Benny in the Bronx needs his basement masturbatorium humming at 57 degrees year round! They’re the people who demand the right to carry guns into places of worship for no ostensible reason other than they kind of liked that shoot out scene in the church in that John Woo movie with doves flying everywhere.

In short, we’re a greedy and belligerent country and for Rickey, George Steinbrenner is the embodiment of a lot of that ugliness. He won’t be missed.

          Dallas-Based Journalist, ‘Anonymous Hacktivist’ Released From Federal Prison        
Dallas-born investigative journalist Barrett Brown was released from federal prison, earlier than initially scheduled.
          Blog Post: Between Living and Dead        

Originally posted on my website, :

The argument of whether or not games can be more than just a game is something that has always interested Beyond: Two Souls writer and director, David Cage. He has always advocated that games can be “experiences” that allow players to travel with a playable character in the carefully orchestrated worlds he’s created. His and Quantic Dream’s last attempt at having an interactive journey, Heavy Rain, proved that this dream could be possible, but could his newest supernatural  thriller accomplish and build on his goals?

Beyond: Two Souls tells the story of Jodie Holmes -- played perfectly by Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) -- as she grows and adapts to having the entity, Aiden, constantly leashed to her. The course of the “game” takes place over more than 15 years of Jodie’s life which is something I was extremely intrigued to see implemented smoothly. Unfortunately, it is not. The “game” constantly bounces back and forth through time which if it were presented properly, could deliver some great “did not see that coming” moments. Movies like Memento prove that if you present a work of fiction in an intelligent way, it allows for the viewer to discover the story as bits and fragments are introduced. Beyond can sometimes feel like there was a “game” put together that went from start to finish and, like some movies, went into the editing department to be hacked to the point that the story became a disjointed mess. More times than I’d like to remember I had to stop and think, “What the hell just happened? How old is Jodie supposed to be here?” or, “Where does this fit in the timeline?” Those are questions that should rarely come out of a viewer’s mouth but if they are, should be addressed accordingly. That isn’t saying that the “game” doesn’t have any redeemable qualities that warrant playing.

For starters, Beyond’s performances are top-notch as Page, Willem Dafoe (Platoon), and Kadeem Hardison (A Different World) collectively show what the future of performance can be as video games continue to progress as a medium. A large amount of kudos to not only the actors, but David Cage for getting some truly emotional moments captured in “game”. There was even a moment or two that really got to me on a deeply emotional level which is something I rarely feel in video games, let alone other mediums. One of the most touching sequences can be found in the homeless memory in which Jodie encounters Stan in a standout performance presented by David Coburn. If there is one thing to say of Cage, his ability to capture the warmth of Stan, Dawkins (Dafoe), and Freeman (Hardison) is unparalleled to many video game creators out there. Hardison’s portrayal of Freeman is also particularly worth noting as seeing his relationship with Jodie develop and grow was one of the best interactions shown throughout Beyond. The ability to capture these emotions in a realistic fashion owes a great deal to the tech powering Beyond.

Quantic Dream’s performance capture studio is easily one of the best in the business and the engine Beyond is built with provides for some of the best graphical fidelity I’ve seen on this console generation. Character facial animations are life-like. The lighting is realistic. Even the particle effects are some of the best around. If there is anything you can count on it’s that Beyond does not struggle at looking fantastic. When Aiden uses his ability to possess or kill powers, the lighting and particles combine for some visuals that parallel, or even rival, the graphical fidelity of the PS4. Beyond really is a stunning “game” to look at.

You may have noticed that while reading this review that the word game is consistently in quotes. That’s because it is more of a movie or television series than an actual video game that we’ve become accustomed to over the years. For those annoyed with Heavy Rain for the amount of interactive cut scenes that were presented, the chances that you will enjoy Beyond are slim-to-none. Players complete actions following button prompts and holds, much like Heavy Rain, as well as use the right joystick to react to Jodie’s momentum.  When in fights or intense situations, time slows down (not controlled by the player) and Jodie’s direction will shift. At this point players flick the right joystick in the direction matching her movement. I was actually more annoyed with this control scheme than actually enjoying it. It was difficult to see where the momentum was taking Jodie which resulted in a ton of mistakes. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in terms repercussion as I was being carefully guided through the experience.


An unexpected play option called “Duo” allows players to play with a friend as each player selects to control either Jodie or Aiden. This mode can be played using either the DualShock 3 or an iOS/Android companion app. I often think mixing an iPhone with a gaming experience can be gimmicky, but in the case of Beyond, it can create a very unique experience for novice and expert gamers alike; sometimes even enhancing the experience since touch controls with Aiden are simple enough for anybody to join. I would not, however, recommend controlling Jodie with a touch device as her movements feel more natural with the DualShock.

Beyond: Two Souls is the last great showing in the strength of the PS3. There are great moments in the journey, but the overall lacking of a comprehensive story pulls it back into the realm of experimental. Cage’s ambition is admirable, but I fear that he may be a better fit in the world of film and television rather than video games. That isn’t to say Beyond wasn’t a great experience. I am saying that if Cage doesn’t begin incorporating simple game features like being able to control the character for more than 5 hours of a 12 hour experience, the niche consumer base may not be there after his next project. The potential is there and the pieces to the puzzle are in place, but the disjointed storytelling and lack of gameplay prevent Cage’s PS3 sendoff from being something great. 

          This is how you properly shut down Brighton Resort        

The season is over and done with at Brighton Resort, one to remember much thanks to 640 inches of snow and prime conditions. But, before the lifts stopped spinning, a ripping crew of East Coasters—Jeremie Veilleux, Alex Hackel, Rory Walsh, Cole Gibson and Jack Borland—made its mark in the park. ALSO WATCH: This illustrated ski […]

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          Update - Problema con Growl e Skype        
E dopo l'aggiornamento del nostro amato Growl (su App Store) alla versione 1.3.1 ecco il nostro aggiornamento al post inerente i problemi tra la rinnovata versione di Growl 1.3 e la versione di Skype 5.3.X o Skype 5.4.X (la beta)!
growl aggiornato sull'App Store
Il 3 novembre 2011 Growl è stato aggiornato, ma la guida vale anche per la versione 1.3!

Ringraziando per la segnalazione Animaster84, riportiamo il commento col quale spiega il nuovo modo di risolvere il problema tra il famoso gestore di notifiche per il mac osx e il programma di videochiamate più usato.
Scaricare dal sito l’app GROWL VERSION DETECTIVE 1.2.
Eseguite l’app.
Andate sul tab “FRAMEWORK”, poi cercate SKYPE, e cliccate su UPGRADE FW.
Adesso dalle impostazioni di notifica di Skype potrete selezionare nuovamente anche Growl.
TESTATO su 10.7.2.
Dopo il salto la mini guida.
Read more »

          Showbiz Sandbox 376: Cord Cutters Are Using An Old Hack To Watch Television – It’s Called An Antenna        

As the Federal Communications Commission seeks to further deregulate cable television companies and do away with net neutrality, consolidation within the industry has caused rates to increase dramatically. We’ll explain how more and more people are growing fed up with high cable bills and what they’re doing about it. Some millennials have even discovered an […]

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Bagi yang PC atau Leptopnya bermasalah dan tidak tahu cara memberbaiki hubungi KAMI "ISESWARE".

Untuk Harga terjangkau dan dijamin lebih murah dari pada tempat lain.

Selain Service, kami juga menyediakan tempat KURSUS ..
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Install PC or Leptop          : Rp.40.000 - 50.000
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Penjelasan KURSUS :
1.Kursus Gratis dilaksanakan setiap jumat malam jam 16.00 - 17.30
   dengan materi yang menarik untuk diikuti. jika berminat datang langsung di Jl.Mangga 2 Girian          Weru II ( Depan Balai Yehua ) atau hubungi nomor di atas.

2.Kursus Berbayar mengenai Office (Word,Exel,Powerpoint) dan Hacking.
   Untuk yang berminat hubungi nomor yg KE-2.

Sekian dari saya,
Salam blogger.

          THE ART OF THE (TRUMP AND PUTIN) DEALSay you’re Vladimir Putin,...        


Say you’re Vladimir Putin, and you did a deal with Trump last year. Whether there was such a deal is being investigated. But if you are Putin and you did do a deal, what might Trump have agreed to do for you? 

1. Repudiate NATO. NATO is the biggest thorn in your side – the alliance that both humiliates you and stymies your ambitions. Trump seemed intent to deliver on this during his recent European trip by bullying members about payments and seemingly not reaffirming Article 5 of the pact, which states that any attack on one NATO ally is an attack on all. (He’s backtracked on this since then, under pressure from Congress.)

2. Antagonize Europe, especially Angela Merkel. She’s the strongest leader in the West other than Trump, and you’d love to drive a wedge between the United States and Germany. Your larger goal is for Europe to no longer depend on the United States, so you can increase your influence in Europe. Trump has almost delivered on this, too. Merkel is already saying Europe can no longer depend on America.

3. Take the United States out of the Paris accord on the environment. This will anger America’s other allies around the world and produce a wave of anti-Americanism – all to your advantage. You’d also love for the whole Paris accord to unravel because you want the world to remain dependent on fossil fuels. Russia is the world’s second-largest exporter of oil after Saudi Arabia, and biggest exporter of natural gas. And the oil and gas industry contributes about half the revenues to your domestic budget. And, hey, there’s also all those Arctic ports that are opening up now that the earth is warming. Trump has delivered on this. 

4. Embark on a new era of protectionism. Or at least anti-trade rhetoric. This will threaten the West’s economic interdependence and loosen America’s economic grip on the rest of the world. Trump is on the way to delivering on this one.

5. End the economic sanctions on Russia, imposed by the United States in 2014. Oil production on land is falling so you want to tap the vast petroleum and gas reserves offshore in the Arctic. In 2011, you and ExxonMobil’s Rex Tillerson, signed a $500 billion deal to do this. But the sanctions stopped it cold. Trump has promised to lift them, but he hasn’t delivered on this yet, because he has got to cope with all the suspicions in America about his deal with you. Once it dies down, he’ll end the sanctions. In the meantime, he’ll give you back the two compounds that were seized by the Obama administration when the U.S. intelligence discovered you’d interfered in the election.

And what might you have agreed to do for Trump in return? 

Two things: First, you’d help him win the presidency, by hacking into Democratic Party servers, leaking the results, sending millions of fake news stories about Hillary to targeted voters, and tapping into voter lists. 

Second, after he was elected, you’d shut up about your help so Trump wouldn’t be impeached and convicted of treason.

In other words, if you did a deal, you both still have every incentive to fulfill your side of it. That’s the art of the deal.

          Five Spiritual Life-Hacks For An Awakening Soul        

We live in exceptional times of spiritual bounty. Without taking any spiritual vows or undergoing a single initiation, we have at our fingertips more spiritual tools, teachings and practices than have ever been available to any group of people, at any time in human history. And yet, despite this abundance, it has never been more […]

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          We hope you use Schedulefly less, not more, over time        
When I watched this "60 Minutes" report on how major technology companies are using their knowledge of brain science to try to keep us staring at our phones as often as possible, it made me cringe. They are trying to cause us to be addicted to our phones and the applications we use on them.

But it makes sense. When you use most consumer-oriented software applications, you aren't the customer. The customer is the advertiser, and you are the audience. They want your to be looking at your screen, and therefore their ads, as often and for as long as possible. So the smart people who understand brain science and the dopamine rush you get when you check your phone and see "Likes" on your posts, or texts sent with lasers, are trying to keep you connected at all times. The more time you spend on their applications, the more money they make from the advertisers hoping to sell you things.

When you use Schedulefly, you are the customer. We don't have advertisers, and we never will. We don't want you to be on Schedulefly all of the time. Rather, we hope it's a quick, easy tool that sits in the background of both your phone and your mind. It's there to do it's job and make it fast and easy for you to do what you need to do, and then get out of the way. We don't want managers' "eyeball time" to increase over time, we hope it decreases. We hope we make restaurant scheduling take very little time so they can focus on personal interactions with their staff. We don't want staff to check Schedulefly constantly so we can "deepen user engagement." We hope they get what they need quickly so they can get on with life and have time to do the things they enjoy outside of work.

We don't have any brain science experts on our team, working to use your brain chemistry to alter your behavior. We're just a small team of five folks who hope we make life easier for you. That has always been the case and it always will be.

          Bahco Hacksaw Ergo        
Bahco Hacksaw Ergo

Bahco Hacksaw Ergo

          Rețelele publice de Wi-Fi, principala armă a hackerilor în perioada concediilor        
Datele personale de pe telefon, laptop sau tabletă sunt mult mai expuse riscului de a fi atacate pe durata vacanței de vară, când turiștii în căutare de internet gratuit se […]
          How to Farm WoW Gold the Easy Way        
Not many players know how to farm WoW gold and many of them buy from the gold sellers. This is very wrong, you risk getting your account and hard work, banned, or worst, hacked. In this article I will show you what are the most popular farming methods and how to farm WoW gold fast and easy.
          CHEATER WALLSHOT        
          cheat wallshot        
  • HOME=WALLSHOT ON                        


I recently decided that my personal site needed a tune up. No longer happy with the current design, I decided to throw it away completely and to start from scratch. Here are a few things I thought about during the process of re-writing the website.

Choosing a backend

Right off the bat, I knew that I wanted to continue using a static site generator for my homepage. Tools like WordPress and Ghost are interesting but for my use case I found both to be overkill. After taking a look at some of the most popular static site generators1 around and playing around with them, I had a better idea of the current tool landscape at the time.

There are a bunch of static site generators these days written in a variety of languages. I took a look at a few JavaScript-based ones, such as Hexo and Metalsmith - both on opposite sides of the feature list spectrum. Metalsmith is completely barebones to the point where all functionality is added via plugins. This is a pretty neat idea but I was looking for something that was more balanced between features and do-it-yourself mentality. When I was initially researching static site generators, Metalsmith had a lot of issues with plugin version rot as well. The idea of everything being a plugin is pretty neat - as long as these individual plugins are maintained! On the other end of the feature spectrum, Hexo reminds me a lot of Jekyll but written in JavaScript and more of an emphasis on blogs. This wasn’t enough to pull me away from Jekyll, a tool I already knew.

On the Ruby end, I took a look at Middleman and Jekyll. Middleman is a great competitor for Jekyll with some neat features. It allows for incremental building of your site, a feature that Jekyll will be lacking until its v3 release. I have not had much of an issue with build times with Jekyll but I can see how a huge site with thousands of pages would not scale well without incremental builds. Middleman also offers more in the way of a default template and such. However, in the end I stuck with Jekyll. Recent additions to Jekyll such as collections make building non-blog and hybrid websites with Jekyll much easier.

Choosing a colour palette

I am not a designer - I think the previous designs of my site show as much. As much as I wish I did, I just don’t have the eye for colour. Working with designers in the past always blew my mind as to how easy it came to them. I know I could take the time to learn colour theory (and perhaps I will someday) but at the time I was more focused on redesigning my site quickly, not leisurely learning something new. This made the simple task of choosing a colour palette a long and tedious process. There are a few tools available to help one come up with a colour palette, such as Paletton or Adobe Color CC, formerly Kuler. After fiddling for them for a few days on and off and having no success, I decided just to choose a colour I liked: blue. Once I had a colour chosen for the header, I was able to build the rest of the site off of that.

While I’m pleased with how the header turned out, I still feel as if the rest of the site can possibly use a splash of colour here or there just to make things a bit more appealing. I couldn’t really see any place to fit these accent colours in a way that felt natural. This will probably be something that will to be iterated on over time.

The Holy Grail that is Flexbox

Flexbox is the best thing to happen to CSS. I’ll scream it from the mountain tops if needed because it’s true. As long as the only browsers your site needs to support are IE11+ or an evergreen browser, you can (mostly2) say goodbye to hacky CSS rules to position elements on a web page.

The great thing about Flexbox is that it’s flexible (yet another surprise!) and will adjust its size across different screen sizes if the developer desires it. For example, the page header makes use of flexbox to make sure it looks great on both large and small screens. All I need to do to get my header to scale the way I wish is use the following CSS rules on the wrapper for my header block:

.nav-wrapper {
    display: flex;
    justify-content: center;
    align-items: center