Live Blood Analysis Video Before and After Drinking Double Helix Water        

This is a side by side comparison of the effects created by Stable Water Clusters in a test subjects blood. The video shows two live blood samples side by side, one before and another 20 minutes after the subject had ingested Stable Water Clusters

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          Stand-alone self-powered integrated microfluidic blood analysis system (SIMBAS)        
Stand-alone self-powered integrated microfluidic blood analysis system (SIMBAS) We have developed a self-powered integrated microfluidic blood analysis system (SIMBAS) that does not require any external connections, tethers, or tubing to deliver and analyze a raw whole-blood sample. SIMBAS only requires the user to place a 5 µL droplet of whole-blood at the inlet port of […]
          A New Nano Device for Blood Analysis        
A new sensor has been developed by a team of researchers at the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada, Baja California (CICESE). This research has been conducted in the area of Nano-Optics. This sensor is based on the properties of light to carry out blood analysis thereby, enabling the health specialists and physicians to get accurate and exact information. The development of this sensor has been allowed to obtain a patent and its publication has been permitted in several journals.  The leader of Nano-optics at CICESE has explained that the main challenge in the area of health is to come up with healing techniques that quick and have immediate impact. Simple assessment techniques like CBC require many hours and sometimes even several days. Another problem being faced is the issue of the absence of personalized diagnosis. This sensor not only provides accurate information but it can also be used at home in the future. The researchers are working on two main aspects, the first being, the development of a sensor that uses the principles of optics at a nanoscale and the second, how the fluid can be inserted in these dimensions. The basic challenge is to create a portable lab on a chip that has the capacity to make individualized measurements. According to a physicist, the ITESM researchers were interested in this sensor and applied it into the development.  The device involves the application of structures that blend a liquid in motion containing the sample to be analyzed; so that more of it can reach the place where the real measure by sensing is taking place.  Interestingly, such sensors were developed in the sixties and are not a new technology. However, this needs to be exploited. A scientist at CICESE has stated that the main contribution of the research team has been the realization of its potential and the incorporation of the current methods that include the principles of nanotechnology and optics.

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          Landisgate: US investigators widen enquiry to include fraud        

While his allegations that Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs have been dismissed by the seven times Tour de France winner, Floyd Landis certainly appears to have opened a can of worms that looks likely to keep the Team RadioShack rider and his PR and legal advisors busy for some time to come. And with Armstrong hailing from Texas, you can bet your ass it’s a pretty big can of worms too.

First, The New York Times has reported that federal investigators looking into the accusations that Armstrong and other cyclists took part in doping are considering expanding their investigation into other areas including fraud, with suspicions that money from the US Postal Service, his team sponsor during his first six Tour de France victories, was used to buy illegal substances.

The newspaper said that its source was two people close to the investigation who had been given anonymity "because they did not want to jeopardize their access to delicate information."

Federal authorities also intend to investigate a contract between Armstrong and SCA Promotions, which withheld a $5 million bonus from him in 2004 following allegations in a book that he had doped his way to victory. Armstrong subsequently sued SCA, which had to pay $5 million plus $2.5 million penalties.

Daniel C. Richman, professor of law at Columbia University, told The New York Times: “Federal fraud charges are fairly straightforward; they apply to any scheme to acquire money or property through deceit or misrepresentation.”

He continued: “In this case, the authorities would have to prove that Armstrong was misrepresenting himself to sponsors by saying that he was clean but was actually using performance-enhancing drugs and profiting from it.”

Meanwhile, UCI President Pat McQuaid, who last week joined Armstrong in dismissing Landis’s claims, has admitted that with hindsight, the sport’s governing body made a mistake in 2002 in accepting a $100,000 donation from the cyclist to buy – and this one comes straight from the you-couldn’t-make-it-up-department – a machine used to conduct blood analysis.

Speaking at the Giro d’Italia, where he was a guest at yesterday’s mountain time trial at Plan de Corones, McQuaid was quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying: “To the best of my knowledge, the UCI has not accepted other donations and I'd just like to clarify that there was only one donation from Lance Armstrong not two or three. You have to consider that at the time, in 2002, no accusations against Lance Armstrong had been made. They've all came up since then. We accepted the donation to help develop the sport. We didn't think there's a conflict of interest. It's easy to say in hindsight what could or would have been done. You have to put yourself in the situation at the time.”

McQuaid continued: "I think based on experience, based on hindsight and 20/20 vision, and based on the claims of a conflict of interest, the UCI would be very careful before accepting a donation from a rider in the future. Having said that the UCI is not a rich organisation and we have many demands from around the world for demands for support and material. We will listen to anyone who can help us."

He added: "The UCI take seriously the accusation that the UCI took a bribe to hide the positive test of Lance Armstrong in 2001. We've contacted in recent days the labs involved for testing for EPO at that time. I have statement here from those labs that support what I am about to say … that there is no way that the UCI or its former president Hein Verbruggen could have accepted a bribe. It's just not possible."

McQuaid also said that he has requested the national cycling federations in Australia, Belgium, Canada and France to address look into accusations made by Landis against, respectively, Garmin Transitions directeur sportive Matt White, RadioShack team manager Johan Bruyneel, Team Sky rider Michael Barry, and BMC Racing directeur John Lelangue. Meanwhile, the UCI said that Landis himself is now being investigated USA Cycling.

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Feds widen their investigation while the UCI admits a teensy mistake
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          Kingdom of Tonga and Diabetes        
The King’s plan for the fight against diabetes and associated illnesses

From the Office of the Primer Minister, Nuku'alofa' 30 July 2008: King George Tupou V keeps a close eye on his own diabetes and follows the research, commentary and data published internationally about the ailment. He is one of the most informed people in Tonga on its causes, treatment and consequences.

His Majesty is concerned about its prevalence in the Kingdom and in other Pacific states where it is classified as a serious and debilitating problem. If not properly managed, it can completely and painfully break the health, and lead to the death, of its victims. It hurts their families, puts a strain on already overstretched medical services, and has a negative economic effect.

Earlier this year, the King decided to use his influence and patronage on a major initiative to tackle the issue. He believes, however, that the need goes beyond diabetes. The disorder that produces it is related to the human endocrine system that secretes hormones directly into the blood. Diabetes involves a hormone failure to regulate blood sugar. Hormone secretion difficulties also contribute to the occurrence of some other significant diseases, such as cancer and bone deficiencies, thyroid, pituitary, and neurological conditions and obesity.

The King's project is centre on the proposed establishment of a Royal Endocrinology Society, governed by a board of eminent trustees and functioning as an independent private charity.

Its objectives include offering surgery and outpatient facilities, dispensing medication at subsidized rates, starting a national awareness campaign, promoting preventative measures, setting up diagnostic and blood analysis laboratories, forming a research programmed and entering into co-operation with similar societies abroad.

His Majesty would like to house the society in a purpose-built headquarters, with wind power as an independent source of energy and a satellite connection for transmitting and receiving data. He is personally handling much of the initial planning.

Funds rose through exclusive media rights for the Coronation and from the sale of Coronation mementoes and merchandise will help finance the society. Once it is operational international organizations will be approached for support. The King believes this will be forthcoming when potential donors see for themselves that Tonga and its Monarch have taken steps on their own volition to address a threatening epidemic.

Authorized and issued by the Office of the Lord Chamberlain, Nuku’alofa, Tonga, 30 July 2008
Diabetes really rocks our world. His Majesty had this in mind and pursues ways to help treat and research diabetes. Learn more… Click here to learn more
          World Health Organization declares Spain to be free of Ebola        
(Madrid, Dec 2nd 2014).- On Tuesday, 42 days had passed since 21 October, the date on which the blood analysis of the secondary case of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) identified in Spain and carried out on the two samples taken 48 hours apart came back negative for the Ebola virus. This equates to two incubation periods of 21 days each and hence our country is free of the virus in accordance with the criteria established by the World Health Organization. In its communiqué, the WHO recalled that it was on 6 October when the reference laboratory confirmed the first person-to-person contagion of the Ebola virus outside of Africa of a healthcare worker that had helped provide care at the La Paz-Carlos III hospital to a confirmed case, who had been repatriated from Sierra Leone on 22 September. Following the diagnosis, 87 contacts were identified, who were put under active surveillance and 15 high-risk contacts that went into voluntary quarantine at the hospital. They all completed the 21-day period of incubation on 31 October without developing the disease. Furthermore, the 145 hospital workers who came into contact with the patient while she was in hospital have ended their active surveillance [...]
          Obat Asam Urat Yang Aman Dikonsumsi        

Obat Asam Urat Yang Aman Dikonsumsi,- AgaricPro merupakan obat herbal untuk mengobati asam urat yang aman untuk di konsumsi karena tanpa efek samping. Obat Asam Urat AgaricPro Merupakan produk Healthy Life Indonesia dapat dibuktikan khasiatnya terhadap kesehatan kita, khususnya terhadap peredaran darah dengan alat Test kesehatan mutakhir LBA (Life Blood Analysis) … Continue reading

Baca Artikel Lengkap Obat Asam Urat Yang Aman Dikonsumsi By. Healthy Life Indonesia

          Specialists at London Bridge Hospital develop a new life saving blood test        
A team of specialists at London Bridge Hospital have become the first in the UK to offer a new test to identify patients at risk of complications following heart surgery. More than 120,000 people undergo coronary artery procedures each year including heart surgery and angioplasty - where a tiny balloon is inserted into the blocked artery to clear it. Following these and other cardiac procedures, it is vital patients take blood thinning drugs to prevent the formation of blood clots which can cause a heart attack or stroke. Clopidogrel, also known as Plavix, is one of the most commonly prescribed clot-busting drugs. However, to prevent blood clots forming, the drug has to be turned into its active form in the liver. Recent studies show about a third of patients have a genetic defect which prevents Clopidogrel from working properly, leaving them three to five times more likely to die from a stroke or heart attack within a year of surgery. Now doctors and scientists at London Bridge Hospital have developed a new screening programme to identify those at risk. This tests patients’ blood to make sure it is clotting properly, and screens for the genetic defect, using a swab from the inside of the cheek. The tests involve using a new blood analysis (DNA) machine costing just a £100 together with existing blood test technology. combined results are available in less than an hour and, if a problem is found, patients are put on alternative medication. Alan Rayner, Chief Perfusionist, who developed the programme alongside consultant cardiologist Dr Cliff Bucknall, says routinely screening all patients requiring coronary intervention will save lives. “Until now, patients have been given Clopidogrel with no monitoring of its effect. It’s been a one size fits all approach,” he says. “In many cases, the first time doctors are aware it is not working properly is when a patient gets symptoms such as chest pain. For some, waiting until then may be too late. “By screening all patients before, during and after heart surgery or intervention, we can provide more individualised care and ensure they are on the right medication right from the start,” said Mr Rayner. Consultant cardiologist, Dr Cliff Bucknell said the new test regime was a big step forward in identifying patients who may be at risk and it is therefore, increasing patient safety. “This is a very exciting development. What we do here is to provide individual treatment to match each person’s need. Here at London Bridge this is very important because we are trying to provide world class service. World class care demands individualised treatment for our patients.” he said. These tests are not routinely offered to heart surgery patients across the country and, in other hospitals, the results can take weeks because the blood samples have to be sent away to specialist laboratories for analysis. Eventually it is hoped the new tests can be used for patients undergoing any form of major surgery including those who need surgery to remove tumours. Research carried out in New Zealand found preventing just two heart attacks, would more than pay for 100 patients to be screened.
          Work out could improve the quality of sperm        
The way we live may have a huge impact on our reproductive capabilities: it has been variably evoked that biking, wearing scrawny jeans,using drugs or using the laptop on your can affect the quality of sperm to some extent. The same speculations stated that healthy habits could improve the quality of sperm.

Men of science at University of Cordoba have gathered the semen from 31 subjects. From those 31, 16 were physically active and 15 were sedentary. Also, scientists have tested their fitness levels in the lab. In order to get more accurate results, the subjects were asked to restrain from sexual activities before the tests. 

Scientist have evaluated the samples, paying attention to volume, sperm count, motility, sperm morphology, color, odor, pH, vitality, viscosity. They have also analyzed the blood samples from every patient, looking for the levels of LH, testosterone and cortisol (a stress hormone). 

The results demonstrated once more that physically active men had a better quality of sperm (faster sperm, high percentage, high sperm concentration). Also, the blood analysis demonstrated that non-sedentary men had higher levels of FSH (important for sperm creation), LH (testosteron secretion) and a higher ratio of T/C (which shows the anabolic vs catabolic status). 

So, if you plan to have children in a near future, you should be more active, do a lot of sport and eat healthy. 

          27: Darkly Dreaming Dexter        
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Jeff Lindsey
Published: 2004

Why?: How can you not want to try a book that completely screws up your view of the world by making you root for the serial killer? (What’s that you say? You’re sane? Then probably most of what I have to say doesn’t make much sense to you! 0_~) If you’ve seen the Dexter series (viva la Netflix!), then you’ll be familiar with this storyline, much of which was borrowed for the first season. After that, the novels and the series split off, with relatively little in common beyond the concept and names (especially concerning Dexter’s sexuality; he remains more asexual in the books, which I prefer). The writing of Darkly Dreaming Dexter is sly and amusing in a twisted way, which is has to be, given that it’s written in the first person by a man who deals with his urge to kill by killing on Very Bad People, and not the good ones…all while working as a blood analyst for the Miami-Dade Police Department! Strangely enough, these novels have one of the best versions of a family formed by adoption I’ve ever read. It’s about time there was a happy adoptive family who know that blood doesn’t matter when there’s loads of love involved!

Gist: Dexter Morgan is a normal dude, going about his business: blood analyst for the police by day, and serial killer killer by night. He tells about one of his most difficult cases while introducing his readers to the rules he lives by, instilled in him by his father, Henry Morgan.

Quote: “Really, now: If you can’t get me my newspaper on time, how can you expect me to refrain from killing people?”

Bonus Trivia: Jeff Lindsey has a sense of humor about creating a character who’s much more famous than he is. He claims a taxi driver once asked him if he’s seen Dexter, and mentioned that “I heard there are some books, too”!

Darkly Dreaming is on my Kindle, and there's only so many pictures to take of that. So here is Gomez, helping me type this very entry. Also, sticking his tongue out at me.

Perfect For: I guess you’ve got to be a little nutty, and not too afraid of gruesome crime scenes, though they’re less detailed than the Dresden books.

Genres: Fiction, Novel
Keywords: Mystery, Horror
          Our Health Check with Action Cancer        

At Gordons Chemists, we're extremely proud to be supporting Action Cancer during October - also known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 


And, as part of this support, we're encouraging you - our customers on the high streets of Northern Ireland - to make an appointment with Action Cancer for a FREE Health Check, or FREE Breast Screening. 


To find out what's involved in a health check, we sent someone from our office along to visit Action Cancer's Big Bus. After all - we couldn't really recommend something that we wouldn't put ourselves through...




I made an appointment through Action Cancer's website, to visit their Big Bus for a health check. As far as booking this goes, it could not be any easier. In fact, after booking I realised that this clashed with another appointment I'd already made; changing my appointment using Action Cancer's online booking system was really easy. 


I was able to look for and find a date, time and location that suited me. The Big Bus travels all across Northern Ireland, and so there'll always be something that will suit you. Personally, I was able to pick something close to work, at a time that I could pop out quickly. 


Action Cancer Big Bus


The Health Check itself:


There are 6 tests available as part of the Health Check, and you're asked to select 4 of these. The choices are:


Blood Sugar Levels | Cholesterol | Lung Capacity | Body Composition Analysis | Facial Skin Analysis | Blood Pressure & Pulse 


I've had my Blood Pressure tested quite recently, so I didn't choose that test. I opted to have my Blood Sugar levels and Cholesterol checked, along with Lung Capacity and a Body Composition Analysis. I decided that these would be of greater use to me than a Facial Skin Analysis - although if you're exposed to the sun frequently or if you have pale or sun-sensitive skin, this might be a better option for you. 


Arriving at the Big Bus, I felt at ease almost instantly. The staff I met were warm and friendly, and extremely professional at the same time. The member of Action Cancer's Health Check team who conducted my test explained what each element would involve and the sort of things they'd be looking out for. 


Blood Glucose & Cholesterol Analysis


We began with a small pin prick on my finger - to test my blood sugar levels and cholesterol. I've given blood (with the Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service) on many occasions and this was the same procedure that they use for the test they carry out at each session. It's not painful and it's over and done with in a split second.


While my blood was being analysed, we then chatted a bit about my diet and lifestyle. We discussed what I ate and vitamins/supplements, exercise (I was gutted to learn that a round of golf didn't count as exercise!), and things like alcohol consumption. Throughout this I was given a few minor tips about improvements - for example with carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta etc) to always choose brown (wholemeal) over white. 


All of this felt like a casual chat, and not at all like a 'lecture'. 


The results from my blood analysis came in and we then discussed these. Everything was inside the normal/healthy/recommended parameters.


Lung Capacity Analysis


This involved nothing more than sharply blowing into a tube 3 times. I was then advised that my lung function was better than normal levels. 


Lung Capacity Test


Body Composition Analysis


My height was recorded, and I was then asked to step onto a set of fancy looking scales (bare footed). After a few seconds I was told that the analysis was completed, and I sat down to discuss the results.


Although I did nothing more than stand on a set of scales, the analysis was able to tell me an awful lot. As well as my weight, it was able to tell me my Body Fat %, the Fat Mass (weight) of the fat in my body, and my Fat Free Mass - the mass of my body that is not fat (i.e. bone, muscle, tissue etc). This gives information about how much fat is in your body, how much muscle (Muscle Mass) there is, and so on. There are guidelines or 'normal levels' that the results should be within, and all of this was explained to me. 


It told me the amount of water retained in my body (Total Body Water), and the percentage of this in relation to my overall weight. This tells how hydrated I am. 


It told me the number of calories my body needs in a 24 hour period, and gave me a Metabolic Age - based on how well your body breaks down fat. Disappointingly, the machine tells me that my metabolic age is a couple of years older than I actually am! 


It also advised me of a Visceral Fat rating - which is the amount of fat surrounding your organs. Finally, a Body Mass Index or BMI rating was included. However, I was advised that this is a pretty inaccurate measurement and so when an analysis like I've had done is made, it's not really looked at (because the other measurements are much more revealing). 


For all of these, there are guideline percentages that you should aim to be within. I was relieved to be told that everything was within normal, healthy limits for me. 


Action Cancer Big Bus Health Check


Summing Up


All-in-all - including arriving and waiting to be seen - I was in the Big Bus for no more than 15-20 minutes. It was a pretty thorough examination, yet it was completed in a short period of time. And, because the Big Bus visits towns all over Northern Ireland, it was really easy for me to make an appointment at a time that meant I only had to nip out of work for half an hour. 


The experience itself was pretty pleasant. It wasn't intimidating and any nerves that I had were quickly put aside. I felt like I was in good hands and that I can trust the results I was given to be accurate. It involved me having my finger pricked, blowing into a tube, and removing my shoes and socks. Nothing more than that - nothing awkward, painful, uncomfortable or embarrassing. 


In summary I was given a clean bill of health. My lungs, blood and cholesterol were within normal parameters, or were performing better than average. My body fat and other measurements were round about, or better than average. Losing a small amount of weight wouldn't hurt of course!


I realise that this Health Check doesn't cover everything, and that's it's not a complete guarantee. No health check can do this, and those that come close will take a long period of time to complete - and will cost you a fortune. This Health Check - provided free-of-charge by Action Cancer - took just a few minutes out of my day. And - in looking at my lung function, my cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and analysing my body composition - this covered all the major areas where anything of concern would be apparent. 


What this Health Check - if it had revealed anything of concern - would have done would be to alert me, or give me pre-warning that something was wrong. I'd then be referred to my GP for more detailed, specific examination. This afternoon, I have great peace of mind; but if the check had revealed something I would be taking the attitude that it's better to know about it. And it has given me a gentle reminder that using the gym and going for a jog with a bit more regularity than I presently do wouldn't hurt either!


We've made a donation to Action Cancer this afternoon, to cover the cost of this Health Check.


This wasn't compulsory, and we'd like to stress that this health check is completely free-of-charge. At the session, I was not at anytime asked for a donation, or encouraged to make one. 


Click here to make an appointment with Action Cancer: - either for a Health Check like this, or for a mammogram. 

          Lyssna pÃ¥ Adelsohn        

Julhelgen blev till ännu ett misslyckande för den svenska järnvägen. Allt fler ställer sig frågan vad som gått så snett. Många skäller förstås fortfarande på SJ. Det beror i hög grad på att allmänheten inte har klart för sig vad som skett på järnvägens område de senaste decennierna.

Från ett sammanhållet SJ där ansvaret vid problemen är tydligt, har vi fått ett fragmenterat system där ingen tar ansvar för helheten. Jag som efter bästa förmåga motarbetat förändringen är förstås ledsen över att Socialdemokraterna bär ett så stort ansvar för försämringen. Men värt att hålla i minnet är att de borgerliga i varje steg applåderat utvecklingen, i den mån man inte tyckt att det gått för långsamt.

Därför är det så intressant att en före detta Moderatledare, Ulf Adelsohn nu vågar svära i den Moderata kyrkan genom att peka på de problem splittringen i åtta eller nio statliga järnvägsföretag skapar. Han har ingen färdig lösning. Det han begär är heller inte något mer än en utredning av hur systemet kan göras effektivare.

Men redan där får han nej av regeringens infrastrukturminister Catharina Elmsäter-Svärd (M). Vari består då skillnaden mellan Adelsohn och Elmsäter-Svärd. Jag misstänker att det handlar om kunskap. För Adelsohn har som styrelseordförande i SJ sedan 2002 skaffat sig gedigen kunskap på området. Dessutom tillhör han den politikergeneration som minns argumenten för ett sammanhållet SJ. Ministern däremot lever i nuet, saknar uppenbarligen kunskap på området och tror på en nyliberal ideologi även när verkligheten visar behov av något annat.

När de tvÃ¥ diskuterade saken i P1-morgon pÃ¥ mÃ¥ndagen deltog ocksÃ¥ Trafikverkets färska generaldirektör Gunnar Malm i samtalet. Inte heller han stödde Adelsohn. Vem skulle förresten ha trott det? Det var Malm själv som utredde sammanslagningen av Vägverket och Banverket för att sen, mot tidigare förnekanden, ta över den skutan. Adelsohns förslag gÃ¥r däremot tvärt emot det Malm – av sina anställda halvt pÃ¥ skämt kallad Galne Gunnar – själv gjort karriär pÃ¥.

Går det då överhuvudtaget att återreglera denna bransch? Det går knappast fullt ut på kort sikt. De EU-drivna förändringar som underlättar för gränspassager bör förresten bli kvar hur som helst. I övrigt handlar det om att minska effektivitetsproblem som uppstått när många aktörer vill ta del av transportkakan utan att någon tvingas ta ett långsiktigt ansvar.

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          Siemens Healthineers to Acquire Epocal from Alere        
Siemens Healthineers to Acquire Epocal from Alere

July 26, 2017 — Siemens Healthineers has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Epocal Inc., a subsidiary of Alere Inc. Epocal Inc. develops and provides point-of-care blood diagnostic systems for healthcare enterprises, including the epoc Blood Analysis System, a handheld, wireless testing solution. Financial details of the transaction are not being disclosed. The transaction is subject to the completion of Abbott’s acquisition of Alere, as well as antitrust approvals and other customary closing conditions.

Healthcare systems continue to look for ways to elevate patient experience and satisfaction as well as the quality of care. Health networks may have varying testing needs near to their patients at the point of care in physician’s offices, clinics, emergency departments and labs. With a complete offering for blood gas diagnostics following this acquisition, from a low-volume, single-use handheld device up to a high-volume, multi-use benchtop solution, Siemens Healthineers said it can help customers improve their workflows and utilize the correct system for the needs of their particular settings.

Arterial blood gases are an important routine investigation to monitor the acid-base balance of patients. They play an important role in the work-up and management of critically ill patients and may help in diagnosing pulmonary and metabolic disorders. They indicate the severity of a condition and help to assess treatment. Blood gas test systems are an important component in critical care settings such as hospitals, clinics, emergency departments and pulmonary laboratories.

The epoc Blood Analysis System is a handheld, wireless testing solution that provides blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite results near the patient in approximately 30 seconds after sample introduction. The system is comprised of the epoc room-temperature stable BGEM test card, epoc reader and epoc host2 mobile computer. Each single-use epoc BGEM test card features smartcard technology with a full menu of tests on one card.

For more information:,

          Smethport Rotary Compreshnsive Blood Analysis Set For Sept. 9th At Fire Hall        

          A Very Personal Journey, Type B ~~ Cooking Oils? ~~ and... the sincerest form of flattery? ;-D        

Hi Heidi, Sorry for the delay in my response.

I appreciate your comments and suggested self-questioning - I wrote to you because I wanted your opinion.

In fact, your suggestions helped me realize that at that time, and maybe for quite some time, I did feel not-in-control of my eating (at the very least). And, I guess I was looking for a quick-and dirty fix, rather than remembering that I am a self-empowered individual in control of my own life.

That being said, your questions weren't very helpful in themselves. It may surprise you but actually, for all my parents faults, they never forced us to be vegetarian - at a young age, it was a decision I made after eating meat and noticing how I felt about it. Furthermore, for all the ways my mother did try to control me, she never gave us any problems about food (no force-feeding of foods we didn't want, cleaning your plate rules, etc.) I think she conciously wanted to give us a healthy attitude toward something she considered a basic need, and maybe break from something her mother forced on her.

But, I want to empasize that your suggested self-questioning helped me remember that, and reminded me that I can make my own choices about what I do and don't eat at any given moment.

The result was that I started being able to have a little dialogue with my body about food - very new thing for me, as I am usually very disconnected from my body.

Then I came to the realization that this was less about food and more about something dealing with not wanting to take care of myself (I noticed problems in other areas of my life too.)

So, the first thing I allowed my self to do was not eat if I didn't want to. I started drinking water if I felt hungry, and then I found I was drinking a lot of water (a good thing I think.) Very soon after that decision, one night I fell asleep at around 5pm (unusual for me) and woke up in a couple hours stomach rumbling out of control so hungry that I wanted to eat. I got a take-out of an Indian spinich dish, a mixed veggie dish with rice (there probably was some tomato in there, but I decided to accept that for the time being. I'll work on the tomato problem later.)

My breakfasts and lunches had been kind of crummy - excess coffee and juice breakfast, sometimes candy then fruit for lunch. After that evening, I started making eggs for breakfast along with excess coffee and juice - no candy. Then, I notice I was getting nausea and gas. I finally realized the blatantly obvious - that I was drinking too much coffee and probably eating too much suger (even if its good sugar from fruit and juice) and not enough real food.

I also noticed the anxiety I had been feeling all along, and the physical symptoms of it. I started my regular vitamins: taking B-complex, MSM, Vitamin C, DHA and Black Currant Seed oil, and also added ginger and turmeric (I know those last two are foods, but this way I take them with little fuss.)

Now, I am eating two decent meals a day, about 85% compliant and don't feel any GI trouble. I'm going to add some thing from the Intestinal Health Protocol (Mg, OPC's) and cutting back on the coffee (in particular, I hope Magnesium to help with bowel movements, not to mention needed nutrition.)

For now, as far as food goes, I guess now I'm going for finding knowledge as a hypothesis, experimenting with it, and seeing what my body tells me about it, and then coming to conclusions. I know that it should be obvious that if I eat potato chips and coke for lunch and dinner, then My intestines I going to flip out the next day, but somehow its a different way of knowing when I actually experience it, and very motivating not to do it again. :)

Maybe this is a bit annoying to you, but I guess I'm just happy that I'm not flipping out about food anymore. --Shima

Hey there Shima! I'm not annoyed, I'm ecstatic!

This is a beautiful essay, and I thank you very sincerely for posting it here. I hope you don't mind my saying that it's ... very "B!" ;-) and very personal to you, which is the most important aspect of this kind of exploration. All you need to learn, you can teach yourself from what will arise from within yourself. This is your power. Bringing it out into the open and living it is a spectacular experience.

I think you've found your way, and I believe it will be a fulfilling one for you, in ways yet to be discovered! enjoy it... and write again when the spirit moves you! :-D

Recently Jim posted about the dangers of frying in olive oil. I do not recall reading about htis in ANY of Dr. D's books. Frankly, I saute in olive oil and for my kids, I fry potatos in olive oil. Does Dr. D consider this unwise??? Devora

Hi, Devora! Nice to hear from you!

I can't speak for Dr. D., but a good rule of thumb with oil is: it's fine so long as the oil does not change color (toward brown) or smoke. For high-heat cooking, grapeseed or rice bran oil is a good choice for all types. Best wishes, dear! :-D

Hi Heidi, Thanks again for many of your helpful posts.

I was reading through a feature about football players the other day, and found that many of them, eg: Ricky Williams and Tim Brown, go to a nutritionist called Sari Mellman in Miami to have their blood analysed and a diet worked out for them.

I then checked her website and found out that she basically writes out personalised BTDs for $3000 a time. Yet at no time does she ever mention the BTD specifically, or Peter D'Adamo.

Have you ever heard of her, and is there any advantage to having an individual's blood analysed? Thanks once again Paul

Hello, Paul! Never heard of Ms. Mellman, but I conjecture that a number of savvy practitioners in certain upscale markets are doing much the same. It's likely, because this system works... and while the alt-med smart folk will have explored it thoroughly over the past 9 years and most likely integrated it into their practices, most clients (unfortunately) wouldn't know the source of the system itself.

The price may not be so astronomical as it first appears, depending on the service she provides. She may be ordering Indican tests and full serotypes, along with thyroid/lipid/liver/mineral panels as well as hair analysis & saliva secretor tests. Then there would be a counselling module, with feedback and adjustments and new recommendations. There are certainly benefits to having this information. (All this supposes she's doing her job right. ;->)

Anyway, that fee is pocket change for pro football players, and even if they get nothing but a diet sheet, most of them will see their performance improve.

It's a bit of a sticky thing to judge as to whether it's professional banditry or the highest form of admiration -- time will tell! At least we'll have healthier football pros, and then their family and friends, and then... who knows? :-D

          Bakugan altair evolved        
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          Preventive Health Pioneer Dr. Michael McNamara Joins uBiome’s Advisory Board        

uBiome, the leader in microbial genomics, welcomes Dr. Michael McNamara to its scientific advisory board. Dr. McNamara is the Medical Director at Dr. McNamara Premium Healthcare in Monaco, which specializes in preventive diagnostics using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and CT scanning along with blood analysis to produce a complete medical check-up.

(PRWeb August 26, 2016)

Read the full story at

          Comment on London Evening Standard promote live blood quackery by josephinejones        
Although the live blood analysis claims have been removed, the rest of the site includes all manner of misleading claims. I have contacted the ASA about this and await further developments.
          Live Blood Analysis        
 LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS Saturday July 22nd, 2017 10AM to 5PM Also known as Nutritional Cell Analysis, this is an efficient and affordable way to assess your current state of health, set wellness goals, and develop a road map to help you reach those goals!  When viewed under a dark field microscope, a tiny drop of […]
          Automated Scientific Discovery, the holy goal of AI? from AAAI        

"[Bruce] Buchanan was trained as a philosopher of science at a time when the profession was dominated by Popper's (1965) view that there is no logic of discovery. Buchanan stated the new research program:

'The traditional problem of finding an effective method for formulating true hypotheses that best explain phenomena has been transformed into finding heuristic methods that generate plausible explanations. The problem of giving rules for producing true scientific statements has been replaced by the problem of finding efficient heuristic rules for culling the reasonable candidates for an explanation from an appropriate set of possible candidates' [and finding methods for constructing the candidates].'"

-from Recent Work in Computational Scientific Discovery

Good Places to Start

2020 Computing: Exceeding human limits. Scientists are turning to automated processes and technologies in a bid to cope with ever higher volumes of data. But automation offers so much more to the future of science than just data handling. By Stephen H. Muggleton. Nature 440, 409-410 (23 March 2006). "During the twenty-first century, it is clear that computers will continue to play an increasingly central role in supporting the testing, and even formulation, of scientific hypotheses. This traditionally human activity has already become unsustainable in many sciences without the aid of computers. This is not only because of the scale of the data involved but also because scientists are unable to conceptualize the breadth and depth of the relationships between relevant databases without computational support. The potential benefits to science of such computerization are high -- knowledge derived from large-scale scientific data could well pave the way to new technologies, ranging from personalized medicines to methods for dealing with and avoiding climate change. [fn: Towards 2020 Science (Microsoft, 2006)]. ... Meanwhile, machine-learning techniques from computer science (including neural nets and genetic algorithms) are being used to automate the generation of scientific hypotheses from data. Some of the more advanced forms of machine learning enable new hypotheses, in the form of logical rules and principles, to be extracted relative to predefined background knowledge. ... One exciting development that we might expect in the next ten years is the construction of the first microfluidic robot scientist, which would combine active learning and autonomous experimentation with microfluidic technology."

'Knowledge discovery'. California Computer News (October 20, 2004). "In the recent science-fiction thriller 'Minority Report,' Tom Cruise plays a detective who solves future crimes by being immersed in a 'data cave,' where he rapidly accesses all the relevant information about the identity, location and associates of the potential victim. A team at Purdue University currently is developing a similar 'data-rich' environment for scientific discovery that uses high-performance computing and artificial intelligence software to display information and interact with researchers in the language of their specific disciplines. 'If you were a chemist, you could walk right up to this display and move molecules and atoms around to see how the changes would affect a formulation or a material's properties,' said James Caruthers, a professor of chemical engineering at Purdue. The method represents a fundamental shift from more conventional techniques in computer-aided scientific discovery. 'Most current approaches to computer-aided discovery center on mining data in a process that assumes there is a nugget of gold that needs to be found in a sea of irrelevant information,' Caruthers said. 'This data-mining approach is appropriate for some scientific discovery problems, but scientific understanding often proceeds through a different method, a 'knowledge discovery' approach. 'Instead of mining for a nugget of gold, knowledge discovery is more like sifting through a warehouse filled with small gears, levers, etc., none of which is particularly valuable by itself. After appropriate assembly, however, a Rolex watch emerges from the disparate parts.' ... Discovery informatics depends on a two-part repeating cycle made up of a 'forward model' and an 'inverse process' and two types of artificial intelligence software: hybrid neural networks and genetic algorithms."

Iridescent Software Illuminates Research Data. By Mike Martin. Sci-Tech Today (January 27, 2004). "Bioinformatics researchers at the University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center have developed Iridescent, a software program that helps scientists easily identify obscure commonalities in research data and directly relate them to their own work, saving money and speeding the process of discovery. 'This work is about teaching computers to 'read' the literature and make relevant associations so they can be summarized and scored for their potential relevance,' said Dr. Jonathan Wren, a researcher in the department of botany and microbiology at the University of Oklahoma. 'For humans to answer the same questions objectively and comprehensively could entail reading tens of thousands of papers.' ... Iridescent is unveiled in the current issue of the journal Bioinformatics"

  • Shared relationship analysis: ranking set cohesion and commonalities within a literature-derived relationship network. Wren JD, Garner HR. Bioinformatics. 2004 Jan 22;20(2):191-8. [Abstract]

Toward Automated Discovery in the Biological Sciences. By Bruce G. Buchanan and Gary R. Livingston. AI Magazine 25(1): Spring 2004, 69-84. "The end point of scientific discovery is a concept or hypothesis that is interesting and new (Buchanan 1966). Insofar as there is a distinction at all between discovery and hypothesis formation, discovery is often described as more opportunistic search in a less well-defined space, leading to a psychological element of surprise. The earliest demonstration of self-directed, opportunistic discovery was Doug Lenat's program, AM (Lenat 1982). It was a successful demonstration of AI methods for discovery in a formal domain characterized by axioms (set theory) or rules (games). AM used an agenda-based framework and heuristics to evaluate existing concepts and then create new concepts from the existing concepts. It continued creating and examining concepts until the 'nterestingness' of operating on new or existing concepts (determined using some of AM'S heuristics) dropped below a threshold. Although some generalization and follow-up research with AM was performed (Lenat 1983), this research was limited to discovery in axiomatic domains (Haase 1990; Shen 1990; Sims 1987). Our long-range goal is to develop an autonomous discovery system for discovery in empirical domains, namely, a program that peruses large collections of data to find hypotheses that are interesting enough to warrant the expenditure of laboratory resources and subsequent publication. Even longer range, we envision a scientific discovery system to be the generator of plausible hypotheses for a completely automated science laboratory in which the hypotheses can be verified experimentally by a robot that plans and executes new experiments, interprets their results, and maintains careful laboratory records with the new data."

A Machine With a Mind of Its Own - Ross King wanted a research assistant who would work 24/7 without sleep or food. So he built one. By Oliver Morton. Wired Magazine (August 2004, Issue 12.08). "The 'robot scientist' (King has resisted the temptation of a jazzy acronym) may look like a mere labor-saving gizmo, shuttling back and forth ad nauseam, but it's much more than that. Biology is full of tools with which to make discoveries. Here's a tool that can make discoveries on its own. ... It wasn't until he moved to Aberystwyth in the mid-'90s that King found comrades who fully appreciated the potential of AI and machine learning. One of the first people he encountered there was Douglas Kell, a voluble, handlebar-mustached biologist with a clear view of where his field was headed. ... Stephen Muggleton argues that the life sciences are peculiarly well suited to machine learning. 'There's an inherent structure in biological problems that lends itself to computational approaches,' he says. In other words, biology reveals the machinelike substructure of the living world; it's not surprising that machines are showing an aptitude for it."

  • Also see this related article: Mark of time. The Engineer Online (September 18, 2006). "A pioneering study at Manchester University is using a 'robot scientist' to examine blood samples for biological markers that may diagnose Alzheimer's disease. ... The robot scientist combines the automatic operation of a blood analysis technique called GCGC-MS with artificial intelligence to determine which experiment to carry out next. ... Douglas Kell, a professor of bioanalytical science at Manchester, was one of the developers of the robot scientist. 'The original idea was to automate the process of scientific discovery,' said Kell. 'There is a model by which we alternate the world of ideas with the world of experience. We carry out an experiment then revise our hypothesis in a cyclic loop. The robot scientist can combine working out what experiment is best to do next with actually carrying it out.' ... The robot uses Inductive Logic Programming, a machine learning process. The scientists give it the background knowledge about the experiment, called the domain. It then decides which hypothesis to follow using the available data."

Herbert A. Simon: Scientific Discovery. One of Professor Simon's departmental web pages (2001) at Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Psychology. "Understanding the processes scientists use to discover new laws and to test hypotheses has been an active domain of cognitive research and AI modeling for several decades, and was one of Herb Simon's chief areas of research activity. Scientific discovery is an interesting and important task domain because it involves highly ill-structured problems that call on the whole range of human cognitive resources, and thereby provides deep insights into complex and creative human thinking. ... Thus, research on scientific discovery requires one to address fundamental problems in cognitive psychology (the processes of discovery), in the philosophy of science (the relation between the discovery and validation, or disconfirmation, of hypotheses), and in computer science (languages for discovery, heuristic search in discovery environments)."

Readings Online

A robot that likes to play with test tubes. By David Akin. The Globe & Mail (January 17, 2004). "[The Robot Scientist] probably will become a vital tool for researchers, particularly in biological fields, to advance human knowledge. That is because in many scientific areas, such as nanotechnology, molecular genetics and the exploration of space, information is being generated too fast for humans to analyze it effectively. 'Biology is in a great data-gathering phase at the moment, a bit like it was in the 19th century,' said Stephen Oliver, a professor and genomics researcher at the University of Manchester in England and another of the eight researchers. The Human Genome Project, the monster science project that identified and explained the function of the genes in a human being, made great use of computers and sophisticated software programs to automate the scientific discovery progress. Indeed, there is now a branch of artificial intelligence research devoted to scientific discovery."

Robo-scientist goes it alone. BBC News (January 14, 2004). "The world's first 'robot scientist' that can interpret experiments without any human help has been developed by scientists at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. It generates a set of hypotheses from what it knows about biochemistry, and then designs experiments to test them. ... Although artificial intelligence has made a number of significant contributions to scientific discovery during the last 30 years, its general impact on experimental science has been limited. But this may be about to change with the increased use of automation in scientific research."

Undergraduate Projects in the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Chemistry. II Self-organizing Maps. By Hugh Cartwright. (2000). The Chemical Educator, Volume 5, Issue 4; 196-206. "The determination of relationships among samples is a task to which Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being applied. In this paper we investigate the Self-Organizing Map (SOM), whose role is to perform just this kind of task; in other words, to cluster data samples so as to reveal the relationships that exist among them."

  • More resources are available from Dr H.M. Cartwright's home page and research group page at the Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford.

Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Creativity. By Simon Colton and Graham Steel, Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. "Papers presented at the [the 1999 AISB Symposium on AI and Scientific Creativity, which took place in Edinburgh, Scotland] addressed the theoretical aspects of and computational possibilities for machine creativity. They also reported on systems implemented to achieve automated discovery in science. The intention of the symposium was that that the papers proposing models of scientific creativity would help researchers concerned with implementing discovery programs, and the papers discussing the successes and techniques employed in working systems will help researchers extract general frameworks for scientific machine discovery. This note is a survey of current research on creativity in science, and in particular the automation of discovery tasks in science."

Recent Work in Computational Scientific Discovery. By Lindley Darden. In Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Michael Shafto and Pat Langley (Eds.). Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1997, pp. 161-166. "The study of computational scientific discovery emerged from the view that science is a problem solving activity, that heuristics for problem solving can be applied to the study of scientific discovery in either historical or contemporary cases, and that methods in artificial intelligence provide techniques for building computational systems. Pioneers in this work are Bruce Buchanan (e.g., 1982) and Herbert Simon (e.g., 1977)."

  • Also by Lindley Darden (1998): Anomaly-Driven Theory Redesign: Computational Philosophy of Science Experiments. In T.W. Bynum and J.H. Moor, The Digital Phoenix: How Computers are Changing Philosophy. New York: Blackwell Publishers, pp. 62-78. " I have been asked to discuss how computers have affected my work in philosophy. This paper discusses the use of artificial intelligence (AI) models to investigate both the representation of scientific knowledge and reasoning strategies for scientific change. The focus is on the reasoning strategies used to revise a theory, given an anomaly, which is a failed prediction of the theory."

The computer revolution in science: Steps towards the realization of computer-supported discovery environments. By H. de Jong and A. Rip. (1997). Artificial Intelligence, 91(2). "The tools that scientists use in their search processes together form so-called discovery environments. The promise of artificial intelligence and other branches of computer science is to radically transform conventional discovery environments by equipping scientists with a range of powerful computer tools including large-scale, shared knowledge bases and discovery programs." -from the Abstract.

The Computer-Aided Discovery of Scientific Knowledge. By Pat Langley. 1998. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Discovery Science. "In this paper, we review AI research on computational discovery and its recent application to the discovery of new scientific knowledge. ... As evidence for the advantages of such human-computer cooperation, we report seven examples of novel, computer-aided discoveries that have appeared in the scientific literature...."

  • More of Pat Langley's publications can be found in his Computational Scientific Discovery collection which begins with this historical note: "I became fascinated with the nature of scientific discovery as an undergraduate at TCU, and the interest has remained to this day. My dissertation work at CMU focused on Bacon, an AI system that rediscovered numeric laws from the history of physics. Herbert Simon served as my advisor and contributed many ideas to the effort. Gary Bradshaw and I extended the system to handle additional laws, including ones from the history of chemistry. After Jan Zytkow joined our group, we developed new systems (Stahl and Dalton) that dealt with the discovery of qualitative laws and structural models. This CMU work forms the basis of my early publications on scientific discovery...."

Towards 2020 Science. Produced under the aegis of Microsoft Research Cambridge (2006). "In the summer of 2005, an international expert group was brought together for a workshop to define and produce a new vision and roadmap of the evolution, challenges and potential of computer science and computing in scientific research in the next fifteen years. The resulting document, Towards 2020 Science, sets out the challenges and opportunities arising from the increasing synthesis of computing and the sciences." In addition to the report and the roadmap, be sure to see the related, special issue of Nature.

Introducing robo-scientist - Could robots take over from graduate students in the lab? By Mark Peplow. Nature (January 15, 2004). "A robot scientist has been unveiled that can formulate theories, carry out experiments and interpret results - all more cheaply than its human counterparts. As far as artificial newspaper intelligence goes, the Robot Scientist - designed by Ross King of the University of Wales in Aberystwyth, UK, and his colleagues - isn't as smart as other computers, such as those that compete in international chess competitions. But combining the smarts of a computer with the agility of a robot wasn't trivial. ... Geneticist Stephen Oliver of the University of Manchester, UK, who helped to select the robot's research project, says there is potential for the robot to more than just drudgery. 'The next big step is to make our robot discover something completely new,' says Oliver, 'perhaps by applying it to drug discovery.'"

  • The journal article: Oliver, S. G. et al. Functional genomic hypothesis generation and experimentation by a robot scientist. Nature, 427, 247 - 252, doi:10.1038/nature02236 (2004).
  • And consider this: A Robot Scientist - As ye sow... A machine can now do science. The Economist (January 15, 2004). "One question is, if their robot does make an important discovery, will it be eligible to win a Nobel prize?"

Editorial: Scientific Discovery and Simplicity of Method. By Herbert A. Simon, Raul E. Valdes-Perez and Derek H. Sleeman. (1997). Artificial Intelligence, 91(2):177-181. ""[C]omplexity of programs or of their outputs is not a measure of their 'intelligence'. Given very complex tasks, complex algorithms may be a necessity, but they are clearly not a virtue. A critical lesson of artificial intelligence, and of computing in general, is that if a task domain has strong structure and if sufficient domain information can be obtained, either a priori or in the course of computation, then rather simple programs may suffice."

Systematic Methods of Scientific Discovery: Papers from the 1995 Spring Symposium, ed. Raul Valdes-Perez. Technical Report SS-95-03. American Association for Artificial Intelligence, Menlo Park, California. Here are just some of the papers you'll find in this collection:

  • Herbert A. Simon's What is a Systematic Method of Scientific Discovery?
  • Pat Langley's Stages in the Process of Scientific Discovery.
  • Joshua S. Lederberg's Notes on Systematic Hypothesis Generation, and Application to Disciplined Brainstorming.

Some Recent Human-Computer Discoveries in Science and What Accounts for Them. By Raul E. Valdes-Perez. AI Magazine 16(3): Fall 1995, 37-44. "My collaborators and I have recently reported in domain science journals several human-computer discoveries in biology, chemistry, and physics. One might ask what accounts for these findings, for example, whether they share a common pattern. My conclusion is that each finding involves a new representation of the scientific task: The problem spaces searched were unlike previous task problem spaces. Such new representations need not be wholly new to the history of science; rather, they can draw on useful representational pieces from elsewhere in natural or computer science. This account contrasts with earlier explanations of machine discovery based on the expert system view. My analysis also suggests a broader potential role for (AI) computer scientists in the practice of natural science."

Neural Networks Meet CombiChem. By Emil Venere. (January 22, 2002). "The different types of software work together in a repeating two-phase cycle of discovery. First, hybrid neural networks analyze the formulas of the numerous catalysts, or other materials, created by the parallel technique. The neural networks determine the properties of the materials, based on their chemical structures. In the second phase, genetic algorithms cull the best materials and eliminate the poor performers, just like survival of the fittest. The algorithms also generate 'mutations' of the best materials to create even better versions, and the software determines the chemical structures of those mutations. The resulting formulas are returned to the neural network software, and the cycle starts over again, progressively creating better and better materials, said Venkat Venkatasubramanian, a professor of chemical engineering who has been working with Caruthers to develop the software for more than a decade. [James M.] Caruthers said he observes how formulation chemists come up with new ideas. Then he models their trains of thought in software programs."

Text-Based Discovery in Biomedicine: The Architecture of the DAD-system. By M. Weeber, H. Klein, A. R. Aronson, J. G. Mork, L. Jong-van den Berg, and R. Vos. Presented at The American Medical Informatics Association 2000 Symposium. "Current scientific research takes place in highly specialized contexts with poor communication between disciplines as a likely consequence. Knowledge from one discipline may be useful for the other without researchers knowing it. As scientific publications are a condensation of this knowledge, literature-based discovery tools may help the individual scientist to explore new useful domains. We report on the development of the DAD-system, a concept-based Natural Language Processing system for PubMed citations that provides the biomedical researcher such a tool."

Related Web Sites

"ARROWSMITH is interactive software that extends the power of a MEDLINE search. It operates on the output of a conventional search in a way that helps the user see new relationships and form and assess novel scientific hypotheses. It is based on the premise that information developed in one area of research can be of value in another without anyone being aware of the fact." At this site, which is maintained by Don R. Swanson at The University of Chicago, you'll find articles and manuals that show you how it works.

Imperial College Computational Bioinformatics Laboratory (CBL):

Related Pages

More Readings

Scientific Discovery - Computational Explorations of the Creative Processes. By Pat Langley, Herbert A. Simon, Gary L. Bradshaw and Jan M. Zytkow. The MIT Press (February 1987). "Using the methods and concepts of contemporary information-processing psychology (or cognitive science) the authors develop a series of artificial-intelligence programs that can simulate the human thought processes used to discover scientific laws. The programs - BACON, DALTON, GLAUBER, and STAHL - are all largely data-driven, that is, when presented with series of chemical or physical measurements they search for uniformities and linking elements, generating and checking hypotheses and creating new concepts as they go along."

Molecular Treasure Hunt - A software tool elicits previously undiscovered gene or protein pathways by combing through hundreds of thousands of journal articles. By Gary Stix. Scientific American (May 2005; subscription req'd.). "When Andrey Rzhetsky arrived at Columbia University as a research scientist in 1996, the first project he collaborated on involved a literature search to try to understand why white blood cells called lymphocytes do not die in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The mathematician-biologist found a few hundred articles on apoptosis (programmed cell death) and the cancer.... The experience led him to an idea that would have made his job on that first project much easier: an automated search tool that could supplant the mind-numbing task of finding and reading all the literature. But it also might do much more; it could even let a machine conduct research on its own, discovering the patterns among the data much as a human would do...."

FYI: As explained in this announcement, on March 1, 2007 AAAI changed its name from the American Association for Artificial Intelligence to the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

          The Skeptic Zone #3 - 10.Oct.2008        

Richard Saunders and Stefan Sojka

The Skeptic Zone LIVE from Dragon*Con 2008
With guest Dr Ginger Campbell

Dr Rachie Reports
Live Blood Analysis

The Think Tank
Richard Saunders, Dr Rachael Dunlop,
Amanda Rose and Michael Wolloghan

          Jens Soering Claims His Innocence After New Blood Analysis        
It’s been more than 30 years since police arrested Jens Soering, an honors student from the University of Virginia, and charged him with the brutal murder of his girlfriend’s parents in their Bedford County home. To this day, Soering insists he is innocent, but he’s been turned down for parole nearly a dozen times. Today, his lawyer filed a petition asking for a full pardon - citing new evidence that Soering is not guilty.
          Ahead of print: Absence of transforming growth factor beta 1 in murine platelets reduces neointima...        
Platelet degranulation at the site of vascular injury prevents bleeding and may affect the chronic vascular wound healing response. Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-β1 is a major component of platelet α-granules known to accumulating in thrombi. It was our aim to determine the role of TGFβ1 released from activated platelets for neointima formation following arterial injury and thrombosis. Mice with platelet-specific deletion of TGFβ1 (Plt.TGFβ-KO) underwent carotid artery injury. Immunoassays confirmed the absence of active TGFβ1 in platelet releasates and plasma of Plt.TGFβ-KO mice. Whole blood analyses revealed similar haematological parameters, and tail cut assays excluded major bleeding defects. Platelet aggregation and the acute thrombotic response to injury in vivo did not differ between Plt.TGFβ-KO and Plt.TGFβ-WT mice. Morphometric analysis revealed that absence of TGFβ1 in platelets resulted in a significant reduction of neointima formation with lower neointima area, intima-to-media ratio, and lumen stenosis. On the other hand, the media area was enlarged in mice lacking TGFβ1 in platelets and contained increased amounts of proteases involved in latent TGFβ activation, including MMP2, MMP9 and thrombin. Significantly increased numbers of proliferating cells and cells expressing the mesenchymal markers platelet-derived growth factor receptor-β or fibroblast-specific protein-1, and the macrophage antigen F4/80, were observed in the media of Plt.TGFβ-KO mice, whereas the medial smooth muscle-actin-immunopositive area and collagen content did not differ between genotypes. Our findings support an essential role for platelet-derived TGFβ1 for the vascular remodelling response to arterial injury, apparently independent from the role of platelets in thrombosis or haemostasis....
          TABLE OF CONTENTS        

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CHIROPRACTIC INDEX to all entries here


Manipulation of the cervical spine: risks and benefits


UK doctor-scientist leading the debate on alternative modalities

Does Chiropractic Work?

Young Mom Dies After a Chiropractic Adjustment: Is "chiropractic stroke" to blame?

Kimkins - Notice of Pendency of Class Notice‏

Brief Expositions of Rational Medicine

Chirocopalypse: British chiropractors running scared

Hot Air Balloon

Homeopathy is worse than witchcraft - and the NHS must stop paying for it

Yelp User Faces Lawsuit Over Negative Review of Chiropractor

Beware the spinal trap - Simon Singh "Forbidden" article

Blog status

Dead patient's estate sues chiropractor & others

Postage Stamp Honors Crusader Against Chiropractic Malpractice

VOCA Unveils Chiropractic Malpractice Postage Stamp..

Interesting observations from a chiropractor

Dr. Heimlich's New 'Maneuver'

Eva Cassidy singing Over the Rainbow

Astronomy: Putting things in perspective!

Grander water: "Esoteric humbug"

A review of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis - by Harriett Hall, MD

Chiro book: What Chiropractors Don't Want You to Know About Chiropractic

Quackbusters Inc.: Hot On The Heels Of Medical Hucksters

Doing The Least To Save Your Life - David Federlein

Priceless! Banned commercials.....

Healthy Skepticism International News Alert

Global Trend: More Science, More Fraud

The Macho Response writes about Therapeutic Touch

Professor condemns therapies

Spinal manipulation for headache disorders

Professor savages homeopathy (and chiropractic)

ChiroPlot: the scheme to scam the competition.

Appeals Court Overturns Adverse District Court Ruling in American Chiropractic Association Lawsuit against HHS


Please Release Me, Let Me Go (MFR)

Massage Brittany

Informed Consent ..... Chiro Style

Economics of vaccination

Thimerosal information needs clarification

Chiropractic Footbath cures everything

The Chiropractor and His Patient

The Manipulable Lesion -- A Chiropractic Rose By Any Other Name (Part 2)

Kinsinger Letter - chiropractic at University of Alberta

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming - Part 2

Revolutionary Marketing Tips for Chiropractic Professionals

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming

Chiropractic neck manipulation can cause injury or death -- video

SWIFT December 2, 2005

What's so bad about chiropractic education?"

Three Cortislim Defendants to Give up $4.5 Million in Cash and Other Assets

Feds crack down on bogus weight loss products

Behind the Veil: A Muslim Woman Speaks Out

From Tapes, a Chilling Voice of Islamic Radicalism in Europe

Health Canada Warning Consumers Not To Take Chinese Medicine 'Shortclean'

James Randi's SWIFT November 18, 2005

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 18 Nov 05

Couple free on bond following split verdict in child neglect case

How Google Tamed Ads on the Wild, Wild Web

Risks and Benefits of DDT (from the Lancet)

Green Medicine Event Concludes in Cuba

Spinal manipulation: Its safety is uncertain

Cuba Demonstrates Its (un)Scientific Expertise in Natural Medicine

Consumer Health Digest #05-46

Consumer Health Digest #05-45

Teacher Charged With Mocking Religion Sentenced to Jail

Don urges FG to enact law against quackery

Kevin Trudeau Hires PI to Dig Dirt on ERA

Chiropractor's Marketing Techniques Probed

The Manipulable Lesion -- A Chiropractic Rose By Any Other Name (Part 1)

Lack of herbal supplement characterization in published randomized controlled trials

Doctor's suspension overturned

Ruling due Monday on chiropractor's license

Demonizing Drugmakers

Ozzy Osbourne's Lyrics

Quackery or Cure: Questioning Alternative Therapies Debate Forum

Cross Border Fraud - FTC Press Room

Two caught selling fake cancer remedy

Breast massage not standard [chiropractic] care -- expert

Health food store hosts vitamin advocate (Earl L. Mindell)

Consumer Health Digest #05-44

Consumer Health Digest #05-43

Consumer Health Digest #05-42

Consumer Health Digest #05-41

Vaccines Vital To Health

Merck Prevails in Second Vioxx Case on Heart Attack

Daughter Wants Answers About Death of Mother

Red Hot Blogs of the Day

Revisions to "Dangers of chiropractic therapy"

Government reverses physiotherapy delisting

Google Found to Be Testing Classified Ads


Kylie denies holistic claim

Kylie Minogue Slams 'Holistic' Press Lies

Kylie denies alternative therapy claim

Boom and bust: Supplements tough for pro leagues

Curing Jamie Handley

Black cohosh no better than placebo against hot flushes, finds new trial

The Case of the Fatal Neck Adjustment

MMR Vaccine is Safe, International Team Affirms

Alternative med finds way to medical school curricula

MMR in clear over autism

The MMR is safe - what other scare stories are nonsense?

Good medicine: Homeopathic board needs a physical - just in case

‘Dr. Internet’ exasperating to MDs

Ex-Santana Employee Sues Over Firing

Music, imagery, touch, and prayer as adjuncts to interventional cardiac care

'Natural healer' charged with fraud (John E. Curran)

Viewpoint: what is the best and most ethical model for the relationship between mainstream and alternative medicine: opposition, integration, or plura

4 Amish children in Minn. infected with polio virus

Bird Flu: New Scientist articles

Degree of doubt for Bertie's boffin

Faith Healers and Physicians - Teaching Pseudoscience by Mandate

AAP: Vaccine Researchers Preach to Pediatrician Choir

Academia Embraces Spooky Studies

Help, lasagne's out to get me

Be careful what the doctor may have ordered

Doctor licensing under scrutiny

First Aid Video - humor

Harvard Health Letter Survey Shows Harvard Doctors Practice What They Preach

Guinness noitulovE (that's Evolution backwards)

GP who gave MMR warning faces sack

Homeopath patient's death debated despite Ariz. board clearing doctor

Critics seek audit of homeopathy board

Should medical students be taught about CAM?

Arabian Sex Tourism

Oh, what a tangled web is being woven on the BBC health site

Ronnie Barker on Pismronunciation

Experts Unlock Clues to Spread of 1918 Flu Virus

NHS should pin hopes on alternative remedies

Google Earth

Victims of "chiropractic contracts"

Complementary medicine study hit by credibility row

Charles study backs NHS therapies

Yemen battles polio -- again

The Skeptical Eye - Leon Jaroff

The End of Homeopathy? - Leon Jaroff

Consumer Health Digest #05-40

Naturopathy bill draws opposition

Class action sought for 'Dr. Phil' diet suit

What's up, e-doc?

Attachment Therapy News: Oct. 5, 2005

Search: chiropractor quackery or not

A Mother's Denial, a Daughter's Death (Maggiore)

'Natural Cures' book: Is it the truth or is it quackery?

Trashing Trudeau, saving America

Chimp no longer has monkey on his back

The Washington Post's Mensa Invitational

'Pox Parties' Pooh-Poohed

New Children's Vaccine Targets 4 Diseases

Kids' Vaccines: No Link to Unrelated Diseases

Vaccination Delays Put Many Children at Risk

Pediatricians Would Dismiss Families Who Refuse Vaccinations

Stupid Terrorists

Clinic told to repay $700,000 to patients (Monte Kline)


A Sports Drink for Children Is Jangling Some Nerves

Consumer Health Digest #05-398

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 30 Sep 05

The Brights' Bulletin #29 - September 30, 2005

Quack-Files: Keywords

Dangerous Witchdoctoring

Download the Internet here

Ease the strain on the neck

It's Enough to Make You Sick

BLOGGING: Psst: Want to Know My Net Worth?

Experts savage oxygen booster

Skeptics' prize goes to education group

A Web of Faith, Law and Science in Evolution Suit

NIH Study Takes Another Look At Vitamin C and Cancer

Speakout: State ignores naturopaths' 'quackery'

Cancer ‘cures’ are empty promises in Kevin Trudeau’s ‘Natural Cures’ book

Monkey See, Monkey Do (not)

Battling encephalitis with hope...and homeopathy

Site referrals: entry pages

Site referrals

Site referrals: mucoid plaque

The Death of DD Palmer: Attempted Murder by His Son?

Fup eller fakta om kosttilskud

Foundations of Chiropractic, 2nd Edition - Subluxation

Stage show brings back Eva's talents

Against odds, Kevin Trudeau still king of late-night infomercial pitchmen

Free Denver Conference on Quackery: Sept 21

Crank o' the Day (anticrank)

NarConon Is Bad News for Customers

Misleading and absurd ( Neaclear skincare product)

Subluxation: dogma or science?

Think for Self (interview with Stephen Barrett)

Steadily, Plans Increase Coverage of Unorthodox Medical Therapies

Darwin Awards Mottos

Eliane Duvekot, Artist Extraordinaire

Why Charles just can't quit the snake oil

Echinacea fails to treat or prevent colds in study

Best-seller ‘Natural Cures’ sparks court battle

Study says homeopathic medicines don’t work

Echinacea and the cold

Vitamin C and the common cold

More junk science debunked

Homoeopathy 'does not work'

Lancet research labelled biased

Homeopathy no better than placebo

Homeopathy ineffective, study finds

Study Casts Doubt on Homeopathic Cures

Lancet study says homeopathic medicines don't work

Christopher Cain: Spinal claims have no backbone

Silly Nigerian Scam Letters: 2

Silly Nigerian Scam Letters: 1

Concepts and The Future of Chiropractic. Fraud & Abuse

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 26 Aug 05

Homeopathy's benefit questioned

Effects of homeopathy 'are all in the mind'

As a fourth study says it's no better than a placebo, is this the end for homeopathy?

The fault line in the organic debate

Study: Homeopathy Drugs Don't Work

Medics attack use of homeopathy

Any Homeopathy Benefit Attributed to Placebo Effect

Autistic boy, 5, dies after disputed therapy

Chiropractic Expert Witnesses

Vioxx: Who's Responsible?

Consumer Health Digest #05-34

Prince attacked for secret health study

Google Gets Better. What's Up With That?

Age-Old Cures, Like the Maggot, Get U.S. Hearing

Intelligent Design and Informed Debate

Concepts and The Future of Chiropractic. Fraud & Abuse

Is Henry J. Heimlich MD a fraud?

Keyword Analysis - August 24, 2005

Closing the book (Kevin Trudeau)

HRH Charles, "Prince of Quacks", exposed in the blogosphere

Life University's new advertising campaign

A Pinch of Salt with Some Supplements

Prince Charles Promotes Quackery

Legislate to Warn Public that Neck Manipulation can cause a Stroke -

Passed the 100 thousand mark!

ABC News: Anti-Vaccine Sentiment Plagues Nigeria

Canadian Orthopractic Manual Therapy Association Guidelines

Anti-'quackbuster' champion needs info

Baptist ponders adding focus on alternative care

Internet Trial Questions Herbal Remedies for Anxiety and Insomnia

Online, Eva Cassidy Trumps Elvis

Globules against bioterror

Karl Popper seminar - Rafe Champion

Greek Tragedy: Stephanie Klein's blog

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 22 Jul 05

TAHITIAN NONI ® JUICE: World Wide Warning

Kennedy admits he's not qualified to talk about vaccines or autism

A Toast to Saint Nate

The Thirteenth Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

A Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe

Health Scan: A chemical in hashish inhibits cancer

Gov't Finally Closes St. Luke

Critical Thinking About Research - book review

Aetna uncovers plot to intimidate dental licensing boards

No Vaccine-Autism Link, Parents Are Told

I never said I could cure cancer, says 'therapist'

Keyword analysis

Probing Edges Of Medicine -- And Reality

Slipped Disc: Misleading Terminology

Kerre Woodham: Hostility to jab hard to fathom

Unsafe health practices blamed on 'soft' law

Schwarzenegger's Bully Pulpit: Muscle Magazines

Schwarzenegger to end relationship with magazines

Chiropractic Search Terms

Widower arrested in ’01 death of wife at Gilbert home

New on the Website - Friday, July 15, 2005

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 15 Jul 05

Controversial EU vitamins ban to go ahead

Seventeen Questions

Prayer 'won't help sick'

Schwarzenegger to Be Paid $8 Million by Fitness Magazines

Subluxation Awareness Week 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame musicians

Consumer Health Digest #05-28

Vitamin E May Not Prevent Heart Disease or Cancer in Healthy Women


Ephedra Death Case Settled for Almost $1 Million by Nutraquest Inc. and Four Other Companies

A tale of a raw prawn (humor)

Skeptic and Anti-Quackery Web Rings

Submission to Medicines Australia Review of the Code of Conduct

Tahitian Noni Juice scam

PeTA blogging

Chiropractic Therapy for Neck Pain May Have High Rate of Adverse Reactions

Candy makers target fitness market

Chiropractic anti-vaccination: Parents sue when player is benched

The Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 8 Jul 05

[London Terrorism:] British "Covenant of Security" with Islamists Ends

Jab campaigns use 'fear tactics' says expert

FSU 'College of Chiropractic' is a bad idea by Terry A. Rondberg,

DC, WCA President

London 7/7 Bombings: Terrorists Strike Again

Science of life evolving or revolving?

Scientology at

Blogging boom

WHAT'S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 24 Jun 05 Washington, DC

Acupuncture equal to sham in reducing migraines

Where's the Evidence? - Marcia Angell interview

Shields blasts Cruise for 'rant'

New Italian Health Minister endorses quackery

Astrologist sues NASA over comet crash

Agents probing hormone shipment

Shaky science: Experts question anthrax lotion (Bio-Germ)

Comment regarding Andrew Weil’s comments in Think Tank

Doctor arrested in fraud investigation (Ravi Devgan)

Protandim claims debunked

Doctor proud to bust medical 'quacks'

Herbs and hysteria

Pro-Adjuster quackery

US Department of Education Data on "Autism" Are Not Reliable for Tracking Autism Prevalence

Genesis Revisited: A Scientific Creation Story

Scientists hail Einstein's theory 100 years on

Aetna Countersues Bogus Device Promoters

Don't believe the childhood vaccine fearmongers

Vaccination: House MD. TV series

The Brights' Bulletin #26 June 29, 2005

BS! T-Shirts

Survey: Many believe cancer myths

Sticking Pins In Homeopathy

Health Ministry rejects claims vaccine data 'falsified'

Media stirs up faux vaccine controversy

A new wine for seniors (humor)

Many Believe Cancer Myths

Adjustments and manipulations are not the same

Quackery in Chiropractic

Experts Reject Some Therapies

The 11th Meeting of the Skeptics' Circle

Health orders chiropractor to halt live blood analysis tests

Taxpayers Overbilled for Chiropractic Work

Are chiropractors necessary?

Adverts inform parents on vaccine

Man Who Allegedly Claimed To Be Doctor Gets Suspension

[HealthFactsAndFearscomBulletin] Royal Society v Lancet,radiation madness, more

Anti-Aging Doctors Sue Professors

Polite request to creationists

Professor sued over anti-aging comments

'Psychic surgeon' claims to remove patients' tumors without surgery

Crucified nun dies in 'exorcism'

'Scaremongering' Lancet accused of causing harm to health and wasting millions

The Scientific Method - Critical and Creative Thinking

The effect of real and sham acupuncture on thermal sensation and thermal pain thresholds.

Update from the American Council on Science

Chiropractic Anti-Vaccination Arguments

Discussion Lists, Forums, and Webrings

Characteristic Symptoms of Pathological Science

The Moral and Religious Duty of a Chiropractor - D. D. Palmer

Red meat 'linked to cancer risk'

Fraud in the MD/DC Arena

'Psychic surgeon' a heel, not a healer, police say

Disease baby’s dad lashes vaccine 'hate-speech'

Chiropractor defends terrorist suspect

Health Care Heretic: blog by Larry Wyatt, DC

New chiropractic blog: Gary A. Knutson, DC

FDA finds online discount drug fraud

Schiavo Autopsy Says Brain, Withered, Was Untreatable

Power Therapies and possible threats to the science of psychology and psychiatry

This Is Why .... Chiropractors Are Upset With This Site

H2O system pure 'quackery'

Fighting polio, one child at a time

Talk on Autism in Eugene, Oregon

Countless studies have cleared fluoridation beyond doubt

A sceptic's guide to alternative health - talk by Clare Bowerman

Chiropractors v. Vaccination

The Twin Religions: Communism and Roman Catholicism

Vaguely speaking, it's all written in the stars

Just give me that old-time atheism! - Salman Rushdie

"Doctor" faces charges of fraud (John E. Curran)

Hodgkin's Returns to Girl Whose Parents Fought State

Good Stories, Bad Science: A Guide for Journalists to the Health Claims of "Consumer Activist" Groups

Health Group Advises More Skepticism About Activists’ Health Claims

10th Skeptics' Circle

Dr Jim bowen on Nutra Sweet politricks

'No proof' detoxing diets work

Death by Natural Causes

Health Department Shuts Down Unlicensed Doctor

'Ghost therapy' lands couple behind bars

Web Sites Celebrate a Deadly Thinness

No miracle cure for junk science

Horror Autotoxicus: Boosting the immune system

Healing outside the box

Tenth Skeptics' Circle, hosted by Skeptico

Ten Lies.....debunked - James R. Laidler, MD

God exists.....We are immune to rational argument.

Effectiveness & Evidence: The Cornerstones of Modern Medicine

The Memory of Water

Ten Lies.....debunked - Robert S. Baratz, MD, PhD, DDS

Ten Lies About Health Your Doctor Taught You

Bless Me, Blog, for I've Sinned

The March Of Unreason

Ten Great Public Health Achievements -- United States, 1900-1999

Experts condemn anti-fluoride claims

Dental health fails: study

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Why is Conventional Medicine Not Enough?

Alternative medicine catches a cold

Your book about Max: Letter to Amy Lansky

The final word on nutrition and health

Referring Web Pages

How Taxes Work . . . (humor)


Chiropractic treatment of the neck can be a risk factor for stroke

Chiropractic Tied to Rare Strokes

Stopping a contagion

Ninth edition of The Skeptics' Circle

A Conspiracy Theory Spreads Polio

A Scientific Look at Alternative Medicine

Procedure to melt fat just a dud, suit claims (mesotherapy)

'Copeland's Cure': Medicine Show (homeopathy)

Special SAT Edition to Conform to New Kansas State Board of Education Requirements

Chiropractors distort info negative to their practice

Neck Manipulation and Strokes: References

Risks Related to Manipulation of the Cervical Spine: Consequences for Evidence Based Practice

Cancer patients take their hopes to Tijuana

FDA warning letters to firms for marketing illicit "cure-all" products

Anti-Immunization Press Reports in Australia 1993-1997

Trumpeting vaccination may only entrench opposition

Consumer Health Digest #05-20 May 17, 2005

NTLA Orders 'Bogus' St. Luke University Closed

Discredited doctor's 'cure' for Aids ignites life-and-death struggle in South Africa

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CHIROPRACTIC INDEX to all entries here


"You can take the chiropractor out of the strip mall
but you can't take the strip mall out of the chiropractor."

Manipulation of the cervical spine: risks and benefits


Does Chiropractic Work?

Young Mom Dies After a Chiropractic Adjustment: Is "chiropractic stroke" to blame?

Chirocopalypse: British chiropractors running scared

Yelp User Faces Lawsuit Over Negative Review of Chiropractor

Beware the spinal trap - Simon Singh "Forbidden" article

Dead patient's estate sues chiropractor & others

Postage Stamp Honors Crusader Against Chiropractic Malpractice

VOCA Unveils Chiropractic Malpractice Postage Stamp..

Interesting observations from a chiropractor

Chiro book: What Chiropractors Don't Want You to Know About Chiropractic

Spinal manipulation for headache disorders

Professor savages homeopathy (and chiropractic)

ChiroPlot: the scheme to scam the competition.

Appeals Court Overturns Adverse District Court Ruling in American Chiropractic Association Lawsuit against HHS


Informed Consent ..... Chiro Style

Chiropractic Footbath cures everything

The Chiropractor and His Patient

The Manipulable Lesion -- A Chiropractic Rose By Any Other Name (Part 2)

Kinsinger Letter - chiropractic at University of Alberta

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming - Part 2

Revolutionary Marketing Tips for Chiropractic Professionals

The Seven Stages of Chiropractic Deprogramming

Chiropractic neck manipulation can cause injury or death -- video

What's so bad about chiropractic education?"

Spinal manipulation: Its safety is uncertain

Chiropractor's Marketing Techniques Probed

The Manipulable Lesion -- A Chiropractic Rose By Any Other Name (Part 1)

Doctor's suspension overturned

Ruling due Monday on chiropractor's license

Breast massage not standard [chiropractic] care -- expert

Revisions to "Dangers of chiropractic therapy"

Government reverses physiotherapy delisting


The Case of the Fatal Neck Adjustment

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FSU: Action Alert! Stop FSU School of Chiropractic

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Scripts are for ACTORS not doctors. DCs use scripts......

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My latest satirical (exasperation) comment at Chirotalk

Chiropractic Search Terms

Here are some chiropractic searches (with a decidedly skeptical twist....;-) Use these searches in your research, then modify them as needed. Please inform me of interesting searches to add to this list.

• chirolinks
• chirolinks healthbase
• chiropractic resources
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• chiropractic belief systems vitalism religion quack
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• chiroquacktor
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• chiropractic "anti-vaccination"
• chiropractic anti vax
• chiropractic "practice building"
• chiropractic lifetime patients
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• chiropractic lifetime patients maintenance wellness
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• chiropractic daniel david palmer quack
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• chiropractic joseph flesia
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• "Renaissance International" chiropractic
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• chiropractic "500 Club"
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• Lifetime Chiropractic Care for Everyone
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• quiropráctica (Spanish)
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• kiropraktik religion


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  •           Now Doing Nutritional Blood Analysis        
        Check out the case studies by clicking here! Science Based Nutrition™ is a science based approach to nutritionalRead the Rest...

              Live blood quack Errol Denton handed court bill for £19,000        
    UPDATE 11/10/14 On 10th October 2014, Denton lost his appeal against his conviction. He said he is now bankrupt and has no means of paying the £7,000 in fines and costs. _______________________________ Live Blood Analysis quack Errol Denton was handed … Continue reading
              Akhirnya Saya Tahu Tahap Kesihatan Diri Setelah Menyertai Vitacare Health & Wellness Series        
    Semakin peningkatan usia, lebih banyak tanggungjawab dan perkara yang perlu diuruskan sampai adakalanya kita lupa hendak mengambil tahu tentang keadaan diri sendiri. Apatah lagi jika gaya hidup dan diet seharian tidak mengikut cara yang sihat.

    Berkesempatan untuk mengetahui masalah tubuh badan dan cara mengekalkan kesihatan dengan cara terbaik anjuran farmasi Vitacare sememangnya tidak saya lepaskan. Apatah lagi saya sendiri dapat menguji tahap kesihatan diri melalui ujian darah yang dilakukan.

    Saya juga telah diperkenalkan dengan produk terbaik untuk kesihatan badan yang ada terdapat di farmasi Vitacare. Apa yang penting ke semua produk yang dijual telah mendapat kelulusan dari Kementerian Kesihatan dan ianya juga telah terbukti berkesan  daripada pengguna produk2 itu sendiri.

    Kami juga melihat sendiri LBA (Live Blood Analysis) yang dijalankan oleh pakar yang dijemput khas oleh farmasi Vitacare. Bagaimana melalui ujian ini kita boleh melihat sendiri tahap kesihatan badan.

    Antara hasil analisis dari ujian darah yang dilakukan seperti:-

    Ini adalah contoh 'Acidic Blood' yang mana badannya mengandungi banyak asid.

    Ini adalah contoh keadaan darah yang datangnya dari badan yang sihat. Nampak rupa bulatan yang kemas dan cantik.

    Dan saya sendiri telah menawarkan diri untuk menguji darah saya. Untuk melihat sendiri tahap kesihatan badan. Maklumlah saya memang merasakan badan agak terasa lesu dan penat sejak akhir-akhir ini.

    Ini adalah hasil ujian darah saya. Terkejut tak? Hahahaha. Saya dipercayai mempunyai masalah kurang tidur, sakit-sakit sendi, banyak sel perlukan antioksigen, 'poor protein digestion', lemah imuniti badan, kurang air dan juga suspek 'thalesemia'.

    Tapi kemudiannya saya telah diberikan minuman air kesihatan iaitu Rin (Halal ya). Untuk melihat sendiri keputusan darah saya sekali lagi setelah 30 minit pengambilan produk kesihatan ini.

    Sambil menunggu untuk darah diuji sekali lagi, saya berkesempatan mengikuti penerangan dari Cik Lau Hui Wan, Nutrisi yang dijemput khas untuk memberi penerangan tentang produk AstaZan Natural Astaxanthin.

    Pertamanya kita perlu tahu apa itu OXIDATION FREE RADICALS? Ianya boleh diimaginasikan seperti dari ujian potongan buah epal. Di mana buah epal yang baru dipotong, teksturnya masih cantik dan baru tetapi cuba dibiarkan 30 minit dan seterusnya. Memang kita akan dapat lihat perubahan tekstur epal itu masa ke semasa. Semakin lama, rupanya semakin lebam (teruk). Ianya serupa juga dengan badan kita sebenarnya.

    Adakalanya kita memang tidak sedar punca dan kesan kepada radikal terhadap ksihatan badan kita. Sebagai contoh kesan dari stress boleh menyebabkan badan kita akan terus kurang tenaga dan lesu. Hilang daya fokus dan banyak lagi.

    Walaubagaimanapun 'free radicals" ini juga tidak semua memberi keburukan, ianya juga mampu memberik kebaikan. 

    Ianya bukan sahaja penerangan berkenaan produk semata bahkan terdapat juga penerangan tambahan mengenai apa itu radikal, contoh-contoh antioksida yang boleh diperolehi dari sumber makanan dan banyakk lagi.

    Yang bestnya setelah melakukan analisis darah, kita bukan sahaja diberikan penerangan bahkan akan mendapat keputusan bertulis. Jadi ianya memudahkan pemahaman melalui analisi yang telah dijalankan. Jadi, saya boleh dapat lihat sendiri bagaimana kesihatan badan dan paling penting saya perlu memperbaiki terutama corak gaya hidup dan pengambilan diet pemakanan seharian.

    Perbezaan keputusan setelah say amengambil minuman suplemen Yin. Darah saya semakin elok. Dan saya nampak lihat sendiri imuniti badan saya semakin besar. Cuma saya masih kurang air dalam badan. Tips yang dikongsi jika nak tahu keperluan air untuk seseorang bergantung kepada berat badan bahagikan dengan 30. Contohnya berat saya 60kg bahagikan 30. So dalam 2 liter paling minimum yang diperlukan oleh badan setiap hari.

    Saya juga diberikan "Energy Jar" yang mengandungi pelbagai ramuan yang sihat. Antaranya puri pisang, mangga, chia seed, yogurt, oat dan banyak lagi. Rasanya memang sedap sangat. 

    Live Blood Analysis (LBA) akan diadakan di The Gardens Mall dan Suria KLCC pada setiap hari Sabtu pertama untuk setiap bulan bermula pada bulan Ogos 2017 ini. Jadi untuk sesi pertama yang akan datang adalah pada 5 Ogos 2017, dari jam 10 pagi sehingga 6 petang. 

    1. VCard Member semasa VCare Day : FREE
    2. VCard Member normal days : RM10
    3. Non VCard Members : RM30

    Apapun terima kasih Vitacare di atas produk kesihatan yang diberikan. Moga saya dapat manfaatkan dan seterus menjadi seorang wanita yang lebih prihatin dan sentiasa mahu mengekalkan kesihatan diri saya pada keadaan paling yang terbaik.

              Four Reasons to Be Optimistic About Medicare        
    The most recent trustees’ report forecasts that the Medicare trust fund will be exhausted in 2030. While that is a financially frightening prospect, there was good news buried in the report: the previous forecast indicated the funds would be gone in 2026.
    I believe there are reasons to be far more optimistic. Here’s why:
    1.       There are cheaper medical services on the way. Theranos has a totally new approach to blood analysis as an example. Founded by Elizabeth Holmes, and backed by a who’s who, Theranos has micro labs that can be installed anywhere and only require a few drops of blood. Millions of us troop to a Quest Diagnostics center, or one of its competitors, to have our blood chemistry tested for any of thousands of things like cholesterol levels, hepatitis presence, insulin and blood sugar and so on. Quest, of course, bills the patient, and/or the patient’s insurer, including Medicare. Theranos is an example of a better, cheaper, faster option. While its new process must make it through the FDA approval minefield, I expect it will eventually become a real alternative, certainly before 2030. And, due to FDA leadership, the Obama administration or both, the FDA has actually shown some needed speed and flexibility recently.
    2.       There are new ways to clean hospital rooms. There are a number of life-threatening illnesses that, from a practical point of view, can only be caught in a hospital or a nursing home. Nasty strains of pneumonia. The debilitating clostrium difficile. In its April 2013 report, Antibiotic Resistant Threats in the United States, the CDC estimates 23,000 Americans die each year from microbes that are resistant to current treatments. It states “The estimates are based on conservative assumptions and are likely minimum estimates”.  Many, if not most, of these deaths are a result of infections acquired in a hospital. Patients are treated with a series of more and more toxic (and expensive) antibiotics in hopes of curing the infection. Xenex Healthcare now provides robots that disinfect hospital rooms with high-intensity bursts of light. Savings to patients (copays and out-of-pockets), insurers and underwriters including Medicare should run into the billions.
    3.       There are new antibiotics on the way. Again, treatment of patients infected with superbugs is expensive. Patients may be in high-cost intensive care units. Better antibiotics can prevent or reduce most of those costs. Most pharmaceutical companies have walked away from antibiotic research. From an investment viewpoint, that decision makes a lot of sense. FDA approval is gigantically expensive. If approved, an antibiotic may only be used for a few doses. And if patients are sickened, have reactions or die as a result of an antibiotic treatment, lawsuits are certain to follow. Therefore pharma has moved research to the treatment of chronic illnesses like diabetes, where they may have a customer for twenty years, thirty or even longer. But there are some firms that are investing in antibiotics. Northeastern University, in conjunction with NovoBiotic, have announced isolating Teixobactin, a soil-dwelling bacteria that doesn’t get along with MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), one of the most evil superbugs. Testing so far indicates that Teixobactin is well-tolerated in mice and kills a variety of bad actors.
    4.       Eventually, we hope that auditing will catch up with the bad guys. Years ago, some Medicare official stated that as much as ten percent of Medicare billings are fraudulent. Apparently that was based on pretty flimsy analysis. However, there is at least anecdotal reason to believe it could be more than ten percent – actually a lot more. Some future Congress and Administration will likely chose to apply the same data techniques that Visa, Mastercard and American Express apply to spot fraudulent card activity in seconds. That alone might be enough to add several more years of life to the trust fund.

    While I’ve shown four reasons, in reality they boil down to fewer. Science and technology underlie all. That makes me optimistic that people will live longer and healthier, and Medicare won’t run out of money as fast as feared.

              Comment on “СОРИЛТЫН ҮР ДҮНД СТАТИСТИК ТООН ШИНЖИЛГЭЭ ХИЙХ НЬ” СЭДЭВТ СУРГАЛТ by Blood Analyzers        
    I know this web site gives quality dependent articles and additional stuff, is there any other web site which provides these kinds of information in quality?
              Tonga Health        
    King of Tonga

    Earlier this year, King George V decided to use his patronage for a major initiative to tackle diabetes in Tonga and other Pacific nations where it has become a serious and debilitating problem.

    "Tonga and the Pacific have one of the highest rates of diabetes per capita and my vision is to have a centre of excellence in research and treatment of this totally preventable disease." - His Majesty King George V.

    Suffering from Type II diabetes himself, His Majesty is somewhat of an expert on the disease. To mark his recent coronation, he has formed a charity, the Royal Endocrinology Society, to help treat and research diabetes. His Majesty said of the disease, “If not properly managed, it can completely and painfully break the health, and lead to the death of its victims. It hurts their families, already puts a strain on overstretched medical services, and has a negative economic effect.”

    The king has drawn upon his contacts around the world to assist him in this charity, including the dean of the Sydney University Medical School, who attended the Coronation in support of this laudable new royal Endeavour.

    Tonga has one of the fattest populations in the world; with statistics showing 70 per cent of Tongan women aged 15 to 85 are obese. As a result, diabetes is a problem of national significance and His Majesty is putting his energy, influence and patronage into this major research initiative.

    The Royal Endocrinology Society is governed by a board of trustees and functions as an independent private charity. All funds rose through the media rights for the coronation and from the sale of mementos and merchandise will help finance the society.

    Australia is also helping the cause by sponsoring the publication of a book on Tonga called Dream of the South Seas, written by Dr Michael Schemer, the proceeds of which will also go towards the charity.

    In a press release authorized by the Office of the Lord Chamberlain, His Majesty stated that his plan is to establish a centre of excellence in Tonga with the objectives of; “offering surgery and outpatient facilities, dispensing medication at subsidized rates, starting a national awareness campaign, promoting preventative measures, setting up diagnostic and blood analysis laboratories, forming a research programmed and entering into co-operation with similar societies abroad.”

    Published by The Australian Women’s Weekly
    Tonga news is an issue to help Tongans fight against degenerative diseases. Xtreme X2O is an ionic water enhancement to super charge your water to pH 9.9 alkaline state. Escape diabetes now… Enjoy Your New Health
              What Every Runner Should Do Before Race Day         
    You Might Like {{displayTitle}} READ

    When the gun goes off at the 2015 Boston Marathon on Monday, it will be Chris Troyanos’ 39th year as medical coordinator for one of the world's most famous footraces. But after almost four decades, the seriously massive scale of the medical operations—10 hospitals, 15 portable blood analyses systems, 28 tents, 300 beds, 300 pounds of ice, 700 IVs, 1,600 volunteers, and more than 30,000 runners—doesn't faze him.

    In Troyanos’ role as medical coordinator for the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), the certified athletic trainer and sports medicine consultant is behind almost every medical detail of the city’s most prominent races, from 5Ks to 10Ks to the marathon. From managing the aftermath of the 2013 bombing to saving the life of a runner in cardiac arrest, Troyanos has seen more race-day drama than most runners or medics ever will.

    On the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, Troyanos can still vividly remember most of the details of that day. When the bombs exploded at the finish line, his medical team was literally already on the scene. “What happened wasn’t exotic,” Troyanos says. “We did basic first aid on about 97 people. We stopped bleeding. We got them to the hospital.”

    Boston Marathon Medical Tent He may be humble, but there's a valuable lesson he learned that day: Always be prepared. Fortunately, planning to treat 30,000 people—10 percent of whom are likely to come into a medical tent for anything from a bandaid to an IV—meant that when the bombs went off, his seamless protocols streamlined emergency management.

    Because he was so well-prepared, Troyanos hasn’t changed much about the race’s organization since the events of 2013. What is different, he says, is the passion behind the event. After the bombing, the Boston Marathon became more than just a race, he explains. Today, it represents resilience, community, and closure.

    In honor of the second anniversary of the bombing, we talked to Troyanos about what he’s learned as athletic trainer (and literal life-saver) to hundreds of thousands of runners. These top tips from under the medical tent are useful to any race runner.

    Boston Marathon 2014
    Photo: Boston Athletic Association (BAA)

    1. Get Cleared

    First things first: Visit your primary care physician several months before any big race. “Make sure you are physically able to handle this kind of stress,” Troyanos says. Also know your family’s medical history before you sign up. Coronary disease and other medical issues can crop up when your body is under intense pressure—such as running a grueling 26.2-mile course.

    2. Clock the Miles—No Matter What

    You (hopefully) know it's not wise to go from watching Netflix marathons to running a marathon, but Troyanos says that he consistently sees people attempting to finish the course after only having run 10 miles, tops. Find a reputable training plan (Hal Higdon and Runner's World offer good options), and follow it.

    If you're training during the winter, prepare for weather that may affect your training, like the Snowpocalypse of 2015. Rather than skipping a training day (or five) because of snowy roads, log the miles on an indoor track, the elliptical, or in the pool, Troyanos says. Running in the snow can be doable too, as long as you have shoes or traction cleats that can grip the icy terrain.

    3. Know the Course

    You may have heard of Heartbreak Hill—the part of the Boston Marathon course that’s infamous for being one of the toughest, steepest hills a runner will ever experience. However, that’s not the biggest problem: It’s the 17 miles of downhill before Heartbreak Hill that really messes with runners’ minds, Troyanos says.

    Basically, an unexpected downhill is like false hope for runners in terms of how their body feels. They run faster than their planned pace because they're moving downhill and it feels easy. However, running faster than planned uses up more energy so they don't have as much gas in their tank to then make it up Heartbreak Hill without pain.

    Holding back just a little bit on the downhill—even when you feel powerful and like you have energy to spare—can work in your favor because when you get to the incline, you'll feel almost rested. The best way to prep for this is to look at the course map so you know when downhills are coming, Troyanos says. That way, you can save energy for the tough spots, like those final three miles.

    4. Check the Weather

    Troyanos notes that while parts of the Boston Marathon course can expose runners to warmer weather, they may also catch a chilly sea breeze at mile 22. This temperature variation is common on most courses, but it can add unexpected resistance in addition to changing your body temperature more quickly than you’d planned on, Troyanos says. Check the weather before you run, and dress for varying temps (you can shed layers along the way).

    Boston Marathon Finish Line
    Photo: Boston Athletic Association (BAA)

    5. Watch Out for Others

    Several years ago, a 62-year-old runner from Louisiana suddenly dropped to the ground at mile 24 in cardiac arrest. Troyanos, who serves as a sort of command central for emergencies, received a call from volunteers and contacted the Boston EMS, but it still took them several minutes to arrive. Luckily, several physicians from a nearby fundraising tent hopped the fence to give the man CPR, saving his life.

    After that, Troyanos realized runners make the best first responders. He's started to train Boston Marathon runners and volunteers to “fill the gap,” offering CPR and assistance to other runners on the course until the EMS arrives. Even if you aren’t CPR-certified, Troyanos recommends keeping an eye out for people who are struggling on the course. Sure, it may add a few minutes to your race time, but staying alert and ready to assist others could also save a life.

    6. Stay Cool

    Training during winter weather can also make a marathon far more difficult to complete on a warmer race day. “It hasn’t been warm in New England,” Troyanos says (understatement of the year!). “So if we get a 60- or 65-degree day on race day this year, it’s going to feel really hot.”

    Troyanos has worked with runners who experience body temperatures of over 105 degrees on race day—some have even hit 109! To avoid this, runners should watch for muscle cramps, stomach cramps, and clammy skin. If you start feeling those symptoms while on the course, head to a medical tent ASAP, where they’ll have 300 pounds of ice ready and waiting.

    7. Hydrate (But Not Too Much)

    “Runners constantly ask me about the appropriate amount of fluids, but it’s not one-size-fits-all,” Troyanos says. Obviously, it’s important to hydrate before and after a race, and watch out for dry mouth, headache, and dizziness, which can be signs of dehydration. But while Troyanos can easily aid dehydrated runners with IVs, he also sees cases of over-drinking (called hyponatremia), which can be much more difficult to treat. Hyponatremia feels somewhat like dehydration (headaches, nausea, confusion, or weakness are all signs), but if you give an over-hydrated individual an IV, you could kill them, Troyanos says. Instead, Troyanos’ volunteers use portable iSTAT machines to measure the sodium levels in just one drop of blood and to determine the correct treatment plan.

    Pay attention to your body on race day and try to drink the same amount of fluids you drank during training, Troyanos says. Excessive mouth dryness, a pounding head, or an upset stomach are all signs that you may need to stop at the nearest medical tent for help.

    8. Think About the Bigger Picture

    If you’ve trained and prepared for the big day, you should feel confident in your abilities. And if you need that extra push, look for an external motivator that can help drive you across the finish line, Troyanos says. Running for a charitable cause or in memory of a loved one are common personal touchstones that runners can come back to when the going gets tough.

    And undoubtedly, this year many Boston runners will be thinking about the events that happened two years ago, which can provide the motivation they need to reach the finish line. “Last year, 97 percent of people who started the marathon finished,” Troyanos says. “We treated people who said ‘I’m still finishing, no matter what.’ They needed closure. And it was important for us to send a message to the world.”

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    Boston Marathon 2014
    Why All Runners Should Strength Train
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              I certify that I tested...nothing! Alcohol & drug-driving tests in the spotlight        
    A recent case in the County Court has set the cat amongst the pigeons, after highlighting that some alcohol and drug-driving tests weren’t done by the person named on a certificate of analysis tendered by the prosecution.

    The case was Warren v Wesselman, an appeal at the County Court at Shepparton in May 2013, before Judge Lacava. As best as I know there was no written decision. It dealt with a drink-driving prosecution relying on a blood-test under Road Safety Act 1986 s 57.

    The appellant Warren was charged with exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol, contrary to s 49(1)(b) and (g) of the Act.

    The certificate of analysis under s 57(4) used a standard wording found (at least, up till now) on many such certificates:

    I, [name of properly qualified analyst] of the Victorian Institute of Forensic medicine, an approved analyst under Section 57(4) of the Road Safety Act 1986, hereby certify that for this sample received at VIFM, I am responsible for the analysis conducted on [date] using gas chromatography and this sample was found to contain not less that [amount] gm of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. ([amount] per centum).
    Section 57(1) provides two ways a person can be a properly qualified analyst:

    57. Evidentiary provisions-blood tests

    (1) In this section—

    (a) properly qualified analyst means-

    (i) an approved analyst; or

    (ii) a person who is considered by the presiding judge, a coroner, or the Magistrates’ Court to have scientific qualifications, training and experience that qualifies him or her to carry out the analysis and to express an opinion as to the facts and matters contained in a certificate under subsection (4) or (4A), as the case requires; and


    (b) approved analyst means a person who has been approved by Order of the Governor in Council published in the Government Gazette as a properly qualified analyst for the purposes of this section; and

    The scientists who work at the Victorian Institute for Forensic Medicine and who do the testing, but are not approved analysts, certainly have the scientific qualifications to carry out the analyses they perform.  (If you don’t believe me, try suggesting otherwise to them in cross-examination, and let me know how that goes.) They go through some fairly rigorous in-house training and testing before they are eventually recommended for gazettal as approved analysts. Until that occurs, they are not permitted to sign certificates of analysis expressing an opinion about the facts and matters contained in such certificates.

    That raises the question if their training and experience is sufficient for a Court to consider them a properly qualified analyst? If the VIFM doesn’t consider them sufficiently trained and qualified to express such opinions, should the Court? And, practically, how could the Court ever make that determination without ever hearing from the scientist? (Remember, the whole certificate process is intended to avoid the need for scientists to attend court.)

    But apparently in Warren v Wesselman there was no dispute that the person who signed the certificate was indeed a properly qualified analyst, as defined in s 57(1), because they were an approved analyst.

    The problem in the case was, the person who did the actual testing of the blood sample was somebody else, and not the person who signed the certificate!

    This is a problem when the prosecution relies on the certificate of analysis to prove the concentration of alcohol alleged in the blood of the accused motorist. (And, aside from a smattering of cases, that’s every case.)

    Section 57(2) provides for certain offences, including drink-driving, that:

    ...without affecting the admissibility of any evidence which might be given apart from the provisions of this section, evidence may be given of the taking, after that person drove or was in charge of a motor vehicle, of a sample of blood from that person by a registered medical practitioner or an approved health professional, of the analysis of that sample of blood by a properly qualified analyst within twelve months after it was taken, of the presence of alcohol or any other drug and, if alcohol is present, of the concentration of alcohol expressed in grams per 100 millilitres of blood found by that analyst to be present in that sample of blood at the time of analysis and, if a drug is present, evidence may be given by a properly qualified expert of the usual effect of that drug on behaviour when consumed or used (including its effect on a person’s ability to drive properly).

    Section 57(4) provides for evidence of that analysis and result by a certificate which is conclusive unless set aside, usually by application under s 57(7):

    A certificate containing the prescribed particulars purporting to be signed by an approved analyst as to the concentration of alcohol expressed in grams per 100 millilitres of blood found in any sample of blood analysed by the analyst is admissible in evidence in any proceedings referred to in subsection (2) and, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, is proof of the facts and matters contained in it.
     The prescribed particulars are set out in Road Safety (General) Regulations 2009 reg 13:

    13. Certificate under section 57(4)

    A certificate under section 57(4) of the Act must, in addition to a statement as to the concentration of alcohol found in the sample of blood, contain the following particulars—

    (a) a statement by the analyst that he or she is an approved analyst within the meaning of section 57 of the Act; and

    (b) a statement as to the method of analysis used; and

    (c) the name and signature of the analyst; and

    (d) the date on which the analysis was conducted; and

    (e) a description of the contents of the identification label referred to in regulation 11(1)(d) attached to the container in which the blood sample is placed.
    The effect of all of these provisions clearly indicates that the analyst who signs the certificate must be the analyst who conducts the analysis referred to in s 57(2). If not, the document the prosecution relies on will not be a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ within the meaning of s 57(4) and so inadmissible.

    Similar provisions apply also for drug testing of saliva under s 55E and s 57B.

    The other problem I reckon might arise in these cases is the limited purposes authorising taking samples for alcohol or drug testing.

    For blood samples taken after a person is taken to hospital, s 56(6) provides that evidence of taking the person’s blood or analysis of the blood may not be used as evidence in any legal proceedings except for the purpose of s 57 or under the Transport Accident Act. That is, if the sample is taken for analysis by a properly qualified analyst, it’s for the purpose of s 57, but not otherwise. The sample couldn’t be taken for the purpose of sending it to Gribbles Pathology for example, any more than (arguably) it couldn’t be sent to a scientist at VIFM who isn’t a properly qualified analyst.

    That argument is stronger for oral fluid samples that lead to drug testing, because the power to require a person to provide a saliva sample under s 55E(2) is ultimately only for analysis by a properly qualified analyst, and no other.

    To my knowledge, since this appeal, the police have been identifying affected cases and quite properly advising accused people or their lawyers. However, it’s probably prudent to enquire after cases that might be affected, just in case.

    I haven’t seen any certificates of analysis signed since this appeal, but I expect the wording won’t change, just that the identity of the signatory will now be that of the testing scientist.

               Integration of carbon nanotube arrays in lab-on-a-chip system for blood analyses separation and detection         
    Mathur, A, Roy, SS and McLaughlin, JAD (2009) Integration of carbon nanotube arrays in lab-on-a-chip system for blood analyses separation and detection. In: MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA. -. [Conference contribution]
               Integration of carbon nanotube arrays in microfluidic channels for blood analytes separation and detection         
    Mathur, A, Roy, SS and McLaughlin, JAD (2009) Integration of carbon nanotube arrays in microfluidic channels for blood analytes separation and detection. In: International Workshop on Nanotechnology-enables Sensors & Diagnostics, Dublin, Ireland. UNSPECIFIED. 1 pp. [Conference contribution]
              Asia-Pacific Hematology Market Growth, Trends, and Forecasts Reports        
    (EMAILWIRE.COM, August 11, 2017 ) Hematology describes a branch of medicine, which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases associated with blood, immunology, vascular systems, bone marrow, and hemostasis. Hematology instruments are the diagnostic tools that analyze blood which are used in testing, counting, measuring and analyzing red blood cells, WBC and platelets. Hematology instruments have evolved rapidly in recent years and many traditional tools were replaced by automated instruments which provide fast and accurate results.

    Hematological tests can identify various blood related diseases, leukemia, anemia, blood cancers, autoimmune disorders and others. Hematology constitutes many in vitrodiagnostic techniques such as hemostasis, molecular diagnostics, histology, blood analysis, flow cytometry, which helps to measure various parameters in blood with a higher precision at comparatively lower cost. The market is predicted to show a great potential owing to increasing usage of hematology analyzers and reagents and increasing blood donation campaigns both in developed and developing countries. Automation is a growing trend in this market. The market is shifting from manual testing to semi-automated analyzers to fully automated analyzers.

    Get a comprehensive overview of the Asia-Pacific Hematology Market:

    Asia-Pacific Hematology Market: Drivers & Restraints
    Key factors such as increasing prevalence of blood related disorders, rising use of automated hematology instruments by diagnostics laboratories, Rising R&D expenditure, advancement in technologies, increasing use of flow cytometry in hematology testing are propelling the growth of the market. slow adoption of the advanced hematology analyzers/instruments in the emerging countries, recall of hematology products, and high cost are hindering the growth of the market.

    Get accurate market forecast and analysis on the Asia-Pacific Hematology Market. Request a sample to stay up-to-date on the main trends affecting this market

    Asia-Pacific Hematology Market: Segmentation
    By Drug Type:


    By Therapeutic Indications:

    By Application:

    From simple data collation through secondary and primary research to ad-hoc research requests relating to specific information, we provide our services via customization. Get customization at
    Asia-Pacific Hematology Market: Overview

    Hematology instruments are used for both regular and critical testing in clinical laboratories. These tools offer solutions to both physicians and healthcare providers. Hematology tools are used for general assessment of health for patients during regular check-ups and for diagnosing conditions such as anemia, leukemia, hemophilia, infection, allergy, iron and vitamin deficiencies, myelofibrosis, malignant lymphomas etc. According to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), approximately 9.8% of the population in U.S. was diagnosed with leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma of the 1,658,370 new cases of cancer in 2015. National Hemophilia Foundation data shows that nearly 400,000 cases are suffering from hemophilia.

    The global hematology analyzers and reagents market was dominated by Sysmex Corporation (Japan), Beckman Coulter, Inc. (U.S.), and Abbott Laboratories (U.S.)in 2013. These three companies together accounted for a share of 83% of the global hematology analyzers and reagents market in 2013. Sysmex Corporationwas the leader in thehematology analyzers and reagents market with a share of 41% in 2013. Sysmex is an integrated supplier of instruments, reagents, and services in the field of diagnostics.

    Asia-Pacific Hematology Market: Region-wise Outlook
    Based on Geography, the Asia-Pacific Hematology market is analysed under various regions namely China, India, Japan, South Korea and Australia. due to availability of a large number of diagnostic centers . increasing R&D expenditure is also propelling the growth of the North America hematology market. Asia is predicted to witness highest growth rate due to improving healthcare infrastructure and expenditure.

    Key Questions Answered
    What are the major players in this industry and the key strategies adopted by them to sustain and grow in the studied market ?

    What is the current and future Hematology Market outlook in Asia-Pacific? What trends are affecting the Global market?

    What is the competitive landscape and market share of major players in the Hematology space in Asia-Pacific?

    What are the key, high growth markets that Hematology manufacturers should expand into? Which market segments are growing the fastest?

    What are the unmet needs with the Hematology currently on the market? How will emerging technologies fulfil these unmet needs?

    What is physician perception and market outlook of Hematology?

    What are the challenges and barriers that have hindered widespread adoption of Hematology?

    Asia-Pacific Hematology Market: Key Players
    Some of the major companies operating in Hematology market are Siemens AG Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Beckman Coulter, Inc., Abbott Laboratories, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Roche, HORIBA Ltd., Sysmex Corporation, Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc., Boule Diagnostics AB, Mindray Medical International Limited.

    Reasons to buy Asia-Pacific Hematology Market Report:
    Global, regional and country-level analysis and forecasts of the study market; providing Insights on the geographical areas in which this industry is prospering

    Segment-level analysis on basis of product type, application, colour along with market size forecasts and y-o-y estimations to detect key areas of industry growth in detail

    Identification of key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges (DROC) in the market and their impact on shifting market dynamics

    Study of macro and micro environmental factors that affect the market presented in an extensive strategic analyses section containing PESTLE and Porters Five Forces Analyses

    A comprehensive listing of key market players along with company overview, product portfolios, key financial information (subjected to availability), SWOT analysis and Analyst overview to study and sustain the market environment

    Competitive landscape analysis listing out the mergers, acquisitions, collaborations in the field along with new product launches, comparative financial studies and recent developments in the market by the major companies

    Expertly devised Market Outlook along with Investment opportunities to provide both individuals and organizations a strong financial foothold in the market

    About Market Data Forecast:
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    +1-888- 702-9626

    Source: EmailWire.Com
              Knight Rider’s 15-Second Clip Released        

    Finally the long wait is over. NBC network in America has released a 15 second clip of the upcoming remake of the 1980’s iconic television show Knight Rider. The 540 horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR is officially the new KITT (Knight Industries Three Thousand) with the artificial intelligence voice provided by Will Arnett. NBC network will air the Knight Rider TV movie at 9pm ET on February 17, 2008 Sunday.

    Knight Industries Three Thousand: 2008 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR

    Vehicle Type: Front engine, on-demand all-wheel drive, two-door coupe
    Engine Type: Aluminum block/titanium heads 5.4-liter V8 internal combustion with Whipple supercharger and Knight Industries liquid air cycle auxiliary turbine engine. 540 hp in Hero mode. Power output can’t be measured in Attack mode.
    Transmission: Continuously variable transmission with infinite power band
    Price New: $45.6 million, as tested
    Acceleration: 0 to 60 mph: 1.77 seconds. Standing quarter mile: 3.87 seconds
    Braking (300 to 0 mph): 12 ft.
    Fuel Economy: Not testable

    Special Features as KITT:

    Knight Industries 2000 microprocessor: Version 2.3
    Auto Cruise
    Auto Pursuit
    Auto Collision Avoidance
    Voice Interaction
    Emergency Eject
    Audio/Video In-Dash Functions
    Voice Analyzer
    Infrared Tracking Scope
    Range: 20 miles
    Pyroclastic Lamination
    Blood Analyzer
    Microwave Jammer
    Interior Oxygenator
    Rocket Boosters
    Olfactory Detector
    Electromagnetic Field Generator
    Microwave Ignition Sensor
    Aquatic Synthesizer
    Electronic Field Disrupter
    Ultra Magnesium Charges
    Ultraphonic Chemical Analyzer
    Graphic Translator
    Anamorphic Equalizer
    DNA Analysis Equipment
    Mass Spectrometer
    Targeted Electromagnetic Pulse
    Military-Grade GPS
    Heated Seats
    3D Heads-Up Display
    Laser Weapons System
    Holographic Projection
    Keyless Entry and Ignition
    Personal Safety System
    Nanotech Cloaking
    360-Degree Video Surveillance
    Laser-Guided Missile Defense
    Mini-KITT Reconnaissance Drone
    24-Hour Roadside Assistance
    1000-Watt Quadraphonic Stereo System
    In-Seat Medical Diagnosis
    Biometric Analysis